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I had a really nice time with a handful of my friends while I was out dress shopping! Some friends lived too far away, or couldn’t make it, but I hope these pictures capture the experience! 

Anastasia complimented almost every dress, bless her soul! She’s too cute. Sandy dished out some honest opinions and Aaliyah was quiet but also really supportive! I woke Queenie up too early for this (lmao sorry~) so there she is yawning. Sorry Queenie, I’ll take you out to lunch to make up for it! Annie really liked the dress covered in bows and she took so many snaps on her phone. 

Seki and Julia roasted my ass (or were they roasting my dress?) for the dress with the roses in the back. The front was not so good, and I quote from Seki, “made me look like I had sagging body rolls.” I agree though! It wasn’t the one. Julia just let out a quiet “noooooo.”

I had trouble putting on the second to last dress, so Anastasia helped me out again! What a mom-friend! I love her. And then they brought out the last dress, and oh my god, I think this is the one! It suits me perfectly! I asked them if I should text my bunni a picture, because I was soooooo excited about it, but they collectively agreed it would make for a lovely surprise at the wedding. So, sorry bunni, but you’ll have to wait a little longer! 

- Love, Suzy ♥

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yehetmechen  asked:

Hi ^^ Can i ask you on something about Kaisoo?:3 I totally love your blog and Kaisoo (after only 2 years with EXO i still don't know my otp) 😅❤But i'm on tumblr new so i don't know if you already posted here but what are your opinions about Kaisoo 2016/17 and jealous Kai? Cause we all know how it's with homosexuality in S. Korea :/ and how it was, when sm share "Kaistal daiting scandal" Do u think, that Kai really isn't gay? I know it's hard talk about relationships+sexuality so i apologize🙁

Hey, how are you? Oh, a kd ask after a while idk how to feel about that, it’s been so long lmao.

I’ll only mention my opinion about those subjects so, don’t take it as truth. Some subjects were discussed before a plenty of times, so I’ll speak kind of superficially? If I can find something relevant about it, I’ll edit this post with a link.

2016 was a mess, as a lot of people remember. Since 2015 there were rumors in SK about a gay couple on the same group and it exploded in 2016, peaking a lot of people’s curiosity. Then, suddenly, kxk was announced and, such a “coincidence”! It was really a mess for everyone. Lots of rumors about JI, people hating on him (but in BY was worst, tbh), JI was sad for months, KD couldn’t look at each other in the eye… Tense. But towards the end of the year other scandals came (the presidental one being the most relevant of them all) and it caused an impact in media too, since coincidentially or not some couples people were revealed at that time, sometimes two in the same day!! people really didn’t care much, they wanted the president to resign

Now, in 2017, the president suffered the impeachment and SK will have elections in May. Others scandals are relevant now, like Thaad and how China and SK relations are restrained at the moment. Media always comes and goes with their breaking news, it’s interesting. But about KD, it seems kxk goal was acomplished. JI is busy with his dramas (being the main character, wow i totally hope he succeds), KS is doing his business, Krys is with her sister a lot and KD is having lots of moments nowadays so much for a dead couple, RIP me.

What do I want to say about this? Does it mean that the “gay couple” won’t be exposed anymore? Not really… Maybe for now. It’s important to know that media is dynamic, which means that they will always look for different kinds of news for their purposes. With the actual situation, they’ll focus more in other matters, and EXO is preparing for their Encore concert and a possible comeback. 

Another thing is interest to notice is how KD moments are similar to what they had before: in some concerts, behind the scenes at Macau awards… Does it mean that KD isn’t being restricted anymore? Well, the look on SH’s face can say something or be totally coincidential:

And also consider this text about a fan that went to the concert, is really carifying. 

So, it shows that, although things are calm on the outside, there’s some tension between the lines that can’t be ignored either. But there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. In the end we are just spectators.

About JI’s jealousy: i didn’t understand what you wanted me to say regarding this. Some people tend to be, kind of… Territorial with their partners? And JI did that lots of times, since debut until the present time? I remember some people said on Tumblr that it meant that theyr relationship wasn’t healthy, and I commented my opinion about this matter here.

So, the question: is JI gay? Only he knows the boundaries of his sexuality. People can comment how he’s straight, bi, gay, pan, asexual for things they see about him, but he’s the only one who can understand his own feelings. But if he has a bf that is hidden by a supposed straight relationship facade, the last thing he is is straight. He can be bi or pan, but not straight. “Oh, but in SK theres a lot of prejudice against LGBT people”, yes, I know that. Everybody knows that. But even in places like Spain, where u can freely open up about your sexuality, there are those who don’t accept LGBT people (Madrid is the gay capital of Europe [words of my gf], but a gay couple was thrown out of a restaurant anyway). The amount of prejudice a society has about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, won’t make them disappear or erase their existence anywhere. The most they can do is hide. What totally explains the reason why companies make fake dates involving a man and a woman, it can be in US or in South Korea.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've been working on a particular story recently, and I was wondering if you had any tips or links to relevant resources. 2 main things: 1) How do I write two best friends (ugh, so cliché, I know; however, in this case, I think it makes a lot of sense) that end up "falling" for each other (in a way that isn't super annoying)? Please keep in mind this is NOT the main focus of the story. 2) How do I make my readers root for (or, to be simpler, ship) two characters? Thank you very much!

It’s so cliché I wrote that kind of relationship too! No worries, friends falling for friends happens in the real world too, if not as often as it does in literature (because, I guess that’s what we want, right?).

I’ve definitely read some posts/articles on this specific type of romance, but they were really brief and not memorable, so we’ll go with my experience for now.

1) No matter how badly written or terrible the relationship, there will still be shippers. I’ve had people ship characters that were never going to be together simply because one of them bestowed the most basic act of kindness upon the other. Shippers are hopeless romantics, essentially. They want to believe.

When my two characters did get together, all my online comments (except one who preferred them platonic) were along the lines of “AAAHHHOHMYGODITSFINALLYHAPPENING.” Apparently, mainstream storytelling has readers so convinced there will be a romantic subplot, that all my readers had assumed these two would get together from day one. Just in case that wasn’t so, they also shipped the main character with her other friend, her love interest with another girl, and kept expecting a love triangle to form at some point (never). 

Long story short, shippers be shipping no matter what.

2) How to make it not annoying? And cliché? And silly? I wanted to avoid all those things too when I initially wrote the romance, yet when I came back to edit it a year later I cringed while deleting large sections of their dialogue and interactions. I also realized that when I first wrote them I didn’t understand their personalities as well as I do now. Still, I love how the relationship turned out, and as I got to know these two characters better, the better I understood their motives and reasons for falling in love. It’s okay that it wasn’t perfectly portrayed in the beginning, readers still got the point and kept reading. 

The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to avoid mushiness and remember that these two people already know each other really well. Sure, they might feel a little awkward once the romance starts, but unlike falling in love with a stranger or mild acquaintance, they already trust and respect the other person. If that’s the case, they love each other despite the flaws they already know about, and might be more willing to forgive the other person over personal differences. Or they’ll break up and never speak again, that happens too sometimes.

Don’t feel that because it’s friend-falling-for-friend it’s somehow more likely to annoy readers than any other kind of romance. All types of romance have the equal ability of being cheesy or breathtaking. Learn how to write your characters well, get in their heads, see the way they see, and the romance begins to write itself.

If you haven’t seen my big ol’ masterlist of romance-writing-references, here’s the link (x). Focus on the last subheading to help you get into character, and refer to the rest for backup. 

Hope this helps!

be sure to ring the doorbell

summary: dan’s a tired sports reporter, phil’s a friendly vampire with no real sense of boundaries and a propensity for bad dracula jokes as well as leaving his unconscious victims in dan’s kitchen. this isn’t how dan thought courtship goes, but he’ll take it.

notes: wanted to write something about modern city vampires for a long time - and then an anon talked about my angst and said, i challenge you to write something absolutely ridiculous, and of course i have a secret folder of ridiculous prompts waiting around to be written, so… i did.

based on the sentence prompt you need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen , although no one really dies. full title reads: be sure to ring the doorbell (before you climb in through the window). enjoy. (warning for: blood and vampires-related business. no character died in the making of this story.) also read on ao3.




Dan finds a passed out woman bleeding onto the kitchen floor at two in the morning, sighs, then flicks the light switch on.

“All I wanted was a bowl of cereal,” he tells the woman who’s only just waking up, clutching her head between two palms and looking around in confusion. “Like, seriously. Some respect for people’s midnight snack schedules, right?”

The woman looks at Dan like he’s mental. She’s got a point, maybe, sitting on a stranger’s kitchen floor smudged with her own blood while the stranger’s talking to her about midnight snacks. Dan hands her a glass of water and a prescription bottle of iron tablets and can’t help but think that the last one was more polite.

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Why Zouis isn’t dead

Ok, so we might not get much, but Zouis is out there giving us subtle hints of them being fine. Mostly by referencing eachother in roundabout ways. And if you have trouble keeping up with both small and big things that has happened I made a masterpost about it. Enjoy~

First and foremost, remember that almost 5 years of friendship doesn’t end that easily.

They were attached most of the time… They were seriously super close before Zayn left and that in itself should be a reason for people to think twice before assuming “Zouis is dead“

Especially since it seems that the boys knew that Zayn was leaving. (With Niall saying “While Zayn’s here” and other things.) Who really knows though?

But I digress… Let’s look at the Zouis we’ve gotten in these last hectic and stressful six months.

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anonymous asked:

The Molly thing was a set up for Ron's insecurities in the last book, though? They were erased from the movie but one of Ron's worries when he faces the horcrux is that his mom prefers Harry to him. Even if it wasn't true, we were supposed to pay attention to that and see it throughout the other books or at least understand why Ron felt it. I don't agree with the statement that Topanga is preferring Maya over Riley, I'm just saying that maybe Harry Potter isn't the best example here?

Well, since I’ve only read through the books once (and only seen about three of the movies, I think), I’m mostly gonna let kids/major HP fans take point on this:


While it eventually became explicit canon that Ron had this insecurity about Harry and Molly (and was telegraphed quite a bit beforehand, I think), what you did NOT see was fans talking about how Ron should “smack Harry” or about how Harry was “selfish and tried to steal Ron’s life while Ron falls into depression and is ignored.”

No one made a “Ron Weasley Protection Squad” because Molly Weasley loved Harry Potter almost (or even exactly) as much as her other children. No one said “he has Sirius and a fancy new broomstick now, he needs to stop mooching off of Ron’s parents and appreciate his godfather!”

The point here is the difference in the way people react to the characters and the way they interpret what is going on, not that the situations are completely different. Because they’re not. At all. Even with Ron’s CANON insecurities about his mother preferring Harry over him, it’s pretty clear that’s just Ron’s insecurities and not the actual case.

As far as Girl Meets World goes, it is not explicit canon that Riley has any insecurities regarding her parents and Maya. [EDIT- GM Father aside,] we’ve yet to see her breathe a word or even display a look of upset when her parents are kind Maya. That is not to say that Riley being insecure and jealous of her parents being kind to Maya couldn’t come up later, my point is simply that it’s not canon NOW and they don’t seem to be telegraphing it as a major issue. Either way, Riley is certainly not “neglected.”

If/when they do have a “Riley is jealous of Maya/C&T” episode (they had one with Cory and Shawn/Alan on BMW), I hope people will understand that the root of it all is Riley’s GENERAL insecurity and not some great evil that Maya and C&T have done TO Riley— just like with Ron. You can’t argue that Ron didn’t have a lot of insecurities about being Harry’s “sidekick,” not to mention one of several children in the first place (one of whom was Percy the oft-praised overachiever). So it stands to reason that deeeeep deep down he would feel a little bit insecure about his mother and her relationship with Harry…but no one could argue that Molly and Harry were doing anything WRONG or that Molly “neglected” Ron. And I don’t think anyone ever would…

…unlike with Riley, Maya, and the Matthews where people have literally accused C&T of “neglect” and suggested that Maya is brazenly “taking over” Riley’s whole life—even though it’s almost exactly the same relationship/dynamic as Harry, Ron, and the Weasleys minus the magic and the constant life or death peril.