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Welcome Home.

A/N - So all those pictures of Magnus’ new look got to me and i had to write something and this is what came out. I could of gone further but i wanted to keep it short. Hope you like it.

Alec stood on the raised walked way to give the morning address to the rest of his Shadowhunters. Today couldn’t go fast enough for him because Magnus was due back this evening. He’d been away for two days a special council meeting in Idris to wrap a few things up since Valentine’s death. It was their first separation since they had gotten back together and Alec was taking it hard.

Being away from the man he loved so soon after their break up had been harder than he thought to deal with. It felt like losing him all over again, even though he knew it was completely different this time and that he was going to be coming back to him. It had still left him with a panicky feeling deep within him, a remnant of those horrible days of their separation.

Magnus had been sympathetic, knowing that Alec would have a hard time with his departure and he’d been sending comforting messages of reassurance to him for the entire two days. But last night’s messages had him intrigued.

“I have a surprise for you when I get back tomorrow night. Hope you like it.” It simply said. Alec had laid awake for a long while in their half empty bed, his face buried into Magnus’ pillow, taking in the last vestiges of his exotic scent, trying to think what the somewhat cryptic message could mean. At least he only had till the next evening to find out.

Alec had just begun to speak when movement at the back of the room caught his eye. It was Magnus. What the….? He was back early. Any more coherent words died in his throat immediately at the sight of him. Magnus had casually strolled in to lean against the door frame like it was something he did every day of the week. The way he looked however, was as far away from every day as he could get.

Alec’s wide hungry eyes took in the magnificent sight that was the man he loved. His usually carefully styled hair, moussed into its soft raised spikes had been replaced with the wide wave of a mohawk. A few magenta strands stood out at the front of it, giving him an edgy look. His eye liner looked darker as well, more defined, making those deep brown eyes pop. Alec swallowed hard, trying not to think about what those golden cats like orbs of Magnus’ demon mark would look like in their place. It made his knees weak just thinking about it. And what was that on his ear? He had a new cuff. A moan nearly escaped him as he recognized what it was. A arrow; it fitted the outer curve of his ear.

He wore a long fitted black jacket, a silver chain looping from one shoulder and under his arm. One button fastened it to waist, defining his muscled upper torso in a way that made Alec’s mouth water. A dark printed silk shirt in a deep red showed beneath it and Alec had visions of what that soft whisper of material would feel like in his hands as he removed it from his body and let it fall to the floor of their bedroom.

His lower body was hugged in a pair of black pants and he wore a pair of pointy toed black boots on his feet. Dear God, the man was trying to kill him. He was smiling softly at him, arms crossed over his chest. Alec had been silent long enough that everyone had turned to see what his gaze had been trapped by and a soft murmuring of understanding ran through the crowd.

Alec shot out a hand to grab the rail of the walkway, using every ounce of his will power not to rush down the step and go to the warlock, who knew exactly what he was doing to him.

Jace stepped closer to his parabatai, feeling the tremors of his need running through his own body.

“I’ve got this, man. Go to him.” He whispered to him. Alec turned his face to his and smiled. He put a hand on Jace’s arm in a thankful gesture before starting down the steps. As he passed Izzy he heard her say. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, big bro.”  He shot her a grin over his shoulder as he moved through the parted crowd.

Magnus saw him coming and stood up straight, his arms dropping to his sides.

“Hello, Alexander, I…” but he got no further than that as Alec grabbed him by the hand and took him out into the quiet hallway.

He pushed the warlock up against the wall, grabbing both hands and pushing them up either side of his head. He looked deep into his eyes with a look so hot it was making Magnus start to sweat.

“Do you have any idea what the hell you’re doing to me right now?” He growled, his voice deep and breathy. Magnus smiled. Of course, he did. He blinked slowly and when his eyes returned to him Alec saw those two golden orbs with their split pupil looking back at him. By the Angel, he couldn’t breathe anymore.

“You’re gonna be the death or me Magnus Bane.” Alec said in a hoarse whisper and he slammed his mouth down on to his, feeling the warmth and comfort that he had been craving for two days retuning in a rush, flooding every inch of him. He left his lips, only because the need to take a deep breath became overwhelming and trailed soft kisses down his jaw and to his neck. Magnus hummed in delight as he tilted his head to give him access to that irresistible spot on his neck that he knew would drive him wild.  

Alec was well versed in finding it now and he clamped his mouth over it in a hungry yawn. Magnus moaned softly, feeling his knees buckling underneath him. He couldn’t take this any longer, he had to have him. Now.

“Alexander, can you spare an hour or …” Alec pulled back to look at him with a need that was almost palpable. They stood facing each other, eyes blown wide, chests heaving.

“Make a portal. Get us home.” He growled and he let go of his hands. Magnus beamed back at him, his dark brows arched elegantly on his brow.

“So, I take it you like my new look?”

Alec growled and kissed him hard yet again.

“Yeah and I think it would look even better crumpled on the floor of our bedroom. Just make the damn portal and get us out of here before I explode.”

Magnus gave a chuckle, waving his hands to create the shimmering disc of light a few feet from them.

“I missed you too, my love.”

They took each other’s hands and stepped into the portal.

Review: Mystic Messenger, Another Story / V Route

(I finally managed to put together a … somewhat coherent post, so here it is.)

This post contains spoilers, but as usual, I try to keep it general in the first part. I will put another warning before going into details.

“Another Story” - what is this about?

Set two (or more like one and a half) years prior to the original routes, Another Story delves deeper into the history and characters of V and Rika and the workings of Mint Eye than even the Deep Story did. It branches into V’s character route on day 4.


Like the Casual and Deep Story routes, this one starts with our MC being contacted by a stranger who continues to ask her for help. Only that this time around, we are not led to a weird apartment to find the owner of a phone - but to an even weirder building somewhere far out in the mountains to test a dating game app. Believing the members of the RFA to be AI’s, we set out to pursue them via the messenger app and to plan a party, earning their trust and affection in the process. Thus, as the player soon realizes, our time as an unwitting Mint Eye pawn has begun …

The strong points

This route may very well be the most thought through, gripping and overall high quality one so far:

  • It has its own beautiful opening song, complete with a new video
    • The song is sung by the voice actors of V and Rika themselves
  • All visual novel modes now have voice acting
    • And the voice acting is amazing
  • The original five main characters return in all their lovable glory
  • A lot more interactions via chats, calls, texts and visual novel modes with V as well as other characters
  • Focus is on exploring the story and characters in depth instead of simply romance
  • The way of storytelling has got an upgrade since the original routes, and is now even more beyond high quality for a free to play otome game app
    • Even the game’s interface becomes a tool of the storytelling
  • Expect to experience the whole spectrum of emotions: From laughing with the RFA and at the hilarious new party guests this time around, to crying over the heartbreak

The bad?

  • A warning: This story is darker and heavier than all of the original routes, there is a lot more angst and drama
    • No, seriously, this route had me upset, and I’m still not over certain events even though it’s been a month
  • There are translation errors in the English version, but nothing that would really hurt the overall quality
  • MC has to be played as naive and trusting to the point of having no self-preservation skills whatsoever, but oh well

Overall personal opinion

Worth the 300 hourglasses. I was constantly surprised and awed by the huge effort Cheritz has put into this route, and I felt extremely involved and immersed once again. There are countless memorable moments, cute and funny ones, but mostly intense ones. Because in the end, this route is much more of a psychological drama or even horror story than a romance, even though that is still a part of it.

The downside is that the “dark and heavy” part pretty much destroyed me to the point of reducing me to a depressed mess for days. And … it almost took me a month to pull myself together enough to write this post.

Details on the plot, as well as some character analysis/ramblings and a few screenshots below the cut!

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24 with Marichat please! (writing prompt thingy)

24. Slow Dancing (this REALLY ran away from me lol prepare for fluff and nonsense and dorks being dorks)

Marinette leaned against the balcony railing with a sigh, trying to ignore the anchor dragging her heart down to the floor.

The night was cold, no stars to be seen. The perfect backdrop to her own self-pity.

Her phone buzzed in the jacket she’d haphazardly thrown over her dress. She ignored it- not in the mood for chatting. She would allow herself to feel a sense of disappointment before picking herself up and dusting herself off. After all, it wasn’t the end of the world. These things happened.

She’d been so excited though! The gang had planned to go out dancing for the evening and Marinette had spent hours and hours getting ready. All week long she’d entertained rom-com like fantasies of Adrien spotting her, looking her very best, from across the dance floor. They’d flirt nervously, he’d ask her to dance, and that would be the start of their magical fairy tale romance. It would’ve been like a happy Taylor Swift song.

But, Marinette sighed, it was not meant to be. Adrien had called to say he’d been pulled into a last minute modelling shoot. He couldn’t make it and, although Marinette had still had a good time, she was crushed at yet another opportunity missed.

Looks like my love life is stuck in sad Taylor Swift song mode and it won’t get out any time soon. Might as well choose a Jagged Stone theme instead…

It was as she was musing on which song her love life currently resembled Swift-wise, that she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. A cold breeze whirled around the balcony and Marinette shivered, pulling her jacket tighter around her as a sense of unease coiled around her stomach. She frowned.

Then she heard it, the sounds of footsteps behind her, and reacted on instinct.

“Good evening Mari- OUCH!”

Her fist knocked straight into the intruder’s chin and he stumbled backwards with a cry- more of shock than of pain.

Marinette scowl quickly turned to a look of shock when she noticed who was standing next to her. She unclenched her fist, relaxing her fighting stance.

“Chat Noir?” she spluttered. “What are you doing here?”

Chat rubbed his chin with a pout, his ears drooping.

“I was out for a night prowl and saw you standing here by yourself,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. This sparked Marinette’s curiosity, for he wasn’t exactly acting like his usual self. “I didn’t mean to startle you but may I say I’m impressed? You give a paw-some right hook! If I weren’t a superhero I could have been seriously hurt by that.”

Marinette smiled, relaxing further after he made the cat pun. Maybe she’d just imagined the look he’d given her before, the shy reserved one.

Adrien was on her mind too much. She needed to snap out of it and, although this was rather unconventional, her life was too. So Marinette was secretly rather happy for Chat’s company.

“May I ask what’s on your mind Princess? Your knight in shining armour is always ready to lend an ear or two,” he chirped, his voice loud and boastful again. Marinette was torn between fondly rolling her eyes and laughing. She settled on both and the proud beam which crossed his face caused her to feel lighter than she had all evening. Her partner was always there for her, whether he knew it or not.

She didn’t know what she was thinking when she decided to spill her guts to him, confess her frustrations. But something about talking with Chat, as her civilian self, was therapeutic. It was like talking to someone anonymous on the internet, a friendly face who would have no impact on her personal life because- well- she didn’t know him personally.

A small, painful tugging sensation settled in the pit of her stomach. Marinette quickly squashed the feeling flat. It wasn’t the time to muse on such things.

“I’m just so sick of things going wrong Chat,” she sighed, as she stared out at the skyline. She missed the sad look he gave her.

“What- what do you mean?” he asked and, even though his voice was low and she could hear that un-Chat-like shyness back in it, she was too wrapped up in her own feelings to pay it too much thought. She hung her head over the balcony, huffing and shrugging her shoulders.

“Sorry, I’m tired. So if I don’t make any sense you can ignore me,” she replied, the weight of her disappointments crushing her chest. “I was going to see the guy I like tonight, but he had to cancel at the last minute. I still had a good night with my friends don’t get me wrong,” she hastened to add, “but it would have been nice. To slow dance with him, to show him I’m not just a clumsy, useless idiot.”

Chat was silent for a while, which did little to soothe her anxieties. Perhaps she’d revealed too much? No. Impossible. There was no way he knew who she was talking about.

Eventually, he came to stand beside her at the balcony railing. Twisting his body to face away from the skyline, he rested his elbows and leaned backwards.

“I don’t think you’re an idiot,” he said seriously.

Marinette gave him a look.

“I’m serious!” he cried fixing her with a wide eyed stare which, for some reason, caused Marinette to blush and turn away. “Maybe you might be clumsy, but you’re not an idiot and you’re DEFINETELY not useless! Who was it that came up with the idea on how to get out of that box Evilliustator put us in? That was you! You saved us, so you can’t tell me you’re not smart. You’re definitely smarter than me, and I’m a superhero. You can’t disagree with superheroes because that means you’re the bad guy and I’d have to arrest you.”

He finished his speech with a cheeky wink in her direction and Marinette had to turn away. He was such a dork!

“Thanks. I guess?” she said, her tone not matching the goofy smile on her face.

“Also you look pretty.”

Her head snapped up to Chat Noir, eyes wide. But he refused to look at her. Even in the dark she could see the blush on his cheeks.


Marinette cringed at her own reaction to Chat’s very sincere compliment, yet she still found it hard to believe that she’d heard correctly. She was far too used to his silly flirtations.

“I- well- I said you look pretty.” Ok so she’d not imagined it. He’d definitely complimented her. “And umm, I think the guy you wanted to dance with? I bet he’s really torn up about it. He probably wanted to dance with you too.”

The last part of his speech was a welcome distraction to the other thing. Chat being all soft and non-flirty was something she simply could NOT fathom. This however? This she could actually respond to, at least somewhat coherently, even if it was with a snort of derision.

“I doubt it,” she shrugged, shaking her head, “nobody wants to slow dance with me. Maybe someday, someone will. At least I hope they will, I’m sure love is out there waiting for me but… I’m starting to believe that Adi- that the guy I like won’t ever see me that way.”

Quite suddenly, Marinette wanted to cry.


She slouched away from Chat’s soothing voice, the sympathy in it. At first she’d thought he’d be a welcome distraction, but talking to him was bringing up every deep rooted insecurity she had about her long-time crush.

“It’s ok, it’s fine,” she stammered, trying to make her voice sound positive and failing miserably. “Really. It’s fine. I just want him to be happy. Even if I’m not the one he wants to slow dance with.”

“But I do want to slow dance with you!”

Marinette’s heart stopped. Her lips drew into a thin line. Although it appeared, on the outside at least, that she was unresponsive, inside a storm raged. Her blood seemed to have been replaced by flames, which burned and tickled, teased and twisted within her. She couldn’t breathe.

Slowly, Marinette found the strength to glance over at him. Her fingers slid from the balcony railing to hang limply at her sides.

“Wh-what?” she choked. “You? You want to-”

Chat panicked, stumbling backwards and almost knocking over one of her potted plants as he did so.

“Ah look at the time!” he cried, voice dripping in almost hysterical levels of fake cheer. “It’s so late! We should both head to bed! Goodnight Princess- I mean goodnight Marinette- I’ll see you around!”

Marinette stared at him, unable to say another word as he turned tail and disappeared into the night.

Why I Think Ryan Booth Is Framing Alex Parrish

Quantico is a pretty neat show. At least I think os, It’s biggest mystery is who is/are the person/people framing agent Alex Parrish who is currently being accused of bombing Grand Central Station in New York. I think Ryan Booth is involved. And you might ask: why? He’s helping her? 

That’s why I’m currently writing this post. To help you see the light. I might be totally wrong. If that’s the case this would be quite embarrassing. But I’m risking it. I hope this is somewhat coherent. This is a long post and image heavy. 

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Book Review: Valhalla

So I just finished reading Valhalla by Ari Back, better known as the guy behind Facts I Just Made Up. It was enjoyable, and after I got around 70% done (according to my Kindle for PC) it got very difficult to put down. It wasn’t perfect, and I’ll address what I might have changed, but it was a thoroughly fun book. 

Spoilers beneath the cut.


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