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Second date and Update 🙌🏻

I’m organizing my second date with Investor POT. He’s actually younger than my usual… mid forties, not ugly!!! Best of all, when we had dinner we seemed to really connect and time flew by. Now he just has to hurry up and return from his business trip! We are discussing allowance before the second date💅🏻 and I’m just hoping that he isn’t one of those guys that chooses ‘moderate’ without looking at the amount that it is. The other two POT dates were shitty. One guy had a wild look in his shifty eyes and was talking like he was on cocaine- good food though! The other was interesting and I was thinking that maybe I could work with him, then he says the N word at brunch. He was a white, nerdy guy and I’m like… 😶😐 Three more dates planned and two others in the works. I am going to get two solid SDs if I have to go insanely hard. I moved to a bigger city and now the world will be my oyster! (Plus, everyone knows not to put all your eggs in one basket) 😝 Wishing all of you lovely, hardworking ladies and gents all of the sugar luck!!! 😘😘😘

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And your blog is the first you I followed here. I saw your art and name online (i don't remember where, sorry). And just want to say I think it's awesome. Hope to find other artists like you to follow too. :D

Thank you so much for messaging me! Tumblr has its bad side..but it has its good ones too! I’m sure you’ll be fine and won’t get bullied. I’m happy you like my art, enjoy your stay! :D

Måns hopes that the focus abroad could lead to a better love life. He has several times described himself as a relationship person, but has been single since 2014.

- I mean, there’s basically been no time to date at all the last two years. And it’s been pretty nice to not…  The anxiety to not come to home to Messi and not having been the world’s greatest dog owner has been enough. But of course I want to find the right person and hoping for next year maybe. Because I’m only gonna be focusing on one thing and then there will be time for other stuff too. 

But is there not someone you’re thinking about for next year?

- Good question.

Måns gets quiet. And then he smiles with his eyes.

So maybe there is someone special?

- Maybe there is.

The smiles grows bigger. He suddenly looks slightly embarrassed

That’s nice. How long have you been seeing each other?

– I’m not gonna answer that.

He laughs and shows that he already said too much. 

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Sometimes, I'm just, like, 'I want Ogata Megumi in NDRV3'. (why does it sound like a confession lmao-)

On the one hand, I think Ogata deserves to rest. But on the other…god, I love her voice so much? It’s so good.

I definitely hope she’ll be in it, but I hope they don’t strain her too badly.

Sweep Me off My Feet

TITLE: Sweep Me off My Feet

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a princess and Andy being your knight that is charged with protecting you

PAIRING: Knight!Andy/OFC


SUMMARY: Gwendolyn Ferguson, daughter of King Jinxx Ferguson returns home from a neighboring kingdom.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here you go, little gray face. I hope you like it! I thought I would connect the other one-shot I did to this one as a sequel of sorts. I was going to have a sword fight in this, but I’m not very good at fight scenes.

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Kevin S said the other day that he filmed an amazing scene with Tom F and GG. Sounds like he's a good addition. I do hope they give him the meaty stuff he was promised. Do you think he's secretly a villain? On the one hand, yes, but on the other: it would be too much like other seasons if he turns out to be the big bad. Maybe they think he's the villain, but it turns out he's just not a nice guy.

OF COURSE he’s secretly a villain. They already let me down once with Eddie on that score, they better not let me down again. LOL, so much lost potential in not having Eddie be a villain. 


lets be real, finding social media artists and celebrities that look like you is hard as a fat girl, even harder as a fat girl of color. so, im here to help out my fellow chubby bunnies w/ a list of my favorite plus size youtubers and bloggers! they cover everything from fashion, makeup, and hauls to romance, friendship, sex, advice, etc all from the perspective of fat girls! ive found these ladies to be very inspiring and helpful in the journey of self love. i hope its the same for you : )

sarah rae vargas

  • who? my personal favorite! she has such a laid back and warm vibe to her, you really feel like you’re a good friend while watching her videos. 
  • what? what i like i about sarah is that she isn’t chained to one ‘genre’ of youtube videos. there’s tons of hauls, makeup, and other fashion related things but my favorites series of hers are “lets talk about sex” (i learned to be so confident during sex because of this series), “ask sarah” a general faq and inquiry series, and her other chit chat videos
  • where? youtube - instagram - website - @ravingsbyrae 

chanel boateng

  • plus size fashion blogger, youtuber, and model. possibly one of the most adorable human beings in existence. she exudes confidence and unashamed self love!!
  • everything fashion, makeup, and !!! natural hair !!! for us black girls!! she has the occasional q/a, vlog, and random chit chat video. 
  • youtube - instagram - website


  • plus size fashion blogger, wig and weave reviewer, sweeter than pie, unique fashion sense, and absolutely gorgeous
  • she doesn’t upload very often, but where she does its definitely something youll want to watch!! most of her videos are about natural hair, wigs, affordable bundles, and plus size outfits of the day
  • youtube - no instagram or site

ivy dear

  • plus size blogger, hair stylist, ABSOLUTE QUEEN of sew-ins. im serious guys, she’ll slay herself and her clients to the point where you’ll question if its actually weave, even if u saw her installing it. she’s THAT good. im fairly certain she popularized the ‘flip over method’ in the youtube natural hair community, so thats pretty cool!
  • allll you need to know about natural hair, wigs, bundles, sew ins, and everything in-between. her videos are SO thurough and informative, i learned almost everything i know about sew ins from ivey!
  • youtube - instagram - bookings/hair appointments

vanessa manley

  • plus size vlogger, such a kind heart and soft voice, it makes her videos feel very relaxing and personal!!
  • her youtube is almost completely fashion hauls and lookbooks!! lazy day? concert? need bathing suit ideas? vanessa has you covered! her videos are so well thought out and creative!! she has the occasional chit chat and confidence chat as well 
  • youtube - instagram

> Minghao always seems to notice the small details that nobody else remembers. (Ex. when S.Coups was wet, he asked him if he was cold and if he’d be okay. He waits for the other members to catch up. He offers them drinks, holds their backs, opens doors, etc.)

> Literally so supportive of the other members? He’ll give them high fives or big smiles when they do just about anything. Is very enthusiastic about letting the other members know they’re great

> Mentions he eats a lot and encourages fans to not skip meals and to remain healthy

> Seriously health just seems to be a very big thing to him. His health, his coworkers health, his fans health, your health, the dog next door’s health, etc. 

>  Even though he probably receives a harder time for being Chinese, he still holds so much pride. Praises China a lot  Like for example, his stage name. We all make small jokes about his name, but he’s the8 because the number 8 has a good meaning in China.

> Those flips you see him doing? He’s been doing stuff like that since he was a kid. He’s practiced Wushu since he was 5.

> He participated and won first place in a National Children’s Martial arts competition 

> Although he’s a bit more subtle with how he shows his love towards his family, I think it’s safe to say he loves + respects his mom a lot 

> The8 tries his absolute hardest when it comes to speaking Korean and even sometimes English. Tries his absolute hardest with everything tbh 

> Keeps his cool even when other people, including sometimes other members, are mocking his Korean 

> Probably receives hate when he’s a bit slow to do things during game shows, is still smiling like a literal sunflower though

> He has to be slightly more in tune with reading body language to be able to keep up during interviews.  

> Seriously. The reason why I keep emphasizing how hard he works to understand Korean is because not only does he have to translate from Chinese to Korean, he has to do so with a smile on his face. He has to come up with an idol-appropriate response in Korean and smoothly improvise if he doesn’t know what to say, all under a span of five seconds. 

>  Age is a pretty big thing. Although he is one of the younger members, he’s not the youngest. He’s always grouped with the two youngest members though, and while that can be seen as almost demeaning to anybody else, he doesn’t seem to mind.

> In fact it’s the opposite. He really enjoys spending time with Dino and Vernon and views them as equals

> Is always added as an after thought during shows. It takes either S.Coups (the leader), Seungkwan (the mood setter) or Jun/Jeonghan (the only other Chinese member/the member most helpful towards the Chinese members) to mention him and try and include him. 

> That must hurt at least every now and then but literal sunflower Minghao

> While other members are embarrassed when having to act cute, Minghao embraces it.

> He’s like ??? yeah lol I’m adorable and rly cool. Call me cool cutie and watch me go

> Has to deal with fans comparing him to Mingming, which must be uncomfortable, but he’s still chill  

> Only had like a year to try and get used to 12 other people, with 12 different personalities, who already had established friendships.

> had to do that while facing the company’s pressure to do and be better, the lack of company finance, the fact that some members must’ve been under stress and upset, home sickness and long hours.  

> Please support The8, our hardworking cool cutie b-boy


what fourth wall? 

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Hi, yes, I would like to order 13


…and you don’t even notice.

Admin’s Note: I thought that the new theory that was going around in the Mystic Messenger fandom was quite interesting so I decided to write a small short despite my hiatus. 

All of this came to my mind in an instant and I wrote everything on impulse so it may not be as good as the others, but I hope you enjoy it!

Note: This is based off of the 707 Theory about how he knows that the Main Character plays the ‘game’ and about how the game restarts in order for her to play the other ‘routes’.

No one (the Main Character included) knows aside from 707 as he continues to look out for them as they unknowingly play everyone else’s route aside from his.

And even as they fall in love with the other RFA Members, he still loves them with all his heart and cares for them as if they were still together.

This will be based on the last day, Day 11. But this is not related to any of his endings, I simply created this ending up.

Today was the day that the RFA’s party was held, and as the party organiser - you were invited. You couldn’t help but wonder whether you lived up to everyone’s expectations or not as you walked up the stairs, knowing that Rika’s work and parties left a lasting impression on all of them.

You didn’t know whether you could meet her standards, but as you reached the entrance you took a deep breath, holding up the V.I.P. Member Card whilst the bodyguards opened the entrance for you. 

Your face lit up as you walked in - looking up at the chandeliers, as the lights reflected off them perfectly; and as you walked across the black and white tiles on the floor, you could hear the sound of the piano being played in the distance; as the song that played made the party feel as elegant as ever.

“It looks like I did well after all…”

You said, a sigh of relief escaping your lips.

As you said that, your eyes were covered for a brief moment from someone’s hands, as they whispered in your ear. But you could recognise that someone the moment they began to whisper in your ear.

“Seven Zero Seven will appear before your eyes in five seconds!


Five… four… three… two…”

He leaded you away from the entrance and made you sit at a table, before removing his hands from your eyes and kissing you on the lips softly.


And as you guessed, it was none other than Seven, who sits in front of you with a loving smile on his face.

“I would’ve escorted you myself to the party, but Jumin insisted that it was better for you to come by one of his limos instead…”

He said, sighing a little.

“It’ll be fine Seven, even after the party ends, you can escort me to all the other parties the RFA we’ll hold in the future!”

You laughed and smiled, only to notice that as you said that; his smiled faded for a moment before he smiled again.

“…Y…yeah, I definitely will! I’ll make sure that I’ll be the best escort you’ve ever had _____~!”

He said, as he began to laugh.

But as you and him spent the party and the night together, you noticed that his expression saddened more and more; as the party was going to end soon. You didn’t know why he was acting this way, but eventually you had to confront him.

“Seven? Is something wrong? You’ve been looking rather sad…”

You said, looking at him as the two of you danced on the dance floor. Again, he was looking in the distance, holding onto you tightly as if you were going to disappear.

“H…Huh? N…No, I’m fine!”

He said, looking at you before giving you another reassuring smile.

“…Luciel… please, tell me what’s wrong.”

You stop dancing, and so does he. The ‘smile’ he had on his face fades once again, as he looks at you in the eyes. Before you know it, there’s tears falling from his eyes and he’s holding you close, his body shaking slightly. His head is buried in the crook of your neck as you hold him close to you also, as you hear him whisper softly:

“Every time… This happens every time… Everyone forgets… but me…

And you… always move on… you always forget _____…

Why… why does this have to happen to me? 

I finally get to have you as my lover and… now…

I can’t do this anymore… I can’t… I can’t lose you _____…

I love you too much… please don’t leave me.”

You end up leading him outside to one of the balconies as he continues to break down crying, as you don’t leave his side. You try to reassure him that you will never leave him, and that you’ll always be his lover no matter what. You take off his glasses and wipe his tears away before kissing him on the lips, as he ends up deepening it and holding you close.

“_____… please… don’t forget about me. Please don’t forget about us…

Remember our first phone call… our first kiss… our first hug… our first time…

Remember this moment, remember that I’ll always love you and that I’ll always be there for you…

…Even after you love someone other than me. 

I… love you so much ______.”

You can’t help but tear up at his words, as you too start to cry. But you didn’t know why… it came on instinct…

But suddenly, you could feel yourself getting tired. Your vision was fading as you fell to the ground; Seven hovering over you.

“No! Please, don’t leave me! Please _____, don’t forget about me! Please…”

He cried out, tears falling on your face.

“Seven… I… love you too… I won’t… forget you…”

You whisper, but he shakes his head.

“It’s too late… the game will reset now… It will all… go back to the beginning. You won’t remember this. Only I will… like I’ve always had.”

He cries, as you reach out to caress his face one last time.

“Goodbye… _____. I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

You close your eyes as he closes his own and kisses you for the last time, as everything begins to rewind back to beginning…


You find yourself holding your phone, with tears streaming down your eyes. 

“What… happened…?”

You asked yourself, wiping the tears away.

“What… was I doing just now?”

You looked down at your phone, seeing a new app installed.

“Oh… that’s right! I found a new app that I wanted to use.”

“But… why do I feel like… something’s…


The thought was then disregarded as you opened the application, as the new game began to start.

But Seven remembered, as he sat in his chair holding the phone; tears streaming down his face. He knew that the game reset itself and deleted his route, and that you would go on to another route.

…And that again…

…You would love someone, other than him.

this post will consist of more general tips than how to, for instance, study intensively. i’ve linked some other helpful masterposts that’ll cover that more in depth than i will. good luck in all of your classes! you can do it!

there’s always gotta be that one class that’s harder than the rest to beat and maybe even harder just to pass. here are some tips and tricks that i hope can get you by and even exceed your expectations!

the night before:

  • review any and all material taught before your next class. skim over older notes that you have reviewed more in depth before and really begin to understand the ones from last class or a few before that. 
    • you can do this by rewriting the notes from the previous class, making flashcards of definitions, or do whatever suits your studying style like walking around and reading notes aloud or making a mind map.
  • pack your bag! this is a general tip for all your school days but it’s important that you don’t forget anything for this class. one day without your notebook or binder can really set you back.
  • get a lot of rest. again, another general tip but depending on how early or late in the day your class is, you’re going to want to be energized and focused. 

the morning of:

  • go through your normal routine with notes close by or flashcards in hand. it’s important for classes like these that you stay on top of things because things can move fast and you don’t want to be stuck on chapter one while the teacher is on chapter six.
    • a good way to implement this is read your notes while you’re eating breakfast or brushing your teeth. keep your mind active!
  • drink your tea or coffee, any boost will help. again, you’re going to want to stay focused and not asleep during this new lesson.
  • give yourself a pep talk! if the teacher is tough or lesson plan is seemingly impossible, let yourself know before you walk in the room that you can do it and everything will be okay.

during class:

  • stay diligent! if the time seems to be passing slower and slower try to remind yourself of what you need to be doing in that class. motivate yourself to keep going!
  • take thorough notes. write down as much as possible and if there are powerpoints online, print those out and write your notes next to it of what the teacher doesn’t mention on those slides. 
  • try to sit close to the middle, a little towards the front. if this is a class with an intimidating teacher, it’s understandable to stay away from the very front. just make sure that you’re in a place where you can pay close attention to what is going on. 

after class:

  • if you have any questions that didn’t get addressed in class, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher or a star student what something means or how it works. 
  • stay away from the material for a bit. take a break! you can study later, just don’t let this class consume you.
  • get in touch with a friend in the class to do the homework with so you both can have someone to help you out if you get stuck on a question.

when receiving a bad grade:

everyone is bound to get that less than satisfactory grade at least once every semester (unless they’re a literal genius) and you’ll definitely get your fair share in a tough class like this one. here are some tips for dealing with it:

  • know that you can come back from it. check your grades as they are now and make sure you show yourself that you’re not doomed.
  • talk to a friend who is in the same boat as you and gripe about the test or quiz. it really helps to vent!
  • go over questions you got wrong if you can and understand how to do them right for the next time around. 
    • if you can’t access the questions, review the material that the test focused on and go over any weak points. 

improving your grade:

  • start a study group! chances are you’re not the only one struggling and having two or more other people that can progress with you through the class can really help!
    • if you’re more of lone wolf, make your own fun! play some games with yourself to liven up the studying and set rewards!
  • talk to your teacher about what you can do. don’t be afraid to ask for help from them! if you’re really in a pickle, they’ll be able to tell you what you have to do to get yourself out.
  • do any and all extra credit even if it’s inconvenient or tough to do. 


how to study for a subject you hate by @llterature

mp of study skills by @schoollifeandstuff

how to start studying by @littleant-studies

I hope Holster and Ransom keep mistaking Jack and Bitty as really good friends because I want one of them to be jealous and constantly bring up Jack and Bitty and how great of friends they are

“Bro look at this. They call each other every night. Rans, why don’t you call me?”
“Holster, we share the same room!”
“Not good enough.”

“Dude, Bitty’s screensaver is a pic of him and Jack. Why am I not your screensaver, Ransom?”
“Dude, all of our pictures together are a mess. In about a third of them, we’re drunk of our asses and screaming. There’s spit on our mouths, it’s noticeable.”
“So, what you’re saying is, you don’t love me.”
“Goodnight, Holster.”
“Don’t ignore me, Rans. Rans? Ransom. Justin.”