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Hi Ted, this is probably not the best time to ask something like this, I just want to know what you think because I find myself agreeing with your stances most of the time. You can reply whenever you want. I check your blog daily, so I'll know. I've been thinking, sorry if it sounds insensitive, i swear it's not on purpose, I remember that a few weeks ago an anon was asking you about timelines, the band coming back much later than everyone was expecting (the boys included), the coming out etc---

— I read the answer to that anon from you and I agreed, but now we know more than we did weeks ago. I know there are people in this fandom that think Harry and Louis want to stay closeted for business reasons, like many other celebrities, or that Harry wants to come out and Louis wants to stay closeted etc but I’m not one of those so I won’t dwell on that too much. I think that coming out as a couple is one of their goals and part of the rebranding process, just to make my stance clear —\

— what I wanted to ask you after this long introduction (sorry) was, do you think that they stopped making plans to deal with other priorities so maybe now not even they know how they’re going to do it and when? What are your opinions now after all that’s happened? Have you changed your mind on something fundamental? Thank you if you ever choose to answer my question. Whenever you do it, whether it’s sooner or later I’ll wait.\


Hi! Thank you both for your kindness and your patience, anon. I appreciate both very much. 

My mind hasn’t been changed in any fundamental way. Coming out I agree is a goal, both for personal and business reasons. I’ll tackle each separately, okay?

In terms of business, coming out will be great rebranding. Harry is showing with Another Man and Dunkirk that he wants to be taken seriously as an artist. They are all showing signs of that, but Harry’s first efforts outside of the band aren’t music related, which I find interesting on a human level. For the public, it may be too hard to go from poster boy for a boyband to whatever he wants music-wise, so this is a way for him to establish his personality outside of music first. I digress, sorry. But coming out won’t be a negative for Dunkirk: it will probably be a positive. Nolan doesn’t want any impression of Harry being cast as a publicity stunt, they’ve already been fighting that off in the press. Stunting with another Victoria’s Secret model would only make Harry’s image more shallow, which would only encourage the public’s doubt in Harry’s acting merit. Coming out, however, would make the public take a second look at who Harry is, in much better alignment with his own reality and with the professional profile he’s building with Dunkirk. As for Louis, he’s dipping his toe in now with EDM with a collab with a very successful artist (buy Just Hold On on iTunes) and we will likely see more where that came from. That crowd also needs to take Louis seriously as a person, not a boyband pin-up, and while I don’t know much about EDM’s reception of queer people, anything is better than what Simon would have them be. 

In terms of their personal desires….I still think their desire to be out has only increased with time. The last year and a half have been heartbreaking in so many ways, and they deserve this, completely. Moreover, continuing stunts would be no less exhausting than coming out. For Louis especially – I doubt he wants to be kicking his heels in LA when his family needs him in the UK. If they are able to come out, I firmly believe they want to. 

So the question becomes, are they able to come out? Lots of us were eyeing the MitAM date with interest. Nothing big has happened, but at that time I’m sure they didn’t want to risk doing anything in fear of what did indeed occur, Jay’s passing. My hope right now is that they are free, and giving the Tomlinsons some time over a quiet holiday, and end things in the new year. The stunts have been handled with kid gloves, not paraded around in this delicate time; that gives me hope. 

But we simply do not know what has been holding them back since March. We do not know. January is my litmus test: if they go through the farce of a ‘birthday,’ it will have been because they had to. If babygate doesn’t end before then, I will reevaluate what could be preventing them from doing so. But there are three weeks in January before that in which lots could happen, so I remain hopeful that will not be an issue. 

Thank you again anon. Feel free to return if you’d like me to clarify or expand on my reply. }