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Hi, i just wanted to let you know that I love your blog big time, and like what sleepless anon said, I hope you get some time to rest, too. Keep up the good work! :)

I’ll sleep for two days this weekend

Thank you friend u.u 💕

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How would Todoroki, Bakugou, and Tokoyami (for that other anon) react to their S.O. serenading them with a sappy love song?

Awww~ Look at my little sinners doing things for their fellow sinners:3 Also, I didn’t know if you wanted HC’s or scenarios so I just went ahead and did HC’s I hope you don’t mind;-;


- Would be relatively calm about it until he starts actually listening to the lyrics
- Sits through the whole thing with a light blush dusting his cheeks
- Actually thinks the song is kinda catchy
- Would give you a small smile after you finished


- “What the fuc-”
- Ends up stomping away mid song with tiny explosions erupting on his cheeks
- Tries to follow him but Kirishima holds them back for their safety


- Wouldn’t know how to react at first
- Turns into a blubbering mess
- Uses his hand to cover his face, trying to hide his blush
- Would pull them into his arms holding them tight and tell them they did wonderful after they were finished

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Don't let negative people upset you! (Referring to the anon who accused you of being unfair for being positive about Destiel) Your meta is amazing and amazingly objective, and I always enjoy reading your season 13 speculation. Keep going, you're awesome!

Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Don’t listen to people’s negativity trying to rile you up. Keep doing what you love and I hope you have a great day!

Thanks guys!

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But i can fight the fuck back if i have to :p

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I wish the cult was a bit more official. I mean, from what I gathered, people are part of the cult as soon as they follow - i just wish it was a bit more engaging; that the cult was more of a big deal. For example, take a discord server - where people get cute witch-related roles, or a website made for this purpose that people can sign on to. I'm not sure how to quite explain myself, I just think it would be cool if the cult thing was a bit more made out to be, well, like a cult. Love your blog!

I like you, you’re an anon who knows what they want. And I think you want to join a real cult? 

I hope this isn’t disappointing but, I don’t know if i could set up anything like that! I don’t have the confidence to set up a discord server ;__; I have occult-ish related roles for my patreon tiers though! That might be the closest i’m gonna get to making something ‘official’? 

But just so it’s clear…. to my younger followers, please don’t be telling your parents that you joined a cult by following me? This isn’t a real cult!! It’s just an art blog!! its fine!!

NCT 127 MTL to show off in front of their crush


Anon: mtl for nct 127 to show off infront of their crush?

Hope you liked this anon, and that you agree with what I put too!🌟

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Johnny would just want the attention of his crush. He would want your whole focus to be on him, and him only. By showing off and telling you about his schedule and skills, he wouldn’t be doing it to sound arrogant but because he wouldn’t want your attention to be diverted from him.

Doyoung would also just yearn for the attention of his crush; but whilst Johnny would do this by boasting and telling you about his life, Doyoung would do this by showing off his wisdom and intelligence. He’d always be throwing out clever jokes or facts, or telling you some weird and ambiguous facts about random shit, impressing his crush and probably actually working too lol.

Haechan would probably do this without realising. He’d just be very loud and boisterous, constantly looking at your face for a reaction. I think he just wouldn’t want to be overshadowed by anyone else like his members, so being so loud and in-your-face would be his “only” way of getting your attention.

Jaehyun wouldn’t usually show off, but if you were to compliment him, he’d probably basque in the adoration and attention. Smiling widely, asking you to repeat the compliment again and again, would be his way of showing off. He’d probably also rub it in other people’s faces too, just to get that bit more attention.

Taeyong, generally, wouldn’t be the type to show off in front of his crush. He wouldn’t like the unnecessary attention or to come across egoistic. But if you ever came to see him at one of his performances with the rest of NCT, he’d definitely put extra attention and dedication into his moves, stares towards the cameras and singing, just to impress you.

WinWin, like Taeyong, wouldn’t show off majority of the time. He doesn’t seem like the kind to like the limelight or to overshadow other people. If your attention was starting to sleep from him though, he’d try to get your attention by showing you his dancing or aegyo - so not necessarily showing off, but a little like it.

Mark probably wouldn’t even have to show off to get his crush’s attention lmao. He’s also incredibly humble and modest, showing off is probably not even a word in his vocabulary. Maybe if he achieved something really big or monumental, would he show off a bit, but it wouldn’t be to get your attention - he’d just be proud of himself.

Taeil is another very humble and selfless member of NCT. He probably prefers to celebrate the successes of other people and keep his own, to himself. Seeing him show off would be rare, maybe if another member hyped him up a lot to you would he show of a bit. But Taeil would definitely prefer keeping his humble and quiet image.

Yuta, if he had a crush, would totally be the kind to think that being cold and distant and teasing you a lot, is the best way to get your attention. He’d act very cool and mysterious, not saying much, maybe winking or staring at you quietly. And it’d definitely work too. So in front of his crush, he wouldn’t show off - the opposite rather - but maybe in an actual relationship, he might do.

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request: manuel valls' reaction to emmanuel macron being rather affectionate to theresa may during her visit to france

Here you go anon#21 :D 

(it continues under the cut as usual ^^)

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I've spent 3 nights trying everything to get the cult ending and the Amanda bad ending,then finding out its not possible at all. Sucks but what are you gonna do.

Hey don’t worry, we will learn about it  soon, I hope! 

We want to know if it’s a bug, if it’s not in the game yet because there’s still work to do around the cult ending, OR if it’s a DLC for later.

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hello it is me personal post anon. i would like to apologize for my request. you are in the right with regards to it not being a personal post, but a topic concerning your customer base. i didn't think, i just saw complaining and thought "how do i not see this". i hope my selfishness and shortsightedness didn't cause too much unnecessary stress for you. also i would like to say that i personally find your jewellery exquisite, and i would follow your shop anywhere. i am sorry for my behavior.

It’s perfectly alright anon, truthfully I had already pretty much forgotten about it so you didn’t cause me any undue stress. If it’s conflict/negativity you don’t want to see on your dashboard, that’s fine and understandable, and I would be happy to tag that for you. I figured that’s what you were upset about anyway. It’s just that asking to tag personal posts can, if you’re interpreting things in the worst possible way, be interpreted as “I don’t like your personality, full stop” or even “I don’t want to think of this jewelry/images connected to a real human person”. But, honestly, whenever I make even lighthearted personal posts, so it’s long past the point where anything like that bothers me. I understand people use Tumblr for a plethora of different reasons, and some people like to use it ostensibly as a curated art feed and nothing more.

But anyway, thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot, and please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to tag in the future.

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Honestly, I admire how you cherish Jhin, he is one of my main also but I have a similar relationship with my Yasuo, ew i know that Jhin is superior but he's not in Yasuo spot for me. Anyway, I really like your posts so don't think about what others think... I want to follow your footsteps. And also, your Jhin cosplay is ART.

Thank you so much,dear anon! I’m really happy that my cosplay seems to be good enough,considering that Jhin is perfect :4! I hope I can give much more cosplays in the future. Right now I think about starting High noon Jhin because I’m slowly getting to an end with blood moon Jhin and I’m just way too much into him to stop xD Also it’s good to see that other people feel the same way about a special champ! I hope you find much happiness in your mains! :3

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To the anon who asked about similar blogs for opposite body types- I don't know of any but I really hope you can find some because I know what its like to not feel comfortable in your body, though we're polar opposites😭 I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful no matter what. Big girls get that gratification, but we often look over skinny girls who wish to gain weight and I know that you're just as uncomfortable. You're beautiful darling, and I just want you to know that ~🐰

She speaks truth^^

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Okay, serious talking now. What would be the worst point in each paladin to attack. We know about Lance's insecurities, but what else? What about the others? I want to read your opinion because you do awsome meta and character analysis.

???????? Wow, thank you ;A; And I’m not sure if I can answer this well for all paladins but I’ll try^^ [tl;dr at the end because this post has gotten really long]

Let’s start with Lance. Lance honestly has many points to attack, which is probably why this fandom is so focused on langst. It’s easy to create content for that because we have so much to work with:

1. his insecurities about his role on the team and in general

I already wrote a lot about it here (and also here a little), desperately trying to figure out how strong these insecurities are but there is no doubt that they exist^^ Surprisingly, they actually seem to be very strong, to the point that fandom only exaggerates them slightly. Lance is just pretty good at hiding them.

2. homesickness

Lance is homesick. Really homesick. He’s homesick to the point that he would leave a party to hang out alone and get lost in his memories:

He is also the one that references his life on Earth the most often. “I missed 14 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that I never really had”, “That’s the tagline of 6 of my favorite movies” - those are little things, not very important in the overall picture but they prove that he thinks back to his past. 

3. fear of death/unnatural things that are dangerous

Lance isn’t afraid of aliens, that’s not what I mean with it - I’m talking about the episode Crystal Venom where the castle was trying to kill him. Here is an analysis on how deeply that episode really disturbed him. As for his fear of dying - he is the one that has been confronted with death the most of all the paladins (excluding Shiro - but Shiro has lost/repressed lots of his traumatic memories). Here’s proof:

S1E1. He thought Hunk had died in the explosion when they were trying to retrieve the yellow lion. S1E4. The explosion nearly killed him - “you would have died if Hunk and Coran hadn’t gotten a new crystal” (Pidge, S1E6). S1E9. He almost got sucked out of an airlock. S2E2. The snake monster thingy got free of the stone and Lance was in the direct line of fire.

He was the one screaming “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!!” in S2E5 when they had to hold the lenses for the wormhole maker. Lance is scared of death not despite but because he knows it the best of all of them. He almost died multiple times and he saw his friends almost dying multiple times (the Hunk thingy I included above, when he saved Coran from the explosion, when he thought he had to save Coran in “Crystal Venom”, when Pidge in the cube episode got shot down and didn’t reply to them). Look at his reaction vs the reaction of the other paladins when they thought Allura had died:

They are all shocked and disbelieving, meanwhile Lance:

He’s neither shocked nor disbelieving, he’s just hurt. One of his deepest fears became reality and there is nothing he could do about it.

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