i hope this makes the new record

How do two of the biggest entertainment companies manage to get both of their biggest girl groups to disband? That must be a new record. These groups would still be making music if not for poor management and just general lack of interest for artists’ development.

They literally got pushed aside for younger, “cuter” girl groups (which baring in mind this isn’t their* fault either, they’re just working like anyone else) but what both companies seem to forget is that both Wonder Girls and 2NE1 were an integral part to getting JYP and YG where they are today.

I only really started listening to 2NE1 last year and WG two years ago but it’s obvious that their music has impacted a lot of people. Especially girls and women. Not everyone cares about what’s new and people will listen to music they connect with.

And just a reminder both generations can co-exist under the same label. This never seems to be an issue for boy groups.

*EDIT: If it wasn’t obvious, when I say “their” I’m referring to new girl groups, who are obviously not at fault. This isn’t about blaming anyone other than the companies with more than enough money and resources but yet seem to be incapable of managing multiple girl groups properly. These same companies keep up the longevity of many boy groups. This is worth repeating.

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Your voltron headcannons cured my cancer and added 12 years to my lifespan

if i applied to med school could i like. cite this as a reference

  • *something happens* lance: “hashtag yikes” 
    • keith: “how about you never say the word ‘hashtag’ out loud again” lance: “um hashtag salty much?”
  • allura and keith will judge each other for making bad decisions while in the process of making the exact same bad decisions
  • *hunk voice* “justice…… is served”
  • shiro mentally refers to every voltron mission as Operation FUBAR
  • [allura decks lotor] “your princess is in another castle”
  • hunk introduces keith to people as Galra Keith. it’s his full title now
  • one time pidge didn’t wanna go to the kitchen for a glass of water so she spent an hour programming a robot to do it for her instead
    • robot: “what is my purpose” pidge: “you get me water” robot: “……..oh my god” pidge: “yeah welcome to the club, pal”
  • coran, holding out his fist for a fist bump: “hunk!! fist me!!!” hunk: “oh man this is really not a conversation i wanna have”
Agape (Soprano Cover)
Agape (Soprano Cover)

Happy Friday! As we enter into the last day of the year, I felt inspired to record a cover of “Agape” from Yuri!!! On Ice. I really am thankful to YOI help make 2016 a little brighter, and for all of you fellow fans and new followers, ‘following’ me into 2017 where I look forward to bringing you new original music and more cover recordings. Thank you for your support. I sincerely hope you enjoy this rendition of Agape. 

I dedicate this recording to Johnny Weir, who said if he could choose one program to skate that would match him from the series, it would be “Agape”. 

Thank you @scaredofthesky for allowing me to use your beautiful art for this cover.

Howdy, tumblr! I just finished recording a new SU inspired track so I figured I’d share it with y’all. This one’s inspired by Connie!

I wanted to capture her unyielding spirit, heart, and determination as well as her relationship with Steven. I decided to make this a violin feature since Connie does infact play the violin.

I hope you like it and as always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you for listening!

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Gay Awakening Video Roundup #19

Hey look more supports!!! I actually have everything for this next update recorded now and just need to do a few minor things to get it ready. So I’ll likely make multiple roundups today. But for now here’s the Chrobin family supports! The Chrom/Morg and Lucy/Morg are about what you’d expect but I changed the Robin/Lucy one up a bit, hope people enjoy it ;p 

btw some of you might be interested to know that I managed to twist Lucina’s fashion sense into ANGST which i thought was an impressive feat ;p


New speedpaint video!!

I’ve been pretty busy with a large commission lot from the company Breakfast-Tee, and here is one of those images! I was allowed to record and upload this process because it contains Paper Stars and Midnight Delight instead of copyrighted characters! ^^
This is part of a Princess Luna expansion for TSSSF. I was very happily allowed to make a card with bat ponies I designed on it for the set! I hope you enjoy the video <3


summary:  A failed exploration mission leaves Garrison Cadets Lance and Hunk stranded on the outskirts of Galra controlled space. Forced to find new careers to survive, Lance takes up bounty hunting to make ends meet. Three years, a flawless record, and still not enough coin to speak of makes the newest bounty mission impossible to turn down. A one-way ticket back to Earth is nearly too good to be true. Lance can’t say no. 

Apprehend fugitive 117-9875. 

How hard can that be?


The code meshed together and then pushed apart again. Not only did it not make sense, it wasn’t possible.

If the code was lying, then -

Lance glanced up, thumbing over the opaque setting for the main window. They usually kept it on low when the screens were up to allow for easier navigation, but he had to see. When the window cleared, when space was bared, he could barely believe his eyes.

A giant sigil hovered in the midst of space, its insides wriggling with grey-white light. Lance boggled. Hunk answered his comm but Lance was too busy staring out the window to answer him. The calculations didn’t lie. That was a wormhole.

Read the rest here!

Kiss me // request

Request: “I have been really into the song ‘Kiss Me’ by sixpence none of richer and I was wondering if you could do one where Justin sings it to Y/N kinda jokey taking the piss but deep down she kinda loved it.. - -“

Sorry for making you wait for this but here it is now and I hope that this will make your waiting some worth


She was sitting on that big leather couch which laid corner of his studio and waiting for him to come out that little room where he was recording his new songs. He had promised that they could go to park today since we haven’t have that ‘being a best friend’ time to each others for a while

His schedule had been over booked but finally today he had got some time to us. Y/N waited still few more minutes before she saw that familiar brown-haired boy walking out of the room

A big smile landed on his lips when he noticed his best friend and he went to hug her. “I have missed you so much, Y/N” he told before he let go. “I’m so sorry that I haven’t had time to you but you know how this is going..” It made Y/N giggle and shook her head

“It’s okay, Justin. Let’s not think about that but focus on that moment. Are you ready?” she asked and Justin nodded. “Yeah, just a one thing” he raised his finger and grabbed his guitar with him. “I need to show you one song which I have been thinking to add on my album and I need your opinion” he chuckled before they leave his studio

Y/N jumped in Justin’s car and they drove to their favorite park which was full of amazing memories from their childhood. Justin grabbed a basket and a big blanket from the backseats before they heated under the big maple tree

“Do you remember how we supposed to climb on that tree when we were about five?” Justin asked to Y/N. That question made her head full of memories on those moments when they did that. She nodded back smiling and took one biscuit in the basket which Justin had brought with him. “They were good times” Y/N said shortly

They were just talking about normal things like what have they done last days and what plans they had for the weekend. Even they haven’t seen for over a month it felt nothing now when they were together again. Laughing to each others talks and jokes

However when the long silence landed between those two Justin decided grab his guitar on his hands and started play something tender melody. He started sing lightly:

“Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You’ll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress”

Y/N looked him suspiously now and holding her laugh. “What the fuck was that?” she asked and rolled her eyes. Justin just chuckled and continued:

“Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift you open hand
Strike up the band, and make the fireflies dance silvermoon’s sparkling
So kiss me”

“Seriously, Justin! Stop it, that’s kinda awkward” she groaned and kicked him lightly against his leg. “No, that’s a good song let me finish it. I have been practising that for a while..” he told and got an annoyed glare back from his best friend. However he wanted still continue:

“Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me, upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We’ll take the trail marked on your father’s map..”

Y/N grabbed his guitar suddenly and pushed it behind her back. “Stop! Everyone is looking us! You can’t sing songs like that to me. I’m your best friend, not your girlfriend” Justin grabbed his guitar back and raised his hands up chuckling. “Chill, it was just a song. I didn’t mean that to anyone. That’s just a good song, you know” he told and now Y/N felt herself embarrassed

“Uhm, yeah. It sounded good actually but yeah.. please don’t sing it there okay?” she mumbled. Justin was able to notice that Y/N’s cheeks were lips pink colored when she tried hide it. “Sure, whatever you want but do you wanna hear that song which I talked about earlier?” he asked and took his guitar on his hands again

“It’s not embarrassing at all and nobody won’t start stare us” he added chuckling. His comment made Y/N laugh back and she nodded. “Sure, go ahead” “That song name is ‘All In It’ …


I hope everyone is having a great holiday! One of my cousin’s requested a “skeleton” narwhal so I recorded myself making the black base for it.

The other requested a yellow narwhal and I used that one to make a “how to” video going over how to sew my narwhal pattern since I don’t have a video of that yet.

I’m also trying to film from a new angle. I still no next to nothing about video, but I do think this does a much better job of showing what’s happening.

I win-Poe Dameron Smut

Still trying to find my bearings in how to write him in both smut/fluff/all the rest.Anything wrong, please message me. I love getting feedback from you guys!
For my beautiful friend Nat for her birthday, I hope you like it!

P.S: I just made up names for other characters, 

Bang bang bang 

I pulled away from Poe’s neck, breathing heavily as someone knocked at his door.   

“Poe, it’s breakfast” Ato’s voice came from the other side. He knocked again. “You have ten minutes before Yeri comes to get your ass" 

Neither of us moved until we heard footsteps fade into silence. We both started to laugh quietly at how stupid this was. We were grown adults sneaking around like teenagers. Poe sighed, laying his head on his pillow and traced along my collarbone with his fingers. 

“You wanna see if we can make a new record?“ I smiled, tugging on the ends of his hair  hoping to convince him. 

He turned his head to look at me, studying my face for a bit before smiling and nodding. 

 "Seven minutes” He stated his estimated time then pulled me onto him.  

"Five minutes” I challenged him, knowing he would be up for it. Grinding my hips into his, he bit his bottom lip. “and you come first”  

 He titled his chin up, trying to see what he could get out of this. “Loser has to clean the winners fighter after next mission and winner..“he trailed off trying to think of something.

 "Winner gets to get one surprise fuck in any location they chose” I finished off his proposal. 

  Poe laughed and nodded, pushing himself up to press and kiss to my lips. Once he caught me up in a kiss, he flipped us over to I was now under him.

 "Time starts now” Poe reached over and clicked the snooze button the alarm which was conveniently  ten minutes.  My head pushed back into the pillows as he lifted my legs, wrapped them around his waist and  pushed into me.  His bent his head forward and started to whisper sweet nothings into my ear knowing how much that got me worked up. 

 "What do you want baby?“ His voice rough. 

I shook my head unable to think of an answer and just dedicated all of my attention to making sure he would come first. Poe grit his teeth as he set making sure we both came soon. Pulling hard on his hair, his whole body broke out in goose bumps and the muscles in his lower abdomen contracted, snapping his hips up so hard that I almost fell apart right there and then. He reached down between us, his fingers helping to reach the end game.

 "Are you feeling okay sweetheart?” Every time we engaged in more than making out,he would always ask me if I was actually feeling good and enjoying myself and if I wasn’t we would try something new. 

 I nodded quickly, unable to come up with any words so small noises just came out. I gripped onto his shoulders as I felt my stomach tighten.  

 "Guess who is gonna win" Poe laughed quietly in my ear.  

I started to shake my head but my body betrayed me. I came quietly, biting hard of my lip while i gripped hard on his shoulder, digging my nails into his skin. At the final moment, Poe hit the right spot and I rushed out his name locking his lips in a kiss. Poe came a few moments later in a beautiful mess of curse words and moans. He kept his head on my shoulder, rocking into me as he desperately tried to keep himself from crying out. 

 "I win" He smiled, kissing my shoulder.  “I’m going to surprise you with the best se-“ 

 Bang bang bang 

 "Poe! Get up now! You are missing breakfast” Yeri’s voice boomed from outside of the door. 

 Shit! fuck! 

I pushed Poe off me, jumping out of bed and running around to collect my clothes. Unable to find my pants, I darted to the bathroom barley making it before Yeri came in. 

 "Okay good, you are up. Have you seen y/ n?“  

"I saw her last night but not since then” Poe replied without missing a beat.

 There was silence before Yeri spoke up. “Is that why  her suit is on the floor?”


"y/ n,just make sure you get to the General’s office as soon as you can before she finds out about you two" 

I hit my head on the door, nodding even though couldn’t see me. “Yes Commander ” 

There was silence then the sound of a closing door. Coming out of the bathroom, I saw Poe getting dressed. 

"How come you never call me commander?“


Hey, all!

I’m working on the script for the first video of my personal channel’s relaunch (coming March 30th!), and I’d love your help.  I just want to make sure the script is as clear and powerful as it can be.  Any and all feedback is welcome.  I hope to record this tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.  

Thanks so much in advance for your time!

The Secret Life-Changing Lesson in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

A farm boy dreams of adventure, learns magic powers, grows into a hero, and consequently saves the galaxy. Sounds like STAR WARS, right? Well, maybe not.  See, STAR WARS isn’t the story of Luke Skywalker.  It’s the story of us—the psychological roadmap of all human lives.  There’s more to STAR WARS than meets the eye.  

I think the basic problem with how we usually look at STAR WARS is the same one we experience when we look at ourselves: We believe that in order to get what we want, we have to become something more than what we already are.

Certainly Luke feels this way. In the beginning, Luke, like many of us, is inwardly split between identities: between innocence and experience, between loyalty and longing for adventure.  When he gazes upon the binary suns, he’s looking into himself: two sources of light—two possible identities—both seeming to call to him.

Actually, A NEW HOPE is all about people with dueling identities: Ben is also Obi-Wan, Vader is both machine and man, Leia is rescued and rescuer, Han is Solo and, well, not-solo. In fact, the central question of A NEW HOPE isn’t whether Luke will save the galaxy.  The question is, Who am I?

Which brings us back to our hero.  At the beginning of the story, Luke is drawn toward the stars by a deep inner voice, what Joseph Campbell might call “following your bliss.”

That’s simple—but not easy—advice.  In fact, as in all our lives, sometimes it takes pain to force a change.  For Luke, it’s the murder of his family.  

At this point, Luke faces two conflicts, inner and outer.  His inner conflict is all of ours: discovering his true self.  His outer is, well, saving the galaxy.

And he begins his journey as we all do, whether it’s by going to college or getting our first job: discovering the wonder and dangers of the larger world.

This is where things get really interesting from a psychological perspective.  Luke, for all his outward confidence, is still blind to his true self.  So he does what many of us do:  He leans on someone older and wiser. Luke looks to Obi-Wan for the answers.  Obi-Wan’s advice is simple and steadfast:  Reach out with your feelings. Trust your deepest self.  

Luke is learning his identity…but he’s not there yet.  Something is blocking him from breaking through.  Which is about to change.

Because our identities are perhaps never so vulnerable and shaken as when we confront death.  

FOOTAGE: “That’s no moon.  It’s a space station.”

The Death Star is an interesting symbol on a number of levels.  Luke is being brought here, from a psychological perspective, to let die the last vestiges of the belief that he can be saved by something other than himself. In fact, George Lucas emphasizes that Luke is still clinging to false identities by having him literally wear a costume and mask—one that doesn’t fit him.

FOOTAGE: “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

Even more interesting is the strange trash compactor scene.  Famed psychologist Carl Jung, who created the concept of the collective unconscious, wrote that in dreams, water is a symbol of our unconscious mind.  In this scene, Luke is submerged in his subconscious; he can no longer avoid the truth about what is blocking him from his true self.

Which is what he faces in the very next scene.

FOOTAGE: [show Obi-Wan’s death]

When Obi-Wan dies, so do Luke’s hopes of being given the answers by something outside of him.  It’s true that he receives help from Leia, Han, and Chewie, but he’s in the company of equals, and his entire journey has been spent hoping for something superior to himself to make him worthy.

How many of us believe that very thing?  That if we can somehow change or be changed, we’ll finally be worthy?  It can feel hopeless.

But it’s here that we receive a new hope.

FOOTAGE: [The X-Wings flying toward the Death Star.]

Here, Luke’s external goal comes to the forefront: He has to destroy the Death Star, just as we all face seemingly impossible tasks in life.  

And as Luke literally again looks death in the face, he hears a deep inner voice, telling him something both simple and profound: Trust yourself.  Trust your deepest feelings.  Trust the heart that guided you to the stars.  

And finally Luke realizes the truth: He didn’t need to become a hero; he had to trust the hero he had in him all along.  And only by resolving this inner identity conflict is he able to finally solve his external conflict, turn off the computer, and save the Rebellion.

So that’s the story of A NEW HOPE, and of our lives: overcoming galactic odds and obstacles by being true to our deepest selves and maybe receiving a little help from our friends.

So the next time you’re facing a problem, it might help to take a moment to gaze at the sunset and ask not “How can I fix this problem?,” but “What do I need to bring forward in myself to be the hero this problem needs?”

See you next week, and may the Force be with you!  I love you, bye!

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All my love to @martinfreeman and @lionsing for this incredibly beautiful song, and to @quietlyprim, @marsixm, and @tjlcadvent for making their song possible.

I love this song so much I couldn’t not cover it, so I learned it today in order to record it. I hope I’ve done it justice.

ԵհɑԵ ԹíɑղíՏԵ ԵհɑԵ ղօ օղҽ աíӀӀ ӀíՏԵҽղ Եօ


I’ve been REALLY busy lately (’cause I bought a new piano and I’m still testing how to make it work), so I dunno when I’ll be done.

Anyway, I’ve recorded this Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle medley with it. It’s just to see how it works and all.

Hope you like it :3

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You wanna the really kicker? That video is outdated. The new current record is 1,064 damage. This time with Kana paired up with his mother. Corrin with her Supportive personal skill, makes up the -1 strength from Velouria, with the +2 damage with her skill. I hope you've read the description of the vid in order to achieve this, but the highest strength caps is either Charlotte or Effie as Siegbert's Mother or the same with Dwyer but now Kagero included as option to marry the FeMU for stronk Kana

Good God, this is so powerful it’s scary

I Know That You're No Good
Christy Ann B.
I Know That You're No Good

hey guys!! i haven’t been able to upload anything new song-wise in a while since i’ve been busy, but i finally got the chance to record a song that i’ve been dying to sing - i took amy winehouse’s song “you know that i’m no good” and rewrote the lyrics to make my own original song, per say!! i got inspired from rafael casal’s rap “on tour” which also used amy’s song in the background - the karaoke can be found right here, and i hope you guys enjoy!! let me know if you want me to rewrite any other songs in the future, or if you want me to try some original songs or not

*author’s note: the song deals with topics such as abuse, so please be aware of this before listening, thank you!!


Side Show 2014 Revival Cast Recording

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this cast album. After knowing and loving the original broadway cast recording I was excited for the revival and a new cast recording. However, I can officially say I had higher hopes for the show and this cast album. It isn’t terrible, nor is it bad, but it is incomparable to the original broadway cast recording. The original broadway cast recording captures a different type of emotion in the songs and is hugely and beautifully belted. I wouldn’t say this cast album flat, but it is sure dull. It makes sense Emily Padgett and Erin Davie aren’t belting. They’re young girls in the show, not grown adults. I get it. But having the original in my head Emily Padgett and Erin Davie sound bored . They’re not bad belters or singers, just different. I like the new orchestrations but don’t love them. The orchestra is good, but not I’m not wowed. However I do actually like the new songs added. They do help tell the story better. I have it say Broadway Records have produced another great recording. The mixing is great and there little to no auto-tune. And the booklet is fantastic. I’m excited to what else they produce in the future. Make sure to buy or check the 2014 Revival Cast Recording of Side Show on February 24 in stores or on iTunes and Amazon! 

I suppose this ought to be called history; but since all I can rely on is my memory, it lacks the rigor of history. It’s not even accurate to call it the past, for the events related in these pages didn’t occur in the past, aren’t taking place now, and will not happen in the future. I don’t want to record the details. Only a frame, for a history or an account of the past. The details that have been preserved are already abundant. Sealed in floating bottles, they will hopefully reach the new universe and endure there. So I’ve written only a frame; someday, the frame may make it easier to fill in all the specifics. Of course, that task won’t fall to us. I just hope such a day will come for someone.
—  “Death’s End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past)” by Cixin Liu