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Hi Shy anon here ><, Can i request a fluffy Wonwoo asking you out on a date?

Hi there, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed! 

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Jeon Wonwoo, your childhood friend but also known as a member of a popular k-pop group called Seventeen. Everyone around you was envious of your close friendship with Wonwoo and they all want to be in your position, which you don’t blame them for because he is quite sweet and attractive at times. But because of this friendship, you have also gotten hurt and a few death threat simply because you didn’t want to give the crazy fangirls his number. Although you knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’ve been threatened but you want to do the least for him and protect his privacy being his childhood friend.

WW: Where are you?

Y/N: I’m at uni, whys that?

WW: I just came back from tour, do you want to meet?

Y/N: Um yeah sure, meet where though?

WW: I’ll come to uni and pick you up?

Y/N: Are you sure? We can meet somewhere if you want!

WW:Yeah I’m sure, I’ll come now so come straight after class okay? I’ve got something to tell you!

Y/N: Okay sure, is it something serious?

WW: In a way… I just need to get your opinion on it!

Y/N: Okie dok see you soon! Better have my present ready

WW: Never forgotten! Bye~

You read the last text and smiled to yourself, you were half worried and half excited since you haven’t seen him after he left for tour three months ago. “Lucky I dressed nicely today” You thought to yourself.

The lecture finished, as soon as it ended you rushed to the toilet to fix your hair, makeup and outfit, for some strange reason you wanted to impress Wonwoo today. And for some strange reason he felt a bit off today. Although you were worried but you didn’t want to think too much about it. After fixing yourself up, you ran down and saw Wonwoo’s car parked right up the front, he was leaning against the car waiting for you. You stopped and stared at him, he was looking exceptionally good today, he was wearing an oversized white shirt, ripped jeans, the way he dressed made your heart skip a beat. You held your hand against your chest trying to calm yourself down before approaching him.

“Hey! Long time no see!” You greet him with a big smile on your face. “Hi” Wonwoo replied looking shy. It was weird… they way Wonwoo acted. He usually greets you with either a big hug or a headlock, that was what you were use to but today he was SHY. You poked his arm and whispered “Can we get in the car now? Theres like 5 girls staring at you and it makes me feel uncomfortable” Wonwoo turned his head to see 5 girls looking in your direction and taking photos. He quickly walked you to passenger side to open the door for you. His action was so gentlemen, unlike the Wonwoo you remembered three months ago. He walked around the car and jumped in.

There were no conversation during the ride, he was so quiet and it was freaking you out inside, he usually be brags about his trip and tells you all the stupid things his members did during tour but today his eyes was focused on the road and he didn’t make any eye contact with you.

“Wonwoo, is something wrong?” You finally broke the silence. You waited a little while for him to respond. “Oh…no… um… I was just thinking” Wonwoo stuttered. “About what? You’ve been acting so weird and it’s freaking me out” You let out a sigh after confessing your feeling. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out…” He says as he parked the car next to a park. “Do you remember this place?” You looked out the car and instantly recognises the park. “Omg! This place~ I’ve missed this place so much, I still remember the times when you and me would play here, tag… hide and seek…and you even asked me to marry you here” The memories you shared with Wonwoo came flying back to your head. “Yeah, I remember too.” Wonwoo smiled at your excitement and said. “Why are we here?” you questioned him looking puzzled. “Well… I just thought it would be a nice place… a nice place for us… -sigh- Y/N, I know this might be very sudden, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words left Wonwoo’s mouth and hit you. You froze for a long time before questioning him “What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you serious?”

Wonwoo took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. “Y/N, I am very serious right now. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you in these three months, I finally realised that feeling I get whenever I’m with you is a sign of love, I’m so sorry I realised so late… I really hope you feel the same way about me” His heart was pounding hard against his chest and you can certainly feel it. You missed Wonwoo too, you didn’t expect this sudden confession but his words were real, you could tell by the way he looked at you. He must have thought about this for a long time as he isn’t someone to do things before thinking twice about it. “Wonwoo… I missed you too, I’ve been feeling the same recently. Whenever you come close to me… my heart skips a beat, even the thought of seeing you freaks me out. Of course i’ll be your girlfriend” Wonwoo’s eyes were mist, yours were too. “Omg Y/N!!! Thank you so much, I really love you, and I will make sure you are treated like a princess every single day” He reached to you and pulled you closer to him and kissed you, this was the first time you felt so safe and secure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepens the kiss.

Moments later, you pulled away and slapped Wonwoo “Yah, I totally forgot… we just started dating, how dare you kiss me this fast?” you joked with him and Wonwoo laughed before replying “We’ve spent enough time as childhood friends together, and we pretty much know everything about each other so why waste time? We can just skip those unless crap.” Wonwoo leaned in for another kiss which you grant him since you can never resist this man.

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Summer Regrets (High School!Jaebum AU)

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Word Count: 1,819

Genre: Fluff

“Would you want to?” 

Warnings: Slight swearing?

The beginning of the school year was supposed to be a fresh start, a time to forget all the mistakes and leave behind all your regrets from the last year. However, your regrets began in the summer and threatened to pour over into the next school year. I guess it started at the beginning of summer, the last day of school.

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Yo person *throws gang signs* (what the fuck am I doing with my life) Can you do headcanons of the RFA(including V) and Saeran reacting to MC being in a well known all girls KPOP group and she's like the main rapper and lead singer or some shit? Or just being a famous singer if you don't know KPOP? Have an magical day~ *aggressively throws glitter in face*



  • what did he jUST SEE???
  • WAS THAT MC ON TV!?!!??11?!
  • okay but tbh he wasn’t into kpop that much since he was too busy gaming all the time but OMG
  • dude he literally starts like memorizing all the members of her group, then binge watches Weekly Idol, MBC and Mnet performances, LOL HE EVEN DOES THOSE KOREABOO/ALLKPOP QUIZZES THAT ARE ALL “which member is your soul mate?”
    • gets salty when it’s not MC aww
  • surprises his honey by attending her fanmeet 
  • “Jagiya, can you sign my photobook?” ^-^


  • bro he was so proudddddd
  • impossible that he didn’t know of her what even was he doing with his life
  • right, he was practicing 24/7 I mean he didn’t know Echo Girl either soooo
  • anyways he starts watching MC’s performances and stuff and all is good UNTIL HE SEES WHAT MC WEARS HOLY SHIT
  • he cannot control his fanboying like omfg who knew MC looked like that under her sweater????
  • calls director to give him contacts to the stylist of MC’s group
  • he’s got quite a few complains and suggestions


  • I mean she respects MC’s career choice
  • she’s actually happy for MC, since she can do the thing she’s passionate about
  • but boy is she concerned when she hears news about saesangs
  • those bitches are C R A Z Y (not as crazy as Jaehee is for MC though)
  • she requests that Jumin send security guards to MC’s company specifically for MC’s group
  • for that, she sacrificed her spring break (luv u Jaehee bb :’))
  • despite her busy schedule, she tries to go to most of MC’s live performances though!! 
  • also buys official merch to support MC too


  • legit had no idea that MC was famous
  • “k-pop is not my style” - Jumin Han, 2016
    • props if you can identify the reference of this quote 
  • okay but think about it though like Mr. Corporate heir is really busy he has no time for celebrity gossip
  • how did he find out?
  • anyways he doesn’t really care but he does ask MC about all the details when he sees her
  • sample questions:
    • what is “Show! Music Core”? 
    • “Mnet”? so what like a net shaped like a M and you go there for what? fishing? I used to go fishing too - but golfing is less dirty.
    • also what do you mean “random play dance” that isn’t even a cohesive sentence.
  • low key goes to her performances after he realizes what SBS Inkigayo is 
    • let’s be real though how low key can you be when you buy the whole middle section of the seats and is surrounded by 20 security guards


  • dude he already knew
  • remember that background check?
  • anyways is a total fanGURL
  • hacks fansites so that all of MC’s group content is spread like a virus loloolol
  • dude he is a no shame fangirl but he is also a 200% proud boyfriend
  • makes couple t-shirts that he forces MC to wear for airport fashion (a new one every time)
  • LOL the world cannot believe MC is dating a doofus like him but there are no haters because he’s kinda really funny
  • the memes on the back of the couple tees are hilarious
  • yea but I thought he was a secret agent and blah blah can’t be known
  • he’s got different identities mate


  • okay so he didn’t know until Seven told him and ngl he was kinda mad
  • why did he have to find out from his idiot brother?
  • argued with MC about her honesty and felt betrayed
  • he is sensitive ok
  • so MC doesn’t get it and basically it becomes quiet between them
  • RFA doesn’t know what to do damn
  • Saeran doesn’t admit it but he misses MC when she moved back to her group dorm so he secretly goes to her performances
  • it’s not his fault but he looks a little sketch so the security asked him to leave the facility once 
  • he got SO mad omg
  • ofc MC overheard him screaming from backstage 
  • so MC comes out and tells security it’s okay
  • cue backstage make-up making out ;))


  • he found out hearing it from Seven freak the hell out over a phone call
  • he was pretty excited and even told seven he wanted to watch her perform
  • watch
  • oops
  • he was kinda sad about it but he didn’t say anything
  • MC noticed he was acting funny but when she confronted him about it he didn’t spill
  • she called Seven and he spilled the beans immediately
  • you know what MC did????
  • she surprised V with a private performance
  • do as you may with your imagination (I didn’t say anything ;))

heh. thanks for reading, I hope I didn’t let down my fellow kpop fans xD

~Cherry L.

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No Memories

REQUESTED BY ANON: I’d love an imagine where the reader is 19 years old and she gets hit by a spell where she loses her memory and so her brothers and Cas has to take care of her. Thank you! :)

Sam and Dean rush to your unconscious limp body. Dean bends down in front of you, holding your head in his head while Sam unties you from the chair.
“Hey, (Y/N), you in there? Come on, open your eyes” he pleaded his voice full of worry.
“Dean, we need to get the hell out of here” Sam said finishing to untie you “the witch is going to come back soon and (Y/N) is the most important right now”.
“Okay, we’ll come back for the bitch”.
Dean lifts you up in his arms and carries you outside, Sam leading him with his gun aimed up.
“Okay, come on” Sam said opening he backseat of the Impala.
“I’ll sit with her, you drive” Dean said giving him the keys.
Sam nods and rushes to the driver’s seat and drives away.
“Come on, come on” Dean mumbled looking at your peaceful face resting on his lap.
Your eyes starts opening, and you groan as the pain strikes you to your head and body.
“Hey, (Y/N)”.
You look up to this man with green eyes and dark blond hair and smile seeing you aren’t tied up anymore. Also, the way he smiles with relieve has a comforting essence.
But, you frown “who are you?”

After arriving to the bunker, Sam and Dean had told you to go and take a long shower. Even though you are scared out of your mind, you do as they say. After your question, Dean freaked out and Sam stayed calmed. You understood quickly that Sam is the one who takes the breather and Dean the one who panics.
You told them you don’t remember a thing of your life, not even your own name. The only living thing you can remember is this blur memory of waking up to see the witch.
“I wonder when they are going to be here for you… they are a pain in my ass that is for sure” she had said.
Because you heard her saying that, you decided to trust the Winchester brothers. Also, they told you your name is (Y/N) Winchester, their nineteen year’s old little sister.
After the shower, you pick up an outfit from the room which is supposed to be yours. Black jeans, white tank top and a green and black flannel.
“Well, it is kind of cool” you admitted to yourself.
You notice the cool socks with guns on them and that makes you smile.

You enter the main room of the bunker, joining Sam and Dean who are already in their books, searching for a cure.
“I can’t find a damn thing” Dean growled taking a sip of his beer.
You hide behind the wall and listen.
“Dean, we will find something, Cas should be here soon, don’t worry”.
“It’s like she’s not (Y/N)” Dean confessed “and it hurts even more then if she would be dead. We need to get her back… I miss our rebel sis”.
“Hello, (Y/N)”.
You jump screaming out loud seeing this bleu eyed random guy with black hair and a RAIN COAT.
“Who- what?” You glance at Sam and Dean and back to the strange man “how- you… you weren’t-“
“Are you sick?” He asked placing two fingers on your forehead “oh, I understand”.
“Cas” Dean sighs in relieve “please, you have to help us, (Y/N) was-“
“I know, it is a strong curse. I wish I could help, but this magic… it’s strong black magic that I can’t touch. It was used against angels’ long time ago”.
“Oh, really!” Dean exclaimed angrily.
“Dean” you gulp backing away from ‘Cas’ “who is he?”
“He’s an angel, Castiel” he sighed passing a hand on his face.
You nod.
“Look, I have a few things that maybe could help you” Sam said taking a box on the table “you can look at them, I hope it helps”.
You take the box and open it revelling some old pictures with two boys and a little girl. You know that the little girl is you and the boys is Sam and Dean.
“I wish I could remember” you sighed “I wish I could…” you glance at Castiel “you are an angel, right? Maybe you could like put in the memories?”
“I’m sorry, I can’t” Castiel said “I will help you”.

“We found nothing” Dean sighed sitting beside you on the bed “we can’t bring back your memories”.
“But we can make more” Sam said sitting on the other side.
“Yeah” you sighed tears building in your eyes.
“Your brothers will always be there for you” Castiel said from the door “this is something they have always done”.
You nod knowing that he is right and that you want to do the same for them.
“Thank you for everything”.
“Always gonna be there for you little sis” Dean said kissing your hair.

Shy Boy Meets Shy Girl

Anonymous Requested:  Jungkook scenario, where the reader lives in Atlanta where the boys are having a show.  You end up meeting them by chance in a coffee shop and Namjoon asks you to help them find their hotel.  You talk to Jungkook and V mostly, and the boys end up inviting you to dinner.  You’re Jungkook’s ideal type and he gives you a ticket to their show.

Genre:  Fluff

Pairing:  Jungkook X Reader

Setting:  I set this during their Red Bullet Part 2 mostly because I don’t really know what their hair will be like during Part 3….but also because I have an unhealthy obsession with Namjoon’s hair (I totally made it the blond cut because that’s my favorite hair on him, you cannot change my mind, I love that hair), I’m also obsessed with Yoongi’s blond hair as well, Jimin’s red hair, and let’s not talk about Jungkook…….this kid…….this era is what killed me and drew me back into BTS because I refused to stan a group with someone as young as him when they debuted.  But damn it all, Jungkook’s opening portion in ‘Dope’……..well, I think you can guess the rest. 

PS the police uniform didn’t help either…..HE’S FREAKING SEVENTEEN!?!?!?!  LIKE ARE YOU FOR REAL!?!?!  I died internally and then counted down to his 18th birthday.

A/N:  Sorry this took me longer than I anticipated it would, but Jungkook is so awkward sometimes and it doesn’t really help that I myself am an awkward conversationalist…..I hope this finds you well, Anon :)

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“Here’s your Caramel Macchiato, Miss.” Looking up from your phone, you smiled at the barista behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop.  Jared smiled back at you, nodding his head as you took your drink from him.

“Long night of homework?”  He asked politely, taking his cleaning towel and wiping down the counter while he talked to you.

You shook your head, ‘no’ taking a sip of the icy drink.  “Just wanted to catch up on some writing for my blog tonight, nothing too special.”

“Ahh, the infamous ‘blog’ you keep mentioning, but won’t tell me how I can find it.”  Jared teased, shooting you a smile over the espresso machine.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him, “Trust me, Jared, you want nothing to do with my blog.”

Waving you away as he went to the register to assist the next customer you went back to your table, pulling up your blog screen and checking your notifications and to-do list.

Glancing up every now and then when a new customer entered the coffee shop, you didn’t notice the ‘ding’ above the door when seven young men walked in, looking lost.

Hearing voices not speaking English caught your attention because the language sounded familiar.  Your eyes widened as they rested on the seven figures that were still crowded by the door looking out as though at any moment someone was going to come bursting through them.  From where you were sitting three tables over by the windows you had a very good view as to who those seven guys were, but you were having trouble functioning properly.

Bangtan Sonyeondan – better known as Bangtan Boys or BTS.

You couldn’t believe that right in this very moment your favorite K-pop group was standing right in front of you. Part of you wanted to fangirl, jumping up and down and ask them for autographs and pictures, but the rational side of your brain knew better.  They were looking out of the shop as though they had been chased down the street by crazy fans and the last thing you wanted to do was give them more trouble. Instead you chose to ignore them, even though every cell in your body was hyper aware of their presence. Returning to your blog, you tried to focus on the last part that you had just written, creating the zone once more as you let your music carry you back to fantasy.  At that moment your playlist changed to R.O.O.T.S by Flo Rida, letting the smooth melody carry you, you didn’t even notice when one of the seven boys approached your table until you felt a tap on your shoulder.

Pulled once more from your writing you looked up, pulling one of the earbuds from your ear as your eyes met two pools of deep brown.  Namjoon, your mind instantly went blank as you stared at the Leader, his tanned skin darker than when you usually saw it on YouTube.  His white blond hair was swept back from his face and his lips were spread into a slightly nervous smile.

“Y-yes?”  You asked, trying to prevent your cheeks from turning a deep shade of pink, but to no avail.

“Hi, um, my name is Namjoon, my friends and I got lost trying to find our hotel.  We’re from Korea, would you be willing to help us?”

Looking over at the other six boys who were standing there looking hopeful at you, your eyes caught on the youngest – Jungkook.  His hair parted on the side, the purple hue to his dark hair suited him, the large white tee shirt hanging off of his lean frame.  His ripped jeans and timberland boots completed the outfit, he was missing his usual beanie though and you found yourself liking the lack of hat. Jungkook and you made eye contact and he looked away quickly out the door his cheeks turning pink as a small smile played around his lips.

Turning your attention back to Namjoon you rose from your seat hesitantly, your earbuds forgotten on top of your laptop.  Bowing slightly to him, “Annyeonghaseyo, my name is, Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.”

Eyes widened in shock, Namjoon stared at you, “Y-you speak Korean?

Blushing bright red, you shook your head, pulling your beanie down further over your ears, glancing over to the others. “Ani, I speak a little, but I can understand basic conversation.”

“Daebak, that’s more than I was hoping for.  It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”  Namjoon waved over the others, speaking in rapid Korean to them.  You only caught a few of the words, as you just stared in awe at them as they nodded looking slightly relieved that there was someone who could understand them.  If only they knew, you thought.

Namjoon introduced all of them slowly, careful to pronounce their names, giving you time to absorb them. You contemplated telling them that you already knew who they were, but decided not to.  You liked your privacy and were sure that they were no different – that’s why your blog was kept a secret from those you knew.

Bowing in greeting to all of them, they bowed back, collectively saying ‘hello’ in English.

“Where were you guys headed to?”

“We’re staying at the Carlton, I know it’s around here somewhere, but I lost track of where we are.”  Namjoon blushed slightly, scratching the back of his head.

“That’s actually not far; we can walk, if that’s okay with you.  It’s only three blocks.”

Namjoon looked at the others repeating your words and they nodded in agreement.  “We can walk some more,” Namjoon smiled brightly at you.

“Great,” You smiled.  “Just let me pack up my things.”  Turning back to your table you quickly saved your open documents and exited out of your blog page, putting away your laptop in your backpack.  Turning to ask Jared for a to-go cup, you were met with his smiling face a cup already in hand.

“This one is on the house; I’ll take care of the cleanup.”  You thanked him, taking the cold drink from him in gratitude.  You often got lost in your writing when you came here and Jared always made sure your drink didn’t get too watered down.

“See you next time, Jared!” Waving at your friend as you exited the shop with the Bangtan Boys in tow, you pointed down the street in the direction you needed to head.

The boys chatted aimlessly around you, Namjoon conversed with you in English, Taehyung and Jungkook walked next to you as well.  They seemed interested in what you had to say and often asked Namjoon to translate the words you said that they didn’t understand.  Eventually the subject of how you came to learn as much as you did about Korea came up which drew the attention of the whole group.

Blushing pink, you stopped at the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green, “I had a roommate in college freshman year that was from Korea.  She taught me most of what I know and I learned the rest after she went back to Busan last year.”

“How old are you?”  Taehyung asked curious to know how old you were after hearing you speak about college.

“I was born in ’95,” The boys murmured at that, Namjoon nodding in mild surprise, you’d seemed older to him than that, but that was something you were used to.

“Aww, no fair!”  Taehyung pouted, “I was hoping you would be younger.”  You laughed as Taehyung smiled a boxy smile at you.

“I’m actually twelve days older than Jimin, so it’s not that much of an age gap.”

Jimin’s expression brightened up at that, looking at you with a soft smile.  You returned the smile, blushing slightly as his grin grew wider when he noticed the coloring of your cheeks.  When the sign turned green you walked across the street, you bumped shoulders with Jungkook, you both said sorry at the same time, blushing and looking away.

“Jungkookie has a crush!” Taehyung’s laughter rang out on the sidewalk, the other boys joining in as Jungkook tried to avoid everyone’s eyes.

You blushed red, glancing down at your attire in the process, picking at your plaid over shirt.  You dressed without really thinking about it this morning, since you didn’t have anywhere to be.  You’d tossed on your favorite black tank top, black cutoff shorts, and your favorite pair of heeled timberlands.  Your favorite plaid green shirt hung loosely off your shoulders, the tails blowing gently in the breeze as you walked.  Dressed just like his ideal type described you couldn’t have imagined meeting them today.  If you could go back in time and have someone tell you that today you would be meeting the members of BTS you would have rolled your eyes and said ‘in your dreams’.

“I think Y/N has a crush too,” You looked up in surprise at Namjoon who just smiled at you, sharing a smile with Taehyung.

The rest of the walk was rather uneventful, occasionally exchanging small talk with the boys, conversing with Taehyung and Jungkook the most.  They seemed to be really eager to learn more about you, Jungkook asking the occasional question, while Taehyung loaded you with all the English words he knew.

Arriving on their block, you pointed them to the building they were looking for, ready to bid them goodbye before heading back home to share the experience with your bloggers.  You were a little sad that you would be leaving them without an autograph or picture, but as a person you respected their privacy.  You were more thankful that they felt they could be themselves around you rather than putting on a show for a fan. Confident that you had seen a side to the boys that the public didn’t see very often you were content to keep this moment as a memory without memorabilia.

Before the boys left Jungkook said something to Namjoon who kept glancing at you before diverting his attention to his dongsang.  Nodding slowly, Namjoon turned his attention back to you, “Jungkook was wondering if you had plans tonight.  We’re going to dinner later and he wanted you to come along.”

Glancing at Jungkook, you noticed his wide gaze was focused directly on you, unwavering.  Slightly unnerved by his sudden boldness you nodded your head hesitantly, “Did you have somewhere in mind?”

“Ah, well, we were hoping you might have a suggestion.”  Namjoon grinned cheekily scratching the back of his neck again as waited for your response.

“I know the perfect place.”

You were already waiting at the restaurant you chose, one of your favorites – Takorea – seated at one of their large corner booths, the waitress placed the eight menus around the table asking you for your drink order.

Asking for a cola, the waitress left you alone to wait for the boys.  Takorea was relatively well known in Midtown for its Korean infused Mexican food. Korean and Mexican flavors combined to create a unique pallet and considering you couldn’t travel directly to Korea for authentic food; this was one of your favorite places.  The prices were student friendly and you often found yourself here throughout the school year when you were looking for something different that would still fit your budget.

“Y/N noona!”  Glancing up to see who called your name you saw Jungkook who was waving at you from the doorway, motioning to his hyungs to hurry up. Sliding into the booth next to you Jungkook smiled as the rest of the boys slid into the booth around the two of you.

Taehyung ended up next to Jungkook and Jimin sat on the other side of you, giving you a small smile and a polite ‘hello’.

After showing them the menu, you and Namjoon were able to describe what was offered to the others who were having trouble.  When the waitress came you ordered for the table, the waitress smiling brightly, “My daughter just loves you boys.”  She gushed to Namjoon asking for an autograph, Namjoon smiled politely, shaking the woman’s hand and promising that they would after they ate.

Sitting stiffly next to Jimin and Jungkook who had gone ridged after the exchange with the woman you tried not to think too much about it.  The boys kept glancing at you waiting for you to question why the woman asked for autographs. Namjoon looked at you before clearing his throat drawing your attention to the Leader.

“We’re sorry we didn’t tell you. It’s just that it’s not every day we get to go out without being hounded for autographs.”

Nodding in agreement you confessed, “I actually knew who you were when you walked into the coffee shop.”

That earned some raised eyebrows and low grumbles from the other members who looked at you surprised.

“You did?”  Jungkook’s voice conveyed his shock as he looked at you with wide eyes.

Picking at your napkin you nodded your head slightly, “I’ve been a fan since your debut, and I was really sad when I couldn’t afford a ticket to your Atlanta show.  Meeting you guys in the coffee shop was pure luck and I’ll always cherish that memory.”

“So if you’re a fan,” Taehyung grinned mischievously, “Then you must have a bias.”

Laughing nervously you nodded your head, taking a sip of your drink before resuming your earlier actions of picking at your napkin.

The boys sat staring at you for a minute before Taehyung burst out, “So which one of us is it?”

Looking around at the seven boys you could feel your cheeks heating up again, casting a side glance at Jungkook who was looking at you intently.
“Jungkook,” You mumbled under your breath thankful that most of them had their attention diverted by the arrival of the food.

“Jungkook?”  Taehyung seemed to be the only one that had heard you and his entire face lit up as he made eye contact with the maknae.  “Looks like you have a fan, Kookie.”

The rest of the dinner was spent joking and laughing, thankfully the boys didn’t seem to be acting any different despite now knowing that you knew who they were.  You were thankful for that because so long as they were comfortable you were happy to see them so relaxed.  Bangtan Boys in the flesh, you still couldn’t believe that they’d not only asked you to show their hotel, but had been kind enough to take you to dinner. You were content knowing that you had met them in a more natural way rather than at a fan meeting or concert where you would be just another fan – another face in the crowd.

When you guys were getting ready to leave, Jungkook tapped you on the shoulder a shy smile on his face.  

“Can we talk?”

Nodding your head you hung back with the younger boy, afraid that he would reject you naming him as your bias.

“I have a ticket to the concert. Can you come?”  Jungkook asked you looking down at his shoes, kicking invisible pebbles as he spoke, looking up at you through his fringe.

Blushing furiously, you nodded your head, “I’d love to come.”

Looking up at you in surprise as wide grin spread across the maknae’s face, “Yes!  Oh, um, I-” Jungkook’s cheeks heated.  “Can I text you?”

Handing your phone over to him to input his number he smiled at you again, impossibly wider than the last one. Bending down slightly he kissed you on the cheek before running off after his hyungs, a cheeky grin on his face as he turned to wave at you one last time.

“I’ll see you later, noona!”

Watching Jungkook run towards his hyungs you couldn’t help but smile after him, putting your hand up to your cheek. You could still feel where his lips had touched your skin and you were surprised that he would be so bold, but you didn’t regret it.  He was such a child sometimes, but that was one of the reasons he was your bias. Heading back to your apartment you were excited for the concert, thankful that you were going to see one of your favorite k-pop groups in person.  The best part was that you had already met them, something that many of their fans only dreamed of.

~ Fin

Lily Out.


Sam Winchester Imagine- Jealous Longing

A/N- Sorry i didnt post yesterday guys >.< But I’m posting today and I hope that makes up for it :) Requests should be open in the next few days, I’m almost caught up!! But I have 16 requests sitting in my inbox already 0.0 I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy :) {Credit to gif owner} I know this was supposed to be a Dean imagine, but it felt more like a Sam one to me, so i just switched it. I hope you’re okay with that anon <3

  Dean’s POV

   "Sam , I need help.“ I was rushed, talking fast. My head was spinning out of control with thoughts and doubts. "Now you admit it? I mean, I know better late than never, but damn..” Sam chuckled and shook his head. “No, seriously,  I-I cheated on Y/N..”

    My breathing started to calm as Sam turned his head slowly to me. “What?” The ’t’ was sharp as he looked straight at me. It felt like he was staring lasers into me as the moment passed. “She’s not it for me, Sam. But I know I shouldn’t have done it…”

 Sam’s POV

    I wasn’t the one he cheated on and it felt like knives in my heart. “You lucky son of a bitch..” Quickly, I jumped up out of my seat, fisting his shirt in my hands.

   Dean stared at me, his expression went from regret to stern. “Why would you do that to her?” I pulled him slightly forward and slammed him back into the wall. “I told you! I’m not exactly proud of it!” Dean spoke through gritted teeth, my grip loosened and he shrugged me off, stomping to his room.


    Dean walked into the room, pushing the door open hard enough that it hit the wall and bounced back. “Dean?” You asked fast, but stern. “What?” He was snapping at you, as if you did something wrong. “What the hell is up your ass?” You asked, mad that he was treating you like you did something.

   Dean turned to the wall, his back towards you. Leaning on both arms, he put his head between them. “Y/N I-” Bursting through the door, Sam came in. “I need to talk to you.” His chest was huffing from running down the halls. “Um.. Okay..” You spoke suspiciously, looking between the two men. Dean shot a glare at Sam,  pushing himself off the door.

     Setting down the clothes you had been folding, you looked past Sam into the hall. As you passed Dean, you looked away, closing the door behind you. “Okay, so what is it?” Your heart was beating faster, worried about the outcome. “Dean.. He.. Y/N- he cheated on you..” Sam was having a hard time getting the words out, just as you were trying to comprehend them. They must have hurt just as much to say as they did to hear..

   Sam’s POV

      Y/N’s face contorted as she began to sob softly, her arms were crossed on her chest, and she appeared to be squeezing herself as a comfort. “Hey, please don’t cry..” I lifted her head with my thumb, searching her eyes as they began to turn red, the tears falling from her cheeks. “Sam, I don’t know what to do.. Or say..” She looked so flustered and I didn’t know what to do. Instead, I just pulled her in, hugging her tightly, hoping I could hold her together even for just a moment. 

  8 Months Later 

      For the first few weeks, you and Dean avoided each other, giving short, longing glances. But after a month or so, you had finally moved out, having Sam and Cas help you. Speaking to Sam every night, you found that, according to him, Dean wouldn’t stop talking about you. Apparently he missed your presence . 

      Rolling over on the soft mattress, the photographer snapped multiple pictures a minute as you smiled, your finger tip resting in your teeth. “Perfect, sweetheart..” She said, taking a few more before snapping her fingers. Sitting up, you walked to the dressing room. “Hey, what’s up?” You asked your manager as she stood in the middle of the floor. Walking over to your next outfit, she began talking. “So, even though you aren’t a Playboy, Hugh wants to get you in to be Miss March tomorrow if that’s a thing you would be willing to do. Oh, and he’s paying handsomely for it, too..” Tapping away at her tablet, she looked up at you as you slipped the baby doll on. “Of course, I would love to..” You smiled, knowing exactly what you planned on for this one. 


     “So did she get you the gig?” Sam’s small giggle at the end of his sentence made your heart skip a beat as you talked to him on the phone. “Yes, I told her I would take it. I want to move out of this condo anyway..” You were up to your chest in bubbled hot water, having your nightly bath. In front of  you, you stared at the skyscrapers as you laid your head back. “Didn’t you just move there, Y/N?” Sam chuckled, and you could hear him shake his head. “Well yes, but there’s another condo a few floors up. The one I was looking at when I moved into this one but it wasn’t for sale yet..” You half whimpered, looking down at the white bubbles, blowing lightly to pop them. 

     “You want me to come over then?” Sam asked, and you smirked at his words. “Of course I do..” You cooed, hoping he got the hint. “I’ll be over next week, alright? Plus, we’re still working this case in Michigan…” Sam scoffed, the case was one Dean had picked just because he hadn’t been to that part of Michigan yet. 


    You walked down the hall to the elevator, going down to the lobby to get the boys. “Sam!” You yelled, running and jumping into his arms. He held you for a long moment, his scent washing away your thoughts. “Hey Dean…” You smiled, genuinely okay- and moved on from him. Dean half smiled, not enthused with being there. “C’mon up..” You said, turning and purposefully swaying your hips so they saw. 

      The second the door opened, Dean’s mouth about dropped on the floor. “Wait- is that?” Dean was pointing to the large framed picture of your ‘Miss March’ photoshoot you had leaning against some boxes. “No, it’s Betty Crocker.” You spoke sarcastically, Dean’s eyes full of a familiar lust. Your stomach twisted a bit at the look, but you drew your attention back to Sam. 

     “I’m going to have you start with me in my room while Dean ogles over my photoshoot.” Sam looked around your room, not having been in there since you moved in. “Why would you leave this view?” Sam pressed his hands on the glass wall, looking down at the streets. “Trust me, wait until you see the new views..” You picked up a box, Sam following at foot. “Dean, grab a box, c’mon!!” 


      Infinite boxes, aching arms and legs, multiple bottles of water and a large pizza later, you , Sam and Dean sat on the couch in your new condo, staring at the lit up city. “This could never get old…” You spoke, taking a drink of your ice tea.. Sam nodded, his hand resting on top of yours. Dean hadn’t said much, but he stared at your pictures often. “Sam, I’m going to steal Dean for a few minutes, okay?” You asked, looking at Dean’s surprised face. 

   He followed you as you walked into your room, beginning to open boxes. “So, why did you need help?” He asked, watching you. “Well, one, I’m just putting up decoration. Two, I didn’t need help, but we need to talk.” You took out a picture, you and Sam after a case you had done, covered in blood. In the back, you can barely see Dean, scowling at the two of you. Three weeks after the break up…

    Dean’s jaw clenched as he looked at the floor then back up at you. “We’re still friends Dean. Even if you don’t want to think it. I still love you, even if it’s not the same love I felt back then. I still care, just as I always have. But I will never forgive you.” Putting the photo on your desk, you walked back over, pulling out a picture of you and your mother. “I just can’t let that go. And I think it’s fair. But you can’t act like you don’t care too…” Doing the same with that picture, you stopped when you turned around. 

    “But Sam and I, we’ll be what’s meant to be, and you need to move on. I don’t want you hanging on to me.” You were looking right at him, your eyes locking with his. He was upset, but he released his tongue, licking his lips. “Okay.” He said,  short but fast nods coming from him. “And Dean?” You asked, watching him stop in his tracks. “Yeah?” He looked back at the floor, his body still. “Let go, but don’t forget..Okay? Because I never will…” You had walked up behind him and put your arms around his waist. He stiffened, but turned around, his arms around you. “I won’t…” He choked out, his lips kissing your hair.

Holy Crap, You're Not My Brother - Calum

Requested by anon - ‘Gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and I knocked you to the ground, my bad’ au with Calum pleaseeee

I think you wanted this as a meme but it was a little too hard for me to find videos I needed to make it a meme. I hope you still like it!

I was typing a quick text to my mother that I had made it safely into he baggage area of the airport to await my brother when my phone vibrated in my hand. 

“Hey Y/B/N, I’m waiting for you by baggage!” I told him excitedly. 

“Okay, I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.”

“I’ll look for your bag while I wait.” I take a seat on a ledge to wait for the baggage belt to turn on and look at my phone. Ten minutes later I see a group of people walk by and as they past I smell a cologne that is my brother’s. When I look up I see the back of a tall guy wearing black skinny jeans, black converse and a gray shirt and I jump up.

“Y/B/N!” I shout and jump onto the back of the guy. 

“Oof” he says while we both tumble to the ground and that’s when I realize….it’s not him. 

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” I repeat when I scramble up and try to help the boy who is most definitely not my brother. “Holy crap, you’re not my brother.” I see a huge guy walking our way with determination in my eyes and the tall guy I knocked over looks at him. 

“It’s okay Joe, she thought I was someone else” he tells him and he slowed down. The guy reaches out his hand. “Calum” he says.

“No, my name is Y/N” I reply. He laughs and I realize what I just did. “Oh goodness, could this get any worse? Look I am super sorry that I did that but I thought you were my brother from behind.”

“Yeah, I gathered that from the running, yelling and getting knocked over part” he teases. My face is on fire and I roll my eyes. 

“Well, I’m super sorry and I should probably go since that guy is staring me down” I say looking over at the guy he had call Joe before.

“That’s just my body guard, he is okay though.” My eyes go big and I stutter a bit.

“I…” I struggle for a second. “Okay, so Calum Hood, not just a guy who happens to look like Calum and have the name Calum and have a body guard who is in a band?”

“Yeah” Calum sighs. “That Calum Hood.”

I hear my name being shouted from down the hall. I see my brother running my way with a similar outfit to Calum on. My smile grows and he wraps his arms around me, swinging my legs and feet out. 

“I missed you so much Cher!” he says.

“Wait” Calum says from behind us. “Y/B/N is your brother?” I turn around having almost forgot Calum was there. “And you said your name was Y/N.” His brows are furrowed in confusion.

“You know my sister?”

“Funny story” Calum replies with a laugh. He quickly tells my brother the story after he explains that the studio that my brother had worked at had loaned my brother to them to record some stuff while they were on tour. 

“You didn’t freaking tell me you were working for 5SOS. What the hell?” I gently scold him.

“Well it was kind of a secret project and I wasn’t allowed. There was a contract and all so I just had to tell you it was some new band so that nothing happened.” I was about to continue to argue that he could have told me when Calum jumped back in.

“You call her Cher?”

“Yeah” I laugh awkwardly. “It’s just a thing that sorta happened. No reason really, just yup.”

“So I guess I will get to learn a few more things about you now that we are home and stuff” Calum says. “We plan on keeping Y/B/N around for as long as he will stick around." 

"Her favorite food is Italian” my brother says and when Calum and I both look at him confused, he stays focused on Calum. “There is a place called Portifinos down from our house that she could easily spend hours in.” Calum still looks confused but the moment of clarity is obvious.

“You wouldn’t mind?” he asks him.

“Uh hello” I say waving a hand between them. “I’m still here.”

“Would you like to um maybe like go to um that Portifinos place some time this week or something?” Calum asks me kind of awkwardly. I just stare with my mouth slightly agape. 

“I just plowed you to the ground and you want to go out on a date?” I asked disbelieving. Calum rubs the back of his neck and turns slightly red. 

“Jesus” my brother says. “I’ve never seen him blush like that” he teases. I feel bad because Calum starts to shuffle.

“Yes” I say suddenly. “Yes.”

“Thursday?” he asks and I look down shyly. 

“Yeah okay. See you Thursday!” I say back. We all say goodbye and I send Cal a little wave before we go, promising to get his number from my brother. My brother and I head for the door. 

“Well that was certainly the most embarrassing moment of my life” I grumble.

“But it got you a date” my brother answers. “I can’t believe you didn’t know who he was.”

“It’s not that I didn’t know who he was it was more that I didn’t believe that it could have possibly been him and now I’m going on a date with him. Fuck.”

“My little Cher all grown up” he teases with a light punch on the shoulder. I sigh and look down with a bright red face. 

“Calum freakin Hood” I chuckle. “Jesus.”


V - Teasing the alien

“Y/N~ Do you want to come over?” That was the first thing you heard in the morning when you heard your phone going off. The voice of your boyfriend Kim Taehyung or commonly known as BTS’s V came through your speaker as you continued to laze around in bed. It was a Saturday and all you could do was just lie in bed.

Getting to hang out with him wasn’t something easy to come by but everyone could tell that the both of you really love the other and were committed. So when you heard his deep voice asking you over to hang out meant a definite yes from you.

“Mhm, I’ll be there in an hour or so..” You trailed off, almost falling back to sleep. Maybe it was a bad choice working the night shift and completing your homework after that. Well, what could you do? You needed money to survive, right?

His deep voice chuckled as he said he would be waiting for you, before he made a soft kissing sound and hanging up. He was always so cute and that was just one of the reason that made you fall in love with him.

After a few more minutes of aimlessly rolling around, you decided to get ready, you did said that you would be there in an hour and making them wait wasn’t something you liked to do.

As you picked a casual outfit of a normal hoodie along with a pair of skinny jeans, you put on your old and trusty pair of Converse shoes before grabbing your phone and wallet. Not forgetting your mask and headphones, you made your way out.

The both of you were dating secretly but it wasn’t much of a secret to your close friends and his members, even your family members knew and supported the both of you. So, everything was good, only stage left was his fans but he had no plans of telling them yet.

You reached after a 15 minutes walk, it wasn’t exactly close but it wasn’t exactly far either, perhaps that was a good sign for the both of you since he was able to sneak over at times.

Ringing the doorbell, it was Jimin who opened the door for you while V hurried to stop his friend, whining how it was supposed to be him who opened the door for his own girlfriend.

You chuckled at how close they were and thought back on the first time how he invited you to their dorm. All six other members stood in a line and greeted you politely, but it didn’t take very long for their funny side to surface and that brought out your funny side too. You could spend hours joking around with them even!

Jimin smiled at you and V before going back in as V ushered you in, closing the door after you.

“Welcome to our planet!” V joked as you nodded, playing along with him.

“Oh! Our Y/N is here~” J-Hope sang cheerily as he easily slung his arm over your shoulder. You had long grown used to this action since almost everyone in BTS would do that to you, even V.

“I missed you, Y/N!!” Jungkook exclaimed as he leaned in to you for a tight hug which did catch you off-guard. V protested at the maknae, trying to pry him off of you, using the excuse that the human you was not used to hugs as a welcome.

Even Suga approached you for a ruffle on your head, asking V if it was okay to welcome you this way, a big grin on his face.

That’s when you managed to catch on slowly, they were trying to tease your cute boyfriend. You laughed and nodded, saying all were fine, looking up at V as he pouted down at you.

“Y/N…” He whined your name, reaching for your hand but he was too late as Jimin took hold of your hand, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand, “Welcome, Y/N~”

Rap Monster came forward, deciding to take part as he rested his elbow on your other shoulder, grinning down at you and looking at V.

Jin, who had been in the kitchen the whole time had came out and smiled, seeing you, he was the closest to you since he reminded you of a naggy mother, but a caring one so when he leaned in for a peck on your cheek, you weren’t affected.

Though, it wasn’t exactly the same for V, he was almost close to tears, the look of an abandoned puppy on his face as he looked at you. You felt bad and wanted to say something but he had beat you to it.

“Y/N is mine! Don’t keep touching her so much! She is my girlfriend!!” He shouted and hugged you tightly, proving his point, he even kissed you on the lips right in front of his members.

This, was by far the biggest shock for you today but you weren’t going to complain, it just showed how much he loves you. You blushed and returned the kiss before a cough could be heard.

“You know.. we’re still here right?” Jimin whispered softly, earning a few chuckles from the rest as they left to do their own things.

Before they left, you heard Rap Mon count “2, 3” and a chorus of six voices shouting. “Kim Taehyung and Y/N kissing in the dorms~~~” After that, all of you burst into uncontrollable laughter.

A life with the BTS boys will never be boring, you had witnessed it first-hand already and this was only the start. You had many more fun days to come.
Hey yo~ This is for the anon who requested a cute oneshot and I really had a fun time writing this since it was really new for me~ At the same time, it was nice to imagine being the main girl hehe! To the anon and all the readers, I hope you will like and enjoy this~ <3


Catch Up

Characters: Dean and Sam x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1299

Request fro anon: “so here is my request, the reader is gets shot in the head my Dick Roman as well, and them for some reason the boys have to leave her body, (thinking she’s dead), then a year later she shows up on a hunt , mid-action and decapitated something.”

Okay, so the reader doesn’t decapitate something, but I think she still does something pretty bad ass. Also, whee Dean and Sam are talking to Charlie, I pictured her talking to them in the LARPing episode, where she’s the queen. I hope you like it, anon! Enjoy!

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Anon: Can I request one in which Hiccup is a Buckingham Palace guard (the ones which can’t move like in Sherlock) and Jack is a tourist who keeps visiting him. And Jack tries to get Hiccup to move by flirting with him, whispering things into his ear and groping his butt.

Oh God, you have no idea how much joy this brought me XD Hope this satisfied your Guard!Hiccup and Tourist-who’s-a-little-shit!Jack needs, Anon. And I also hope that my dialogue containing flirting will offer hours of entertainment. Because dammit, I can’t write flirts or sexy remarks!!

Jackson “Frost” Overland thanked the heavens above that he remembered to empty his camera’s memory before he packed for London. With the amount of pictures he had been taking, he was honestly surprised that the device has held out for this long.

215 pictures already and he has only been there for two days.

The college student didn’t need to take a tour. He preferred the ol’ wanderin’ about fashion; no one to slow him down, no drawn-out bus rides between destinations and the freedom to take all the pictures he wanted without having some middle-aged person telling him to pay attention to the tour guide. Plus, it gave him time to be alone for a while.

Just him and the sights of the city.

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(A Part-Two Sort of Thing)

Messages to people I consider friends :D

well-damn-luke: Clara Grace, words can’t describe how awesome you are, okay? I’m like 99.9% sure no one else would put up with me the way you do. From being able to send the weirdest shit to your ask to just talking to you whenever to wanting massive cuddle sessions, I feel like you’re my best friend. You give the best advice when I need it, you’re gorgeous, and so talented and sweet and I love you to bits.

bitchassluke: Pooja! You, my friend, are one of the greatest people I know. I am so glad we’re friends because wow, you’re incredibly funny, you are stunning (even if you think or say otherwise), and you’re there for me. Let’s also not forget the major feels you bring with your incessant text posts. I love you so much and I love how we can rant to each other about things and not give a rat’s ass. Our friendship is great. Stay rad.

ash-iwin: Jenna okay you are literally one of the very first 5sos blogs I followed (I think it was second!) and I am infinitely happy that I didn’t unfollow you from that point for any reason because we wouldn’t be where we are today! You are a fabulous person who runs a fabulous blog and gosh darn it you are so beautiful. Self-esteem issues arise when you post selfies. But yeah I love you and you’re fab.

blazecal: Geneva girl. I swear the conversations we have should be like monitored or something – they’re so frickin weird. Remember though, we have a garden gnome and cat army to assemble to take over the world. Hahaha okay in all seriousness, you are hilarious and so fun to talk to and I absolutely love you. (I also think I’ve picked up saying “hellza” because of you.)

orgascal: Crystal, you’re such a major sweetheart and I love you so much. I know I told you this before but I followed you when you were still burritoirwin and I was like :( she’s so cute and awesome and she’ll never notice me. So you can say I flipped when you did! You put a smile on my face and you make me really happy and I love you lots and lots and yeah stay beautiful, darling.

starbucalum: Kayla! You’re such a babe and I love talking to you. From our fruit talks about how I eat grapes with a fork (not off the vine) to having lots of feels to just whatever? Like I don’t even know, I love you so much, and are we married? I think we are. There’s some post about it or something. Maybe it was on a selfie. But yeah okay anyway I love you and I love you and I love you.

stopitcalum: Ki’i oh gosh where do I start. You are like. Probably my favorite Calum girl. Like ever. And I fangirled really hard when you followed me because you are so wow and I am so not. I don’t think you consider us friends but I listed you as a friend anyway. Let’s see okay 1. you make a bunch of text posts that make me cry and give me severe feels. 2. your selfies also make me cry bc beautiful. 3. your tags often make me laugh 4. why’re you so awesome, like bye. (Ily.)

cuddlyhemming: Jenna aye okay so I just scrolled through our text conversations and like 90% of it is in caps. I love talking to you and I just love you a lot in general and it’s great that our conversations always consist of us yelling at each other about 5sos and how great food is and how you’ve never hit post limit before? Is that a thing?? That you’ve never felt the frustration of post limit??? Anyway, you’re cute and I love you okay.

calumoxide: Nalisha babe okay I haven’t been following you for a very long time but so far you are g9 okay so keep up the good work. I love you like a lot and also we need to talk more because you seem hella rad (sorry I stole what you said about me in your follow forever heh but it’s true). Also remember, we are dating. You said it yourself. It’s official.

acousticirwin: Sydney okay first of all, your edits are A+. Second, your AUs make me cry all the freaking time okay and I don’t even know how you come up with that many like you just bang them out one after the other and it kills me. Anyway, I’m really glad I followed you because you’re super awesome and yay fronds :D

assholuke: Kathryn… *lets out big sigh* as much as we banter and throw sarcasm at each other, I do feel like we’re good friends, I mean, who else am I going to be an asshole/assholuke to? (Sorry, I had to.) You’re pretty rad, if I do say so myself, and I’m glad there’s someone who puts up with my shit, even though you don’t have to.

lucahemming: Sarah I know we’ve at least a few interactions but for some reason I can’t remember any of them. But despite that, I know I adore you and you are going to be my cuddle buddy if you’re ever in New York…I do remember comparing heights though which was obviously a crucial factor in the cuddling! You’re awesome. Stay awesome.

pengirwin: Kristen, hey girl hey. Okay sometimes it feels like I’m reblogging all of your stuff and other times it feels like you’re reblogging all of mine…so…I’m glad it’s mutual? Haha anyway I love you and I loved talking (or rather, yelling) with you about All Time Low and how frickin good their music is and we also yell at each other about 5sos and yeah it’s always a good time.

spiritcal: Faith hello alright this is a perfect example of how being nice to people can turn into friendship. I don’t think we’ve spoken in a while but you’re still a kickass person in my book and I love you okay.

barakalifford: Julia we haven’t talked in a while and I do miss your snapchats! But I love you loads and thanks for being a friend :-) (Heartbreak Girl starts playing in the background)

Other mentions!

420calum: Aly. You’re one of the first 5sos blogs I followed I think, and I followed you when you were at 4k followers, and that’s where I am now, which is weird if you think about it. I admire you a lot and hope we can talk more in the future :)

assston: Raquel. I thought it was cute when you said you were really happy that I followed you, and I’m also glad I followed you back! You’re awesome and that preference made me cry (the one I reblogged a while ago).

comfortcal: Sage. You’re such a cutie and I love all your outfits and selfies and you’re so rad okay. Plus you’re also one of my top Calum girls aye *wink wink*.

darlinglucas: Nicole. Wow your voice is stupendous and thanks for loving my blog and if you held the New York 5sos ticket for me, thanks for doing that as well, I love you.

fallenfor5sos: Sandra. We haven’t talked like ever, but I want you to know that I think you made the most wicked edits/gifs, so thanks for being awesome.

michaelgclifford: Molly. I sort of love you from afar and I talked to you on anon a couple times and off anon a couple times. You’re lovely and cute and sweet and I really admire you :)

mikashton: Silvia. You’re great okay for doing everything. Your gifs are marvelous and I love how you can gif things in like 3 seconds. Love you lots.

touchmyash: Sam. You’re a babe oh my gosh and I love you tons. I hope we get to talk more! I feel like I never talk to you…which I don’t.


That absolutely came out longer than intended but I wanted to say some stuff to friends, so yeah I love you all wee