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Sonja, I just wanted to let you know that (tumblr-user insert here) is a horrible meany because they didn't like something that (x-celeb) did. I'm hoping you'll join in my campaign to run them off the interweb and trash their reputation as a human being to ensure that (x) has only people who unquestionably agree with everything they do. I'm sure you'll agree with what I say without due diligence cos I'm a grey anon who is definitely always right. Treat people with kindness!

oh wow. that’s a serious accusation that i’m just going to blindly believe even though you didn’t provide me with any kind of proof but you said it on anon so it must be true.

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You might want to turn off anon. I'm really hoping you're not getting harassed for that post. I know what this site can be like and one of the main people making fun of you shared a link directly to your blog.

They’re starting to come in again – I honestly don’t care about their hot takes on my meta. It’s a meta based in literary and film analysis precedent. They said the same shit about Reylo meta before TLJ, and they are just lashing out because they were wrong – and they know they were wrong – about TLJ. Honest to god, people who are uncomfortable with that kind of analysis baffle me.

It’s like, par for the course in any fucking art class I took, and to me being uncomfortable with that analysis is immaturity. Not understanding that it’s a valid analysis is ignorance.

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We’ve just recently just lost someone close to us, and telling the kids is so difficult - how would Rafael and Sonny deal with having to tell the children about the death of a grandparent/aunt/Uncle while trying to grieve themselves? Would the kids being too helpful and comforting be the thing to finally push them over the edge into tears?

First of all – I’m so sorry about your loss, anon. I hope things get easier. <3

Wow, though, it’s really sweet to imagine like a twelve-year-old Elisa and seven-year-old Ollie trying to help their daddies through this sort of thing. Especially because they aren’t used to seeing Sonny and Rafael hurt like that, or at least to the extent, so they both just want to do whatever they can to make it better.

God, you know what would be really hard for them all to get through, though?

Losing Sonny’s grandmother when she passes away.

Because, if you remember from “Making Room”, Sonny’s grandmother is the first person he ever entrusted with the truth about his bisexuality, so in a lot of ways, he feels as though her love and encouragement and unwavering support of him is what’s allowed him to live the life that he’s living now, with Rafael and their children. So her death would definitely be a really tough thing for Sonny to get through.

It all starts out when the kids get home from school, Sophia having picked them up like she usually does, only for them to get home and find Rafael and Sonny sitting on the couch, Rafael’s strong arms enveloping Sonny and Sonny’s nose dug into his neck and the line of his shoulder.

At first, Elisa and Oliver are all smiles, and excited squeals and giggles, dropping their backpacks by the front door without another thought, because daddies are home early!! Unless they have the day off, Sonny and Rafael are rarely home by the time that the kids get home from school, or whatever club or activity they have going on that afternoon, so they think it’s a surprise when both of them are there, on the couch, cuddled up on top of each other.

But then Ollie gets over to them first, little hands tugging at Sonny’s pant leg as he shrieks excitedly, “Daddy, papi, you’re home so soon!! Can we play dragon, please, please, please–?!”, and Rafael’s looking up from where he’s holding Sonny to try and shush their little boy, revealing to both Oliver and a now standing beside him Elisa that their daddy is crying.

“Daddy?” he asks so quietly, his own little face scrunching as he takes Sonny’s in across from him, contorted where it lays against Rafael’s shoulder as he tries to control the sobs wracking his body.

 “Papi? Why’s daddy crying?” Oliver’s trying again, reaching to hold the hand that Rafael doesn’t currently have resting on Sonny’s back. Elisa takes his hand, too, her own green eyes wide as she watches Rafael hold Sonny, and it’s all Rafael wants, to take their fear away in that moment. 

Because he knows, understandably so, why they’re worried — because Sonny, their big, strong daddy, their superhero who catches bad guys and makes their world safer, who knows how to do ninja flips and kicks in their tiny backyard, is now a broken, crying mess in front of them. 

And it’s not even that neither of them have seen their fathers cry — they’ve seen their fathers cry too many times to count, Rafael thinks.

There’s been kindergarten drop-offs, and first soccer games, and first steps across the living room carpet that have all reduced Sonny and Rafael to tears. They’d both cried during “The Lion King” just that week, for God’s sake, even though it was probably their fiftieth rewatch of the movie. 

But those were tears of joy, happiness, and above all else love, and he and Sonny’s children are smart enough to figure out that the tears that their daddy is crying right now are closer to the ones they both cried when papa and grandma’s family dog passed away last year. 

Rafael doesn’t tell them at first, what’s wrong with Sonny. He waits until Sonny’s gone to bed early for the night, too exhausted from crying to even try an attempt at eating, Rafael sending him upstairs with the promise of cooking dinner and helping Elisa and Oliver get their homework done. 

So it’s when they’re eating their dinner — spaghetti, a simple meal that Rafael’s memorizes Sonny’s recipe for by now — that Rafael pauses, looking at them both seriously even through the little mouths of spaghetti that he sees staring back at him, and says, “We really need to help daddy right now, okay?” 

Elisa swallows her spaghetti quickly, immediately pouncing in the question, demanding to know, “Well why was he crying today? How are we supposed to help him if we don’t know why he’s upset?” 

Rafael chuckles at that, realizing he should’ve known that Elisa would pick up on his oversight. She’s Sonny to a tee, with the way that she can suss out the things that Rafael isn’t saying, and with the reminder of his husband, alone and probably crying quietly in their bed, he feels his heart ache. 

He needs their help, Rafael knows, because if there’s one thing that Sonny’s grandmother would’ve wanted, it’d be seeing her grandson happy, always, with their little family. So he continues saying, “Well…daddy was so upset because his grandma passed away today. She went to heaven and became an angel.” 

Oliver pipes up at that, exclaiming, “Like your grandma, papi! Maybe they’re best friends now in heaven!”, and Rafael tells himself to remember that simple little phrase for moments after their dinner, when he can whisper that sentence into Sonny’s ear and hope to see the faintest of smiles light up the space between his cheeks. 

And the kids aren’t taking it hard, which is what Rafael had hoped — they hadn’t known Sonny’s grandmother well, truthfully, for the simple fact that she’d developed Alzheimer’s in her age, and it’d made it difficult for Elisa or Oliver to form an attachment with her. 

Every week, though, Sonny had visited her at least once. 

Rafael continues, now with the rapt attention of both of their children on him, answering Oliver with a smile first and a, “I bet you’re right, papito. I bet they’re up there watching over all of us right now.” And as the conversation continues, he tells the kids his general plan: “We’re going to make everything easy for daddy this week, okay? We’re gonna make him breakfast and dinner, clean up everything around the house, make sure he gets lots of sleep. And we’re gonna find him a present, too. Something to remind him of his grandma.” 

It’s go-team from there. 

Rafael pretty much goes into full-Super Husband mode — not that he isn’t amazing all of the time — and has breakfast ready and waiting the next morning on Sonny’s bedside table for whenever he wakes up and tries to eat, the kids ready with lunches packed and out the door with Sophia, who takes them to school so he can be at home for Sonny. 

Then he’s working around the house, making sure everything’s cleaned, doing laundry and unloading and reloading the dishwasher. When Elisa and Ollie get home from school, they help him, assisting in the kitchen if Rafael needs it because they both know daddy’s recipes, too. And then it’s a matter of getting together their present for Sonny, a task that takes until the end of the week. 

Sonny’s considerably less gloomy when he comes down for breakfast on Friday morning, wanting to spend it with his family who’ve been so good to him this whole week while he’s grieved. 

Not even two seconds after he’s sitting down, though, Oliver plops himself in his daddy’s lap, a leather-bound book in hand as Elisa scooches her chair as close to Sonny as she can, Rafael standing over his shoulder. He takes the book from Oliver curiously, who flashes him a toothy grin and says, “Open it, daddy!” as he hands it over. 

Once the book’s been passed into his fingers, he opens it’s cover, flipping a single blank page only to find on the next, pictures of him and his grandmother clearly Oliver-glued to the pages. The borders of each page are decorated in glitter and marker, clearly Elisa’s contribution to the project, and each photograph has a date written underneath it that’s recognizable in Rafael’s careful scrawl. 

He flips through the pages carefully, tears welling behind his eyelids as he goes, each picture passing a precious memory of the woman who’d helped him come to learn about and accept so much of himself. There’s pictures of him and her on his sixteenth birthday, the night that he’d gotten her alone and told her the truth about kissing a boy behind the bleachers at school one day, and that’s when Sonny finally breaks and has to put a hand over his mouth to keep from outwardly sobbing. 

Elisa and Oliver see his tears, though, and are both visibly distressed at the development, their voices scrambled as they both exclaim, “Daddy, what’s wrong, did we make you sad—?!”, and it’s all Sonny can do to wrap his arms around them both and pull them close to his chest, whispered words into their hair of, “No, no, you didn’t make me sad. You made me so happy. So, so happy.”

And then he feels Rafael’s arms loop around him from behind, enveloping both him and their babies, and Sonny’s never felt so loved or safe. 

And he knows those are both things his grandmother always wanted for him, and with her in his heart, he thanks god for the family she’d helped him find so long ago.

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Hello! I'm a bit of a stressed smol anon, and I was wondering if you had some fluff tol things you could ramble about maybe?

sure i’d love to help! im not sure what specifically you want so i’ll just throw a buncha g/t fluff at ya

  • giants with really floofy hair. tinies chilling out in it, braiding in itty bitty braids or just relaxing in the fluff
  • giants who like to sing, with voices so vibrant they fill up entire woods and make mountains ring. alternatively, giants who simply hum because they know their singing voice would be too loud for tinies. if you’re small, sitting on a humming giants’ chest is wonderful
  • giants learning how to sew specifically so they can line their pockets with fluff, felt, other soft things, so it’s a more cozy space for their smol friends to chill in
  • giants who always make sure to cut off tiny pieces of food so their tiny friend can have some too. this gets a little funny when their out without their smol, and their normal-sized friends ask why their cutting their food up so tiny
  • real talk tho, just giants getting into the habit of doing things for tinies and forgetting to go back to normal with their same sized friends. giants asking their friends if they wanna chill in their pocket, or lifting their hand to hold them, or other little habits they fell into with their tiny friends
  • a giant getting SO EXCITED when they meet a borrower - purely because the borrower doesn’t know what TV is, so the giant gets to show them all their favorite shows!
  • giants dancing with tinies. whether it be by letting the tiny dance with their hand, or by holding the tiny in their hands and swaying on the dance floor

thats all i can think of aaa but i hope this helps!

NCT U:Reaction: Finding out they have a younger sibling they didn’t know about

Request: Anonymous said: Hey! Can you do a nct reaction (i dont care which unit lol) about infing out they have a little sibling? I dont care if that sibling is a lil older or younger tho just like their mom tells them someday that they have one?

A/N: hey anon!!i hope this is what u wanted!!i chose nct u for this reaction bc i rlly miss them and hope to see them soon :(( if this wasn’t what u wanted feel free to request again!!!<3 ah and i hope u dont mind that i chose younger!!

he’s honestly going to be very very confused and he wouldn’t even believe it at first?? but he’d definitely would want to go and meet his sibling tho!! but he’d still be very much shocked when he meets them


i think he’d be quite sad that he didn’t know about his sibling earlier, especially because they’re younger than him. if his sibling is younger than him, he’s going to end up spoiling them with food and all kinds of stuff when he ends up meeting them!!


ahh doyoung is going to feel quite annoyed by the fact that he didn’t know about this sooner.but he’ll be very very happy the moment he meets his sibling. he would tease them quite a bit tho, like he always does with everyone and he would ask  lot of questions about their life


ten immediately wants to meet his younger sibling and even though he’s only going to meet them now, he already loves them with his whole heart and he’s ready to tell them all kinds of stories and spoil them with all he has tbh


he’s actually going to wonder about how his parents kept this secret from him for so long and also..why did they keep it secret. be ready to get attacked with a big bear hug from jaehyun tho when he finally meets you!!


he’d be happy to have a younger sibling because now he’s not the youngest one anymore and he knows that he’ll be able to help them!! mark would also be very excited to meet them and already have gifts ready for them too

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Question for you! Do you think that Shokudaikiri's keeps wanting to look and be cool comes from the fact that his actual sword is badly burned, and that is, according to him, "uncool," so he wants to make that up by actually being "cool"? Do you kinda get what I mean, since I think I used cool too many times in that sentence? But I hope my idea is clear enough to understand! :3

I understand what you mean and it’s a really good point!! I’ve always seen his importance on being cool was due to him modelling himself after his former Master, similarly Sada is another Date sword who places importance on flashiness which is similar to wanting to be cool. Tsuru and Ookurikara also are arguably flashy, you can’t convince me Kiwame Kuri’s dumb dragon claw is there for any reason other than to be aesthetic. I just saw importance on appearance as a Date clan thing.

I absolutely love your idea though!! I think Shokudaikiri is very torn up over his state even though he doesn’t let it show. I would absolutely believe the negative feelings, a self consciousness and guilt for how he ended up ugly, useless and unreliable could motivate him to always want to be cool. Heck, you could even combine both ideas, Date swords naturally want to be cool and flashy, although he burned and appeal was taken away from him, in this human form he has the chance to be impressive and worth something again.

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why do you have a problem with shownu not winning at everything?

LMAO… what… i literally ?? at this ask literally what are you talking about… the last post i made was like the first time i talked about shownu what else are you referring to ?????? also ? am i suppose to say i want shownu to lose… im a whole mx only blog and i can’t say i want mx to succeed at everything they do…? why do you have a problem with my wanting shownu to succeed is the real question skdfhgfd…

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i've come to that point where idefk what to do and/or what i want in life, like idk if u can relate but im currently on a diet but i dont feel happy or anything at all. its supposed to make me lose weight and at least make me look presentable especially when i go to work but i dont feel anything except i keep thinking, "people dont accept me the way i am, so thats why i have to lose weight" (1/3)

because you know, i know, i understand the benefits of losing weight, i /do/ know, but at the same time i keep questioning, “is this the right thing to do? am i happy like this?” and the answer keeps turning up, no, no i’m not happy. it’s sad but i still have to do it bc my family wants me to, and they’re p supportive of it but, like, it makes me question if im not good enough for them the way i am/was (2/3)

like all i want is to be happy, man, happy and confident and every thing that i see, feel, touch, taste, smell, nothing feels like it matters anymore. at some point i keep thinking if i should just, idk take a knife or whatever and like end it bc i keep thinking that nobody likes me the way i am anymore. that im not acceptable the way i am and thats the cold hard truth, the real fact, and its.. its sad. (3/3)

I… really hate the pressure society puts on people to be skinny like it’s the biggest defining factor of your worth as a human being, because it’s most definitely not true at all. People who perpetuate this belief ain’t worth shit, people who drop faux-concern about “health” ain’t worth even shittier shit, and overall the fat-phobia in this damn world can cease any fucking day rn.

If you’re not happy trying to force yourself into a diet, then fuck that shit. Yolo. Diets are hard enough as they are for most people embarking on them out of their own motivation, let alone someone like you who seems to have been forced into it at the behest of people who don’t even appreciate you for the person you are. That’s not the way to go. Being physically “healthy” while mentally downtrodden isn’t an upgrade. You won’t feel achieved at any progress. Negative reinforcement isn’t the business.

You are NOT your weight. You are way more than that. What you’re experiencing rn ain’t healthy. It’ll lead to this state of depression and self-loathing that you’re going through because it’s brought on through negative reinforcement.

I’m not sure of your financial capabilities rn, anon, but I definitely recommend seeking out a therapist through this trying time. Not only are they there to help you manage downward spirals in thought, they also can become pillars of support and an actual friend that I think you physically need to help you weather this unfortunate storm you’ve got going on in your life. It’s a false assumption to believe that absolutely no one cherishes you for who you are, but it’s easy to fall into that when you’re trapped in the same circle of negativity with no escape.

Happiness and confidence can be yours as you wish… you just need the right tools and good support to help you get there. *hugs*

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I don’t know what this means to you but I just wanted to let you know that your art really brightens my day and you have actually inspired me to learn how to draw. I hope you have a fantastic day my friend!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Originally posted by usedpimpa

DGFJDGJDFKGK IT MEANS ALOT TO ME ANON!! this made my day, thank you so much IM HONORED ;u;

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I really do not understand why God has not given me any answer to to my life. At the moment im waiting for him to tell me what course I should apply to for college and he has not told me anything. I am constantly feeling that I have no purpose, no talent and that I am completely useless. My faith keeps on lowering and I am at a stage where I dont want to talk to God because I feel that if I do he will reject me and all my hope will be for nothing hence destroying me. What am I suppose to do?help

Hi anon. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I know it’s hard but you have to be patient. God never rejects us. I know you feel like He’s ignoring you but He’s not. You have to remember that everything happens in God’s timing. Trust Him and He will lead you to where you need to be. You are not worthless or talentless. You just need to find what you’re best at. It takes time. Keep praying and try to be still and let Him be God. Try not to lose your faith. He will take care of you. I’ll be praying for you. God bless you anon. ❤❤

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Hi i really Like your art and I just wanna know if Maybe you could give me some Examples on drawing skirts I'm sorry I'm just having a hard time And Drawing legs with skirts is difficult If you Don't want to I completely understand And sorry to bother you



I’m sorry if I missed what you were asking for I tried!!!

please message me if you have any more questions or want a video for a little more help!

Here the posing program Design Doll I use!