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this is the second installment of my bali!5sos series :) here is calum! enjoy!

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Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers



“…I know it’s not much… but you can always call me, when you will need to talk.”

My suggestion for the way Pacifica might save the day in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future”.

160701 FLYinDALLAS fan account

I don’t really know how to do this and I’ll probably forget a lot of stuff but whatever

At the concert I got to meet @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels @jstarrscream @claydohstuff @karlaayjw @kyleedaven and I just wanna thank all of you. I would have been all by myself if I hadn’t met y’all. It was a lot of fun talking and hanging out before the concert, y’all are awesome :)

Ok so the Dallas show was all seated meaning there was no standing pit. The stage was extended slightly into the area that is usually the pit and was fairly close to the first row of seats. When the show first started and the boys came out everyone in the front got out of their seats and went to the stage. After the first couple of songs the boys started talking and Mark asked everyone to go back to their seats saying it was for their safety. Bambam said the concert is two hours and told everyone to go back to their seats and have fun.

When the boys were introducing themselves Junior also introduced himself as Youngjae. Bambam then apologized for Youngjae’s absence due to illness.

JB was speaking Korean and when the translator started to speak Jackson looked around saying “who’s talking?” and then Bambam said “it’s from the sky”

JB was talking about the song he did with Youngjae and Jackson and Bambam asked us if we wanted to hear it again. Mark said sing it for Youngjae and JB started singing.

It was a mess at times while they were talking cause they kept trying to get each other to do stuff like sing, dance, or talk.

I recorded most of the talking so I’ll post those videos.

Bounce was crazy. Mark shaking his butt killed me.

During confession song they came out into the audience and were walking down the aisles between sections. Mark, Jackson, and JB were on my side (I was sitting in the third seat from the aisle) and I got to see them up close and Mark looked at me I thought I was gonna cry, he’s just so…..I don’t even know how to explain it. I have no idea where Bambam, Junior, and Yugyeom were during this probably on a different side.

Hearing Mark’s laugh and seeing his smile in person was life changing.

Yugyeom is so cute I just wanted squeeze him.

Bambam is so precious the way he was talking about the fans and how he only cares about them. I feel blessed to have heard in person.

Jackson was all over the place, he’s hilarious.

Junior spoke a lot of english and it was really good.

JB says he’s not cute but he really is.

Jackson was trying to get Mark to do a sexy dance but Mark kept insisting that Bambam do it. Junior and Jackson asked Mark where he’s from and since he’s from America he has to do the sexy dance. In the end Mark and Bambam did the sexy dance together.

Junior did a sexy dance and Bambam told us not to dream about it. He said if you are over 20 you can dream about it then Jackson corrected him saying you have to be over 21 to dream about it.

At the end the boys were taking people’s phones and taking pictures and Junior took a fan’s sign that said Youngjae. Then end was just the boys running around stage having fun it was amazing.

Wildest Dreams - One

Summary: Claire & Owen went to high school together and harbored secret crushes on one another, but after Owen joins the Navy, Claire never hears from him again. Years later just as Claire had almost all but forgotten about him, his name crosses her desk at Jurassic World as the new velociraptor trainer.

A/N: So, I’m not too sure about this idea, but I’d like to blame this idea on listening to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift way too much while thinking about these two dorks. I’m thinking this will be a couple of parts, it may even have a flashback to when they were in high school if the memory is important enough. Idk, this may be crap but oh well, I’m going with it. Also this chapter is kinda short but the next one should be longer.

AO3: (x)

    Claire never thought that she’d hear the name Owen Grady again.

    When Zara had first read out the name before placing the folder down on her desk, Claire thought it was just her hearing things wrong. But there was his name printed out right in front of her on a folder as the future raptor trainer to the un-hatched eggs currently in the lab.

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So this is bilbos fault.

“I want to be a warrior.” Kili says one afternoon, when they’re still fairly young. It’s old news.

Fili shrugs. “Mother won’t allow it. Not her precious little girl.” It’s his typical reply, which is usually followed by silence.

“I’m not a girl. I’m a boy.”

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Yes! Hello, and welcome to the contest.

An anon asked if we could do a contest because there has been lots of angst between Fox and The Doctor. And we both agreed, so here we go!

Who Can Enter?

Answer: Anyone! It helps if you understand the ship and the relationship between them, but anyone can enter.

How Long Will It Last?

Answer: It will last a week. It starts on 3/8/13 and all drabbles must be done by 3/15/13.

What Do You Win?

You win an AMAZING drawing from Fox! She will draw whatever you like and I will also write a drabble for you. Any ship, any kind. Fluff or not.


  • The drabbles have to be fluff. Sorry, we already have enough drama going on haha :)
  • You can have them in any situation you like.
  • When done, please tag me (iamtheoncommingstorm), Fox (blackfoxnightmare), and ‘stormfox drabble contest’.

That’s it! Write your little hearts out!

His body screams for rest, his Heart calls for action.

Fatigue makes him weak, but his Will makes him strong.

Blood runs down his arm, his grip slick and slipping.

It oozes through punctures and cracks, his armor battered and broken.

It drips down his legs, his footing unsure and unstable.

It runs down his face, his vision unclear and obscured.

He tastes bitter copper.

His life bleeds away, slowly…surely.

His body screams for rest, his Heart calls for action.

He cannot give in, he cannot give up.

His Will drives him, his Heart fuels him.

His enemy is at the gates. His gates. His land.

The smell of home and hearth, long replaced by Fear and Violence.

The fire, hotter than Rage. It creeps and claws, devouring all in its path.

He feels the heat, still. Always, he feels the heat. His sword burns in his hand, his armor burns on his flesh. His muscles scream louder, louder…


But he cannot sleep. He cannot fall. He must not falter, he must not retreat.

His Will finds voice, and rips from his throat.

Roaring, thrashing, pushing, willing…

His body screams for rest, his Heart calls for action.