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hi 💘!! so since 2016 is (finally) coming to an end i decided to do a follow forever ! this is a thank you to everyone on here for always making me smile and making this a very memorable year for me i love u!  💘

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 → Academically, Lydia’s one of the finest students I’ve ever had. Her A.P. classes push her G.P.A. above a 5.0. I’d actually like to have her I.Q. tested. And socially she displays outstanding leadership qualities. I mean, she’s a real leader. (happy belated birthday, @banshee-lydia!)

one’s a desert boy and the other is a beach boy let them share a scarf bcuz it’s hella cold and they’re both freezing

SO SORRY THIS IS FOR THE @voltron-ss SECRET SANTA AND IT’S SO LATE!! ERINN!!!!! @omgklance!!!!! I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SO LATE!! I was gonna draw the whole squad and christmas day shenanigans but stuff happened and it’d take too long. SO, i thought that bcuz of ur url, klance would be a safe bet and this ended up being really cute?? are they red bcuz of the cold or bcuz of smth else??? :3 i hope u like it bcuz i enjoyed drawing it!

hey it’s dira!! (my previous url was renjunsgirlfriend for those of u who are like… “who tf is this” sorry kdjkdlfjs i always impulsively change urls) okay so ive had this blog for a few months n i jus decided it ws the time to make a follow forever! this is literally a mutual appreciation post i luv u all sm i’d die for u all… i hope u all are doing well 💕💘💞💓  alzo.. the top pic is winkun cause theyre my parents n id die for them.. n if ur a mutual n i didnt include u then i’m rly sorry it’s my bad!! i made a lot of mistakes makin dis please dnt be sad ilusm  mssg me n i’ll add u to this! remember… ur all so important to me n i’d die for u 💞 also sorry if this spams ur notifs jdklfjskl idk if tumblr fixed tht issue

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macnkeith  asked:

✂️ if ur still doing them ahh :00 (its aleesha pngpotpies omg theyre so pretty im in awe!!)

I made you one for your main blog and one for your art blog because you are just so awesome, Aleesha! I also made them gifs to give them a little flare in case you want to use them as headers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Send me a ✄ and I’ll write your URL in my handwriting.


karuna @thetaliskertalisker tagged me in top six selfies of 2016 <3

i take so many goddamn selfies this was hard but here are five and a picture with my beautiful new puppy zeta, love of my life

honestly this year was a mess, and the only good thing i can say is that last year i was like i hope 2016 has more dogs and that, in fact, came through for me

imma tag @vocalduosope, @tamilprongspotter, @officialbenjaminfranklin, @dravidarasathi, @dooomkitten, and whoever else wants to do it cuz im probably missing ppl!

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  • fuckign??????? Gorgeous????? literally breathtaking
  • supremely talented I don’t understand how they make these edits and holy shit????? such good aesthetics like wtf
  • h e l l a sweet like tooth rotting sweet 
  • is the reason I didn’t stop making edits like I haven’t made any in a long time but I haven’t given up because they’re so supportive and encouraging
  • fuckin good as hell writer like Great Gay content that flows smooth and feels real how do they???? do that?????!?
  • gay what else can I say, they’re hella gay 
  • brave and strong and inspiring i can’t put anything here w out getting depressing and personal but u get the idea 
  • a Gr9™ listener, v respectful and compassionate when I went to them to talk
  • all around Awesome Person, ily air freshener

i’m pretty lucky in that i have a good number of followers (>1k) and yet I still don’t really get that many creepy motherfuckers like other trans female mutuals i have

maybe that’s because i go thru my follower list every single day (often multiple times a day) to block chasers and bots and overall fake-looking blogs (if u have the default avatar/theme or don’t post/reblog anything and ur URL has a bunch of numbers in it and u dont’ have a blog description or anything ur probably going in my blocklist by default. hell even if u do have a description about yourself in your blog i’ll still probably block u if u sound like a fake or just plain creepy). i hope it remains that way but knowing our luck it probably won’t.


secret santa for isa

What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.

anonymous asked:

hi i was wondering how u get such gr8 urls? do u have any tips? thx!

hello! all of my earlier urls that people could consider great were given to me by kind people! this one i got because periodically tumblr staff releases old urls that havent been used in years.

tip: keep track of blogs with good urls that havent posted in a long while. once staff releases the url, the original blogs url will be changed into (url)-blog. though sometimes, because of this site’s fucked up coding or whatever, the urls that get released get stuck in limbo (as in, no one can claim them even though it shows that the url isnt claimed by anyone)

hope i answered ur question! :~)