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I dare you to draw a picture of erwin using just nail polish and willpower.

Heyho, I’m sorry this took me so long but I had massive artblock ^^ Here is your pic of Erwin using nailpolish and willpower :D Im positive that this is what you meant xD

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

BRAD - don't have to go too far tonight

Note: Thanks for the request! Hope you like it.
Title from ‘My Place’

I. You’re all I think about…

You couldn’t hide your excitement when you heard The Vamps wanted to collab on a song with you. Everything was even better when you found out you were going to make a music video together.
The song you had written together was a huge hit, both your fan base and theirs were very supportive of your new single.
The music video shoot was today and you were beyond excited. You had become close friends with the boys, especially Brad, since you spent a lot of time together writing your song.

You put on some black leggings and an oversized sweater over top of a plain t-shirt, you wore minimal make up and barely did your hair since everything was going to get fixed up once you were at the studio. Though it was pointless to get all dressed up, you still didn’t want to look to bad when you got there, you knew Brad would be there.
Today was the day, you would kiss Brad Simpson.
The whole outline of the music video had already been planned out, it included a few scenes of you or Brad singing and the rest of the guys with their instruments. But the so called ‘story’ in the video was of two lovers. Those two lovers would be represented by you and Brad.

When you finally arrived, you saw Tristan near the entrance looking through some clothes for the video.
“Hey Y/N!” he said.
“Hey Tris! Oh no am I late?”
“No no. Of course not. We’re early” 
“Yeah right” you said and rolled your eyes.
“Your manager was looking for you, I think she’s back there somewhere” he said.

You walked to where your manager was, you saw all the cameras and lights and all the people getting prepared to film the video. You got distracted by a bright light and you didn’t watch where you were going, you crashed into somebody and almost fell to the ground.
“Oh sorry” Brad said reaching for you hand, preventing you from falling over. You blushed. Hard.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah. yeah.” you looked down avoiding eye contact.
“Good, we don’t want you getting hurt before the big video shoot”
“Uh, yeah”
You gave an awkward smile and just walked away. You sped up your pace and went into the nearest room you could find. Luckily that was your dressing room. You locked the door and took a deep breath. You were hardcore cringing at the embarrassment you had just suffered with Brad.

“Y/N!” someone shouted knocking on the door. 
“What?” you said.
“Its me” the voice of your manager said. You fixed your hair and then opened the door.
“Here you are, I’d been looking for you everywhere” She seemed to notice your discomfort. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing it’s just- nothing”
“This isn’t about Brad is it? The whole kiss thing?”
“What? no its-”
“Because if it is, don’t worry about it, we’re sure your fans will be very supportive, ever since the song was released a lot of them started shipping you two anyways… so don’t worry about the hate, I’m sure it won’t be that bad and besides, it’s just a kiss”
“Oh, yeah ok. Thanks” she totally missed the whole point there, but it didn’t matter, you didn’t want to continue the conversation anyway.
“Come on now, let’s get you dressed”
You followed her to where the clothing was and the make up artist had been waiting for you.
Thankfully you didn’t run into Brad.

You were able to get through most of the video without much contact with Brad. You glanced at him every now and then and caught him staring at you every time. You felt extremely intimidated and dreaded the moment you two would have  to kiss.
Eventually that moment did come. You were already exhausted from filming all day, you had had multiple outfits to wear and full changes in hairdos and makeup. 
“ Time for the Kiss scene!” someone shouted. Brad was already there standing, waiting for you. You walked toward him, slowly, and you kept your head down.
You noticed now, that your palms were sweaty. Why were you so nervous? The second you walked in through that door in the morning you became a nervous wreck.
You were both standing in front of a plain white background, both of you were wearing black.
A man behind the cameras, that you couldn’t see because of the bright lights, started speaking out the instructions for this scene.

“So this scene is easy and quick guys” Oh please let it be quick, you thought. 
“Brad, when I say to start you will put your hand behind Y/N’s neck. You will, slowly, pull her in for a kiss. Now I don’t know how long it will last but when you hear me stop you, you can stop. Though I will need you to pause and pull away slowly, it’s part of the scene. We only have 2 more scenes left, so lets go people!” he had a loud raspy voice that made you uncomfortable. You felt an increasing pressure to make this look good. In the background you heard your song playing in the loud speakers.

You and Brad were standing inches away from each other waiting for the man’s signal.
“Just a second guys! One of our cameras isn’t working well. Just stay there, we’ll fix it quickly.”
“Well that’s just great” you mumbled. You were still looking down at the floor, your hands were still sweaty, you felt exposed and vulnerable with all those bright lights in front of you and all the cameras.Brad was standing still in front of you.
“Are you ok?” he said softly, his voice was so low, you barely heard him.
Your took a deep breath, just wishing this would end, why did you even agree to this in the first place?
You looked up at him now.
Oh, that was such a mistake.
His deep browns eyes stared at you in doubt.
“what?” you said confused, you went blank, you forgot about everything as you were lost in his beautiful brown eyes.
“I asked if you were ok, you seem a bit-”
“I’m fine” you interrupted and you looked down at the ground again.
“Ok guys! Everything has been fixed now, so let’s continue.

You took a step closer, the space between the both of you became non existent. You looked up at him. His face seemed somewhat sad, and nervous. He was nervous too. Thank god. The music in the background got louder and the man behind the camera shouted “go!”
Brad lifted his hand up to your face, but hesitated.
He placed his hand on the back of your neck gently and slowly. He looked at your lips for half a second and then looked up at your eyes again.
He had leaned in so your foreheads were touching. 
Everyone was in complete silence.
You closed your eyes. A million thoughts ran through your head, all about Brad. His lips had only brushed yours when the man behind the camera yelled “Stop!”
Neither of you moved, now all you could feel was the burning desire to kiss him. He was right there. You  barely even had to move  so that your lips could touch his. But you just stood there, motionless wrapped in his arms.
You opened your eyes. His were still closed.
 "Y/N!“ The man shouted. Brad’s eyes flickered open.
“Remember, you are supposed to be in love with him, I need more- more passion, you look worried, and we know that won’t do”
You turned to turned your head towards the man you still could not see. Brad loosened his grip on you. You hadn’t noticed that your face looked concerned. But you didn’t answer the man. You looked at Brad again, he didn’t say anything.
“Ok people! Let’s continue!” The man shouted. 

 Brad hesitated, but then, he quickly pulled you even closer to him than you already were and crashed his lips against yours.
You wrapped your arms around his neck as he tightened his hold on you and pulled you closer to his body.
Now finally, the nerves went away, your mind went blank as you kissed this boy. All of those worries had disappeared.
It was slow and sweet, and you were completely lost.
“And scene! Great job guys” A voice said.
Neither of you stopped.
But now all of those thoughts and worries came back. What were you doing? Why didn’t you stop? You had to stop. This was Brad Simpson, not someone you should be kissing for more than business purposes.
You pulled away, but like the man said, you did it slowly. You kept your eyes closed, and you noticed Brad’s slight surprise when you stopped. He didn’t let go of you. HIs arms where wrapped around you tightly.
You both opened your eyes at the same time. Nobody around you said a word. He let go of you, and you took a step back. He didn’t move or say anything at all.
You looked down at the floor again trying to escape his stare.
So you turned around and walked away, because like everyone had said, it was just a kiss.

….part 2 out….

kinda like the soundtrack to some dystopian horror game, one that’s haunting but in a super aesthetic way 

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So, I won’t be active properly until July. This month I have my final exams for high school (my bac) and I really shouldn’t have procrastinated a whole year lol. Oops. Anyway, I won’t be reblogging or posting anything (I will like things tho mostly from my phone from time to time and answer messages).

See you in July. 

I get it, okay?

You’re bitter. You’re hurting, you’re raging, you’re scared.

I get it, but I’m only human
and my skin is butterfly wing thin, just like yours,
so the claw marks you leave with your words
are wounds I will carry for a lifetime or more.

I get it. You’re breaking before my eyes
and I can’t catch your pieces
because I’m too busy holding my own,
see, you broke me before your first cracks showed.

I get it. This path you are on is heavy with hate
and you hold it for everyone you meet.
You loathe like you love,
boundless and bold you tear through hearts
and beat them like they are drums
but we are not instruments
for you to play until your palms bleed.
You’re burning bridges faster than I can build.

I get it, I wish I didn’t but I do
so listen to my words because I wrote them for you.
Just because I understand doesn’t mean I condone,
just because you’re hurting doesn’t mean you’re alone. 


« Among those who study the path of joy, I was viewed as rather stiff and stodgy, But those here I’m seen as somewhat wild…»

Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Mans Fear

Page 742

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hey sophie :D may i ask you wcif posters from post/157670097820/this-week-on-im-a-hermit-and-my-mother-isnt? thanx

i sure hope you mean these ones! 

all the granite fall lookin ones are from here, the math/space ones are from here and the lil stickers are here :^)

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What if their skins would turn to the color that their souls really represent (i hope u understand what i mean english isnt my native language)

I get what you mean, no worries. I’m not an expert on Auras though, so I go with usual color associations

Mikasa: Deep red
Reiner: Yellow
Bertholdt: grey
Annie: light blue
Eren: bright red
Jean: forest green
Marco: light pink
Sasha: deep blue
Connie: brown
Historia: hot pink
Armin: blue grey
Ymir: light yellow

Levi: red
Hanji: purple
Erwin: golden
Nanaba: light green
Mike: green
Moblit: light golden

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