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The Dregs | Six of Crows

Well here they are all together. It was a little trickier that I thought to group them up cohesively so I hope it looks alright. I knew I was gonna have them framed by crow wings but it kind of took a byzantine turn… I’m not entirely sure how that happened but I just decided to run with it. The words around them sum them up but at the same time kind of tell a five word story about their growth as characters. To see the individual portraits in better detail go here


Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era

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can we just see the next gen captains together in one house when there's a spider so we can see who's scared? thank you♥

I honestly don’t know what we were expecting

the thing about the cw is that jtv and cxg aren’t flukes - the cw very specifically sought to carve out a niche of subversive, innovative, hyper-dynamic, woman-centric programming. crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t a great show that somehow landed in the cw’s lap, it’s a show that likely would’ve never made it on the air without the cw’s choice to pursue this niche (which was fueled in the first place by the critical success of jane the virgin) and crazy ex-girlfriend, the lowest rated show of the season in its first year on air, would have definitely never gotten a second season on any other channel. and i don’t know - i appreciate the boldness that the cw has shown with both of these programs and it’s a huge shame that this level of boldness hasn’t been rewarded with high ratings and even a bigger shame that these shows are being lost in the lurch of the rest of the cw’s programming. 

so like, i don’t know! i have a lot of mixed feelings about the cw as a network since it’s gifted me with my favorite programs. maybe the existence of crazy ex-girlfriend and jane the virgin make the cw’s failures as a channel worse - the cw can pridefully boast about gina rodriguez and jtv’s latina representation while simultaneously okaying supergirl’s choice to cast a white italian actress as a character written to be latina. the cw seems to be all about the appearance of diversity, boasting moderately diverse casts and focusing advertising on wlw content, but it doesn’t seem to care whether or not shows end up actually treating their character of color and lgbt characters with respect - if rachel bloom and aline brosh mckenna want to write a filipino love interest and a bisexual anthem, that’s great! if jason rothenberg wants to continuously brutalize characters of color and kill off the lesbian, well, that’s fine too! the cw seems to know that ~representation~ is important to its viewers but also seems pretty indifferent to the quality of that representation. 

i think the cw very much needs to know that it’s blatant racism and homophobia isn’t okay and isn’t going to fly with viewers, but on the flip side, i DO wish that the things that the cw is doing right (mainly with jtv and cxg) was getting due praise from a larger audience. audiences angry after being wronged by shows like supernatural, supergirl and the 100 treat the cw as a monolith of offensive and irredeemable content and by swearing of the cw as a whole, the good content is swept up in the bad content and treated as the same - i.e. “the cw is racist, so i’m going to refuse to watch any more of its programming, including its show with a latina protagonist,” which…doesn’t really make sense. so that’s my hot take on the cw. some of it is good and some of it is bad. and on top of calling out the bad content, supporting the good content is a good way to guide the cw in the right direction.

sincerely three go to a animal sanctuary

@irlbenji “hmmm how about sincerely three take a trip to the zoo?? can you head canon that??”

a/n: as the resident Annoying Vegan Bitch of the deh fandom i decided to switch this to them visiting an farm sanctuary (cause zoos abuse animals :/ ) 

in my mind these are platonic? i mean okay there’s definitely a lil something something between connor and evan but,, really it’s however you interpret it, cause it could also be interpreted as poly w all three boys!

the sanctuary i modeled it after is called the gentle barn, it’s near LA

warnings: none for the third time we are on a roll

alrighty sO:

-evan had been begging to go to the farm sanctuary after he saw an article about it

-and connor and jared would always kinda roll their eyes

-but then school really started to pick up the pace and evan’s anxiety got noticeably worse

-he had a huge oral presentation in one of his classes and he had multiple panic attacks in the week leading up to it

-jared and connor weren’t in that class but they met him outside the door right after and they were like “you did it! c’mon!!” and  grabbed him and dragged him outside to connor’s car

- “what are you guys doing?? we still have more classes today what’s happening?! someone help i’m being kidnapped??”

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Jeff Atkins x Reader- One Dance

Hey guys! So this is @thirteenreasonsfics again, writing for a request by @nicole1211. Thanks for sending in your request, Nicole! I’ve made a few edits here and there to what you wanted, just to make the story a bit more cohesive. I hope you like it!

“Shoot!” Tony said, and grinned when you sent the ball sailing through the hoop. It was all net.

He came up to you, throwing an arm around your shoulders as you fist pumped.

“You’re getting better at this, Y/N. Someday you may even beat me.”

You rolled your eyes shrugging him off, and went for another shot. Swoosh. Scored.

“Please, Padilla. I’ve been beating you at this since pre-school.”

He stuck his tongue out and headed to pick up his stuff. You and Tony had been best friends since middle school, when he came and complimented you on your obscure band tshirt. You had been a typical angsty indie kid long before people got into it at high school, and for a while, Tony had been the only other kid that got it. You had spent every Friday night together for as long as you remembered, playing basketball and then getting pizza from Antonio’s afterward, and you had always gone to each other when you needed help, or support, or just a break from the stress of high school life.

 "Where to?“ he asked, knowing full well that you would end up getting pizza like you always did.

 "Let’s see,” you pretended to think it over. “Does Nobu sound good to you? Maybe the Hard Rock Café?”

 He smirked, pulling the doors to his car open.

 "Antonio’s it is.“


“And then Clay was still too chicken to ask Hannah out,” Tony said, finishing up the last of his pepperoni. “It’s obvious she likes him. He’s just a wimp.”

You laughed, and then straightened up as Jeff Atkins came through the door, flanked by Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley.

“Wh-” Tony began, and then saw Jeff. “Oh. So it’s him you like.”

“I do not,” you said, still staring at Jeff as he crashed into a booth and said something that made Justin crack up. “He’s just a nice guy.”

“A nice guy,” he said, eyebrows raised. “I’m a nice guy. You don’t stare at me like that when I walk into the room.”

You rolled your eyes and gestured to a waitress for the check.

“You’re gay. It wouldn’t make any difference even if did stare at you.”

“Touche,” Tony said, paying his half. “Why don’t you ask Jess for help? Haven’t you two been close since she joined Liberty?”

“Jess does not understand the word ‘subtle’,” you replied, sliding out of the booth. “If I told her she would just yell it at Justin and all the guys. With a megaphone.”

He laughed.

“Can’t say you’re wrong. Anyway, I should go. My dad needs help at the garage. I’ll call you?”



The next morning, you were lying on your bed with your history books spread out in front of you, trying to study Stalinist policy but actually just wasting time watching Netflix. Just as you were about to click the next episode of Stranger Things-

“Incoming call from Tony,” your phone buzzed, and you picked it up.


“Sh- n pdnean,” came the sound of muffled talking from the other side. 

“Tony?” you asked again, loudly. It looked like he’d butt dialed you.

Just as you were about to hang up, the voices over the line cleared, until you could faintly make out what was being said.

“So I can’t tell her, but I think I like her, man,” you heard Jeff say, and your heart sank. You knew he’d like someone else. 

“What if you just tell her?” you heard Tony ask. “She might feel the same..”

“No, man,” Jeff said. “Y/N is so out of my league. I don’t want to get rejected.”

“You won-” Tony began to say, but then the line went dead. You could hardly believe your ears. Jeff Atkins liked you?!


For the next couple days, Tony avoided you like the plague. He hardly spoke to you in the hallways, and whenever you tried to bring the subject up he was immediately busy with some project or homework.

“Tony. Freaking. Padilla,” you said, finally cornering him at the end of the week near the bicycle racks. “You tell me what’s going on or I swear I will shove a freaking bicycle chain-”

“Easy,” he said, laughing. “I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, ok. Mamá wants you over for this big family barbeque tonight at my house.”

“It’s been ages since one of those,” you said, Jeff temporarily forgotten. “I’ll be there.”


At eight sharp that night, Tony rolled up in that half-broken Mustang of his, music blaring. You were in jeans and a tshirt, but you’d actually bothered to put on some makeup and tame your messy hair. 

“Get in,” Tony said, but your mouth went dry when you saw who was in the front seat. 

“Jeff,” you said faintly, as he looked equally surprised to see you. “You.. you know the Padillas?”

“Hey, Y/N,” he said. “My dad knew Tony’s since they were kids. My whole family will be there.”

“Right,” you smiled, and gave Tony a look. What was he planning?


At the Padilla’s, Mrs. Padilla came rushing out when she saw you, pulling you in for a hug.

“Y/N,” she said, smiling as she looked at you. “You look beautiful, sweetheart. Muy hermoso.”

You grinned.

“Gracias, Mrs. Padilla,” you replied, and then laughed as a crowd of Tony’s nephews and nieces came over to hug you. “Hey, Marya. Hi, Roberto.”

“Jeff!” Marya squealed, running over to hug the boy.

You grinned as you saw him pick her up and spin her around and high five the younger boy.

“We need some music for this, si?” Alvaro, Tony’s older brother asked, turning up the stereo to play an upbeat, cute song. “We will dance.”

Soon, the whole room was dancing away, laughing as people bumped into each other or mis-stepped. You danced with Alvaro first, then Tony, and finally, you ended up facing Jeff. 

“Looks like it’s our turn, Y/N,” he said, and spun you around. “Hope you can keep up.”

“I could out-dance you anytime, Atkins,” you said, suddenly brave, and tried out one of the harder moves. He gave a low whistle, impressed.

“Someone’s been practicing,” he said, and grinned as the music switched to something slower and softer. “Seriously, though, Y/N. You’re really good at this.”

You grinned. Had Jeff Atkins just complimented you?

“You’re not so bad yourself,” you told him as you two danced your way around the room. 

“You look beautiful,” Jeff blurted out, and then turned red. “God, I didn’t mean to actually say that. I mean, you do. But I wasn’t trying to sound like-. I give up.”

You grinned as he looked at you sheepishly.

“Why thank you. Mr. Atkins,” you replied, and looked him over. “Could say the same for you.”

“You know,” he said, spinning you around, “that’s the first time I’ve been called beautiful.”

You laughed. 

“I’ll call you beautiful again if you buy me hot chocolate from Monet’s.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Are you asking me out, Y/N?” he asked, but then shook his head. “Wait. Why am I not jumping at the opportunity?”

You shrugged, as Tony gave you a look from across the room.

“Thursday, after school?”

He grinned.

“It’s a date,” he said, and then moved away from you after giving you one last smile as Marya came running up. “It’s been a pleasure dancing with you, Y/N, but I’ve got to make time for my best girl now.”

You laughed, as Jeff bent down to take Marya’s hand and spun her around as she giggled.

Tony came up to you, eyebrows raised.

“Am I not the greatest?”

You turned to him.

“Tony Padilla,” you said, nodding. “You are the greatest.”

By @thirteenreasonsfics

You can check out more of my work on my blog! Send me requests for Justin, I love writing them. Hope you liked it!

honestly I hope this album isn’t sonically cohesive.

I hope it’s just raw and real emotions that are all over the place.

I hope it’s her best songwriting that she has ever done.

I hope that by the time it’s released I’m unable to breathe because it took every emotion out of me.

I have a feeling it’s going to be her greatest album she has ever created because she has always outdone her previous.


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If Jonsa happens who do you think it is going to fall first and why? That would be a relationship so complex and complicated, they would struggle with their feelings bc of their "sibling" status. I'd love to see it.

i think jon’s already fallen for her in that old “i was half in love with you before i knew i’d even started” kind of way. and from 6x10, after sansa has left much of her torment behind her with ramsay’s death, i think she’s heading the same way

but then i wonder how complex and complicated it would really be. i mean, on the one hand you have sansa, who has never accepted jon as her brother–not really. like cat, sansa sees his mere presence as more of a deconstruction of her family’s honor and stability. by the s6 finale, he’s proven himself to her in more ways than one, so she accepts him as her family–but as her brother, specifically? i for one don’t think so; i think, in some ways, it’s too late for that, but she can and does accept him as a stark

then there’s jon–newly resurrected and something of a different person for it. he’s more reckless, more impulsive, more passionate, and less sold on the strict dichotomy between right and wrong. he’s certainly retained his own moral code, but if he can work out what his feelings for sansa mean… well… who’s to tell him that they’re wrong? jon has been doing the right and honorable thing his entire life. he’s given up things he’d never want to give up because he took a vow to do so–but then the heart of that vow (the night’s watch) betrayed and killed him

in s6, when jon says “my watch is ended,” that to me means more than “i am no longer part of this sacred brotherhood.” from almost the moment we meet jon, he wants to embark on this life; even when he’s doubted it throughout his tenure at castle black, he never abandoned it. now that he has, it says something major about his character development and where he’s going from here. he’s more willing to do what HE thinks is right, rather than what he thinks is the Right Thing in general

so make of that what you will, but imo it makes the prospect of a jonxsansa makeout sesh more and more likely  

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…

I truly believe that globalization/the internet are changing the world for the better in general. Even with the shitstorm in the USA right now, things are going to get better. Every massive progressive shift in history has been met with racist, sexist, nationalist backlash. We’ve made so much progress - now we have to deal with the fallout.

One area that I think the internet is really failing us is “call-out culture”. I know that this has already been discussed ad nauseam on tumblr, but I can’t help but add my two cents.

I really believe that call-out culture prevents us from making real progress. Humans are fallible. I believe that most people, given the chance, will try to make amends for their wrongs. But we have stopped giving people a chance, and instead take the much easier route of vilifying them. 

I want to clarify that I am IN NO WAY saying that we should sweep folks’ misdeeds under the rug, or give anyone a free pass. Those of us in the US need to be extra vigilant about rooting out prejudice. What I am saying is that we miss out on changing the larger institutional issues our country because we spend so much time “calling out” our fellow citizens. I know it is infinitely more difficult to point out why someone’s behavior is problematic and then have a civil discussion about it, but with the exception of the literal nazis and the more rabid trump supporters, we’re all on the same team. We’re missing out on making each other better.

When it comes down to it, most of us are just cobbled together out of our experiences, trying to navigate the world in the least offensive way possible. We all have massive holes in our knowledge of other people’s lives and struggles, and those holes lead to problematic behavior. No one is above this.

TL:DR I hope that 2017 is the year that we stop picking each other apart and band together to make the world a better place. 


I realize that you have gone an hiatus after your discussion last night, but I feel like if anyone is to take up the challenge of questioning your logic and making you see things from a difficult angle, it would be the one who enjoys Leland Palmer and BOB; the heinous people you claim the “Good Coop” has surpassed.

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Donald Glover Talks Atlanta Season 2 and Retiring as Childish Gambino

“I just hope it’s a way better show, and more cohesive. I’m really touched that people are connecting to it and like it, but I want you to be able to watch the first season and be like ‘Wow, I like that season, but the second one is way better.’ I want that debate happening.” - Donald Glover (Variety)

“There’s nothing worst than like a third sequel, like a third movie and we’re like, ‘again?’ You know, I like it when something’s good and when it comes back there’s a reason to come back, there’s a reason to do that.” - Donald Glover (Huffpost)

Click here to read more about Atlanta season 2.

Click here to read more about Childish Gambino’s retirement.

A Julian/Samaria Drabble

This is for @larknnightingale ‘s Arcana MC Sammie and her nerdy doctor boyfriend Julian! I hope you like it! I ended up getting carried away and I also added a little art for them at the end since I like them so much!

The knock at the door is the first thing that startles her. The sharp rapping stirring her from her otherwise hazy mind. Her thoughts had danced from tomorrow’s stock, to finally dragging herself over to the docks pick up the delivery of Eucalyptus that had been sitting there for far too long. Her hand had been lazily traveling through the tangled strands of her midnight blue hair, before balling into a fist as she recalled her most pressing matter.

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Thank You Anon, that’s such a nice thing to say about my art!! (my heart…)

As for my brush settings, the Paint Tool Sai I *cough* downloaded had a bunch of preset brushes, so I mainly use those and tweaked them a bit. These are definitely my main brushes, but I experiment a bit. I also tend to change the size/density/opacity/blending as I paint too, to make things extra complicated. I also use a lot, and I mean A LOT of color layers, which gives it that warmth feel, so go ahead and experiment with colors and layer modes!


anonymous requested → sapphic daisy + gravel to tempo

I don’t feel adequate
Thinking I’m a monster in disguise

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that's definitely a dream. they wouldn't spoil something like that otherwise. also, i bet cassidy is really stressed about wanting to bite her. he loves her, he'd never want to hurt her, except that part of him that's animalistic. and he hates himself for it.

mhmm, i 100% agree w/ u, anon! poor cass is always fighting against himself, hating himself for what he is. he doesn’t want to be defined or judged for his vampirism– it’s not like he ever wanted it in the first place. for the first time in his life he has two people who actually care about him, who’ve stuck by his side even after knowing what he was, and lemme tell ya, it means the world to cassidy. for someone so used to being forgotten, for being seen as just another free-loading junkie, he needed the sense of stability that tulip and jesse bring. now, with jesse doing his whole messiah thing, his sense of stability has become fractured quite a bit. and now, having to deal w/ his decision to turn denis and the inevitable fallout, his psyche’s definitely suffering. 

the “dream” of biting/hurting tulip parallels tulip’s PTSD nightmares– they both are the type to bottle up their emotions so it makes sense that there psychological issues would bubble to the surface as something else. even the sudden “hunger” he seems to have for human blood (or at the very least, tulip’s) is just a physical manifestation of how messed up his head-space is after everything that’s gone on, especially relating to denis and jesse’s betrayal. 

now, on a similar note, i do believe that if jesse or tulip were in mortal danger i.e., dying in front of him, cass wouldn’t think twice of turning them bc he’s selfish at heart– he’d turn them to make himself feel better, to not be left alone, etc. it’s actually mildly concerning tbh bc i feel like tulip being turned has been slightly foreshadowed?? 

even in s1, tulip has had more of an interest/curiosity in cassidy’s vampiric side compared to jesse. and in s2, cassidy blatantly asks her if she’d want to “be him” (of course this was in reference to him thinking about turning denis). do i honestly think something like that would happen in the finale? hell no– i think we have a better chance of deblanc turning out to be satan than tulip being turned, but maybe somewhere down the line…. bc, well, it’s preacher after all, and anything’s possible!! 

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1 4 6 13 Salter AU the unfic fic

Salter AU? 

xD I’m going to assume you meant skater AU, but I’m not sure what “unfic fic” means… hmm. 


Originally posted by lambielstephane

1.  What inspired you to write the fic this way?

YOU GUYS! No joke. The entire concept and every single chapter has been inspired by prompts sent in by readers. I’m working to tie them all into one cohesive storyline, but I hope all of you who sent in asks are proud of your wonderful ideas <3

As for the story itself, I’m actually trying to avoid basing anything on YoI (other than the title…which is more of a joke). If anything, the sports-style inspiration comes from the All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic. Everything I learned about team dynamics comes from her and the Foxes *_* (If you haven’t read these books, DO IT! They are AMAZING - If you HAVE read them, please come squee with me over Andrew Minyard <3<3<3<3 ) Ahem. 

Lastly. I also decided to keep it in headcanon style over prose (is that what you mean by unfic?) simply because it’s a looooot faster to write. I don’t have to spend as much time on details, settings, flow, etc. It writes and reads quickly. 

4.  What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Hmm. Probably this one from the scene where Prompto brings Gladio coffee the morning after their first kiss: 

“I’m sorry,” Prompto says in the space between them.

“For what?”

“I should have stayed last night.”

My goal here was to show that both Prom and Gladdy have been thinking about taking things further for a long time. When Gladio first kisses him, Prompto panics because he’s simply not expecting it and doesn’t know how to react. He smiles, promises to come by in the morning, and then bolts. But the last line shows that not only does he go home and spend the entire night thinking about Gladio, but that he also regrets letting his nerves get the better of him. Just with this one line, he tells Gladio he’s very much into him and is ready to dive in heart first. 

6.  What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?

Just like everything else I write, this fic is Promptio/Ignoct-centric, of course. But this is the first “normal” AU I’ve ever attempted. What I mean by that is there are no elements of fantasy or horror, it’s not a historical piece or based on a kink xD The boys are athletes, the setting is modern, and the only magic here is the kind happening between Prom and Gladdy under the sheets (or in the rink lol) <3

13.  What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?

I listened to all kinds of music while writing this so… Hm. The only song that comes to mind is “Yellow” by Coldplay, for obvious reasons if you’ve been reading :D 

(If you wanna ask more of these, the original prompt with the questions can be found here!