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Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, maybe a little self hatred nothing major though. 

Request:  Could you maybe write a Bucky x Fat!Reader where everyone except reader knows about Bucky’s crush on her so when Tony is working on his arm (being the little shit he is) asks reader to help and Bucky gets all flustered and stuff? Thanks, Wolfling🐺❄️

AN: @native-snowflake your request is all done babe, I hope you like it! 

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You knocked hesitantly on the door to Tony’s lab. You could see shadowy figures moving around behind the frosted glass panes so knew he was indeed inside. He’d asked FRIDAY to get you to report up to his lab as soon as possible which in Stark language meant he’d needed you there yesterday.

Working for Tony was possibly the best and at the same time worst job you’d ever had. Sure, being a lawyer in a usual firm had its terrible points, working for corporate firms who wanted nothing but to make money had never been your scene. Working for Tony Stark had seemed like a dream come true, he had money to burn so that wasn’t his issue. What he needed you to do was cope with the ever-expanding pile of HR complaints and civil lawsuits that the Avenger’s team racked up.

“Enter” Tony’s voice shouted out “but if you aren’t Y/N then you better be leaving again”

“It is me Mr Stark” you moved carefully into the Lab following Tony’s voice as you tried not to stand on anything that looked important or expensive.

“Ah Y/N my favourite person” Tony was beaming at you as you finally managed to find where he was. Stopping awkwardly because he wasn’t on his own. “Just ignore Frosty here” Tony said waving at a shirtless James Barnes who was sat on a metal workbench completely ignoring you. “Bionic man here is rusting away so we’re just getting him up and running again, you know oiling joints that sort of thing. It happens when your pushing 90”

“Alright” you agreed when Tony stared at you like he expected you to speak. “Mr Stark shall I come back when you’re not…” you motioned to Bucky’s arm “busy” you sounded pathetic and didn’t like how squeaky your voice had become.

James Barnes made you beyond nervous. With that cold blue stare that seemed to pierce through your mind deep into your soul. He almost never spoke and when he did his voice rasped in a way that made your insides melt. He was a delectable man and he never even looked twice at you. Then again, why would he? You were nothing if not average, shaped nothing like the slender and exceptionally pretty women who hung around the Avengers attempting to land one of them.  

“No come here” Tony ordered pointing to the spot directly in front of him.

Bucky still wasn’t speaking but he had managed to look at you. You bit your lip but didn’t dare to disobey your boss so moved to stand in front of him.

“Sergeant Barnes if you would be so kind?” Tony pulled on the metal arm rotating and twitching at varying different joints.

You’d never seen the fusion of metal arm to Bucky’s skin before. He was normally very careful about covering the scar, even when he wore tank tops they were cut high enough that you couldn’t see the scaring. It was bad, skin badly fused and damaged.

Your eyes finally met his. He’d been watching you stare at him and you blushed instantly embarrassed to be caught staring.

“I know. Ugly huh?” he eventually said apparently ignoring Tony and whatever he was doing to his arm.

“What? No” you shook your head. “I just… I mean I was thinking… it must have hurt”

He actually looked surprised at that as Tony snorted. “Super serum pumped Soldiers don’t get hurt” he snarked out “Unlike us mortal people”

Bucky went back to looking tense and uncomfortable at Tony’s words just reverting to staring at nothing.

“Mr Stark, you wanted to see me?” you tried to get this strange surreal experience back onto a ground you knew. “If this is about the depositions from yesterday than they’ve already been filed”

“This isn’t about your work” Tony was grinning again “I hired you Y/N so it means I know you can do your job without me helicopter parenting over you”

“So…. What?”

“You had a date last night correct?”

Bucky’s knee twitched and you wondered just how much Tony was hurting him by fiddling with screws and such in his arm.

You had had a date last night, with another guy from Tony’s HR department. You’d gone to dinner and it hadn’t even taken you until the starter was delivered for you to know that this wasn’t going to go well. He’d talked about nothing but improving his standing at Stark Industries or the new Jaguar he was going to buy with his next pay check. You’d lasted until desert before it was either walk away very quickly or blow your brains out.

That didn’t explain though why your boss was so interested in your personal life all of a sudden. “I did” you agreed “But why?”

“Why do I care?” he asked “well Y/N I’m an inherently curious person its one of my many strong points. I like to know what my employees are doing especially if my favourite lawyer is about to jet off on a honeymoon and maternity leave and all that achingly normal… stuff”

“Ignoring the fact that you could be sued for that statement Mr Stark you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere. He was much more interested in dating you than he was me” Bucky’s jaw was now tense his teeth almost grating together and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Concentrate on what you’re doing Mr Stark, you’re hurting him”

Bucky’s eyes flew to yours once more and Tony just smirked “Oh Y/N trust me it isn’t me that’s hurting Frosty”

“Excuse me?” you stared confused at him then glance at Bucky. “Are you alright? Is he hurting you?”

“I’m fine” he paused then smiled at you “thank you”

That smile caused your stomach to drop down to your toes and your brain to stop working.

“Oh, you two are just so adorable” Tony clapped his hands together in one of those ways that he managed his mood changed instantly. “Frosty take Y/N back through to legal please. You’re done and I have work that’s actually important to you know, the world”

You couldn’t keep up with his mercurial mood swings at the best of times so instead of questioning him you simply moved back to the door. Bucky was moving easily behind you and leant forward to push the door of the lab open for you.

“Thank you” you whispered, cursing yourself for an idiot. Why couldn’t you say something to him, anything.

“You know that guy was a fucking idiot if he let you walk away from him”

You almost tripped over at his words, managing to look over at him. “What?”

“Well doll, if I was ever lucky enough to take someone like you out on a date I for sure wouldn’t be letting you slip away from me”

“Take me out?” you were utterly confused at this point. “Why would someone like you ever want to be seen with someone like me?”

“What?” now Bucky was the one who was looking confused. He stopped walking making you stop as well. “What are you talking about someone like me and you?”

“James” you were squirming in embarrassment as he stared down at you “come on, please don’t make me say it”

“Say what?” he still didn’t look like he knew what you were talking about. “I don’t understand”

Sighing you couldn’t look him in the face anymore as you indicated your body. “People who look like me don’t end up with people who look like you”

You heard him snort and the suddenly his hand was on your chin lifting your face up so you had no choice but to stare up into his eyes. “You are fucking gorgeous” he stated flatly no room for questions in his tone. One corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “When you told Tony to concentrate because you thought he was hurting me…”

“He said it wasn’t him that was hurting you”

“He was right It wasn’t him”

“I don’t understand”

“It’s you doll” his thumb stroked back and forth across your chin a few times. “Hearing about someone else being allowed to take you out on a date. That’s what hurts me. That’s what drives me crazy”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. Was James Barnes actually admitting to liking you? That couldn’t be true.

“I don’t know what to say right now” you admitted to him “I never even thought… I mean”

He cut off your babbling by using the thumb still on your chin to press against your lips silencing the words spilling out. “I tell you what why don’t a give you a question you can answer?”


“Will you come out to dinner with me?”

Finally, you smiled nodding your head at him. “I will. Of course, I will”

You got another one of those heart stopping smiles from Bucky.

“Miss Y/L/N” FRIDAY’s voice filled the hallway “Mr Stark would like me to inform you that staff fraternisation is not allowed in his hallways as per your own rules. Please take your conversation with Sergeant Barnes elsewhere and Sergeant Barnes he says about fucking time”


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have ever made it to 7000 followers. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for everyone that is here in my life even if we may not talk much. I know my blog is a huge mess of fandoms and shit posts but I am lucky all the same to share it with you guys. You are the reason I am still on this mess of a site and still making shit content. All I can say is thanks so much for making my days so much more enjoyable and interesting. You guys are the real heroes here. Anyway I am bad at talking about this stuff for too long so let’s move onto the list of some of my favorite bloggers. It’s going to be a long list because almost everyone I follow is special to me in a different way so I hope you can stay with me through this long list. Lastly I am grateful to everyone who is following me through the bad times and the good times this blog goes though. This wouldn’t be possible without you so have my thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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Home || Harry Styles Fanfiction

Ms.Walsh looked around the room, planning something sinister in her head. Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to call out pairs, most looking at their friends because they’re dumb enough to think that she’d let us choose our partners. Spoiler alert, she didn’t. It started with Jeremy and Amanda. It’s like she knew that their breakup was just a fresh paper cut at this point, and she just wanted to add the lemon. Next Tracy and Jessica got paired which really wouldn’t work and would only result in the butting heads and starting an argument. Ms.Walsh knew how to push people’s buttons, and frankly, I love it. The woman really just doesn’t give a shit, and one day I hope to be as much of an evil shrew as she is. She’s single-handedly making everyone I dislike have a miserable time, and I’m living for it.    

“Ms.Gardener, you’re with Mr.Styles.” The smirk I was subconsciously flaunting dropped and I turned behind me to look at Mr.Harry Styles. When I saw him, all of his friends were chuckling and making jokes for getting paired with me, but it looked as if his head was about to pop off. The tension in his neck was pushing all of his veins out and whenever he’d chew the gum in his mouth his jaw would clench a little too much. I may be the only person he truly hates.    

Of course, there’s a backstory to all of this. Harry Styles doesn’t just go around hating people, in fact, I’ve never heard someone say that they don’t like him from anything other than jealousy. When we were kids, Harry and I would spend nearly every day together. We were best friends and all of that bullshit. Then, my dad magically disappeared when I was ten. I distanced myself from him and everyone else and that initial strain made the later events even worse.    

My mum had made me go out in the park to actually hang out with people again so that I wouldn’t become a complete social outcast, and Harry was there. He sat on the swings with his other, more popular and less damaged friends. He tried to ask me how I was and comfort me and all of that, but I just blew up in his face. I yelled and screamed and hit until my foot kicked him right in the shin. I embarrassed him in front of all of his better friends, and I later learned that he had to stop playing football for a month because even walking on the leg hurt him. Obviously, I feel bad but I was ten and going through a rough time. There’s no reason to hold such a strong grudge now, is there?    

I snapped out of my thoughts when Ms.Walsh clapped her hands and directed everyone to get with their partner. I hesitantly moved to the back where he was once Max Hunter left his seat to go work with Daisy Fields. I know, Daisy Fields is quite the name, but it suits her. When I sat down next to him my pencil rolled right off of the table and onto the floor. With awkward, sharp movements I got out of the chair and grabbed the pencil before sitting down again. Harry hasn’t even looked at me once and I could hear one of his friends snickering at him or me . I officially feel like jumping into a ditch.    

I sighed and tapped my pencil against the desk. “If we don’t at least look like we’re working together she’s going to lower our grade.”    

Harry looked at me for what felt like five minutes even though it was only ten seconds before looking at the worksheet that’s identical to mine. “’S fine, she’s sick or something anyway. She’s not even paying any attention.”    

He’s right. Ms.Walsh is just sitting at her desk, trying to grade papers but keeps rubbing her temples. “Doesn’t matter. We should still do the work.”    

“I’m not stopping you from doing it, I’m just not going to do it with you.”    

“Look,” I said while turning in my seat to face him even though he’s not even looking at me. 

“I’m sorry that I embarrassed you and hurt your leg but my dad left and my mum was gone and everyone was pestering me. When your mum and dad got a divorce you didn’t talk to me for weeks.”    

“Charlotte.” He used to never use my full name, and now hearing it roll off of his tongue with a deeper sound, I couldn’t decide which I liked more; the young voice or this one. “I don’t give a shit, okay?”    

He knew the bell was going to ring, I bet. The ringing of the bell snapped my gaze away from him and to all of my stuff, and when I looked back he was already out of the room. I shoved everything into my bag haphazardly, and I knew that I’d regret that later. On my phone, the time read 14:15 which means it took me a solid five minutes to pack up my stuff and it would take another five to get to Imogen’s car, and in total, that means she’s going to be a little bit irked.    

I was almost out of the building with my vision in tact until I saw Annabelle and Harry kissing by his locker. They truly are an attractive couple, as much as I hate to say it. Annabelle has been taking full advantage of the lack of uniform since we stopped having them. All of her clothes we skin tight and her shirts were low cut, and all of the guys love it. She acts like she’s innocent and that’s just how she’d dress at home, but I know that she can’t be comfortable between the push-up bras and the skinniest jeans.    

“Walk slower, won’t you,” Imogen said once I got to her car. “I’ve been out here for at least twelve minutes.”   

 “School ended, what? Fifteen minutes ago. Cut me some slack, your legs are longer.”        

“The four-inch difference makes literally no impact.”    

I tossed my stuff into the back of her Mini Cooper as she rolled down the top. Her dad got her the car for her sixteenth birthday and she’s cherished it ever since. If anything ever happened to the evergreen paint, she would combust.    

“I got paired with Lila in art and in chem and I think I may kill myself,” she groaned, turning out of the school and driving down the road.    

“I’d rather be with Lila than with Harry,” I muttered, turning on my phone to see no notifications, as usual.    

She gasped and looked at me when we rolled up to a red light. “Woah, Ms.Walsh is a genius.”    

“That woman is fucking Satan.”    

“How did you guys work together?”    

“We didn’t. I apologised and I thought that would be enough. Then he was like ‘I don’t give a shit’ and then he left.”    

“Did he literally say ’I don’t give a shit’?”    

“Yes!” I said exasperatedly, flailing my arms around. “God, he’s such a dick!”    

Imogen snorted and I glared at her. “That boy is one of the nicest human beings on Earth. You must’ve fucked him up.”    

I groaned and slid down in the seat right before she pulled into her driveway. She looked at me with raised eyebrows to see if I’d stay in the car, and I stayed put. Before she took the key out of the ignition she cracked the windows, rolled up the roof, and got out of the car. When she was inside of her house, I unbuckled my seat belt and moved to the back of the car so that I could lay down. With my phone fully charged and the aux cord still in the car, I could stay in here for a bit.    

I turned on an indie Spotify playlist and let it play while I finished up some homework in the back of Imogen’s car. When I knew that Imogen would be calling me in for dinner, I put away all of my stuff and enjoyed my last twenty minutes of leisure. I’d do this a lot, sitting in her car, I mean. It’s a quiet place away from her family, my mum, and everyone else. It’s nice.

Hey, it’s Harry
I need you to come by the park

how the hell did you get my number?

Does it matter?
Come to the park


I groaned and texted Imogen that I was heading to the park and I’d be back before 18:00. I don’t know why he was texting me of all people, but he said please, so he must be desperate. I moseyed on over to the park much slower than I should’ve, but I didn’t feel like rushing for ‘I don’t give a shit’ Styles. The street lights were turned on as the sun began to set, leaving an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Even though Holmes Chapel is so small, you never know what could happen.    

When I got to the park, I decided to go to the dingy fountain because that’s the only place that’s not covered with trees. When I got to the fountain, I realised that I was right, but not for the right reason. Almost all of Harry’s friends were standing around the area with buckets in their hands. Before I could even question anything or anyone, buckets filled with cold water were thrown onto me, making me drenched and freezing. I could hear them taking photos before they all ran out of the park, laughing and snickering at my expense.    

I looked down and my white shirt was clinging to my body and you could see my bright blue bra through my shirt. I most likely looked like a mess and all of those assholes got it on camera. When I heard crunching on the grass, I squeezed my eyes closed and went into the fetal position to avoid any more harassment.    

“Holy shit, Charlie. I’m so fucking sorry. They took my phone and,” he stopped talking when he heard my sobs, and I began coming out of my ball. He hesitantly brought me into his arms, but all of his muscles were still tense. “I’m so sorry.”    

The November breeze made the water on my clothes get progressively colder, which meant that I was relying on Harry’s body heat for any source of heat. My body was shivering against him, attempting to warm my body, but it wasn’t working too well.     

“Do you want me to drive you home? You still live in the same place, right?” I nodded against his chest, and when I thought he would just help me up, he completely lifted me from the ground. With my arms latched around his neck, holding me close to him, he began walking out of the park and to his car.     

His 2012 Mercedes Benz, which he got for Christmas last year and it was the talk of the town, was parked by the entrance. Harry set me down on the pavement and I got into the car cautiously, not wanting to get any of the interior too wet. We didn’t talk while he drove which is to be expected. He’s still the Harry Styles that I embarrassed eight years ago and I’m still the Charlotte Gardener that kicked him in the park hard enough to make him stop football for a month.     

I looked at my house when he parked in front of it, and I couldn’t help but get red. Bricks are chipping off, plants are overgrown, the roof tiles are sliding off, and you can just tell that it’s not a good house. Harry looked at it and I could only imagine how he’s comparing it to his lovely abode.     

“I know that it’s shit, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t snap a photo and show everyone in the school. My tits will already be everywhere.”     

He shook his head but didn’t take his focus off of the house. “’S not shit. You just need to fix some things and it would be as good as new. Anyway, you should go in before your mum’s home, right?”     

“Doesn’t matter. She’s not around anyway,” I muttered, opening the car door. “Thanks for the ride.”     

I shut the door and walked up the stone path that had moss all over it along with smashed stones. When I walked in, all of the lights were off and it was fairly cold, but I’m used to it by now. Right when I got into my room, I took off everything except for my underwear and began running a bath. I dropped a bath bomb that Imogen got me into the water and perched myself onto the floor to wait when Imogen texted me.

Where the fuck are you???
The food is cold!!
We had pizza tonight!

I got ambushed and for some reason Styles saved me

Holy fuck
Do you want me to come over?


we’ll talk tomorrow morning

Don’t let the bedbugs bite


I turned off the water before taking off whatever I had left and got in. The blue water and white bubbles surrounded me, and all I wanted to do was get pruney, and maybe, just maybe, drown. But I’m alright.
    I woke up with six blankets and too many pillows on top and around me, but I loved it. The house was quiet and warm, I could hear the fireplace from outside of my door, and I could smell waffles. Maybe my mum could sense that I had a shit day yesterday. When I walked out of my bedroom after getting some appropriate clothes on, I followed the smell and found Imogen toasting waffles and cutting up strawberries in the kitchen. At this point, she’s basically my mum.     

“I made my dad call in and say that we’re sick. You deserve a sick day and no sick day is a good sick day without me.”     

I smiled at her and snagged some blueberries from the bowl before walking into my living room and making myself comfortable in the corner of the couch. The exterior of the house is pretty bad and there’s a lot of loose floorboards and it’s only one floor and sometimes there are some leaks, but I love it. It’s small and nice. It’s cozy like a house should be. I put on Skins and ate my blueberries one by one as Imogen put the last touches on the waffles. My phone vibrated in my lap, signaling a text, and when I read it, I smiled.

This is the real Harry
Not those dipshits
I noticed that you’re not at school and I just want to make sure that you’re okay

I’m alright
just recuperating

I’m sorry again
Have a good sick day

you too
minus the sick thing

    “Who are you texting?” Imogen asked, handing me a plate of waffles that looked luxurious.     

“My mum. She wanted to make sure that I got to school okay in the rain,” I said with a mouthful of waffle. A simple fib won’t hurt her.     

“Ah, that’s good, lying to your own mum,” she said, before eating a strawberry covered in whipped cream. 

“And don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Ok so this beautiful flower that Daryl noticed while out looking for Sophia..

and later brought to CAROL  (f my memory is correct) to make her smile and have hope and feel better and shit..

In front of a bunch of which he would later apologize to her for being a jerk..

(hey i’ve been there haha)

And that Carol ripped up after Sophia’s death..

And of which Daryl took the time to find, yes that specific flower to put on her empty grave later on..

And of which Daryl saw on walker later on..

The one that Norman himself (you know the guy that plays Daryl) said was a specific call out to something specific Daryl and Carol.

This rose which has become a symbol of this beautiful ship.

I heard that some tried to co-p[ it for their own ship and it pisses me off a bit. I don’t co-op shit from other ships. You know why cause I don’t need to. Mines got more than enough original canon moments I don’t need to take from others to make mine ‘special’

The Cherokee Rose is a Caryl thing, specific to those characters and their story. However you may see the relationship this is specific to them. It’s no better than taking one of them out of a picture that YOU claim isn’t romantic and then putting your own choice of character and claiming it as romantic. 

We don’t NEED to co-op others moments and stuff (and I would hope we don’t btw) because like I said because our has more than enough canon materail. And hopefully a lot more.

So don’t take our Cherokee Rose cause that’s ours.. get your own thing..

(gifs by @dixonscarol and another whose name has changed and I can’t remember at the moment, but not mine)

I am sorry I was gone so long. Frankly, there is really no excuse for it. I was tired, worn out and not really interested in Mystic Messenger anymore. With the lack of content I’m still not super duper excited, but I just need to write again and keep this blog alive other than queued posts. I don’t promise regular updates, because I hate making promises I’m not sure I can keep, but I should be back on track to some extend.

Anyway, I mashed these two requests together, since they are hella similar. I changed them both up a bit so I don’t write the same shit seven times over.

Hope you enjoy @zyxfgd and @angel0sh and of course everyone else!

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Just a quick message for some peeps

I hope you’re doing well!

With all of the people I follow or am followed by, I sometimes feel like you all don’t get the good things you deserve. And if you are having good times, I always hope they grow and multiply and that you get to share them with the people you love!

I know I just reblog dumb shit and occasionally post my own dumb shit in between silently lurking on other blogs, but I take in all of the personal posts. Even from the ones who feel awful for posting about their life on their blog. (Never! Feel! Bad! For that!!!) And for the people I also talk to outside of tumblr, I try to keep track of you guys too. I’m bad at it, and I do forget or lose touch, and shit I’m even worse when it comes to people IRL. (I should call my mom after this post.)

But I feel for you, and I want you to be happy. I like those posts to show that I’m here, that I’m listening, and that I want to support and celebrate with you even though I don’t always have the words. And I get so happy when others are happy! Like, keep that up! It’s so good for you!

If you’re having a bad day, I’m sending you good vibes. And if you’re having a good day, I’m grinning and dancing in place to drum up more good vibes!

So, to the people I’ve talked to a little or a lot, on tumblr or outside of it. To @loraliah @thewitchofthenorse @quantumheels @crazy-thel @lostsoulwolf @endvisionred @naughtysans @sora5651 @sunflowerkittycrafts @itslikemagicbutbetter @kheldar-lars @alolasbestsins (all the mods AND their followers I’ve chatted with, you guys are all fantastic don’t ever change) @orriculum @i-stole-your-kohai @lightningbug-lane @exaltedgrimleal @inktho and to everyone else I didn’t tag. To all of you! Have a good day! That’s an order! You wouldn’t want to make this dragon angry, would ya?

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high-key hoping the trend next year becomes solos to Hozier songs

hozier is the shit that would be great but only for teens/seniors seeing minis do emotional hozier solos would not be my fav 

also i loved club’s work song which i didn’t realize was an unpopular opinion until recently lol work song is prob one of my all time favourite songs 

Oh my fucking God. You know, I’ve thought so many times, i’m going to be so sad when June Foray dies. And now it’s happened, and holy shit. It’s like surreal. That woman is such a legend. Like i really hope she knew / knows somehow that she was so, so inspirational to people. Man like, words don’t do her justice.  She fucking liiiiiived.  I’ve always thought that, if i could accomplish half as much as she did, that i would be satisfied with my life. She’s been such an amazing inspiration to me ( and so many others ), ever since i first learned about all the things she did, waaay back when i was still just a little kid. She’s made such an impression on me, and has made me want to be a better person. She’s seen so much, and lived through things that i can’t even imagine. I hope i get to do as much living as she did. She certainly inspired it. RIP Ms. Foray ♥

Intern year, T+26

a week later and I still haven’t had a second to sit down and write lmao

naturally on my last shift of the block we got the 5pm rush and the day team stayed on for an extra two or three hours to make sure everyone was stable. saw a dieulafoy ulcer right before I left.

I honestly thought I’d hate the ICU but overall I really enjoyed it here. Six days on, two and a half (flex day) off. Sitting in the resident workroom forces you to do a lot of bonding. Hoping sometime over the next few days to recount some of the shit I’ve seen and heard.

Also I’ve discovered how nice it is to have a student that wants to be there and do intern shit. Mine presented my morning patient at rounds and wrote the note while I was at a meeting. I chuckled because I was such a shitty student this time last year lol

next up: ED month, orientation tomorrow morning

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I love all of your writing, especially these little prompts. I hope you don't mind another one? It'd be cool to see Magnus introduce Alec to the amazing David Bowie

Oh god I love Magnus getting to introduce Alec to Icons like this. Thank you so much!

Ah, shit. Alec knows this face. The slightly-raised eyebrows. The little head tilt. The expectation. It’s happened before. It’s happened many times. Too many. And it’s clearly happening again. Magnus said something, something that seemed completely random, but innocuous enough. Not anything Alec should need to respond to. But then he made this face. This face. The one that means he’s waiting for Alec’s response. He’s waiting for Alec to show some sign of understanding. He’s waiting for Alec to get it. And he doesn’t. Magnus shouldn’t be surprised; it feels like Alec never fucking gets it. No matter what it is.

“Is that a… reference to something?” Alec asks. Honestly, at this point he’s not even embarrassed anymore. Magnus clearly doesn’t ever mean it. He’s not disappointed that Alec so frequently doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And it’s not like he makes any of these references as a pretentious way of testing if Alec knows them. He just… knows a lot more than Alec. Alec’s pretty sure Magnus just forgets that sometimes.

Magnus’s eyebrows get a little higher. “Stardust. As in… Ziggy Stardust.” He waits a moment. And his head tilts a little further. “Bowie?”

Alec shrugs. They’re just words. He’s not even sure which ones are supposed to mean something to him.

There’s a moment of odd stillness… and then Magnus grins. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his phone with one hand, and starts to usher Alec over to the couch with the other. “Ooh, this is going to be fun.

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

Eighteen years ago, The West Wing premiered. I cringe now at how badly it has aged in some aspects, but there is one thing that it gave me that is fucking unassailable: My friendship with @hugealienpie.

For the first time in our legal-to-buy-porn relationship, we met last week, and the absolute thrill of the experience cannot be properly explained. I also got to meet piespouse, who I only knew through stories and texts, and holy shit, it was a fucking gift on all fronts. 

In 1999, I was an angry feminist junior in high school, and West Wing showed up to give me hope. There are places where I don’t think the show has aged well, but it was always based on hope, so I will never not want to hug it. 

Somewhere in the first year of the show, HAP and I found each other. We tried to remember how, but we can’t. One of us got the other to beta. Most likely, HAP betaed for me. Anyway, it led to a friendship that maintained through a LOT of changes as we both had experiences and life and all that shit.

We shared a two-minute hug when we met in person. It was wonderful. It was like coming home to a place I’d only seen in pictures. Then, meeting piespouse, it was doubled, because we had been talking so much. 

I am so fucking grateful for the internet, y’all. 

I think…I’m gonna whip out my sculpting tools I haven’t used in years make my own statue of Djehuty.

I’ve been browsing statues of him for the past several months and the only ones that really appeal to me are either insanely expensive, already sold, damaged, or are ancient statues I haven’t been able to find replicas of. So I’ve had this little voice in the back of my head this whole time going “Well duh, just make your own.”

Maaan let’s hope my sculpting skills haven’t gone completely to shit in the 7-ish years it’s been since I’ve done it.

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Yo, sorry, but I'm having a super shit time? Just moved to a new state and going through some rough bits. I haven't had the time to watch grumps in MONTHS, but they always made me laugh so hard, and really upped my mood? Do you or anyone else have any good reccomendations for recent shit that'll boost my mood? Sorry to be selfish, and shit. Hope you have a good day.

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a hard time. I certainly hope things get better for you. As far as recommendations: 

The Paper Mario TTYD play through is one I’ve really been enjoying

Dead Rising 2 has been good to me

Hey You, Pikachu was really cute! 

Arin and Suzy and Barry taught Dan to play Overwatch! 

Brian played Party Robot with Audrey which was so sweet 

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(daddy kink mentioned, brief) i've been getting into a lot of arguments with people about daddy kinks and age play and shit and why its bad and gross and i was wondering if you had any resources/sources that you use in arguments to back your arguments up? I'm having trouble finding reliable stuff ;__; i hope ur havin a good day!! <3333

Honestly my dude, while I am anti-d\d//l//g, I don’t spend most of my time in that anti community, so I don’t really get into arguments about it. I’m more an anti-pedo anti so I don’t really have any sources for you