i hope this isn't spoilery

anonymous asked:

So was the power rangers movie good?

technically? it’s not going to be up for an oscar any time soon (not that the oscars mean much) but for a superhero movie in the age of the mcu and dceu? and for a remake of a 1990s children’s television show? yes

it’s an origin story about one of the most diverse groups of superheroes you’ll see outside of the pages of a comic book and you’ll find yourself rooting for each and every member of the team. the film doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s beyond refreshing. i was laughing and crying and didn’t even realize that i had been in the theater for almost two hours and that’s coming from someone who couldn’t sit through rogue one without being distracted. it’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement in the very probable sequel but as someone who grew up with the original series i’m really excited to see where this one goes

aelinqueenofterrasen3  asked:

I hope this isn't a non spoilery question but which character are/did you enjoy/ing writing the most in Crooked Kingdom?

I think I liked writing Wylan the most because he was brand new and so different from the other Dregs. But I really do love writing all of them.