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Thank you so much for mute!neil!! What about mute!neil + kathy ferdinand? Or just mute!neil + the media in general? Who would translate? Would neil still go off on her? (PS i hope youre having a good day :)

i can’t belive mute neil is my legacy on this website omg

  • neil would not let anyone translate for him except andrew
  • at first he would be hesitant to do media for obvious reasons
  • whenever he would have to do it he would be partnered with andrew anyway and andrew would try and do most of the talking but translate bits and parts of what neil said
  • he would never reword things what neil says though, he knows that is like… horribly offensive and would never do that to neil
  • neil can hear perfectly fine he just cant speak so he would fucking know too
  • and since they have their own convoluted version of sign language if other people who can read sign language saw it they wouldn’t understand it otr just get bits and pieces of what he was saying
  • its amazing
  • its like the foxes have their own language and can say whatever the fuck they want in front of people
  • but when he got put on kathy feridinand, kathy was nervous letting both neil, kevin, and andrew on her show to suprise them with riko
  • but neil and wymack made it perfectly clear if you want neil you get andrew. it’s all or nothing folks
  • so she lets andrew on the show
  • when riko comes on and neil begins losing his shit on him because kevin cant, andrew translates word for word, not leaving anything out
  • he says it in a detached yet menacing voice, which gets the exact same point across neil was able to do in the books
    • if anything, it is a little more terrifying bc its andrew minyard 
  • kathy is so flabbergasted by the whole thing still and she really fucks up because she keeps asking questions for neil to andrew and at one point andrew has to say “neil is beside me, i am not neil, even though im speaking for him” and she gets really embarrassed and its gr8
  • its after that whole ordeal the media stopped trying to get neil to comment on things for the most part, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it anyway most of the time 

Kaleyah made breakfast for them in the morning before they had to fly back home.

Fiona: Thanks for making breakfast. I have so much on my mind, I don’t think I would have been able to cook anything decent.

Kaleyah blew her a kiss.

Kaleyah: Just relax Fiona, and listen to your heart. I know you’ll make the right decision.

Kaleyah hoped that decision was her. She really wanted to spend the rest of her life with Fiona.

Thank you guys so much! This is a wonderful thing to wake up to. 800 means a lot to me, because it means 800+ of your have stuck with me through my attempts at stories, legacies and now I’ve settles on the Lakes. You’ve also accepted me for my age. I hope I can do a 800 followers gift for you guys, so give me some suggestions! I’m grateful for every single one of you. I hope you all have an awesome day!


It’s that time of the year again where you guys help me pick the heir that will carry on the next generation of the Shishori Legacy! I’m so grateful for every single one of you who have been keeping up with my legacy so far, so I am quite excited to continue on to Generation Seven. 

(p.s. it’s really hard to make heir polls look nice with more than four sims)

Above, as usual, are the Generation Six children pictured as young adults. Their looks are never final, but I do hope you get a good grasp of how they’ll look for the next generation.

What Will Generation 7 Look Like?:

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back to business.

you guys might not have seen it, but i have now discontinued the lowe legacy (sadly) because i totally forgot where i was going with it after my hiatus. i’ll probably be updating casually with my current game play, but it probably won’t be as regular or as well written as my old legacy. hope you guys enjoy regardless!

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What's a butter pie?

Okay, so. Preston, historically, has a pretty large Catholic population - the name is literally Old English for ‘Village of the Priests’ (which would make a great horror film title now I think about it).

And this Catholic population couldn’t eat meat on Fridays. So what the people of Preston cunningly did was to take a meat and potato pie, and just. take the meat out. Leaving potatoes, onions, and butter.

I have no idea why they decided to just name it after the butter though.

non-canon ferelden map

okay kids here’s the deal. the official maps we’re given are tragically lacking in detail & ridiculously underpopulated. so to continue my legacy as Map Nerd Extraordinaire, here’s my non-canon & much busier map of ferelden. feel free to take as much or little of this as you like, just gimme a credit if you do!

details & closeups under the cut

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Does Equal Mean The Same...?

I’ll be honest, out of everything I’ve written so far, I think this will probably be one of my most important posts. I hope I can do it justice and I hope that by the end of this, there is an understanding of this subject. Anyways, onwards!

First, let us begin with some definitions:

Equal: a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality (https://www.google.ca/#hl=en&q=equal+definition)

Same: similarly; in the same way. Identical; not different. (https://www.google.ca/#hl=en&q=same+definition)

And an article as well for those who want a bit of an indepth picture: (http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/unwrapping_the_gifted/2013/08/same_and_equal_are_not_congrue.html)  - This was an article about how kids should be taught and how each child may need a slightly different learning style. It may not be exactly, 100% GMW related, but the theme still fits. I’ll put an excerpt below:

Treating kids “the same” and treating kids “as equals” are two totally different things. Treating students the same means giving them identical amounts of instruction, identical lessons, identical learning materials, an identical education. Treating students as equals means acknowledging each one has equal value as a learner, which in turn means giving them each what they need to fulfill their value as a learner. They are not the same! They do not all need the same things. But they are equal. They are all equal in their right to pursue becoming educated, their right to receive an education, their right to fulfill their educable abilities. They are equal in their right to and need for tailored opportunities to become what they can become. Because they are equal in value, we should show each of them dignity as a learner. And showing a child dignity as a learner means providing the opportunities that that learner needs and is ready for.

Let us begin! I’ll start with Riley/Farkle/Maya because they’re the OT3 and I like the OT3!

Based off of the definitions that I provided earlier, we can conclude that Farkle’s feelings for Maya and Riley are equal; “considered to be the same as another in status or quality.” You’ll get no argument from me on this point. Farkle has shown time and time again that he is loyal to both girl. He values them equally as his best friends and like the writers mentioned in the Q&A: “ We believe Farkle’s feelings for Riley and Maya to be equal. He wouldn’t change that. That’s why he is a genius.” (http://analyticalinsights.tumblr.com/post/146764898696/gmw-qa-complete).

However, I would like to point out two very significant things about that quotation:

1. They also used the word equal when referring to Farkle’s feelings for Riley and Maya.

2. He wouldn’t change that. However, that does mean that it won’t change. And that doesn’t mean that one of the girls won’t change it.  

The writers have always been very vague when it comes to these type of questions, so my recommendation is to just watch the show and see how things play out.

Anyways… Enter Girl Meets the New Year!

This episode was pivotal in terms of really displaying how differently Farkle approaches Riley and Maya.

For those who haven’t seen the episode, I would really recommend that you do. It’s an incredibly important part of the narrative and there’s a lot that goes on in that episode. 

So New Years has rolled around, and Riley has decided to have a get together at her place. At this point in time, the triangle is in full-swing and Riley has backed out of the triangle by bro-zoning Lucas because she thought that it was the right thing to do. This was because she had found out about Maya’s feelings for Lucas while they were in Texas and she felt a sense of guilt about letting Maya “keep her feelings to herself” so Riley felt obligated to do the same thing. 

What does this have to do with Farkle?


In Girl Meets Texas Pt. 2, we see that Farkle comforts Maya about everything that had been happening in Texas with her and Lucas up until that point: 

However, that’s as much as we see regarding Farkle comforting Maya. And in Girl Meets Texas Pt. lll, we start to really see the differences between how Farkle approaches Maya and Riley. Keep in mind that at this point, other than Lucas and Riley, Farkle is the only one who Maya has directly voiced her concerns too. 

In Texas Pt. lll, Cory asks Farkle to help him figure out what’s going on and to fix it. So, Farkle begins his journey. And, this is where things get a bit tricky. When Farkle meets Zay at Topanga’s, he asks him if Lucas & Maya like each other before asking if Riley & Lucas like each other. And Zay, being the observant character that he is, makes an accurate assessment of how Maya & Lucas/ Riley & Lucas are with each other.

But after that moment, Farkle spends the rest of the episode and the entirety of Girl Meets the New Year trying to convince Riley to be honest with Lucas about her feelings. Riley, of course, due to her feelings of guilt regarding the whole situations objects and we get the following conversation:

Now, before I continue, I want to make a few things clear here: 

  • I am not saying that Farkle is responsible for figuring out Maya and Riley’s feelings for Lucas. That is not his responsibility, nor has it ever been his responsibility. That lies with the girls, and the girls only. 
  • I am not saying that Farkle doesn’t love/care about Maya. To make such a claim would be ridiculous and flat out bull to be honest. 

However, this episode would be the one of the best instances where we as the audience get a clear view of the fact that Farkle DOESN’T treat Riley and Maya the same, even though he cares about them equally?

How come Farkle didn’t go and inquire more with Maya if his aim was to “figure everything out and fix it? For a scientist, those aren’t some very good research methods he’s using if he’s only really focusing on one major variable instead of looking at all of them.”

How come we see Farkle saying above: “He might. But we know he likes you” Not giving much credence to Maya’s feelings and only being concerned about how Riley feels? Yet outside of Lucas and Riley, Farkle was the only other person to see Maya’s vulnerability. 

How come Farkle didn’t show Maya the same degree of concern that he showed Riley when both Zay and Riley asked him “You’re not sure? How could you not be sure?” when Farkle questioned Maya’s feelings for Lucas?

Because he was focused on Riley. His focus wasn’t so much on Lucas or Maya as he was with Riley. Why is that? Something to think about…

As a quick aside, I want to mention the importance of noting the fact that Maya and Riley are two different individuals. Riley and Maya have had two different upbringings. Two different lifestyles. Two different realities. Two different personalities. They don’t interact with the world in the exact same way. They don’t view the world in the exact same way. However, the best thing about their world(s) is each other. They handle situations and circumstances with two different viewpoints a lot the time. It would not be so far-fetched to admit that the people who interact with Riley and Maya would interact with them differently, regardless of how they view them because… they’re different people. 

Before I continue on I just want to re-iterate for those who think that I’m “hating,” Farkle loves both those girls very much. It’s been the three of them since day one. I’m not doubting that, and anyone who has watched and understood the show should not be doubting that either. Also, I think Farkle was, as Katy put it, “too close to see straight” in GM Texas Pt. lll & GM the New Year so his actions may have been seen as a little off-putting. We should just remember that these kids are 14 and they are still trying to “Meet the World.” At one point in time they have all been unreliable narrators and it is to be expected that in a “coming of age” tv show, the characters are going to make mistakes. A definition of an unreliable narrator for those who are unaware:

An unreliable narrator is a character whose telling of the story is not completely accurate or credible due to problems with the character’s mental state or maturity. Some literary critics argue that there is no such thing as a reliable first-person narrator since every character is affected by his or her past experiences in the telling of a story, but most first-person narrators attempt to give the most accurate version of the events. An unreliable narrator, however, holds a distorted view of the events, which leads to an inaccurate telling of the story. This can give readers/viewers a chance to offer their own interpretations.


@bmwwritinggmw has a fantastic post about this when she was answering one of her asks. I’ll see if I can find it and link it to you guys!

Anyways, moving on to the season 3!

Enter Girl Meets Permanent Record!

I’ll state upfront that this isn’t directly a Riley/Farkle/Maya issue in the way that Texas lll or New Year was, however it still helps serve the point that I’m trying to make so I feel confident in using it. 

In Girl Meets Permanent Record, Riley, Farkle, and Lucas are once again met with the realities of high school - there are other people who will do better than them. In this case it was Maya, Smackle, and Zay respectively. And why is this important? 

Because it is during these moments of struggle that Farkle and Riley’s relationship really blossoms. It has happened multiple times throughout the show that Riley has faced a problem which she needed help with and Farkle help her, giving her a moment of clarity. Here’s the following scene in question:

This is the part that I really want you guys to pay attention too (0:45s in):

Farkle: It has to matter what grades we got in middle school.

Riley: It has to matter that who we were affects who we are. You chose Smackle because you want to raise your level. That’s who you are.

Farkle: What are you going to do about Spanish class?

Riley: I-I’m going to have to raise my level too. I was always a pretty good student. You were always the smartest student in the class. That’s not good enough. 

Farkle: I knew you’d say that.

Riley: Why?

Farkle: Because you’ve always been Riley. That’s your permanent record.

- Girl Meets Permanent Record

What does history show us? That bad things happen when you don’t know who you are. The reason why I chose this scene is that Farkle is showing once again that he understands and relates to Riley on a level that he doesn’t quite relate to Maya with. He knows who she is and reaffirms her who she is once again. 

I know there are a lot of people out here who have deep shipping preferences. And what I mean by that is there are a lot of you who are very invested in a particular pairing being canon. Please believe that that is NOT what I’m trying to do here. I am just trying to analyze the show as objectively as I can (let’s be real here though, biases always have a way of making themselves known) and give you guys an understanding of an issue that has been debated for a little while now in this fandom. 

Even if we were to remove any shipping biases, my opinion would not change. The way Farkle relates to these girls is different and that is something that should not be overlooked. 

Anyways, moving on to our favourite texan, Lucas “Can’t do an english accent to save his life” Friar.

Let’s go back and look at Girl Meets Texas Pt. ll:

Since I can’t find a GIF or a picture that will suffice, I think I will link this post by @grizbehr here: http://grizbehr.tumblr.com/post/141755097060/judy-the-sheep-tombstone-the-bull

I’ll post an excerpt below:

I need to talk to both of you.

You are gentle… But when I first met you, I was scared of you. I never told you that. You wouldn’t think that someone could be scared of you, but… I was.

And you… Now, you always scared me. You gave me nightmares from the day I first looked at you. Then when I found out that I was gonna have a chance with you, well… That was about the scariest moment of my life.

Anyway, I… I want you to know that you’re both an important part of my growing up. I wouldn’t be who I am today without either one of you, so… Thank you.

But… You guys are nothing… Compared to Riley and Maya.

- Lucas Friar in GM Texas Pt. ll

“Everything about this scene screams that he’s talking about/to Riley and Maya. Even the way it was shot, with the camera on Lucas. The first part is obviously about Riley, the second about Maya. Until we get to the line “You guys are nothing compared to Riley and Maya.

This makes it clear that the situation with Riley and Maya is much more complicated and confusing than anything regarding Judy and Tombstone. The speech is a misdirect for the audience” - GrizBehr

It has been mentioned multiple times by Lucas that he has different feelings for Maya AND Riley and if we look at certain episodes, it is obvious that Lucas interacts with both of the girls differently. Equal does not mean the same. Like Farkle, Lucas has a very difficult time choosing between the two girls. Except the difference is that Lucas HAS to choose… and Farkle didn’t. Lucas also flat out said that he has different feelings for the girls in Girl Meets Legacy. This is not something that can be debated. 

Equal does NOT mean the same. Does it start to make sense now? Lucas deeply cares about these girls. This is not something that is up for debate. However, time and time again it is shown that he interacts with them differently, approaches them differently, and even views them differently. 

One thing that is very important in the speech Lucas makes to Tombstone and Judy is this: “ I want you to know that you’re both an important part of my growing up. I wouldn’t be who I am today without either one of you, so… Thank you.”

Like Tombstone and Judy, Maya and Riley respectively are and have been very important to Lucas’ growth. His friendship with the girls has impacted the way he has grown in a major way. Being able to reconcile “Texas Lucas” and “Lucas the Good” was a major part of his growth in season two. Not going too far off the deep end whenever he was frustrated versus not putting up too much of a front in trying to be “Mr. Perfect.” Balance was a major part of his growth and it something that some other V.I.C’s need atm (*Maya and Riley*)

To wrap up this jumbled, part of the Maya/Lucas/Riley triangle, in GM Texas Pt. ll, we got a bit of insight into how Lucas views the girls and the respective relationships that he has with each girl. It is important to note that while we, as the audience, are able to discern that Lucas views and treats Riley and Maya differently, the characters have never actually gotten to the point where they have addressed this. Lucas acknowledged this in GM Texas Pt. ll, Bay Window, and the episode I will finish this dissertation on Upstate. However, acknowledging something and dealing with it are two different things, which I will point out below.

Finally, the last part of this post - Enter Girl Meets Upstate!

In this episode, the girls and boys are separated. Riley and Maya are Upstate trying to “find Maya” while Lucas has made a decision as to what girl he has picked. Of course we don’t get to hear it, although we go get this scene:

Lucas, in this episode with his interaction with both Katy and Topanga illustrated that he was TIRED of constantly having to even out the girls, and it showed in this humorous interaction with their parents. Lucas dives into a brief monologue about how Maya interacts with him when he was in Texas versus when he was in New York. He then relates that BACK to Ms. Hart and how she is a wonderful mother. Pattern dictates that he should do the same for Topanga, no? So why didn’t he…? Because… and you should know the answer by now: EQUAL DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME!

If I were to give a re-watch of all the episodes which illustrated the ways in which Farkle interacts with Maya vs. Riley and Lucas interacts with Maya vs. Riley, you’d be here all day. In all honesty, you’d probably just have to re-watch most of season 1 & 2 if you didn’t get it by now. I should mention for those who will try and argue about the scene above, Lucas DID say that he cares about Maya and Riley very much, not just Maya. However, I’m beating a dead horse here. Lucas cares about them equally, but he does not care about them in the same way. He just hasn’t realized it yet because during all of the interactions that Lucas has had regarding the triangle, he hasn’t actually addressed this very important topic - Why do you like the girls? They were very close to addressing this in the jellybean scene, but didn’t quite get there.

A quick aside (again), GM Ski Lodge Pt. l also does a very good job of illustrating how Lucas views the girls. In fact, it is probably one of the most explicit episodes in terms of displaying how and what the differences are between the girls are in his mind.

Ultimately though, irrespective of everything I said regarding the girls and how the boys view them differently, the most important thing on this show will always be Maya and Riley’s friendship and how their dynamic changes as they grow and they mature and the evolve as individuals. If you don’t think that’s the case then I don’t know what show you’ve been watching.

Doing Cory & Topanga again was never what they wanted to focus on and I can not say that enough. Endgames are not the focus here, friendships are. Please believe that if you only watching this show for a pairing, you may be disappointed by how they choose to end the show.

Anyways, that’s about it! I really hope this resonates with you guys as it took me a couple of days to knock this one out! Hit me up if you guys liked this post, didn’t like it, general thoughts, whatever!


For extra credit:

If you insist on doing a rewatch, here are some episodes I suggest you watch:

- Girl Meets Word (Pilot episode)

- Girl Meets Sneak Attack

- Girl Meets Smackle

- Girl Meets Creativity

- Girl Meets Yearbook

- Girl Meets Legacy

(These are only a few that I think will add to the comprehension of the thesis of this post. There are a lot more you could watch, but I think these really hit it home.)

Next post in line: Farkle being overlooked and what I think the trajectory of his character will look like.

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Guess which genius forgot Backyard Stuff was coming out today? Yep, me.

So remember all that stuff about taking a bit of a break? Fuck that. The haters can go to hell, I have slip ‘n’ slides to play with!

That being said; my inbox is still closed and will stay that way for a while. I’ll pretty much just be posting my legacy for a while and that’s it.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the new content as much as I am =)

after my blog basically became a Twin Peaks blog I’ve noticed like 20 of my followers from before the change start to slowly reblog more and more of the TP stuff, and I’ve had a lot of my followers message me about how much they like the show, so I’m pretty sure I inadvertently created new fans

tbh I’ve never been more proud of something in my life