i hope this one doesnt look weird

Enter Infinite, things of note:

Let’s start here

two thoughts on who the character closer to the camera is: most likely answer is the player character, but I’m also sort of thinking from the b/w vibe that it might be the old concept sonic who was a rabbit? :<

can we take a second to talk about the glitchy bits that just APPEAR around him all the time?? because holy wow is that a cool effect t b h there’s one in front of his nose in this shot

this location is new and very neat???

okay, something mind controlly is definately going on. look at shadow’s eyes.

no reflection of light, very strained pupils. Infinite has done SOMETHING to him.

looks like eggman’s moustache is like on fire?? hwhat?? but he doesnt seem to care


zavok r u ok m8

infinite’s boots have his insignia on them. cool????

also here’s just in general a good shot of whats under his weird hair and stuff

that’s really all of the stuff i could find that wasn’t like, blatantly obvious finds!!!!! hope u enjoyed

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I have very uncommon question,,, how to draw patterns to work out good? You are really amazing in doing those and I would love to draw my own on my blog,,

oh gosh this may be a little confusing because im really bad at teaching people but here is a short tut on how i did it////there is probably better ways X’D but here you go

so first i drew out all the little doodles i wanted, then i made a box with a big black border, the black border is the part im going to crop later! 

now i select only the parts of the drawing on the right side on the black boarder 

then i move the selected part on the right side to the left side of the inner box! make sure it matches up, if your using photoshop it normally tells you if it does, but sai is a little harder to do this in >o<

then once that is done, select the whole bottom half 

and move it to the top of the blue box! always check to make sure the pixels are in the right place, even if its one pixel off it can look really weird 

then crop the black board and done 

if your unsure it doesnt lines up right, just paste it beside each other

also just a heads up you have to measure it out and space it right or the drawing will overlap each other, for example sam is way to over on the right hand side so when i moved him to the left he overlaps that green star XS confusing i know, you have to play it by eye sadly  

i hope that helped a little X’D <333 it can be hard if its your first time doing this, but in the end i hope you still have fun <3

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Sterek + 10

this is the first teen wolf fic ive ever finished omg

Derek was ten years old the first time he saw him; he was maybe half a foot smaller than Derek and there were moles and freckles all over him.  

 “Teach me how to play?” he asked.

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guess who drew even more @miracusims fanart! this gal

but this is a special one, i drew it digitally and recorded it so it is on my youtube channel as a speedpaint as well

Dating Tony Padilla Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys sorry it took so long! last week was ap testing and my phone broke this weekend and ive just been super busy but now im back and ready to get some stuff out for you guys! thank you for your patience! this one is a little less angsty than my other ones i feel, but its still pretty angsty bc im incapable of not being dramatic as hell. i hope you guys like it!

(also btw i just made up tonys siblings names based on names that i have in my family that i love bc i couldnt remember if his siblings names were ever said. hope that doesnt bother anyone!)


requested by @totalwhovian

Originally posted by fakehelper

  • you meet tony for the first time when youre five years old
  • the two of you were in the same kindergarten class and you sat at the same table
  • you were a shy kid, always keeping your head down and hoping no one would pay too much attention to you
  • that, of course, meant tony had to pay all of his attention to you
  • he smiled at you wide on the first day of school and asked if he could be your friend and didnt even look at you weird when you started crying
  • he sat with you everyday and shared his animal crackers during snack time and even let you use some of his crayons
  • (he had the 96 pack bc he was just that cool)

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Angelanon here. I meant like mc is angel who has to be on earth for some reason and so she doesnt need to eat which makes rfa(+v&saeran) worried but like positive emotions give her everything she needs and then she just shows/tells that shes angel

Thank you for your request! This is a weird one lol

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He’s been so worried about you…You don’t even eat his omelet!
  • The only time you were looking like you were sick was when he was in his mother’s house, and he didn’t see you since I don’t know… Two days?
  • But after a little kiss…You suddenly got better?
  • He thinks this is weird.
  • Pretty weeeeird.
  • So he confronts you about it, and you’re tired of hiding it.
  • “Yoosung..I know this is weird, but…I’m…I’m an angel”
  • He opens his mouth 
  • Well…He believes it…
  • Yoosung always fell for a prank that Seven make…So this is quite normal.
  • And now he’ll hug you even more than he has done before!
  • He doesn’t want you to be bad ;(
  • And he’ll keep your secret!
  • Omg, he’s feeling so important right now


  • He’s very worried about you…
  • He knows… Sometimes he drinks or smoke, but he’ll stop…
  • But you’re not even eating, he’s eating!
  • You don’t seem that you’re sick, but he needs to make you eat…!
  • When he goes to you and hugs you, he doesn’t feel you weaker…Actually…STRONGER!
  • Maybe you heal as fast as he does?
  • But this is too fast…
  • But Zen will not give up!
  • Until the day you tell him that you’re an angel and everything
  • “Oh baby, i’m an angel too! We both have good lookings!”
  • He laughs and hugs you
  • “I have sure you’re hiding the fact that you’re eating from me!Must be junk food! Nooo ~~~ I’ll not see what you’re eating, but i’ll hug you every day as a reward!”
  • He kisses your forehead “I have to go now baby…See you later!”
  • And with that…He’s gone to rehearsals.
  • You could prove to him that you’re an actual angel? Yes.
  • But that’s no need for that, he’ll stop and give you love.
  • And Zen might think this is too strange…It’s better that way!


  • Ok, she hasn’t been so healthy, sometimes she overworks, sometimes she buys takeouts, she knows it.
  • But you…You just worry her.
  • And she’ll confront you, multiple times, but she’ll accept your excuse.
  • But not today, she’s really insisting.
  • You tell.
  • She froze, and laugh, saying that you should stop.
  • You prove to her…Showing your wings.
  • She froze again.
  • And you explain about the love and affection.
  • “…Just…You eat and i’ll take care of myself too…”
  • She walks away, she’s shocked.
  • She can’t believe it, she’ll believe this was all a dream…
  • Why she’s been like that? She believes that angels are real, it’s her religion…
  • But she’ll ignore that you’re an angel.
  • But every time she prays, she’ll pray with you, and believe that you’re her guardian angel.


  • Ok, he’ll not stop lecturing you about food.
  • He believes that a proper diet leads to a proper life.
  • He thinks it’s so weird how you never seem sick because of it!
  • But in a fight, you reveal the truth, you tell him about you being an angel, you reveal about how you need affection not food to survive.
  • This is too much for him to process.
  • He’s a logical guy.
  • Stop with this conversation.
  • You know showing proves to him only will get him worse.
  • He’ll start to question everything he knows, and this is not good.
  • He’ll make a deal, he’ll not talk about food again, but if he sees you sick, you’ll eat.
  • And you’ll go to him on all his trips, you know, you need affection and affection is a thing that he wants to give.
  • Even not believing you…Jumin  thinks you’re not of this world.
  • You’re too perfect.


  • He cannot lose you okay? So you have to eat.
  • And when he discuss with you, he’s so grumpy and angry that he’ll not talk to you.
  • So you get sick, and when he sees you, he feels bad for making you feel like that
  • Then he comes to you saying how sorry he was, kissing you, and you’re suddenly good…
  • He finds it weird.
  • Very weird.
  • So in another fight, you’re tired of holding this back, so you tell.
  • You tell everything to him.
  • He just can’t believe…But he smiles and kisses you.
  • He’ll not talk about you being an angel 
  • Sometimes he says “You fell on earth? Because you’re an angel”
  • He’ll not say anything about it.
  • You feel like he’s not taking you seriously.
  • But he believes in angels.
  • And you were like one.
  • You save his life, you bring light and joy.
  • If he was praying all along for angels like you…He’s willing to pray so much to thank god for giving him the best thing in his life…
  • You.


  • He can’t see that you’re not eating.
  • But every time he’ll eat, he knows that you’re not eating because he never listens to you say how hungry you’re or something.
  • You never talk about that, he never listens to you eating something, making something to eat.
  • Never!
  • When he confronts you, you can’t keep this hidden from him.
  • You tell everything.
  • He smiles, understanding, hugging you.
  • You don’t know why…Why he accepts this so… So easily.
  • V believe that angels are bright, happy, blessed.
  • You’re this to him.
  • You’re the best thing in his life.
  • And he already thought you were an angel before you said anything.
  • And he feels blessed, that you have chosen him to be your human.


  • He is always screaming with you, saying that you should eat!
  • He’s worried, this is the way he can show it.
  • Not even ice cream, you’re going to eat, OMG!
  • So you need to stop those fights, you’re tired of hearing those screams.
  • And tired of running to him to hug him and feel better…
  • When you tell, he laughs, saying that was not funny
  • “You learn that from who? Saeyoung?”
  • You seem serious.
  • He’ll run before you could even prove.
  • Don’t talk about this again.
  • He’ll not talk about food again.
  • He’ll say he doesn’t believe it and he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • But every day he cuddles…Maybe he believes you? That’s why?
  • You felt like he wants to show affection…Maybe he doesn’t want you to feel bad.
  • Saeran believes one thing…That you make him happy.
  • Make him want to live.
  • You made his dark life be bright…
  • If this is what angels do…
  • You’re his angel then.

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isnt it weird how zayn and the rest just dont speak anymore. like just casual politeness but seriously that was 4 years together... they lived and breathed each other for 4 years and they just stopped talking. i hope that doesnt happen with the rest of them

i think about that a lot something must’ve went DOWN like something huge because even at that one award show when niall went to shake zayn’s hand he looked like he’d seen a ghost


Peony: Oh yay another kid! Hi, I’m Peony, I’m here with my older sister! I didn’t think I’d find another kid here, nevermind a berry. Oh, can you, understand me?

???: hehe, Bonjour! I can understand you well! I’m Pêche, my movther works ‘ere, wve’re the only berries in town, eet’s quite strange seeing another.

Peony: Nice to meet you, Pêche! My mom told me there weren’t many berries here, which is weird because back home my whole town is berries, it’s called Berryview!

Pêche: Eet sounds lovely! I hope to visit one day! Follow me, I know a nice spot wvhere we can play.


Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76

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I don't usually do this but I had the occasion to zoom on the snap Phoebe posted of those pics. (they are so beautiful this is so cute) and it only confirm that they only have ONE pic of the whole family, the well known one, The Stunt Pic, and they love it so much and look at it so much that they cropped Dan and GrandPa's foreheads. Organic.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Did you see Phoebe’s snap? She posted a pic of picture frames in their holiday France house, a picture of the whole Tomlinson-Deakin family with Freddie (from when they got papped at Malibu Beach last April 2016) i’m just…why do they even have it, i really hope this ends like in JUNE (i know this is still fake and that pic frame doesnt make it real) but it’s still…eh. i really am sure they have one without Freddie where they’re all smiling unlike that picture.

Hm same pic as always, same pic that was made public, same pic literally everyone uses when they need to associate the family and the kid… you want to tell me they took only that one pic that is actually really weird? (I mean Jay’s eyes are closed, Lottie and Fizzy look like they rather be anywhere else, even the twins are like :/) 

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Hope this doesn't sound weird ...but how would the RFA+Saeran react to a 4'11 MC that's skinny and is an A cup like she looks fragile and deliquet but is always playing around and is ruff she's just smol

Yes I am the same and all my friends call me shorty but in reality if you fuck with me I will mess you up. Just because Im small doesnt mean I cant fight . I have 3 brothers sooooo~



~Thinks its adorable 
~Your smaller than him
~He is so delicate with you until one day someone runs by and grabs your purse because look at you 
~Your reall tiny so therefore the easiest target
~But by does this guy have it coming
~Yoosung just watches as you take off sprinting and beat this guy
~Hes just over here in shock and you kinda skip back to him and walk off


~He is always treats yo like your glass and going to break any minute
~Then one night after a play he walks off stage 
~And all he seems is white
~No its not his rat tail
~You tackle him with a hug and hes just like
~You let him up and he just stares 
~Everyone else is too
~Their probs like
~Is she a crazy fan or……


~She loves how tiny you are 
~But one day she accidently hits you with the door
~You just stare
~”Jaehee chill out its just a door”
~”B-But your so tiny”
~”Yes and?”


~Super careful with you 
~If you know what I mean
~But he has advanced security with you at all times 
~Whenever he hugs you he doesnt even wrap his arms around you all the way
~He has to bend down just to look at you
~So you just hug him and almost crush the poor dude
~I mean you could almost pick him up if you tried


~He calls you Shortie just to get on your nerves
~And it works
~”Hey Shortie come here”
~”Shortie I need help”
~”I need a hug Shortie”
~Til you finally just snap
~You slap him across the face jokingly
~You didn’t mean to slap him so hard
~”Your so strong……….”

V(even though you didnt ask)

~He doesnt really care that your short
~He thinks that looks dont really matter
~He was proven right when he asks for you to bring him some of the book fromt the room you were in
~An you pick up the entire stack and just give it to him
~Not surprised but a little impressed


~Dear lord do you two look weird together
~I mean he looks so BadAss and your over here like………..so fragile 
~So hes suprised when you help him moves some heavy boxes that even he cant lift 
~Yeah Saeran looks dont matter you should know that one personally

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An imagine with Kaoru please! (This is weird) His crush (who is rather insecure about boys liking her because it has never happened) is absolutely freaking out because an old friend texted her and asked her out on a date and she doesnt know what to do so she asks Kaoru to help her because she's panicking, and his reaction to the guy I guess? Fluffy ending please

Sure thing! Sorry that it took so long! I hope you enjoy it and it’s not weird I promise! Also (F/N) stands for friend’s name. -Alicia

3rd Person p.o.v

You looked down at your phone in complete shock, was this really happening? What were you suppose to do? You were never one to have guys asking you out on dates, the only person you could think to talk to was one of your closest friends. So that’s what you did, you ran into the host club and straight over to him. 

“(Y/N) are you okay?” Kaoru asked placing a hand on your shoulder. You took a couple of deep breathes before answering him. “I haven’t talked to him in forever, I mean we used to be really good friends but I never expected him to ask me, because you know I’m not usually someone’s first choice and I have no clue what to do.” You rushed out. 

“Woah, calm down. I can usually understand your rambling but your speaking way to fast, even for me. Breathe.” You took a deep breathe before letting it out. “Okay now tell me what happened, slowly.” You both sat down on the couch and you pulled your feet under you. 

“Remember how I used to have named (F/N)?” Kaoru nodded. “Well I recently ran in to him again and we exchanged numbers. Well he texted me this morning asking me out on a date.” You were so focused on your hands to notice Kaoru’s face drop. 

“I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been on a date before. What if I do something stupid? What if I don’t wear the right thing? I need your help, I’m completely freaking out.” You said turning looking at Kaoru. He pushed back his feeling of jealousy when he saw the panicked look on your face. 

“Okay, first things first, did he tell you where your guys were going?” He asked causing you to shake your head. You had no idea where the two of you were going or what time, actually all he did was ask if you wanted to go on a date. 

“He uh, didn’t give me any details about the date. All he did was ask me if I wanted to go on one.” You said looking through the texts. Kaoru looked down at your phone confused, who asked someone on a date and doesn’t give them any type of detail. 

“Well you could always ask him for some details.” He suggested. You thought about it, it wouldn’t be that hard to ask but a apart of you almost didn’t want to go. Kaoru noticed your hesitation to talk to (F/N). He put his hand on top of yours causing you to look up. 

“Are you okay?” He asked causing you to sigh. “Kaoru what do you think I should do?” Your eyes watched his face. “What do you mean? I told you already.” You shook your head. 

“No I mean, how do you feel about (F/N)?” Kaoru closed his eyes sighing. He had a few things that he wanted to say, but it was all from selfish reasons. He didn’t see much of a problem with (F/N), the only thing that he didn’t like was that he didn’t give you a lot of detail about the date. 

“Do you want me to be honest?” He asked opening his eyes. You nodded turning your body to face him completely. “I don’t want you to go on a date with him, and I don’t have any valid reason against him to say you shouldn’t. He seems like a great guy and someone you would totally go for but I don’t want you to go.” He said looking everywhere but you. 

“Why?” You asked. Kaoru turned and looked straight in your eyes causing your heart to beat faster. “Because I should be the one asking you out on a date, not him.” Kaoru said scratching the back of his neck. Your face grew red, Kaoru liked you? How was that even possible, of course he would call you beautiful but he was your best friend so you never thought of it as anything. 

“You…you what.” You asked stuttering. “I should be the one taking you out and making you realize just how beautiful you are. Not him, he doesn’t deserve you. He left when you two were younger, then all of a sudden he shows up again.” Kaoru explained looking up at you. 

“So no I don’t think you should go on a date with him, but I wont stop you if you want to. It’s your decision.” He said slowly getting up from the couch walking back over to his twin. You stood up watching him shocked. 

“Kaoru.” You said your voice shaking. He stopped, turning around to look at you. “How dare you.” You started saying, you could see his face fall. “How dare you not tell me how you feel! I always thought I was just a friend to you, I pushed my feelings for you down because no one ever likes me. I was crazy to think you would like me back but here you are just telling me now.” You said clenching your fists. 

Kaoru made his way towards you placing his hands on both sides of your face staring straight into your eyes. “(Y/N) will you go on a date with me?” He asked causing your eyes to grow wide. You didn’t trust your voice so you nodded your head. Kaoru smiled before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. 

“Finally.” Kaoru said resting his forehead on yours his smile growing wider. 

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Hey I know this is weird but I hope you stop comparing yourself to others because you are very one of a kind and know that you are very original. All because you may nit look like the other people in your yoga class doesnt mean you are any less special. You will become experienced like them with time just gonna believe in yourself