i hope this is what you wanted anon!!

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Help I wanna get my hair cut like jacks but I'm worried people are just gonna say I'm copying a famous person and bitch at me ;-;

yo, dude, babe, friend, do what ever thr fuck you want to do.  People “copy famous people” all the fucking time, so if someone’s gonna come to you n be a jerk about a hair styler they can eat a bag of dicks cause they’ve probably copied ppl too. It’s just a way of life man, don’t let weird annoying judgemental assholes control what you do with your own life 

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But we miss your art! Everyone who contributes is amazing but you were the original. It's like you could see into our minds and the transfer exactly what we wanted into incredible art. I hope you start feeling more positive soon though, even if you never draw them again it'd be a shame to not have you in the fandom!

Aww thanks for the ego boost anon. Means a lot that I’m missed. I hope I can be more positive soon too.

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Hi sorry I don't normally do this but I just wanted to say to the anon who thinks they identify as bi- even if you never date a girl you are still 100% bi if that's what you identify as. Your romantic history doesn't define who you're attracted to in any way! I went through a similar struggle when I realized I was bi so I understand where you're coming from but I promise, even if you never date a girl it doesn't invalidate your sexuality. I hope this helps & wasn't too confusing/weird


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Sorry about what I said earlier dean mucnh.😔😔I was the anon that said about camila as a guest dj..I'm a Camren shipper like totally..I just don't want to get my hopes high.

Oh no worries Lovey. And that wasn’t specifically for you. It was a warning to keep the negative nancys away. Lol. But I’m not supporting any claim to the rumor being true. I just want to see/hear any evidence supporting the rumor so I can decide for myself. But apparently CS isn’t allowed to even speculate anymore…meanwhile Laucy fans are just pulling stories and facts out their asses and people are running with it. Lol. Its a tough time to be CS but I’m chilling on my ship. Sinking, deck on fire, snapped in half…I’m gonna ride this bish out. 😂😂😂

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Tell me truth. Was that pic of G on the beach in LA a manip?

Yes anon, and not a very good one at that. 

The person who called-out the manip is a talented, noble seahorse and the OP has since deleted the post. I’m not sure what kind of shit they wanted to stir, but honestly? The quality of this manip is Legendary and it made me lol.

It appears as if Gillian is in Vienna, visiting. And I hope to god the crazies don’t message this woman and hound her for details/proof like they’ve done previously. Please, ya weirdos: I beg of you— People are humans, not sources. Leave them alone.


ive been getting harassed by this one anon tonight and she/he is saying some pretty nasty stuff and im honestly just not in the mood for this crap today so im going to take my lazy ass and go to bed because it 1am and im just feeling very defeated and not up to editing and posting what I wanted to.

i hope you guys understand and im sorry if I’m letting you down im just in need of some loving rn🙍🏽

i promise ill post tomorrow!! love you guys, and please just keep this as a reminder that there is alot of vulgar people on the internet and you just gotta keep n eye out ❤🌈💐💛🤴🏼

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Hi! I just wanted to say you helped me develop a lot as an artist. I've admired you for years from afar. I don't really talk to you, but I'm really proud of how far you've come!! you have a boyfriend, and you're going to art school, and it's just all so cool! I'm not really sure what career I want to go into, but I hope whatever it is, I can be as succesful as you, wonderful dog and significant other included. I know I'm to awkward to thank you off anon, but I just thought I should say that. GL!

Gosh though this is so nice?? Thank u!! So so much!! I’m sure you’ll be very successful at whatever u do!! 💕

Here’s a doggy pic


I never told you what I think about you

I hope you like it anon, the request is kind of old, but I wanted to draw Keith’s tears (and Injuried!Lance)

Don’t worry, Lance is in the healing pod, HE’LL BE FINE

If you have fanfics suggestions with Lance (almost) dying, you can send them to me, I would love reading them ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

I never thought I would really need to write this, but … So, I don’t mind repost on instagram (or other platforms), but please, credit my tumblr, it’s the only thing I’m asking !


Request: You had a similar situation to buckys torture and are rescued by shield. He’s determined to break through your emotionless, sassy shell and to help you in recovery. After a couple failed attempts He finds out you have a soft spot for puppy’s and surprises you with a rescue dog. Which in turn has her confronting him on what this is all about and feelings spill out like a brand new water park. -Anon

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 2237 (ha! Whoops..)

Warnings: Mentions of torture..

A/N: I hope this is alright! It feels kind of like a hot mess, but I didn’t want it to run on too long! Also the dog mentioned is from the hbspca, so if you’re in southern ontario and need a friend :) And yeah, one little part was inspired by Love, Actually. Feedback would be lovely xo

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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧