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I know I'm not the only one who feels related to Sans. Gosh, those pages gave me chills. I think what he said is really what scares us all; and all those negative thoughts, it happens. really, there's some point in everyones life with thoughts like that. I mean... (augh can't even express myself rn. and my bad english is not helping)

It’s alright. I understand what you’re saying.

It’s pretty terrible when you get stuck in a loop of what ifs. One where you put your self in a no win situation of negative scenarios, even though you know there’s a chance for better outcomes.

But there’s hope yet.

Beat Me Then

By not being able to win at arcade games, Liam’s won something even better: Zayn’s attention [A Gamer AU] (thanks @0xyzen for help with the idea :D)

Liam’s gotten used to the sound. He’s more familiar with it than he’d like to be, though. When he hears the disappointed-sounding wrr wrr wrrs again as he once more loses his grip on the joystick, he curses under his breath. It seems his only real skill in Pacman is getting killed.

“Hey, mate, the point is to keep away from the ghosts. You know that, right?“ The smartass comment comes from close behind him with a smirk.

Huffing, Liam flips to give a snarky reply to this annoying asshole who just won’t let him fucking die in peace. But when his gaze catches on the perfect, long eyelashes in front of him, eyelashes that accent the mystery man’s bright golden eyes, Liam can only blink. Can only hear the words as they coyly leave his mouth, a grin on his face. “Beat me then.”

“And what?” The other boy counters as he leans in just slightly, his teeth grazing against his lower lip.

“And I’ll buy you a drink,” Liam says smugly as he shifts out of the way of the arcade game, leaving just enough space for the boy to take his spot.

Being in an arcade–simultaneously surrounded by drinks, cute men, and games–sure has its perks.

“No more drinks for you, Zayn,” Liam teases as he snatches the beer from Zayn’s hand as his plane once more gets taken by the spider ship.

“Leeyummmmm,” Zayn whines with an exaggerated foot stomp as his grabby hands reach for the drink heading straight for Liam’s lips. “I’ve only had one drink, anyway,” he mumbles, finishing with a raise of his eyebrows, “The one you bought me, may I add.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Liam mutters into the mug as he takes a long sip, watching Zayn through the glass with a small smile.

“Well, if I can’t drink anymore anyway, then I guess there’s nothing left to do but go back to my place.” He smirks with a casual shrug, sliding up onto his tiptoes just enough to be able to catch Liam’s eye. A cough bursts from Liam’s mouth as his hand slacks from the surprise comment. With a triumphant laugh, Zayn grabs his beer back before Liam has the chance to finish his entire drink with just a few more gulps.

“Get a room,” an Irish accent groans from somewhere beside Liam and he starts as he turns to face a bored-looking Niall. “Ni!” He cries out, sounding a bit breathless, more than just a little embarrassed. “How long have you been there?”

“Been here the whole time, mate,” Niall says a bit begrudgingly with a roll of his eyes, but a soft smile forms on his lips. “You just promptly forgot about me once Mr. Perfect came along.”

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Your blood was filled with ink, just waiting to be spilled. Deep inside of you were words: vicious and gentle, loud and quiet, rampant and smooth. They were waiting to be let out, to fill blank pages with consuming thoughts. Ones that kept you up at 2 am, that make you smile to yourself when you're alone, even the ones you hope to burn away with cigarettes and alcohol. You are a masterpiece, an artist with something to say, shut away behind closed doors and dead-eyed stares.

Ink pours out first, turns your skin a black that only you can see. And the words that begin to swirl from it end up accidentally etched into corners and holes of your otherwise inward life. They spread malignantly, with soft tenterhooks until your reaching for them to bring them all back inside where they belong. But they’ve seen the light now, they’ve created stains and all your reaching is doing is prying open your ribs until you’ve moved into the light with them.

Hey Marc, Um I highly doubt you’d notice this, but I just want to tell you, I know the struggle and its a pain in the squidhole, and I hate that you’d had to go though this. You’re a super awesome person! And you inspire others so much! You do awesome things with just one hand! mARC YOU’RE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WOOOOORLDD!! Seriously, even though im a fan, i want to let you know i care about you super much! I dunt wanna see a sad guy, you’re too fresh to deserve that pain. I hope you feel better soon, we love you.

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I have a pretty bad cold and was feeling down until I remembered that it was Tuesday! Petra is so cute! I love this comic even though I only started it a couple months ago!

I’m sorry about your cold, I hope you feel better soon! And I’m glad that Petra’s wilder side is fun to read!! She’s one of my favorites too :)

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I'm not fan of the writing in Sonic Colors, and I find Generations and Lost World to be pretty generic in the writing, but I have to said that I don't like how a lot of fans accused Ken Pontac and Warren Graff as if they where incompetent or even worst clain them to be idiots. I really think that there are way better ways to give our criticism without overreacting. Beside, even if they didn't know much about Sonic, it was SEGA/ST that demanded a lot of things in the story. Hope I dont sound rude


As I’ve elaborated on before, that’s the big problem I have with many of Pontaff’s detractors. Not approving of the writing handiwork of a particular writer(s) is one thing, but many of said detractors always make it as heated and personal as they possibly can, and then when you actually call them out on it, they claim it totally wasn’t anything personal at all, and how dare them for having an opinion. (Take a drink when they pull that card by the way. Take two drinks if they shoot you down for your opinion immediately after or beforehand.)

Also, you probably have less chance of having your “constructive” criticisms taken into account when you’re constantly screaming like a venom-spewing banshee about them. Too many Sonic fans have the problem of thinking they’re the unrivalled big man/woman who knows better than anyone else and tells it like it is… when in reality they’re just an insufferable blowhard who increasingly alienates others with their serious business lectures.

I mean, I don’t particularly care for Shiro Maekawa’s work in the series, I don’t find any of it that impressive, but you don’t see me pointing verbal daggers at the man.

It was this milestone of sorts that encouraged me to write up that starter call. 123 is a lovely number, don’t you think?

I’m about to head to bed, and while I’d love to go into detail and talk about each and every person who’s made this hobby so far a very enjoyable one… I don’t think I have it in me to properly do so without just stammering the same things over and over again.

But I’ll definitely try to make my appreciation known, whether privately  or through action. Hope you all stick around, and even if not, I thank you for watching me stumble to a slightly better footing now!

1. He’s probably the geekiest person I know on his best days but it’s one of his most adorable things about him, next to his smile
2. He makes me feel on the days I really don’t want to
3. He’ll never let you cry alone because even when he’s not there, he’s always there
4. I hate when he’s sad or angry or hurt. I swear I just want to tilt his lips upwards ‘cause I hate when he frowns
5. He’s still learning to love himself and I admire that
6. He still tells me it’ll get better and it gives me hope
7. He gets back up when he falls down yet he still wonders why I love him
8. Well here’s why: ‘cause you’re my adorable idiot and you’re still learning and you’re super geeky but it’s one of your lovable qualities and you’re always here and you make me smile and feel safe and well-
—  This is who you are in my eyes
//The shattered flower

Big Watermelon Wolves :> !!

Little by little they come to say hi ! The first wolf feels better now and even have a big smile at the end =) 

Watermelon’s sport :>

The little one can’t stop !!!!! 

I put the French way to write numbers from one to nine ! You can see that the six is the same as the English one but the Pronunciation is a little different :

 in French, we say six like “Sis” not saying the “x”.

Also Wolf in french is Loup and Watermelon is Pastèque ^^ 

This photo inspired me a lot, I can imagine a forest full of wolves with watermelons with them =D 

I hope that you will remember the numbers with those animations ^^ 


a/n: This is the third part of my new Luke Series, Tour Life with Luke. There will be more parts to come that pertain to concepts revolved around what it would be like to travel the world with your beautiful goof of a boyfriend. Enjoy! xx

Warning: NSFW themes discussed.

Read Other Parts Here

If there was one thing you could never see yourself getting bored of, it was hearing Luke’s beautiful voice sing. Whether it be on stage in front of thousands, in your shower after making love, beside him in his car during an often road trip through town, or out in the open, wherever and whenever he felt like it.

“I like the summer rain…I like the sounds you make…we put the world away…”

“We get so DISCONNECTED.” You finish the lyrics, scaring Luke as he steps out of the backstage bathroom, dressed in a black and white striped shirt with his typical, must have, black skin tight jeans. He looked alluring.

“Shit.” Luke breathes out, grabbing his chest and guarding his frantic heartbeat as he steps away from you on instinct, back through the mahogany door of the bathroom.

“Did I scare you?” you coo out, laughing at the scared, in shock face still displayed on your boyfriend’s face. Reaching out, your wrap your arms around his much broader torso, still chuckling as you rest your head on his chest below his chin.

“You jumped at me, screaming my lyrics. What do you expect woman?” Luke laughs, looking down at you with one of his tooth grins, smoothing his thumb across your cheek adoringly.

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Okay there are some people asking if Yoongi is okay after hearing his mixtape and I can honestly say that I think he is better now and this is why:  I think that Agust-D was one of the only songs that is actually in present-tense.

In many of his songs, he is talking about himself in the past-tense or even saying that he’s reflecting to when he was a certain age. Most of his songs seem to be him reflecting on how much harder things were for him before he debuted and right after he debuted.

He talks about the feeling of being trapped by idol life before, but then in Agust-D he embraces it and uses it as something to be proud of, he talks about not wanting to be greedy but then in Agust-D he says that it okay to want more success for yourself, he says that sayings like “I dont give a shit, I dont give a fuck” came to him as only a front but then in Agust-D he says them and really means them when talking about people who want to bring him down. Even in his songs where he is speaking in past-tense, talks about not being able to afford something like alcohol and in Agust-D he says that he loves spending money on shit like that beacuse he can.

What this means to me is that he is in a better place than he was before. We all know that mental illnesses are not something that go away, you just learn to live past them and grow stronger and I think that that is where Yoongi is right now. I think that’s why Yoongi released Agust-D as the MV. It’s him showing us how he is now, more care-free and more full of confidence than before. 

This isn’t meant to be taken for fact, it’s just my interpretation from reading the lyrics of the songs and stuff, and I hope it can help calm some fans who are seriously worried about Yoongi. 


Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know (I’ve whined my fear share about it - sorry!), I’ve been working on a fic for a while that I’ve gotten quite stuck on. Inspiration has, so to speak, left me. So, I’m gonna try something new, and post this sneak peak for you - it’s the first 4,7k of chapter one of what is known as ‘The Vegas Fic’ and which will probably be titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ unless I come up with something better. I’m hoping that the fic will be something you’d like to read (?) and that posting this sneak peak will sort of obligate me to finish it! Hopefully, knowing that there are people out there waiting will work as motivation for me. I hope you enjoy? And please let me know what you think - whether it’s even worth finishing and all. x
(Oh, by the way, I copied this from google docs, so all the italics and such disappeared, soz!) 

CHAPTER ONE (or half of it, anyway):

If Harry had to describe Vegas with one word, it would be ostentatious. He’s never cared much for the city to be honest, all the flashing lights, the partying, the gambling, the countless amount of strippers, the sense that you could just throw away all your inhibitions and let go… yeah, he appreciates the quiet life nowadays.

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So I heard it was Voltron week

  • me listening to agust d:this is 👌👏 so LIT 🔥🔥 i am TURNED UP 😜🙌 SLAY ME 😩👊 boy goes HARD 💪👊 agust d is my daddy 👀😏
  • me listening to the rest of the mixtape:I am feeling so many emotions right now. Proud of him for coming this far. Hurt for the hardships he's had to face. I connect to the lyrics more than some may even realise. I am so upset listening to the music and yet I love it so much. I am crying but I'm proud. Min Yoongi has created a work of art that has let us peek inside his mind and heart and I for one need to take a minute to let everything sink in and get myself together. I am hurting but I am okay with that. I hope he finds his peace. Things get better, it just takes time.
{PART 1} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You know that Jaebum is cheating on you - so you follow him to a bar where you catch him in the act.

A/N: This is the first part to a new series that I’ve planned! A lovely anon sent in the idea, and I thought about it long and hard and decided to make it into a series because I literally couldn’t even write about everything in just one or two scenarios. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

This scenario contains mentions of cheating and road/car accidents.

{Part 1} {Part 2}

Rage. Hurt. Betrayal. Emptiness.

Those were the four emotions that coursed through your veins each day that you saw Jaebum leave and go to see the woman he had been seeing behind your back for the past 2 months. You had found out almost immediately as you knew Jaebum from the inside out – you knew him better than he knew himself. Everything about him, right down to his tiny little habits that you always found adorable were off since he began cheating on you.

You often asked yourself “Why?” Why didn’t you confront him about it as soon as you saw her text asking him to meet her at a hotel? Why didn’t you bring it up in conversation when he asked you about your day during the dinner that you stood and cooked for him? Why didn’t you let it slip past your lips when he came home after practice and made hot, sweaty love to you in between your moans? You didn’t have a complete answer for that thus far. Maybe, a part of you wanted to think that his act of betrayal was just a fling – that it would end just as fast as it began; but here you were, standing outside a bar that Jaebum often frequented with his bit on the side, 2 months down the line – more furious than ever.

As you stood peering through the dark, dank windows – you felt yourself balling your fists up as you saw his hand trace its way up her sleek, smooth leg while she draped herself around him, smiling and giggling girlishly into the crook of his neck while he donned the shirt you bought for him last Christmas. You almost cackled in the form of spitting venom when his hand sneaked between her thighs, cupping her warm core as she bit her lip at his cheeky, daring action in public. You could practically feel the rage consume you from the inside out as you felt the feet of flames rise from the back of your neck and dance across your shoulder blades. You didn’t know if you were about to burst out in tears or projectile vomit at the sight of your boyfriends infidelity, but you stood there and stared at him doing it nonetheless. You wanted to run in there and rip him a new asshole, throw his cheap whiskey all around him and tell him that everything between the both of you was over, but you couldn’t for the life of you. Why? Because despite how he had been treating you, despite all the lies and all the hurt he had bestowed upon you with his cheating, you still held on to the fact that a few months ago – your relationship was something out of one of your day dreams, and you couldn’t help but ask yourself “When did it all go wrong?”

You felt tears begin to stream down your face as you turned on your heel and went to run across the road back to your car so you could drive all night to no place in particular until every ounce of gas was gone from your tank. You blinked, feeling the salty water from your eyes sting you and blur your vision as you dry heaved in an attempt to silence your crying. All you could hear was the ringing in your ears from your hypersensitive emotions – but this meant that you also couldn’t hear the car that was now 5 feet away from you laying on the horn and screeching at 50mph. You stopped, knowing that it was too late and being caught like a complete deer in headlights, just watching as the car skidded right in your direction. It was just like it was in the movies; your whole life flashed before your eyes – and funnily enough, most of them were the memories you held so close to your heart that happened between you and Jaebum and the rest of GOT7. You couldn’t have been sure, but as as the car came in full contact with you and sent you rolling over the windshield and hurtling over the top of the car before landing with a raging thud on the ground, your body as lifeless as a dead corpse – for a moment, you were sure that you smiled.

Let me know what you guys think of part 1! Leave me some asks telling me your thoughts, I’d love to know them! - Sara

(no worries, as long as you don’t mind me taking awhile, i get sidtracked easily)

A soft sigh escaped Hunters lips as she wheeled around the bottom of the deck. She had been unlucky enough to get night watch without Numar who would go swimming with her when she was bored. However she had to admit she was a bit curios as to who it was she would be working with. The name on the list hadn’t been one she had heard before. She continued moving across the deck until she spotted Mali. “No better time to make a new friend.” She mummered under her breath before rolling over to her companion for the evening. “Ho there stranger, I’m Hunter, nice to meet you!” She waved happily.

(hope this is ok)

My New Year was pretty good, by the way.

Although I don’t understand how some people do not have corkscrews at hand in their kitchen.

I want Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows to be the first film that I see in 2012.

Hmm, maybe I’ll try to go to a matinee screening today.


Happy New Year.

And yet again people are twisting the last scene into an IR moment. Because god forbid that Ichigo and Rukia, while married to and having families with people that aren’t each other, stand together in a room without their circumstances being warped into something to suit the unhealthy and overly-reliant IR fanon. Business as usual.

“It’s really sad that Yhwach’s return marked the happiest moment in Ichigo’s life aka… not when he was married to Orihime, not when he had his child with her, but when Rukia returned to his life after all those years. I feel so bad for Renji and Orihime - they deserved better.”

First off, let’s not pretend like you give even a shit about Renji and Orihime. We know you don’t. Not one month ago you were waxing poetic about the both of them raising death flags, hoping and wishing they would die because you knew IR couldn’t be a thing while IH/RR loomed over the horizon. Don’t pretend like you care about them. It’s been fifteen years, we see through you.

Secondly, Ichigo says “Weren’t you supposed to bring your kid with you this time?” implying that yes, Ichigo and Rukia (and Renji!) have visited each other prior to the last chapter during the 10 year timeskip. If Ichigo seeing Rukia again is truly the “happiest moment of his life”, wouldn’t Yhwach have attacked long before this last chapter? Given the fact that he didn’t, I think that speaks for itself.

But lastly, did you ever stop to think that Ichigo’s happiest moment of his life would be being surrounded by his family and lifelong friends during an era of peace after years and years of fighting tooth and nail; to witness his closest friend attain greatness, to be in the presence of the woman he loves and his son, and to meet the child of his precious nakama? Did you ever stop to think for one second that any of these characters could attain happiness outside the very narrow scope of your shipping lenses? It’s not as if we don’t already know the answer.