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In light of the mountain full of ego built upon a heap of trash that’s currently at work in Washington, I thought folks might appreciate some of my tag collections for a few moments’ respite.


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ladies and gentlemen I present to you: the ocean

the night is dark and full of pterosaurs

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I for one welcome our new cephalopod overlords

ocean of blood

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I have some other good ones but I thought you might like a few of these for now. Be aware that some of the people under ‘awesome’ are awesome because they stood up to/fought people, regimes, and general shit that may be disturbing or triggering; you have my apologies in advance for that.

Only One On My Mind

Hey guys!!!!! This is a present for a very special friend of mine! And since it’s her birthday, @mikanseidest, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYL!!!! <3 I really hope you love this! <3 And to everyone else on here who reads this, thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy this too! <3 OH YEAH! I have to thank @rubyleaf, for proof reading this for me and making it better! So thank you too my friend! <3

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Mahiru sighed, stared at his phone, and glanced around the party, feeling a little bit lonely. It was his eighteenth birthday, and his friends were nice enough to throw the greatest party the teen has ever seen. However, there was one thing missing, and that thing was his partner and lover, Kuro. The Servamp had said he wasn’t feeling very good, and even though Mahiru wanted to stay home with him, the other pushed him out of their apartment and told him to have fun before slamming the door in his face. Glancing at his phone again, Mahiru still hadn’t gotten a text back from the lazy vampire, so with a groan he shoved the device back in his pocket, and moved towards the area where Lily was making drinks, non alcoholic of course, and sat down on the stools.

“What’s wrong, Mahiru? You look concerned? Here, have a cherry limeade,” Lily offered, shaking the drink up, before pouring it for the sullen teen. Taking the drink, Mahiru took a sip and smiled lightly as the sweet taste filled his mouth. Lily was really good at this. Giving the blond a smile, Mahiru turned on the stool and looked over the party. Literally everyone was there. Sakuya and Tsubaki were…dancing? On the dance floor…even though it looked more like they were fighting. Misono and Tetsu were talking in the corner, and the smaller boy had a blush on his face while they talked, Hugh was chatting with The Mother and World End, Tsurugi and Mikuni were arguing again…while Jeje looked ready to point guns at their heads, and Hyde and Licht were sitting on the couch, and when Mahiru noticed them kiss, he blushed and looked back at Lily. “Don’t mind them! Tell me, what’s wrong?”

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Coffee Cup (Dongwoon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: could you pleeeeease make dongwoon scenario? like pleeease 😝

You would smile lightly as you looked up from the cup to the man in front of you. “Dongwoon?” you say as he nodded “I’ll have your drink ready for you shortly” you tell him as he smiled “thank you” he says.

Every time he came in whether he was with the boys or not. He offered you a precious smile and would send you looks. You often hoped you weren’t picking up false signals. “Do you want the same?” you asked him as he nodded “alright. I’ll be sure to make it really good for you” you tell him as he chuckles heading back to his friends. “You were really checking her out” Doojoon says loudly as Dongwoon quickly shot him a look. “Can you keep it down” Dongwoon spoke as the other members started teasing him.

You looked up as you could see one of the others smiling at you. You looked back down as you grabbed your sharpie as you quickly wrote down a few things onto his cup. “Dongwoon” you called out as Dongwoon shot out of his seat and headed over. “Thank you” he says softly taking the cup from you. You touched his hand lightly “have a good day” you tell him as he stared at you for a moment before smiling. “Don’t worry I will” he promised as he headed back to his friends.

He gave you a look before they left. When they were walking back to the studio Yoseob grabbed his hand holding the cup “what?” he asked. “Dude she gave you her number” Yoseob spoke as Dongwoon quickly lifted it up “Y/N” he says softly with a smile. “You look like you’re going to explode” Kikwang says as Dongwoon chuckles “I’ve been wanting her number for awhile” he told his elder. 

Little Dragon

Was it requested: Yup! Find it here!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

 Robb Stark/Targaryen!reader

Your gran will burn my house down.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of abuse, non-smutty bed sharing, marrying to get out of bad situations, etc. Kinda just be on the look-out with this one. 

Summary: [the requests itself]  Hey I know you’re probably busy doing other peoples imagines but I was wondering when you finish if you wouldn’t mind doing a robb stark imagine like where the reader is daenerys little sister but Robert baratheon had captured here during the rebellion so Robb meets her when Robert comes to ask Ned to be hand of the king. Since he hates targaryens so much he’s just really mean to her but Robb gets protective of her. Sorry if it’s confusing love but you’re imagines are so good I hope you can doi 

Author’s Note: This one’s a bit long, 2000 or so words. Also, I think I strayed a little too far from the original request, so yike, I hate myself. 

Tagging: @tinaruthbelcher @lj-laufeypevensieweasley @evyiione @dont-hate-relate-pls 

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xxsunshineshowersxx  asked:

(I think I may have sent an unfinished version of this but if so, oops! Sorry darling!) Ok, I am the girl with gay-joke friend problem. I wanted to give you an update! All good now, told my friends how I felt. 1 friend (The one I knew the longest and considered her as my sister) broke up with me. The other sticker by my side but we don't talk much. I also wanted to say, thanks. You comforted me! ((I also wanted to say, Mun you comforted me through Jyushi. So thanks!!!)) ILYYYY MUN AND JYUSHI!!!

I really hope you’ll be okay!! Congrats for sticking up for yourself!! =D

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"I AM NOT CUTE GODDAMN IT I AM INTIMIDATING." with minho, thank you!! 💕

sidenote: I used another established relationships prompt: ‘I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. xo’. I hope that’s okay!

hitman! mino x hitwoman! rival reader

‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. XO’

The note reads.

She smiles at his handwriting, free with a certain artistic touch to it. They were never one to exchange notes. Always getting a hold of each other through earpieces and special codes, a kind of intimate language they both created as a means of survival within the nature of their work.  

The smile on her face grows bigger at the sight of water guns, in an array of bright colours and features of their own leaving her to wonder when on earth Minho had the chance to get the toy guns. They were placed in a row over their empty front porch, adding signs of life to the place ever since they moved in just a week ago.

The first time she met Minho, she would have never believed it that in years’ time they would be civil towards each other. You know, not pull out a gun and try to kill the other whenever they meet.

Let alone move in together and settle down in the suburbs, in some far away country where no one knows them and what they do for a living. At least for just a couple years until someone that shared bad blood tracks them down, then the process would repeat.

Minho wasn’t keen on the idea, wanting to keep things terribly casual and not have any strings attached. She felt the same until one night he took out a bullet for her, shooting another gunman assigned to the same mission. They both lost the job then, and it took him forever to admit that it wasn’t just some kind of godsend miracle that he had a change of heart and saved her instead.  

She chooses a simple gun, neon green with an orange muzzle, pocket sized and nothing too fancy like the others he had laid out for her. Minho probably went for a gigantic super soaker, feature packed with all sorts of foam darts and whatnot. He had always been too much for certain things despite being stone cold at first glance.

She toes off her heels by the base of their front staircase and shrugs off her coat. Everything is deathly still, too quiet and her eyes jump to the odd corners of their house, wondering which camera he’s looking through. A sly smile tugs her mouth, deciding on the one just above the kitchen doorway and gives it a soft wink. She can already hear that deep laugh of his, tongue in cheek, whenever she challenges him this way.

Thoroughly scanning for blind spots, she knows she’s nowhere to be seen on any of the cameras as she makes her way carefully to the back garden. The late afternoon sun feels warm against her bare feet, her steps light and quick against the wooden deck. With her back still glued to the wall, she faces the freshly mowed lawn (by Minho), no plants yet just tall hedges that lined the white picket fence.

Minho isn’t hard to miss. He’s tall, broad and loud (something she learned long into their relationship). Yet he’s not in her line of sight, and he’s clever enough not to pick the garden as his base when it’s too vast, too visible.

Until a cold squirt of water hits the side of her cheeks followed by a hearty laugh she knows too well, perhaps she shouldn’t have underestimated him.

Minho appears from out of the blue, standing by open screen door with a handsome smile. He’s still in his suit and loose tie, sans the jacket.

Sure enough, her predictions proved to be correct. He’s holding a hefty, bright gun, almost the size of an infant baby.

“You’re so cute.” She scoffs, staring at him expectantly because she knows Minho absolutely hates it when she calls him this.

Pressing a terribly tight smile, he clicks his jaw. “I am not cute goddamn it. I’m intimidating, thank you very much.”

She rolls her eyes in return.

Minho sees her weapon of choice and snorts.

“Oh, come on, have a little bit of fun.” He taunts, tone teasing.

His previous attack left her top half drenched, water still trickling from her neck and down her chest.

“Why do you always have to be such an asshole?” She narrows her eyes to a frown, one hand clutching her tiny gun that she now aimed at him. “This may be small compared to your obnoxious, stupid gun but I can take you out with a single shot, you know that, Song.”

“Oh?” Minho cocks a brow, surely reminiscing the one time she threatened him and shot a perfect score on a dartboard over his head with her eyes still locked on him. Honestly, it’s nothing to brag about when Minho could do the same with his eyes closed.

But still.

Another stream of water flies out from one of the muzzles on his ridiculous Nerf, this time hitting her right on the chest.

Minho is in his own fit of hilarity as she remains unresponsive while the continuous stream of water sprays her senseless. It didn’t help when she proceeds to shoot him back with a measly squirt, leaving Minho to collapse with a roar of laughter.

“You made me all wet!” She screeches, going down on the floor as she repeatedly sprayed him with whatever is left of her useless gun.

“And I didn’t even touch you.” Minho grins smugly, stealing a daring glance at her from under his arm, shielding himself from her wrath.

“You’re dead!”

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Has saniwa given or lent anyone a fidget cube or spinner? I think they may be able to help toudans who are still kind of affected by their past and all, or are there any other ways to cope? Hope everyone will get lots of snuggles ;w;

Otegine is the only toudan who has a fidget spinner and it has helped his anxiety immensely. Sayo plays with it when he thinks no one is looking but course pretends he isn’t interested. Souza asked taishou to get one for his little brother anyway and I think she put the order in for our next delivery. I hope it helps soothe Sayo the way it has helped Otegine.

Though I’m not a therapist I keep my lab door open for anyone who wants to talk something through. Taishou also has an open door policy, as does Ishikirimaru and Ichinii. And Tonbokiri has proven to be a very good friend for Otegine. He’ll stay with the other yari whenever there’s a bad storm and offer his quiet support.

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Habit in a relationship hcs?

Have never seen the series but i hope this is good!

- Likes to possess them. It makes him feel like they are one person.

- Since he cant see them in public he will constantly send them texts

- If they dont reply fast enough he will possess someone near them and ask what gives.

- Has others watch out for the person to keep them safe. this might make them paranoid though.

- They suddenly find that anyone who is giving them issues disappears. They might become a suspect but nothing will come of it.

- He will try to find out what they are attracted to and try to find a person to be the perfect shell for him.

- He is asexual 

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Can you write a jayxevie one shot where they are both single during Valentine's Day and mal and Carlos are with who they are currently seeing so jay and evie hang out together cause they have no one else to hang out with. Thank you

Note: it might be not that good because i had a writer block which made it difficult for me to write it, i tried though hope you like it! One day i will totally re-write it.

Valentines day, a day that couples celebrate their love giving each other boxes full of chocolate,teddy bears holding a heart and other expensive gifts.

Jay squished his eyes from the sight of chad buying Audrey a new iPhone 7 along with an expensive bag? Chanel? Evie would probably know anyways they were stuff that Audrey could buy on her own.

‘What an idiot’ he thought and shake his head walking away from the scene.

Valentines day was never special on the isle,everyone actually made fun of it since it’s a celebration that only the stupid auradonians celebrated about ‘true love’ and similar bullshit.

As jay walked through the schools halls, he found in a bench his childhood blue haired friend sitting with a sad look drawn on her face.

He walked closer to her placing his hand on her shoulder earning a look from her “oh hey jay” the female spoke and returned back to the sad phase.

'Oh hey jay?’ Something was going completely wrong, evie would never greet him like this usually she always put up a smile. Could it be that the girl was sad because she didn’t have a date on valentines day?.

“Evie” the boy said and sat next to her “what happened?” He decided to ask, it would be rude to ask her if it bugged her about not having a date.

“Well…"the girl trailed off” i don’t have anyone on valentines day, since i broke up with doug i was obsessed with my work that made me forget completely for valentines day".

Jay bite his lip it, he wasn’t the best in such things the truth being that he was so caught up being the captain of many teams but also he never found a girl in auradon that attracted him much.

“Well why aren’t you with mal, i remember you two spending valentines day with you basically dragging her around at pubs flirting with unknown guys”.

Evie sighed “ mal is with ben you silly i even helped her plan the dinner and pick a dress! I must say that ben will be pleased”.

“I understand well Carlos took Jane to the movies and after they will probably go eat to a pizzeria, so i am all alone too”.

Evie just nod her head, she really didn’t had the desire to speak it was the first valentines in Auradon and she imagined it way different, not being alone.

“Evs i have an idea” the boy spoke making the girl look up to him “ would you like to spend the day with me?”.

The female blinked opening her mouth to speak but the taller male spoke again

“You know um like friends since we are both alone” he coughed and rubbed the back of his head with his hand feeling awkward.

“Of course!” The blue haired’s eyes glimmered.

The day was one of the best valentines days that Evie ever had thanks to her dear ex-thief friend jay.

First they changed into more comfortable,well Evie did wearing a dress she had designed for valentines day, it was a beautiful blue dress that went till her knees with a small lace bow on her waist.

After they went to Auradon’s luna park they had a great time going in every ride that was there made out from different fairytales.

Then jay won five different plushies, he would won her more but unfortunately they didn’t had where to put them.

And then sat in an ice cream parlor choosing their favorite ice cream flavors and chit chatting while eating in the end there was a small argument about who was gonna pay but jay won and paid for both of them.

It came the time that they had to say goodnight, as a gentleman jay walked Evie till her room door.

“Thank you so much jay for the wonderful evening, i had the best valentines day with you” the blue haired female said twirling a strand of her hair with her finger.

“Well im glad i cheered you up and gave you the best valentines day, at least we weren’t alone” the long haired boy chuckled.

“Well um i have to go inside to call mal seeing how he date with ben went you know she was nervous” evie moved her hand to open the now unlocked door.

Jay frowned a sad feeling rosed up inside him, he didn’t really know why; did a secret side of him want more than that?.

“Oh well okay goodnight, i will totally see you tommorow” the boy gave an awkward smile turning his back to go to the boys dorms.

As he walked he heard soft steps of high heels he turned around to find evie in front of him tip-toeing giving him a kiss on the lips.

“I had to thank you properly” the girl whispered and run back to her room leaving jay speechless, blinking trying to understand what just happened.


a short guide to Justin Oluransi

Bitty | JackLardo | Shitty

The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective

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karasuno has 4 first years split up and take all 4 of them then run, they can't catch all of you

good plan. nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan

first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!


I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b


Here comes a gift for @athousandblueshells​ !! (☞゚∀゚)☞ For the @iwaoiexchange​ 

Since you didn’t get a gift I jumped in to make you one! I decided to follow the matchmaker au prompt! My idea was kinda that Makki wanted to take Mattsun out on ~the perfect date~ to confess his feelings and asked iwaoi for help! So they’re not rly secret matchmakers but they fall in love with each other in the progress!! I hope think it’s ok! c:

As we all head into the next couple years with the Stormblood release, let’s try to do better. Let’s be nicer to each other, let’s try and actively encourage each other to keep in doing what we’re doing. I’m talking to you, FFXIV fandom. In light of all the negative things, the discourse, the fallouts and the arguments, let’s just chill out and try to have a good time. Try and be kind. I’m working on it, too, I promise.

I’ve noticed a few people here and there mentioning our fandom isn’t all that welcoming these days, and that makes me a little sad. My previous fandom was never good at it either. We shouldn’t be making people feel like they have to be godly at what they do, be it writing, editing, art, or literally /whatever/. Just being a positive part of the community should be enough.

So, work with me here, and encourage your friends, your followers, your mutuals, and whoever you might come across. Tell them they’re doing a good job, that you care. You never know who might need to see that message.

A little bit of positivity goes a long way.