i hope this makes you tear up as much as i do


i creeped through my own post and just wanted to say that I without a single doubt love every single one of my followers and will continue to do so for the next twelve forevers.

dearest @oprah and @oprahmagazine,

i have two words for you both - FUCK. YOU. with as much as you obsess over selling diets and diet culture to the masses, i’m not surprised that you’re also selling body shame to the masses in your magazine. now is not, nor has it ever been, your place (or anyone writing for your magazine) to dictate or judge whatever piece of clothing a person decides to put on their body. i would have hoped that a woman in an incredible position of power would seek to build women up and not tear them down. i was poorly wrong. you make a paycheck on the sales of your magazines and your affiliations with fad diet creators on your show. you make PROFIT off of the backs of your fans’ self-hatred. not only do i wear crop tops OFTEN, but i pull them the fuck off every time i do. take your internalized body shame and get the fuck off our bodies. you are not welcome in the reclamation of our confidence.
suck it,

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Kim Jongdae Birthday Countdown → September 21 (Healing Smile) 

金钟大! 生日快乐!!! 你知道吗? 你的笑容很治愈,就像一缕阳光把所有的黑暗全部都赶走。你的笑容就像太阳一般给人带来温暖,就算碰到再黑的夜晚 你也像月亮一般照亮我们的世界。只要看到你的笑容,真的心情一下子就会好起来。可是你知道吗 太阳也有要休息的时候,所以请你不要压抑自己的感情。碰到让你觉得感动,伤心,难过的时候。。。请不要把眼泪往肚子里面吞。因为雨后的天空才会更加的灿烂,而雨后的夜空也会更加清澈。 虽然为你做不了很多,可是我会用我自己的方式守护你,支持你。我不知道永远是多久,可是我希望可以陪你当然还有EXO一直走下去。 

Kim Jongdae! Happy Birthday!!! Did you know that your smile has healing ability? it is like a ray of sunshine, chasing away all the darkness. Your smile is like the sun, bringing warmth to everyone. Even when faced with the darkest night you are like the moon, lighting up our world. Your smile makes me feel better instantly. But do you know that sometimes, the sun also needs a rest? So if you encounter things that makes you touched or sad, please don’t hold the tears back. Because after the rain, the sky will be brighter and the night sky will be more clear. Even though I cannot do much for you. But I will support and protect you in my own ways. I don’t know how long is forever, but I hope to be together with you and of course EXO until the end.

Hey guys! So you might have noticed I added a “donate” button to my description. 

Let me start off by saying that I am not in dire need of money!!! I do not want anyone to feel pressured into donating or to feel obligated to donate in any way!

Here’s what’s up.

I’m about to start college while living on my own. The closest thing I have to a real job right now, is working as a receptionist at my father’s office. Since I am technically in training and over 18, I make next to nothing and can’t go in regularly. I can’t change jobs like I would much rather do, because, due to my severe anxiety, I am still unable to drive. After years of practicing and trying my hardest I am still unable to get past it. It puts me into tears and violent shaking almost every time. I will get there, I’m just not yet. I am working very hard to get there and I am hoping “there” is close. (The last time I saw someone for my anxiety, I found that my anxiety spikes up mostly when it is concerning safety for myself and/or for others. I have only seen someone for it twice. I hope to be medicated and/or regularly seen by someone about my anxiety once I can afford it.)

Right now I’m practicing in makeup, hair, modeling, photography, and business. I will be going to a four year university in my state majoring in business. I will be continuing to practice these other things, bettering myself so that I can possibly use my degree to begin my own business in makeup and hair! It’s going to take a lot of practice and hard work to do that. Since I haven’t even begun college yet, I honestly don’t know where I will end up career wise. 

It’s difficult to start out with nothing, especially since nothing lasts a while when you’re in college and unable to drive. It helps that my partner and I share and income, but they make as little as I do at the time. Their income is just much more stable. 

So my main income source is really shaky, and my sponsors are pretty much the only thing that’s keeping me up right now. My disability is holding me back a lot and I could really use an extra push to make myself better and get out there.

Yes, I know there are people worse off than me. I just could really use some help if there are people able and willing to give it. I do not desperately need this. If you are deciding between helping me and a kid who needs to get out of an abusive home, please help the kid.

I know it’s asking for a lot, but I’m really having a hard time staying on my feet and even the small donations help. 

I’d like to thank anyone who donates in advance. If you do donate, please feel free to message me so I can thank you personally! 

Dear 100 Fandom,

With the recent leaked spoiler, I am begging you just one thing:

Please, please, please do not turn this fandom into a Bellarke v Clexa war. I am BEGGING you. This show is so much more than that, and for people to tear each other and the writers apart…well, then we’ll be no better than the awful fandoms who shit on their show just because we don’t get what we want.

We should be appreciative that the writers don’t really do fan service. I’m glad this isn’t a show that has lazy writers who just do what the fans want so they don’t have to actually do anything to make the show successful.

Like the writers said, spoilers are tricky because everything is out of context. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t get your hopes up, because then you’ll be let down if what you want doesn’t come to fruition.

So, PLEASE, let this fandom be a fandom that focuses on the story and the characters, Let’s not be a fandom who insults each other and the writers just because we don’t get the ship we want.

My Savior

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt: Based off of a thought

Warning: Mentions of abuse, fluff, cursing, SMUT

A/N: I haven’t posted much lately and I know I keep making excuses, but I feel awful. I hope everyone can forgive me! This story does have major trigger warnings, and if you are a person not comfortable with abuse scenes, then please do not read. Also, there iS SO MUCH SIN IN THIS I AM GOING TO HELL.THIS IS 2,309 WORDS OF SIN. Sorry not sorry.

(Y/N) = Your Name, (H/L) = Hair Length, (H/C) = Hair Color, (S/C) = Skin Color



You walked home with your head down, wary not to look up and accidentally make eye contact with anyone else. You didn’t want anyone else seeing the tears streaming down your face. It was embarrassing enough to be crying, and you figured it would be even worse if anyone saw you. You quickly made it to your house, and dragged yourself up to your room. You slammed your door behind you and dropped yourself on your bed. You wanted nothing more than to drift off to sleep, but a sudden hammering at your door made you jolt up. “(Y/N), WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? GET YOUR WHORE ASS DOWNSTAIRS AND CLEAN THE BLOODY KITCHEN!” your father yelled from the other side of the door. His words made you sob harder.  

Your father hadn’t always been like this. He used to be the sweetest person in the world, kind and caring. You used to have a real family. That is, until your parents started fighting. At first, they were nothing more than lover’s spats, but it soon escalated to more. One day you had gone home, expecting to hear more yelling from your parents, but instead, you were greeted with silence. You walked into the kitchen, and saw a little note from your mother. She had apparently left, not even saying goodbye to you. You sobbed yourself to sleep that night, your father nowhere to found.  The next morning you were awoken to the sound of breaking glass, and your fathers screams.  You quickly ran downstairs, and found your father in the middle of a tantrum. You had tried pleading with him to calm down, but it only resulted in him getting angrier.  That day was the first day he had ever hit you.

That was six months ago. It had become an endless cycle of abuse, and it was slowly killing you. All you wanted was to get away from home, to get far away from your father and never have to think about him again. You finally stood up, knowing that if you didn’t soon, he would come up and make you. Just as you were about to leave your room, you heard a tapping on your window. Strange, you thought, I’m on the second story, there’s no way anything could be making that noise. You walked over the curtains and pulled them back. What you saw left you wide eyed. A shadow of a boy was floating outside your room, impatiently waiting for you to open the window. You hesitantly reached over, and pushed the window up. The shadow immediately entered your room, and took your hand. You were confused and slightly scared, not knowing what going on. He lifted you up and out the window, hand still clasped in yours.  “Whoa, wait, where are we going?!” you exclaimed. He just ignored you, and continued to fly out over the town that never loved you.

You flew for what felt like hours, until he finally dropped you in what seemed to be an island. You stood up quickly, and looked around, taking in your surroundings. You took in a deep breath, trying to calm yourself.  You were almost completely calmed down, until you heard a twig snap behind you. You quickly turned toward the noise, and took a step back. “Who’s there?” you called out. Suddenly, from behind the bushes, a figure stepped out, their face covered by a cloak. The person quickly pulled off the hood, and revealed a boy. Not just any boy, a very attractive boy. Like hot DAMN this boy was cute. He must have seen the shocked look on your face, because he started to chuckle. You blushed slightly, cursing yourself for getting so lost in thought. “Sorry, but would mind telling me where I am?” you asked.

“Oh, sorry love. You’re on Neverland. And I’m Peter. Peter Pan.” He replied, a slight smirk gracing his features.

“Neverland? Peter Pan? Like the children’s story?” you questioned skeptically.

“Sort of, although, you’ll find it quite different than the stories you’ve heard, (Y/N).” He said.

“How do you know my name?!”

“I know everything, love.”

You grew worried about his words. Does that mean he knows about my father? you thought. “Of course I do, love. Why else do you think you’re here? You can finally have a home, here, with me and the lost boys.” He says quietly, almost as if he is scared to say the words. You blush, realizing you accidently asking your question aloud. You walk over to him, and pull the boy into a hug. He hesitantly wraps his arms around your waist. “Well,” you whisper, “it’s a good things I’ve always liked Peter Pan.” He just laughs in response, holding you closer.

Time Skip

You had been on the island for a few months now, and it was utter bliss. No more worrying about your father, no more wanting to get away from life. You adored your new home, and even the lost boys had taken a liking to you.  You were seen as a mother to the boys, always helping with a smile plastered on your face.  There was one problem, however. You had started developing certain…erm…feelings for a certain green eyed, dirty blonde haired boy. I mean, how could you not? He was practically perfect. He was always so sweet to you; always made you smile and laugh.

You were walking away from camp, wanting nothing more than to go out to the cliff and look out of the island. When you finally arrived, you sat down, your feet dangling over the edge. You closed your eyes and breathed in heavily, taking in the cool air of the island. This was always your favorite spot on the island, everything about was so peaceful. After a few minutes you heard someone approaching. You turned your body and saw the boy of your affections walking towards you. You smiled at him brightly, and patted on the spot next you, silently telling to sit next to you.  He sits down, and puts his arm around you, not saying a word. You blush, but lean into his embrace nonetheless. A few minutes a silence passed between the two of you until you finally decided to break the quiet. “Peter, I just want to say thank you. Without you, I would have never had a family. These past months have been the best of my life. So thank you.” You smile up and him and kiss his cheek. He looks down at you, a slight smirk on his face. “You missed, love.” He replies.


“I said you missed.” He leans down, and captures your lips in a sweet kiss. You freeze up, slightly shocked, until you melt into the kiss.  He pulls away and snaps his fingers. You suddenly find yourself in his tree house. He pulls you back into another kiss, this one more demanding and passionate. You moan against his lips, which causes his to smirk. He runs his tongue across your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You easily comply, letting his tongue enter your mouth. Mouth still on yours, he moves the two of you over to the wall, and pins you between him and the wall. He breaks off the kiss and starts trailing kisses across your jaw and neck. You moan and whimper when he hits a certain spot, making him smirk. His hands are at edge of your shirts, slowly tracing up your body. You lifted your arms up, allowing him to take of the fabric covering your body. He reached behind you and unclipped your bra and threw it across the room. He continued the assault of your neck, while his hands trailed up your (S/C) body, until finally reaching your breasts. He took one in his hand, rolling and pinching your nipple. You moaned loudly, not wanting the sensations to stop.  He trailed his mouth down past your collarbone, and took one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it. You whimpered loudly, squirming under his touch. Once he got one nice and hard, he pulled off and continued the assault on the other one.

Once he was done with your breasts, he trailed kisses down your tummy, and stopped and the hem your pants. You opened your eyes (which you didn’t even realize you closed) and looked down, seeing Peter watching your reactions. You nodded quickly, silently giving permission for him to take off your jeans. He made quick work getting your pants off, taking your underwear simultaneously. He looked back up at you, an amazed expression plastered on his face. He knelt to the ground, and started kissing your thighs. You whimpered under the contact, opening your legs slightly to give him access. He made his way up, and kissed the inside of your thigh before slowly moving to where you wanted him most. “You’re so beautiful, love.” He whispered, right before giving a tentative lick to your core. You moaned loudly, and pushed your pussy against his face, begging for more friction. He hooked his arms around your thighs, and started eating you out ravenously. You couldn’t suppress the moans and screams that came out of your mouth. It felt so good, his tongue doings absolutely sinful things to you. He snuck a hand around your front, and started teasing your clit with it. You all but screamed at the feeling. “P-peter! Please! It feels so g-good! Please, don’t stop!” you moaned out, and you felt Peter smirk against your pussy. Smug bastard. You gripped onto his hair, needed more. You were so close, just needed a little bit more. You felt him put a bit more pressure on your clit. You screamed out his name, and you felt yourself cumming. You gripped his hair even tighter, and he never stopped his relentless attack on your core.

 When your orgasm was finally over, he pulled away, your juices covering his smirking lips. He licked his lips and my god if that wasn’t the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. He suddenly picked you up and carried you over to the bed, laying you down on the soft sheets, your (H/L) (H/C) fanning out on the pillows. You looked up at him, a lazy smile gracing your lips.  He stood at the front of the bed, and started to strip off his clothing. You couldn’t stop staring, more and more of his body getting revealed to you. He was beautiful to you. You looked up at his face, a nervous smile on his lips. He got on top of you, leaning down and kissed your lips. He reached down, and positions his cock at your entrance. He broke the kiss and looked at you. “Are you sure you want this, love?” he asked. You took your hand and cupped his cheek, staring into his eyes. “Of course I want this, Peter. There is no one else I’d rather have.” You replied, a smile playing on your lips. He smiled down at you, and captured your lips in a heated embrace, before slowly entering you. Peter cursed above you, and you gasped at the sensation, loving the way his cock felt in you. He started rocking his hips, getting faster and faster with each thrust. You were a moaning whimpering mess under him, his cock hitting all the right places inside you. You opened your eyes and looked up, seeing Pans faced screwed up in pleasure.  You trailed your hands between your bodies, and starting toying with your clit, until you felt a hand grip your wrist. You looked up again and saw Pan staring at you, his gaze intense. Without stopping his thrusts, he pinned your writs above you with one hand. “T-that’s my job, l-love.” He stuttered out. With his free hand he reached between you two and played with your clit while he fucked you.  You felt your second orgasm of the night quickly approaching, your moaning getting louder and louder. “P-peter, I’m so close!” you moaned out, your end coming quick. Peter groaned, and quickened his pace even more. “M-me too, love. C-cum for me, (Y/N).” He groaned out, his release approaching as fast as yours was. You came with a loud scream of his name, your back arching off the bed. You were seeing stars with the intensity of your orgasm. Peter soon followed, cumming with a load groan of your name, until he collapsed on top of you.

You both lay there, trying to catch your breath. He stayed on top of your body, while you idly played with his hair. He shifted so he could look up at you, a genuine smile gracing his lips. He leaned up and gave your lips a chaste, yet sweet kiss. “I love you, (Y/N).” he said softly, as if the words scared him to say. You looked down at him, a smile of your own gracing your face. “I love you too, Peter Pan.” You reply, your voice filled with love. He smiles, and gives you another sweet kiss before rolling off of you. He lies by your side, and pulls you into his body, so he was spooning you. You both fall asleep exactly like you are; content to be in each other’s arms. Your loves arms. Your savior.

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Please God, let me meet her. All I want to is to find that perfect girl I know exists. She’s racist and rude and my age and likes all the things I do, perhaps even is on this site itself. The girl who won’t secretly think I’m a nazi, the girl I can cuddle with (even if only possible online) and spent nights talking to and laughing and sharing happiness. Someone who can reciprocate the love I put in, the girl who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally and can fill this gaping, empty void

When daddy gives u the cummies

Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

I’d pick up every broken piece of your heart that you keep seeming to drop. I’ll clean up the trails of tears you leave behind you and the ones you’ve drowned yourself in, in bed.

I’ll hold you tightly to keep all your pieces together until they learn to do it by themselves. I’ll give you kisses, on your head, your neck, your cheek, your lips, all the time, if you want me to. To make sure you know I’m here.

I’ll write poetry about you and lyrics for songs and I’ll play them for you until you get fed up of their lyrics and I’ll write new ones just to make sure you know I’m thinking about you all the time.

I’ll clear a path for you to walk when you need me to. I’ll help you push all the bad away from the good and I’ll try my hardest to make you laugh when you’re at the lowest of lows, just to make sure you know how much I care.

I’ll hold your hand in front of everyone to make sure everyone knows how much I care about you. I’ll snuggle up to you when you’re not talking and I’ll plant kisses on your forehead incase you think I haven’t noticed you’re not feeling too great. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me and I will care for you unconditionally to make sure you know that I love you.

—  I’ll love you unconditionally


As of this evening, #HORNS is available to watch on-demand. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, XBox, Comcast, Playstation, TimeWarner, DirecTV, VuDu, GooglePlay, and I’m probably missing a couple other platforms. If you were looking forward to seeing HORNS on the big screen… don’t sweat it, we got you covered. Our film is still very much headed for a Halloween theatrical release.

At some point I’ll write an inside baseball column, explaining the logic behind a pre-theatrical on-demand release, but if you want it in shorthand: SNOWPIERCER changed everything (in a good way I think).

Hope you like our movie. Daniel Radcliffe is heart-breaking and perfect and director Alexandre Aja poured heart and soul (and sweat, and tears) into getting this story on screen. And if you do have fun with it, y'know, er, um, them 5-star reviews sure do go over nice. But only if you feel it in your heart.

Our strange, dark love story has caught some affection out in criticland. Here’s a recent nice review from Culture Crypt.

If you look at the above screen grab, you’ll see another picture advertising “Someone Someone’s A Good Marriage” (I know, it’s hard to read the tiny print in a small jpeg, I can’t make it out either). I have it on good word that you should see that one as well. Apparently the up-and-comer who wrote the screenplay is considered a real rising talent.

jared autograph story - chicon

because i cant possibly put these things into a coherent paragraph without crying again here is a list of things jared did and said as i was sobbing at his table

  • “why are you crying?” because you mean everything to me “and you mean everything to me - and more”
  • grabbed my hands and held them the entire time
  • wiped my tears
  • tilted my head back up when i looked down because he wanted me to look him in the eyes (his finger accidentally ended up in my mouth while doing this once?? i dont think he noticed bUT I DID ???//??// oops)
  • told me to smile bc i am beautiful and shld use my smile more
  • asked me about my depression/anxiety and told me how proud he was that i could even come to an event this big around all the people 
  • told me to not let my depression/anxiety define me because im winning the battle
  • “you are fucking worth it and you cant let anyone make you feel like you arent”
  • “dont let your grades define you because you are more than them” (he asked about school, i had an exam the next morning, he also seemed very happy to hear im studying Psychology)
  • after thanking him repeatedly, “dont thank me, thank yourself” 
  • made me look at him in the eyes and say “thank you julie” (which was honestly one of the hardest things ive ever done and i can not explain how important that was)
  • gave me the warmest hug over the table and told me that he loved me and wanted to see me back next year

there was so much more and I wish i could remember it better but i was an absolute mess. I was sobbing and shaking and it was very hard to breathe, but I can tell you that the way he talked to me was incredible. he wasn’t just saying the stuff calmly, he made sure i was listening and looking at him. he was almost angry at certain times because he was so passionate about making me feel better. he never let go of my hands (except for when they were on my face) and it was so comforting. i can never ever explain how it felt in words but this was my best effort, and there was so much more that he said that isnt in that list but i also want some of it to just be my experience. just know that jared padalecki changed my entire life and i will never ever be able to thank him for what he has done. 

Teacher Gilinsky– Part IX

Teacher Gilinsky Part IX


We stood there for a moment, before she turned to me and hugged me. Not just a small short hug, a long, tight, warm one. Her head rested on my chest, tears rolling down my bare chest, mine hitting her head.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m crying.” She laughed facetiously, her eyelashes fluttering on my skin.

“Y/N,” I whispered, her head leaning up towards me, making eye contact.

“I’m feeling things for you.. that a teacher should not feel for his student.” \

“You…. You have feelings for me?” She whispered. Alright, not the reaction I was hoping for.

“You know what?” I laughed facetiously, her eyes scrunching up.

“What?” She asked, quietly, her throat sounding dry.

“I do.. I do, so much.” I emphasized ‘so much’, her eyes lighting up at the new found information.

“So…” I whispered, waiting for her response. 

“Oh! I figured you already knew, ya know, from my notebook,” Her cheeks flushed, her face screaming innocent but her body screaming anything but the sort. “But yeah, the feelings flow both ways.” She grinned, her hands running down the panes of my chest.

I leaned down and kissed her, her warm lips greedy as they lured me into a deeper, needier kiss. 

“I want you.” She whined, our tongues intertwining as her fingers slipped under the band of my sweatpants.

“I mean, after all, we do have time.” She smirked, her smile menacingly seductive. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it off, nothing but her naked chest underneath. 

God damn, you’re killing me.” I smiled, her giggle making my boxers tighten as she pulled her shorts and underwear off as well.

She got on her knees in front of me, her bottom lip latched between her teeth as she slowly pulled my sweats and briefs down, my erection slapping against my stomach as I stepped out of my bottoms.

“Look at your cock baby, It’s so big.” She giggled in amazement, her finger running along the underside of my cock.

“I just need a taste.” She rasped, her lips placing gentle kisses up my shaft, her tongue trailing lightly around my head, before taking me halfway in her mouth.

“Mmm.” She moaned as her tongue flicked around while she bobbed, her cheeks sucking in. She squeezed her thumb in her left hand as she took me deeper into her throat, her lips brushing the stable on my pelvis. 

“Look at you go, baby.” I smirked, her lips slowly sliding back up my shaft, letting it smack against my stomach. I laid all the way back, my head resting on the elevator floor.

“Sit on my face baby.” I rasped, her eyes widening before nodding, pulling her shorts and underwear off and resting above my face. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and pulled her down on me. My tongue immediately devoured her, her fingers running through my hair, her hips grinding against my face. Suddenly, the elevator started movie again, much earlier than expected. She climbed off my face and began re-dressing.

“We’ll finish later baby.” I smiled and kissed the side of her head. 

“Are you hungry?” I asked her, she shook her head ‘no’ quickly before cuddling to my side.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked her. She nodded and rested her head on my chest.

“Just tired is all.” She smiled against my skin, the elevator doors opening at our floor.

“Well, Lets get back to bed then.” I smiled, kissing the top of her head, leading her to our room.

I lay in the bed, her quiet breaths the only sound in the room. Her legs were tangled with mine, my arms holding her to my chest tightly. I slowly unraveled her from myself, walking over to the bathroom. I started the shower, desperately trying to be as quiet as I can as I stepped into the stone shower.

I took a pretty quick shower, washing my hair and body before getting out and drying off. Thoughts of Y/N came to mind, her lips wrapped around my cock in the elevator, her cheeks sucked in and hands rubbing my thighs, Fuck. I peeked my head around the doorframe to make sure she was still asleep, before I hesitantly grabbed my cock. I started pumping, images of Y/N bent over my desk causing me to moan quietly as I swirled my thumb around my head. I pumped faster, thrusting my hips to meet my hand, My eyes rolling into the back of my head as I choked out a moan.

“Fuck.” I choked out a raspy moan, my mouth dropped open as I repeated the action, my mind racing with more images of Y/N, how tight and warm she was in the hot tub, her face innocent while she reads in school, her teeth latched onto her lip while she wrote the answers to the quiz. 

“Jack?” She whispered quietly, her eyes squinted at the light of the bathroom, voice laced with sleep. Once she realized what I was doing, she shielded her eyes, a squeak of embarrassment leaving her lips.

“I’m so sorry I-“ She started, baffled by my actions. Her cheeks tinted pink as she looked at me, down there

“I can help you out, if you want?” She questioned, her teeth latching onto her lower lip. My hand started pumping again as I focused on her lips.

“Sure, baby.” I smiled, her giggling as she walked over to me. I sat down on the closed toilet lid, her hand trailed down my chest and onto my cock, her finger trailing down my shaft, collecting the precum that had leaked. She wrapped her lips around her finger, her tongue swirling around it to collect the precum.

“Mmm, always so sweet.” She smiled before taking my hands place, her soft hands tugging, her thumb rubbing my head. Her hand sped up, twisting her wrist with each pump. 

“Are you gonna cum?” She whined, her eyes dark with lust as she tightened her grip on me, leaning down to place kitten licks to the tip. 

“Jesus Christ.” I groaned as I thrust my hips into her hand, my load shooting onto her face and chest. 

“Sorry.” I blushed embarrassedly, her hand grabbing mine, hers guiding my finger to scoop some off of her face, and into her mouth.

“Fuck.” I whispered, her tongue teasingly licking my finger. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the rest off for her, and tossed it into the trash. 

“Let’s go to bed now, for real.” She smiled, pecking my cheek before washing her face. I threw on a clean pair of boxers, and climbed into bed, her head snuggling against my chest and arms around my waist. 

“Y/N?” I whispered, her head looking up at me but still laid on my chest.

“Yeah?” She replied, eyes droopy from lack of sleep.

“I love you.” 


“Y/N”? Cas asked, his face filled with sadness. He hoped his eyes were deceiving him, that he was seeing things because he missed you so much. But his hope was shattered when you replied. “Cas” you said, exhaling lightly as you walked over to him. Castiel’s heart dropped as he looked at you. “Wh-what happened?” he asked, swallowing the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry” you said shaking your head. “I tried to finish the case. You were all so stressed, I-I thought I could do it and make you guys proud. I was stupid, I shou-” Cas quickly cut you off “I don’t want this to be real” he whispered, as his head dropped. “What do I tell your brothers?” he asked. Tears welled in both your and Castiel’s eyes. “Cas?” you asked, making him look up. “Can you stay for awhile?” Castiel nodded as he neared you and pulled you into a hug. You placed your head on his chest, tears falling from your eyes. “I wanna go home Cas, can you take me home?“ you cried. “Yeah, I’ll take you home Y/N” Cas hushed, as he rubbed your back and kissed the top of your head.



I haven’t even gotten over HYYH part 2 and then you drop the Japanese ver of Run without warning and now a DVD (??) teaser. COOL. What is wrong with you BigHit what is wrong??? What did I ever do to make you keep me up at 1:49AM crying my eyes out WHERE IS YOUR HUMANITY. For the record 95% of my tears are for Bangtan’s beautiful hair and eye shadow and how gorgeous Hoseok (him especially) and Yoongi look in this teaser and everything and 5% of my tears are for the money I know is going to be spent on this when it comes out (I swear I’ll be the poorest person on earth just because of all the merch I buy) BUT WHY BIGHIT WHY AND WORST OF ALL IS THAT I’LL ONLY CRY MORE WHEN NOW3 REALLY COMES OUT. THESE BEAUTIFUL HATEFUL BEANS DO NOT DESERVE TO HURT ME LIKE THIS.

I hope the other fans out there aren’t experiencing as much pain as I am although they probably are. Good luck guys.

Ah my hearteu can’t take this…

- Admin Cupcake

Request -- Hi, I love your blog so so much! Can you please do a one shot where Dean and Y/N come back from a hunt and the reader is hurt and was so scared from the hunt that she's shaking but won't let Dean stitch up her wounds and isn't acting scared until she breaks down??? Thank you!!!!!

(It’s been a while! I hope that you like it!)

You refused to look Dean in the eyes, even though you could just feel that forest green cautiously focused on you for a second as you adjusted his flannel, which was soaking up the quite slow but steady stream of blood coming from a wound in your abdomen. It was obvious that your fingers were shaking, but you ignored that fact. Instead, you looked out your window and at the calm night sky while listening to the soft drone of the Impala’s engine. The scenery was blurred by the tears that were making themselves known in your eyes, a sign of your fear that you were hiding from him as best as you could.

As you wiped your eyes subtly so that he wouldn’t notice your movement, you felt your hand tremble against your flesh and clenched it into a fist for one second, willing it to stop quaking. You just had to keep reminding yourself that the hunt was over now. The monster that had been terrorizing you was now dead and you had no reason to be scared, especially in front of the Winchester. You took in deep breaths to try and calm yourself down as you repeated this over and over in your head, but it wasn’t actually working.

Of course, Dean noticed the raggedness of your breathing and looked over at you once more before returning his eyes back to the road. They were hardened with the agony of seeing you in pain, and his lips were pressed tightly together. You hadn’t said a word to him since you had gotten in the car, and the stretch of road back to the motel was a long one. The terrain was familiar now, though, signaling that you had driven at least an hour in silence and only had about five more minutes to go.

“Are you doing alright over there, Y/N?” he asked, and could have sworn that he saw you jump the tiniest bit at the sound of his voice. After observing this, he spoke softly to you. “We’re almost there, and I’m going to patch you up, okay?”

You nodded, for you didn’t trust your voice at all; it would certainly give away all your emotion if just one word escaped from it. Dean saw the blank look that you held in your eyes, the solid indication that you were holding back from him. He clutched the steering wheel harder, feeling absolutely helpless because you weren’t opening up to him. He knew that you didn’t have to and that he didn’t have the right to pry into what you were feeling right now against your will, but seeing you in a state like this made his heart ache.

It was just a couple more minutes of long black road later until you finally made it to the motel, and as soon as Dean cut the engine off, you opened your door and tried to jump out of the car, tried being the key word. Sudden pain sent your head throbbing, and you stumbled a bit. You bit your tongue to hold any curse back when you did, and was thankful when Dean ran over and helped out you on your feet.

“Steady, now,” he whispered, keeping one arm around your waist. He used his other hand to reach over and remove his flannel from your injury, how you were still shaking being a detail that he didn’t miss. He sucked in a breath when he saw just how much blood had been soaked up by the cloth, but relief flooded through him when he saw that the sound was barely bleeding anymore. “Let’s get this stitched up.”

“I-I’m fine,” you told him sharply, clenching your jaw at the way your voice cracked at the beginning of your sentence. Dean looked a bit taken aback, for he hadn’t expected your first words to him tonight to be ones filled with fury. You broke out of his hold, ignoring your lightheadedness. “I can do it myself.”

Brushing past him, you walked up to the door to your room with a slight limp, gritting your teeth as you pulled the key to it out of your pocket. Hysteria was fast approaching as you tried to put it in the lock with your trembling fingers, and you took a couple of breaths while squeezing your eyes shut to calm yourself down. You shook your head when Dean tried to help you, reaching out to take the key from you, and finally unlocked the door before your burst into tears.

Navigating the room was hard with your vision so blurry, but you finally staggered into the bathroom as Dean dropped the bag of weapons on one of the beds. He ran over to you, but you shut the door and locked it before he could come in.

“Y/N?” Dean kept knocking on the door, a tinge of fear in his voice. “Y/N, come on, talk to me! Please?”

All he heard from outside the door was you rummaging through your first-aid kit before pulling out a needle, thread, and antiseptic. Thoughts about knocking down the door ran through his mind, but he just continued to plead as you prepared your wound to be stitched up. If you did this, it would be okay. You weren’t weak, and you weren’t scared; this would just prove that you were strong.

Tears finally ran down your cheeks as you cleaned your wound. You clapped your other hand over your mouth to hold back any sounds of pain that could escape, breathing hard into it. As Dean heard this his pleas became louder, but you continued to ignore them and grabbed the needle and thread. Once again, your shaky hands continued to prove what a fragile state you were in now, and threading the needle seemed like the most impossible thing in the world.

“Come on, c-come on,” Your voice was high and panicky as you whispered the words to yourself. The self-encouragement didn’t do any good, though, and it was just getting worse. “Come on, d-damn it! I have…I h-have to–”

A sob broke from your throat, and you were suddenly thrown into your breakdown that had been incoming ever since the hunt had ended. You sank to the ground and dropped the needle and thread before you put your face in your hands, your emotional pain overtaking your body.

Outside the door, Dean gathered his strength and body-slammed the door. On the first try, it gave way and he found himself in the bathroom. Seeing you collapsed on the floor, he was instantly brought to his knees with heartbreak written all over his face.

“Hey,” He took your hands gently, and laced your fingers with his. “It’s alright, Y/N. It’s alright.” You gave in to your emotions and fell into his chest, and he broke the locking of your fingers with his so that he could wrap his arms around you and hold you against him tightly. He rocked you as you cried, smoothing down your hair and rubbing soothing circles into your back. “You’re safe.”

“I–I just h-hate being so weak,” you confessed tearfully, breathing hard. “After being trained to not f-fear at a-all…I just can’t d-deal with it! I wish I could be m-more like you!”

There was a few seconds of quiet before Dean spoke. “Y/N, please look at me.”

You sniffled before doing as he asked, slowly raising your head until you met his evergreen gaze. It was absolutely sorrowful as he took in your shattered composure. He reached out so that he could gently swipe your tears away with his thumbs, and you closed your eyes for a moment at the sensation.

“If you think that I fear nothing, then you’re wrong,” he told you softly, a small pained smile appearing on his face. “I’m just good at keeping it to myself, and it’s more damning than it is healthy. I wouldn’t want you to do the same thing I do and push it all down.” He caressed your cheek as he swallowed once before continuing. “…And as long as I’m being completely honest here, I might as well tell you one thing: there is nothing that I fear more than seeing you in pain. I would do anything to make sure that there’s no such thing as agony in your life ever again.”

Your eyes were wide, filling to the brim with saltwater once more. Rendered speechless, you threw your arms around him; your soft cries were now ones filled with new happiness. “I…” You had no idea what to say, but three words rolled easily off of your tongue. “Thank you, Dean.”

Dean embraced you more tightly than he ever had before for a several moments before pulling back. He tucked you hair behind your ear, making you blush a little and making him chuckle. “Now will you let me stitch you up?”

“You always manage to do that in every single way,” you told him, and smiled when he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I don’t trust anybody more than you to put me back together.”

We Love You Misha

I heard about Misha being mugged and now I’m crying. No one deserves to be mugged. No one. But the fact that it was him, someone who I look up to with so much respect, hurts. It’s an upsetting issue by itself but it involving him, makes it even harder to hear. I hope he is doing well and I send all of my wishes and love towards him.
He spends so much time trying to make this world a better place. He inspires me to do the unthinkable. And he inspires me to do the absolute possible. Being kind isn’t a hard thing to do. Kindness is found in so many different tasks.
He showed me how completely remarkable it is to try spreading kindness. He taught me love, hope, and ambition. There will never be a time or day that I do not get up wondering what I could do to make the world a bit brighter and a bit more filled with love.
I know he would be proud of that. And I am so proud of him.
I love him so much; I can’t say it enough, I hope he gets better. Sending all of my hugs to him.

EXO reaction when they find you cutting

I really hope you’re okay if this is coming from a personal level if you ever need anyone to talk to or just someone to listen I’m always here to help but thank you so much anyway for the request I hope you like it <3

Xiumin: *He would gently pull anything away from you that could potentially lead to you to continue and would rest his head on yours gently while he cleaned you up, not saying anything but his actions of him carefully doing it, and him shaking his head would show that he’s worried and he wanted tot talk about it*

Lay:  *He’d be in so much shock from seeing you doing this that it would actually lead him to get pains in his chest while he lets tears fall uncontrollably. He’d try helping you somehow, even take you to the hospital just to make sure you get help straight away*

Kai: *He’d feel his stomach turn into knots and would feel a lump in his throat as he saw what you had done, he’d rush over to you and try to stop the bleeding as best as he could and would plead to you to never do it again*

Suho: *He’d be so worried and would ask you what made you do this to yourself and if there was anyway he could help, he’d try to keep everything off your mind*

Kyungsoo: *He’d drop everything he was doing and would run over to help you, he’d grab a towel from the side and tightly wrap it around your arms to stop the bleeding. He’d also mention how he was going to get you to a hospital and try to find help so you don’t do this anymore*

Tao: *Sadness and anger would build up inside him as he tries to get you to stop, he’d tell you it wasn’t good for you and if you didn’t stop it something even worse would happen to you because of it and he’d hate to see that happen*

Chen: *All his playful nature would be drained from him and he’d be left an emotionless wreck, he’d try to bandage you up as he tried to get a hold of himself to actually do it*

Kris: *He wouldn’t believe what he was seeing and would try to think about what caused it and a little part of him would die inside when he felt he might be a part of the reason you were like this, whether he was the one who caused it or he didn’t help you enough*

Chanyeol: *He’d be so heartbroken seeing you do this too yourself, he wouldn’t be afraid to let out a few tears just to show you how much this hurts him and how much he wants you to stop*

Baekhyun: *The light in his eyes would disappear and he’d try to hold back his tears, he’d take the blade from you and would throw it away and try his hardest to get you to stop completely*

Luhan: *He’d pull you close to him and would do his best to comfort you, he’d get hold of a doctor so you could get help as soon as possible but for the meantime he’d dedicate his time to comforting you and making you feel better*

Sehun: *His stare would be burning into you as he pieced together what was going on, he’d turn so gentle as he tried to bandage you up and stop the bleeding*


Mobile Masterlist

It’s okay to give up sometimes. 

If a project weighs on your mind heavier than the books on your back, pressing down until you can’t lift your head out of bed; if the graphs and charts and lectures slip through your brain like water and you know that if you try to read that page one more time, the ink of those words will make you blind; if the pressures of perfection or even ‘just passing’ forces you to your knees and chokes up your lungs until you can’t breathe–it’s okay. 
It’s okay to give up. 

If the people in your life bring you pain where pleasure once stood and you dread the messages upon messages upon messages upon please stop calling me; if you can’t remember the last time they made you smile and even the ‘good times’ are beginning to blur at the edges because of all the tears you’ve shed; if you hide and avoid and try to make yourself smaller because they’re already consuming too much of you–it’s okay. 
It’s okay to give up. 

If the dream you would’ve once bled to make a reality crumbles in your hands until you’re scrambling to build a palace out of the ash at your feet; if you stand there with your arms raised, scars bared, and can’t remember why you wanted to fight for this in the first place; if you struggle and scrape and scrounge and scream and not even your own echo will answer you–it’s okay.
It’s okay to give up. 

Just don’t give up on yourself. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I think your imagines are amazing! Could I request all of the hosts reacting to finding out their s/o has been self harming? I totally understand if you don't want to do this!

Headcanons || Fluff + [TW: Self-Harm]

A/N: If you need help, please go here and call someone—my messages are open to anyone that needs a person to talk to. I made this one special because I know many people suffer with self inflictions involving mental disorders or symptoms of one—you’ll be okay.

Tamaki: He would find out you self-harm right at the moment you were hurting yourself, and tears would pour out from his bottom eyelids as his bottom lip quivered endlessly, and you told him to leave and never see you again but he refused—and all he could do was get the weapon out of your arms and pull you in for a tight hug, and then he wouldn’t bother letting go. Afterwards, he’d make a private doctor check up on your wounds and also make you see a therapist he would hire specifically for you. “I’m here for you, please don’t hurt yourself again… my prince/princess, I can’t lose you.”

Kyoya: After seeing you hurt yourself, he’d slap the weapon out of your hands and immediately get one of the family doctors rush in to help you with the wounds, and during the process you would scream at Kyoya to get out but he would snap at you to not say anything—he was only worried and frightened for your health, and once the coast was clear, he’d engulf you with hugs and kisses, telling you to not hurt yourself. He didn’t hesitate to hire a private therapist to be with you. “Don’t hurt yourself, I can’t lose you… I don’t want to ever see you disappear from me so soon, dammit. I’m here.”

Honey: He’d start crying right away as he screams out your name and drop the slice of cake in his hands—the dessert he brought for you. He’d run in, doing a martial arts kick to your wrist to get the weapon out of the way and jump in your arms, continuously crying as he pleads for mercy to have you stop. He asked his parents to hire a therapist to meet with you every week, and Honey was there at every appointment to hold your hand. “Please! I can’t see you do this to yourself! It hurts me more than it hurts you… I’m sure of that! I’ll be here!”

Haruhi: At the sight of you hurting yourself, she’d drop the bags in her hands and cover her mouth first thing. She’d run to slap the weapon from your hands then engulf you into her chest. She’d scream to you, begging you to never hurt yourself again because she didn’t want to see you in this much pain. She’d ask you to see someone professional—and she’d even get Kyoya to hire one for you, she didn’t care if she had to pay him back, and she was there for you each time you needed someone. “I can’t let you hurt yourself anymore—don’t do this, I can’t lose you from my life! I can’t! I’m always going to be here for you!”

Mori: He’d gasp at the sight, but manage to keep his emotions in. He wanted to do so much—scream, yell, cry—yet nothing managed to leave his mouth. He walked towards you quickly, snatching the weapon from your hands and tossed it to the side before having you fall in his chest as you start to cry. That’s when he begins to weep himself, and then he offers to hire a private therapist to be with you every now and then, and Mori wouldn’t let you go off on your own for a bit since he worried that much. “Please… I don’t want to see you hurt yourself anymore… don’t do this again… I’m here to listen…”

Kaoru: That bright smile on his face went into a deep despair filled sorrow look as he saw you weep in the corner of your bedroom and he fell on his knees as he came to a realization that you were hurting yourself. He grabbed your shoulders and made you put away the weapon before letting you lay on his chest, telling you that he loved you and that he would be there for you. His mother offered to have you meet a therapist she hired for you and she was grateful to have her son love you so much. “I don’t want to see you like this… I’m here for you, I want you to be happy… I’ll always want that for you.”

Hikaru: He’d gasp out loud, startling you and he would start to produce tears, seeing someone that cared about him hurt himself right there in his sight. He’d run and whip the weapon from your hands and pull you in a tight hug, pleading for answers on why you would hurt yourself. When you were overwhelmed, you laid on his lap as he petted your hair, telling you that he loved you. He made Kyoya hire a therapist specifically for you, and Hikaru would have trouble letting you go somewhere on your own. “Don’t hurt yourself! I have felt so loved and cared for because you came in… I can’t afford to lose you. I’m here for you.”


Hi love I was wondering if you could do an imagine where your Derek’s daughter and he catches you with Liam and gets mad but everything is okay in the end? Thanks Hun!!! - Requested by Anonymous

A/N: Technically an AU because of aging purposes so Derek’s a fair bit older than the others in this; hope that’s all right x

‘You really did that?’ Liam asked, laughing as you felt a slight blush rising up your cheeks. The sound was something which lifted your heart, it was a sound which you didn’t think could calm you quite as much as it did, but you were glad that you’d caused it after all the stress he’d been through.

You nodded, trying to cover your face. ‘I was like six though!’ you defended, but it only made Liam’s laughter increase.

‘Yeah, but Peter with make-up on,’ he said, wiping away a stray tear.

You nodded, unable to keep the smile off your face. But your attention was on Liam. The way his eyes lit up, the amusement on his face was sweet. You moved forward, kissing him gently on the lips.

‘What the hell is going on?’ your dad asked, standing in the doorway. You could see the irritation burning behind his eyes, his jaw clenched tightly.

‘Oh, um,’ you said, looking over at Liam, who was rubbing the back of his head nervously.

‘Get out,’ your dad growled, pointing to the hallway and looking there too.

‘Dad!’ you whined, jumping up just as your dad’s attention turned slowly towards you. ‘You can’t do this!’

‘I can do what I like in my house, young lady!’ he snapped back.

‘Look, I don’t mind –’

‘You stay right there, Li,’ you said, putting your hand out to stop him. ‘This was always going to happen. We’ve been dating without you knowing for weeks now. And I love him.’

Your dad clenched his jaw, but something seemed to alter in his expression.
‘You love him?’ he asked, his tone calming slightly.

Your eyes widened. You’d not meant to say that. You slowly turned towards Liam, who was grinning slightly. There was something bright behind his eyes as he bit his lip. It was the first time you’d said it.

‘You mean it?’ he asked softly, standing up and taking your hand gently.

‘Yeah,’ you said, grinning at him. ‘I love you, Liam.’

‘I love you, too,’ he said, moving to kiss you softly.

Your dad cleared his throat from the doorway, and you felt a blush rising up your cheeks.

‘Look out for her,’ your dad said in a warning tone, his eyes narrowing at Liam despite a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

‘Of course, sir,’ said Liam, slipping his hand into yours.

‘Sir?’ you dad echoed, shooting you a quick wink. ‘I like him.’

You chuckled, your heart lifted by the turn of events.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Well I hope you’re happy now because you got my hopes up, and my heart broken.
And I hate my nose because you said you loved it, and these brown eyes you said you liked?
Well they can’t hold in tears anymore, and I can’t even hate you because I love you so much…pretty fucked up right? How you can hurt me and put me in an even worse place than I was before and yet you’re still the face that shows up in my dreams.
—  You said we could make the distance work, and you said it felt real. But now I know you lied, just like you always do.