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I’ll Be With You (Part 3)

A/N: This part too forever to write only because I got distracted by a great section that’s later in the story.

Warning: Swearing again. Alcohol. FLUFF! It gets steamy at the end but no smut… yet ;)

Summary: After running into James Barnes, you find yourself dating an Avenger but the ever present noise in your mind asks– why? To protect your heart, you keep him at arms length, but what happens when he falls for you first?

Song: I’ll Be With You (In Apple Blossom Time)- The Andrews Sisters

In The Mood- The Andrews Sisters & Glenn Miller

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It had been two weeks since your first date with James Barnes but the texts and early morning running dates were constant. Your shifts wouldn’t allow for any evening dates but you wouldn’t have traded anything for these early mornings. Your shoes were finally laced as you ran out the door looking for the brunette soldier. Same as every morning, he was leaning on the side of the stoop. He wore a long sleeve shirt despite the heat to cover his left arm with gym shorts, showing off his strong, thick legs. You sighed looking at him. You had gone for a sports bra and workout leggings, suddenly feeling insecure in your decision until he looked at you.

    “Geez, I’m going to have to fight off every guy in Brooklyn with you looking like that.” You blushed playfully punching him in his metal arm.

    “Let’s run, soldier!” Leading off as Bucky trailed behind you. He shamelessly stared at your ass until finally catching up with you. Your conversations were light hearted as you retold about patients and your shift the night before. A sense of pride filled him as he listened to you tell about riding a gurney as you perform chest compressions on a patient as you rolled down the hallway.

    “I bet half of Brooklyn has to thank you for saving them, babe.” You chuckled.

    “Hardly. Even so, it’s not saving the world like you, babe.” You winked at him.

    “Ha! We could have used you. Steve was an idiot and got shot on the last mission. Guess they finally figured out to shoot his dumb legs.” He tried to be funny but you could tell it worried him. You stopped running and pulled him into a hug to his surprise. “Y/N?”

    “Are you okay?” You looked up at him in concern. His features softened at your cute face.

“He’s fine–”

“I asked if you were okay.” You were stern, forcing him to answer. You knew it must have scared him to have his best friend injured.

“Yes. Better than okay now.” He pulled you back into a hug. His scent was overpowering as he held you tighter. He had the faint scent of musky sweat with the sharp touch of his deodorant. “Hey, doll. I’m free tomorrow?” He quickly stated, pulling your mind away from his scent.

“I am too!” You tried not to sound overly excited but failed. He chuckled. “But I’ll plan the date.” You blurted out.


    The night came quickly as you dressed, sporting a very 40s style dress that you thought Bucky would love. It was red with a low neckline and swing skirt to your knees. You strapped on your black heels then ran the finishing bright red lipstick across your lips. You let out another sigh as you looked over your outfit. Tikiboots was lounging around on your bed, staring at you with her one eye. “What? Too much?” You turned about quickly. A meow answered you and you huffed. “Asking a damn cat,” you mumbled, shaking your head.

    “Nan! How do I look?” You asked nervously, walking into her bedroom. She sat in her rocker, looking out her window out onto the street. Instead of answering, she coughed heavily in return. “Hey! Easy there,” you gave her some water, “do you need me to stay home?” But her answer was an immediate no.

“Absolutely not!” She huffed at you. “But if I could ask a favor? Could you play my song? My hands are shaking too hard to put the pin down properly.” You gasped. It was her and Pop-pop’s wedding anniversary and you forgot. You smiled lovingly at her then quietly walked over to her vinyl collection and put on her favorite record, the soft melody put a smile on her tired face. You sat back down beside her, holding her hand as the two of you hummed along.

I’ll be with you in apple blossom time

I’ll be with you to change your name to mine

You quietly joined in on the singing, not caring what you sounded like, as Nan giggled slightly. It was a frequent pastime the two of you enjoyed but this time it distracted you both from the car that pulled up.

One day in May, I’ll come and say

Happy the bride that the sun shines on today

    Mindy was quiet as she let Bucky in the door, whispering to him about the loving moment upstairs. He could hear your sweet voice from the doorway as he quietly made his way upstairs.

What a wonderful wedding there will be

What a wonderful day for you and me

He stood just outside the doorway as to just peer on the moment. His breath caught in his throat as he saw you. Your curled hair and red dress, he knew you did all for him, made him smile softly.

Church bells will chime

You will be mine

In apple blossom time

    “My dear,” Nan’s words cut through the soft music causing you to look up at her. “I haven’t seen you this happy in years.” You blushed.

    “Is it too much?” You gestured towards your outfit nervously.

    “No,” Nan laughed, “You look lovely.” She grew quiet, like she was thinking about what to say exactly, which never happened.

    “Nan?” You whispered.

    “Y/N, my sweet girl. Do you like him?” You looked at her with concern. Concern riddled her face as she stared at you for an answer. You blinked a few times, thinking about her question.

    “You know that answer.” You chuckled.

    “Y/N.” She looked at you again.

    “Nan.” You stared back. Bucky was concentrated on your answer, staring at the back of your head, as you thought about him. “You know I do. He’s different.” You whispered.

“Love, it’s been so long. You deserve a chance again.” You smiled again, kissing her cheek as you rose. Bucky quickly turned around, his mind racing with your words echoing in his mind.  

“I’m just going to enjoy tonight.”

    She sighed. “Good. Then I won’t keep you. Go, have fun. Dance for me, love.”

    “Of course,” you called back as you slowly closed her door. You turned towards the stairs until you heard steps behind you.

    “Hey there, gorgeous.” You gasped, clutching your chest.

    “James!” You hissed but then fell into a fit of laughter. He smiled, walking up to hug you. Your arms snaked around his waist, like they belonged there, as you continued to giggle into his chest. “Geez, Sarge, I didn’t need the shit scared out of me.” A small chuckle sounded against your cheek. He looked down at you sweetly, the loving look in his eyes made your knees weak. You looked to his lips, imagining their sweet taste, but you shook yourself from the moment.

    “Well, we have a date to go on, don’t we?” You took his hand leading him to the car. A bit of confusion crossed his face but then disappeared as he opened the door for you.

    “So, doll, there a reason why you’re all dressed up?” He asked, getting in the car.

    “I thought I’d take you somewhere special.” You blushed as you looked at your hands. “Nan and Pop-pop use to take me to the local American Legion on Saturday nights to go dancing.” You finally had the nerve to look up. Bucky’s blue eyes were wide and shimmering as he looked at you. “I figured you probably didn’t have much time for that in the last 70 plus years and I haven’t gone in years, oh and it’s 40s night so I hope you’ll really like it–”

    “I can’t wait.” He breathed out as he grabbed your hand for a kiss. You stopped breathing watching his lips brush over your knuckles. It was going to be difficult to think straight tonight.

    There were fewer people than you remembered but that didn’t bother Bucky. The room was decorated in red, white, and blue, with vintage propaganda posters lining the walls. Bucky allowed the stress of Avenging and his years with HYDRA to melt as he walked towards the dance floor. You had expected his cheeks to hurt from all the smiling he had done, and you hadn’t even started dancing.

    “We look to be the youngest ones here, doll.” He said noticing all the other couples slowly swinging to the music.

    “You mean, I’m the youngest one here?” You winked as you grabbed his hand.

    “Oh ho, doll. You’re gonna get it!” He pulled you close. “Follow my lead.” He whispered into your hair then spun you around causing you to erupt in laughter. He was good. It was like the two of you travel back before the war. His arms were strong as they guided you into dips and swings. You were floating around the dance floor, swinging perfectly in sync with one another like you had been dancing together your whole life. When the next song started a huge grin crossed his handsome features.

    “You know this song?” You winked. It was ‘In The Mood’ with Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters. You quietly sung to him as he swung you out and spun you. “Mr. What-ya-call-em what you doin’ tonight. Hope you’re in the mood because I’m feeling just right.” You winked suggestively at the lyrics causing him to chuckle.

    After the third song, you finally took a much need break. Well, it was a break for you. He wasn’t even breathing hard as he guided you to an empty table. He pulled out your chair but then quickly sat next to you, closer than you expected. Luckily, no one either noticed or paid attention to the dapper Avenger beside you, allowing the two of you to flirt at your table in the corner in peace.

“You want a drink, sweetheart?” You nodded quickly, the thought of an ice cold anything was heavenly. He walked over to the bar, leaving you at the table to enjoy the scenery. Really, you were still watching Bucky as he leaned on the bar. You had told him to dress accordingly but he still surprised you. He had worn a long sleeve white button down paired with a navy blue vest and dark tie. His muscles rippled under his shirt sleeves. You sat there silently undressing him with your eyes, your imagination running wild. You hadn’t noticed his return until he quietly cleared his throat, causing you to jump.

“James!” You hissed again, using his first name as to not draw attention to him. “Again?” He smirked then grinned wide.

“What were you thinking about?” You pressed your lips tight as you watched his shit-eating grin.

“This.” You took your drink and nursed a long sip, tasting the sweet taste of rum and coke. “My favorite! How did you know?” You smiled.

    “It was a guess. You don’t seem like a fruity cocktail girl.” You smirked, biting on the tiny straw in your drink. You looked out towards the dance floor, allowing Bucky to stare, jealous of the attention you were giving the straw. He huffed quietly in frustration then quickly turned back to you. “You go dancing often?” He questioned, causing you to chuckle.

    “I haven’t had a partner to go dancing with in years.” You winked.

    “I’ll never understand why.” That look he gave you from the hallway returned. It was a good thing you were already sitting down. You crossed your legs and cleared your throat, uncomfortable under his stare.

    “So I have to ask, why do run to Brooklyn every morning? I mean, I know we run now, but the very first time.” You leaned over onto your hand, resting your elbow on the table. His face fell which immediately caused you to rethink your question. “Nightmares?” He nodded slowly. “Pop-pop had them too. He survived Normandy.” You grabbed both of his hands. “You don’t have to tell me anything you’re not ready to share.” You smiled as sweetly as you could, rubbing small circles into the back of his hand flesh hand but not letting go of the metal one. You tried to remember how Nan would comfort Pop-pop after a nasty spell of nightmares. Your eyes turned down towards the hands you now held in your lap. He hadn’t pulled away yet. “But I admire that you’ve gone through hell and you’re still so nice. I mean… nice isn’t the best word. You’re just so sweet to me but you’ve just done so much good in the worl–” His lips crushed into yours, causing you to moan at the sudden action. He released his hands from your grasp and cupped your face, deepening the kiss. The natural taste of his lips and the sweet liquor mixed to cause your head to spin. You finally pulled back for air, laying your hands on his chest to stabilize yourself. “James…” you whispered breathlessly.

He pulled you out of your seat and towards the dance floor. You were stunned, speechless, overwhelmed, and completely infatuated with the man in front of you. The music was soft and slow as Bucky pulled you close but you couldn’t comprehend the lyrics or melody. You allowed your body to just follow his.

“Let’s get out of here doll.” He whispered in your hair but you only nodded. He pulled your hands, leading you toward the car. You stopped him before he opened the car door, pushing him against the vehicle. He stared at you shocked but the dark glint in your eyes explained it all. You grabbed his tie to pull him down to your height, fiercely kissing him. His warm hand was placed at the back of your neck, refusing to let you pull back. Your own hands combed through his tawny hair, pulling him closer. A low growl from his chest vibrated to your lips, causing you to moan. His metal hand snaked around your hips, dangerously close to your ass. You shuttered in response.

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“Sergeant–” you whimpered, resting your forehead to his. Your hands were still wrapped around his neck.

“God, I love it when you call me that.” His voice was a low growl. You giggled, wildly blushing from the hot make-out session you just had on a side street in Brooklyn.

“Well, that was something.” He smirked.

“Let’s get you home, baby girl.”  

Part 4

Love Kate! xoxo