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For that blood, gore, and injury sentence starter post, may I request something involving Sero? (if you want, of course) I want to draw him with like a tape tourniquet or something, but I got art block =~= I'm not picky, so I'm pretty sure I'd be down for anything you put out there (also because your writing is awesome)

Blood, Gore & Injury Sentence Starters

“I don’t feel any pain. It’s just…numb.”
“*name*? Come on, say something to me.”

I couldn’t decide on just one of these two so you get both.

Sero for the life of him couldn’t remember how things had turned out this way, his head was throbbing while the rest of his body felt numb, even when he tried to move it was like lifting a heavy weight that weighed twice as much as himself. The throbbing in his head didn’t compare to the pain he felt in his chest.

What had happened that lead up to this moment with him lying alone and thinking that maybe he was close to death, at least that’s what it felt like to him at this point since it felt like hours till someone finally found him.

He could hear the familiar voice calling out to him, a close friend that had come searching for him. He could say he was relieved at the fact but that wasn’t exactly the truth when he could feel himself slipping back and forth from consciousness leaving him fearing that this would most likely be his end sooner or later.

 He blinked a few times looking up at the face of his closest friend staring down at him, Kaminari. Of all the people he didn’t want seeing him at that very moment, Kaminari was one of them, he could have gone without him coming rushing to his aid. Kirishima might have bee able to handle this sight better but how could he be sure of that?

He sighed softly smiling a little up at the blonde the pain in his chest making him groan and try to put his hand against the area that hurt the most but he couldn’t seem to feel a single thing with how numb most of his body felt, even just lifting his arm felt like nothing nor did it feel as though there was a weight on his chest.

“You okay..?”

He had expected to be called an idiot for going off on his own the way he had but he was pleasantly surprised by the other asking him if he was okay, closing his eyes he let out another sigh pinching the bridge of his nose. 

“I don’t feel any pain. It’s just…numb.”

As much as he could actually move himself he could barely feel himself when he did anything, closing his eyes he dropped his hand back to his side trying to determine whether or not he should try to get up but the look on Kaminari’s face said otherwise, leaving him lying where he was while the blonde attempted to figure out what to do.

There was blood staining his clothing, splattered across his cheek, and slowly starting to pool up underneath him, the blood staining Kaminari’s pants the longer he stayed kneeling at his side while he determined what to do in their current situation. 

Sero wanted nothing more than to just close his eyes and rest for a bit, at least until someone came to help them if Kaminari didn’t go soon enough to find actual help. He lightly nudged the blonde looking up at him, his eyes feeling heavy and body feeling just the same.

“Kami..go find help..”

He closed his eyes feeling himself starting to slip back into another unconscious state that had Kaminari grabbing him by his shoulders and shaking him a little in hopes of waking him up.

“Sero? Come on, say something to me..”

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Hi! Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for your hardwork :) So, do you know any fics where kaisoo used to be close when they were kids but they grew apart as they got older coz of conflicts/misunderstanding/etc and then they reconciled? I hope you get what I meant. Thanks in advance!

Hello hello hello, sparkly Anon!!! Here are some fics where they used to be bffs but grew apart due to some sort of conflict~ All the fics have them get back together in the end tho, don’t you worry your little heart ♡

  • A Table For Two - CUZ WHAT BETTER WAY TO START THIS LIST THAN WITH ONE OF CURRYRAMYEON SENPAI’S FINEST??? Country boys!KaiSoo were hella good friends until Soo moves to the city and Jongin doesn’t want him to come back cuz he thinks Soo’s better off doing bigger and better things there.
  • Ain’t no fun -  KaiSoo has been besties since kindergarten but then they started to drift apart as they grow up, they’re ~forced~ to interact again when their mothers become friends.
  • Broken Heart Beats (How Long ‘Til We Call This Love) - Band!AU where after high school Jongin cuts all ties with Soo but then years later they meet again when Kyungsoo joins his band.
  • Change - KaiSoo used to be really close friends to a point where people think they were in a relationship but then Soo leaves their home town.
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (I Love You) - Jongin’s been crushing on his bff Soo since they were kids but then they separated and when they meet again he finds out that Soo needs a kidney transplant to live (damn, this one’s the most dramatic one of all the recs I think).
  • i’m home (waiting for you) - Kids!KaiSoo were bffs in an orphanage and when Jongin gets adopted he tries to look for Soo, but when he found Soo in college Soo’s not the same person he once knew…
  • Mine - This one’s a lil on the creepy side where Jongin and Soo were bffs but then Jongin started becoming really possessive to a point where it traumatised Soo, and then craycray!Jongin leaves but reappears years later as a transfer student in Soo’s high school.
  • my whole universe (is you) - KaiSoo are childhood friends but as they get older Soo’s afraid he’s bringing Jongin down so they start to drift apart.
    Play of Destiny - KaiSoo has been bffs since they were born until Jongin decided to leave to pursue his dream as a dancer and Soo gets left behind.
  • say you’ll remember me - Prince!Jongin and maid!Soo used to be besties until Soo runs away.
  • where the stars shine brightest - Soo left his bff Jongin in high school but then they become roommates years later.
  • Why Now? - KaiSoo were #brosforlife in high school until Soo confessed his feelings to Jongin and got rejected, they meet again when they got into the same entertainment company and now it’s Jongin who’s interested in Soo but Soo’s still kinda bitter.

I hope these satisfy your request, my sweet Anonnie!!! Enjoy reading and give the writers some love too ehehehehe! Much love - Admin W ♡

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I love your writing so much! It’s perfect! Do you have any tips for us who want to start writing?? Also hope you’re doing good💗💗

Write, write, write. Just write what you want to write, not what people want to read. It’s not about the people. I know most people just like reading smut without plot, but there’s a ton of stories like that out there. I don’t have anything against that, I write those myself, but I just feel like if you’re just writing stuff that you think people want to read, you’re not writing for yourself, and there’s so much you can give, and so much you can put into your writing if you focus on the things you want to express in your story. Focus on that, don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t think of Tumblr as competition. Some people on this site turn everything into a competition for no reason. We’re all here to write and to read and to fangirl together, I don’t get why notes and followers should be something that needs to be taken into account when making friends. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your writing is just as good as everyone else’s, you’re giving it your best, and you will keep improving with time. Good luck! :*

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okay this is the last one from me: silverflint 16 - when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead. i have a request though, if that's okay? could it be flint that kisses silver's nose. it's A Thing for me

(That’s adorable, Anon. I hope you like this. Thanks for the prompt! <3)

                                                        *  *  *

Silver bites back another hiss of pain as Howell finishes cleaning the wound.

“You need to be gentler on it.” The doctor admonishes him. “We want you to get used to it, but not at the risk of getting infected.”

Flint is listening to all of this, his brow furrowed as he does. Silver couldn’t think of an excuse to keep him out of his own cabin; he is the captain after all. Besides Howell would just tell him what he wanted to know later. He might as well know now.

Silver’s fingers dig tightly into his other thigh as he nods, waiting for the doctor to leave. If the man will just leave, and Flint will go, or at least leave him the fuck alone, maybe he can handle this.

Once the doctor’s finally gone, Silver finally draws a deep breath, releasing it again.

Flint eyes him. “That bad?”

“It’s been better.” Silver says noncommittally. If only Flint would just leave him be.

Flint shrugs. “Now I seem to remember you once telling me that you had an exceptionally low tolerance for pain, and would say anything to make it stop. Is that still so?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking that day.” Silver turns his face away, gazing out the open window. “If I could do it again, I would speak those names in an instant.”

“Would you…” Flint murmurs.

He moves to sit at the other end of the window seat, carefully lifting Silver’s other leg to make room for him. And then he simply lets it rest there in his lap, his hand on Silver’s leg.

Silver shivers slightly. Flint’s fingers brush over his ankle and he thinks of Flint’s hands elsewhere.

“I don’t know.” He says. He doesn’t know. He dreams of that day again and again, and wakes covered in sweat and terror, panting in fear at the thought that it’s happening again that this time, the axe will keep biting into his flesh, and even if he surrenders everything, even if he refuses, no matter, they never stop. There is no rescue in his dreams.

Flint’s knuckles caress his ankle and Silver tries not to shiver again. 

“Let your body get used to the crutch,” is all Flint says though.

And even though he’d been afraid of what Flint could say, or ask of him, Silver can’t help the frustration at that being the end of it.

“I don’t want to get used to it.” He mutters mulishly.

To his surprise and further annoyance Flint just chuckles.

“Look here,” Silver starts and Flint’s hand grasps his ankle and he subsides. 

“You’re going to have to get used to it.” Flint’s words are matter-of-fact but not unkind. He has been decidedly ~not~ unkind through this whole hell and Silver can’t bear it. 

He turns his face further away.

With a faint sigh, Flint removes his leg from his lap. “Very well.”

“What do you expect me to say?” Silvers voice catches and he concentrates fiercely on not being weak, at being able to hold back from shedding tears in front of Flint. He will not let himself fall that much. He cannot.

“Look at me.” Flint tells him.

 Silver does, but he’s still focused on not embarrassing himself, his face screwed up in concentration, holding back the pain and the humiliation. And then Flint simply leans down and kisses him on his nose.

Silver stares at him in surprise. “The fuck was that for?”

Flint merely gazes at him, his eyes compelling Silver to answer. ”Your leg hurts. Admit it.”

“I will not fucking admit it.” Silver starts, and Flint merely leans in again, brushing his lips lightly across the tip of his nose a second time.

Silver’s frozen, he doesn’t know what to do with this sort of attack. “What’re you….”

“Admit it.” Flint says again, and a glint in his eye tells Silver he’s more than capable of keeping this ridiculous game going as long as it takes.

Silver bites down on the bile in his throat and forces the words out. “It hurts.” He keeps his gaze fixed on the wall beyond Flint’s shoulder, mutinously.

“There.” Flint says. “Was that so hard?”

Silver glares up at him and Flint merely reaches out and lets his fingers curl along Silver’s cheek, drawing his face upward. “You will get used to it. You will learn to live with it and in time, it will simply become part of you..”

Silver swallows. “How can you know that for certain?” How can you know I can continue like this? He wants to scream. When all he wants to do is curl up in a ball and forget he exists?

“Because some pain never goes away.” Flint tells him softly. “And you learn to carry it with you.” His fingertips are gentle as a summer breeze on Silver’s skin. “And some days it’s easier than others to do that.”

His eyes linger upon Silver’s mouth, and Silver tilts his face upward, just enough, of an invitation if that’s what Flint’s seeking.

Apparently, it is. His mouth descends upon Silver’s like the slow tilt of a ship coming into its harbor, finding its way home again after a long voyage. The press of his lips, the soft passion contained therein makes Silver’s heart beat faster. He leans upward, closing his eyes, trying not to seem too eager, and failing utterly.

And then Flint draws off again with a sigh. His eyes look bright and hopeful, but there is something wistful there as well. This moment between them has been a long time coming, and now that it’s here, there’s a hesitation in the air, a feeling that everything cannot remain the same forever, and one of them has to take the next step. And yet still, they gaze at each other and wait.

At last Silver licks his lips, and, says lightly. “If that’s your idea of a motivational speech, I’ll probably require it more than once for it to truly make a lasting impression.

Flint chuckles. “I have duties to attend to for now. Get some rest, and I’ll return later, and perhaps I can motivate you in other ways as well.”

His gaze lingers meaningfully upon Silver’s groin and if Flint expects him to be able to think of anything other than his mouth while he’s gone, then he’s severely mistaken.

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"Are you interested in being promoted from our official zine tumblr, twitter, and/or instagram accounts?" I don't understand that question

Hey anon!

The Lancito! team has official tumblr, twitter, and instagram accounts. We want to promote our artists and writers as best we can, help spread their art or writing to different platforms, so our followers can see what kind of quality they can expect in our zine, and also just as an extra perk to our contributors. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi, just wanted to say sth like... 'Stay strong.' I, uh, know what it's like to struggle with 'black dog' (and anxiety) and I know it's really hard. So... You may not believe it at some moments but you're amazing *big hug* Have a nice day/night *runs away*

jlksjdlaksjd thank you so much,,, you guys make me cry omg,,, you’re all so nice. c’: Thank you so much! *hugs back* I hope you’ll have a nice day too! noooo don’t gooo D: haha.

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Okay, serious talking now. What would be the worst point in each paladin to attack. We know about Lance's insecurities, but what else? What about the others? I want to read your opinion because you do awsome meta and character analysis.

???????? Wow, thank you ;A; And I’m not sure if I can answer this well for all paladins but I’ll try^^ [tl;dr at the end because this post has gotten really long]

Let’s start with Lance. Lance honestly has many points to attack, which is probably why this fandom is so focused on langst. It’s easy to create content for that because we have so much to work with:

1. his insecurities about his role on the team and in general

I already wrote a lot about it here (and also here a little), desperately trying to figure out how strong these insecurities are but there is no doubt that they exist^^ Surprisingly, they actually seem to be very strong, to the point that fandom only exaggerates them slightly. Lance is just pretty good at hiding them.

2. homesickness

Lance is homesick. Really homesick. He’s homesick to the point that he would leave a party to hang out alone and get lost in his memories:

He is also the one that references his life on Earth the most often. “I missed 14 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that I never really had”, “That’s the tagline of 6 of my favorite movies” - those are little things, not very important in the overall picture but they prove that he thinks back to his past. 

3. fear of death/unnatural things that are dangerous

Lance isn’t afraid of aliens, that’s not what I mean with it - I’m talking about the episode Crystal Venom where the castle was trying to kill him. Here is an analysis on how deeply that episode really disturbed him. As for his fear of dying - he is the one that has been confronted with death the most of all the paladins (excluding Shiro - but Shiro has lost/repressed lots of his traumatic memories). Here’s proof:

S1E1. He thought Hunk had died in the explosion when they were trying to retrieve the yellow lion. S1E4. The explosion nearly killed him - “you would have died if Hunk and Coran hadn’t gotten a new crystal” (Pidge, S1E6). S1E9. He almost got sucked out of an airlock. S2E2. The snake monster thingy got free of the stone and Lance was in the direct line of fire.

He was the one screaming “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!!” in S2E5 when they had to hold the lenses for the wormhole maker. Lance is scared of death not despite but because he knows it the best of all of them. He almost died multiple times and he saw his friends almost dying multiple times (the Hunk thingy I included above, when he saved Coran from the explosion, when he thought he had to save Coran in “Crystal Venom”, when Pidge in the cube episode got shot down and didn’t reply to them). Look at his reaction vs the reaction of the other paladins when they thought Allura had died:

They are all shocked and disbelieving, meanwhile Lance:

He’s neither shocked nor disbelieving, he’s just hurt. One of his deepest fears became reality and there is nothing he could do about it.

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