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This post is for Stace stacylk whose birthday is today. I hope you have a wonderful day! Here is some Everlark to make you smile. :)

Dancing Everlark

“It’s Not Real” Everlark

“We Saved Each Other” Everlark

The Pearl Everlark

“Stay With Me” Everlark

Cave Kiss Everlark

Snow Kiss Everlark


“Shit’s About to get Real” Everlark

We Get to Go Home Everlark

Good-bye for Now Everlark

“Of Course We’ll Go Into This as One” Everlark

Awkward Everlark

Hugs Everlark

And last but not least…

“Always” Everlark

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I just want to thank you so much for giving me so many amazing memories on this tour. This past week has been amazing! I went to the Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday Los Angeles shows, San Digeo and Baton Rouge on this tour, and I’ve had the best time of my life. I’ve met so many amazing friends who I know I’ll have forever. And I got to watch you do what you love. Seeing your smile and how happy you are on that stage is my favorite thing in the world. Thank you for giving your all and then some on this tour, and every tour! I hope one day I can explain to you in person how much you’ve helped me in my life. Your music has been there for through good and bad times. And YOU have been there for me through good and bad times. Which is why you can ALWAYS count on me being with you through your good and bad times! (Me and many many others!) I can’t wait to watch the rest of the tour unfold on Twitter and through my friends who have shows coming up! I love you, more than you’ll ever know. And who knows, maybe next tour I can tell you I love you in person and give you the biggest hug ever as I say it! Thank you for everything. 💖 taylorswift

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Do you think Inu still waits for Kagome even if after three years she still can not go through the well?

I think he would always “wait” for her in the sense that he would always try to stay close to the things that reminds him of her, like the well and Goshinboku, so that he would always keep the memories of her close to him, no matter how much time passes. I think maybe he would always have a little bit of hope that she might come back one day, because really would love to have her by his side. From what we saw he really seemed lonely without Kagome, like if his other half was missing.

But at the same time, Kagome’s well-being is his first priority and knowing that she was safe in her time with her family and friends was enough for him. He learned to be more selfless and mature in three years, so I think if he had to live without her for good would be able to move on, but he would never ever forget her. That’s for sure. 

BTS Reaction to Morning Cuddles!!

Anonymous said: hahha I am sorry, I suck :’D For the morning cuddles can you do a reaction for bts? If you want to do the other ones(BTOB and Got7) you can, but if not I am cool with just BTS. Thanks and sorry again :)

No you don’t suck!!! It’s all alright!!! I’m sorry this took so long though!!

 I will be doing Bts for this request, but not btob because I’m not too familiar with them yet hehe. I hear they’re really good though!! As for got7, I don’t take reaction requests for got7. Here’s a link to my requesting guidelines: (x) I also don’t take BTS reaction requests anymore, but I decided to just write this, then be done.

(also, sorry that this is a bit shorter than when I make EXO reactions, I’m just not as familiar with BTS as I am with exo)

Kookie: In the morning, you took a moment to scoot closer to Jungkook, though you didn’t have to move too much, considering you were in his dorm room bed. The slight movement woke up Kookie, and he slowly turned to look down at you, cuddled on his chest. He was too tired to act upon it though, so he just went back to sleep.

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Taetae: He was actually the one to wake you up with cuddles, he snuggled up to the back of you and pulled you close. He then places a couple of kisses to the back of your head and whisper that he loves you before you both drift back off to sleep.

Originally posted by faedings

Jiminie: He would be a mix of Kookie and Tae, he wouldn’t really say anything, but he’d still pull you close to him and enjoy that you were cuddling with him. But because it’s morning, he’d fall back asleep immediately after you both get situated.

Originally posted by forjimin

Namjoon: He would lightly act upon the fact that you were cuddling into him. He’d move his arm so you could get closer, then relax again. He’d also wonder why you were coming so close, but he figured he’d ask you in the morning.

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Hobi: I think that Hope would be a lot like Jungkook. When he was woken by your movements he’d just look at you very very sleepily and go back to the position he was in, then fall back asleep.

Originally posted by koweans

Yoongi: Suga would sleep through it.. He wouldn’t notice at first, but later in the day when he woke up he’d notice that you weren’t in the same position as you were in last night when you fell asleep.

Originally posted by jinful

Seokjin: When you cuddle up to him, he’d say something dumb, like “…hi” or something like that. He’d probably stay up for a couple of minutes, just to enjoy the cuddles, but would go back to sleep

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I'm the anon who's still laughing and I laugh because other than being a good singer Zayn doesn't fulfill most requirements to be able to carry his own solo career. He was consistently the one slacking loads of promos and events since fetus days when he had 4 other people backing him up and he thinks he can do it all on his own now. Maybe the support of his fans is so great that he won't even be able to do any promo for himself at all, that's his only hope tbh.

and what you said about his recent behavior, especially online too, but that goes without saying. he’s just burning bridges behind him. currently he actually comes off like the kind of celebrities you would see in a reality show, which is maybe not a bad option for him after all. (still laughing anon)
I feel no entitlement towards Zayn whatsoever, I honestly don’t care will he succeed or not, he can be the biggest star in the world and I still wouldn’t care ‘cause I don’t listen to that kind of music he’s doing anyway. I’m just saying about his chances for managing a solo career based on what we’ve seen of him in One Direction and after he left. (still laughing)

Okay. Glad you’re in a good mood! ;)

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I don't know if that anon will even see this but I want them to know I understand being consumed by other people's addictions, and the past month I've attended my first "Al Anon" meetings which is a support group for people who have loved ones with addictions. It seems so far, like something that could be life changing. You can find meetings in almost any city/town... I think it would be a good start to learning how to deal and how to live your own life even if ur surrounded by addiction.

Posting publicly in hopes that the anon sees this. Thank you for having the heart that you do 😘


It had been had carrying the older boy all the way into the woods,
Aang even had to use some bending to help keep him up. But
finally, he found they were under enough cover and far enough
away that he felt comfortable setting the other down. He
supposed he’d just wait until the other woke up. Maybe Zuko
had decided he didn’t want to chase him after all, maybe he was
good now, that was why he saved him. Something inside Aang
knew that wasn’t true, but that didn’t change him from hoping.

“You know what the worse part about being born over a hundred
years ago is? I miss all the friends I use to hang out with. Before
the war started, I use to always hang out with my friend Kuzon.
The two of us? We’d get into so much trouble together, he was
one of the best friends I ever had, and he was from the Fire
Nation, just like you… If we knew each other back then, do you
think we could have been friends too?”

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hi! do you know of any other blogs like yours (phan-centered with a good tagging system and updates frequently)? you're the only phan blog i'm following atm because i can't find any other properly good ones like you :-/ thanks! xxx

first of all thank you!! i’m glad you like my blog and here are a few that you should check out because they sound like what you’re looking for:


hope your weekend is awesome!

*swings on a deadline rope like a tarzan of the freaking internet*


I think this troll is one of the best ones I have ever seen LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS OMG

I was originally going to make a huge amount of pretty and fancy outfits for her resprite but alas, my procrastination on the rest of my life caught up with me and many other life things happened at once. So I could only make a measly five sprites. I intend to make more later to amend this. But either way I think I did a good job.

I hope  Nacrre’s creator likes how I remade her adorable freckle child.

((also look at that spiffy red dress she totally want to impress her bae. amiright?? I’m totally right.))

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Write a poem about eating a really good meal :)

I misread that post, misunderstood, misconceived
I took that the poetry would be from others to me, so fake deep,
So I’m writing in italics and hoping it would suffice as a stanza without grief
Upon a meal that I neglected yet cherished in peace

I actually thought it said you guys would be the ones sending poems, ops

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Hi... I hope I'm not too late to make my request? I've been thinking about it a lot and I keep coming back to one thing: Friendship fluff and shenanigans with Leon and Arthur. I HC them to be genuinely good friends who enjoy intellectual discourse and lots of teasing, both of each other and of others (especially Frey) mingled with a, er, "healthy appreciation of women". :P So. if that would be okay, just something silly and fun with them being friends?

Sorry this took so long D:Hope you like it :)

Leon&Arthur friendship with a cameo from Frey


“Just listen–”


“Come on, I promise–”


Leon sighed, though a smile tugged at the edge of his lips as he leaned back in his chair, staring at Arthur, who stood behind his desk.

“You’re no fun.”

Frey peeked in then, and looked between the two.

“What’s up?” she asked. Leon’s smile widened when Arthur gave him a warning glare.

“Arthur won’t tell me who is favorite girl is,” he whined.

“Woman,” Arthur corrected, “Not just that, friends. Famous people we have no chance of meeting is fine, but how could I say something like that and then… face them?” Arthur’s face turned pink and Leon chuckled.

Frey frowned at them, and Leon elaborated.

“I asked him who, out of everyone in the village, has the most attractive body. It’s an innocent question.”

Arthur rolled his eyes.

“Nothing about you is innocent.”

Leon gave him a wolfish grin.

“Come on, just say it. Is it Amber? She’s cute, huh? You love cute stuff.”

“Shut up.”

“Okay, how about Margaret? The ears, maybe?”

“I’m not doing this.”


Frey placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.

“Don’t drag me into this, you perverts,” she protested at the same time Arthur said, “Stop!”

Leon sighed exaggeratedly, though his grin widened.

“Come on, who?”

“Granny Blossom,” Arthur snapped. Leon and Frey burst into laughter even as Arthur’s cheeks turned darker.

“Arthur–” Leon started.

“Porcoline.” This time Arthur didn’t even raise his head from the papers he was organizing on his desk. This cued more snickering.

“No, but really–”


Frey shook her head and slipped out with a small wave, which went mostly unnoticed since Leon tossed his head back in a laugh and Arthur was trying fruitlessly to focus on his work.

Finally Leon fell silent and Arthur looked up at him.


Leon shrugged.

“At least I’m open about it.”

Arthur rolled his eyes.

“Yes, thank the gods for that.”

Leon just grinned and Arthur shook his head, attempting to turn back to his work without any hope of actually finishing it.

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all these stories are making me feel nostalgic so i thought i'd share about the last boy i had a crush on. in jr year of hs i got sat next to this boy in american history and we ended up becoming really close friends and i thought he was rlly cute he played football and was rlly sweet and we always teased each other and one day he took my notebook from me and was writing in it and when he gave it back he'd written (his name) loves you and i was !!! but i moved away b4 anything could happen w/ us




An elf (from the Old English ælf, elf, ylve, etc.) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. Early elves, whose description depends almost entirely on Norse mythology texts, were a race of beings with magical skills, ambivalent towards humans and capable of either helping or hindering them. But Christianized societies were viewing elves in increasingly sinister light. In Anglo-Saxon England as early as the 10th century, Old English medical books attest to elves afflicting humans and livestock by “elf-shots”. The German elf or alp was seen as an “addler” of people in medical books, but already in the High Middle Ages there were prayers warding against it as the agent causing nightmares, and eventually for the alp its identity as nightmare spirits became predominant.

27 Signs of A Good Relationship

We’ve all asked ourselves the same question at least once in our life: “Is this relationship going the way I want it to?” Finding someone unique, someone who stands head and shoulders above all those who came before can be an exciting prospect. It’s all too easy to cling to the hope that the special someone you’ve been seeing is actually the one you’ve been looking for, and sometimes it is necessary to think logically about what that person offers, and how both partners behave when in each other’s company. Here are 30 signs of a good relationship.

#1 You can be yourself

In daily life, we put up walls to block out the people around us, and it can be difficult to let our guard down once we find someone we genuinely want to spend time with. Often, relationship woes are the result of this internal struggle. Being yourself is one of the toughest things to do- not only in relationships but in everyday situations. We sabotage our own chances of relationship success when we shy away from being ourselves, and the mark of a great relationship is one in which both partners don’t even feel the need to alter anything about themselves.

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Unfortunate News

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are.
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to call upon the kindness of others. More so considering I’ve asked way too goddamn much as it is. But I regret to say we’re being evicted from our current home.
Essentially we’ll be homeless. No “what ifs” no “We can barely make it one more month for something”

We originally had till the end of this month, but we managed to get an extra 10 day extension to organize a EVERYTHING MUST FUCKING GO yard sale.
We’re selling pretty much all our furniture and appliances just to muster up enough money to move out and find a temporary place to stay till we can find the means to get back on our feet.

I’m so angry that everything ended up like this regardless of the outpouring support from my friends, family, and people who happen to like my work.
My father earlier/middle of this month actually was supposed to have a job! He was called, interviewed, and even had a contract signed by him and his future employers! We were happy! things started to finally turn around for the better. We were even confident enough that we took a title loan ($800) on our  only car  we have left to get the money to have my dad drive to his training for this job!
Not even two days after my dad comes home, he receives an email saying  “Sorry, but we’re thinking of going into a different direction”.
In short: They backed out on us. He does not have one. We thought this was a 100% sure thing and we didn’t even consider  making plans to move out because we thought we had this.
So here we are, too late to find anything new. No new leads that would benefit us today or any time soon.
We have plans but we unfortunately will not be able to put them into motion in time to keep us with a roof over our heads.

I don’t know the exact days of our yard sale yet. I’ll post them here as soon as I know. We live in the Rossville Georgia area.  Just in case anyone was wondering where I currently live.

I’m hoping the Yard Sale and what we can throw up on Craigslist/Ebay will be enough for a moderate/small moving van and enough funds for my family to find a place to stay for the time we need. (We’re praying for something close to 2k, so we can pay off the title loan so our only car isn’t repo’d)

I’m not making this post for me. I’m making this for my family who desperately need help so they’re not living straight out of our car with no means to go anywhere.
I’m not worried about myself. I’m fortunate enough to have my best friend GK take me into her and her mom’s house for several months so I’m not adding to the cost of living for my family. (I plan on opening up commissions/a redbubble store as soon as I’m settled in)

I’m sorry to even have to post this kind of thing again. I had honestly thought I wouldn’t have to do this and that we’d be slowly paying back the money we owe people. Every. Single. Dime of what we gathered from Gofundme went to bills, attempting to pay back rent, and the most bare minimum of food so we could afford to keep stuff on like water and electricity.

I hate that I’m pretty much known to be “the girl who begs a lot” but right now I don’t give a fuck about my reputation. I give a fuck about my family not having a place to stay in the coming months.

You’re not required, but I would greatly appreciate some help if the Yard Sale/Craigslist/Ebay route ends up being less than what we expected.
I’ve set up a donation button on the side bar of my tumblr. I’ll even leave a link to my mother’s pay pal here. (joan@consultant.com)
None of this is going to me in any way. I didn’t link to the gofundme site since we need help sooner rather than later and gofundme takes a % of the donations and deposits it on a weekly basis.

With that said, I’m going to be pretty MIA for the coming weeks, but I’ll keep you guys posted on when the yard sale takes place so we can hopefully get some success from there.

   Dear artists and writers from Tumblr,

   I, in the name of the Fairy Tail Fandom, want to THANK YOU for literally everything you do for us, for all the fanarts that we receive and all the fanfictions that we read. We really appreciate all you work and hope you all have a woderful day and don’t forget to stay healthy, eat well and smile every day. We love you and I am really sorry for this… not-so-good drawing and hope you don’t mind my messy drawing style. We love you and wish you the best!

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   And I am sure thereare many more artists and writers [actually I tagged only one because it’t the only fanfiction blog I red on Tumblr Q^Q] that I missed and I am really sorry. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAG OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT IN THE TAGS AND FEEL FREE TO ADD YOURSELF IF YOU ARE A FAIRY TAIL FANARTIST OR FANFICTION WRITER. Also cosplayers, GIF makers, editors, everyone is free to add because you work a lot for this fandom and deserve a big THANK YOU!


so i love the italian!remus AU but u know whats also fucking cute????? remus being SPANISH

i apologize in advance for all the clichés and stereotypes and mistakes!!!!

  • so remus’ mother, hope lupin (or her full name Esperanza Maria Fernanda Martinez Lupin) met lyall lupin guess when?? When he was on his graduation trip to barcelona
  • (also side note ‘esperanza’ means ‘hope’ in spanish. Yes, i know, my spanish skills are awesome. maybe i used translater for this who knows)
  • anyways, esperanza and lyall’s love was great and they even had long distance relationahip for 2 years but one day lyall was like ENOUGH!! MOTHER, FATHER, IM MOVIN TO BARCELONA
  • he moved to barcelona
  • and he married Essie (they totaly gave each other dorky nicknames) and then they were like ‘wtf we are 20 years old u know what sounds like great idea??? Traveling the world!!
  • meanwhile in good old england, mr. and mrs. lupin are going crazy bc not only young married but now world trip??? Honestly teens these days
  • and they travel the world and remus is born and they are not v rich but they visit the wildest places like villages in tibet and amazon forest and they are the cutest lil family in the world
  • but what’s life without drama and just when they were visiting lyall’s parents, 7 years old remus is attacked by greyback and they cant travel anymore and god, their niñito is bitten and he is so so young
  • damn i didnt plan this to turn into lyall&hope post, focus lara focus
  • fast forward 4 years ~ remus is 11 and he is accepted to hogwarts and this is magnifico!
  • little remus getting howler from his grandparents from barcelona and they are basically screaming 'congratulations we dont know what the fuck does a griffin whore mean but we are glad you made it in there!!!!!’
  • but they are screaming talking in spanish so nobody else in the great hall understands what they are yelling about
  • everybody is like 'ah poor lupin kid, first week and he is already getting howlers’ but then remus starts laughing bc awww his grandparents are great and everybody else is like 'he is laughing at howler??? dis kid is hardcore’
  • little remus being so so sad for first 3 weeks bc what do you mean tv doesnt work in hogwarts?? how will i watch doña barbara then??????
  • marauders making fun of him for years bc 'how can you watch telenovelas oh my god’ but then in fifth year remus smuggles tv in school and it takes him two weeks to tune tv in with magic so it can work properly
  • and then he sits marauders infront of tv and makes them watch all 191 episodes of doña barbara
  • for first 10 episodes they are like wtf is this crap but it’s not long until you can hear sirius and peter having vicious fights in th great hall
  • in background you can hear remus cackling
  • esperanza lupin sending remus howlers and telling him about the latest telenovelas she’s been watching
  • james starts to obsessively watch said telenovelas and by the end of sixth year him and mrs. lupin are practically pen pals and 'did you knOW THAT LUCREZIA IS PEDRO’S MOTHER!!!!’
  • remus being awfully good dancer and all gryffindors being shocked by it
  • he is usually so clumsy so everybody kinda expected him to suck at dancing
  • but then there’s 5th year halloween ball and remus teaches all boys how to dance tango so gryffindors can swoon their ladies
  • frank longbottom being crazy talented tango dancer, and although he and alice looked cute dancing, there is nothing more spectacular than remus and frank dancing tango
  • james being crap at dancing and he is like 'tf this moves are so hard to get- pads are you even listening to me’ 'DID YOU SEE MOONY’S HIPS WHEN HE DANCES THIS IS PRACTICALLY PORN!!!!’
  • remus being white as milk during the whole year bc it’s a werewolf thing but every september he comes to school after summer in spain TANNED AF and everybody is so jealous
  • sirius cant even look at him bc those stupid freckles and that stupid curly hair and his chocolate dark hands. poor pads
  • remus swearing in spanish
  • marauders dont understand a single word he is saying but they know by his tone if he is talking nicely or talking crap
  • and then in 7th year (after becoming an expert in telenovelas, and therefore, in spanish) James asks remus if his hair is looking good and remus says in sweetest voice 'su cabello se ve como una mierda’ and james is already saying thanks but WAIT! DID HE JUST TELL HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP?????
  • turns out for 6 whole fucking years when remus was using his nice voice he was actually insulting them that little shit
  • after this sirius was like aww hell no remus gonna to insult them NO MORE
  • seventh year winter holidays, marauders are celebrating christmas with the lupins and to remus’ complete horror esperanza and lyall are teaching sirius, james and peter how to swear in spanish
  • lyall is making word cards, essie is grading marauders’ spanish-swear tests
  • essie: james im very disappointed, you only had 85.7% of answers correct. I guess we’ll have to do a rebelde marathon. *james being so happy bc yes rebelde marathon!! With mrs essie!!!!* peter the only thing you learned how to say is kiss my ass. *peter yelling 'vete e la mierda’ proudly* but what im absolutely shocked about is that SIRIUS BLACK GOT ALL ANSWERS COFRECT
  • essie giving sirius a SSS (spanish swear student) diplome and lyall filming it all and you can hear remus screaming 'MAMA WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS STOP PER FAVOR PER FAVOR’
  • essie whispers something in sirius ear and suddenly sirius is blushing red like a tomato
  • she gives him the look and sirius sighs dramatically and takes a deep breath and screams 'remus this is all your mum’s fault’
  • and then he grabs moony and they are kissing and everybody is going crazy because fucking finally
  • but lyall is so angry and he is glaring at essie
  • and things get kinda awkward and remus is like 'dad do you have problem with me and sirius being together’
  • and lyall roars 'YES I BLOODY DO and just for the record your mother is a CHEATER and now i owe her TEN GALLEONS and why couldnt you TWO KISS ON NEW YEARS EVE BUT NO NO ESSIE HAD TO WIN AND YOU JUST HAD TO KISS ON BLOODY CHRISTMAS’
  • it was the best christmas in ther lives
  • tbh spanish remus is all i need

A single star may not cast much light on it’s own, but with others, they can shine brighter

The moon may be the brightest, but the stars will still shine when the moon is not there

All together though, that is when they spread the most light

Nine million people, everyone. That sure is a lot to take in. Nine million people who have gathered around one simple man who plays video games and makes a doof of himself for our enjoyment.

We have so many people here who are willing to better the world around them Just look at how much money we have collectively raised for charity. Just imagine how much better nine million people can make the world, through simple actions and words. We can do so much good together if we put our minds to it. One person spreading a little love may seem insignificant, but with nine million people? The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to everyone new, I hope this community welcomes you with open arms like it has done for me and many others. If you are new and feel like you don’t know anybody, there are so many people who I know would love to meet you, all you have to do is start talking to us. 

I hope we will continue to push ourselves to be better people and spread more love to each other. I love you all, and I believe in you