i hope this makes the new record

remember that strange “fairy dust” part on the white board from the recent pics abt the last recording session? i think they might be making a christmas song; it’s the end of november and no news so far, not even a title or anything, so the only reasonable time to release a new single is around chriztmaß

i hope that they’re either gonna go full mariah carey or pull a bing crosby white christmas and we can have something like some new kind of dick again

So Anti’s back. Time to hyperfocus

Today’s episode of Hyperfocus is on what Anti says.

So for any of you who are extremely confused (I was too until I did some hardcore searching), Anti made his grand return in the intro for Jack’s PAX East panel. The reason you may be seeing so many phone- recorded videos is because Jack told people to record it on their phones. But… Was it Jack?

We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s start with Anti’s first words, a voiceover on nothing. Did you miss me?” 

Sound familiar? Oh, yeah.

Dark said it when he came back. I’m willing to bet Anti got similar reactions. I, at least, reacted the same way for both: a little flailing, a little fangirling, and repeating, “Yes, yes I did.”


“Look at you all just sitting there, you all thought I was gone. Not worrying about anything. You all thought I was gone, but I’ve been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things.”

Anti, like Dark, wants us to pay attention. The difference here is that while Dark feeds off our attention and needs it (see: “You just need to let me in”), Anti simply craves the attention. As soon as the spotlight was off of him, he got jealous. He lashed out, because he wants to be seen again.

And when he says “I’ve been here this entire time,” that goes along with a lot of theories centered around the idea that Anti really did get rid of Jack on Halloween, and that Anti has just been pretending this entire time. Every glitch and Anti sighting between then and now has been Jack trying to get our attention.

Anti insults us. “Look at you all just sitting there.” He makes us feel at fault. He says we should have been worried. Flashback to Halloween, when he says “This is your fault.” He blames us. 

But he’s been here the entire time, which leads me back to what I said above about Jack telling us to record with our phones. Was it Jack? My theory is, no. If Anti claims to have been here this entire time, there has not been a single moment that it has been Jack since before Halloween. 

Moreover, I think Anti wanted a record of his reappearance, but in a chaotic way. This wasn’t in a video uploaded to Jack’s channel, it was an intro to a live event. Multiple people record this on their phones and share it on Tumblr, and the entire fandom is thrown into confusion and chaos.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Anti.

“You stopped paying attention. Well, I hope you’re happy. You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, Dark.

I wanted Dark and Anti to get along, but this right here makes me think that if they ever did meet, it would not be good.

Dark said he’d been “Pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” Most people agree that he was referring to Anti here. Anti had been getting most of the attention, and Dark was a little mad about it. But when Dark got to us, when we let him in on Valentine’s, it satiated his need for attention. He believed that he wouldn’t have to deal with Anti anymore, because he came back.

Anti, on the other hand, not only said “Betrayal, neglect, mistake,” he also said this very cryptic little phrase: “cheap imitator.” 

Most people, again, agree that after Dark came back, Anti got jealous once again. But instead of saying he’d been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked, he’d been betrayed and neglected. By us. He believes that by even looking at Dark, we’ve betrayed and neglected him. He calls Dark a mistake, and a cheap imitator. Not good.

But then this. “You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, the only thing I could imagine he is talking about is Dark. We turned to Dark, and Anti is not happy.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m always there, always watching. You can’t get rid of me.”

This goes back to above, where Anti says he’s always been there. Not much else to say about this, other than he’s always watching.

He sees everything we do. How we react to him, how we react to Dark. He sees every little headcanon we cook up. And he really doesn’t care what we say. Like Fall Out Boy said, “I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me.”

Here’s a big difference between Anti and Dark. Dark needs us to trust him and even like him for his plans to play out. Anti, on the other hand, just wants us to watch. He doesn’t care about controlling us, because he believes he can do anything on his own. We can’t get rid of him. When he says that, he shows that he truly doesn’t care what we think as long as we pay more attention to him than Dark.

Enjoy the show.”

The first thing that popped into my head was Mark’s Raspy Hill video, which was arguably an early Darkiplier appearance. Although it isn’t canonical or acknowledged by Mark, we all kind of understand it to be Dark. (Sidenote, even back then, before Dark had concrete characteristics, we can still see him trying to make us trust him. More on that if you want it. Hmu.) In that video, Dark says, “Enjoy your stay.”

Enjoy is the key word here. I don’t think either Dark or Anti truly meant that they want us to enjoy in the common sense of the word. They meant to pay attention, and don’t try to leave. No matter what, the show is going to be worth watching.

Edit: I’ve been reminded of Natewantstobattle’s Sister Location song “Enjoy the Show” featuring Jack and HOW COULD I FORGET. And, yeah, maybe Anti threw that little reference in there for kicks and giggles. Anti likes showing up in horror games, doesn’t he? I highly doubt that Anti was making direct reference to Dark, and it’s entirely possible that he was referencing the song “Enjoy the Show,” but at this point it’s impossible to separate Anti and Dark completely. There is undeniable interaction between the two.


Oh, and the sliced neck? Yeah, kind of confirms that Jack is gone. Anti has been in control since Halloween. 

And the gauges? Most likely a canonical character trait. Makes Anti edgier.

Cream & Sugar

Series: Mr. Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Mr. Holland gets to know the reader and her little sister

Warnings: Swearing as always, fluff, triggering if you don’t like people in the hospital

Word Count:3,300+

A/N: I’m building the story so please wait for the smut to happen.

[Reader’s POV]

“Why are you so dressed up today? You’re wearing your look at my ass skirt” Louis smirks before taking a sip of the coffee you made him. You swear his smirk reminded you of the cheshire cat.

“Well Louis I actually have a job now” flipping him off as you slip on your heels. His eyes grow wide as he walks around the kitchen counter.

“A job now? do tell” he sits himself wiggling in the seat getting comfy. Picking up your purse off the dining room table you look inside. Your eyes double checking you had everything you needed. You were up at six this morning to get ready so you can be there by seven.

“I’m a secretary at Holland Industries an-”

“The Holland Industries? the one that’s helping the hospital your sis is at?” He brushes his hair back that fell in front of his face.

“Yes Louis but before you interrupted I was going to say my boss is Mr. Holland himself.. I got to be his secretary!” you do a little dance out of excitement, you really needed this job.

“Is he even more attractive in person? I heard someones hand bled after slapping him cause they hit his jawline! Di-“

“Louis calm your whore-mones okay? I have to go to work.. I’ll see you later for lunch?”

“Text me what sushi you want babe, It’s time to celebrate” getting up he gives you a big hug. Waving good bye you take your keys out of the bowl by the door. Closing the door behind you and locking it. You make your way down the hallway towards the rest of your day.


   Walking into the building you click the power button of your phone. It illuminates showing the time and smiling that you made it an hour early like you wanted to. You had your box of things for your office resting against your hip as you walked. Being early was a good chance for you to personalize your office as well. You didn’t want it to be just an office you wanted it to be a home from homs. In a way you’re like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds with little trinkets you would decorate your desk with.

    Poking the button the elevator door dings open. Walking inside the elevator you see another person walking in right after you. Her hair reminded you of how Arianna Grande wears her ponytails. She pushes her glasses up her nose giving you a small smile.

“What floor?” you ask her pointing at all the buttons. She holds up the number with her hands and then points to her ear shaking her head no.

‘I’m on the same floor’ you sign to her with one hand before pressing the button. Looking back at her she introduces herself and showing you her name sign. Thank god you were trilingual and Sign Language was one of the languages you knew.

‘I feel so alone here, it’s nice someone here knows my language’ she confesses as the two of you walked down the hall. Unlocking your door she walks in with you helping you set your stuff up. She offered to help you since you’re new and she wanted to chat.

‘Is he as mean as they say he is?’

‘you mean Mr. Holland?’ you raise your brows in a question earning a nod from her. Marie sets your organizer down next your iMac.

‘From what people have written to me they say he never keeps a secretary more than a week” she pushes her glasses back up. Glancing down at her watch that lit up she excuses herself saying she needs to go. Waving goodbye she leaves the room, her ponytail bouncing a bit.

    Looking over at the clock you mentally think you should make his tea now. Setting your phone on your desk you walk to the break room. Your heels clicked against the marble flooring as you walked. The lighting wasn’t bright but tolerable because you hated bright lights. Seeing a sign you see in white lettering say “Break Room.”

   Pushing the door open you see a couple of people in there. Smiling you head inside and walk over to a cabinet full of white mugs. There was a small kitchen in here which was nice. There were couches and a table for people to eat at. Thinking more about it there are people that probably stay here overnight to work. Pressing the button down on the electric kettle you patiently wait for it to heat the water. Pulling out two mugs you set them aside. Picking out of the options you pick your tea bag and grab one for Mr. Holland.

   Tearing the package open you set each tea bag into the mugs. Once the water is heated you fill up both of the cups. Grasping the string you circle the bag inside the mug letting the tea disperse in the water. Repeated that to your mug you then locate the sugar and two spoons. Opening the fridge you sea some milk and pull it off the shelf.

   When you’re done you pick up the mugs off the counter. A man waits for you holding the door open. Thanking him you make your way back to your office. Turning the handle down with your elbow you push the door open with your hip. Setting your mug down on your glass coaster. Knocking on your door that connected to his office you wait for a response.

“Come in” His voice sounds through the door making your heart beat a little faster. Grasping the handle you turn it and walk into his office. His head turns looking in your direction. Walking over you see his eyes scan down your body and back up.

“Here’s your tea Mr. Holland” you smile setting a coaster down on his desk. The mug making a small clinking sound as you set it down.

“Did yo-“

“Little cream and sugar, I hope you like it” the nerves inside you were building up. Maybe there would be a new record and he would fire me for not liking the tea I made. What Marie told you earlier made you scared as fuck.

   He lifts the mug up sniffing it smiling a bit. Noted he doesn’t mind that you chose an Earl Grey  tea. Bringing the mug to his lips he takes a sip of it. Raising your hands to your chest you hold your hands together. Silently praying he liked it. He looks over at you chuckling showing his adorable smile.

“You can relax love, I really like the tea.. thank you I really needed that this morning” His smile prominent as he looked up at you.

“Y-You’re welcome Mr. Holland… is there anything else I can do for you?” tilting your head slightly to the side bringing your clasped hands down in front of you. Rubbing his jaw he takes a cursory glance at your skirt then back up to you.

“I don’t have anything till nine.. will you bring your tea in here and join me? I don’t want your tea to get cold” He loosens his tie a bit relaxing in his chair. Halting before you do anything, is this a test.

“No this isn’t a test, go grab your tea I’d love the company this morning” Mr. Holland chuckles at your reaction. Shit you actually said that out loud? Walking to your office you grab your tea and cellphone then head back taking a seat across from him.

“So what did you want to talk about Mr. Holland?” you ask crossing your leg over your knee. Your skirt rising a bit naturally.

“I.. wanted to talk about you communicating with one of my Deaf employees” his eyes glued to your legs made the blood rush to your cheeks.

“She’s a lovely woman Mr. Holland, I had a lovely chat with her while setting up my office” smiling at one of the stories she told you. Marie is quite a funny girl.

“How do you know the language, I read in you’re trilingual?” sipping his coffee he looks at you waiting for an answer.

“I learned Spanish when I studied abroad but I know Sign Language cause I’m a CODA” you explain taking another sip of your tea before setting it down.

“If you don’t mind me asking what’s a CODA?”

“Oh a CODA is a child or children of Deaf adults, my parents and sister are Deaf, my older brother and I are hearing” shifting nervously in your seat from the stare he had on your body.

“No wonder you looked like a natural, I’m glad you’re here then so she can feel more comfortable.. the last Deaf employee I had got transferred to the states since they moved there.. I had them work for Jacobs building in the states while Harrison and I take care of things across the pond” you notice how his smile lights up when he talked about The Holy Trinity Foundation.

“I talked to my sister the other day, she told me to say thank you for hiring me but also thank you for the help because now the hospital is getting better too..” Looking down at your hands you smile remembering how happy she was. You sat with her while she got chemo treatment to hold her hand through it. She hated being alone when she got treatment. Both of our parents were working extra so we could pay for her treatment.

“Love are you alright? your smiles gone..” Mr. Holland’s finger tilts your chin up making you look at him. He was standing in front of you leaning against his desk. God you’re an emotional wreck sometimes and can’ t control it.

“I’m sorry, I think it’s just best I don’t talk about her” you stand up walking past him to your office. Your body is stopped by a hand grabbing onto your wrist. Mr. Holland pulls you back to him making your body almost collide into his.

“Please tell me about her, is there something I can do?”

“I don’t need your pity Mr. Holl-“

“Tom.. please call me Tom” looking up at him you let out a defeated sigh. The look in his eyes reminded of you of a puppy.. you love puppies.

“Okay.. Tom, my sister is going through expensive treatment and it’s hard seeing her go through it.. her smile is disappearing slowly the longer she stays in there.. funny thing is she loves all of your Spider-Man movies you made in the past” His hand feeling warm and soothing around your wrist. Tom’s thumb rubbed slowly up and down your wrist.

“I have an idea of something to bring a smile to her face.. let me make a call” letting go of your wrist he pulls out his phone. A minute goes by of him talking to someone on the phone. Tom hangs up his phone putting it back in his pocket.

    Grabbing your hand he pulls you out of his office. You ask him what’s going on but he tells you to trust him. Complying you follow him then realize he’s holding your hand. Looking around you see some people whispering as he pulls you towards the elevator. Looking back down at your hands, yes this definitely doesn’t look right.

    Taking your hand out of his grasp once inside the elevator you keep your eyes locked to the floor. You held the Tom Hollands hand. The thought made your cheeks flush and heart flutter. Tom tilts your chin up gliding his thumb against your jaw. It felt like sparks flew underneath his touch.

“Alright lets go” he lets go of your chin walking out of the elevator.


“What’s her room number?” Tom asks as the two of you walk down the hallway. Your heels clicking in the quiet hallway of the hospital.

“396” you say pointing towards the child wing of the hospital. The hallway went from boring to fun as it connected to that part of the hospital.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes okay? Harrison is bringing me something” Tom smiles at you before you walk through the doors. Looking down you see the colored tiles and Alice in Wonderland themed decorations hanging. Every three months they change the theme in here.

    One of the nurses who knows you tells you she just got settled into her room. Apparently your sister was in the playroom for most of the day due to the new toys they put in there. Sliding the door open you see your sister laying in her bed. She had a one of your knit beanies on her head. A tube sticking into her nose that connected to a bag.  Your heart hurting at the sight.

    Flickering the light on and off you get her attention once you peep your head past the curtain. Her eyes looking up meeting yours, a smile immediately appearing on her face. She winces when she tries to get up. Signing to her you tell her to stay and not move. Pouting she sits back down and crosses her arms.

‘Jaelynn don’t cross your arms’ she huffs out signing fine exaggeratedly. Her little hands flying as she signed quickly to you. She told you how she wants you here instead of her interpreter. The woman dressed in black shifts awkwardly in her seat.

“I’m sorry, uhh I’ll be here for about an hour? why don’t you take a break and go grab something to eat, I’m sure you need a small break before Neil comes in”

“Thank you, I’ll be back within the hour, see you later Jaelynn” Claudia signs and talks at the same time waving to Jaelynn. She waves quickly then putting her hands in her lap.

‘I know this treatment makes you cranky but you need to be nice to Claudia, she comes here to help you’ your facial expressions stern as you sign to her. Emphasizing on being nice to Claudia and pointing to her name sign she made for Claudia.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to be here” her little brows furrow together as she pouts. Reaching over you pinch her nose making her giggle. Her face not being scrunched up in a pout.

“Jaelynn we have a surprise for you..” Turning to the side you see Harrison holding a camera. Jaelynn asks what’s going on and you sign you don’t know. Fingerspelling Harrison’s name you tell her that’s who’s behind the camera. Harrison walks by then aiming the camera at the curtain.

   All of a sudden Spider-Man does a flip landing landing in the empty spot next to Harrison. A smile on Harrison’s face as he captured Jaelynn’s reaction. Her little mouth formed an O as she saw Spider-Man stand up. Her little hands signing as you watched.

“Wow! it’s Spider-Man!! he’s here look look” you voice for her smiling over at the masked hero. He reaches up pulling his mask off. Tom shakes his head making his curls fall back in place. Your eyes going down his suited body that clung to his muscles.

“I’m Spider-Man but you may know me as Peter Parker right?” His Queens accent sounding so natural, your hands moving along as he talked. Her eyes watching you then she signs back to you with a smile.

“Of course who doesn’t know about Spider-Man!” you voice excitedly loving the smile that was on her face. Her little hands acting like she was shooting webs.

“How bout we make a Spider-Man pact yeah?” you sign raising your eyebrows at her so she knows it’s a question. She tilts her head before signing  quickly to you.

“Spider-Man pact? I’m a sick kid” your smile dropping after what you just interpreted. Tom sits on the side of her bed. Her hands reaching for his web shooters. She points to his web shooters and starts signing to you.

“You’re Spider-Man, you have web shooters that catch the bad people” Tom laughs at her excitement of his suit from the movies. Jae holds his hand looking at it closely tracing her fingers over the black detailing.

“Of course you are! your powers are fighting against the medicine you have..I talked to Mr. Stark and he wants to pay for your treatment so that you can get the best care” you were shocked at how natural he sounded with his Queens accent. She looks at you watching your hands as you interpreted what he was telling her. Noticing her eyes shining and a smile on her face. It was beaming which brought tears to your eyes.

“So you know the hand shape I make is actually the same shape as I Love You in ASL right?” Her eyes look at her hand and mouth opens in shock. Nodding her head at Tom she raises her hand saying I love you.

“What does that mean?” you ask for her as she looks at Tom who sets his mask down on the bed. Her face held confusion as she looks at you waiting for you to interpret.

“It means that we can make our superhero bond.. I’ll show you”

   He takes her little hand forming it into the I Love You sign making sure her palm is facing down and he places that onto of his hand in that shape. He points with his left hand showing how the signs point to each other. She signs with her free hand letting out a little laugh.

“Spider-Man what do you mean by that!” you say looking over at Tom who was smiling down at Jaelynn.

“It means that there is love everywhere and love beats anything.. That’s why Spider-Man is so much cooler than any other Superhero cause on top of fighting the bad guys I get to spread love to the world. I get to spread the love now through the pact to help stop those bad guys inside you so you don’t have to do this alone…” tears formed in her eyes as she took in everything you signed. She looked down at their hands connected smiling. Getting up slowly she wraps her arms around Tom’s neck.

“Thank you Tom” you whisper wiping the tears from your eyes as they fell down your cheeks. Jaelynn lets go of Tom handing him back his mask. Her hands move in little quick movements.

“When will you be back Spider-Man?”

“I have to see when Mr. Stark needs me for another mission but I’ll definitely stop by to check on my Spider-Man pact friend” He reaches up fixing her beanie that was about to fall off. Claudia enters the room  setting her purse down on the counter as she walks in. Her eyes looking at the whole scene in front of her.

‘He came to see Jae don’t worry, we’ll be leaving now’

‘I’ll come by tomorrow okay? Mom and Dad are busy for the next week’ you sign to Jae before giving her forehead a kiss. She waves to the both of you as we leave the room. Tom goes to the bathroom with a bag and comes out minutes later dressed in his work suit.

“C’mon lets get back to the office and start rescheduling appointments, and Harrison please edit that and upload it to the foundations website” the three of you make your way out of the hospital together. Harrison gives you and Tom a hug goodbye as he takes off to his car.

    The drive back to the office was full of conversation. Mainly you thanking Tom for even thinking of using his suit to surprise you sister. You haven’t seen her smile like that for over six months. Her smile today was all thanks to him. He told you he would start a campaign to help raise funds for Jaelynn. Maybe Marie was wrong, he doesn’t seem cold from how she described him…

“Love, can you make me some tea again with cream and sugar?You made it perfectly the last time..” He hands you his empty mug picking up a file with his other hand. Your fingers brush against his making him look at your hand then back up to you. Tom’s gaze captivating yours almost pulling you towards him just by the look in his eyes.

“Yes Mr. Holland,cream and sugar.. just how you like it” you whisper before turning around and walking out of his office. You could feel his stare burning into your back as you sauntered out down the hall. 

I love these shoes oml

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One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

First day on the job.

Where in the world do I begin? Hello, my name is Jonathan Dart and, as of today, I am officially the IT guy at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

You read that correctly. It took them until 2016, but both students and staff alike have finally caved and demanded that their cell phones work on school grounds, and with that request they had to find a “muggle” (a term I’m quickly learning to detest) to install wifi and maintain any technology that functions on school grounds.

So let’s make this clear to any wizards, witches, or IT muggles allowed into their circle out there. I just entered this “wizarding world” 3 days ago. This is all entirely new to me. I’m writing this because I’ve learned through the grapevine that other magical schools are planning on making the same jump, and I’m hoping my experiences can help other outsiders down the road.

As its my first day I really don’t have much advice to give. All I can do is stand here and wonder to myself what the hell I was thinking. For the record, I’m typing this on my iPhone while I ride a magic staircase. They better have beer in this world because I’m going to need a drink tonight.

Send To All

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Requested by anonymous:

“hey there! I don’t know if you’re still doing 1D requests but I was wondering if I could request a Harry Styles imagine?? idk if you know of it but there’s a comedian called michael mcintyre who has a chat show and he has a segment called ‘send to all’ where he sends a mass text from the guests phone and reads the replies - anyways I was wondering if you could do a request where the reader is a celebrity and secretly dating Harry and their relationship gets exposed or something through this?? xx”

Warnings: None?? tiny bit of language and fluff I suppose

Notes: This gif has no relevance it just fucking kills me omg (also I’m so excited to write for harry eek)

“Good luck love, I know you’ll be amazing as always. Thinking of you and can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms tomorrow. H x” 

You felt your heart constrict and a buzz fill your body, a smile tugging up on your lips as your eyes scanned over the text your boyfriend had just sent you. Your thumbs hovered anxiously over the keyboard as you mulled over what you should reply with. You had just decided on replying with words teasing him about how he signed his texts just like his tweets when you were interrupted. 

“*yn*, we’re ready for you.” 

Keep reading

Agape (Soprano Cover)
Agape (Soprano Cover)

Happy Friday! As we enter into the last day of the year, I felt inspired to record a cover of “Agape” from Yuri!!! On Ice. I really am thankful to YOI help make 2016 a little brighter, and for all of you fellow fans and new followers, ‘following’ me into 2017 where I look forward to bringing you new original music and more cover recordings. Thank you for your support. I sincerely hope you enjoy this rendition of Agape. 

I dedicate this recording to Johnny Weir, who said if he could choose one program to skate that would match him from the series, it would be “Agape”. 

Thank you @scaredofthesky for allowing me to use your beautiful art for this cover.


I made a new sticker for my Redbubble and also recorded a video for my Discord pals showing how I use the lasso tool to make artwork like this. I hope it can be helpful for you guys too! (please excuse my really awkward talking!💦)

I might sound like a bitch but I don’t care this had to be said

The V route hasn’t even been released yet and people are already yelling and demanding a Saeran route like ??? Do you even know how grateful we should be because Cheritz didn’t have to give us a V route in the first place. You need more images, new voice recordings, more storyline. It takes a lot of time and money to make something as big as a route. We should be so so so thankful. Of course I also hope that Cheritz will maybe make a Saeran route someday but please just calm down and thank Cheritz for doing what they do. Just be respectful and accept Cheritz choices. Thank you.

Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1
Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1

Contains: every mistake I’ve made worthy of humour between my first audio to now, plus some behind the scenes type info on some audios

Okay so between my parents yelling and a thunderstorm, I couldn’t record a new audio, so I decided to put this up instead!

A/N: I had been saving my favourite bloopers from my first audio until now and I wanted to make a compilation, and since we’re close 1,500 followers I thought I would give this as an early milestone gift! I thought some parts were pretty funny, so I hope you guys enjoy!! Thank you so so much for listening!!!


anonymous asked:

Hi! I just remember you once wrote you are also bullet journaling. Would you mind showing some pictures of your bullet journal? Sorry, I'm just so curious since your handwriting is absolutely gorgeous. ♡

Hi! And of course! My bullet journal has gone through a lot of phases, currently I’m doing sort of a hybrid bullet journal in my Hobonichi Techo Cousin. I don’t have any recent pictures, but here are a couple I originally took for a January prompt that show off my general layout. 

I have tasks at the top right, my record of things I did throughout the day in the timeline, and my good things for the day right beneath that. My “bullets” go in the main space and then I use the leftover space for a daily quotation or watercolor. 

I have a separate notebook for collections that I tuck into one of the pockets of my case. That notebook is currently under renovations and I’m actually making a new case for my Hobonichi, but my daily layout will be staying the same. Hope this helps!

Noel & Damon
  • “It was a great relief. I’m glad I’ve seen him and shook his hand and apologised for all the shit,” .When asked if he would rather record with Damon Albarn or Radiohead, the ex-Oasis guitarist said: “If I was going to make a record it’d be Damon. For a start, he’s as mad as a box of frogs. Number two, he’d get loads of hip-hop dudes working on it, which itself would be mental. And number three? It would be a better record.” NOEL, Brits Awards 2012
  • “What, me and Damon? Well, I am single and ready to mingle… I mean musically speaking… of course.” NOEL, Jonathan Ross 2012
  • Blur’s Damon Albarn and former Oasis star Noel Gallagher put aside their years of Britpop feuding to literally kiss for the cameras at EMI’s post-Brit Awards after party. Gallagher, 44, kissed both hands of Albarn, 43, before planting a smacker on his lips in front of shocked guests.” The Standard 2012
  • “We were both invited by War Child so we were sat on the same table. And it turns out, after all these years, that we’re both actually really genial fellas. We got absolutely drunk and told One Direction to fuck off in unison, That was the highlight of the night.“ NOEL, Time Out Dubai Mag 2013
  • Now, in Albarn’s suite, named the Blue Room, his security guard Smoggy and his trusted technician Stu Lowbridge are staring at the cartoon drawings of various Manchester City football legends on the wall trying to guess who they are. Someone suggests that Albarn calls his friend, the noted Man City fan Noel Gallagher, for assistance. “Noel texted me earlier, to wish me luck” he says with an approving nod. “Very classy”. What a nice man. “He really is” agrees Albarn, a note of resignation in his voice.” DAMON, Q Magazine 2014
  • “I still see Noel from time to time. We text a bit,” Albarn says. When asked if the pair would be making a record together, he replied, “I can imagine that being a very distinct possibility at some point in the future. But, as yet we haven’t really talked about it, although…OK we have a little bit. We’re talking. It’s not anything to get excited about yet. I mean, he’s doing his thing. He’s finishing a new record. I’ve got my record coming out, but the principle of us making music together is something…you know, it would be fair to say, we have discussed it at least once.”DAMON, NME 2014
  • “Pop music was so different to how it is now. I always end up having this conversation in one form or another with Noel when we have a drink together. We seem so different to the Ed Sheerans of this world.” DAMON, Mojo 2015
  • “Noel said at the time something like he hoped I catch AIDS and I die… (laughs). Frankly, we were idiots and misfit kids. Noel is an amazing musician and a very interesting man. All that is long gone and we have very good relations and mutual respect” DAMON, Rolling Stone France 2015
  • “I was around at his place and he was playing me his album before it came out. It was literally like saying, ‘Let’s go for a drink’. He said, ‘We should do it one day.’ I would be f**king very, very, very interested, but I’m going on tour now for a couple of years, and by the time I get back, he’ll be on tour – so if it ever happens, I don’t know. But turns out he’s a bit of a dude. I thought Everyday Robots was great, then I went to see him at the Albert Hall. I thought it was going to be this real intimate kind of thing, and I was amazed at how joyous it all was. It was f**king great, one of the best gigs I’d seen last year. Maybe the best. Funny lad.” NOEL, The Ticket Irish Times 2015
  • “(About a potential collaboration with Damon Albarn) We talked about it again a few days ago. The thing is that he finishes his tour when I start mine. And you know Damon, by the time I get back, he’ll be playing at the other side of the planet (laughs). But he lives near me, so I hope we will have the occasion to find the time to do it. Anayway, I’d really like to be in a studio with him, see if we can write a song together. If you had told me one day I’d be happier to be in a studio with Damon Albarn than with my brother, I probably would have tell you to fuck off (laughs).” NOEL, Plugged Magazine 2015 
  • “I’ve become friendly with Damon. There has not been any great, massive plan and I’m sure - I know the way that things work - by the time I get finished with this project he’ll be starting some Vietnamese opera or something. And by the time he’s finished with that I’ll be back out on something else. But if we had a spare day, I’d definitely give it a shot. He’s a good lad. I like him.” NOEL, The Sun 2015
  • “We were in a nightclub — I hadn’t spoken to him for years, but I hadn’t slagged him off for years either. Me, the wife and the kids really liked Gorillaz, so Sara said, ‘I’m gonna go over and tell him that we like Gorillaz.’ I said, ‘Go on, then.’ She came back and said Damon was being weird, saying, ‘Who sent you over here to say that?’ So when I passed him in the corridor, we said, ‘Let’s go to the bar and get a beer.’ And he said, ‘Well, what was that all about?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, sorry ’bout that.’ It was a bit weird, but it wasn’t like two grown men having a weep about it. It was more like ‘You know what? That time was fucking brilliant, that stuff was fucking great!" NOEL,The Sunday Times 2015
  • “He’s making a new Gorillaz album and he’s got my number, so he’s only got to ask. There is talk of doing something but I’m not sure what it is. You can bet your life the minute I finish this tour he’ll go out on his,” he said. “I mean trying to get the two of us in the same room would be a fuckiing miracle. But I’m certainly open to the idea, for sure.” NOEL, Bournemouth Echo 2016

My little indie rock and roll outfit from Salt Lake City.

It’s a homage to an unpopular individual i knew of as a youth. Or just a homage to the unpopular in general.

I hope so, a lot of songs I really enjoy may not make the cut. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Different Kind of Love

They both love each other, but it was not as expected.

Word Count: 1470
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Description: This story is all about a bitter taste of reality. I got very excited seeing people actually read my stories and also gave me feedbacks. Thank you so much. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. :)

You could feel his charisma the moment you stepped into the room. Even with his back facing you, you could feel his strong aura. He looked so intense, sitting on his chair, facing the big monitor and the recording equipment as he was focusing on finishing his new song.

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anon said : Bts reaction to their girlfriend coming over toward them when they are working ( composing a song or training for a new dance ext) and saying “ I know you have work and you dont have much time but I miss you, it’s been a while since the last time we sat together. Can we at least eat lunch together?” And she shows them lunch boxes she got with her

This is so cute!!!

Rap Monster: His eyes lit up when he saw you walk into the recording studio with two lunch boxes. He hadn’t been able to find any inspiration for the last two days and he was exhausted. He was happy to eat lunch with you, talking and joking. Due to his lunch break with you, he was able to calm down and work on the song he was writing.

“That was just what I needed Y/N.”

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Jin: He had been working with J-Hope, trying to get the dance perfect. Yet he couldn’t seem to get it just how he wanted it to be and he was frustrated to say the least. When he saw you walk in, he excused himself and met you outside the practice room. When you explained why you’d come, his eyes would light up and he’d pull you into a tight and rather sweaty hug.

“Do you know how much I love you Y/N?”

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Suga: He was trying to finish a new song and everything he was writing sounded wrong somehow. He had been unhappy with the other members bothering him and telling him to come out of the studio for an hour and rest. In fact, he’d refused every offer. When he heard the door open, he swiveled his chair around to yell until he saw you standing in the doorway with two lunch boxes. His mood immediately lifted and he agreed to take a break when he heard why you were there.

“I’m glad you came Y/N.”

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J-Hope: He was frustrated that he couldn’t quite get the pitch right in the song they were recording. They’d had to start over seven different times before he finally decided to take a break. He almost ran into you as he stalked out of the recording studio. When you told him why you were there and held up the lunch boxes, his mood brightened quickly.

“I always have time for you Y/N! Where do you want to eat these? Did you make these?”

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Jimin: He’d been working non-stop to perfect a move in the new dance. Yet every time he thought he had it down, he messed it up. He restarted the music for the tenth time that day when he heard the door open and saw you walk in. He was happy to see you and when you waved the lunch boxes and wiggled your eyebrows telling him you missed him, he happily agreed to eat lunch with you. He told you about what was bothering him and was glad to have somebody there to listen to him.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you Y/N?”

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V: The new dance wasn’t going well. He’d been told to practice it on his own which had been mortifying. Still, he couldn’t get the moves right and the more he couldn’t get the moves right, the more frustrated he became. When he heard a knock on the practice room door and saw your head peek around it, he couldn’t help but run to hug you. When you showed him the lunch boxes and asked if you could eat lunch with him, he was more than happy to take a break.

“You have no idea how happy I am to see you Y/N.”

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Jungkook: He never messed up badly in dance practice. Of course he had to work to get the dance perfect, but there was one move, one move that was tripping him up every time like no other move had. The rest of the dance looked fine. In short, it frustrated him to no end. He’d contemplated calling you to hang out with him to take his mind off of the dance, but he wasn’t sure you’d be available. So when he saw you walk through the practice room door as he was about to start the music again, he was more than happy. He was even happier when you showed him the lunch boxes and told him you missed him. He gladly took a break to eat lunch with you.

“You know what Y/N… I think we’re on the same wavelength…” 

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Gathers All-Star Latin Artists for Hurricane Relief

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the “Hamilton” mastermind, was on a family vacation in Austria when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island where his parents were born and where he spent countless summers growing up.

Immediately, he wondered, “What can I do with my skill set to help?” Then he started singing in the bathroom.

Two weeks later, what began thousands of miles away as a raw, a cappella demo in commemoration of his spiritual homeland has become “Almost Like Praying,” an upbeat charity single featuring an all-star lineup of Latin artists from across genres and generations, including Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Fat Joe, Luis Fonsi, Rubén Blades, Camila Cabello, John Leguizamo, Rita Moreno and Marc Anthony.

The track was released late Thursday across digital music retailers and streaming services, with all proceeds benefiting hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico, where at least 34 people have died and millions are still without electricity, food and clean water.

Rather than creating a mournful number, Mr. Miranda said in an interview, he hoped to capture “the spirit of the island.” As a result, the bilingual “Almost Like Praying,” which takes its title and chorus from Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s “Maria,” from “West Side Story,” is bursting with energy.

In addition to referencing the storm’s name — “How can we flip a section of that song to make something positive out of it?” Mr. Miranda thought — the song’s lyrics consist of various artists naming the 78 towns and municipalities in Puerto Rico. Mr. Miranda said those complex verses were inspired by the outpouring of geographic call-outs on social media from those hoping to locate friends and family on the island during the days of “terrible silence” after the storm.

“I was very wary of writing a song that felt like homework,” Mr. Miranda said over the phone on Wednesday from the “Sesame Street” offices in New York, where he was recording another number for disaster relief. “I wanted to write a danceable tune that is just everywhere, and by being everywhere, is doing good.”

“There’s no favor I haven’t called in, no avenue I’m not traveling for Puerto Rico,” he added. “I’ll go wherever for help and awareness.”

On his lively Twitter feed, Mr. Miranda has rallied others to do the same, helping to raise nearly $3 million (before the song’s release) in collaboration with MoveOn.org and the Hispanic Federation, where his father, Luis Miranda Jr., was the founding president.

While working on “Almost Like Praying,” the musician also jumped into the political fray, going after President Trump after Mr. Trump tweeted on Saturday morning that Puerto Ricans “want everything to be done for them” in the recovery effort. Mr. Miranda countered, “You’re going straight to hell.”

“That’s not how I talk,” Mr. Miranda reflected this week. “This is not an everyday occurrence. Then again, I’ve never seen a sitting president attack the victims of a natural disaster.” He added, “I’m not that guy. But it was the only thing I could think to say in the face of an attack on a people already besieged.

He was far more comfortable focusing on music. After sending his rough draft to the producer Trooko and cutting his vacation short to return to New York, Mr. Miranda “exhausted the Rolodex,” gathering artists to contribute.

“Everyone said yes, sight unseen,” he said, though some notable Latin musicians — Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin — were too busy with their own relief efforts. (Also featured on the song: Pedro Capo, Dessa, Juan Luis Guerra, Alex Lacamoire, Ednita Nazario, Joell Ortiz, Anthony Ramos, Gina Rodriguez, Gilberto Santa Rosa, PJ Sin Suela, Tommy Torres and Ana Villafañe.)

Over the last week, Mr. Miranda traveled to Miami and Los Angeles to oversee recording sessions. Additional vocals were sent from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. On Tuesday night, Mr. Miranda was working until nearly 5 a.m. finishing the final mix.

“We have this song where every town is mentioned,” he said. “I don’t want anyone in Puerto Rico to ever feel forgotten again.”

Mr. Miranda was too busy completing the track to engage with Mr. Trump’s visit to the island on Tuesday. “If he’s announcing that he’s going to do an unprecedented push for aid, great,” he said. “Short of that I don’t need to watch. I know what he looks like in a windbreaker.”

Overall, he added, “I’m in this weird paradox where I have never felt more hope and belief in my fellow citizens, and that’s amazing. I wish the governmental response was commensurate with that.”

Mr. Miranda also acknowledged the wide swath of humanity in need of support at the moment. He praised the everyday people “breaking the piggy bank” to donate, as well as his fellow musicians and celebrities for stoking awareness. On Wednesday, Chance the Rapper live-streamed a concert online as a fund-raising event for victims of Maria, while Beyoncé released a Spanish-language remix of J Balvin’s “Mi Gente” for hurricane and earthquake relief.

“You can’t make yourself responsible for every bad thing happening in the world,” he said. “But the ones that do hit you — if it’s the Virgin Islands, Mexico, the families in Las Vegas — let that manifest action.”

Handler: Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. We finally put up a christmas tree yesterday. It was Bucky’s first time buying a nice christmas tree (they have music too!) and he was a little overwhelmed. 

don’t tell him we’re recording this. 

There may or may have not been quiet sobbing

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