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Drunk/Bar Hamilton Headcanons!

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Let’s start with Peggy!

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Home Out In The Wind Masterpost

I’ve been working on this stuff since last January, so it seemed apropos, in light of the main Epic Plot part of the series wrapping up with the chapter and epilogue I’m posting shortly, for me to go through and try to organize all of my related Star Wars works into some kind of coherent list. The chronology isn’t complicated, but it’s not obvious, and I may not have organized everything optimally on AO3 when I first thought to do it, so. Here’s a list with links and summaries, in a coherent order, that I hope makes it a little more inviting. 

(image by @artgroves, and I should also do a little masterpost of all the art– there was art with the first story, and it’s beautiful.) 

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VLD Season 2 Trailer Analysis

i know there were a few in-depth analysis that came out when the trailer first surfaced after sdcc, but the official release has me Alive™ and Thriving™ so here i am with this one ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

i’m gonna try to focus primarily on things that we didn’t necessarily get a chance to see clearly when the trailer originally leaked, so i hope that i can keep this coherent & structured. 

also, pleASe talk to me about theories. id literally love to hear them.

I don’t want to spend too much time touching on the dialogue, because we’ve gone over it as a fandom so many times that they really don’t need to be repeated. However, without the uncertain audio from the SDCC speakers, it’s easy to pick up on the distorted echo of their tones. At first I’d assumed that they were speaking through comlinks, perhaps maybe after crashing on their planet after the wormhole spat them out. Now I’m also inclined to believe that they’ve somehow been found by the Galra, and are being kept in confinement. Either way, both of their tones are ringing with a similar echo, so it seems that wherever they are, they’re together. 

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The Guilty Ones Modern AU  ⇾ Pt. 2: Ilse Neumann

Part two in the TGO au series! If you missed me talking about it before: I’m expanding these social media AU posts into a 10-post series with a semi-coherent plot. The first five are going to be posts like this showcasing different characters; they’ll be able to just stand on their own if you’re more interested in just seeing social media accounts for the characters instead of plot. The last five are going to be more plot-oriented. I really hope everyone likes them!

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throne of glass modern au aesthetics: chaol westfall

anonymous asked:

Love your meta on MCU villains. It sparked some thoughts on Steve Rogers, viz. why I like the MCU version so much more than in the comics. And then it hit me. He is treated like a girl for a good part of the movie. Pre-serum Steve was insecure. People judged him unworthy based on his looks. So he changes his body. immediately after receiving the serum, he is told that he is still not good enough. He cannot be a real soldier, but he can play one on stage. Hoping you have more coherent thoughts.

Right? Philips even calls him a ‘chorus girl’. And the relationship between Peggy and Steve starts because they both know what it’s like to be laughed at and told they’ll never amount to anything. So Steve’s position is one women can identify with; Erskine explicitly chooses him because he is someone without strength or power, who therefore wields it more responsibly because he knows what it can do and has compassion for the weak. And even after the serum he continues to act like a ‘little guy’, which I think is what really endears us to him. I think it’s also one of the things (apart from being from the 40s) that makes people immediately dismiss Steve as ‘uncool’. Isn’t it interesting that geek guys think Tony Stark, the embodiment of privilege, is ‘cool’ and ‘rebellious’ but Steve, a poor, disabled kid who has had to fight for everything, is ‘square’? (Someone please write a meta!)


Looks like someone is trending…The last time Robert trended on Facebook was when he gave that lovely child (who’s name I don’t remember) an ‘Iron Man’ bionic arm.

I have to say, as a biased, overprotective fan of a full-grown, capable man I’ve never met, it’s rather heartwarming to see the outflow of support with regards to this particular interview, and RDJ’s reaction. 

Twitter is a surprisingly coherent tower of support, and if you spend just a few seconds looking at the Facebook live feed (as seen in pics above), you’ll see that the vast majority of common folks are being really understanding and reasonable…?  Perhaps there is hope for humanity.

I know there are more important problems right now, and this is hardly one of them, but the public response cheers me up nonetheless. You know, it’s the small things in life. It’s almost like we’re all united and we’re in this together. A rare sight. 

Tabata Explanations

This is for anyone who’s spreading false information, confused, or just not sure what’s going on. This sums up all the quotes from what Tabata said this morning. Someone should request a sticky for this just so there is no more confusion over here. Without further ado.

Tabata: “Quite some time has passed now… After we had switched from Versus to XV, the first decision we made was to make sure that FFXV would have a complete, coherent story in one game. That was an important decision—one made at the company level, too. So I started thinking about how we could get a full, coherent story in a single game. And the crux of that was which elements from Versus we could carry over and which would not fit into the new structure as XV.

“So I went through everything in detail, seeing which areas we would have to change. By that time, a fair amount of information about the Versus story had already been released, so we tried to keep as many elements from it as we could. We tried hard in a number of areas. But it would have been very difficult to carry over absolutely everything as it was. We considered what was possible with the new-gen hardware, as well as what elements absolutely must be included in XV but might fall through if not given top priority. It was not easy to nail down what was essential for the story to be contained in one title. Everyone involved was very sensitive in dealing with this, and we patiently debated numerous times, but we still couldn’t come up with a definitive answer.

“In the end, we decided to be as faithful as possible to Mr. [Kazushige] Nojima’s story for Versus and focus on realizing the original story as much as we could. It goes without saying that I consulted with him on this. And he said that if I valued his originaly story, then it would still fulfill his vision, even if not every single element he came up with included in the end. So that gave us the confidence to set our goal, which was to create a narrative that utilizes Mr. Nojima’s original story as fully as possible. Given that, I think many of you are concerned about how the story elements we have already shown for Versus have changed in the switch to FFXV. So I wanted to shed some light on them. There are three main points that have changed from the information that we put out previously.”


Tabata: “The first is the presence of the character Stella. Stella was presented as the heroine to play opposite Noctis in Versus XIII. We wanted to keep her as a heroine in FFXV’s story, and pursued ways to tie her in to FFXV’s design as well, but we found it increasingly difficult to make sense of Stella’s character and role within FFXV. So then we thought, do we want to recreate Stella with a different role and image, or do we want to start over with a new hreoine? And after a lot of consideration, we decided not to include Stella in FFXV. Instead, we have a new heroine named Luna, who has a different role within the story. So we will be talking more about her in the future.”

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer:

Tabata: “The second point is about the crown city of Insomnia, which has been shown in the trailer as the opening for Versus XIII. There was a scene of a party taking place in the castle within the city. Now, if you have been following info on Versus, you may already know this, but there was a sequence of scenes right after the party where the city is attacked by the enemy forces of Niflheim. That sequence has been deleted from FFXV. And there is a good reason behind it.

“Scenes like those had to be regressed because of a very critical factor. So now, the sequence is: Noct and his retinue leave Insomnia, and then… What was it? Then the Niflheim army attacks the crown city. There’s an extremely important reason behind this decision. In fact, it could be construed a spoiler, so I can’t tell you about it here.”

Preserving the City of Insomnia:

Tabata: “The third point is not a change. But as I just informed you, we decided to delete the scene of a party in Insomnia, which is a city like Shinjuku. So then we became concerned that the players who were looking forward to some gameplay in that city might worry that they would be losing that gameplay as well. So I thought I should let you know here and now that we are preparing situations that would involve gameplay in the Shinjuku-like city of Insomnia. We had previously released information on Versus saying you would begin combat right after the Niflheim army attacks the city, but the new gameplay would not fall in around the same timeline. As for when and in what kind of situation the combat occurs, we would like for you to wait for future updates, and play the actual game, but we are working on something great, so I hope you will look forward to it.”

Final Fantasy XV is not Versus XIII any more:

Tabata: “Lastly, as we make these major changes that I just mentioned, there are other characters that we have introduced in the past, like a woman with dark hair, and and a dragoon—a female dragoon. I would like to reiterate that these characters are still in the game with their own important roles within the story, so you can look forward to playing FFXV to find out about them. All these things I have been talking about have been the subject of extensive debate, and were decided with a level of utmost resolve in order to make Final Fantasy XV into the best game possible, so at least in our minds, these decisions are making the game better.

However, we realize there are fans who had been looking forward to Versus, and can’t help but think that this game is turning out to be different from Versus. So I wanted to take this time to tell you before we start promoting FFXV at Gamescom, that this is indeed a different game now, and that we will be taking steps to promote FFXV to you—our fans—with confidence from here on out. We will make absolutely no compromises as we head towards finalizing the best possible game, so I hope you look forward to FFXV. Thank you for your attention, and thank you for your continued support.”


Turandot school play because damn

The story goes like this: the class has to choose a play for a cultural event and music loving Ivan suggests Turandot because Marinette would play a lovely Chinese princess ( and he wants to thank her for that time with Mylene) and oc our sunshine local model gets the starring role for the handsome prince Calaf.

So I hope you enjoy this as much as Adrien as he tries to get his brain to cooperate to say something coherent while taking in Marinette’s appearance. This boy is gonna have it so, so bad in the future seasons omg you’d better prepare your heart boy, cause it’ll be Marinette snatching it away from you without you even noticing. I bet he’s gonna fall for her in the more subtle of the ways, until the realisation strucks him one day though as a something as natural as breathing

Plot of the play and cast explanation below the cut:

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200+ follower art raffle thing???


Oh my. 200 people. That’s a lot. Way more than I ever expected, to be honest XD I am thankful for all of you and glad that you decided to stick around.

SO I’mma do an art raffle! I’ve never done one before! I have no idea what I’m doing! What else is new!! :D

Anyway, here’s da rules:

1 like/reblog = 1 entry. You can do both to get two entries.

You have to be a follower (i don’t care if you follow just for this raffle but like, don’t unfollow afterward. that’s rude xD)

This is gonna end… on the 19th. That’s my little brothers’ birthdays so I won’t forget it XD

1st prize: Fully colored/shaded drawing with up to 2 characters and a simple background

2nd prize: Fully colored/shaded headshot of a character OR design of a sea creature of your choice

3rd prize: Sketch (may or may not be colored idk lol) of a character/sea creature of your choice

(sorry I’ll post examples on another post because tumblr is dumb XD)

Thanks again for following, and I hope you’ll stay for awhile ^^

this makes me think that the reason katie left might have had to do with the company temporarily shifting to technical production questions as they revamp, so there’s no current need for the usual creative teams that just put each individual game together. it was more a question of “well, you can wait around until we can start production on a new game, or you can start looking for new work.” that sounds like what happened and makes the downsizing cohere with an actual vision for the company’s future, one that doesn’t necessarily mean they were desperately cutting costs, but that they wanted to build the games in a way that ensured more versatility/longevity, and they decided to prioritize this update over keeping up with the usual production schedule. it’s a huge risk because it will be a while before they have a new product for the market, but if new games from here on out are far more technically advanced, then they probably will easily recapture old fans and new. 

there still isn’t a good reason to let go of lani minella, but the rationale behind the other seemingly drastic changes makes sense to me now, and i wish this was something that had been communicated much earlier on!