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FlintHamilton and 14?

“You’re supposed to talk me out of this.”


The pond reminded James somewhat of the lagoon on New Providence. It was roughly the same size and in a secluded area. They had stumbled upon it by sheer chance exploring the area around Savannah. James had wanted to stop and take a swim. It was midsummer and even with all his years in the Bahamas James wasn’t used to the muggy and stifling air here.

He had assumed Thomas would join him, that is until Thomas reminded him of a fact James had nearly forgotten: The ex-lord couldn’t swim.

James had scoffed, calling it nonsense. Everyone could swim if they had to. With a little more coaxing he had convinced Thomas to give it a try.

So now James stood waist-deep in the pond, waiting patiently (not for much longer) for his lover to join him. Thomas had stripped down to his breeches and was tentatively coming towards him.

“I think I may have changed my mind. I’m not comfortable, James.”

“Nonsense. You’re fine. Come on.”

Thomas paused when the water reached his knees. “James, I am really not comfortable. We agreed that if we ever made the other person uncomfortable we would cease and desist. You’re supposed to talk me out of this when I say I’m not comfortable.”

But James was just grinning at him. He strode over to Thomas and took his hand gently.

“Come on,” he said softly. Thomas looked at him with a frown-smile. He followed James towards the center of the pond. Thomas seemed fine until the water reached his chest. He stopped. James stood beside him.

“This is deep enough,” James remarked.

“You’re bloody right it is!” said Thomas

James chuckled. He proceeded to push off the bottom of the pond and propel himself across it, arms making the usual strokes through the water and feet following behind. He returned to Thomas the same way.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said.

Thomas stared at the distance to the other side as though it were ten miles wide. He looked back to James.

“I’ll drown,” he said flatly.

James cackled. He swam again for Thomas and this time he stayed on the other side of the pond, refusing to come back.

“James McGraw, you come back here this instant!” Thomas shouted to him.

“You know you are acting very much like the spoiled lord I once mistook you for,” James shouted back. 

That seemed to be enough for Thomas, who glared at him before launching himself into the water and (mostly) swimming to James, flailing only at the end and before he realized he could stand again. James laughed happily, arms open wide to embrace him. Thomas’s good nature returned to him and he smiled back, albeit sheepishly. They kissed, and then Thomas said with a haughty grin, “See I told you I could do it!” 


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