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I’ve made out with an actual African.
—  white woman, in Boulder, on her sexual exploits

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Hey, I really enjoyed your reply to the person saying to save Lapis and not Jasper. Could you elaborate on why you don't think Jasper is a monster? Thanks and I hope you feel better. :)

i will gladly elaborate on that.  i have quite a few points for this one and it might get a little scattered because i don’t have a list in a specific order, but i’ll go through what i can 

i guess a good starting point is why she’s coming to earth.  she was there to escort peridot.  she wasn’t there to destroy it.  she is literally just an escort.  and even if you trace peridot’s reason for being there, it’s to restart the kindergarten.  now, that’s not good for humans or the earth, but if you see it from a homeworld gem perspective, it’s to bring more gems into the universe.  so far, that’s the only thing we know that makes more gems in canon.  so it’s very just on the verge of self preservation.  and even with that, i think it’s kind of funny but, jasper just stopped the whole mission for rose.  like this doesn’t really go with anything just there’s a big mission to restart the process of creating more of her kind and she stops the whole fucking thing because LOOK ROSE.  not even just, keep the mission on track and then we’ll take rose just ROSE IS HERE WE GOTTA TAKE HER AND GO.  she’s adorable

BACK TO THE POINT.  jasper loves to fight.  she loves it so much.  she feels so much joy just from getting a chance to hit something.  you can see it on her fact.  but she still uses the destabilizer every time to make it a quick, efficient job that doesn’t actually do harm to them.  when ruby and sapphire rejoin, they even say that jasper didn’t hurt them.  so she gave up fighting she loves so much to make sure the job got done

she also captured them to take them to homeworld for trial.  she believes these gems are traitors but instead of taking vengeance, she decides it’s better to take them in for justice according to their authority.  like, she REALLY wants to beat up rose and she could have just taken her armies down a peg if she wanted but she decided against it and said justice first

jasper is very weak.  she acts and looks touch but she’s very weak.  after the first battle, we saw nothing but her weakness when fighting against garnet and against lapis.  i guess that’s not really a trait towards good or evil, but i think a lot of people just see these muscles and are like oh no she’s totally fine she can handle herself.  when in reality she’s so weak

i will absolutely acknowledge that she punched steven out.  like, she probably didn’t have to do that.  he’s a wiggle worm but she had him by his shirt.  she probably could have just tossed him in the cell.  she’s got a bad attitude.  she definitely has a bad attitude, but that doesn’t make her evil.  steven’s had a lot worse tried against him in the show than that

and you know what i like.  even when steven has gone through all of this, he never said anything bad about her.  all he said was that she’s mean so they have to fight.  not even steven admitted she was bad or evil

i guess for me it’s just a lot of looking at things from her point of view and then looking at her actions in relation to everything.  i feel she’s done nothing but her job.  she could have acted out on her own will and the only person who could have really attested to it was peridot.  like, she could have gotten away with being 100% corrupt, if she was strong enough to, but she didn’t take advantage of that.  she just tried to make quick and efficient work of her job

again, you guys don’t have to agree with me on this.  this is just my opinion of her and everything i’ve seen.  love who you want believe what you want.  but this is what i think of jasper.  i probably left a lot out by accident.  cause i’m just cluttered with so many thoughts about her and all but here you go.  there she is

Happy Birthday Link Neal,you are one of the most outgoing and lovely people on the earth.never lose the amazing positivity you have about life and give to others like me.you give me hope that life in fact will get better if you have a smile on your face no matter what.I’ve been watching you and Rhett since I was 9 so you guys are basically like my internet parents,and helped me become the person I am today.and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.even tho you have no idea who I am,I’m glad I have you guys in my life and I hope you have a wonderful day

Let it Burn - overpaint me!
05.2015 vs 05.2014 ^^

After one year from painting my personal favourite Bucky fanart I decided to overpaint it. I did it last month and for some time You can see it submited in the new version to my Tumblr / I changed the main file so… it is in the same place, here:


How do You like a new version? And which version is better in Your opinion: the “raw” old one or polished - new one?
I hope that my progress in painting is visible on this comparison XD

I like both of versions and I guess I will overpaint this artwork again  Maybe in 2016?  
Basically after Avengers AOU I miss Bucky even more than before and… I started “final countdown” to Civil War. I can’t wait to see Bucky again  ;)

If You want  to see bigger version (easier to compare), here is the link: http://unicatstudio.deviantart.com/art/Let-it-burn-Overpaint-me-536816001

And Let it Burn on DA: http://unicatstudio.deviantart.com/art/Let-it-burn-Bucky-s-revenge-455105043

I’m glad my fave actor is healthy and happy.

I’m glad he chose to be an actor so I get to enjoy his work.

Enjoy is not a strong enough word.

Sometimes when I’m feeling bad, then see his show or even just a freakin’ picture of him, I physically feel better, like some kind of voodoo magic.

I’ve never admitted that before because it’s a little embarassing, but gosh what a gift to give some stranger who you don’t even know exists.

Thank you, fave actor.

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we have a couple kintypes that we know for certain people won't take us seriously for, one of them is even a primary kintype. host has been feeling pretty down about it lately, so if you could give him some positivity for one who identifies as a fictional space-time stretch that acts as a nexus between realities, that would be really nice.

hey there, I tried to reblog some stuff that seemed relevant! honestly, though it’s rather unfamiliar to me, that’s one of the coolest kin types I’ve ever heard of! you are so absolutely unique, please take pride in your individuality! you sound truly extraordinary, I hope you feel better soon!
-mod reed

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Hey, I saw the post about helping the old lady. Please don't feel bad! Being a truly good person seems to be so out of date even the baby boomers are unappreciative. Just wanted to let you know at least one person thought you were being a sweetheart today! Hope you have a better day! :)

Thank you, Brooke. //hugs// I love my Tumblr support group.

Thank you all so much!

Hey guys! I just wanted to take a second to personally thank all of you for all the love and support you’ve given me since I’ve opened this page.. you’ve really made me heart smile and life so much better. (That’s not an exaggeration, but a true fact) I’ve gotten so many beautiful comments and messages over the past few days and I’ve tried really hard to get to everyone, but their’s a chance I may’ve missed one.. if I have, I’m sincerely sorry. Please know, it’s not intentional. I’d never ignore anyone on purpose.. not even once. I love you all! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for just being here with me. You are awesome and I hope you know, you deserve only the best. Thank you for making me so loved and welcome here. Sending all my love! <3

All the amazing support made me determined to finish this today, and I did! (And it’s luckily not even that late yet (; ). Also shout out to flapflaps for the support through reblogging my WIP earlier today <3 All these tiny encouragements keep me going (: 

Little princess bae Arin <3 One of my all-time favourite people, never fails to make me laugh and help me feel better no matter how down I get! uou

He is perfect. Every inch of him perfection.
He has these eyes that are so clear that it makes me feel like I’m looking into his soul. Those eyes are the ones that I get lost in day after day and I hope I never find my way out.
His smile is my favourite thing about him. When he smiles you can’t help but smile too. He didn’t smile for a long time, but he does now and I hope it never goes away again.
He holds my hand in his and it feels like we are puzzle pieces that have finally come together. He holds me in his arms and all the bad things fade away, with him I know I am safe. One touch from him and the pain melts away.
He always knows what to say to make me smile. If I’m sad just seeing him makes me feel better. He is my sunshine and even the darkest clouds couldn’t dim his shine.
He is perfect. Every inch of him perfection.
—  4am

It’s sad to say there are such cruel people in this world that would rather pick someone apart instead of lifting them up 😔 we all go through struggles everyday … most of us are hoping for better days , we don’t need any added pressure to fit someone’s expectation of the perfect mold . No one is perfect yet all over the Internet there are people bashing me for being who I am but one thing they don’t understand is I’m perfectly fine how I am ! Media has people thinking they need to look like celebrities with their small waist , big breast & even bigger asses but in reality most of us don’t look like that some just aren’t build that way ! Most people don’t know but my weight has always been up & down since I was young , I’ve struggled trying to be the “ideal size” ! I’ve always tried to do it the natural way but over the past few years I have had numerous injuries causing me pain when walk & even sit so imagine how hard it is for me to be in the gym but I try because I want to be healthier so my family doesn’t have to lose me ! So it kills me when I see memes on the Internet making fun of people instead of lifting them up , you don’t know everyone’s struggle so be kind ! I’ve seen a lot of hurtful this about my weight on the internet & I’m fine because I’m strong & happy with myself but the next person alway isn’t as strong ! People have killed themselves over issues like this so think before you tweet , post or comment negatively about someone please !

I’d also like to thank strong women like gabifresh
For giving me the courage to be comfortable in my own skin !!!


“Long Live the Princess”

Long overdue. I am pooped from all the things going on in this painting! Calling this done and hoping I can do better on the next one.

Big thanks to war-studies​ because my plan of doing these post-war paintings was inspired by her fic, Memento Mori. It’s not an exact scene there but the treatment and creative decisions on the Earth Kingdom exile really stuck with me. Especially how demeaning yet inevitable it is for a character’s growth to go from royalty and military high command to doing mundane tasks and being mocked and jeered by peasants (whose parents she killed in the war, anyway, so you can’t blame them entirely). Even the franchise side characters are given a lot more complexity that makes me care enough to want to draw and paint them in challenging scenes. And I am somebody who does not read fanfic because of a lot of negative stereotypes within the genre creating this perception in my head that it’s mostly absurd and juvenile. Memento Mori is one of those works that are value-adding to canon and so intelligently written that I just had to make an exception!

The story is on hiatus as far as I know, but damn, the material is rich. You can read it here if you’d like: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3152219/chapters/6841013

1) You were the reason I bettered myself, and had a reason to believe in a future, to cling onto hope and positivity. But now you are the one who makes me loath having to think of the future, even if it’s just tomorrow.
2) You were the clear skies within my sunny days, giving my heart a warmth at the mere sound of your voice. Now you are tornado, whose words only destroys my mind.
3) You were the dreams I yearned for at night. The bliss of being able to escape far away from reality with you and solely you and now you are the cruel truth that follows me wherever I go.
4) You were the chance I had never been given. The light at the end of the tunnel, making sure my bad days will finally end. Now you’re nothing but shaking hands and darkness all around.
5) You were the reason I woke up in the mornings and loved the smell of coffee and messy sheets, because it reminded me of another day of you. Now you’re nothing but late night screaming from the nightmares you’ve filled me up with.
6) You were the blonde hair blue eyed boy tumblr warned me about. The crystal drug that had me addicted and wanting me of your sweetness, but now I’m addicted and i don’t have any more of you.
7) You were the sunsets that left me breathless, because every sunset was different, just like every smile you’ve ever given me. Now your just the sun behind the clouds that I can never see again,
8) You were the deep sighs and relaxed fists that never were clenched, all the loose hair and goosebumps on my skin, the hidden smiles behind handsbut you’re now nothing more then arms wrapped around my lungs, hands breaking my bones.
9) You were the stars in my universe, leaving me in awe at the beauty you filled me up with, making me fill more then just a speck in light years of nothingness. Now you are just a black hole swallowing me whole.
10) You were the love of my life, the keeper of my secrets, the friend I could always count on, the person I wanted to share everything and nothing with all at the same time, now you’re just a person with memories.
—  10 things you used to be to me that I will never be able to tell you not that you care anymore.

1. I wish someone taught me how to stop loving someone who has let go.  There was no feeling worse than watching her dance with another man to our song, nothing worse than realizing that I was not the reason her eyes twinkled anymore.

2. I wish science warned me about hope and how it is one of the most malignant forms of cancer. That it just keeps coming back. You just keep hoping – hoping for a better future, a better job, a better love.
Hope will kill you.

3. I wish someone thought me how to deal with a broken heart. That downing 20 shots only helps you forget. That even if you’d rather let your throat burn than fix your broken heart, losing yourself is not worth the girl.

4. I wish someone told me that as time changes, people do too and that people will walk out on you. They will begin to drift and it doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, you do not bother. You didn’t need them anyways.

5. I wish someone told me that there are people who would blow out your flames just so they could be the only ones shining - that even the closest of friends can be the most poisonous.

6. I wish someone told me that people leave and we humans are fucking selfish. We just can’t see past ourselves so it’s alright. It’s okay to end a relationship if it’s toxic. It’s okay to end that phone call because you can’t keep your eyes open. It’s okay to put down your best friend’s favorite book even though she begged you to read it, to just put it down if you’re wasting time. I wish someone told me to do it for myself. To live and make those choices only for myself. You are allowed to be selfish. IT IS OKAY.

7. ‘I wish someone told me that I was the sun. To not think for even a second that it’s okay to burn myself just to light up her path.  
‘You are greatness. You are the fucking sun.’ I wish I heard that. I wish someone made me realize that I was fucking naïve to believe that she’d settle for stars even when I saw galaxies grow in her eyes.

8. I wish someone warned me to stay away from girls with broken smiles and a mind that runs a 1000 miles, the ones with a heart bound by the shackles of what could’ve been. The ones that would kiss you like it was their last dying breath. The ones who light fire to the butterflies in your stomach. The ones who make you feel like home. I wish someone shouted ‘stay away, down those shots, snatch back your screaming heart and run. She will break you and leave you breathless and darling you will not be able to drown that pain with vodka. Not this time.’

9. I wish someone told me to not let her hold my heart in her hands like it’s some toy. I’m a real person with real feelings. I have watched her fall in and out of love and nothing stings more than watching those lips mouth the words ‘I don’t love you anymore’. It stings not just because she simply just doesn’t love me, it stings because it was that easy.

—  9 things I wish for, ZM

PoisonEaterChris died from poisoning this past Friday. It’s hard for me to really put words to the emotions I’m feeling right now, all I can say is that this doesn’t seem real even though I know that it is. It was only the other day that I was watching one of his popular streaming events where he consumed various poisons for our pleasure and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that his youtube channel has become a daily part of our lives. The exact circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown to me at this point and I hope we can all show some decorum and not speculate in this trying time. I hope you’re in a better place drinking more deadly poison, buddy. I’ll miss you.

On Holiday

Hello, admin here. I hope everyone is doing well! I’d just like to announce that I’m going to be away for the next 2 weeks to visit my friend abroad. I’m not going to bring my computer and I’m not even sure I’ll have internet access, so this blog will be on hiatus until I get back. I will keep the ask box open though (but if you spam it, I will get angry). In the meantime, take care!

So I draw MANY of Fairy Tail’s couples/pairings/ships/whatevs. I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to which ones I actually ship! So I decided to make a lil chart to show you guys!

Basically (should’ve labeled better haha) but at the top are my OTPs, and as you go down the chart you see pairings I ship a little less.

And man, if I made a chart of BroTPs! xD There are so many I love and I’m hoping to draw some of them for you to enjoy because I think they are so cute ^^

Anyways, you guys are free to request the ships you like. Of course, please read my FAQ for rules. Even if I don’t draw your ship, please know there is no ship hate here, and if I can send you a link of someone who will take you request, I’ll try to! If you have a good idea for some of the ships I do like, well, that just means I’ll be super duper excited to get to your request xD

And like I said before^ if you have any questions, please just ask! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ^^

DeviantArt link (if preview is blurry): http://fav.me/d8tcwhf