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Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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How May I Assist?
( bingsepticeye )
How May I Assist?

anonymous: Hey Bing! Bing? Oh right, Google turned you off, didn’t he? -presses the B on Bing’s chest- I was wondering what your primary and secondary objectives were. Are they the same as Google’s?

Hello! I am Bing! How may I assist you?

My, my objectives? That’s an odd question, but I shall explain none the less.

My primary objective is to do menial tasks such as dishes and laundry, if asked or ordered.

Secondary objective is to sympathize and provide comfort to my user, as I am equipped with artificial feelings and the capacity to understand basic human emotions and needs.


-Do not ever compare me to that… fright. We are nothing alike. Do not even begin to think for a second that we are in any way compatible.

I hope this search has proven useful and you are satisfied with your answer!

Thoughts on Season 9 contestants

Kimora Blac: She said before that if she ever gets on the show she’s gonna bring drama so thats what I expect. From her MTQ alone she already seems shady, I just hope people don’t send her hate cuz Im really digging her so far

Farrah Moan: Obviously pretty and fishy, but I expect her to be a strong competitor and bring it especially on the runway. Her performances are also amazing so Im excited for that 

Aja: The most hyped up pre-season from what I’ve seen, she’s a great performer and her aesthetic is amazing as well. I can’t wait to see if she lives up to the hype

Shea Coulee: Another really hyped up queen from pre-season, a lot of people consider her as a strong contender for the crown. She kinda seems like a younger Bebe so that has me excited

Charlie Hides: Again, how is she 52? Her YouTube channel is quite successful and she’s quite hilarious, I recommend checking out her impersonations and her interview with Bianca. I can’t wait to see what she does for snatch game 

Nina Bonina Brown: She seems a bit odd on her instagram saying Ru hates her and that she’s not on the show? I hope she’s just trolling cuz I do think she’s skilled but we will see

Sasha Velour: I loooove her aesthetic, its very unique and from what I’ve seen she can be glam too. I really hope they don’t ask her to change her aesthetic far too much and I pray they don’t fuck her over like they usually do with Club Kids 

Valentina: She’s probably gonna get quite a favorable edit imo. She seems so sweet and kind, altho jokes seem to go over her head. She and Farrah are the fishiest of the season it seems. I expect her to be Miss Congeniality 

Jaymes Mansfield: I don’t see a lot of people talking about her? I don’t know what to think of her yet to be honest, but from her MTQ alone….she kinda creeps me out and not in a good way. I really hope im proven wrong

Alexis Michelle: Her outfit was one of my faves in the promo. Her MTQ video was very lovely and I liked it. I think we’re lowkey underestimating her and I hope she pulls a ChiChi on us 

Trinity Taylor: Another Queen that’s being overlooked imo, but frankly I don’t know much about her yet and her MTQ was unfortunately forgettable for me. I hope we get to see her personality shine on the actual show

Eureka: They made her get rid of O’hara ffs. Im happy to see her on the show actually and Im quite excited to see what new stuff will she bring to the table 

Peppermint: Yayyyy Im so happy to have a trans girl represent, and Im so happy they let her talk about it. She seemed very genuine and kind and I hope she’s gonna show us even more 

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Tsuna, Xanxus as Fathers and Chrome as a mother pls? about how they will act around their kids and stuff? Thanks, you guys rock!


~Whew! That was HARD! I hope this is okay, Anon!~

admin adelheid


It’s been rumored― but never before proven― that Vongola knew their blood on sight. And as far as Tsuna was concerned he had no interests in confirming the theory. Secretly he had always viewed the Vongola blood in his veins as nothing but a curse and the thought of producing progeny to make sure that blood will live on was something he had viewed with contempt. A necessary evil that was expected of him and a part of the mantle he had taken on as Don.

He slept with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted and no one called him out on it. Not his Guardians, not his parents and certainly not the people he bedded. Every single one of them knew the score and every single one was expected to deal with it or walk out.

So when he busted that disgusting pedophile ring that dared operate on his territory and found your four year old self on sale he was shocked at the violent, uncontrollable desire to protect, shelter, blood, mine, mine, mine! playing on constant replay in his very soul. Some of his men gave him curious looks when he swooped down and held you in his arms, his burning golden eyes glaring death at anyone who came near, treating everyone as a potential danger to your safety.

He would not let go of you even after he returned to the mansion and wouldn’t even allow the servants to touch you. Tsuna personally bathed you, and clothed you and fed you, his attention blind to the world around you both. He was acting like a man obsessed and he didn’t even care. Even Natsu was curled up around you, a carpet of devastating menace to anyone who might seek to take you away from its master. It had worried his Guardians so much that they called Reborn. Seeing the situation, the hitman immediately called for a paternity test. The test confirmed the hitman’s suspicion.

You are Sawada Tsunayoshi’s heir.

His Guardians had tried to find the woman who had neglected their Decimo’s heir only to find out it was not necessary. She indeed was literally dead. Apparently she had went through the pregnancy hoping to use you and force her new lover to marry her by saying you were that man’s child but she ended up getting killed by that lover. He was not very keen on fathering a child outside his own marriage. The man then banished the child to an orphanage barely even fit to raise pigs. It was probably a good thing that your mother was dead. Had she still been alive Tsuna would have probably crushed her neck himself.

He wrapped you up in his arms making silent promises that you will only have the best this life had to offer. He will love you with all his heart. He will make you strong enough to make your own choices.

Shockingly enough he raised you outside the Mafia while teaching you how to defend yourself and how to master your Flame. He wanted you to keep an open mind because Tsuna had seen how closed minded people who grew up and have been spoiled within the confines of Family could be.

He wanted you away from the lies, away from the betrayal and he had wanted you all to himself for a little while. He made sure to switch with his Guardians when he absolutely had to leave on Famiglia business.

He made you understand that he sought to be the best he could for you and that he will always be by your side. Even when you entered Mafia Academy during your high school that promise ― that resolution ―  did not change.

And you will always love that about him.


Xanxus walked around the corner of one of the Varia’s favorite training areas and watched you try to cheat your way out of Squalo’s training drill. It wasn’t like he can really fault you, though; you were trying your best. Add that to the fact that you were barely six and the mistake was totally excusable.

He watched as you lifted your weapon one more time and make another attempt at destroying your target and Xanxus could immediately see that you were doing it purely out of frustration now. Clearly you inherited his temper.

Before you could get yourself killed he made his presence known and walked up to you. Seeing him there you went still and winced right up until Xanxus smacked you on the back of the head with the palm of his hand. Normally an ordinary kid would have been thrown right across the courtyard but it was a testament to your genes― the fact that you were his― that you stayed firm on your feet. It made Xanxus nod, pleased; before demanding what the fuck it was did you think you were doing. He then learns the anger was coming from the fact that you haven’t been able to light your Dying Will Flames yet.

Xanxus scowled at the frustration and underlying fear in your admission. Squalo had been saying something about the kid wanting to be Varia Quality as soon as possible. You didn’t want Belphegor to beat him. The Varia Boss made a mental roll of his eyes at Bel and his love of baiting his brat.

He then asks you if you really were serious about lighting up your Dying Will Flames so soon and you reply you did with a stubborn pout on your face that reminded Xanxus of your mother. He then gives you another cuff to the head before dragging you off up a waterfall by the scruff of your jacket’s collar. Before you could ask what he thought he was doing, you were thrown over the falling body of water. You shouted for him but he merely stared right back down at you, watching your descent to death.

Realizing you were about to die you felt despair and regretted violently that you have failed to make your father proud.

It was then that your vision was enveloped in dense, orange Sky Flames and you felt as though there was nothing else that you could possibly lose. You turn your body in a graceful somersault until you land safely on the ground. As the Flames faded from your person you stare at your hands in awe and looked up in surprise as you felt a rough lick on your cheek. You look up only to see Bester right beside you, the box animal nuzzling you gruffly before running up the waterfall back towards Xanxus.

Smiling you realize he released Bester and made him wait on the ground to catch you if you failed in the task of activating your Flame before reaching the ground.

You look up just in time to see your father’s Varia coat leaving the edge of the waterfall and you stand up gratefully, sporting a grin that would have made Uncle Squalo proud.

Xanxus never did like hearing thanks from anyone; not even his own child. But that was the reason you wanted to be stronger faster, right? So you can be a child he’d be proud of?


Chrome need only take one look at you to know that something was wrong. She could sense it through the bonds you shared with each other both mentally and emotionally. Right now she could sense the confusion and the hurt in you and it was a measure of her respect for you as another human being that she barely resisted invading your mind and taking out what was hurting her baby.

Despite all this you act as though everything was fine. Chrome gave you a fond, gentle smile knowing you were acting normally for her benefit. Sometimes she wondered what she did to deserve such a wonderful child.

Chrome was not expecting to ever get pregnant. She had thought that the damage to her organs back when she was a child was the end of all her hopes of ever conceiving and producing her own progeny. So she was surprised and shocked when she was told of her pregnancy. She was treated by everyone in the Famiglia like a glass doll for the whole eight months she conceived you.

The moment you were placed in her arms at the hospital she couldn’t stop her tears from falling as she held you to her. It was the happiest day of her life. Loving you was easy for her as she has always been a loving person.

You were raised in freedom and with the assurance of a loved child. You were never given cause to doubt the affection your family and Family had for you. Yet you did your mother proud that you never took advantage of that love. You have a tendency of harboring all your problems to the last minute, hesitant to ask for help in fear of being a burden to your important people.

At first it made Chrome worried and wonder if she did anything to earn your distrust. Although she had grown out of her shyness for the most part her fear of not being a good parent― of turning into her mother― consumed her sometimes. She would give anything for you not to hate her. She would die if you told her you hated her. But she understood that she needed to trust you too. To have faith in your love.

When you excused yourself to go to school and kissed her goodbye Chrome did what any normal, self-respecting, law abiding parent would do.

Sent Mukurou after you, enveloping the Mist owl with Flames to make it invisible to your yet partly trained, yet already skillful sixteen year old eyes. It was through this method that Chrome discovered what was bothering you.

Chrome had been concerned about you not being able to make real friends at a Mafia Academy so she had you enrolled at an ordinary public school from kindergarten to middle school. The moment you stepped on Mafia Academy for high school, though, things started taking a vicious turn.

Everyone had been calling you an abomination. Someone who should not have been born of this world since your mother was no longer human. Everyone had known about the mythos behind the Vongola Decimo’s female Mist Guardian at this point. It was part of her infamy now that she was known for sustaining her own life with organs made of illusions. So people around you keep on thinking that perhaps you were no real person at all. That you were just an illusion; a homunculus borne out of Chrome Dokuro’s Flames in her desire for a child.

It made you sadly question your own humanity. It also bothered you that they were insulting your beloved mother.

That night Chrome waited for you in her study. It has been tradition for you to tell her goodnight before you went to sleep whenever she was in the house and not out on duty for the Famiglia. That night she hugged you close in a loving embrace and asked you if you loved her.

Of course you tell her yes.

Chrome then looks you deep in the eyes and holds a warm hand to your chest and tells you in no uncertain terms that as long as you feel love in your heart― the kind of love that made you want to do everything you can to make the people you love happy― then that made you human.

That night, as you lie in your bed you shed tears of relief before sleep claimed you, a raging clarity calming your troubled mind.

Your mother was no monster. She was proof of your humanity.

Kingsman Comic: Jack's letter to Gary

From the original Kingsman comic, by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, and Matthew Vaughn.

A few things to remember beforehand: 

In the comic, Eggsy (here called Gary) comes to the agency in much the same way, but it is not called Kingsman and there are no code names. The agency is underfunded in the start of the comic. The villain is, in this case, James Arnold. (It’s literally just Mark Hamill who’s kidnapped in the beginning.) 

Harry, in this version, is Gary’s uncle, Jack. Jack and Gary’s mother Sharon are somewhat estranged as Jack left to work as a spy, under the cover of some boring office job that involves travel. There is no church scene, and Jack dies differently than in the movie, but the effect is much the same. Obviously, surname London is sort of a code name/Bond joke. Also, Jack is very fond of his car.

Training for the agents is much looser and does not seem to work on an elimination basis like in the film, either. The trainees were not filling an opening in the agency, but rather just training to become agents. Thus, Gary becomes an agent alongside many of the trainees. 

Bolded emphasis is directly from the comic. I’m sorry, because comics are SUPER into bold font at random times, but I thought I should include it.

Letter transcribed because @notbrogues was in need, and posted because it’s long and I figured the fandom might appreciate it!

 "From the desk of Commander John Edward London, CMG, RNVR:

Dear Gary, 

If you’re reading this letter, the bad news for me is that I’ve died in the line of duty and this has been passed along. I’ve always written my goodbyes on the last day of every month because violent death is an occupational hazard, and I hope that I’ve taught you the importance of having all your affairs in order. 

 I’ve been writing these letters since I turned eighteen with instructions on how I’d like my estate to be divided. It’s probably not as much as you’d think, but I’d like one third to go to the Royal Lifeboat Institute, one third to go to the British Heart Foundation and all the remaining monies to go to your mother. I was so keen to get out of that area that I’ve neglected her over the years, always too busy even to pick up the phone. I hope this goes some way to rectify that and give her some capital to maybe do something with her life at last. 

 I know that ostensibly I’ve been teaching you in our period together, but on the other hand I genuinely believe that you’ve been teaching me too. I’ve taught you all about good clothes and fine wines and foreign languages and nuclear bombs…but you’ve taught me what was missing from my life. I love my job and it brings me enormous satisfaction, but at the same time I’ve been very lonely over the years too. I’ve treasured the time we’ve had just talking about all the stupid, little things. 

Can you believe, after all these years, this is the first time I’ve written my goodbye letter to someone I’m on first name terms with? Thank you for bringing some warmth to my life and please don’t use my death as an excuse to quit or wallow in self-pity

I’ve given you the keys to something wonderful here, and am pleased to see someone from my background improve himself, just as I worked hard to build a better life for myself. The media love nothing more than to portray us as feckless and work-shy, but I hope I’ve proven that a man is capable of anything in life. All we need is a little opportunity and someone who believes in us. Work hard, help others and don’t fall into this anti-intellectualism that’s encouraged by the people who would have our class in gold chains and nasty baseball caps. They only want to laugh at us on their reality television shows. But don’t become some establishment-lackey either. Remember who you are. Keep your silliest nickname if you can. 

Oh, and one final request…”

[At this point, the comic leaves the letter out and shows Gary placing a framed newspaper on his apartment wall, surrounded by his friends–fellow new agents.

Friend: “What’s this?”
Gary: “Oh, nothing. Just a little tradition I promised Uncle Jack I’d keep up if I inherited his flat…a little reminder to myself about what didn’t make the next day’s newspapers.”
Friend: “Doesn’t it bother you? All these stupid celebrities being feted and nobody knowing what we did to stop James Arnold?”
Gary: “Nah. Fame doesn’t make you happy, mate…helping other people is the only thing that matters. Public service is what gives a man real value.”
Friend: “Well said, Eggsy.”
Friend: “To Jack London, boys and girls. May he rest in peace.”
Eggsy: “Cheers.” ]

Take good care of my car, you little swine, or I’ll come back and bloody haunt you.”

Gonna be keeping any hype to a minimum. CN has been notoriously bad with their promos.

Remember the “what we really are” promo? Made it seem like it was gonna be a really dark Stevenbomb.

And….it really wasn’t. Sure, the Cluster and what it is does make for a really dark storyline. But the bomb itself? Wasn’t that dark.

Then we had the latest Stevenbomb. Promoed as “we’re finally getting answers”

And…..nope, that left us with more questions than answers.

So this latest promo…..the use of Jasper’s theme is an interesting choice. But CN has been tone deaf with their promos before, so no hype nor excitement from me.

In fact, I’m gonna maintain a pessimistic viewpoint and hope to be proven wrong.

Overwhelmed. This is what I’m feeling now. I just received two anonymous asks of supercorps shippers. And two of people I don’t know what they ship.
And I’m barely holding back my tears because this… This is why I belive in people.
A Supercorp just said to me she was sorry about all the hate. The other said she was sorry that we had to create a list.
All the others asked me to stay here.
And one just told me how she was abused and I that I actually helped her. I saw love growing on a field of hate. I feel so overwhelmed because people took their time to come here, for each other.
I feel like this because in the end, I was proven that hope has power, that kindness is still out there.
I’m still in awe of how even though there is hate we still see love. I just wanted it to thank all of these people that came here and say that. Thank you everyone who prove to me humanity is still worth fighting for.

jeemyjamz  asked:

prompt: bughead AU (inspired by the Betty/Jughead insta profiles) where Betty meets Jughead in New York and they start up a romance. Betty's been updating her instagram detailing their time together and back in riverdale Kevin & Veronica swoon over their pics (while also stalking Jughead's profile to learn more about him)

A/N: requested by the creative @jeemyjamz!! I had so much fun making this, even though it was proven a bit difficult. I hope you guys are happy with the results! 

“..Okay, Betty. You’ll be fine, it’s only the first job you’ll have on your resume. One that defines your work ethic, and all jobs after will reference this one, and-” Betty said, speaking to herself, as she walked into the newsroom that she was now a part of. The newsroom echoed with keyboard clicks, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the room.

She felt a bit flustered watching everyone, and didn’t know where to go. “Lost?” a guy about her age asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Yeah, how’d you know?” She asked, a nervous expression written on her face. He chuckled, Why was he laughing?,she thought.

“Your expression is giving me the impression that you were, you looked like you were going to faint.” He replied, rubbing the back of his head.

“Where are my manners? I’m Betty Cooper, it’s nice to meet you” She smiled, trying to make a good impression. Her mother’s words echoing through her head, First impressions are everything, Betty.  

“I’m Forsythe Jones, but everyone calls me Jughead” He spoke, smiling shyly. Her name finally registering in his brain, and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “..Is Betty short for Elizabeth?” Jughead continued.

She nodded her head, and he cheered “We’re cubicle mates. Well, more like cubicle neighbors, but it’s the same principle.”

“You seem so excited, why’s that?” Betty questioned, walking with Jughead towards their corridor. She watched as his lips formed into a nervous smile, as he sat down in his swivel chair.  

“Everyone in this office sorta sucks, they’re all worn out, but I have a good feeling about you Cooper.” He said doing finger guns, swirling back towards his laptop.

Betty knew that her job here was never going to be boring, now that she knew Jughead.

A couple of weeks have passed, and Betty and Jughead were practically attached by the hip. Their jobs were so similar they had to work with each other all of the time, they spent lunch breaks, and weekends together. Neither of them minded because just as Jughead stated, Everyone in that office did suck, or at least according to Betty. Lately, things had been weird between them because they had kissed, and nobody wanted to address it.

It was a cool, spring night in NYC, and Betty was up early facetiming her two best friends who still live in her hometown.  Their social medias were filled with candid pictures of each other, so naturally Betty’s new romance is the item of conversation,.

“…And then he just kissed you? But did you like it?? That’s the real question, B” her best friend Veronica questioned, raising her eyebrows.

The doorbell rung, but who could it be this late at night? She looked through the small peephole in her front door, and started freaking out. “Guys, it’s Juggie, what should I do?” She whispered, running towards the laptop.

“Make yourself hot!” the duo in the screen whispered back, “Just leave us here, we won’t do anything!”,Kevin whispered. Betty threw on some lipgloss, shaking out her hair, putting on cuter pajamas. The doorbell rang again, and she opened the door trying to look as effortless as possible.

“It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.” Jughead smirked, quoting Romeo and Juliet, a movie that they’ve watched on several occasions.

“Ay me!” Betty said, continuing their Shakespearian banter, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Jughead walked into her apartment, staring at her with a loving gaze. Betty began to look increasingly frustrated, Jughead thought it was cute, but he was concerned.

“What’s the matter, Bets?” Jughead asked, looking at the blonde who was ready to explode.

Betty exhaled before yelling at Jughead,“You’re the matter, Jug! We haven’t talked after that kiss, and I was convinced that you didn’t like me back. But you keep staring at me like that, and I can’t-”

Jughead interrupted Betty in the middle of her soliloquy, making Betty sigh in frustration. “What?” She replied, with an annoyed expression.

Jughead grabbed the sides of her face, kissing her passionately. Everything fell silent, and the two were there for a minute or so, finally separating with unshakeable smiles on their faces.

“Betty, I like you, only you. I came over here because I realized how much of a dick I was being, and I was hoping you would forgive me. I needed to figure out how I felt. Would you, Elizabeth Cooper, do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” Jughead asked nervously, looking down at the ground.

“Yes!” Betty replied, engulfing Jughead in an embrace.

Kevin and Veronica were cheering on their side of the screen, Betty completely forgetting they were there. “Damn Betty!” Kevin cheered, earning a high five from Veronica.

Betty facepalmed watching her boyfriend walk over to the screen, “Are these the famous Kevin and Veronica?” He questioned, “How’d you know?” Veronica retorted.

“I might have talked his ear off about you guys, and shown him about a million photos.” Betty confessed, laughing.

“We like this one” The duo in the the laptop chimed, smiles on their faces.

“I like him too” Betty said, earning a smile from Jughead.

NCIS:LA Ratings - 767

Numbers last night were fantastic!

I actually didn’t have high hopes due to the delayed start, but I was proven wrong.  Numbers were split by the half-hour, so we’ll see what the final numbers say tomorrow, but regardless, they look great.

Demo: 1.7/1.5
Viewers: 11.47/11.07 million

Imagine- BTS Favorite Sex Positions

Requested by 3 Anons:

“Imagine sex position :3 BTS”

“What (sex) positions bts members would do with u”

“Hello ^.^ could you do an imagine of either bts kinks or sex positions?”

Warning: Explicit content. Very explicit gifs included. Please ignore if you’re not comfortable with that sort of stuff.


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you: *wants help to write about MY OTP from my side of the fandom*

you: im such a rarepair multishipper uwu

you: *bitches about fandom with me*

you: *befriends me*

me: *criticizes people who harem-ship generic self-inserts with characters they want for themselves, or glorify them falsely, you know, THE USUAL*

you: omg im gonna block her and vague her 234573857 times bc her otp is different than mine and she’s so salty 

???????????? are you kidding me rn??????

i wouldn’t vague but i can’t even @ since you blocked me and either way you’ll know it’s you and you’re obviously checking my blog since you’re mass-reblogging stuff i criticized LOL. nice spiteshipping there… you’re just .. literally?? proving my point?????? 

also, bravo, “rarepair shipper”, on disliking the ship that makes most sense enough to use it as a reason to block me (not to mention doing it so hypocritically???)LOL and going on shipping random af wish-fulfillment trash in its stead. i guess my otp is in the way of your ships or something idek honestly  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s so nice to pretend you “multiship” when you harem-ship generic characters with the hot guys or join irrelevant fandom hype i guess. why would you even follow someone who obviously stans for the ship you dislike anyway? 

fyi. i did know you liked some of my notps, i was just trying to be open minded bc not everyone has to have the same reasons for liking something?? also your one otp/fav char was one of my absolute favs back then and it.. appears to be the only good thing you ship??? lool. im not gonna thank you for fitting into the side of fandom i criticize like a glove. i really hate when im right about stuff like that. i don’t wanna be one of those people who are “otp or get out” but this fandom is literally pushing me this way. i hope i’ll meet people who’ll influence me otherwise.

also, that false positivity, especially when you also belong to a side of fandom that gets hate, is really unnatural and tacky. throwing shade at me for being on your side against mainstream fandom? nice.

again, PSA for everyone. this is also an option: unfollowing someone decently and you know, not vaguing them like a giant pussy. and really, there’s an @ there on your device if you’re reaaally looking for a fight, though that may be hard when you have no counter-argument. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

you guys do know you’re reaaally not making a good case for yourselves this way, right?

I’m finally starting “The White Princess” and the title music is the same I’m so emotional.

I really want this to be good but I’m pretty nervous so… we’ll see.

It’ll be worth it for Essie Davis as Elizabeth Woodville alone.


Something I was thinking about ‘serious’ music press and their tone of voice when they talk about artists like Harry. Like the Guardian and GQ this morning. I would link but I’m on mobile.

They are saying positive things about the song. In fact, when you really read it, it’s almost nothing but good things.

But they bury it in such a pile of cynicism and irony… about his fans, about calculated choices he made so he’d be taken seriously, about the production, that you’d hardly notice they actually liked it.

Why, Serious Music Men? You think your favourite indie band with their indie looks and their indie opinions don’t make calculated moves? You want to tell us that bands enjoyed by girls are shit until proven otherwise? I hope the Beatles and the Stones and James Taylor, who all spent the first decade of their careers singing to screaming girls, can’t hear you.

Why not just say: 'look at that, this guy from this boyband made an amazing song! Who would have thought!’ Because you’re obviously surprised. How about you just admit that, be excited about it and make music journalism a bit less annoying.

I found this while scrolling through Facebook. And my god this is so true.

13 reasons why fully exploded in social media with everyone just raving about it. I had no plans on watching it at that time knowing what it was about and how it could potentially trigger me. But since I finished Riverdale and had to wait for another week for the next episode, I decided to try it out hoping that I would be proven wrong.
But God was I right.
I couldn’t even go through the first episode. It was absolutely triggering. And the way it glorifies suicide as if it was a way for you to get revenge on those who have wronged you is absolutely depicting a wrong image for those who are actually thinking about it.

While I was watching the first episode, my breathing began to quicken and my started to feel the urge to scratch something. And since my mother was watching it downstairs, I was able to get the glimps of Hannah’s suicide scene. I had to run back upstairs before I completely start obsessing about it.

I’ve been clean for 2 years and I’m still recovering. And that show just gave me flashbacks of everything I went through and all the thoughts started flooding in.

So if you’re someone who’s reviving or someone trying to recover. I really suggest that you avoid this TV show.
Be safe.

“I had told the Death Eaters of my immortality, in the hope - now proven futile - that they would stay together for at least a few days if I appeared to die.”

Quote from HPMOR.

“From that time Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised.”