i hope this one is more coherent


How to use a sigil wheel.

A tutorial. 

I rarely use this method myself, but I know people are always looking for tutorials on different methods of sigil making and not finding any.
I’ve had a few different people asking for more graph based sigil making techniques, and this is a fairly well known one that fits that category.
I hope this tutorial is coherent and answers questions instead of making things more confusing. If you have any questions, however, never be afraid to ask.

the reading of a quiet boy’s heart ❁ peter parker

summary : these are the contents of nine love letters, sappily written and addressed to you, written by a very lovestruck peter parker. plus a bonus one, because the sap couldn’t resist. 

technically a part two to love letters, but you can def read this separately. 

wc : 3.4k

author’s note : i didn’t think this through oh my god nine fucKING LETTERS I DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH i still did it tho enjoy loves

  Peter had a kind heart, the softest you’d ever encountered before, and it was the pure goodness inside him that made you begin to fall for him in the first place. He sat beside you, a respectable distance settling between your bodies simply because he was a commendable gentleman and despite everything, despite all his feelings and wants and thoughts about you, he didn’t want you make assumptions about the type of boy he was. He wanted you to continue liking him for quite sometime, which is precisely the reason he was sliding his letters over to you now. 

  They were his prized possessions from over these past few months, all ten of them, though you’d already had the tenth read to you, and while he had never really expected this moment to come to fruition, he was happy that it was. “So, um, should I read them out loud?” He sifted through the pile to find the first one, and held it out in front of him once it was located. You arranged yourself comfortably on the bed, legs crossed and a ridiculously large smile on your face that Peter couldn’t possibly say no to. 

   He cleared his throat, ducking his head toward the paper. 

   Dear Y/N, 

       Hi. It’s Peter. If you’re reading this, which I highly doubt that you are because why would you be, you know it’s me, Peter, so I probably didn’t need to repeat that like eight times. Whatever. This is pen. I can’t erase it now so I’ll just keep it because the messiness of crossing out all these screwed up sentences would give me anxiety. I figured I’d write this to you because, well, I don’t have the balls to say any of this face to face. I can safely say that such a thing isn’t what I’m ready for. Maybe one day. God, I hope so. I know that if I got a letter like this, I’d be really happy, since it just means that someone was thinking of you and wanted to show it. I hope that one day, if you’re reading this, it makes you happy to know that I think about you. Or maybe you’ll be creeped out. I hope not. That’d be really depressing. Anyways, I just wanted you to know that I think you’re really pretty and I like when you smile at me in school and yeah. You make me happy. Thanks for that. So yeah. Next letter will be way more thoughtful and intricate. I’m new to this writing this. You don’t care. You’re not even reading this. Okay bye. 

     Peter was flushed with embarrassment by the time he uttered the last two words, looking at his knees and laughing a bit before looking back up at you. He was glad to see that you weren’t giving him a mocking smirk. “That was adorable,” you laughed, rubbing his back encouragingly. “Go on. Please.” You leaned down to kiss his cheek gently, and his face lit up where your lips met his skin. He found the next letter immediately and faced you as he read it. 

   Dear Y/N, 

       As promised, I’ve taken it upon myself to gather my thoughts before writing this to you and I hope I am much more coherent than I was in the initial one. I’m trying here. I learned some new words, too. I more of a whiz when it comes to science and mathematics. I’m decent at English, but you probably know that because you sit behind me. You’re amazing in English class. You probably know that just because you’re you and you know how you perform in your own classes. All right, so maybe I’m not as coherent as I thought I was gonna be. Moving on. In English today the teacher passed out different essays to everyone and we had to peer edit each other’s work. I didn’t get your essay but Ned did and I forced him to give it to me. I think he was just putting up a fight because he likes to torture me, which is fine. What are best friends for, right? Well, I read your essay and you’re probably the most wonderful writer I’ve ever read from. Seriously. You have this way with words and it makes me wish I was more of a writer so that I could express the way you make me feel in better sentence structures than the mediocre ones I’m forming at this very second. You’re an excellent writer. If you ever write a book and you have a book signing in some Barnes and Noble in the city or in The Strand, I’m gonna be the first in line, without a doubt. I’ll buy like fifty signed copies. I swear. Write a book. You’d wow everyone, and I think everyone deserves to read a bit of the Y/N Y/L/N’s work. You’d be doing the world a disservice if you didn’t share your talents, but it’s up to you, of course. Just think about it though. 

    “Aw, Peter,” you cooed, throwing your arms around him and pressing your lips against his quickly, your face burning but your smile infinite. “You’ll be the first to read my book when it’s finished. You’ll be the one it’s dedicated to.” In response, the shy boy nuzzled his nose affectionately against your cheek, at a loss for words because this girl in front of him was everything he could have dreamed of and more. 

    Dear Y/N, 

      We were partners in Chemistry today. I’m sorry if I came off like a rude, inconsiderate jerk. I’m gonna be honest right now. I’m shy. You make me shy. I was quiet because if I had talked to you the way that I wanted to, I would’ve be a stupid and stuttering mess and that’s not how I want to talk to you. I know we’ve had conversations before and they’ve been fine but a lot of stuff is different now and whenever we talk I get these butterflies in my stomach that make it hard to think or breathe or talk or look at you or hold things or do basic human tasks. So, that’s why I wouldn’t talk to you. I just didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of the coolest and loveliest girl I know, also known as you. Please don’t hate me. I don’t want you to hate me. 

   He coughed, embarrassed again, but he didn’t let that deter him from reading you the rest of the letters. He’d never let anything deter him from talking to you again.  

   Dear Y/N, 

      I think I’m in over my head. With everything, not just with you. I can’t really mention specifics, not even to you despite the fact that we’re not acquaintances anymore. We’re more like kind of friends, which is great! It means progress. Progress is good. It’s the one good thing lately. I’ll keep it vague. I get beat up every night and then every day I get picked on by Flash. He doesn’t hit or anything- I don’t think he’d be very good at it- but being called Penis Parker all the freaking time takes a toll on a guy, you know? It pretty much sucks. And I can’t tell May what’s going on because I know for a fact that she’ll freak out and everyone knows that if May starts freaking out, I’m gonna freak out even harder, and that’s a scary sight to see. Plus I had to quit Robotics and I really wanted to take the team to the competition this year. I also quit band but I’m not as upset about that. The uniform sucks. It’s too tight. I guess I’m getting muscles. It’s kind of weird since I’ve always been scrawny but I don’t know, it’s interesting enough. I’m not complaining. Maybe you like that in a guy. I don’t know. I try not to think about what you like in a guy because I’m pretty sure your dream dude won’t be anything like me. It’s fine. I’m happy admiring from afar. I like you a lot. I’m good with just being friends if that’s your wish. I don’t know why I’m telling you all these things that I am, but I feel like if you were really here and watching me write this, if you could read this, you’d listen and you’d understand. You always listen, even when I’m rambling, even though we don’t talk much. 

   When he stopped talking and reached for the next letter, taking the faded blue piece of paper from his stack, he knew the feeling pooling inside his stomach was nothing short of elation. He was right, as he often was. You listened. You did.  

   Dear Y/N, 

      Today, you punched Flash in the nose. No one saw it coming. But I think I fell in love with you right then and there. Or at least, I fell deeper in like with you. He called me Penis Parker again and you grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back, you told him to leave me be and he said that if you were sticking up for a nobody like me, you were nothing better. He was wrong. You’re a thousand times better. You stuck up for me and I’ll never be able to repay you for that. You just looked at me and I’ve never seen you look so fiery or so livid but you did and you raised your fist and you punched him and he was bleeding and you didn’t stop to help him, you grabbed my arm and you marched me away from them. No one has ever done something like that for me before. Ned says that it’s because you might like me, too, and I think I’m gonna hold on to the hope for a while longer. I want someone as kind as you to like me. And let’s face, you were a badass. It was epic. And I seriously hope you like me back, you amazingly awesome human being. 

   “You should really listen to Ned more often,” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder and pretending that you hadn’t kind of been tearing up this whole time. Peter pretend not to notice like the chivalrous boy that he was and nodded, chuckling. “Yeah, I should, right?” 

  Dear Y/N,

        This one’s gonna be short, because May is bothering me about who I’m always writing to and I promised I’d explain. I hope you don’t mind that I’m gonna tell her about you. These letters just help me blow off some steam and I guess it makes me feel pretty good to think maybe you’d potentially wanna read them someday. I don’t know. I think it’d be cool to give them to you, but I doubt that day will come. I think I already wrote that in a letter. Damn. I’ll move on. You got detention for punching Flash, sorry about that. Still, you told me that I shouldn’t feel bad about it because the guy had it coming. He totally did. You’re really cool. I’m gonna stop now because this letter is lame bye I like you.

   You poking the dimple emerging on Peter’s cheek and he wrinkled his nose, cringing back. You kissed the little indent. He didn’t want you to ever stop kissing him. The little I like you placed at the end of most of the letters really sealed the deal. 

   Dear Y/N, 

     Aunt May is now dying to meet you. I’m so sorry. I hope you never actually meet her because she’ll probably ask you to marry me and hit on you on my behalf just because she’s afraid I won’t be able to do it myself. She thinks you’re awesome. It’s probably because you punched someone. May is very big on girl power. I think you’d like her. Maybe you could meet her one day? I don’t know why I’m asking you’re not actually reading this and it’s a rhetorical question so yeah. Did I mention I like you? You gave me your book to read today after I mentioned that the series was something I was interested in. Seriously, you just whipped out the whole series and told me to read it whenever. You have the nicest smile when you smile at me. Please stop having such a nice smile. It’s unfair for the rest of us and I keep liking you more and more. It’s getting out of hand. Ned thinks so, too. 

   “See, that was a situation where you shouldn’t have listened to Ned.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Should I keep reading?” 

    “I wouldn’t forgive you if you stopped.” 

  Dear Y/N, 

      I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s going to drive me mad. I like you so much it’s gonna suffocate me. Talking to you is the highlight of my day. My affection for you keeps growing and growing and growing as time passes us by and I don’t know what to do about because if I tell you I could either lose you or have the opportunity to be with the greatest person I’ve ever known besides my aunt and my uncle and Tony Stark,  but if I don’t tell you I could lose you. Either way, I could potentially never be with you. And I can’t take the risk. Maybe I should just get over you. Maybe I’d be better off. 

    Without wait, Peter flipped to the final letter. 

    Dear Y/N, 

      It’s been awhile. Sorry about that. I thought I’d try to move on. I tried to like Liz, I figured I could at least try, but she doesn’t compare even though she’s very nice to me, too. She’s not you. You’re the only you. You’re Y/N and I like Y/N not Liz and you’re Y/N and I no longer know what I’m saying. Michelle told me you’re avoiding me because of Liz and that you think I like her and it’s making you upset. Don’t be upset with me. That’s the last thing I wan. I just wanna scream HEY Y/N YOU LOVELY HUMAN BEING YOU I LIKE YOU DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I LIKE YOU AND YEAH I LIKE YOU DATE ME LOVE ME. I said love. I’m gonna go now. Bye. 

     Peter placed it atop the stack, and you added the tenth one there as well. He wasn’t going to be embarrassed about his feelings. They were right there, right in front of you, his heart already read aloud and listened to you and appreciated by you. The thought seized him and made him lace his fingers through yours, shy smile shy eyes that met yours before closing and kissing you, and everything about him was soft. Soft lips that slanted against yours and kissed you in the way that anyone in love would want to be kissed, with love and with passion and as if he’d never want to do anything else for the rest of his life. Soft hands that tentatively found their way to your hips but didn’t go beyond there, soft hands that caressed your face in that adoring way he did and wound in your hair. Soft eyes that locked on yours and didn’t look away when you both broke for a second, your breathing labored. His forehead pressed against yours. He didn’t want to pull away, ever. 

    May casually strolled into the room, and Peter pulled back quickly but with annoyance, raising his eyebrows at his aunt. She’d let the boy have his kiss, happy- so happy- that her Peter was getting what he deserved, but she was still the parental figure and parental figures had to be responsible. That’s what she had been told, anyway. “Sorry, honey, I just wanted to be introduced to that girl you were telling me about just, like, two days ago.” She said cheerfully, smiling adoringly at her nephew and then at you. You grinned back, standing up to introduce yourself. 

   “I’m Y/N, it’s really nice to meet you, Mrs. Parker,” you stuck your hand out, but May pulled you in for a hug instead. 

   “You can just call me May.” She gave you a squeeze, very motherly, and you missed Peter’s outstanding beam as he watched his two favorite girls embrace. May lightly shoved Peter’s shoulder, then said, “Peter, are you gonna invite her to stay for dinner or what?” 

   “Maaayyyy, let me get my own dates,” he pouted, ushering her out of the room. When she left, her laugh still ringing throughout the apartment, Peter leaned causally against his doorframe in a painful attempt to look cool. “So, Y/N, would you stay for dinner?” Before you could reply with an obvious, May’s voice called, “Or forever? You could stay forever. I’d be on board with that!” 

   Peter blushed, rushing out of the room to tell her to keep quiet, but you didn’t mind one bit. Staying with Peter Benjamin Parker forever didn’t sound like a bad life, not one bit. 

   You hadn’t left Peter’s apartment until nearly ten o’clock, and even then, he had rode the train home with you to prolong the night. He kissed you at your doorstep twice, once on the lips, swift and sweet, and then once on the forehead, tender and caring. Then, he left, continuously looking back at your grinning face so much that he walked straight into your mailbox and nearly squashed a stray cat that had been wandering by. You smiled all the way up to your bedroom, thinking about the adorable idiot that had ensnared your heart in his hands. That night, he wrote you another letter, this time with the intent of giving it to you. 

   He delivered it at your locker a week later (he had spent that week editing it over and over again, making sure his feelings were true), appearing just as you were shutting the metal doors with an envelope in his outstretched hand. He was fidgeting, yes, but he was excited, and you took the letter in your hands after leaping into his arms and sending him flying across the hallway. He didn’t fall, though, which was a plus. 

   Dear Y/N,  

     I’ve heard from a few people that I don’t know what love is because I’m fifteen and technically my brain hasn’t fully developed. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t care. There’s not one part of me that cares about what science says right now. They can say what they want. Maybe, just maybe, I don’t know what love is. Maybe I haven’t the slightest clue. But maybe is a word that means you can never really know and that everything just a possibility. So, there’s only a very slight possibility that I don’t know what love is, but there’s a greater possibility that I do. However, for now, I’ll tell you what I do know. I know that when you smile at me even for just a second I can feel my entire heart quicken in its beats. I feel my pulse racing. I know that when you look at me in that soft and sweet way you do I feel for just a second that nothing could ever possibly hurt me as long as you keep looking at me like that, forever. I know your laugh makes me blush and that when you kiss me I’m completely invincible. I know that every song on my playlist can connect back to you someway somehow and I know that the sound of your voice can make my whole day. 

   If that’s not love, then I have no clue what love is. I’m pretty sure it’s love, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, my love. I’m pretty sure that these feelings that flutter around my stomach day and night and make miss you even when you’ve only been gone for five minutes are love, because what else could they possibly be? I love you, and you’ve made the world, my world, a better place just by making yourself at home in my heart. So thank you for letting me love you and loving me in return. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you, just like I can’t repay you for punching Flash, but I plan on spending as long as you’ll allow me trying to do so. 

Your very in love boyfriend who knows this is too sappy but doesn’t care, 

       Peter Benjamin Parker :) 

   He added the smiley face in, a quick little doodle, and sometimes you liked to joke that the smiley face was what made you know you were in love with him. It wasn’t. It was everything else about that wonderful boy. But it the smiley face was certainly adorable. 


How to paint a Quasar in 10 minutes. 

Somebody asked me for a tutorial on how to paint a quasar. Here it is!

1. Paint your canvas black

2. Using really watered down white, paint the outline

3. Add some colour to that shape. I used blue but you can use whatever you want (I avoid yellow as it doesn’t work well on a black background)

4. Add more dark and light. Remember the light is coming from the centre of the quasar. Arms should be lighter on one side and darker on the other. 

5. Build it up a little more, try and push the edges around a bit so they seem all cloudy. Make the middle really bright. Add the jet.

6. Star it up so everyone knows you’re in space. I use a fine brush for the bigger ones and the point of a pin or knife for the tiny ones.

I hope that’s ok. Anything else you want to know, ask away and I’ll try to formulate a coherent response.

In the meantime, head to the Space on Canvas Etsy Shop


*I am only speaking for myself, but I’m sure I’m not alone*

I know that things like fear, anxiety, writer’s block, real life, depression, etc can get in the way of updating fics. I get it. I used to write fanfiction too. The readers who demand updates or leave comments like “Loved it! Update soon!” really don’t seem to understand (or even care about) all the work the writers have put into their works. That can be so discouraging.

But I’m not here to talk about those people. I’m here to focus on you. The writers who write or have written amazing works from tiny drabbles to 60 chapter monstrosities. I see you. I appreciate you. Your works are art. They are gifts the world doesn’t deserve. They are often better than the show, movie, or book they’re inspired by. So THANK YOU for writing. THANK YOU for using your precious time to write and share your talents with the Internet.

That being said, if there’s ever a time you can’t write (for the reasons I mentioned at the beginning), or just don’t feel like it, please know that I’m okay with that. I’m not mad. I will not pressure you or attempt to make you feel bad for not updating. Even if you’ve previously said “I’ll update every week/month” & then don’t. That’s okay. Stuff gets in the way. I have literally waited 5 years before a fic was updated. Of course I love the instant gratification of getting to read things right away, but I also realize that’s not always realistic. So I will be a cheerleader & I’ll talk to you about past fics or previous chapters, I will never ask for more than you’re able or willing to give.

Lastly, if I follow you as an author, there is a high chance that I’ve also attempted to get to know you or am at least following you on Tumblr. When I like a story, it’s likely that it has touched me deeply & memorably & so I want to know the person behind those words. And because of this, I have made many friends (despite me sometimes fangirling 😅). I have gotten to know so many amazing people through fanfiction. And because I’ve gotten to know you all as people and not just untouchable writers, I want y'all to know that even if you never wrote or finished another fic, I’d STILL like you. I got to know you people outside of fics. And I adore you all. The people behind the fics.

So if you ever feel pressure or like people are going to be mad if you’re not updating as fast as you “should” be, please know that at LEAST one person loves & appreciates you no matter when or if you write.

(I’m sorry this is not as clean or coherent as I’d like it to be, but it IS sincere. I hope I at least got my point across.)

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When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before. - Mirri Maz Duur, Game of Thrones.

I’ve always been of the belief that the maegi’s prophecy about Khal Drogo’s return wasn’t all literal or all that impossible. It’s always felt like at some point the prophecy’s at-first-glance-impossibilities would start coming true in some way, shape or form (they haven’t yet in book or show, but one can still hope!)

And I’ve always had my theories about what it could mean (if anything) and how it could play out - some parts slightly more coherent than others.

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. - Dragon’s breath, burning from the west as Dany sacks her way through Westeros? At some point I think one of the major, defining battles will start at dawn, Dany and her dragons coming blazing from the west and finish the day in the east. 

When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. - The first part of this to me could mean the complete freezing up of water bodies around Westeros. The second part though… Could mean ashes blowing across mountains, foreboding Dany’s arrival or the ashes of funeral pyres, or “mountains” could be a metaphor for the dragons themselves??? Dunno, still puzzling that one out.

When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. - This one’s probably the most literal part of the prophecy. Maybe when Dany finally finds someone she can truly love in some way (I don’t believe she’s ever loved anyone since Drogo or will ever love anyone the way she did him) and chooses and does have a family with, Drogo will finally return? Or maybe she just gets knocked up unexpectedly.

Either way, I’m probably wrong on all counts - as usual - and Mizzi Maz Duur made it impossible just to torture Dany, but seeing as how Cersei’s already seeing the maegi’s prophecy of her play out, why can’t Dany’s?

I’m curious to see what everyone else’s theories are. And seeing as how the series (both book and show) is filled with impossible realities who’s to say this won’t be fulfilled now that she’s back in Westeros?

Winter is here, anything is possible. 

anonymous asked:

Ok yes so like beka definitely tried to bottom a few times but nothing satisfies him more than feeling the insides of yurio's ass and cumming inside it while yurio screams 'daddy' and yurio ABSOLUTELY AGREES with this bc nothing pleasures him more than being penetrated. (and i've seen Kubo lowkey talked about how Beka is top and yurio is opposite so yurio is bottom ;3)

fugrhguh of course not angel, you’re absolutely entitled to have your opinions and preferences!! <3

But - and I don’t want to make you feel bad at all, I promise - I just think it’s important to reiterate some things I touched on in the tags of this post! 

“Kubo lowkey talked about how Beka is top and yurio is opposite so yurio is bottom” - I assume you’re talking about these tweets, mainly this one? (please correct me if I’m wrong! x )

I just have some things to say because I don’t really agree with the sentiment of your statement!

We shouldn’t equate traditional masculinity and strength as being exclusive to tops, just as we shouldn’t associate femininity and delicacy as being exclusive to bottoms! Just because Otabek is designed to be ‘manly’ and ‘strong,’ that isn’t to say at all that Kubo is talking about him being a top. 

Thinking like this causes people to (subconsciously or otherwise) enforce stereotypical, heterosexual gender roles of masculine = dominant top and feminine = submissive bottom. It’s toxic to keep thinking this way, and it’s suggestive of the idea that each partnership has to follow a masculine/feminine guideline, and that non f/m cis relationships have to emulate cis heterosexuality in a way. That’s simply not the case! Physical attributes or personal aesthetics don’t have to align with what someone prefers in the bedroom.

That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditionally masculine, strong guy being a top and a more feminine, delicate guy being a bottom, and vice versa! And there’s nothing wrong with you personally viewing Otayuri’s sexual dynamic being that way, but just be careful with your thinking!

Again, I don’t mean to upset you at all, I just didn’t feel entirely comfortable with that statement and I’ve seen similar statements regarding that tweet, so I wanted to put my two cents in. Nothing but love darling one x 


So I planned to actually scan this and make it cleaner but honestly if I waited any longer it may never get done haha.
This method of making sigils is really really versatile, and really great if you’re trying to keep your craft lowkey since you can easily pass them off as just doodles! :)

Some things to keep in mind:

• Any alphabet/lettering system will work, as well as any orientation! Make it a circle, make it with only vowels, make it with more than one of each letter. Its up to you!

• The steps of connecting the dots & drawing in stars are interchangeable. You can connect first just as well as you can make the stars first, whichever you prefer!

• You don’t NEED to make them stars. Make them hearts, just dots, something that appeals to you personally & fits your needs. I sometimes make the stars colored on letters only used once, and open on ones used multiple times.

So, I hope I haven’t missed anything and maybe I’ll put forth a larger effort to make a more coherent guide at some point!

Have fun & thank you for reading!

(side note: I meant to include a typed out version of the text since my handwriting can be super sloppy but I just don’t have the energy, feel free to do so if you feel inclined!)

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I read Voyager a long time ago much before the TV series. I remember that Claire (and maybe Jamie) had sexual dreams with each other when they were separated but can't remember exactly those passages. Do you remember? If so, could you post them? Thank you! 😊

“She is gone,” he had said, and turned his face away. “Dinna speak her name to me again.” Loyal as always, Jenny had not, and neither had he. He could not have said what made him say it today; unless perhaps it was the dreams.

He had them often, in varying forms, and it always unsettled him the day after, as though for a moment Claire had really been near enough to touch, and then had drawn away again. He could swear that sometimes he woke with the smell of her on him, musky and rich, pricked with the sharp, fresh scents of leaves and green herbs. He had spilled his seed in his sleep more than once while dreaming, an occurrence that left him faintly shamed and uneasy in mind.


He dreamed of Claire that night. She lay in his arms, heavy-limbed and fragrant. She was with child; her belly round and smooth as a muskmelon, her breasts rich and full, the nipples dark as wine, urging him to taste them.

Her hand cupped itself between his legs, and he reached to return the favor, the small, fat softness of her filling his hand, pressing against him as she moved. She rose over him, smiling, her hair falling down around her face, and threw her leg across him.

“Give me your mouth,” he whispered, not knowing whether he meant to kiss her or to have her take him between her lips, only knowing he must have her somehow.

“Give me yours,” she said. She laughed and leaned down to him, hands on his shoulders, her hair brushing his face with the scent of moss and sunlight, and he felt the prickle of dry leaves against his back and knew they lay in the glen near Lallybroch, and her the color of the copper beeches all around; beech leaves and beechwood, gold eyes and a smooth white skin, skimmed with shadows.

Then her breast pressed against his mouth, and he took it eagerly, drawing her body tight against him as he suckled her. Her milk was hot and sweet, with a faint taste of silver, like a deer’s blood.

“Harder,” she whispered to him, and put her hand behind his head, gripping the back of his neck, pressing him to her. “Harder.”

She lay at her length upon him, his hands holding for dear life to the sweet flesh of her buttocks, feeling the small solid weight of the child upon his own belly, as though they shared it now, protecting the small round thing between their bodies.

He flung his arms about her, tight, and she held him tight as he jerked and shuddered, her hair in his face, her hands in his hair and the child between them, not knowing where any of the three of them began or ended.

He came awake suddenly, panting and sweating, half-curled on his side beneath one of the benches in the cell. It was not yet quite light, but he could see the shapes of the men who lay near him, and hoped he had not cried out. He closed his eyes at once, but the dream was gone. He lay quite still, his heart slowing, and waited for the dawn.



I woke up in the shadowed dark, hands clenched in the bedclothes, heart beating with a force that shook me like the skin of a kettledrum. “Jesus!” I said.

The silk of my nightgown was hot and clinging; looking down, I could dimly see my nipples thrusting through it, hard as marbles. The quivering spasms were still rippling through wrists and thighs, like the aftershocks of an earthquake. I hoped I hadn’t cried out. Probably not; I could hear Brianna’s breathing, untroubled and regular across the room.

I fell back on the pillow, shaking with weakness, the sudden flush washing my temples with damp.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,” I muttered, breathing deeply as my heart slowly returned to normal.

One of the effects of a disturbed sleep cycle is that one stops dreaming coherently. Through the long years of early motherhood, and then of internship, residency, and nights on-call, I had got used to falling at once into oblivion when I lay down, with such dreams as occurred nothing more than fragments and flashes, restless flickers in the dark as synapses fired at random, recharging themselves for the work of the day that would come too soon.

In more recent years, with the resumption of something resembling a normal schedule, I had begun to dream again. The usual kinds of dreams, whether nightmare or good dream—long sequences of images, wanderings in the wood of the mind. And I was familiar with this kind of dream, too; it was common to what might politely be called periods of deprivation.

Usually, though, such dreams came floating, soft as the touch of satin sheets, and if they woke me, I fell at once back into sleep, glowing dimly with a memory that would not last ‘til morning.

This was different. Not that I remembered much about it, but I had a vague impression of hands that gripped me, rough and urgent, not wooing but compelling. And a voice, nearly shouting, that echoed in the chambers of my inner ear, along with the sound of my fading heartbeat.

-Dragonfly In Amber

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Why are you looking at me like that? With Anthony please!!!

A changed the prompt just a bit to fit the story I had in mind. Warning: Sexual themes (it’s pretty much just diet smut), implied smut, and embarrassing situations.

You might want to listen to Dead Girl Walking from Heathers before reading. This is Highschool/Theater AU btw. (there’s a read more after a couple paragraphs, I know sometimes you can’t see those so just so you know, it doesn’t just drop off there)

“Alright, are you guys ready to run the scene?” Your theater teacher shouted, “Y/N, Anthony, on stage please.” You jogged up the stairs and onto the far right side of the stage.

You began singing, walking across the stage when you had to, exaggerating your arm movements when you had to, and looking back on queue to see Anthony stripping off his jacket. You’d gotten pretty close to Anthony since you were cast as the two leads of your school musical. You couldn’t deny that he was attractive, and you definitely had a bit of a crush on him, which was why it was going to be difficult for you to do this scene without turning into a cherry from blushing as deeply as you knew you were going to. You climbed the stairs of the set, focusing on singing rather than on Anthony’s pecs and the way the looked in that tight black t-shirt…

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Well shoot! Thank you for the compliment! I just saw a post about how tumblr was glitching & not telling people when they had asks, so I thought what the heck, maybe I have one, and this gem hahaha haah was sitting in my inbox. I hope this isn’t too late, it can’t have been hanging out too long since my @gemanimate post isn’t that old. Either way it’s probably worth posting?

I used toon boom harmony. And I hope this is helpful, and not just a mess of things I think are coherent. It’s a lot of answer for a simple question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as condescending, but the glow wasn’t just one glow, it was a bunch of slightly different things and trickery that made the efx what they are. Efx are so cool and I like animating them so much in case that wasn’t clear. Each image has a caption clarifying what process it explains if it’s not super clear. 

Please feel free to ask for more clarification of anything if you’re more of a ‘words’ learner. I felt like it’d make more sense with visuals, especially since the network is a confusing concept if you’re not familiar with it. At least, I think it is.
On to the second part of your ask: how long this mess took me to throw together? Time for another absurdly long answer to a simple question! And if I’m real, I’m writing this all out because I need to admit it to myself more than anything haha. 

My shot is only ~3 seconds long, and I started the animation portion of my shot
two-ish weeks (maybe more) before the due date of august 29th. I should have been able to finish with tons of stress free room for technical error/other unforeseen issues, but I actually took another week and a half past the 29th to finish (thank you @gemanimate team for being understanding).

So here is a friendly, caring, and cautionary reminder–to anyone reading–to plan for both the practical aspects/requirements of a shot as well as your personal mental/emotional capacity to work. The hours needed to finish a shot aren’t necessarily the hours you need to finish a shot, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you plan accordingly. Bolded for the cheap seats (it’s for myself, I am in the cheap seats in my own life). For example, the first few nights I was working on it, I set up a file. Next night, laid out the characters, etc. Eventually, I got into a groove where I was actually animating, but I hadn’t planned for that slow start, or any of the snags I hit in life that tripped up my work flow along the way. Plan cushions for that mind game stuff that I can’t seem to acknowledge if that’s something you deal with, in addition to the technical needs of a project. 

Moving off the soapbox, the hours I put into it that were actual work hours were maybe 15 - 20 hours? Maybe more? I unfortunately did not keep time, and I’m not great at recalling stuff like that. It’s like it wasn’t finished one day, and now it is, and heck if I know what happened between then and now.  

But I guess if you were asking about time because of the complexity of the compositing/glow stuff, that was the last 1 - 2 hrs of work. Once the animation is done, the comp is just throwing in some modules and messing with them until they look the way you want. Messing with their settings is how you learn about them & how they operate. There are tons of different means to achieve the same end in toon boom, a lot like photoshop. None of what I’ve said here is a set in stone ‘correct’ way to composite for a glowy effect, but it is one way. 

Happy animating! And again, please let me know (anyone) if there’s anything that you’d like further clarification on!

A few feelings

 There i was, minding my own seemingly hetero business when i switch over the telly on a Tuesday evening to tune in to what i always deemed a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine that airs at 8pm. As i now know, like many others i clocked the Berena chemistry from the off, enjoyed the interaction, the delicious tension, the are they?/aren’t they? lingering looks. Browsed social media in wonder of whether there were other like minded individuals who fancied these two as a pairing. Revived my old Tumblr account which i made when i was 19… Christmas-what? Anyway, somehow became submerged in a fandom full of creative and brilliant people where unfortunately i’m just one of those that doesn’t really contribute anything of real value aside from re-blogging and adding the odd growl of appreciation for J-Red and C-Russ. 

(I don’t want to bore anyone that isn’t interested in this so I’ve added a wavy line thing).

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okay um. so. 

if we’re talking about tddk being in an actual life or death situation and i have the choice to save one of them, then i’ll probably save shouto. izuku is a tough bitch so he is more likely to survive ((plus the Powers Of The Shonen Protagonist)) and i always fear for shouto’s life cuz idk what shit horikoshi might pull.


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what does alan watts say about the evil in the world ? and how to... stop getting so bogged down with it. i don't think Leibniz's concept of optimism is the answer so i was wondering what he has to say on the matter, if he does. thank.

All emboldened words are direct quotes from Alan Watts’ texts and/or lectures (with the exception of one short phrase by Carl Jung). All remaining text is mine.

Gosh, this is a question with a set of inexhaustible answers. I really appreciate you asking it but I apologise in advance for what will be a lengthy response.

Alan Watts’ most concise response would have been that “All opposition has its resolution in an underlying unity.” If you’d like to stop here and take away one generalised message that can be applied to all aspects of life just as much as it can to the concept of evil itself, let it be that. If not, buckle in! 

So, what does Watts mean by that? Central to many of his lectures was an attempt to demonstrate the limitations of polarity. Humans (particularly those raised with a Western mindset) have a tendency to view the universe as a complex amalgamation of mutually exclusive concepts that exist in constant opposition to each other. What Watts sought to reveal was that such polarised thinking failed to acknowledge the underlying unity of all things. He fervently rejected the “Disastrous and absurd hypothesis that there is an absolute and radical conflict between good and evil (or light and darkness) that can never be harmonised.”

Within this already too long response, I couldn’t easily summarise the wide array of concepts and ideas with which Watts harmonised good and evil. That said, I’ll still give it a try.

All things are dependent upon all other things for their existence. In the specific case of good and evil, a person could not recognise either without having knowledge of the other. Furthermore, these seemingly opposed concepts arise from each other in a mutual way. “If you’re going to have black, you won’t know that it’s black unless you have some white. And if you’re going to have white, you won’t know that it’s white unless you have some black.” Following this idea of a mutually dependent recognition, Watts proposed that “It is evil which makes possible the recognition of virtue.”

You’ve indicated that you don’t wish to get so “bogged down” in the fact that evil exists in this world. I’m not deeply familiar with Leibniz’s concept of optimism but I assume that it feels unsatisfactory to you insofar as it requires you to have blind faith in God’s judicious choice between all possible worlds—a choice from which our world emerged as the best and most good. In other words, it might feel unsatisfactory to the extent that it fails to deeply restructure your emotional and intellectual relationship with evil (and the inescapable fact of its existence). Instead, it only invites you to tolerate things as they are by accepting that they aren’t much worse. What, then, are we to do with our negative emotional reactions to the existence of evil in this world?

“Our rage against evil things which occur in this world must not overstep itself. [Because] if we require as a justification for our rage a fundamental and metaphysical division between good and evil, we [create] an insane and schizophrenic universe of which no sense whatsoever can be made.” Some of the sense to which Watts is referring here is the aforementioned idea of being able to recognise virtue by its comparison to evil. Allow me to reference a different lecture in which Watts was once asked by a member of his audience how he would ameliorate evil in the world if he were God. In the spirit of that lecture, Watts responded as if he were actually God himself. His answer was thus:

“I begin with the point that I [as God] am responsible for the way the world is. If I couldn’t feel that, I would have to blame somebody else. I’m not willing to do that because I know that under various changing circumstances, it might be appropriate for me to be as a big a rascal as rascals have been […] As for improving the world, the world is always improving. It may look to some people slow but it’s improving even when it is declining. The world works in an undulatory process, like a wave. It goes up and it goes down. It goes up and it goes down. It couldn’t go up all the time because if it did we wouldn’t know that that was up. So it goes down some of the time so that we can know when it goes up.”

Now, before you personally lump Watts with Leibniz into that group of philosophers with unsatisfactory solutions to the problem of evil, I will add that Watts himself said that these ideas were “NOT a philosophy of condoning evil.” Instead, Watts is inviting each of us to conceptualise evil as something that must fundamentally exist if the concept of good can also do the same. He is not proposing that we should be passive or calmly tolerant of evil—maybe even quite the opposite. While discussing Adolf Eichmann (one of the most infamous organisers of the Holocaust) Watts acknowledged that he himself would have experienced a tremendously negative emotional reaction should they have met:

“Human emotions are deeply and rightly aroused. I would say that if I were in any situation where an Eichmann was operating, I would be roused to a degree of fury that I can hardly imagine in my present existence. I would oppose those sorts of villains with all the energy that I have. But, at the same time, I would recognise the relativity of my own emotional involvement. I would not be able to regard my adversary as a metaphysical devil—as one who represented the principle of absolute and unresolvable evil.”

Here again we return to the proposition that “All opposition has its resolution in an underlying unity.” The difference here, however, is that Alan Watts is now asking us to recognise that unity in our own psychological selves. Here he is proposing that we each have an “element of irreducible rascality in us.” The following block quote expounds upon this idea of rascality being present in each of us. You are likely to disagree with it but the conclusion that Watts is asking us to draw from it isn’t immediately obvious. Watts is inviting us to recognise a simple idea proposed by a man whom he deeply respected and admired: “Condemnation does not lead to liberation.”–Carl Jung

“To the degree that you condemn and find evil in others, you are to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself. Or at least of the potentiality of it. There can be Eichmanns and Hitlers and Himmlers just because there are people who are unconscious of their own dark sides. [These people] project that darkness outward into Jews or Communists or whatever the enemy may be and say ‘There is the darkness; it is not in me. And therefore because the darkness is not in me, I am justified in annihilating this enemy!’”

If one stands any hope of not being “bogged down” by evil and its existence in the world, one needn’t condemn it in others nor in oneself. Instead, one should conceptualise good and evil not as exclusive opposites but rather as universal concepts that are mutually interdependent. You can’t have one without the other. More to the point, you needn’t try to abolish one so that the other may prevail; that is an impossibility. Rather, by dissolving the illusory opposition and revealing an underlying unity, one is likely to develop a broader perspective from which evil isn’t to be abhorred and vilified on a metaphysical level.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. I’ve done my best to clarify Watts’ position (as I understand it thus far). I’m still learning. I hope I’ve helped even a little. Thanks for your question! If I haven’t explained something here coherently enough then please let me know.


So I’ve made my own crochet sweater pattern for the first time! It’s gonna be a silver and black Venom pullover based on the one featured in @hannahblumenreich‘s wonderful comic, which you can read here: http://hannahblumenreich.tumblr.com/post/140880595913/aunt-may-does-right-by-her-nephew

After I read it, I HAD to looked at pretty much all of her spiderman art, so I REALLY recommend you at least look at the comics on her blog, they’re ALL good. (now that my nose is good and brown, let me talk about something else) After I saw the sweater in the comic, I realized that I NEEDED that sweater, but I couldn’t find one like it ANYWHERE!! So I just went “fuck it, I need that, I’m making one.”

For those that crochet, I made a chain of 45, skipped the last stitch, and single stitched until I reached the end again. Then, I did a 1:1 pattern of front-back double crochets for three rows. I switched to single stitch for the rest, and I’m basically going to do this for the entire sweater. Once that’s done, I’ll slip stich the sides and tops together and do the same 1:1 pattern of front-back doubles around the collar. I hope that was coherent. This pattern is pretty much free for anyone to use, just tell me if you make this, I’d love to see what other people make!!! (I’d also love it if you checked out @hannahblumenreich seriously I’m pretty sure she’s one of the few people I know of that loves Spiderman more than me) Also this is taking like six balls of THE SOFTEST yarn i’ve ever felt, I highly recommend Lion Brand super bulky, IT’S SO SOFT THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SWEATER!!!

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Maybe some analaysis on the parallels of the black paladins and the ones they love. (Shiro/Allura, Keith/Lance, Zarkon/Haggar) and maybe what future predictions can be made by examine these foils?

I’m gonna mostly focus on Zarkon/Haggar and Shiro/Allura, but I’ll touch upon Keith/Lance as well, mostly of how they all relate to one another. 

As for the parallels, let’s start with the first two, more specifically, Zarkon and Shiro:

  • Shiro/Zarkon both go to extreme lengths in order to save the woman they love (shiro rescuing allura FROM zarkon, zarkon betraying alfor for allura, etc.)
  • both allow their partners to do things that may not necessarily be wise; zarkon had to have known of what haggar’s research was doing to their planet, but ignored it; in 1x04, shiro doesn’t think letting the arusians into the palace is wise, but does not stop allura from doing it
  • haggar is fundamentally selfish, whereas allura is fundamentally selfless; both are headstrong and unyielding, as well as both being altean. neither of them (until s3) piloted lions, preferring to control things from the sidelines. zarkon and shiro both trust their ladies an insane amount. they refuse to lose them. haggar and allura are shown to be as equally concerned about their black paladins. 
  • despite zarkon technically having alfor as his right hand man, he obviously took to and trusted allura much more. shiro is similar with allura, as they give and take orders from each other with ease (whereas with keith it’s far more a mentorship/big brother relationship)

and where do keith and lance fit into this? hear me out:

  • zarkon = shiro = lance
  • all three men far more nurturing (zarkon risks far more for haggar than she does for him; he values her opinion highly the same way shiro does with allura; lance becomes keith’s advisor, and is very selfless, like when he protects coran in 1x04, etc.) zarkon and lance are both shown to be very homesick
  • haggar = allura = keith
  • they are all rather brash, and very headstrong. they are all aliens. they all go in between support and leadership, but are mostly supportive, to their partners, unless tasked with leadership itself. haggar and allura have the same patience, while haggar and keith can be far more blinded by their single goal, and more selfish when it comes to achieving it. keith and haggar have both “betrayed” their original people (alteans, galra, respectively) in order to achieve what they want/think is right

I think out of all three, as they are in canon, Shiro and Allura still have the best/healthiest relationship (Zarkon and Haggar are a close second, but they’re, y’know, evil - and Keith and Lance are approaching that same better relationship, once they work through their respective insecurities that are linked to one another). As for the future, I think we’ll see more demonstrations for all three pairings of how far they are willing to go for their partner, and how much they care.

anyway, i hope this was somewhat coherent, even if it wasn’t extremely in depth.


So, after how crazy and stressful March was, I decided to try and say some things to some people who I’ve met in this community who have affected me a lot in the only way I can think to say it. This is the first in what I hope will be a series, for the most part it isn’t going in any particular order, more just in the order my brain can articulate my thoughts into coherent words.

This first one to:


Star Wars - Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu #1:

I wanted to do a more generalized review of this issue, which I mostly liked a lot! I was a little wary about it, after reading an interview with the author, because look Mace Windu believed in what they were trying to do, in trying to find the best path they could.  But I am absolutely down for Mace struggling with trying to find the balance of leading from within, asking things of other people that he’s not sure he should, but also that the point is that he doesn’t have any better suggestions for how to help save people.  That he has to trust in the Force (which is what the Jedi have always done, because the Force has always guided them) but we, the audience, know just how darkened the Force has become, that their ability to use it is becoming compromised.

But I also feel like I didn’t really get anything new here that I hadn’t already gotten from The Clone Wars TV show.  While I appreciate the greater focus on Mace, while I appreciate the trappings (the sense of humor was great as well as I love the new characters!), I’m not sure this is the Mace story that needed telling.  Why not tell something from Mace’s earlier days?  That’s an era that’s so much more unexplored!  (On the other hand, you have to find someone who’s actually good at Star Wars and who would be good at the Jedi to write such a thing and I haven’t seen enough from this author to know if they’d be a good fit.)

I do enjoy the story more once they get out into the field and we see Mace as the leader that he is (and I’m all for the fanning of him as one of the greatest Jedi ever), but I feel like ti’s nothing I couldn’t get already.  And I want more.  So far, this is a very solid story and I like that this is one of the characters that Disney canon is choosing to put emphasis on again, but I’m not sure that this is going to give me anything that wasn’t already fleshed out in TCW.

Also, I do like the art style, but it feels unfinished and odd at times, like Yoda looks straight up weird and while some pages look great (Ki-Adi-Mundi’s panels with Mace look fantastic) other times it looks incredibly rushed and hurried.

I’m definitely willing to wait, I felt similarly “it’s solid, but not great, also why are we going over this part of Vader’s life again when so much else hasn’t been covered” re: the first issue of the new Vader series and that one is growing on me, so I’m willing to let this one find its feet as well, but with only five issues, I’m not super hopeful.  (In some ways, I think I would have rather had a Mace novel.)  But I will still absolutely support this because I want more prequels content and it’s a solid issue and I LOVE MACE WINDU SO MUCH I CANNOT BE COHERENT ABOUT IT, OKAY.  (And, if nothing else, I want more of the OMG HE’S DEFINITELY IN THE TOP FIVE JEDI EVER commentary, give me all of that, Star Wars!)

Just finished rewatching, Virgil is overloading So Much at the end. The first time through, I was focused on Logan’s abrupt exit (IM STILL PANICKING SLIGHTLY) but Virgil is very much Not Okay when Logan leaves, and even before then. He reacts to loud noises much more strongly than usual, and seems to just overall not be doing great. I’m very tired so this is not particularly coherent, but tl;dr no one is ok in this video and I really hope it’s all resolved in the second