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Giant: Ch. 4

When you know I don’t have nowhere else to go
Does it feel good to leave me on my own?

Previously on Giant

Though it was summer, too much happened after the funeral. Lena stayed at her apartment in the city for the summer. Work kept her busy, preparing for grad school kept her exhausted, keeping an eye on her father and brother kept her borderline crazy. Long ago, her duty washed away any artifact of herself, and of that she was damn near certain. 

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▲ Perfect / Zach Dempsey ▲

Words: 1927

Song: Perfect, Ed Sheeran

I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

“Where’s (Y/N) today?” Justin asks, looking over at Zach as he tosses the ball his way.

The taller boy can’t keep the smile off his face as your name is mentioned. “Around,” he answers vaguely. “She’s coming tonight to watch the game though, so you’ll see her soon.”

“I’m surprised she’s not already here,” Justin grins, “cheering you on,” he clarifies. “She’s like your own personal cheerleader or something.”

Zach rolls his eyes, “Whatever man,” he replies. 

“So when are you finally going to ask her out?” he continues. “I thought you’d have done it by now.”

“What are you talking about?” Zach replies, his brow furrowing as he aims the ball-preparing to throw it. 

His friend snorts, “Don’t be stupid, dude. We all know how you feel about her-we have for years.”

Zach misses the basket by barely an inch as he turns to face Justin, “What are doing, Justin?”

“All I’m trying to say,” he says, raising his hands in surrender, “is that we all know you two are it for each other, you know? It’s obvious is all. You love her, she loves you-the rest of us are simply waiting for one of you to make a move.”

Zach shakes his head, denying his friend’s words. “You’ve got it wrong,” he insists, going after the ball. “It’s not like that.”

“Whatever you say, man. Just think about it,” Justin encourages. “Why do you think neither of you have been able to stay in a relationship for long?” he asks. “(Y/N)’s great, Zach. She’s sweet and kind, not to mention gorgeous.”

At his words, Zach sent Justin a warning look as he threw the ball at him-making the boy smirk as he caught it.

“Just think about it,” he repeats. “You know I’m right.”

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow,
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

You fall on to his bed, capturing the spare pillow in your arms as you lie on your side to watch Zach at his desk. “What did you want to do today?” you ask. 

You roll your eyes as he shrugs, “Whatever you want.”

“That’s a dangerous thing to say,” you insist playfully. “You never know what I can come up with.” A smile makes its way on to his face, causing your expression to match his. “But really, do you want to go anywhere or do something?”

“I’d rather just stay here,” he admits. “If you don’t mind.”

Shaking your head, you hug his pillow tighter against your chest, “Why would I turn down the chance to have you all to myself?” you joke, but you couldn’t hide the sadness in your tone.

“What’s wrong?”

Sighing, you shake your head slightly, “It’s nothing.”

“(Y/N),” he scolds, “I’ve known you forever-I know when something’s wrong.” He turns his seat around so he was fully facing you. “What is it?”

“It’s going to make me sound stupid and selfish,” you explain. “But I promise I’m okay.”


Closing your eyes, you roll on to your back, leaving the pillow beside you covering your arm. “I just miss you.”

“What do you mean?” he questions softly, noticing how your cheeks have reddened.

“Do I really have to?” you moan, shifting your head to look at him once more just as he nods. Groaning, you move your attention back to the ceiling-covering your eyes with your arms. “I just…I miss hanging out with you. I miss how things used to be. I feel like I barely see you anymore.”

You were met with his silence.

“I told you it was stupid,” you mumble.

The bed dips suddenly, taking you by surprise. You release a small shriek as Zach pulls you into his arms, rolling over so you were on top of him. “It’s not stupid,” he whispers, holding you close. “I’ve missed you too,” he says, moving your hair behind your ears.

“You have?” you asks quietly.

“Of course,” he laughs. “I have noticed how different it is between us,” he tells you. “I don’t like it.”

“Neither,” you agree, resting your chin on his chest so you could still see him.

Zach props his head up with the pillow, meeting your gaze again. He felt lost when looking in your eyes-finding himself unable to look away. 

You offer him a sweet smile, one that leads to his own making its way on to his face. Zach toys with the ends of your hair before pressing a kiss against your forehead. Confusion crosses your face before your expression becomes sheepish, making him chuckle. 

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass,
Listening to our favourite song
When you said you looked a mess,
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it,
Darling, you look perfect tonight

“We’re the only ones dancing,” you murmur into his shoulder.

Zach only holds you tighter, not ready to let you go-not that you have any intention of leaving his arms. “It doesn’t matter,” he replies. 

You grip the back of his shirt in your fist, pressing your body even closer to him. The grass was cold under your feet, but soon you barely noticed. The slow dance you and Zach found yourselves in the middle of didn’t fit the song that was being played-but it was a favourite and you couldn’t resist.

Zach’s eyes haven’t left you since you had closed you eyes, using the opportunity to take in all the curves and the smallest details of your face-trying to memorise every single part of you.

You could hear the laughter and the murmurs from the people around you, reminding you that you weren’t alone. The party was no longer in full swing, but you were by no means the only ones outside.

Insecurities had began to rise within you, causing you to hide your face in Zach’s neck. “I look terrible,” you whisper, your breath sending tingles down his spine. “I’m such a mess,” you groan, not expecting him to pay your words any attention.

Zach shakes his head, a sigh falling off his lips, “You look perfect,” he says, so quietly he thought you wouldn’t even hear him.

Your movements falter for a moment, the sincerity behind his tone taking you by surprise. “What?” you question, removing your head off him so you could see his face.

He smiles, stroking your back gently with his thumb, “Come on,” he urges, continuing to sway. 

Unable to deny him, you give in-sighing as you place your head back on his shoulder. 

Well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a lover to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own

Tossing the book on to the table, you take your seat beside Zach. “Please tell me why after so many years of school, that I am voluntarily signing up for even more years of school?”

He laughs, taking a moment to read over the titles of the university brochures you had collected from the fair. “Because you know what you want to do with your life and you’re very passionate about it,” he answers, closing his book to give you his full attention.

You roll your eyes, “I suppose.”

Zach gently rubs your back as you position yourself so you were lying with your head on the table.

“It all seemed so far away,” you say. “I thought I had so much time before we graduated.”

“We kind of do,” he offers, “depending on how you look at it.”

Smiling, you look up at him, “Promise me something?” Zach nods, his hand coming to a stop-but remaining on your back. “Promise me that you’ll always be there for me,” you say quietly. “That years from now, I will still have you in my life. That you’ll still be the person I turn to. That you’ll still carry my secrets and you’ll still make me laugh and go along with my stupid fantasies.”

Zach rests his elbow on the tables surface before propping his head on his hand, “Only if you promise to do the same,” he bargains.

You move your arm, holding out your pinky towards him, “I swear,” you proclaim. 

He finally moves his hand off of you, linking his finger with yours to make his promise. “I don’t plan on going anywhere,” he tells you. 

“Good,” you whisper, closing your eyes. 

We are still kids but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

Zach hates to see you so stressed and upset, his heart sinks as you rest your head against the window. His hand reaches across the table to rest atop of yours. “It’s going to be okay,” he tells you quietly.

“It doesn’t feel like it,” you reply.

He sighs, “This will pass and I’m here for you. Always.”

The smallest of smiles form on your face, “I know,” you say, glancing at him. Seeing the worry in his eyes, you turn your hand around on the table so you could hold his. “Please don’t worry,” you insist. “I don’t like seeing you like this.”

He scoffs, “It works both ways, (Y/N). I’m not going to be able to not worry until I know that you’re okay.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” you mumble, bringing his hand to your lips so you could kiss his knuckles. “I must have been a saint or something in a past life.”

Zach can’t help but laugh, “Sure,” he says sarcastically. “I’m sure that’s it.”

Squeezing his hand, the smile on your face doesn’t waver. “You always know how to cheer me up,” you continue. “You’re always the one to give me advice and reassurance and to help me out. I hope you know how much I appreciate that Zach.”

Looking into your eyes, Zach found himself imagining scenes from his future-thoughts crossing his mind that he always tried to suppress. “You’re always there to do the same for me,” he counters. “We balance each other.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you,” you whisper. “I love you, Zach,” you announce, your heart suddenly picking up its pace, surprised at yourself for confiding in him. 

Emotions flash across Zach’s face too quick for you to decipher them, “I love you, too,” he declares quietly, his racing heart and the butterflies in his stomach making it hard for him to think straight.

Neither of you say anything for a while, the pair of you just sitting in the booth with your fingers entwined-unable to focus your attention on anything besides one another. 

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favourite song
When I saw you in that dress
Looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this
Darling, you look perfect tonight

Coming Out - Part 2: The Boys

Coming out is hard. Coming out to the people you love when you are uncertain of their response is harder. This is the story of Will Byers coming out to the people he loves most, told in three seperate parts.

TW: homophobia, homophobic slurs

(Thank you @upsidedownwaffle for this amazing prompt!!! Everyone check them out!)

(Part 1: Eleven)

(Part 3: Family)

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~MOD SAERAN~Do you mean me CAUSE IM HONESTLY SO CLUMSY ITS SAD this is my first request here I go :) this is really long sorry so just read under the cut 


  • lord Jesus Christ this poor man 
  • He is already paranoid with leaving you alone
  •  Now ADDING THIS give this man some wine
  •  He literally redecorates the whole pent house because he doesn’t want to want there to be any reason of why you would trip 
  • he still doesnt understand its apart of your nature 
  • wants to hire doctors but there is NO CURE 
  •  He doesn’t like to leave you alone for a second because he is scared to death you will somehow knock into the door 
  • Do you think you are going to have privacy ?
  •  Nope not even for one second
  •  Because somehow you manage to trip on top of Elizabeth 3rd
  •  Do you know how confused and conflicted this man was because he didn’t know who to help first
  •  Of course he helped you first…. 
  • Anyways
  •  You felt bad so you decided to go to the nearest market and make Elizabeth 3rd special food
  •  While Jumin was taking care of Elizabeth needs
  •  You sneaked off by yourself and went to the elevator
  •  It was a miracle you didn’t trip on your way there 
  • You hold onto the necklace Jumin gave you so it can give you strength to not eat shit in front of so many people 
  • You finally made it outside
  •  You may of tripped ONCE but it’s a record
  •  You were waiting for the white light man to turn on
  •  And it finally did
  •  You looked both way and proceeded to walk 
  • Jumins senses is tingling
  • he then heard a scream
  •  It was your scream 
  • He ran outside with his guards behind him
  •  And he saw you on the floor and a car nearby 
  • He thought the worst He ran to you frantic, desperate desperate in hoping you weren’t hit 
  •  Lord JESUS CHRIST he was balling his eyes out when he went near you you were okay all you had was a scratch on your face
  •  he was ??? and you were laughing 
  •  you told him you weren’t hit because you were still and then you lost balance and fell forwards 
  •  jumin sued everyone that day he never been happier with your clumsy self since that day

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Pairing: Lee Jihoon x You
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Word count: 2.9k

Disclaimer: Full photo © to NaverDispatch, edit is mine (obvs, cause the edit sucks Dx)

Hi guys! Just thought of this and I’m screaming! My first 2k long story along with a customized header (will probs do it to my other ffs)xD, also this is dedicated to mah friend @wonzigyumin cause you left us u ho jk lol ily

“I love you”. Those were the words that started it all. He had somehow managed to muster up enough courage to finally say those words, his mixed feelings of anxiousness and embarrassment slowly dissolving as every syllable left his mouth and soon after the sudden confession, he felt giddy and elated when he heard your reply of ‘I love you too.’

You could hardly forget that event.

It all happened on a Friday night when he suddenly asked, practically forcing you to free up your schedule, and made plans to go out and have dinner. As you were getting ready, you heard the soft ding of your phone to which you later found out to be a text from Jihoon. “I’m here.” was all that was written, very typical of him. For the past two years you’ve been friends with him (sorry, BEST FRIENDS), he always goes straight to the point but you didn’t mind it. In actuality, you liked that trait of his but you never told him that and you have no plan to.

“In a minute.” you replied back, putting back the phone into your purse. You checked yourself one last time in the mirror only to whip out your bag and to once again put another layer of lipstick onto your plump lips. Once again backing up to see the full profile of your reflection. You wore a simple black cocktail dress that stopped just above your knees. Your shoulders were bare and the dress hugged at your body, leaving little to the imagination. It was the only decent thing you could find out of your small closet full of casual and business clothing. Jihoon had told you way too late that you needed to wear something formal, fit for fine-dining that you had no time to go out and buy one.

Your phone was ringing nonstop now but you were used to it. Jihoon tends to say that a minute feels like an hour when waiting for you. He’s exaggerating. Well, checking yourself constantly in the mirror and reapplying makeup whenever you see just one small smudge tends to take a while. “That’s it. I’m coming up there.” You read, the notification flashing on your screen and as if on cue, three loud knocks came to your door. You didn’t move though, you continued to fix the powder on your face until you had heard a knowing cough.

Turning your head, you saw Jihoon standing at your bedroom door. He had on a sleek black suit with a white polo worn underneath and a black bowtie to complete the outfit. His small figure leaning against the doorframe as he glared at you. And you replied back with a smile to which he chuckles at while looking down, “What am I going to do with you?”, it was merely a whisper and he was thankful that you hadn’t heard it.

“I’m done!” was the first thing that came out of your mouth once you felt satisfied. He beamed at you and he hadn’t realized what you were wearing until you were standing tall in your three-inch heels. Your full appearance finally sunk in and Jihoon couldn’t help but feel flustered. “You okay, Woozi?”


You saying his nickname only made him blush more as he gawked at you. Worried, you made your way closer to him, thinking he might be catching something. Your hand gently pressed at his forehead and you heard his voice hitch. “You feel hot, maybe we should cancel.” you said as you stepped away from him to go get some medicine. But before you could even move one step, Jihoon grabbed your wrist and pulled you back to him, “No. I’m fine. Let’s get going.” He said as he picked up your purse and dragged you out to his car.

It was silent during the ride and who knows how many times Jihoon had glanced your way, you had lost count. When you look back at him he would pretend he was never looking at you in the first place. “Is something wrong, Woozi?”

Again with the nickname.

Jihoon thought to himself. He’s using every bit of his power to focus on driving but him knowing you were right beside him and having full knowledge of your clothing just made it really hard for him. Not to mention how the seatbelt made your chest very much painfully obvious made him even more uneasy. “No, nothing’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever.” he voiced out and you didn’t push the topic anymore.

After a few more turns and with Jihoon constantly cursing whenever the stoplight turns red, both of you finally arrived at the restaurant. Your eyes turned wide when you realized it was the restaurant you had always wanted to try since you first saw it but due to it being a bit expensive and always fully booked, you tend to have second thoughts.

“How did you manage to get a table, its practically impossible to get a reservation here unless you know the owner or if you’re early as hell.” you chimed as you took a glance at the long line just out the entrance and you felt superior yet apologetic that you were passing them as you and Jihoon made your way to the reception desk.

“Lee Jihoon.” he said to the person behind the podium. It was a tall man that wore a black suit and a red tie. His nose was pointed and his smile, genuine. “Yes, Mr. Lee. A reservation for two.” he gestured for us to follow him inside and we did.

The man led us to a table beside a window that has the perfect view of the moon. Though, for some reason, our table was slightly secluded from the rest and it was also themed different. Unlike the other tables with white cloth and golden laced that we passed by on our way here, ours had light red cloth draped over the table with black cloth laced at the edges. But in the middle of all these was a single white rose in a thin clear vase laying silently on the table.

“What’s the occasion?” you jokingly laughed and gladly took the seat Jihoon pulled out for you. “Nothing, why? Can’t I go all out on a dinner with my best friend?” he mocked as he took the seat across from you. You looked around but no staff gave a menu and as if Jihoon can read your mind, “I already ordered ahead of time.”, “Oh, have you now?” you grinned. “Its a surprise.” he only said.

While waiting for your surprise food you both chatted about what each of you had done for the week, (boring, I know, but I can’t think of anything else), he then started talking about how great he’s been doing at work. Making music and performing with his members. You loved how his eyes would light up whenever he talked about his work, so you couldn’t help but smile as you listened to his story about how one of his hyungs would always try to kiss him and you laughed when he explained how he chased after that one member with a guitar. “Poor guy.” you commented, laughing. “What do you mean?? I should be the one you should be sorry for, they were annoying me.” Jihoon could only pout as he crossed his arms over his chest. It made you giggle more, “Well, I know how scary you could be when you get mad so…” you wiped the tears that escaped your eyes from laughing so much. Jihoon didn’t retort though, he just shrugged and mouthed out, 'True’.

“How’s yours?” he asked as he took a sip of water. “Oh, nothing. Just same old, same old.” “Come on now, spill.” Jihoon said at your lack of an answer. You knew him too well to not say anything, he would never stop pestering you until you gave him what he wanted and so you started telling him about how it is at your work. Just the usual boring seminars, you and your friends, as always sat at the front cause you all can’t see because all your eyesight are bad, and how the people at the back are annoying as hell no matter how much they’re scolded. “Hope they lose their job.” you cursed under your breath but Jihoon still heard it and chuckled at your comment. “You hate them that much?”, your eyes widened and you prepared yourself to tell him about all the hoes in your class and for the past 15 minutes, Jihoon was trying his best to hold in his laughter but is failing miserably as you cursed bloody mary onto the people that annoyed you as hell (the people at the back).

Jihoon was still laughing his ass off as the waiter arrived with your food and to your amazement, it was all your favourite, from appetizers all to the main course. “Surprise!” Jihoon said as he finally caught his breath. Your mouth was wide open and your eyes seem to almost bulge out as you tried to find for words to say, “I-I don’t know what to say.” you managed to voice out, he smirked. “You don’t have to say anything. Let’s eat.” The both of you were enjoying dinner and had laughs with a few slipped in moments of additional spite for people that annoyed you both.

“That was delicious!” you laid back in your chair as you held your stomach, Jihoon did the same, “I’m glad.” he smiled. It tugged at your heartstrings, seeing him smile and you hadn’t noticed you were staring until he had gave you a questioning look. While you still felt flustered, Jihoon had called for the waiter and asked him to lean a bit closer. You could hear him whisper something but it was too inaudible, the waiter only nodded before turning around to leave you both. Jihoon saw how you were throwing daggers at him with your glare, “What?” he asked and you just leaned back down and pouted in your seat.

He could only chuckle at your childishness and hearing him laugh made your heart melt and you can’t help but smile. This was why you loved being with Jihoon, you both enjoy and have fun even with littlest of things. How you can feel lots of care and love from a small gesture with him like that time when you were sick and couldn’t join the outing all your friends planned for a long time and instead of going, he stayed back with you saying, “I never wanted to go anyway.”, but he was the most excited about the trip. You told him you were fine and he could go, but he refused and slept over at your place to take care of you, “No big deal.” he said only to catch a cold the next day.

Whilst you were laughing, Jihoon kept quiet as he admired you from his seat. He loved seeing your smiling face. He loved how your eyes twinkled when you talked about your passion. He loved the late night calls with you. He loved how much you worried about him. He loved being in your company. He loved everything about you. 

He loved you.

The waiter had come back with a silver platter and placed it in the middle of your table. Jihoon had wished he took out his phone to capture the expression on your face when you saw the dessert that arrived. It was a giant, practically bucket-sized, sweet pudding. You were silently screaming as you hurriedly went to Jihoon’s side and gave him a big hug. He expected it though, he knows how much you loved pudding. His smile grew even wider, if that was even possible, as he watched you enjoying the dessert.

God, I love her so much.

Jihoon smiled to himself. You were a bit guilty that you were the only one enjoying the dessert, so you took a spoonful and offered it to Jihoon. He shook his head at first, but after your glare and stubbornness, he complied and opened his mouth. You felt giddy as you fed him the pudding, “Do you love it?”, “Yes.” he nodded, “I love it.”

“But I love you more.”

Jihoon wondered why you had suddenly stopped eating and was now looking his way. Your mouth was hanging open as you stared at him and his expression was just painted in confusion. Then his eyes grew wide and he immediately went red while he covered his mouth with his hand.

Did I just say that out loud?

Jihoon thought. He had not wanted for you to know it like this but there was no turning back on it.

“Yes.” He acted cooly, “I love you.”


It was a beautiful memory that you could never forget no matter how hard you try.

“Leave me alone! I’m busy!” Jihoon had kicked you out of the studio and slammed the door before you could turn around. His voice rang in your ears as you comtemplated wether to continue or not but this was the last straw. Your blood was boiling underneath your skin, “Open the fucking door, Jihoon.”, there was no answer. “LEE JIHOON!” you pounded on the door. He at last opened it, probably after the cracking sounds that were heard from the door.

“What?” his voice felt like venom, his tone distant. His brown irises stared straight at yours. “What the fuck?” you said in disbelief, he’s not getting away by acting ignorant. “Talk to me Jihoon. I waited for you everyday, I gave my whole life to you, the least you could do is come with me to see my father back home.” your words didn’t seem to get through to him. He now was looking anywhere but you, “Woozi.” your voice was pleading and low. His hand laid at the back of his neck, “Please, I can’t leave right now. We have a big performance this coming week, I can’t just go with you.” he explained.

You understood that he couldn’t go. You get it. But knowing that your father is pulling at his last breaths on his death bed, you thought, you thought he could skip at least once. “My father is dying, he needs me there and I need you there with me and knowing this, you still think your performance is more important? More important than me?” your chest felt tight as you said those words. You never meant for him to choose between his beloved group, his future, his passion, and with you. You’re happy for him, yes, but you always felt like you would always be second. Second after his work.

His eyes finally landed on yours, “I’m sorry but I can’t.” As soon as those words left his mouth, you let out an exasperated sigh. You expected it, but seriously, he didn’t even stutter.

“If this is what I’m going to go through being with you, then I’m sorry but, I can’t handle it. Let’s end this.” you fought against the tears from falling out. “It’s the best for the both of us.” you said before turning around.

“I’m leaving.” you gritted your teeth, making sure to stress on every syllable. And so you left. You called for a taxi and after saying your destination, you pulled out your phone and booked the next flight to your country. Your home.


The word felt so familar but at the same time not. Being with Jihoon, you were at home. Wherever he was, it was home. He is home. But now, you felt so unsure of it, you felt doubtful.

Your luggage lagged behind you as you made your way into the airport. You had 10 minutes till your departure and while waiting for your flight call, occasionally, you would look towards the entrance, hoping. 5 minutes left, you needed to go. But before you went your way, you gave one last look behind your shoulder, one last chance to see if he would come.

But there was no one.

You start walking to your boarding gate but you hear loud footsteps, as if someone is running straight towards you and before you realized it, you felt a hand on your shoulder to which you abruptly turn around. “Jihoon?” you almost felt tears in your eyes but the growing warmth spreading through your body dissolved when you saw, not Jihoon, but a stranger, “Uh, sorry miss. But you dropped this.”, he held out what seem to be your wallet. You hadn’t noticed it was missing, “Thank you.”, he nodded to your reply before making his way to his gate.

Laughing to yourself, you thought he would come, thinking he would at least stop you, but it appears you were wrong. And so with pain gaping at your chest, you left.

“Welcome ma'am.” the flight attendant greeted and you forced a smile to which she paid no heed. She pointed you to your seat and you sat beside the window. The night lights twinkled under the dark sky and you could only cry silently as the plane’s engines roared to life.

Though, against the loud sound of the airplane taking flight, a faint voice could be barely heard, screaming your name, screaming for you to come back. To come back to him.

To come home.

Perception (Jungkook x Reader), pt.1

There’s a lot you’d like to know about him.

Part 2 Part 3 ○ inspired by this post

2.7k words, jungkook/reader ft. yoongi, hogwarts au

There’s a new student in the seat next to yours.

Carefully, you fish out your schedule from the folds of your robes to confirm: Study of Ancient Runes, Class 6A. Fourth Period. Yep, you’re in the right place.

You stare at the boy from where you’re standing in the corner of the busy classroom. All the other students are excitedly chattering with each other, catching up, exchanging stories. He’s hot. And judging from his robes, he’s a Slytherin. But he also seems so lonely, isolated in his own bubble, sitting at the desk by himself.

You end up standing there and admiring his side profile until you realize that crap, class is starting, and finally hurry into your seat, sliding in next to him. He only spares you a glance before turning his attention back to the front of the classroom.

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How to Change a Fuqboi (Namjoon)

Word Count: 2,967

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (language and suggestive content)

Originally posted by https-km

How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)



Have you REALLY not learned your lesson? After five volumes, FIVE, WHY are you STILL confused on this topic? What else can I SAY about it? FOR FUCK’S SAKE I’VE EVEN TAUGHT YOU HOW TO AVOID FUCKBOYS. And you seemed to be doing so well too…

Are you just here for the angst? FINE! Bet your bottom dollar, euro, yen, won, or whatever currency you use…I’ll give you angst.

You stare at the cart full of clothes that you know will eventually have to go back out on the sales floor, dismay, irritation, and hatred for your job pumping through your veins like blood itself. There’s supposed to be an item limit per dressing room, but does anyone ever enforce or adhere to it? Nope.

Of course not.

You let out a heavy sigh, resting your hand on the first hanger of many. The least you could do would be to start sorting- yeah, now sounds like a great time for a break.

“Minji,” you call out as soon as you see her, texting behind a display of graphic tees, “Can you do me a favor and cover my calls?”

“Ah babe, you know I love you and you know I would, but I was just about to go too… HEY! Let’s go on break together!” she weaves her way into the aisle to give you a hug.

“Yeah, sounds good,” you smile, running your fingers affectionately through her hair as she crushes you. Dumping the responsibility of your calls onto the woman in the men’s department, both you and Minji make your way to the break room, spending your meager fifteen minutes catching up and hastily scarfing down food.

Just as you manage to find the bottom of your cup-noodles and Minji’s tone indicates she’s nearing the end of her “this one douchebag almost ran me over” story, the door opens behind you.

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The Maze Runner: Newt - I’ll Do My Best

Prompt: You’re given the responsibility of being Head Cook for one day, will you have enough confidence to get through it? Or does someone help you long the way?

You stare at the dozen eggs frying in front of you, sizzling over the oil and grease in each pan. It’s like they stare back at you; like they’re taunting and teasing you. They know you’re liable to burn them, like every other morning when Frypan’s put you on egg duty.

But this morning, you cannot burn them. You cannot knock the pans off the stove and splash hot oil and half cooked eggs everywhere. You cannot make absolutely any mistakes because Alby and Frypan trusted you with the duty of leading the rest of the Cooks this morning. Even if Frypan tried to convince Alby not to give you the chance… and you agreeing with him… Even so, you are to do the absolute best job otherwise Alby will never trust you with anything.

Frypan being so sick that he has to stay in bed however, is a plus. If he stood by watching your every move you think you would have a nervous breakdown.  

“Okay everyone… Just keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll check each station once this batch of eggs are done!”

You hear a few mumbles being thrown your way, half-asleep or half unenthusiastic… because you’re in charge and they don’t see much authority within you.

Once the first batch of eggs are finished you walk around to each station making sure no one is fooling about and that everything is going smoothly. You correct a few Cooks which makes you feel embarrassed to have to do so, especially when they give you a dirty look after. But you keep at it, and even change up a few things here and there. Which doesn’t seem to get many disagreements from anyone else.

By the end of prep and cooking for the breakfast round is finished, you sigh and almost collapse into a chair in the Kitchens as all the Cooks take their own plates of food outside to eat. You stare around at the mess in the room and shake your head, pots and pans, scraps of unwanted food, puddles of oil and other messes decorate the room.

Even though it felt like you had to go through blood, sweat and tears just to push out some breakfast… even though it took so much effort, you know you did the best you could do and you’re somewhat happy with that. But you’re too nervous to ask anyone outside how the meal tastes, and so nervous to even have an appetite so you go ahead with the cleaning.

And soon, after you open the roller-window and place the plastic tubs on the bench, the Gladers file into a line and pass-by carefully placing their dishes into each tub. You ignore them at first, not listening to their tired talk, but as the dishes grow you start to hear what they say a bit better.

“Awesome breakfast, Y/N!”

“Really good job!”

“Can’t wait for dinner!”

“You should be rostered on more!”

“At least we know if something happens to Frypan, we’ll always have good food!”

You smile as they compliment you, but inside you feel shocked. Surprised. So confused and in disbelief that you might faint. Or maybe that’s just the fumes of bacon and eggs getting to you. Nevertheless, you never would have guessed that words like these would be said to you; ever. It puts you into the best mood, and so scrubbing the dirty dishes doesn’t seem as bad.

Dinner is just as much effort, probably even more. There are more things to fry or bake, more things to keep your eyes on. You slip up a few times and decide that tossing the mistakes you made into the bin is a better choice than serving them to hungry Gladers. Especially since they’re all hungry male Gladers. You’ve noticed the hunger doesn’t affect girls as greatly.

Halfway through cooking someone enters the Kitchens, a few people avert their eyes from you or suddenly become a bit more alive than before. You don’t notice who enters, and frankly you don’t have enough time to notice. Too many things are happening around you to check up on who it is, and if it was anything important they would talk to you or something. But they don’t, they just hang around in the back.

Again you change up a few things hoping that Frypan wouldn’t mind, this time however you have a lot more confidence since breakfast. So you don’t find yourself hesitating or asking others if it would be a good idea to change a few things. You just do it, and you find yourself having a lot more authority.

You open up the roller-window again so the Gladers can come pick up their plates of food. They all smile and remind you how good breakfast was. Newt slides by and winks at you as he passes which sends a splash of red over your cheeks and neck, thankfully you manage to shake away that nervous embarrassment.

The last of the line collects the food, and you get ready to clean up but someone steps out of the corner of your eye and takes one of the last plates for themselves. It’s Frypan. His skin doesn’t look as sickly as it had, and the redness in his noise has faded almost completely. His eyes have a bit more of a vibrant colour to them and he seems to be breathing a lot smoother.

But he’s awake, he’s up, and he’s well enough to have an appetite for your food.

“Oh no,” you whisper to yourself, breathing in a big gulp of air out of anxiety. He only nods over to you before making his way to a picnic table outside. You keep frozen in place, other Cooks staring at you and asking if you’re alright. “Oh God, he’s going to eat my food.”

“It’s okay, your food tastes really good!”

You shake your head, “But its Frypan. He… He’s the cook.”

Suddenly there’s a hand resting on your shoulder, you turn to face Newt; smiling. “Hey, Y/N.” But then he notices your apparent shock, “Whoa, you alright?”

“Uh… I don’t know.”

He raises an eyebrow, “What happened?”

“Frypan he… he’s awake. He’s up.”

Newt smiles, “Yeah, great isn’t it! Glad he’s feeling better… Wait, why is that a bad thing?”

Your breathing becomes heavier and faster, “Because he’s eating dinner! He’s eating my food! The food I cooked!”

Newt looks to the side and then back to you and slowly replies, “Yeah… and that’s a damn good thing. He needs to know how glorious your food tastes!”

You raise your hands to your face, “Oh no, oh no, oh no…”

Suddenly another person walks into the Kitchens, it’s Frypan again. He places his dish into one of the plastic tubs and then spins around, ready to walk out.

“Frypan, hey!” Newt says, “How’d you like dinner?”

It’s like all the air is sucked out of the room, you can’t breathe, you can’t think… you can’t feel.

“It was…” Frypan starts, his voice a little croaky from not being able to use it for so long. “Oh dammit, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted.”

Your eyes grow wide, and you look over at Newt who smiles hugely at you. Frypan shakes his head, “Well, when I say ‘the best meal I’ve ever tasted’, really I mean… I mean…” He looks at his feet for a moment, “Well, I can cook better.”

You find yourself laughing, which you never dreamt of in a million years that you’d be laughing at Frypan’s awkwardness. Newt joins in and so do other Gladers who noticed Frypan’s huge compliment. And then Frypan starts to laugh a little too before exiting the Kitchens, as he leaves he calls out to you, “Good job with dinner, ya’ shank. But don’t even think about trying to take my job anytime soon!”

You giggle a little longer, and then Newt brings two plates over to you. “Wanna eat with me tonight? I’m sure the other Cooks can takeover cleaning up tonight.”

You smile, blushing brightly, “That would be nice, thank you.”

As you both make your way to the grass you hear wolf-whistles and ‘ooh la la’s’ spouted your way. Minho soon joins the both of you, and says, “Ah Newt, you sure do have your ways.”

You frown in confusion, “Sorry?”

Minho laughs cheekily and Newt gives him a warning look, but Minho only ignores him. “Y/N, we all love your food. But didn’t you think it was strange that every single Glader voiced that after breakfast?”

“Uh…” You look between the two, “I guess so.”

“Exactly! Not every Glader is as opinionated or confident enough to tell others how they feel. But after this shank,” he gestures to Newt, who now is coloured the brightest red you have ever seen, “told everyone to compliment your food, well… We all knew his plan. Plus, your food really is amazing so one compliment from everyone wouldn’t hurt.” He gives you both a wink before leaving immediately, laughing hysterically as he reaches Thomas on the other side.

You look over at Newt who seems to be trying hard not to freeze up completely. You smile, “You really did that, for me?”

He softens, warmth colouring his eyes. He starts to smile, looking down at his hands in his lap, “Well… You were so shucked up about having to lead the Cooks. I mean, I knew you were going to do a good job, which was why I encouraged Alby to give you the chance. But I wanted you to feel good about doing it, so that was the only way I thought I could give you some confidence.”

Until this moment, you have never felt so much affection and gratitude for someone, ever. You smile even wider and give Newt a small kiss on the cheek, “Well it worked, I don’t think I could have done dinner without your confidence booster this morning. So thank you.”

The other Cooks soon serve dessert, and you eat it by the biggest bonfire yet with Newt, and you feel happier than you ever thought you could.

It Still Burns

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they’ve been dating for a few months. They know a lot about each other, but she’s never told him about her father, who died from ALS when she was 11. She and her father were super close, so talking about him is very hard for her. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


It had been at least a week and a half since Spencer had been able to see you, so he was very much looking forward to having the next few days off. He had all sorts of little dates planned, but when you opened the door, he could tell that something was wrong.

There was a smile on your face, your rosy cheeks flushed with heat as you pulled him in for a kiss, but behind the mask he could tell something was wrong. Maybe she was just having an off day. Both of them had them. Just being there for each other was enough. Since they’d started dating, Spencer had started feeling better about his own down days, knowing he wasn’t alone in his thoughts. “You ready to go?” he asked, lifting up the bag he’d packed with a blanket, sandwiches and iced tea. He’d planned a picnic first. 

As a kid, his mother would take him to the park a lot. They’d eat there and she’d read to him, and he’d always loved it. When he told you about that, you’d insisted on a date like that and he was more than happy to oblige. 

The sun was shining. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the weather was perfect - warm enough that you didn’t need a jacket of any kind, but with a breeze that made the day feel light and carefree. Every time Spencer looked over, you’d flash him a smile, but the moment he looked away the smile would drop and he didn’t know why.

After fixing up the blanket in the park, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Y/N, are you okay?” he asked. “You know I can see when something is wrong.”

“It’s nothing,” you said, shaking your head and giving him a strained smile. When you reached your hand out for his, you could tell he wanted to keep asking. He was right. You weren’t okay, but it was so hard to talk about that shutting down used to be your only option.

A few tears stung sharply at your eyes and you did your best to banish them before Spencer noticed, but it was too late. His mouth dropped open, wondering where your mind was at on such a beautiful day. Something was very wrong. “It’s just…today,” you trailed off.

“What’s wrong with today?” he asked, pulling you back into his chest. “It’s gorgeous out and we both finally have a day off. What’s the matter?”

Spencer had already met your mother. She’s been a single mom since you were little. But unlike Spencer, whose father walked out on him, yours had died. ALS had taken him too soon, when you were just 11 years old. “I never mentioned my dad,” you started, your eyes burning with tears as you spoke. “He died when I was 11. Today’s the day…he died.” You choked out the last two words. It had been more than a decade and a half since he’d passed. You always thought about him, but for the most part you went about your life as normal, except for the day he died and the surrounding week or two. 

“I…I never knew…Y/N, I’m so sorry. Do you want to go home?” His heart broke for you. He didn’t have a good relationship with his dad, but if that had been his mother, he probably would’ve felt the same way too. 

You shook your head and curled into him. “No. If I go home, I’ll just sit in my own head. I just…I miss him,” you breathed. A staggered breath rolled its way up your body. “It still feels so raw even though it was so long ago.”

“I don’t doubt it,” he whispered. “Why don’t you tell me about one of your favorite memories with him? It’s better than thinking about the sad stuff.”

He was right. Of course he was. It was hard, but Spencer was your boyfriend and he deserved to know about one of the most important people in your life. As you ate the lunch he packed, you regaled him with stories of Halloween, one in particular where you’d dressed up as a princess, and he a king, of playing piano and having him sit by your side, his hands over yours as they gently tapped the keys, of him coming to your dance recitals and proudly talking about ballet to his macho friends without a hint of embarrassment (because as he said, who gives a fuck?), and of him being the person you’d always go to. A lot of girls went to their mothers, but you hadn’t. Your dad was your everything, so watching his battle with ALS come to its final conclusion had nearly killed you as well. “I just thought that it would get easier over the years, you know?” you asked, wiping the tears from your eyes. “But it still hurts so much.”

Spencer leaned over, kissing each of your eyelids and wiping the tears away with the pad of his thumb. “I’m so sorry. I’m sure he’s still around in some way.”

“You think so? You? A man of science?” you chuckled.

“Remember when I told you that I died? When I was kidnapped?” You nodded, wincing as you recalled the horrific ordeal he’d gone through. “Well, I saw a light. Now most people that are in the hospital can attribute that bright light to the lights of the emergency room, but I was in a dark shed. I also felt no pain. And weirdly enough, I felt happy, so although I’m not religious, I experienced some things I couldn’t explain.”

You looked up at the sky, hoping that your dad could see you. You hoped he’d be proud. “I’d like to think he’s still here somehow.”

For a few moments, he just rubbed your back as you thanked him for allowing you to cry. “Why don’t we go home,” he said, standing up and packing your things. 

“We don’t have to,” you replied. “You said you had things planned.”

He pulled you in for a kiss as he smiled. “I did. And I do. But I’m improvising.”

“My boyfriend? The man who always has a plan? Improvising? I’m finding out new things about you every day.”

After he ran his hands up the sides of your neck and gathered your face to his, he told you that he’d clean everything up and meet you in the car in a few minutes. You thanked him, the emotional toll of talking about your dad making your muscles feel heavy.

“Okay,” he said, picking you up and carrying you bridal style into the apartment. “I have new plans now. Go put on pajamas.” You did as he asked, coming out in the baggiest pair of pajamas imaginable. “We are going to watch a funny movie, cuddle in a blanket and eat ice cream, and then later we can take a bubble bath.”

“Oh that sounds nice,” you breathed, slipping into his lap and pulling the blanket around you both. “And thank you for today. For understanding.”

He kissed the side of your neck and hugged you tightly, his arms wrapping around you from behind. “It’s no problem. I can’t imagine going through something like that, especially at that age. But you’re not alone.”

The Flirtatious Drunk

Originally posted by ameliartist

Request:  SUPER MAD I HAD NO WIFI OR CELLPHONE ON MY BBY TIMOTHYS BIRTHDAY!! but since i am late could i ask for a 21 birthday party for tim drakexreader since why not a sleep deprived tim is funny but imagine a sorta wasted tim! merci! (thanks)

Pairing: Tim Drake x reader

Summary: Tim may be off of his face drunk, but not so much that he wouldn’t recognize  true beauty when he see’s it.

Word Count: 1,019

Genre: fluff


“Tim, I wouldn’t suggest drinking it like-” you warn before your boyfriend takes a giant pull from the cheap bottle of tequila you bought him as a present. You watch his face twists up in disgust before he forces the abrasive liquid down his throat.

“That.” you finish before ruffling your boyfriend’s hair, laughing at his reckless abandon.

Today was Tim’s 21st birthday and you two decided to celebrate. You, Tim,Barbara, Jason, and Dick (Damian wasn’t invited because he still had 2 years before he could drink legally and this was an ‘adult party’, or at least that’s what Jason said before Damian tried to attack him.) all were crowded in your small apartment as you fed Tim more drinks. Now, Tim had drank before, what teenager hadn’t but he had never drank as much as he had now. Beer, various cocktails and now shots straight from the bottle had been passed around the room all night long. You and Jason were easily the most sober in the room, you hadn’t drank all that much and Jason just had the single strongest tolerance you had ever seen. He said it was because ‘zombies can’t get drunk’, but you knew exactly how him and Roy spent their weekends. You sat down on your couch and Tim sits right next to you, drunkenly touching your face.

“y/n have I ever told you you have pretty eyes?” Tim slurs out as he leans on you. You laugh as he pulls that classic move of pretending to yawn and slung his arm over your shoulder.

“A few times actually!” You say. Tim smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

“Well did I tell you that I think you’re hot?” he said trying to be suave, which was hard to do as he was so drunk he could barely keep his eyes open.

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Cocaine Cinderella - Juice Ortiz

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream     Hope you like it.
Happy Reading Dollies.
Song Cocaine Cinderalla By Jutes

Girl, I guess I’m giving up
Girl, I guess I’m giving up
Going up!

“Y/N come on, your acting like a child”. Juice yelled down the call.
“You shouldn’t have talked to that skank then, you know I hate her guts”. “The way she did my family”. You screamed back, packing your bags.
“She just asked what time it was”.
“Right, she has a phone and a fucking watch on her arm, she should know the time”. “Plus you were so giddy with her hands all over you”.
Juice rolled his eyes. “Your being paranoid”.
“Well, start being single”. “Cause I’m out”. You threw your bags out the door, grabbing all your big items.
‘Your really leaving all because she touched me". Juice laughed.
“No, its that you have no respect for me”. “You couldn’t do the only thing that I asked you not to”. You slammed the door in Juices face.
“I don’t understand”. Juice said as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands.

Girl, I guess I’m fucking other bitches now
None of them compare to you, but girl you’re nowhere to be found
Damn, my life is like a circus, but I don’t fuck with these clowns
Fightin’ for you isn’t worth it, so I’ll take these women down
But I know that they can neva touch you, baby
I wish I never fucked you, now I’m stuck, I think I love you, I love you

Its been four months since you left Juice, his life was spiraling out of control.
“Juicy-Boy, how are you brother”. Chibs came and sat beside him.
“Fine Chibs”. Juice shot another shot down.
“Doesnt look like it”. “You miss her dont you”.
“No, shes just a memory that I cant get out of my head”. “But I’m gonna try my best too”. He guzzled down two more shots and grabbed the nearest croweater. Heading off to his dorm.
Chibs was worried about Juice.
“What you want Juice Baby’. The croweater asked.
"Lay on your stomach and shut up”. Juice said as he took of his shirt.
The croweater did as she was told. Juice grabbed a condom and slid it on.
Crawling on top he thrusted in. “Ahh fuck Juice”. She screamed.
“Quite”. Juices grunted.
“Make me cum”.
“I said quite”. Juice angrily said as he placed his hand over her month.
Juice was getting so angry that he just stopped, pulled out and ran to the bathroom.
“What the hell Juice”.
“Just go away slut”. Juice yelled threw the door.
“You prick”. She hurried and grabbed her clothes. Storming out she rushed past Chibs.
“What the hell, Lass”.
“Sorry, your boy needs help”. She ran off
Chibs looked at the back rooms. He slowly walked in and sat beside Juices bathroom door.
“Juice, you alright there”. Chibs voice was full of concern.
“I’m fine, just leave me alone.” Juice sniffled.
Chibs got up and walked out. Getting his cell phone out and dialing a number.

And I just smoked my last cigarette thinking bout the times we could have had
I know you think of me when you’re with your man but I wish

You could be my cocaine Cinderella, baby
Girl, I’m down for role-play, you can be the main sip
Baby, be my cocaine Cinderella, babe, bae, babe, yeah

You pulled up at TM, never thinking you would come back. Chibs meeting you outside.
“Hey Lass, sorry you’re his only hope”. He hugged you.
“Its fine, I just want him to be okay”. Chibs lead you inside.
Walking in it was a blast from the past. Everything was the same, same smell, same people but you walked in different ..
“Where is he”.
“He’s in his dorm, in the bathroom”. Chib said walking beside you.
“Hey, umm, I got this”. “We need to do this alone”.
“Warning, he’s naked”. Chibs laughed.
“Its not like I havent seen it before”.
Going in his dorm, everything was still in the exact same spot, the last time you were in there. Looking around you saw the condom wrapper laying on the floor. His clothes throw everywhere. Taking your jacket off, you sat beside the door and knocked softly.
“Go away”. Juice yelled.
“No, not until you are alright and healthy”.
“Yeah, its me”. “Please come out so we can talk”.
“No, not until I can get you out of my head”. Juice cried out.
“Juice that may never happen, we had a very long relationship”. “We were together since we were teenagers”. “It will take time, but your non stop drinking and screwing everything with a set of legs is not going to help”. You put your hand up on the door.
Juice did the same. Your foreheads meeting together the door only thing between.
“I’m sorry Y/N, I should have respected your wishes”.
“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have acted the way I did”. “Since then I’ve grown up and became a better person”. You wiped a tear away.
“Hows your new boyfriend”?
“Juice we are not here for that, I’m here for you”.
“Do you still think about me”?
“I do, every time I go to the game store or play a song that you loved”. “Its hard for me too”. “But I’m moving on and I thought you would have too”.
“I can’t, I miss you so much”. “It hurts”. He cried.
“Juice please come out, lets just talk and so I can see that your alright please”. You begged.
Juice cracked the door. “Can you hand me my pants please”. You smiled. Picking his pants up you handed them. He creeped out. You sat on the bed and patted to a spot beside you.
“Hey. what has gotten in to you Juice”.
'I miss you". “I cant live with out you Y/N”.
“Your gonna have to try, because I really like the guy I’m with”. “We are talking about moving in together”.
“Why cant we be like we use to”?
“It will never work, we are very opposite people now”.
“I know we are, I just dont know what to do”.
“Listen, we can still be friends or I could leave and never come back”.
Juice let out a sigh. “I still want you in my life”. “I need you around me, you were always good for me”. Juice smiled.
“Then its settled, we’re friends”. “I’m so glad your back in my life Juicy”. You hugged him
“Me too”.

When I call you, please, don’t pick it up
I gave you love, but it’s not enough
So I’m counting all these pills, I hope they bring me up
Cuz it’s all I got, but I want it as
But fuck it, I’m just cruising the city
Pop one I’m rollin’ around, pop two, I’m eyeing these biddies
I lost my mind in the clouds and I’m just high and I’m dizzy
But I’m coming down, I’m coming down


Juice and you walked back into the bar area. “Everything okay”. Chibs asked getting up.
“Yeah, we are good”. You said as you wrapped you arm around Juices shoulder, squeezing.
“We’re going to be friends and family”. Juice smiled.
“Thats great, I thought I had to call 911 to get you out of that bathroom Juicy-Boy”. “You scared me”.
“Sorry Brother, I didnt mean to”. “It will never happen again”. Juice hugged Chibs.
“It better not”.
“Thanks Y/N for getting him out and making this right”.
“I would do anything for family”. You kissed their cheeks.


You know I wanna grow old with you, baby, yeah
But I’m letting go, don’t try to save me
I never wanted to, I never wanted to be this way
But I know now, but I know now it’s too late

Character Profile Meme: Vaelrin Firestorm

Full Name: Vaelrin Firestorm

Other Names: Lord Firestorm, Captain ‘Black Jack’, Captain, Ranger-Captain, Wraith

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: Cis male, straight but leans towards bi-curious. 

Pronouns: He/Him

Ethnicity/Species: ex-High Elf, Blood Elf

Birthplace and Birthdate: Born in his ancestral home Shallowbrook 950 years ago. I am bad with WoW timelines so subtract that number from whatever period we are in now.

Guilty Pleasures: Liquor, women, cigars, hunting, and sailing.

Phobias: Witchcraft, voodoo, supernatural.

What They Would Be Famous For: He’s famous for the one that got away during a murder investigation/trial. Said to have killed his wife though was framed. It’s the family’s black mark and one that was swept under the rug. Probably famous for being ‘Black Jack’ during his piracy days alongside other known sea terrors. Had a reputation for leaving an Ace and Jack card on any ship that was pillaged as his trademark.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: 

Arrested (yet framed) for the murder of Callisto Firestorm and later the actual murderer who got away with the deed. Should be arrested for several centuries of piracy.

OC You Ship Them With: 

I currently like the ship with @retributionpriest Lirelle, but they’re the pairing that will never be since both of them are at odds and they’re both similar in the ‘yeah I don’t like relationships I’m going to run to the hills’. So for the moment their cute awkward yet cuddly friends. I also love (LOVE…LOOOOVE) the great hateship that is @azriah Azriah and the weird-unusual-not-ship-but-this-is-hot-but-rip of @isei-silva  Deyaeus. I ship a lot of crack ships, too. Well not really ship but love to just humor the idea of it. (Vaelrin & Telchis is not one so get out).

He’s a polyamorous character that can be/fall in love with more than one person (as in being in love with the person, not just sex.), so it requires a lot of work and communication when done. While he’s quick to jump in bed with someone, thankfully he takes a million years to fall in love with them, if at all. 

Right now, he’s single and will probably remain that way for a while. We shall see what the future holds for a few months or a year. 

Your Favorite OC Relationships

I am truly digging and in love with the bonding friendship between @dorksworn Caeliri and Vaelrin. The way they became enemies to friends has been a blast to role play (and the player is awesome, too!). It’s been years since I played a good naturally happened friendship RP. I had one for Aestiah but uh …. yeah … not going to go there. There may be one I can build upon with Sederis and Vaelrin eventually. ANYWAY, I also love his relationship with his crew. A group of folks who made a family-type style RP by being members of his crew consisting of @sakialyn , @pyrar , @raserus , and synthiel who I can’t tag. Love the growing friendship and respectable relationship with Esme @jessipalooza and Vaelrin. They’re a favorite yes. I am digging all the up and coming small stories and friendships with Velianor @ocarina-of-what , Eldriana @sparklepriest , Felo’thore @brothersemberfell , Elleynah @stormandozone , Cere’thien @lissanaria , SHADENII OR HIS NEW WARLOCKY NAME @meeshay , and eventually when I get to it A CERTAIN PALADIN’S ROGUE (I can’t find his tumble I will tag him eventually.) Gosh, there’s a lot of story relationships I like. There’s some I’m hoping will happen too, like with any of Felthier’s character and Zalin’s DH. I will just say I love @thesunguardmg .

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

Azriah. I think I’ve said this before, lmao.  I’m sure there are a few people who want to see him die. Me too, random people. Me too.

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“First Meetings” Series: Park Jimin

Jimin x Reader fluff

This is a fluff series that describes and recounts how the Reader meets each of the BTS members. All of them are different stories with one specific member! :)

And last but not least our adorable Chim-Chims! :D

A/N: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget him teehee ~ Sorry for the mistakes. This is dedicated to one of my close friends who is leaving to study abroad in Korea in a few hours and I wanted her to read it before she went to bed/got on the plane ~ Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for all your support and likes for this series <3

Originally posted by booptae

Flights & Fate.

          You exhaled as you finally checked in those two insanely large bags you had lugged with you into the airport. You had wanted to pack light, but you knew that your stay would be lengthy in Korea. You just felt so right there. And ever since you had studied abroad, moving there permanently was an idea you flirted with constantly. You decided to take a long vacation there to confirm your feelings – whether it was simply wanderlust or reminiscent on those thrilling times of your school days or something else entirely whispering that you belonged in that country. Your friends all encouraged you, knowing that it had always been your dream to study there at first, but when you returned, they knew that you wouldn’t be satisfied by just that anymore.

           So here you were. You had lugged two enormous suitcases full of clothes, necessities, and souvenirs. Now you were simply adorning a smaller carry-on suitcase and a backpack as you made your way to the line for check in. However, your smaller luggage had a tricky wheel and it really wasn’t paying heed to the direction you were dragging it in. It zigzagged and you had to apologize consistently for almost tripping passerbys while getting looks of confusion and judgment. You bowed slightly, embarrassed and decided to see if you could fix it or anything. So you stopped in the middle of the walkway and knelt down moving the broken wheel around full of hope. Your legs were shaking a little with the weight of your backpack so you threw it on top the suitcase, thinking of nothing but getting rid of the weight. As a result, your entire suitcase fell forward with the new heaviness and you only earned yourself a few more stares. You wanted to slam your palm on your face. You weren’t off to a good start. You were already nervous about what you were going to discover on this spontaneous trip, maybe this was a bad omen and a sign you shouldn’t go? As you sat there, staring at your fallen luggage contemplating on whether it was a symbol of your life falling apart, a voice brought you back to reality.

           "You…okay?“ the voice was a bit unsure, but genuinely concerned.

           You could tell right away it was a bit of broken English so you looked up to find yourself wanting to crawl into a hole. Standing above you, staring at you worriedly was none other than an attractive man. He had soft black hair that wisped to the side obediently and beautiful round eyes. You gawked at him, wondering if you were hallucinating.

           "Umm…” he looked side to side, trying to remember the bits of English he learned over the years. “You…need help?”

           He knelt down so that you were face to face. He studied your suitcase when he didn’t hear a response and noticed the tricky wheel.

           "Checking in?“ he questioned and you nodded.

           "Uh yeah. I am. The wheel is broken I think…” You regained your conscience and snapped out of your awe.

           This man was beautiful, and you wanted to faint right then and there when his lips curled up happily at hearing you finally respond.

           "I carry it…for you.“ He easily lifted up your suitcase with one hand and you hurriedly scrambled up.

           "No, no! It’s okay! I’d feel bad!” You were flustered by his kindness.

           He just simply smiled and shook his head, walking towards the check in line. You noticed he was holding a passport and plane ticket too so you grabbed your backpack, hurrying after him.

           "Thank you.“ You blushed as he gestured for the people that had lined up between you and him to move in front so you two would be near each other.

           "You’re…welcome.” he grinned, satisfied with his good deed.

           Suddenly his phone rang and he looked at you apologetically before picking it up. “Oh Taehyung-ah.”

           Your ears perked up as you heard him speaking Korean, understanding his conversation fully. An excitement bubbled inside you. You wanted to practice your Korean speaking skills before getting to the country. It wasn’t the same speaking to the friends you made when studying abroad through webcam. When things got a little hard to express, you knew they would understand your English anyway. But now here was a Korean native in front of you and you wanted to test how well you would fare now that you were more knowledgeable.

           Jimin had some business in America for a few weeks and he was on his way back home to Korea. Taehyung had called to tell him how things went with his spontaneous escape back to his hometown and his search for his first love. Jimin couldn’t help but laugh at how animatedly his friend spoke about their fateful reunion and how they admitted that they had had feelings for the other in a long time. He was genuinely happy for his friend, but also a little sad. Although he made the excuse of having business in America, that was only for a week. The other two weeks he just wanted to spend on his own travelling around, searching for himself and just enjoying the perks of being single. But truthfully, he was a bit jealous of his best friends. They had all already found someone that they cherished and loved wholeheartedly, while he enjoyed being around them, it also felt a little lonely. He felt out of place, even though they loved everyone together. They went to him when they needed a listening ear or advice, and he loved being there for his friends. But he just wanted to get away from that and the feelings of jealousy he was harboring.

           Jimin wanted to fall in love too but not just with anyone. He wanted someone that he clicked with. Someone who was comfortable yet adventurous. Someone who could take care of him but also would allow him to take care of her. He had gone on a few blind dates that his hyungs had recommended for him, but while they were all lovely women, he never felt that connection. Seeing his hyungs and even his dongsaengs, he knew exactly what kind of love he deserved and wanted so he never settled just for the sake of going through the motions of love. He was hoping that the eldest, who had spent his entire time in medical school, would be the last to be in a relationship, but he had met someone perfect for him at a family friend’s wedding. Hoseok, Yoongi, and Taehyung all had someone they had loved from childhood and while that had its own pains, the timing of their love turned out to be for the best. Jungkook had found his love because he had gotten sick and couldn’t do a photo shoot and with push from Tae in college. Even Namjoon, who lived in the library all through university and with a book in front of his face for most of his life, had met someone. So where was his person?

           Yet he continued to smile as his bubbly friend recounted their first official date.

           "I can’t wait to finally meet her.“ he chuckled. "I feel like I’ve known her for forever since you talked about her so much.”

           You glanced over at him curiously as you heard his response. Whoever was on the other line was quite vibrant and loud. You couldn’t help but study the fondness that was displayed all over the man’s face as he listened to his friend. His eyes twinkled with genuine happiness at hearing whatever stories were being told. It melted your heart honestly. It had been awhile since you had seen someone express themselves so openly. Since he helped you out despite being in a foreign country, you were confident that he was a kind-hearted person.

           Jimin hung up as the line moved forward, lost in his own thoughts. However, your voice speaking fluent Korean made him turn around in surprise.

           "Going back home?“ You had asked shyly in formal Korean.

           You felt a bit smug and proud when his eyes widened, studying you carefully.

           "Don’t worry, I’m really a foreigner.” You laughed, seeing clearly that he was feeling guilty that he had assumed you were something you weren’t. “I just studied abroad and continued learning the language.”

           Jimin chuckled, kind of relieved that you could speak so well. He had wanted to converse with you since the line wasn’t moving quickly, but he wasn’t very good with English. He knew bits and pieces and most of them were generic phrases and questions.

           "Wow, that really surprised me.“ he commented. "Your Korean is great! I really thought you had lived there for awhile.”

           You blushed at his genuine compliment. “Thanks. I’m trying to practice before I get there. So I’m glad we came across each other.”

           Jimin laughed, which was far more angelic than you had expected. Unconsciously a wide smile formed on your face just from listening to it.

           Waiting in line was rather enjoyable for once when you talked with Jimin. It was just small talk but it was still entertaining and you found yourself study his little gestures and expressions. His face told a thousand words about his emotions and it made you shy the way he really looked at you while he listened. You were used to people looking down at the ground and nodding or casually scrolling through their phones. But he really seemed to care about what you were saying. Nothing deep was discussed. You both mainly discussed the weather, what your business was, and where you were going to go. Then you began taking advantage of speaking in a different tongue to observe the people around you and took to a self created game of making up their backgrounds and stories. You had always loved that. Wondering about what ifs, what was, and what could be. Some of your friends entertained ideas with you, but never for long and with as much enthusiasm as Jimin did. He easily agreed to your suggestion and your ideas flowed back and forth. The lengthy line passed quickly that way and you found yourselves at different check points sadly.

           You both chuckled as you were ushered to different lines but kept an eye on where the other was. Your suitcase took a little while to get out of the conveyer belt so you lost track of where your new friend was. As your eyes searched for him, he appeared behind you, taking back your luggage from your grip. You jumped back in surprise and you felt yourself falling a little for his gentle actions. He grinned, pleased that he had succeeded in his little trick.

           "Let’s go?“ he questioned as he gestured you to move forward.

           You smiled as you lead the way out of the queue. In your discussion, you had realized you two were taking the same flight. Sadly though, he was in first class while you were in economy. Considering the spontaneity of your trip, it was amazing you found a seat at all. Both of you grabbed quick snacks to take on the plane with you and continued your conversation until boarding time. You two were a little bummed to separate when First class was called. With a reluctant wave and a half hearted smile, Jimin headed out to get in line.

           You sighed and finally looked at your phone. Seeing all of the supportive messages and the hopes of safe travels made you smile. That’s right. There was a bigger purpose to the trip and the man seemed to have turned her mood around about it. It had started off all wrong but once he came into the picture, everything seemed to go right. You gasped as you realized that they hadn’t even exchanged names. She mentally kicked herself…how could you have forgotten the most important question?! Now you had no hopes of Facebook stalking him and awkwardly reaching out to him, if he had one anyway. Groaning, you replied a grateful thanks to all of her friends and family then listened to music to ease her mind.

           You were one of the last people to board the plane and you looked around for your seat that was all the way in the back, in the middle of two strangers. There was a young man staring out the window and sleeping already and the other one on the outside seat had a baseball cap and sunglasses on, scrolling through his phone nonchalantly. You heaved the carry-on suitcase that had been a pain on your butt since early and as if in retaliation, the tricky wheel got caught on the bottom of the compartment.

           You weren’t exactly tall so lifting this suitcase up was already a big feat for you but now you were struggling to hold onto the weight and propping it up high enough to fit. You ended up stumbling back a bit and instinctively, the man on the outside of your row shot up and wrapped an arm around your waist. It seemed he was surprised by himself too because his eyebrows shot up and he stared at you.

           "Hey!” he called out and you immediately recognized the voice.

           "Hey!“ You gasped – it was the man you had met earlier.

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The Switch

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You accidentally swapped phones with someone at a concert last night.

A/N: Now that this is done I’m going to work on some Dean things and the rest of my Seth requests soon and I also have an idea for a Finn Christmas fic, but I’ll figure that out sometime soon as well, hopefully. And then of course there’s Infidelity :) Anyway, enjoy!

@nickysmum1909 @kimmyt1225

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anonymous asked:

3 + KV?

3. “You could have been hurt.”

Send me a writing prompt

“This is going to hurt,” Cisco warned. They were on opposite sides of their usual equation- Caitlin wounded in the med bay, and Cisco patching her up. A month ago, it was unheard of; these days, a common occurrence.

“It’s fine, I-” Caitlin gasped sharply and swore. “Was that really necessary?”

“You have gravel embedded in your leg,” he said, and poked at it again with one of her clean metal tools. She gripped the edge of the table hard. “There, that’s the last of it, I think. I’m gonna clean it now.”

“Okay, but this time, give me- ow!” He did not give her warning, as proven by the fiery sting that bit up her leg. “I could do this more efficiently by myself,” she said, a little snippily.

“But you’re not,” he said in a flat voice. He picked up the roll of sterile bandages and stretched it out. He stared at it, like he’d forgotten what to do with it. “Besides, you know what’s even more efficient? Not going after crazy-ass metas in the middle of the night by yourself.”

His brittle tone caught her attention. “You’re mad about that?”

“Gee, I dunno, Cait, did you or did you not almost get killed? Did you or did you not get your clock cleaned and did or did I not find you unconscious on the ground, and you might have died if your panic button hadn’t activated?”

Her cheeks burned. “You and Barry and Wally endanger yourselves all the time.”

“Not alone!” Cisco dropped the roll on the table and snapped his head up to look at her. “And certainly not without telling anyone. We go as a team, so that we can have each other’s backs. That way we don’t- that way no-one gets hurt.” He picked the bandages back up and began to wrap it around her leg.

She waited for him to say something, but his stony silence spoke volumes. “I’ve been doing this for weeks,” she retorted, before she could stop herself. He glanced up at her sharply. “And I’ve actually stopped some of them. I’ve done a lot of good, while the rest of you are preoccupied with fulfilling Barry’s latest personal mission.”

“And every single night, you’ve come to my place with a wound or turned up the next morning with one.” He ripped the bandage and picked up the medical tape from the table. “There’s literally no reason for you to be doing this alone. What are you playing at, Caitlin?”

Caitlin watched the side of his head. “I’m trying to make up for everything,” she said finally, and he turned to look at her, his face unreadable. “Ever since I came back from- from being her, after everything that I did, I feel like I have so much atoning to do.”

He paused with his hand on her calf, his thumb pressed softly against the tender edge of the wound. “That wasn’t you.”

“Yes, it was. People got hurt because of me. Iris almost died because of me.” She twisted her fingers in a lock of her hair. So very blonde. “I just figure, I need to be doing everything I can to even the score.”

He secured the bandage with a piece of tape and looked up at her. “So that’s what this is, then? A cry for help?”

“I’m just trying to make things right.”

“Really? Because it seems like you’re endangering yourself on purpose.”

She couldn’t argue with that. Part of her half hoped that if a meta got the better of her, maybe she wouldn’t wake up, and then everyone would be safer. She knew she couldn’t tell Cisco that. “I’m not going to stop.”

“I know,” he said, and took a breath as if he were about to say something, and then stopped. “You’re good to go.”

She watched as he stood up. “That’s it? You’re not gonna frog-march me home, lecture me about being safe?”

He glanced back at her. “I can’t make you care about yourself,” he said in a soft voice. “But-” and he stopped himself again.

She stood up. “But?” she prompted.

“You could have been hurt,” Cisco said. “Worse, I mean. No matter how you feel about yourself right now, Caitlin Snow is very important to me, and I’m gonna be pissed if something happens to her.”

“I’m not going to stop,” she said again. She couldn’t stop, even if she wanted to. If she did, she would have too many thoughts, and no outlet for the awful little voice that guided her when she was taking down metas and criminals.

He looked at her in a way that hurt her more than she wanted it to. “Okay,” he said quietly. “Good night, Caitlin.”

“Good night, Cisco,” she said, but he was already out the door.

My Good Boy (Part.1)

Artist : Jay Park

Debut as a solo singer in this ‘idol group singer trend’ is hard. Lucky I got full support from my agency. All I have is only good and unique voice to be called a singer. I produce my own song but I’m still far from professional producer. I don’t get any surgery on my face or body. It’s not because I’m confidence enough with my appearance but I don’t have any courage to do surgery. So I still life with my petite and curve less body. Maybe that’s one of the reason I never obsess with guy that has nice body. I prefer the skinny one just like me. I find a guy with muscles and abs a little bit gross. They usually love to show off their body or take pictures of their clothes less upper body.

Tonight is my first all-kill celebration party. Partying is really not my style. I don’t drink and can’t dance. I hate how they bump into each other with clothes less body. The smoke from cigarette always fill the club’s air, I can barely breath there. But tonight my agency threw me a party and I can’t say no. They already work hard to support me and I should thank them. Of course we didn’t rent the entry club. We just reserve some table for our staff so many other people there.

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leather and lace: three

Harry furrowed his eyebrows at Gia sitting beside me, probably just as confused at her sudden domineering nature as she sat forward on her seat and practically puffed out her chest to show how protective she was of me. But he hadn’t focused on her too long, for he shifted his attention back to me and stared at me straight. “I want to, uh – can we talk?”

“She doesn’t want to talk, mister,” Gia said before I had a chance to say anything at all. “Think you should just leave, yeah? C‘mon, turn those pretty little Saint Laurent boots around and be gone!”

story page // chapter index

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Lay, One Step Closer to Realizing His Dream of Becoming a Musician!

Lay, the one in charge of EXO’s brilliant performance. Within EXO, he is acknowledged as the most brilliant dancer. However, he is a young man with dreams of performing his own composition. This is a day in the life of Lay - going to Nakwon Arcade to look at instruments, working with songwriters and composers, enjoying a relaxing time at a music café - who is working hard to reach his dream.

Happiness Brought About By Music

In the early morning, a beautiful melody filled the studio where we were to meet. The Command Freaks Team’s songwriters Maxx Song and Ahn Sung Chan, who help Lay with his songwriting, were there setting up beforehand. ‘Recently, he wrote this song on the spot, but we’ve been improving it because of this interview.’ Ten minutes before taping, he showed up at the studio with his computer in hand. “Hyung, Can you listen to this once? How is it? Does it sound okay?” “Hyung, how does this thing work? Can I try it out?” Before even setting down his belongings, he was ready with inspiration and looking for the composers.

Lay has been interested in composing ever since age thirteen and has composed over one hundred songs, but said humbly that he doesn’t plan on releasing them because he has not officially learnt how to compose and he doesn’t believe they are good enough. He is always working with Chanyeol and Chen to improve these songs. There have been many occasions during which they would stay up and edit the songs together.

Maxx Song, who was listening at the side, said “He has so many brilliant ideas. He is very rich in emotion, which lends him the ability to excel in composition of melodies. At first, I was a little worried that there would be difficulty incorporating Lay’s works into Korean culture because of the fact that he is Chinese. But when I listened to the works he composed, I didn’t feel any cultural difference at all." 

Lay spent over an hour working with the Command Freaks Team, on both keyboard and guitar, to finish composing his melody. He played EXO’s songs to amuse himself and play around in-between, and recorded himself humming melodies he composed. There are not enough hours in one day for busybody Lay, for whom it is important to experience this kind of precious healing time to himself. "I have to go to Nakwon Arcade today. Today’s the day I purchase the guitar I’ve been wanting!” He walks with a spring in his step as he heads to the shopping center.

“To those who want to pursue music professionally, I would definitely recommend guitar. It’s inexpensive, the sound of the instrument is clear and exact, and it’s well-made and light, which makes it convenient and advantageous. Plus, there are many pieces and songs in which guitar is used as the main sound.”

I Want To Make Music That Everyone Enjoys

When we got to the shopping center, Lay’s eyes grew to the size of saucers because of the variety of instruments that appeared before him. “Ever since I started getting interested in composing, I became interested in instruments as well. I’d like to master guitar and drums, too,” he said while looking around at the instruments. As soon as he saw the piano in the shop, he ran over like a kid and started playing 'Miracles in December.’ He transformed the shopping center into a beautiful concert venue. 

Lay has a certain goofy exterior which charms people without them knowing. “This is it!” he says, after much deliberation, having decided on an acoustic guitar - the 'WALDEN D55OCE.’ He had recently come up with a melody and needed this specific guitar, and was determined to finish the song by that night. He stayed at Nakwon Arcade until the sun began to set. After picking the guitar he wanted, he stopped off at the music café that he so wanted to visit. His soul seemed to drift away when he saw the vast collection of LP records (vinyl records).

“Wow! This is amazing! Some of these are even records I heard at my dad’s house when I was young. Today, I need to listen to all of the songs I want to hear.”

Lay looked through the LP records after gaining permission from the café’s rep. He forgot all about the interview and magazine shoot because he was so absorbed in the music. Listening to the rhythmic flow and beats of the music, he closed his eyes and became lost among the melodies. Though his manager warned him of a schedule later and that he had to pick up the pace, Lay was not bothered at all by his words.

Lay’s final selection was a piece by Beethoven. “Beethoven is truly an amazing person. He is the one who brings me inspiration and I hope to compose pieces like Beethoven’s.” Lay wishes to create the same kind of magical music like those of Beethoven - that which moves the hearts and minds of its listeners. Creating a song which everyone loves is not something that can be done in a single lifetime, let alone soon. Lay said that now, with that in mind, he will put everything he has into working towards his dream. 

translation by nana for fy-yixing sourcearticle
please take out with full credits.

Marked (Part 2)

Summary: Soulmate AU! Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too but soulmate’s are really rare and one day you get bullied for it and Bucky is there to save you 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,018

Warnings: nothing, it’s just fluff

A/N: I’m so happy that you guys loved Part 1 so much!I hope you like this part too! Tell me if you want a part 3!

Tagging: @bovaria @canikeepit-imkeepingit @liquidneptune @labgeek @feelmyroarrrr @arianaamaris @grace-for-sale @beautifulfound @duhbucky


Your mother immediately got up from the sofa when you closed the front door behind you. You were still smiling to yourself, thinking about Bucky and how long it would take him to call you like he’d promised. Your smile dropped as soon as you noticed the worried expression on your mothers face as she looked at your ruined dress and hair, the smeary eye make up and the brutal looking bruise on your face. 

“Y/N what happened?” she asked and rushed to your side, cupping your face into her small hands as she started studying your face for any more injuries. 

“I’m okay,” you quickly told her and smiled at her so that she could see that you weren’t hurt. The tensed expression on her face softened as soon as you’d told her that you were fine and once again it reminded you why you’d never be able to tell her what exactly had happened to your hair and your dress. Your hands were behind your back so that she couldn’t see the written digits of your phone number on them, which were only on your skin because you’d written it down on Bucky’s skin. The skin of your soulmate who shared every mark on his body with you. Whatever mark, bruise, scratch or even a simple written down digit was on his skin, you got it too. 

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‘Til The Sun Dies

Summary: You worried about him, but he would never fall for you. He was your sunshine, and she killed it. 


This was requested by @brendaunicorn

“ so i know i already request a story,but i just discovered this song ad i was wondering if you could do a taehyung scenario based on Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know?”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Soooo, I don’t know if this fits it–especially because the lyrics aren’t really anywhere in hear except for maybe the title. But I tried to make it fit with the lyrics. Ahhh, I’m sorry if this sucks. Let me know if you’re not happy with it and I’ll make a better one in the future. THERE WILL BE A PART TWO SOONISHISH.

Part Two

You had fallen in love with a man named Kim Taehyung, not only because he was the most gorgeous man on the planet, not only because his smiles were infectious and he had a magical ability to be deathly sexy when he wanted to, and not only because he giggled like a schoolgirl and was absolutely unafraid of everything that made up himself–these parts of Taehyung were just a cherry on top of the cake. You fell in love with him because he was the most beautiful human being you’d ever met–inside and out. He had a the power to conjure smiles from the depths of despair, and the ability to turn the air around him into a wine that people could get drunk on just by breathing; when he was around, every night felt like the full moon and every day the clouds would run from the force of his sunshine. He was perfection in its purest form.

But, you were none of these things, and he did not love you how you loved him.

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