i hope this makes sense it's basically just the show making fun of itself!!

Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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anonymous asked:

When you're writing fanfiction do you think it's necessary to describe characters (example: Kageyama was a high school student with black hair, blue eyes…) or is it fine to assume that since everyone probably knows the characters there's no need to describe them? Besides that do you think direct description of characters is necessary at all or should it be subtle? I hope this makes sense, but basically I'm just curious as to how much description do you think is necessary? (Regarding AUs as well)

Ooooh interesting question! I would definitely say this varies from author to author, and is ultimately up to you. But I do personally find some methods of character description to be easier to read than others!

Like you mentioned: when dealing with fanfic, you can reasonably assume your reader knows very well who the characters are and what they look like. But, on the flip side, oftentimes one of the many reasons people like reading about these characters are because… we like the way they look! Whether we think they’re unique or cute or gorgeous or bad ass or whatever, generally, we’re probably pretty attached to their physical looks in some way. So I think it is fine to sprinkle those descriptors about both in canon and AU fics, in a way that feels organic.

When thinking of an “organic” description, very rarely would I list character attributes like in the “black haired, blue-eyed high school student” example (I realize you may have just tossed that out there, but it’s good to state this anyway, I guess). I’d generally advise people to stay away from laundry list descriptions, even in original fiction, because they’re less engaging to read. 

Some authors love to describe their characters often, and at length, while others won’t spare more than one sentence out of an entire novel to tell readers what their cast looks like. I tend towards the former, because I love describing shit, and also because I write romances, where you’ll find an upward trend in character descriptions usually lies. But if you’re going for direct, try to get more than just their looks into the description. The below example is from my fic A Couple of Awesome Players, a canon-divergent AU where KageHina befriend each other in middle school:

The first thing Shouyou notices is that [Kageyama’s] head, with his hair laying shiny and flat on it, is almost perfectly round, much like a volleyball—which is fitting, because Kageyama might be one hundred percent made up of love for the sport. He started coming to the gym so that he could play on the days he doesn’t have practice to begin with.

Kageyama has big, round, blue eyes, and a slightly blank expression, unless he’s talking about volleyball—then his round face lights up like a bulb, shiny and excited. His hair looks like someone took a stencil with the English letter M and stuck it right over the front of his bangs, cutting out two windows for his eyes.

I’ve spent a lot of words on describing Kageyama across all my fics, and these are still some of my favorites. Instead of it being all about “black hair, blue eyes”, it’s more about “this kid is a dork, but he is the cutest volleyball dork”. I wanted to quickly establish him as soft and endearing, because that’s how he was when he was young, and hopefully it worked. 

Speaking of which, I tend to do a lot more character description in AUs, both because the characters are often meeting for the first time, and because of all the differences, which are just fun to describe. It helps establish the variations in each universe, while still showing how the characters remain the same: 

Then the mechanic rolls out from underneath the car slowly, like he’s not quite sure why somebody would request it of him, and Hinata wonders if he is maybe dreaming.

Kageyama is not stocky, or weedy. He’s tall as hell, when he finally stands up. His coveralls are shoved down to his waist, probably due to the heat, and the white sleeveless undershirt he is wearing below them sticks to his body from the sheen of sweat on his skin. The shirt clings to the kind of muscles that Hinata has never believed existed on people who don’t model for a living. His arms are distracting, toned, smeared with dirt and grease, and highlighted and shiny from perspiration. His shoulders and chest are no better, broad and strong.

He’s frowning at them slightly, dark blue eyes trained on Hinata. He swipes his arm across his forehead, leaving a smudge of grease there, before sweeping his black hair out of his face.

That’s from Speed Demons! Even when I’m being pretty straightforward, I try to break up the description, or toss in descriptors with action (eyes), or use the setting to amplify different aspects of the characters looks (hair, The Bod). Also: Hinata is noticing how hot this guy he’s been confronted with is, and he’s not being subtle. It’s pretty direct overall, but hopefully manages to keep from bombarding the reader with bullet points, and instead integrates itself into the narrative as it flows.

And it still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure! To sum up, I think character descriptions are a style thing, more than anything else. If you don’t feel like including them, don’t force the words onto the page. Describe what feels important to you. But in fanfics, because we already know these characters, put your own spin on it. 

Your readers know what X character looks like – so if you want to tell us about that, tell us something new about them, too. 

Tell us something we’ve never heard before :)

Sticky with yolk, I emerge.  Having smashed the world’s shell I am now ready to deal with the following:

Who’s this guy?  Why’s this guy? 

Turns out he’s the guy who’s as good as Juri, better even, and he’s also on the Student Council, and he’s a duelist, and he’s got Miki’s color scheme except he’s way taller and more handsome and his hair has two shades of blue in it.   Nobody has ever mentioned him before.  It is like he fell from the sky - like the sky opened, and he was just inserted.  By himself.  Like, he, himself, was inserted.   Like… what’s the word I’m looking for?

It’s gone.  Whatever.

We know it’s Juri’s turn because Miki just had a go but maybe this guy is important enough that he gets to cut in line.  He’s certainly a big enough deal that his return has merited a formal announcement, which the student council eats, dolefully.

Nanami asks the big question:

Wouldn’t you like to know?  Wouldn’t you all like to know.  Wouldn’t I like to know, frankly.  What the hell is going on here? 

Mr. Marty Stu shows up and tells the assembled council that End of the World thinks they’re all cowards.  The second course arrives - it’s a little difficult to make out, but it’s defintiely a medical prescription of some kind, For Internal Use Only.   It’s a big pill to swallow, Ruka being here.  We might have bitten off more than we could chew. But we made this meal - now we have to lie in it.

The point is the narrative knows that this sucks but it’s going to make us eat it anyway.

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Romance, Companionship, and Shipping

A recurring theme in serveral manga/anime is friendship/companionship. Something that can easily appeal to many since friendship is vital to live life to its maximum. Just like John Donne said: “No man is an island”

Experts realized long ago that human beings have the need not only of socializing but also of feeling appreciated by the those who they care for. Having people whom we can share our experiences and our success, people who can provide us with counsel or criticize a poor course of action, all of this is essential to our mental/emotional health and our very own personal development. Companionship can provide us with a sense of belonging that allows us to open up and freely express ourselves with our friends. We can have fun together, cry together, help each other out, etc.

On the other hand, values such as honesty and respect are necessary to maintain a friendship stable, as they’re essential for friends to trust each other and have a truthful communication. Companionship can help us learn more about ourselves, and deal with stress more effectively. In fact, this emotional connection is an important part of our growth as human beings, as it enhances our social skills and helps us to define the worth we’ll be giving to others as well as our very own self-worth

So it shouldn’t be surprising many mangakas make their stories revolve around this premise. It’s true such stories had great differences when it comes to themes, structure, tone, and focus. We have protagonists that struggle for self-improvement, or do their best to earn others’ acknowledgement, or fight for peach and justice, or simply seek adventure and/or freedom while helping people along the way. But despite these differences, many of their stories focus on the theme of friendship/companionship (some more than others)

But what about the relationship we have with a significant person? I mean a romantic relationship

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”

~ Ann Landers

To understand a basic definition of romantic love, we have to break through several preconceived ideas about this subject. Many people are prone to misinterpret “crushes” or mere “infatuation” to be “love”. And media wasn’t helping to make a clear distinction between these concepts, for many shows and movies relied for way too long on tropes such as “love at first sight” (something like an intense immediate attraction), or in other cases “sexual tension”, all while ignoring how any relationship (including romantic love) should naturally grow. These trends obviously lead to several misconceptions, that result in a pretty shallow take on how relationships should be

This leads to many shippers to promote ideas based on a poor understanding of what is a well-written realtionship. It moves shippers to disregard context, development, or the story itself, to overhype flowers, compliments, corny one-liners, and even overlook a clear lack of investment some characters display. And this is just putting it nicely, for there are people who see “hints” everywhere: frogs, carpets, buttons, nicknames, etc.

In fact, the most shallow pairings that shippers could promote, while aeasthically pleasing, are driven by the fact at least one the characters involved fits the most delusional of shipping fantasies

But if we take away such preconcieved notions, we find out what makes a romantic bond something strong not only in literature, but also in real life

A romatic bond at its very core is based on “love”. This is a connection that develops gradually over time, becoming stronger and deeper. It can help people to overlook and/or endure the flaws of a significant other, accepting who they are as a whole. Such feelings should be expressed not only by means of mere words, but rather through actions and meaningful gestures. Unlike “crushes” or “infatuation” it goes beyond physical attraction or any idealized fantasies we may have

For people to turn this emotional connection into a solid relationship, the very foundation of their romantic bond should be a deep companionship based on mutual faith/trust, affection, thoughtfulness, emotional support, among other things rated M for Mature XD

Joking aside, we can tell friendship/companionship and romance share many similarites; some core differences being that a romantic bond entails a stronger sense of compromise and a higher degree of intimacy

So what’s the point of explaining all of this. To help people understand than in order to build a strong and stable relationship it is necessary for the chemistry and the dynamic between the characters involved to develop in natural/organic manner. It doesn’t require the same mushy stuff some delusional shippers always demand.

A meaningful gesture to provide comfort and hope is more impactful than flowers. Mutual faith/trust is worth more than a compliment. Emotional support is a lot better than constantly lusting over people’s “hotness”. A growing emotional attachment is superior to a mere “crush” or “infatuation”. For they’re the basis for a solid romantic bond

Why? Because “True love goes beyond a romantic dinner, a stroll along the beach, or tons of compliments; True love is respect, faithfulness, compromise, trust and support”

That’s how a potent relationship should look like!

anonymous asked:

to all the types: how do you deal with crushes?

INTP: I’m super careful with my public behavior, so no one ever guesses that I like the person. I always try to rationalize everything, so I make pro-con tables for each of us to assess compatibility. I come to a conclusion of whether or not I should actively pursue the person, and then I act on it. Usually I’m very straightforward, so I just directly tell them about my feelings. I constantly analyze the person – sometimes, it reaches the point where they seem more of a puzzle than a crush. Stereotypical NT.

INTJ: I don’t.  ….okay, okay. I think about them a lot. I smile. I obsess. I get romantic frustrations. I might freak out a bit when I see my crush somewhere. I’m quite INFP-like. It’s horrible. Around the crush I always keep my cool though, maybe make some hints too, but honestly I have to prepare for a long time until I can be straightforward with them. I also analyze different kinds of scenarios I make in my head in a way if me and my crush actually were together.

ENTP: I feel easily attracted to people for various reasons. It’s mostly when people got something very special about them, something that makes them extraordinarily interesting. However, I deal with it by logic. I imagine how it could turn out to be in many different ways: if my crush returned my feelings, what could happen next? What if they don’t return my feelings? There are plenty different scenarios in my head in such a situation. But I think about it rationally in the end. Analyze our situation and consider everything from many different standpoints. If the feelings become more intense and deeper, then yes: I have a crush. In this case I act pretty normal around them, see how it goes. I don’t make it too obvious, analyze them to figure out what they might feel for me aaaand I make a lot of jokes, act very happy. Try to impress them but not make it too obvious. Might surprise them with one of my many sides they haven’t seen yet, for example, or with my knowledge. I very spontaneously decide if and how I will tell them.

ENTJ: If I think there is a chance I have a crush on them, I will first try to rationalize it, think about what might happen of I tell them, and if it’s really important that I tell them or of it’s just a silly crush. I actually rarely get crushes, and have yet to actually act on one after rationalizing it.

INFP: I spend countless hours daydreaming scenarios of them asking me out and all the cute dates we’ll go on, but never actually make a move beyond staring hopelessly into their eyes and the occasional nervous hint.

INFJ: Chances are, they won’t know I like them unless I want them to. If I do, it’ll be in small things, like a compliment here and there or I’ll put in a little extra effort to talk to them. I might write a poem or two about them. I’ll know whether or not they probably like me back, but that doesn’t mean I won’t end up overanalyzing everything they do around me and hoping that they like me back.

ENFP: (look I’m an aromantic potato but I’m going to talk friend crush b/c that is similar) Aight let’s say I meet this cool person and I get my friend crush on because I’m a sucker for interesting human beings. They are really freaking cool; I can feel it in my bones. So I initiate contact and ask them questions. Lots of questions, because I want to hear their stories, I want to learn about their passions, I want to begin to understand why they are who they are. To do that, I’ll read their favorite books, watch their favorite movies, listen to their favorite songs. I find the things we share, the loves we have in common, the topics both of us can get excited about. And we’ll talk, hopefully! In the early stages of a friend crush I end up dancing on the line between being friendly and being too friendly, so I’ll probably try not to initiate all our conversations or ask too many questions at the same time. But at the same time I’ll stay up till four if the other person doesn’t say anything about going to bed. I’ll be open and free and honest, but I won’t unload any of my heavier problems on them unless they ask. Most importantly, I think (to me at least), I’ll never put any pressure on them to answer my questions if they don’t feel comfortable answering. Eventually either the jittery “I don’t want to make them hate me” part of the friend crush wears off when we become the best of friends perfectly comfortable with each other, or we end up just staying on friendly terms but not really talking much. I fall in love with people’s souls and then I stay there as long as they let me.

ENFJ: I wrestled a lot with my answer to this question bc its hard for me to recognize my own feelings about someone.  I find myself attracted to a lot of different people, but when it comes to crushes, I reserve my affections for but a few, and for valid reason:  I become obsessed.  My comfort is knowing how others feel and tending to their emotions, but when it comes to my own, im unsure, im not confident, and most of the time, I’m simply in denial.  But it shows.  It shows in how much time I spend thinking about that person.  It shows with how much time I try to spend talking to that person, learning every detail I can about them, their hobbies, their passions, their drive, their motivation, their music taste, everything.  I pay attention to their little mannerisms, to how they dress, what they talk and laugh about, etc., but I do it because I want nothing more than to be the inspiration, the motivation, the light in their lives that helps them to become the person they aspire to be.  So the question is how do we deal with crushes?  I love them and build them up to be the best human being possible.

ISTP: I would hide my feelings and treat them like how I normally would treat others such as going deadly quiet around them, accidentally insulting them (bad habit of mine), etc. Would not think about them much but would imagine conversations with person to gauge what they’re like. Torn between physical avoidance and physical contact. If I’m ready and the crush hasn’t approached me yet, I’ll ask. 

ISTJ: I usually think about them a lot and notice their presence and become a bit more awkward around them - but not awkward enough so that it’s noticeable. I’ll talk to them, but usually on social media because it’s so difficult to talk to your crush face-to-face, and hang around them a lot more, and once we get close enough friend-wise, I’ll tell them that I like them and see how it goes. Usually we just go back to being friends.

ESTP: You’ll be sure to know about it, I’ll spend as much time around you as I can, try to impress you with anything and everything. Before long I’ll ask you to hang out.

ESTJ: As an ESTJ, we are not shy when we like someone. Many a time, I have kept feelings hidden for a while, but someone would have to be blind to not realize when I like someone. I talk to them with any opportunity that presents itself, and try to get deep and personal with them from the very beginning. We try to get their attention, or make them laugh. While we are extroverted, we also value certainty. So, we don’t initiate the first move unless the other person is for sure into us, in an effort to spare our own feelings. For many months we’ll continue to vie for our crush’s attention, and if we get it and a conversation strikes up- we’ll no doubt make an attempt to get their phone number/Instagram/etc. if there are no sure signs our crush is into us, we admire from afar until we gain the courage to (finally) admit our feelings to our crush. Although we don’t share our feelings often, when we do there is no holding back. 100% honesty, about our feelings (which many people don’t like.) When we finally admit to our crush, we basically spell it out for them that we want a romantically involved relationship. Otherwise, we think “what’s the point of going through this if we’re not on the same page?”

ISFP: Oh god. Pretty much just stare at their perfection until I think of a reason to interact with them. Then maybe compliment them on their looks (who knows, it might make their day!) ask them their name, what their interests are, all that fun stuff!

ISFJ: Okay so basically I don’t want them to know but I’m accidentally super obvious! I like watching what they are doing, because when I have a crush I am usually very attracted to their body language and smile and hair *sigh*. I’ll walk by them and randomly be where they are just hoping they’ll talk to me, but I’ll never initiate a conversation unless someone threatens to make me talk to them (this has happened before). If the crush catches me looking at them then I’ll be like oh poo and look away quickly and start getting all smiley. I think about the person all the time and try to ignore thinking about them which doesn’t work. When I’m talking to the person I can’t stop smiling - even if they’re talking about their friend who died I’m like “:D That’s too bad :D” lol

ESFP: I’m all about physical contact, whether it just be with friends or with a crush. But when I have a crush I seek them out especially for physical contact. Us ESFPs heavily rely on our 5 senses, so it makes sense that we would constantly want to touch someone we feel a close bond to. Whether it’s casually putting my hand on their shoulder, or just sitting next to them, ESFPs are constantly looking for a reason to have physical contact. I’ll look for any reason to hug or lightly push my crush. (Kind of juvenile I know.) Unlike many other types with their crushes, I make strong eye contact with my crush.  I’ll tend to replay the events of the day that I had with my crush and analyze their facial expressions and visual mannerisms to see if they have taken interest in me. Like I said before, ESFPs are focused on the outside world around them, and are very good at analyzing people’s emotions because of it. 

ESFJ: (we don’t have an esfj at the moment)

Favorite Details from [S] Collide.

1. The fucking music.

I want Homestuck to be remembered for how it marries music to visual. In that sense, Collide is a masterpiece. It’s a sort of three act epic. The opening, apparently “Creata” doesn’t get the credit it deserves for setting the huge stage. Almost every piece we’ve ever seen is at play here, and it all has to be quickly reintroduced to the tune of this song, and it’s so… it’s grand, but whimsical, playful, and gives us that sense of incoming awesome.

“Oppa Toby Style” is not just hilariously named (NEVER LET YOUR FRIENDS NAME SHIT FOR YOU, EVER). I’m a huge fan of Toby from his work in Undertale, some of my favorite music ever. But this is Toby when he’s not restrained by his instrumentals. While Undertale had a limited… instrumental palette, here Toby has free reign. Creepy dancy synth, crowds chanting, some of the most peppy and fun guitars, and that constant percussion pumping along to give way to the windy section then SMASHING back into the action.

It’s genuinely fucking great, it’s so perfect for the heat of battle, with drama and humor and the sense of frantic danger that is at the core of Collide.

“Eternity Served Cold” is that bridge that serves as a vitally needed breath of air without dropping the action. In any other flash, it would be the star track, but in Collide it’s just up against a lot of other incredible work.

Like “Heir of Grief,” which I will argue is the best song in Homestuck history. I heard “HoG” before seeing Collide and already thought it was a deeply moving piece. It’s such a slow, thoughtful score and the guitars bursting in like a revelation make me want to actually start crying. I believe now that I have the association of the imagery, it’s going to become my new “Battle With A True Hero” and make me tear up at the sound.

And, look. It’s the Strider-Lalonde theme song. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Moments of pure hesitancy smashing into triumphant motion, an sort of physical quality to it that moves like the family itself does.

And the twinkly noise as Jade tries to quell her beloved dogs will never unlink in my head.

That passage at about 15 minutes into the animation, the Dave segment as I mentally call it, is this last deep inhale before the final storm, and it’s just great.

“Heir of Grief” is dynamic and yet knows when to be restrained. It is in a way tired, as tired as I feel after consuming this comic for three weeks straight, and that final looping…. arpeggio thing, with the guitar, that keeps looping and looping and going because you have to finish it, you can’t take another breath until it’s finally done–


2. This Smug Bitch Over Here

It is really weird to see the creator of a story inside the big emotional frantic climax of the story and feel an intense emotion. But I did. I saw AH peeking out from behind his perch and I started fucking beaming.

I see you villain. I see you lurking there to witness your own creation kick it into the highest of gears. I hope you are as proud as I am, man, because you should be.

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Lemony Snicket speaks out about Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events

More than 10 terrible years after the Baudelaire orphans reached the happy end of their unfortunate journey, they have to do it all over again — on television.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is Netflix’s newest all-ages series drop, culling an eight-episode first season from the first four books in Snicket’s best-selling 1999-2006 children’s novel series.

Snicket—real name, Daniel Handler—has seen his woeful world imagined onscreen before, but never so binge-ably. Nickelodeon/Paramount/DreamWorks adapted the first three books into a promising film in 2004 (starring Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep, among others), but plans for future films in the would-be franchise went dormant. In 2014, Netflix approached Handler to once again try to adapt the series, and with season 2 already underway, it appears as if all 13 books may finally see the dismal light of day this time.

ASOUE’s general somber story follows the three Baudelaire children — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny — after they receive distressing news about the untimely death of their parents. Until Violet, the eldest, turns 18 and inherits her family’s great fortune, the trio is handed off from negligent guardian to negligent guardian, forcing the kids to not only look out for themselves but also try to outwit and outsmart the persistent threat of Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), a distant and oft-disguised relative who stalks the Baudelaires to every foster home and schemes to get his hands on their wealth.

On the eve of the perfectly-timed Friday the 13th premiere of the series, Handler/Snicket chatted with EW about the adaptation in all its anguish and agony.

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what about The Love Story?

The Anakin/Padmé romance is - in spite of all the cynical criticism of contemporary trend - a beautiful and heartbreaking love story. In fact, it’s the only love story in the Star Wars films so far. 

People are fast to complain about Anakin and Padmé as a couple without thinking properly about the characters themselves, what’s driving them really and what they find in each other. It was clear from the get-go that the Anakin/Padmé love story would be radically different from the Han/Leia romance. Han and Leia’s relationship was built up on flirty bickering and basic comedy, there was not much of a story about it. They don’t have a single scene over all three films, in which they just discuss their lives, their wishes and hopes, their fears and that in an honest and personally intimate way. Therefore, naturally, we got to see a “classic” romance with a macho guy getting the initially resistant girl to melt ultimately. They are old-fashioned - even antiquated - in that regard, but perhaps fitting the mood of the traditional Star Wars audience. With Anakin and Padmé, however, we got a relationship that was not only much deeper in itself and more meaningful, but one that was also challenging “gender roles” while still having been approached from a very traditional point of view  - but only this time in its execution and style. It really wasn’t as much about them falling in love as it was a story about whether they should give in to their emotions and allow their love to blossom, despite the potential consequences, or not.

At first, the lovers are re-introduced to each other in a very innocent way. They aren’t lovers yet, but they have shared a past together. It was Anakin, after all, who played an important part in the liberation of Naboo, Padmé’s home world. Padmé, on the other hand, was part of the equation that gave Anakin freedom. They made a bond back in Episode I, a bond which was the result of a friend’s affection for each other, not a romantic one. Anakin was one the only person in The Phantom Menace who saw Padmé as a person, rather than a Queen. As a human being with fears and desires, not the position of power itself. Anakin, who was thinking about Padmé for the last ten years, was naturally and logically extremely nervous when meeting her again and it shows in his dialogue. He ridicules himself a bit, being overly nervous and awkward whereas Padmé is just relaxed, thinking of him as merely “the boy [she] met on Tatooine”, which is characteristic of their romance as whole. Traditionally in love stories, the woman is portrayed to be the more emotional one, the one that seeks for love and the one that makes herself vulnerable in front of the man, whereas the man is “normally” shown to be more in control and rational, not letting their emotions take over. With Anakin and Padmé, however, it’s completely the opposite. Anakin is the “weaker”, more emotional and more vulnerable person, who admits his feeling in front of Padmé numerous times. Padmé, in contrast, is a lot more rational and ultimately the one who’s up to decide whether they will be a couple or not.  In that way it’s putting a lot of audience expectations and habitations on their head and it might be one of the reason why the “typical” Star Wars audience doesn’t like watching them. It’s challenging and uncomfortable.

As fate willed, in any case, Anakin isultimately asked to protect the Senator and accompany her to her home world of Naboo, after assassination attempts have started to threaten her life. Consequently, the get to spend a lot of time together. Anakin isn’t afraid of showing his feelings from the beginning, he is quite clearly showing his affection for Padmé - but Padmé isn’t yet ready. She is resistant, because the relationship could destroy both of their lifes and careers. There is a constant sense of discomfort and anxiety in Padmé’s eyes and body-language that makes her inner struggle very visible and palpable. She likes Anakin, she feels the attraction - never more obvious then when they first kiss in front of the beautifully blue lake and the red roses - but there is a resistance, a knowledge of duty that prevents her from loving him openly and with good conscience. Even when they’re just having a fun time, when they’re joking with each other, there is hesitation and a bit of a guilt trip in her expression. Nevertheless, the emotions take over in that scene and the music starts to be more playful, the lovers forget the reality around them for the first time.

Eventually, Padmé’s struggle first culminates when Anakin confronts her with his feelings in the Fireplace Scene. It’s also the scene where Lucas pushed the stylized dialogue of their romance the most. These are inexperienced young people who’ve never experienced real love before. Anakin grew up in an Order that forbids love relationships, who was trained to restrain his emotions. Padmé grew up as a person who had been very focused on job and duty, not at all on her personal needs, including love. It’s understandable that their dialogue is awkward, it’s deliberately awkward, as the actors and writers George Lucas and Jonathan Hales have stated repeatedly.

It wasn’t that the writing of it was so difficult. I’d done a bit of writing a love story in American Graffiti, so writing wasn’t the challenge. The challenge was that I wanted to tell the love story in a style that was extremely old-fashioned, and, frankly, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off. In many ways, this was much more like a movie from the nineteen thirties than any of the others had been, with a slightly over-the-top, poetic style – and they just don’t do that in movies anymore. I was very happy with the way it turned out to be in the script and in the performances, but I knew people might not buy it. A lot of guys were going to see this movie, and most guys think that kind of flowery, poetic talk is stupid – “Come on, give me a break.”. More sophisticated, cynical types also don’t buy that stuff. So I didn’t know if people would laugh at it and through things at the screen, or if they would accept it.

George Lucas

In spite of all the criticism, moreover, there is a hidden depth to be found in many lines of their dialogue that people tend to miss because they dismiss the whole thing too quickly and too cynically. “I don’t like sand.” is much more of a reflection of Anakin’s bland and bleak childhood on a world with nothing but sand contrasting with Padmé’s home world, which is fertile (with green area and blue water) as it is a pick-up line.

Back to The Fireplace Scene, though, which also marks a change for their relationship. From that point on, after Padmé made it clear that she couldn’t see them being a couple in the context of their lives and their duties and also wasn’t willing to play only in the dark as secret lovers, Anakin stopps being adamant about it. He accepts her decision and moves on. In the following, their developing love is more of a backdrop to the events that were picking up speed. 

After having visited Padmé’s home, both of them go to Tatooine because Anakin is suffering from nightmares that showed his mother in pain.
So they getto his home, where they both go through some very intense emotional moments. Those are experiences that connect people with each other. Padmé more and more starts to see a man in Anakin who is good at heart but struggling to stay on the good path. Those things are very noticeable, especially in the scene where Anakin leaves in his quest to find his mother. Anakin, at the same time, gets an even stronger feeling from Padmé that he was missing ever since he’s left his mother, which is - of course - only strengthened by the short and painful reencounter between mother and son.

Nevertheless, it takes the prospect of their own death that got Padmé to finally admit her own feelings and longings. The Love Pledge scene is a wonderful example of the visual strength that accompanies all of their scenes. Anakin’s black Jedi outfits makes for a great contrast to Padmé’s white battle suit, which nicely illustrates how different both lovers - past and present included - are nontheless. They were different, but they hoped their love would make both of them complete. It’s was a beautiful idea of Lucas to combine them bringing their own feeling to light with them being brought into to spotlight of the Arena, leaving dark catacombs and emotional prisons behind.

Have their wishes and dreams come true? Partially yes, but not enduringly. Anakin is a lot more balanced in the first third of Revenge Of The Sith because Padmé is stabilizing him, Padmé is accepting him with all of his imperfections, which was wonderfully symbolized by having her take his metal hand at the end of Attack Of The Clones. She makes him a better person. She gives him comfort. It’s only when dreams of her death start to occur that Anakin switches back to being an unstable, emotionally disoriented and dangerously powerful Jedi Knight.

In conclusion, their love story is not getting nearly as much respect as it deserves. They are a different kind of couple than Han and Leia, they are different kind of people - but in a lot of ways, regardless of the stylized dialogue (that said, lines like “My hands are dirty. - My hands are dirty too.” or “Who is this? - Someone who loves you.” aren’t any more sophisticated), they are also a lot more realistic. They were given scenes in Attack Of The Clones were they could be seen discussing their lives, their past, their goals and their respective feelings for each other, which has never been the case with Han and Leia. They were a lot deeper, including all of the imperfections and irrationalness that are found in the human love.

Anakin, how long is it going to take for us to be honest with each other?

Why I Love Yuri!!! on Ice

I just love this show so much.

Since the birth of episode 7, there has been some discourse from friends and on tumblr on the greatness that is Yuri!!! on Ice. Whether you like the show, hate the show, or refuse to watch it, I think it should be noted on how great this show is and what it can mean for the industry as a whole. Under the cut are just a few of the reasons on why Yuri!!! on Ice is such a great show and should not be sold short. 

TL;DR: Yuri on Ice is a great sports anime show that explores LGBTQ+ themes as well as not only include POC characters but their cultures as well. It should not be just considered queerbaiting and should really be celebrated as a great show with an amazing cast, plot, animation, music score, and ability to intimately explore these character’s relationships. Please reconsider watching it if you haven’t seen it already.

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mesmerizedbygreeneyes  asked:

how did you make the video?? ITS AMAZING! I know that you drew it but I'm wondering what program you used to edit it. YOUR ART IS AMAZING BTW

Hello! Thank you for your kind words! It’s called AviUTL. I answered a similar question here before:


The interface looks like this where you can use layers. I think you can make it as long as you have a video program that can use layers (and to be more particular, identify 3D space):

My screen is small so I have to budget the space available for my workspace. AviUTL is like GIMP where you have to put plugins and scripts for it to have more capabilities– and lots of users over at NicoNico and/or YouTube create scripts for AviUTL so it’s really convenient.

Like the BG with the hexagons:

I used THIS script for the hexagons to dance according to the music. I just edited the values to make it move a bit more like the original video because the movement for the image and the shapes are quite different in translation.

I saved this file as a video file first to “flatten” it so that the chorus file won’t take up too much physical memory. I’m just using a laptop so it overheats like 10x a day and I have to be careful. Also, that hexagon is used a lot for different choruses so it has a file of its own.

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anonymous asked:

You said you couldn't ship SNS, especially because post-ending Naruto. I respect that. But you ship Sasuhina? Isn't Hinata a character that is the exact opposite of Sasuke? Hinata is callous with family, Neji who saved her live, her sister having her eyes gouged out. This was both post and pre-ending. I've always felt Sasuke would care about family. His father was also harsh on him but Sasuke still valued him as family. -1


It was one of the reasons why Sasusaku is my NOTP, because Sasuke wouldn’t be able to stand a Sakura who can say callous things about family but at least she was young when she did that. Hinata was thinking about Naruto’s big strong hand while Neji laid dead at his feet, Hinata rushed to Naruto instead of being with her children in Boruto. Even Though SS is my NOTP I still think it’s better than SH? -2

Sakura had actually tried to train herself, she used her capabilities well. Something Sasuke would have respected. Hinata says she would but forgets to use her own abilities, Kiba had to remind her, she lost against a rock. I really would like to understand why you think Hinata would be better than Naruto if you said their characters match well? -3

If it’s because Hinata would like Sasuke for his character because she does for Naruto then I’m a bit more worried because the Hinata who chases Naruto isn’t a good character? She makes promises to herself yet never achieves anything? She abandons her teammate, not only pre-shippuden but post as well for Naruto? Hinata said she would change the system, but she did nothing? Sasuke would have seen all her empty promises as a weakness. -4

The Sasuke who did everything to achieve what he thought was right. Wouldn’t he have seen Hinata as a failure? Wanting to do good, is not the same as being able to follow through. Sakura wanted to become strong and she became strong. Hinata wanted to do many things but did none and I just don’t understand how Sasuke could respect that? -5

Sorry for the long ask, I just don’t understand why you ship Sasuhina even after reading your reasons. It actually made me anti-ship it eventhough I was neutral towards it(probably because I never thought about it) but taking a closer look to it, I realised SS was better and it’s not something I would say to any pairing ever yet SH has made me say it. -6

okay this ask is a long ask and touches various things - I tried to launch into it - and I was all over the place, so first let me objectively speak about the things I am going to reply to with this ask. I will reply to part 1 and part 6 here.

I think the fundamental difference of opinion we have rises out of the way we perceive characters, Anon.

When I look at characters , I don’t look at specific incidents.( I will address the specific incidents you mentioned -- and how I see them too later.) But generally while giving my arguments,  I am not the person who will look at an incident - where Sasuke attacked Sakura and define it as the reason why I don’t ship them. I have never done that if you see my past metas — I give examples as way to illustrate the point I am making, but I don’t judge a character based only on a specific incident in the story.

Because if I look at specific incidents I can never ship ItaSasu or Sasuhina. ItaSasu because they have a lot of destructive elements and SasuHina - because they have NO CANON INTERACTION. 

A character is a whole world on its own. A character has their own set of rules and their own set of motivations. They have their own ideals and they have specific things that make them tick. 

The fundamental similarity , that I see with Both Sasuke and Hinata is the way they deal with the problems thrown at them. I see Hinata as a person, who tries to change system, while remaining in the system. Her family had a lot of expectations for her in the beginning ( just like Sasuke) , the way Hinata tries to deal with her situation is by becoming strong. ( for herself) . 

She is not some fan-girl who is trying to impress Naruto. She draws inspiration from Naruto , to cope with her situation. 

Similarly, Sasuke draws his inspiration from Itachi - to become strong and cope with his situation, where his father too expects a lot out of him. Since childhood they have been insecure about their position in the family. Their motivation to be strong , is more focussed internally. 

Sasuke wants to be as strong as Itachi, so that his father acknowledges him too as his son, but it is NOT ONLY about the acknowledgment, It is too earn their spot in the family and actually deserve it. He isnt focussed on defeating Itachi as a kid, in order to show the world, that he is better. Neither is Hinata focussed on defeating Hanabi , when trying to earn back her spot. 

Naruto and Sakura- their way of dealing with something is more acknowledgment based ( focussed externally). They are trying to compete with someone - because they attach their self-worth to another person. Naruto thinks he can never be good enough, as long as he defeats Sasuke. Sakura thinks she will never be as good as Ino, unless she defeats INo. Do you see what I am trying to get at?

This fundamental similarity in Hinata and Sasuke- is their core. Sasuke and Hinata are guided by what drives them internally and Sakura and Naruto are guided by what drives them externally. This alignment is what drives me to ship Sasuke with Hinata.  Because I know , they have the same make up- when the characters are stripped to their basics.

 How does it matter ?

In a relationship , I feel this basic Alignment is very necessary for the characters to understand each other. Sasuke is never able to understand Sakura as a person because he doesnt GET her. Sakura is not able to understand Sasuke because she doesnt GET him. Now you will say Sasuke and Naruto – do GET each other. 

I don’t think they do, They have always been on opposite side of the spectrum.They connect because of their “loneliness” , I think This basic difference in alignment is what Sasuke is talking about in 698. 

Chapter 698

Now I am not saying you are not justified in shipping SNS , you are!! Shipping is such a personal preference thing, I really don’t care much about what people ship. 

But I see this as the fundamental difference between Naruto and Sasuke. That is why throughout the entire Manga , they are on  opposing sides , even though they understand each other’s loneliness since childhood. Such opposing POV is great when you are friends. It makes friends tick. They find interest in each other and are motivated by each other. 

But in a life partner , it is not amicable– because , you will never really understand your partner. There will always be a conflict in your relationship. That is probably the reason Naruhina seem so unhappy ,because Naruto doesnt get Hinata like he understood Sakura, In chapter 3

Chapter 3

To me this is why I see Sasuke and Naruto only as friends and also the reason I feel Sakura and Naruto were a much better match.

Sasuke , basically was constantly annoyed By Naruto and Sakura both , almost all the time. He doesnt understand why the both of them are always competing and seeking acknowledgement from others. Sasuke ‘s motivation to be strong was not to receive acknowledgement ( yes , it was a part of it), but It was to actually be strong as a person, as a shinobi. Sasuke pursued strength as a goal in itself - he did not pursue acknowledgment as the goal.

I really hope I am making sense here. I hope, this is making you understand why I ship SasuHina more. I feel , fundamentally, Sakura and Naruto – connect better as life partners, because they understand each -other’s motivations better and also the reason I feel Sasuhina will connect  more as a couple at a deeper level.

This is not to say that SNS or SasuSaku don’t connect, but definitely , the mangaka was not able to show it – or communicate it to me as a reader. ( my interpretation can be different than yours, we all have different interpretations of a character) . To you maybe SNS are soulmates – and that is why they are not happy with their wives, to me – it is not so. 

Naruto and Sasuke do understand each other – but To me, I don’t see them as soul mates. I do perceive SasuHina as soul mates.

WHAT ? But they haven't even talked in Canon!! – How does that even make sense? 

I know , I am trying to explain it to you and I am probably not very good at it. The way I understand Sasuke, I do see Hinata as a good Match for him, And it may never make sense to you, But I will try. :) .. 

I understand why it won’t make sense to you too— because when I saw people shipping Sasuhina earlier, i had a similar reaction, I was like– people are out of their minds to ship those two– but now you see here I am , trying to Take on two canon ships like SNS and SasuSaku– who have sooo much manga evidence– with a small crackship without anything on their side. LMAO.  

Actually , I think for entire manga, Sasuke and Hinata have not even spared each other a random thought. So Please bear with me.because here I am trying to explain how I ship SasuHina – over SNS and SasuSaku. 

Also SasuHIna is a crackship– I may see them as soulmates– but don’t take it too seriously, it is all more fun and games. Its fluff and cute and two awkward quiet people who have no clue how to talk with each other. 

This reply is becoming too long, So I will answer other parts of your question in a new post and link it here. I hope this is a good starting point. If you want I can give a lot more examples of this difference in their core selves  from the manga. 

Also I cant give you examples of SasuHina, because its a crackship – they have no interaction. I can never fall back on Mangacaps and many SNS fans will probably laugh at the plethora of manga evidence they have about how well Sasuke and Naruto connect. So I am sure this entire post is going to make me seem flaky. But I will still try to explain it.

Its because I am passionate about my ships. :)

My current seat on the wedding train

A little clarification on my thoughts about Olicity in the finale this year.  Yes, I’m aboard the train, but I happen to think the trip might be longer than we initially thought.  The second wedding’s trigger has been pulled.  We’re traveling without that particular map right now. Which means… it doesn’t have to be a wedding. But it does have to be something along those lines.

Hence: engagement. I think Oliver proposes in the finale.  

(more beneath the cut)

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5x07 meta

First of all, UM, WOW. Like what a fucking amazing episode. Honestly one of the best on the show—in my top ten, hands down—especially in terms of just the writing itself. Jane moved a lot of material in 42 minutes, and sold it all perfectly. 

I rarely recommend anyone touching fandom twitter with a ten foot pole, but really, I’d say we should all send Jane a tweet saying how much we love her episodes. Like. Honestly, anything in her hands is perfect. 

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Time for more Pokemon Sun/Moon talk! :’3 A lot of this is gonna be just rehashing stuff going around anyway but w/e.

So first off, I do agree that Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine are all related.

I very much prefer the theory that Lusamine is the others’s mom, not their eldest sister, considering how much taller she is and that she’s proportioned more like typical adult than child characters in the series, but more importantly, like the first line of dialogue we got from her included the word “mother”. That said, I could go with the variant where she’s their significantly-older big sister but has raised the other two “like a mother”. As long as the maternal role is there.

I DO NOT believe that Lillie herself is UB-01, or that Ultra Beasts can take on human forms.

I do believe there is a strong connection. Think Tory in the Deoxys movie bonding with the disembodied essence of the Deoxys core, who he didn’t even recognize as a Pokemon but as just an entity of light. More on that in a minute.

Originally posted by castaform

Remember my theory that Team Skull was a scapegoat? Yyyeah, I’d still be okay with that being the case, and “I hope they’re the Snag’em to a Cipher-like team” had been some of my first thoughts upon their reveal.

But that was before Lockstin / Gnoggin made a really compelling analysis about the potential goal of Team Skull. If you want to watch the full video, it’s here, though be warned it’s 20 minutes long. (Well worth it imo.)

If you want the quick version for now, it talks about the alchemic skull, and how it denotes the result of nigredo– the first step in creating a philosopher’s stone, wherein something is taken and burned/destroyed to break down to its most basic components, charred beyond recognition, reduced to a blackened mass.

And it talks about how Team Skull(*) is clearly foreign, paler than the Alola natives, but not as pale as Lillie or the default player look. It suggests they’re meant to have Latino influences and specifically suggests a relation to Day of the Dead themes.

(* - Gladion wasn’t revealed yet, and this doesn’t include him, but that kind of goes hand in hand with him not wearing the Skull emblem, being the outsider even in the team of outsiders, etc.)

Long story short, it suggests that Team Skull’s motive is to merge the world of the living with the world of the dead, effectively beating/ending death itself and achieving immortality both for themselves and all the world. This makes a lot of sense in context and I love it.

Originally posted by lusamine

So what about Team Aether “the Aether Foundation”?

Well, here’s the thing. Team Skull may well be trying to achieve an ultimately kind of noble, if VERY extreme, goal. They also have strong family vibes/values and look to have sympathetic characters. …But that doesn’t change that their methods are openly and unapologetically harmful. They’re not “the good guys”.

Aether is in every way Skull’s foil. Skull represents death; Aether life. Skull promotes greed; Aether altruism. They’re literally black and white. In literal terms, a skull is part of the physical body left behind after death; aether is the essence of the intangible soul that lives on.

Skull is pretty shitty on the surface but seems to have some good intentions and redeeming moments under that. Aether seems Too Good To Be True on the surface, so…

That, and Aether is Very Science, and of course alchemy is an early sort of science. It stands entirely to reason that Aether would be the ones who created Type: Null, whether for selfish or noble reasons.

Whether Type: Null failed to approach the power of Arceus, was never completed as an experiment, or is far more powerful than we realize when its restraint is released; I’d like to think that Gladion was appalled when he learned of the research being done with/on Type: Null and stole it to “save” it.

Alternatively, they may have some physical/mental connection, which could relate to Gladion’s shaking? Who knows.

At any rate, I feel like Gladion joined Team Skull specifically to oppose Aether, to expose them for what they really are, and to end their experimentation.

I absolutely do believe Aether is an “Evil Team”. 

I mean… Look at the “employees”. Since when does Pokemon go out of its way to say “hey, look at this male and female variation of this totally not suspicious in any way organization, there is totally a reason you need this info early.” …No. These are Grunts. These are the Grunt models.  Literally there is a leader, two admins, and grunts. (Also, we have been overdue for a female team leader forever, so thank Arceus for Lusamine.)

So I believe they’re an Evil Team, but not the Evil Team. 

 As I said, good intentions don’t excuse all Skull’s actions. In a similar vein, questionable ethics and horrible experiments wouldn’t change Aether’s genuine conservation efforts or any good they do unless the game plays it all as entirely a front, which would feel a bit boring to me. They could have them hoarding Pokemon just as research fodder, but I’d prefer to see an organization that is genuinely passionate about protection and just… also… haaaappens to be willing to cross the line in the name of progress now and then.

What I’m saying is I want both teams– the black team and the white team– to end up morally gray in the end. Because, as we’ve already explored, “It’s not always black and white.”

And, HELL. You want extra fun???

White is Reshiram. Reshiram is Truth. Truth is saying “this is the way things are” and acting accordingly. Truth is working within the boundaries of what is, accepting necessary sacrifices when there isn’t a realistic way around them. Truth would absolutely put on a pleasant front, knowing that connections and positive public image make success in life easier, while taking pragmatic and sometimes questionable routes when no one is watching.

Black is Zekrom. Zekrom is Ideals. Ideals are going “okay, I see how things are, but I refuse to accept it.” Ideals are raging against the system, fighting desperately to find and take the third option when presented with two unacceptable choices. Ideals accept that to change the rules they often have to break them. And what could be more idealistic than trying to change the greatest law of life: that death is inevitable?

Originally posted by ommanyte

I may just also really really want some Black and White motifs in this game because I want so desperately to have a chance for N to show up again but ssshhh.


So onto Lillie!

Originally posted by teenxenolove

Lillie is a pacifist. Lillie hates battles. But Lillie is deeply invested in knowledge. She “devours” books. Given the connection of light and knowledge, I still wonder if she may have a connection to Solgaleo as well, “the beast who devours the sun” and all. Lillie having a connection to both UB-01 and Solgaleo while Gladion has one to both Type: Null and Lunala seems at least fairly plausible to me. But at any rate.

I’d like to suspect that Lillie somehow befriended UB-01, whether she’s ever had contact with it directly or not. Perhaps Aether was studying UB-01 and Lillie was the only one to see it more as a person than a project (becoming the Aguri to UB-01′s Koro-sensei, if you’ll pardon the reference), or perhaps Lillie was reaching out for some way to help combat both Skull and Aether, and UB-01 heard her prayers.

The possibilities are numerous, but whatever the case, I want Lillie to be a human who has a deep spiritual connection to this creature, who has taken a form reminiscent of her either as a symbol of their friendship or as a way of mentally bonding to her. Perhaps UB-01 can even speak through her? We’ll see.

And then something about Zygarde and Marshadow and Arceus and other dimensions and aliens and It All Comes Together. I don’t know. But I’m hella excited.

I guess I should write a thing about Bro Strider.  Honestly I’m still really unsure what his exact deal is – I don’t have a solid headcanon about his background or his motives, just a lot of wild and contradictory speculation.

I’m kind of bugged though by the “total sociopath” interpretation Hussie ended up advocating.  Not because I’ve ever been that emotionally invested in Bro or his relationship with Dave, but because

a) it… doesn’t reflect a very realistic idea of what actual abuse is like?  I’m no expert on the topic, but I don’t think most abusers are actually complete psychopaths with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  That’s why it’s often so hard for victims of abuse to just leave the people who are hurting them – because there are good parts to the relationship too.  I don’t like the way the depiction of Bro seems to support the narrative of “real abuse is always 100% awful 100% of the time, anything less than that doesn’t count”.

(And it bothers me especially when juxtaposed with the treatment of Rose’s Mom, who is a good example of a parent who probably did genuinely care about her kid but still ended up neglecting her.  I don’t like how the narrative ended up dumping the entire blame for that situation on Rose.  “Mom really loved her, see, which means she can’t actually have been a bad parent and Rose must have been making it all up.  The only bad parents are obvious monsters like Bro; if you feel any amount of affection for your kid, it completely absolves you of all wrongdoing.”  Meh.)

b) it doesn’t fit very well with what we know about Dirk.  Dirk isn’t a sociopath.  He’s definitely capable of feeling affection for other people – he just expresses that affection in really fucked-up ways.  The Dirk-Jake relationship was obviously set up as a parallel to the Bro-Dave relationship, right?  But Dirk clearly does genuinely like Jake!  If Bro didn’t like or care about Dave, then his and Dirk’s motivations were completely different despite the similarity of their actions, and the parallel between them is rendered superficial and meaningless.

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TWD Season 4 Bonus Material Through Sanja's Eyes

The long-awaited Walking Dead Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets have finally arrived and seeing how Carylers were granted a limited amount of “physically present” Carol and Daryl scenes, the anticipation for anything extra or even a little more insight in the characters story arcs, has been building up since the final episode and only made the hiatus more difficult.

Based on the previous season releases and the fact that all of them had deleted CARYL scenes included in the bonus material, my expectations while a little more cautious that before were definitively positive and on the hopeful end of things.
Since the end of Season 4 the CARYL spirit has been boosted and empowered from many different angles and Carylers have a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about Season 5 especially regarding the direction the Carol and Daryl connection seems to be heading.

The Bonus Material granted does not include a direct CARYL moment like in the past BUT there are several things in the commentary that certainly look and sound like they just might be favorable for our ship.
That being said I have to admit that the extraordinary praise donned on Melissa McBride herself is the star here but then again listening to anyone fan-girling or fan-boying over her brand of fabulousness never gets old with me!

Without Further Ado I Present To You the Highlights;

Episode 1 “30 Days Without an Accident”

*Greg Nicotero commented on the Carol and Daryl first scene - “Just remember I liked you first” and “You gotta learn to live with the love” - by saying;
“I love the chemistry between the two of them, they are great together..”

Now granted this isn’t exactly “new” news and a similar version of that sentiment has been uttered by a almost everyone BUT I still liked hearing Nicotero’s thoughtful take on the “thing” between Carol and Daryl because it highlighted his own emotional approach to creating and interpreting personal scenes between characters. The comment was said as an observational “fact” and not his personal opinion (like he did with his Alone “feeling”)

*This is the BIG ONE (I will revisit this in it’s own post) -

Scott Gimple said that he put a concentrated effort into making sure that the Carol and Daryl interactions in the premiere episode were highlighted and specifically meaningful because they were aware that they were going to be separated for much of the season.

The reason I consider this to be important is simply because it essentially confirms that the relationship Carol and Daryl have is not just different from the ones they have with the others BUT was significant enough to need a strong acknowledgment from the get go so the audience doesn’t completely dismiss it and forget it’s importance to both of them.

It also implies that CARYL will come into play in the future and those scenes were the groundwork for what it’s to come later on.

*The comment about Norman Reedus’s contribution to the whole “finger-licking” part made me smile because it reminded me of the Season 3 Premiere “Seed” and Daryl licking his fingers clean before giving Carol a shoulder massage during the whole “Screw Around” scene on the bus.

Episode 8 - “Too Far Gone”

Scene - “Daryl finds out Rick banished Carol - reaction”

Seth Hoffman (writer):

“Daryl comes in and gives this whole speech about why he knows Carol is going to be a survivor and Norman came up to me and said look I like this speech, at some point in the series I would love to give this speech but this is not where this character’s head is at this point. So we cut the speech and he was completely right and the scene works great as it is.”
“This was one of the scenes that the fans were looking forward to seeing. What was Daryl’s reaction going to be when Rick tells him he banished Carol.”

*Having seen the scene and read other Reedus statements the quote from the writer made actually makes sense - Daryl is a character that needs to process information which is why Norman wanted the scene open-ended. The conversation wasn’t finished and Daryl was too angry and taken aback to make any eloquent speeches - Carol was gone, Rick did it and Tyreese needed to be “handled”!
Had the governor not attacked just then the speech might have been heard later on - Daryl was angry and that part was very clear! (this too will be revisited)

*The anticipation and fan enthusiasm about getting to this scene was plainly and bluntly acknowledged in the commentary - What is Daryl going to do? was HUGE! (Nod to CARYL)

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Andrew Lincoln Version

First I am going to let the quotes speak for themselves;

*Andrew Lincoln - “Can I just say I know I’m supposed to talk smack about Melissa but she is the single greatest actor I have ever worked with. Am I allowed to swear? She’s a fucking alien. She’s so good. Seriously, remember the first time doing a scene in S1 at the camp. she says two things to me. It was so real, so disarming and brilliant, I said to Jon Bernthal who the fuck is that? I’m so thrilled you’ve written this incredible journey for her. I think she’s one of the strongest. She’s one of our secret weapons on the show.”

Scott Gimple - “Not a secret anymore. I watched S1 from home and it was the same reaction. Who was that? From a character standpoint, the thing that is most exciting about her character is seeing characters change and for her to be here from where she started, it was a remarkable thing. “

*Scene - “Lizzie kills Mika and Carol talks her down into giving her the gun and going in the house with Tyreese. Once out of sight Carol breaks down to tears”

Scott Gimple: “The performance Melissa gives here is astounding.”
Denise Hutg: “She’s Amazing!”
Scott Gimple: “It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen!”
Andrew Lincoln: “She’s so amazing, man. So amazing.”
(muffled - almost sounds like he’s holding back tears)

*About working with and writing for Melissa McBride;

Scott Gimple: “When you’re writing something for people. And you know they have super powers, it give you super powers to deliver them material that you know they can do. There’s a weird relationship to fanfiction. Fanfiction on the internet is always based on passion. It’s the same here, just a lot more expensive. Oh man, if I had a dream where I can write for Melissa Mcbride.”

***Now I can’t speak for him but personally I can’t see a guy whose dream is to write material for Melissa McBride killing that DREAM just to further something as unoriginal as man-pain or solve something as tacky as an offensive love triangle!

*About The Grove Episode (in summary)

Denise Huth: “It’s the whole story, the tragedy, the zombies and all of that. The ugliness of what you have to do then you have this scene of just utter grace and forgiveness between two human beings who only have each other left.”

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman Version

My favourite quote;

“I think you’re an acting teacher in disguise… You’re so incredibly intuitive and always passionate and always driven to go further. I never had to worry. All I had to do was look at you, babe.”

Chad Coleman speaking to Melissa McBride

*I think the undertone of that statement works for both Tyreese to Carol and Chad to Melissa

“When was the last time Carol had a hug?”

Melissa McBride on Tyreese hugging Carol

***The commentary itself was beautiful and surprisingly light-hearted and worth the listen for Melissa’s voice alone!
****This masterpiece will get its own post!

Episode 12 Still

***I will be including some material from “Still” because there are those out there who use that particular episode to undermine the relationship between Carol and Daryl.
I feel that there are a few things in the commentary that reinforce the platonic/familial bond between Daryl and Beth and confirm claims a lot of Carylers predicted and concluded prior to this release.

*Scene - “Drinking game and the confrontation-breakdown that follows”

Emily Kinney: “Beth hasn’t gotten to be much of a teenager since everything happened…lets do something kind of fun like play one of these games that I remember.”

Julius Ramsay (director) “She thinks she’s coaxing him into having fun but what she’s really doing is antagonizing him…” 

“…she doesn’t know that she shouldn’t confront him about something which is part of the reason I think she does it…”

Many analysis posts have been done on this scene (mine is here)
and the director basically confirms what almost every Caryler suspected in the first place - Beth has no clue who Daryl is, how to approach him or how to talk to him AND ultimately she is still very YOUNG in her ways and her attitude.

The writers went out of their way to portray Beth as a sheltered, vulnerable “teenager” which is confirmed by Emily Kinney herself and the director says outright with no ambiguity that Beth was antagonizing him, pushing his buttons and initiating games for FUN without even an inkling of understanding of what kind of PAIN is brewing inside Daryl.
The commentary indicates that this wasn’t some BIG masterful plan by Beth to heal Daryl’s emotional wounds and help him - she was trying to distract both of them from reality by coaxing some fun and because she doesn’t know Daryl, they have no history together, she doesn’t know that this is exactly what she shouldn’t be doing.

*On a side note - the mere fact that Emily Kinney refereed to Beth AGAIN as a TEENAGER makes this whole shipping contemplation with Daryl just…err…uncomfortable!


I will be honest - a CARYL deleted scene would have been amazing BUT Carylers were given some extra hopeful reassurance about Season 5, Melissa and Carol were clearly celebrated and some of our suspicions and gripes were vindicated!

*My favorite part was Scott Gimple giving Carol and Daryl extra time in Episode 1 because he knew they wouldn’t get it later on - that to me speaks volumes about what this show-runner deems to be important!

CARYL On My Lovelies - There is Hope…so much HOPE!



bravo-zver  asked:

So with Peridot, Steven made a connection with her by being the first thing on earth to probably not present itself as a threat to her, and further comforted her with his knowledge of earth meteorology. Thus began the long yet still pretty quick route of her redemption arc, though I don't think it's finished quite yet. What catalysts do you think will be needed for Lapis and Jasper's own arcs? Sorry if you already answered something like this, I'm shit at navigating anything besides my own dash

So my thinking is that Peridot was the first, fastest, and easiest mostly because her only context with the Crystal Gems was what we saw in the show. I think that Jasper and Lapis both are going to take longer, because of the context of the war, and Lapis I think will take a lot longer than Jasper!

See, with Lapis, people forget a lot of the time that Malachite wasn’t the only thing she was dealing with? There were things that pushed her towards Malachite happening and at this point all she know is she’s incredibly bitter at everything that’s happened and to a large degree she feels like it’s the Crystal Gems’ fault for putting her in that situation in the first place- something that seems to have more of a kernel of truth as guilt over the war (or in Pearl’s case, romanticizing the war as a coping mechanism) seems to be a common thread between all three of the Crystal Gems that were there- Garnet, Pearl, and Rose. 

The lighthouse that had a Gem trapped and buried in it that Steven stated was “hurting” has a window in the shape of Rose’s Gem.

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