i hope this made you cry :)

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So I have B's and A's in four of my classes, but I'm failing College Algebra with a 59%. I'm a Senior with all my college plans made, but I'm just hoping to whatever is out there, that I get at least a C. I take AP classes, but math has never been a strong suit of mine. I'm so stressed out about it, I feel like crying all the time.

hhh I have no idea how to help you with this, please know that my thoughts are with you and that you are amazing regardless of your grades! 

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Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the poem it was beautiful. It made me cry so much but in the cathartic sense. I do feel like I can breathe again now xxx birthday girl

you deserve it. i hope the rest of your day is just as amazing as you ❤

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I think you should bring back story time just to rub it in that anon's face.

          “Y’all actually remembered story time–shoot, I’m gon’ cry–”

                          Blinking back tears and hoping their watery eyes wouldn’t betray them, Apath fanned their face with one hand and let out a shaky exhale.

       “I think…I think tha’s a good idea. It always made me happy ta do it.”


grumpy iwa-chan for my number one, @shiroganesm. ♡


the flicker series: on my own

When One Direction comes knocking, fuck what I’m doing. I don’t give a shit if I’ve sold out arenas or won Grammys. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for that.


Especially Fitz. He woke from the worst nightmare of all - one in which he was the monster.

{artwork inspiration by @soulofaminaanima}


request a gifset - jackson & members being affectionate with each other for anon


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.


He woke tho

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Merlin is joking around 1 day & puts on Arthurs crown when teasing him. Everything else seems to stop as Arthur gaps for a few seconds, too short for Merlin to notice, at how beautiful the man looks in his crown. Slowly, the world flows back around him & Arthur catches the last part of Merlins sentence. He teases him back, but later, when Arthur is alone in his chambers, his mind cant help but wander back to his crowned servant & he begins to wonder what he would look & sound like giving orderes

My servant’s crown
Oh Anon, your words are wonderful and you made me cry a little *sobs* I added something to it, I hope you don’t mind ♥


“If he dies, a part of me dies, too.”

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Heyyyy welcome back to tumblr, can u write something about reddie? Literally anything, my days kinda sad

Aw no, I hope your day gets better! Here, have the most ridiculous idea I could think of:

  • So you know those lame Home Ec classes? Where you get a robot babydoll and you have to take care of it for a week to simulate parent hood?
  • Yeah
  • Eddie is absent that day they get the assignment, so guess who he gets stuck with, AKA the only kid in class who didn’t get a partner because everyone wants to actually PASS?
  • I’ll give you a hint
  • Richie kicks down Eddie’s front door, the baby’s head sticking out of his backpack
  • “HONEY I’M HOMO! Come meet your son!”
  • The baby is screaming
  • So is Eddie
  • Eddie snatches it from Richie, convinced that he’s going to be a single father for the next week
  • “What’s its name?”
  • “Eddie 2, because he has your eyes!”
  • “You’re a fucking moron.”
  • “EDWARD, please! Don’t use that kind of language around our son!!”
  • Eddie has an existential crisis in the middle of his kitchen because he’s holding a baby while the trashmouth is telling him not to swear
  • Trying to astral project himself back in time to punch Past Eddie in the face for missing class for a Doctor’s appointment 
  • But as it turns out, Richie is all in on this assignment
  • He macgyvers a way to turn his hoodie into a sling so he can do his homework without leaving the baby alone
  • They take turns with who gets the baby during the school day, and Richie thinks its the sweetest damn thing that Eddie keeps sending him texts asking how things are going
  • “Little E2 is great!”
  • “That’s not his name
  • It is his name, Richie already made a fake birth certificate and got a Doctor’s signature (Dr. B Hascom, MD) 
  • He gets extra credit for it too
  • They spend the weekend together, needing to write a paper about the assignment anyway
  • Richie accidentally falls asleep on the couch with the baby cradled to his chest, and Eddie just stares for a while before taking a picture so he can have the image forever
  • But then the baby starts crying, waking Richie up with a groan
  • “Eddie, I decided…I can’t handle being a teen dad. We should have used protection.”
  • Anddddd the soft moment is over just the like that
  • Eddie snatches away the baby from a smirking Richie, regretting every life choice all over again
  • He has the baby in one arm while he makes breakfast the next morning, and Richie teases him for talking to the baby like he’s real
  • “Let me bond with my son, Richie.”
  • Eddie and Richie fight over who has to get up in the middle of the night when the baby starts crying at 2 am, resulting in them both getting pillows to the face
  • “Ugh, et tu, E2? I can’t deal with TWO people trying to get my attention!”
  • “You’re a nerd Richie.”
  • They’re actually really sad when they have to give the baby back, and Richie makes a big show of pretending to cry
  • “They grow up so fast! Our little boy! Can you believe it Eds?”
  • Eddie rolls his eyes, but he can’t help but grin at seeing Richie act so responsible and soft for the last week
  • “No, I can’t believe it at all”

*feel free to add on!*

“Light and Daffodils”
(Please do not repost without permission and credits)

Well, Mystic Messenger is one of my recents obsessions (all this year xD) and it’s so SO sad that I don’t have any friends who likes this game too!! I’m all alone! :(

Anyway! this Wednesday Cheritz confirmed V route! OMG!!! I just want to save him! >___< I heard the song (kind of) "Light and Daffodils” in the video that they released, and it just broke my heart!! T___T violin and cello, omg T____T
Then I just saw this image of V in my mind while listening it and I had to draw it!! (it was midnight then, but who cares haha)

In the end in of the song, the lyrics says: You can take my all, representing V’s feelings… * cry again * 

I hope you like my illustration! It was made with many, many tears xD

Girlfriend #7 - Woojin Au

- admin xion

genre: angst
member: park woojin
word count: 1467
requested: no
side notes: late happy birthday scenario for my bby !! ty to @jinguobells @dong-hyucks@fromwannaone fOR HELPING ME TYTYTYT ILY 

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girlfriend #1

  • woojin’s first crush
  • no- woojin’s first girlfriend for the matter of fact
  • they met in 9th grade
  • woojin never really wanted a love life
  • nor did he hated the fact of having one
  • he didn’t bother with grades
  • or having good relations with anyone from the school
  • it was something he never really bothered to think about
  • until he met her
  • she was someone who made him laugh
  • made him realize a lot of things
  • such as friendships and grades
  • he was happy
  • pure happy
  • not your casual chuckle here and there
  • he found himself smiling everyday and being excited
  • as he soon found out why he loved her
  • and i repeat- loved
  • woojin confessed, extremly nervously
  • as she accepted
  • and he was head over heals
  • he loved her so much
  • your cliche holding hands
  • cafe dates
  • warm hugs with her cute oversized hoodies
  • but guess what?
  • oversized hoodies help you hide secrets you keep
  • as his heart was crushed
  • he stared at her phone blankly as tears escaped from his eyes
  • she stood there in the corner of the room bitting her nails
  • she cheated on him
  • he was filled with rage that didn’t come out because he found himself being too fucking sad and blaming everything on himself for not being a good enough boyfriend
  • what went wrong?
  • why did she do this?
  • he only blamed himself
  • as he only thought he was the rock in the relationship
  • funmy thing is
  • he didn’t even break up with her
  • she did
  • as he was left even more empty
  • spent so many nights curled up
  • just crying to himself
  • as no one notices how much he’s hurting
  • as everything he thought was happiness becomes a blur
  • he hated himself

girlfriend #2

  • girlfriend number 2 was only a spark in the dust
  • he met her a few months after girlfriend number one
  • he was still heart broken
  • it was practiclly taped and was attempted to be sold
  • they met while he was walking in the halls
  • and opened his locker a bit too harshly as it hit her in the face
  • their lockers were beside each other
  • he just never paid attention to that until that incident
  • they talked to each other ever since then
  • he’d smile from here and there
  • but it wasn’t the same
  • and he knew that but forced himself to ignore that fact
  • because he wanted to fucking move on from this hell
  • he believed that he can get over her
  • he had the passion
  • the determination
  • but none of it worked
  • she attempted to make his heart a whole again
  • and only one heartful soul who bought it
  • but all the things he thought he did with girlfriend number one haunted him so much
  • he tried too hard to be the perfect boyfriend
  • he tried so hard not to loose her
  • he did everything right that he did wrong with her 
  • it was too perfect
  • it was too- much
  • to only have her dissapear within the time of a week
  • his heart wasn’t now just broken in a million pieces
  • it became a billion

girlfriend #3

  • as he thought he lost all hope
  • he was right
  • girlfriend number 3 liked him
  • he didn’t even like her
  • they began dating
  • he didn’t try at all
  • and every single fucking time he thought about it
  • he was reminded of all the reasons why his past girlfriends left him
  • “it’s best if i just leave it,” he’d mumble to himself
  • as she was slowly
  • slowly
  • slowly tearing herself up inside 
  • she tried too hard
  • he didn’t do anything
  • and then she slowly stopped trying
  • just like him
  • and they both got bored of this relationship
  • they were too hurt for each other
  • and within the blink of an eye
  • she wasn’t his anymore
  • his heart broke into a trillion pieces
  • funny thing was,
  • he was used to it

girlfriend #4

  • his second favorite ex
  • does that even make sense?
  • he enjoyed this relationship
  • it was about a year later as he began to date again
  • they met through a game
  • she was your cliche, cute, pretty, angelic, nice girl
  • a lot of attributes but 
  • it was all true
  • she was the definition of perfect
  • she’d study often
  • she had a good amount of money and a well paying job
  • well future planned ahead 
  • and not to mention, she was extremely kind 
  • they’d study together as she would often help him with his problems
  • as they both slowly developed feelings
  • and before you knew it,
  • they were dating 
  • everything was perfect
  • he looked past from all of his past girlfriends and all of his past mistakes
  • and she was aware of the struggles he went through
  • deep down
  • he was still the same, heart broken person who wore a mask
  • she was too perfect
  • and too happy with life
  • he felt like he was only ruining her with his negativity 
  • and he ended it
  • he felt so bad
  • he felt like her crushed her even more
  • but she understood and shook it off
  • as she only filled herself with positivity to move on
  • something he envied so fucking much
  • he’s the one who broke up with her
  • but why is he in so much more pain?

girlboyfriend #5 

  • sometimes, distance can be such a pain in the ass
  • long distance
  • two words that became so blurry to woojin’s eyes 
  • girlfriend number 5 lived in shanghai
  • while woojin lives in seol 
  • actually, they met in real life before
  • and to be honest…
  • girlfriend number 5 wasn’t a girlfriend.
  • it was a boy 
  • they met when woojin accidentally fell and he helped him up
  • he was taller than woojin
  • they got closer and bonded over the fact that they both enjoy pc games a bit too much 
  • but then came reality as to how he only had to move back to shanghai
  • in fact, he was only visiting for a few months
  • woojin was confused
  • everything became a blur
  • he questioned his sexuality
  • he claimed he was bisexual
  • he dated him
  • but long distance sometimes isn’t just the distance between two people
  • it creates a distance between the two as they drift apart
  • everything was blurry
  • everything didn’t make sense
  • distance can be such a bitch 
  • he broke it off
  • woojin of course cried
  • in fact, he even got onto his knees at night, clasped his hands together and began apologizing to god 
  • he felt like he was a disgrace about assuming his sexuality 
  • he was confused
  • did he even like him?
  • did he just rush things?
  • did he try to hard?
  • did he not try at all?

girlfriend #6

  • everything was hell for him
  • and so it was the same for her as well
  • they both lived such bad lives
  • apparently, two negatives make a positive 
  • there was no fucking positive in that relationship
  • they get along so well
  • it only makes them argue 
  • it’s like having to be friends with yourself while you’re already insecure
  • you have double the insecurities to deal with
  • you’d rather drown yourself to death
  • woojin was going through that
  • he tried
  • and tried
  • and she tried
  • and tried
  • but they both knew
  • it was coming to an end
  • everything only became more and more blurry
  • and woojin’s heart was no where near to become repaired from the trillion pieces it broke into 
  • nothing last forever
  • just like this relationship

girlfriend #7

  • you
  • number 7 was his favorite number
  • also known as the lucky number
  • you were his 7th girlfriend
  • both of you met naturally
  • it wasn’t forced
  • it wasn’t sloppy
  • both of you built up the relationship
  • from friends to best friends
  • you guys would joke around so much
  • inside jokes will be tossed around 
  • dates that you guys wouldn’t claim is a date
  • your heart would beat so quickly near him
  • as his heart was only being repaired by an angel like you 
  • you took your time to sort out your feelings
  • as he did the same
  • all the negatives from his past relationships 
  • weren’t existing while you were around 
  • in fact- you both hated each other at first
  • he kept teasing you on how weird your ponytails looked
  • until one day you actually choked him with your ponytail
  • and that was the birth of a friendship
  • that soon developed into a relationship
  • you were an angel to him
  • you didn’t come off too hard 
  • you didn’t try to fix his broken heart
  • you let it repair on it’s own as you only supported him through the way
  • he treasured you so much
  • he treasured everything
  • the hugs
  • the small embarrassing kisses 
  • only problem was
  • you were an actual angel that hid the fact that you were bit by a dragon called cancer


You know, if I wasn’t part of this fandom, I might think this show is actually scripted. 

Because, in the campaign guide Matt released several months ago to the public, there’s this:

“The actual date of the [Matron of Raven’s] rise to divinity is unclear, but the Night of Ascension is nonetheless celebrated on the thirteenth day of the tenth month. Many people of Emon see this cheery celebration of the dead to be unnerving and macabre, but the Raven’s followers believe the honored dead would rather be venerated with cheer, not misery.”

Now Matt, in his final description of the campaign, with the exposition of that evening in Zephra, said “…Cuersaar the thirteenth, the tenth month of the year…”, which means that Kiki gains a raven companion on the day where those devoted to the Raven Queen celebrate those who have passed, and remember their legacy. 

But, this campaign closed on the 13th of October, the tenth month of our calendar year, at least where I live. (give or take a few hours, depending on the time zone)

And I can’t think of a better time to send these characters off than on a day where, in their fictional world, there would be people finding joy and hope in the stories they left behind them.

(all credit to the og revelation made by @tieflingofcolor​ on discord <3)