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Healing Hands

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 1 of 2. 7,419 words (Yeah, I know. This was supposed to be a short, smutty one-shot. For shame.)
Warnings: Smut glorious smut. Little bit of angst.
This is the first fanfic I’ve posted online in about six years so I’m super nervous and sorry that my writing is rusty. I will improve with practice! For me, Ivar’s relationship with his mother plays a huge role in how he interacts with potential female lovers so my depiction is probably a little softer than the norm. I hope this fic isn’t too terrible!

You didn’t know Ivar Lothbrook well growing up but your mother did.

As an experienced healer living in Kattegat, your mother tended to Ivar whenever the pain from his condition was too much. Your mother’s reputation was so great that Queen Aslaug herself frequently requested her assistance with Ivar. With the right combination of natural remedies, your mother always managed to get Ivar’s pain under control. He liked her and strangely enough, she liked him too. You could never understood why though, at least not as a child. You and Ivar were two years apart with him being two years younger and he just seemed outright volatile every time you met him. He was an angry child whose frustrations were only occasionally successfully hidden by his angel smile. He grew up to be an angry teenager too and you disliked tending to him whenever you trained with your mother. He was rude and unpleasant, always hissing at you under his breath when you touched him. Only his mother and yours could calm him back then but now both of them were dead and you had to tend to Ivar alone.

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It had been so simple, really.

Go back.



The scrawl on the inside of his wrist was messy this time. As if written in a dazed hurry.

‘You’re here. You’re here. You’re alive. You’re finally here…’

And on it went.

Over and over again.

The words disappeared and reappeared.

The elegant slope of each letter almost mesmerizing, even in this obvious state of distress the writer was in.

Alas: nothing ever went according to plan in his life.

There was a flicker of something in the reader’s mind. Something that had been eerily dormant until then. Something he hadn’t known was missing.

He was so screwed.

The Boy-Who-Lived clenched his fist and clutched the special time turner around his neck protectively.

This didn’t make any sense.

He didn’t have a soulmate.

But the hopeful scrawl on his arm seemed to mock him happily and clearly suggested otherwise.

What really confused him, though, was that the black calligraphy looked so… familiar.

Familiar because it brought back memories of pipes and obliviate and-

“Ah, Harry Potter, I assume?”

Said boy’s head whipped around to take in Dumbledore, who stood at the office’s entrance with a warm smile on his face.

And a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

- Tomarry [Time Travel + Soulmate AU]

What if,, in the Jasper witch AU,, Jen was this,,

catch me crying in the club bc i love her sm

funnystarfish  asked:

Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 

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that how many followers do you have anon has been asking that question to every single "big" larry I follow. is someone making a survey? are they wondering if we're dying out or getting stronger. what is the point

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hey i sent this before but idk if tumblr ate it so im just gonna send it again? delete it if you need to ofc. can i get some positivity for a dave who just got out of the hospital and feels frustrated with himself for being a burden on other people again just like he was in his canon? thank you so much

I looked through requests and I found the ask, Tumblr ate nothing. I’m really sorry, I thought it was an aes request not a positivity. That was my fault. And here’s the actual positivity post:

There’s no need to feel frustrated at yourself. You’re not a burden, your friends care. Mental illness isn’t something we control, even though most say it is. Shit happens, and sometimes it affects us, bigtime. I’m sorry you had to go through that and end up in the hospital. But you’re not a burden. You’re a human being and part of being human is being imperfect. If you’ve found any canon-mates, they care. I hope you feel better, and know it’s okay to ask for help. Or to be ‘weak’. Because if you’re at the bottom, you can only go up. And with time you’ll get better.

-Mod Ace

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#2 on the drabble prompts. How about for Jon and Daenerys since that's your thing?

Oooh! Thanks for asking me to do this. I love it. Drabbles have never been my strong suit so I hope this is okay? It’s kind of long haha. Also kind of fluffy and fanciful, entirely implausible in GoT canon. I regret nothing! XD

“How long have you been standing there?”

The question jolted Jon from his reverie and he glanced over to see his sister smiling coyly, taunting him. He hadn’t noticed Sansa walk over to meet him, lost in his own thoughts amidst the bustle of the ball, the press of people filling Dragonstone’s Great Hall to capacity.

“What else would you have me do?” he asked her, shrugging.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Sansa gestured dramatically at the grand spectacle of it all, indicating the couples dancing on the well-polished floor all around them. “I suppose dancing never occurred to you?”

Jon scoffed. “These highborn ladies have no interest in dancing with a Northern bastard.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re more than that, and you know it. ‘The King in the North whose name is Stark,’” Sansa recited, stepping in front of him to command his attention, her steely blue eyes finding his. “And you’ve got more than your fair share of willing partners,” she added, nodding almost imperceptibly toward the back corner of the room.

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Fic: Chicago Layover Pt 4

Catch up.  Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

Just a heads up.

There be smut ahead. So NSFWish.

Well, my attempt at it anyway. I really hope this didn’t turn out horrible. Enjoy.

Mulder ordered them room service while Scully conceded to check her laptop for any emails from work. “Scully,” Mulder called, thumbing through the menu, “do you have any preference for anything this morning?”

Scully looked up from her laptop thoughtfully. “Do you want to share again?”

“Is that even a question?”

She chuckled and focused her attention back onto her laptop. “Well, even from the frozen tundra of Chicago, we managed to piss of Kersh.”

“How’s that?” he asked. Mulder went to the complimentary coffee maker and made them a small pot. “I can’t control the weather.”

“Well, apparently he thinks you can. He’s wondering why we aren’t back in D.C. yet even though we told him. You did send the email, right?”

“For once I actually followed through with Bureau protocol. Of course, I did,” he mused. “How does french toast sound? Or do you need some bee pollen and yogurt?”

“Shut up, Mulder,” she grumbled.

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Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

I’m watching Rurouni Kenshin, I just finished episode 7 and I’m already emotionally attached to these characters help meeee

this is the second installment of my bali!5sos series :) here is calum! enjoy!

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