i hope this is as good as the other one


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 894

Warnings: None

AN: Request by @percywinchester27: Hey sweetie!! Congrats on the milestone!!! I’d love to request some Dean fluff after the reader fractures both her elbow and knee on a hunt. I was in that shitty situation once, it sucks. Maybe that’s when they discover they love each other? Congrats again Sweetie! :*

(I hope you like it and thank you to @jalove-wecallhimdean as always)

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Hunting definitely took its toll on your body.  The latest hunt had landed you in bed at the bunker, sidelined from future hunts for at least the next 6 weeks.  You and the boys had been hunting a wendigo and you unfortunately became its play toy. One good smack and you bounced off the cave walls as if you were a rock skipping over water. This resulted in a fractured patella, elbow, and a concussion of epic proportions. The only good thing about your current predicament was you were being waited on hand and foot by the boys.

Sam had hooked up the projector to your laptop in your bedroom so you would be able to watch Netflix movies comfortably. He had also managed to hook up a mini fridge next to your bed to keep plenty of drinks inside for you. Dean had taken to cooking and bringing you all of your favorite meals, keeping you company when you were becoming bored, making sure you took your pain meds, and snuggling with you to make sure you could sleep comfortably.

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late night ask :3 can you do one where the rfa V and saeran have insomnia and mc comforts them? (or the other way around... your choice... both¿)

Near the end you can totally tell that I got off track.I hope this is good enough!!!~Madre Mod


You knew this

he fully dedicated a quarter if not more of his life to LOLOL

so that means no sleep

but if he does, its at least 3 hours until he has to wake up for school

You have to drag his cute ass to bed

“Yoosung it’s 3 in the morning. You ARE going to bed.”

You kinda force his head into your chest and hold him there until he sleeps

you do this every night

your soft breathing and smol snores lull him to sleep

sometimes he doesn’t sleep just so he can see your sleeping face


He has noticed that you come to bed real late

like you think hes sleep when you go to bed

but hes not

he wants to know what time you ACTUALLY come to bed and sleep

its 3 in the morning

it’s been going on for a while so he has jaehee to research it a little bit

turns out you have insomnia


He sits there and think of ways to help you sleep better

he totally didn’t buy a more comfortable bed and pillows what do you mean??

they feel amazing though

He pays attention to what you eat and drink so you can have a good nights sleep he will even read to you if you asked him too

he does it

and you fell asleep while he was reading and he has sooooo many blurry pictures of you


this man goes to sleep at 9 pm sharp to get enough of his beauty sleep

you on the other hand kinda just

dont sleep???

you highkey dispise how zen can fall asleep so easily

you think he doesn’t know that you don’t sleep at a good time

but you can’t hide them bags under your eyes

zen sees them *eye emoji cause im on my computer*

So what does zen do about it???

He pulls you into his lap, your face buried in his chest, and rubs your back in small circles till you fall asleep

if that doesn’t work he will sing softly to you

sometimes one of the two works

if he is away he will give you a CD of him singing



you both stay up doing something

Jaehee is up doing work that jumin gave her

you tried to strangle him but jaehee said no

you’re kinda playing a game on your phone

but only because you can’t sleep

and the game is getting heated

honestly she will pick you up and drop you in the bed if its after 12 am

She did it once and you always payed attention to the time

she will stop her work if it means you will go to sleep at a normal time




You have insomnia

Saeyoung has agent work to do

Im sure he has insomnia too

but recently you both found out that you both have insomnia

and what do you do about it??


You both barely wake up at 6

you both wake up at 2

in the after noon

it’s safe to say that the time you two spend when you both are up

is pretty memorable

then you found out that listening to ‘How It’s Made’ videos makes you very tired

so when saeyoung is up late you take his headphones and have him listen to one of the videos

he was out in two episodes

and so was you


surprisingly it’s HIM who has insomnia

when he’s not able to sleep he watches you sleep

and he kinda touches you to see what gets a reaction from you

thats actually how you found out that he had insomnia

he was poking you and it woke you up, and when you looked at the time it was 4 in the morning

you just pulled him down next to you

and held him close

it was a peaceful moment


V kept peppering your face with kisses

he ruined the mood


Honestly with the shit he’s been through I would be surprised if he DIDNT have insomnia

he makes it a habit to come to your room and sit by your bed and watch you sleep

he found it peaceful 

only because that you choose him to be your boyfriend

and that you weren’t scared of him

but you found it kind of off putting

cause he stares at you

at one point you did wait until he came in the room to say

“Saeran, you know you can sleep next to me. If it makes you feel better.”

it took a while

but he did manage to man up a little and get in the bed with you

yes you both sleep in different rooms, saeran is slightly still in denial and thinks that he doesn’t deserves you

he found that sleeping with you is much better than sleeping on the couch

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What's the point of being someone who promotes positive energy and confidence within women? when you have thousands of girls asking where you got a piece of clothing and you respond to none. You obviously do what you do to make yourself feel good and clearly no one else. Really disappointed i really did look up Too you


i replied to so many people 

i dont respect people jumping to these STOOOOPID CONCLUSIONS

have u seen my dm’s


do u even know me


i freakin love to make other people feel good


the jumpsuit is from general pants



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what you think about the bee n puppycat stuff with the app and the US only stuff, imo it was bullshit for us outside of the US, and then they have the guts to ask to not watch it elsewhere.

i understand the pay to watch thing i mean, i guess they need money, i didnt know it wasnt available outside of the us though i rly hvent seen the new eps yet

for one part yea its good theyll get the monetary support that i think yt cant cover fully but on the other hand the lack of accessibility is rly gonna take a toll on the show bc it being free and easy to watch was a big factor in the pilot being successful so

hope the creators r doin good at least? its upsetting personally, i guess, but im trying to see why theyre doin all this

is it rly not available outside of the us though?? i havent tried purchasing the acct thing


Living the dream! Any meal with bacon is a good one.
Drinking water too. I’ve been slacking on that all week. Tonight the family is going to see the hip hop nutcracker so I’m keeping the points low because I have no idea what we’re having for dinner. Every year we see the Nutcracker or my daughter performs in it, so this year we decided to try a different version. Honestly I was kind of burnt out of the other one anyway. I hope you are all having a great day.

Talking, Laughing, Loving, and a Whole Lotta Gay

yay this one’s slightly longer i think idk whatever

Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B. @otpprompts


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Whoop, whoop it's me again with a fluffy request. Could you write something where Luna and Matteo are in a "secret" relationship and they think they're being super sneaky™ but really everyone knows and they're like: how did u know omg and everyone else is like:u are literally useless when the other is in the room and turn into a giggly mess Bonus points if they try to sneak away and she bumps against his chest and giggles

It has been ten thousand years!! (or something like that) and I’m so sorry, I hope it’s worth it, even a little, especially since this got derailed a little from the original prompt.

also this is inspired by @ac-ars simbar fic, in case you hadn’t noticed  

Nina is the first one to notice, not that they are very good or successful at hiding it or anything, in fact they are pretty lousy and terrible at it, it’s just that the immediate changes are minimal.

Luna and Matteo were living in a weird limbo in their relationship where they were obviously more than just friends but they weren’t something else either. They held hands, they saw each other everyday, talked to each other every night and did all this thing that were super couple-y without being an actual couple, so when they started to get all giggly every time they saw each other no one actually questioned, they just figured it was the next step in their weird non-relationship that moves at turtle pace (or maybe even slower, she is probably giving them too much credit) and move on with their lives.

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shipperandsinner  asked:

I really like the video you uploaded just now of you training basic obedience things with Sadie, when you get the time do you think you could make one of what a full training session with her would look like? Just cause I use basically just other people's training videos for reference as to what to train and I don't want to be doing anything wrong or missing anything 😅 no pressure tho I know life gets hectic, hope you're having a good day

Yeah can do. I have done a video on Alerts and DPT, as well as a gear video. And this video is low quality, but this is a more extended video of a basics videos

Finals week is over tomorrow so once I get moved in to my winter housing, I will film a full training session. Are there any other tasks that you would like to see done in-depth?

I-I know its not that good but Ever since I made my AU and Made my lil Ladybug, I couldn’t help but think, “Wouldn’t she get along nicely with other magic/nature related AU’s?” (her and her bro) So here ya go, I drew them all on one paper, cause I have no drawing tablet and I cant draw with a mouse, and this is my first time drawing the babs, so yeah, hope you enjoy! =3 :3 >=3 xD anyways, Thank you for being awesome, both you and @xxtheaufactoryxx , Thanks . QuQ

So i came out to two people yesterday and one of them is a little bit hesitant while the other one was like nah that makes sense and i am kind of hoping we room together next semester. But now i think my boss just text me, because i wanted to change my name in the system at least when i swipe in, and he asked what gender do i identify with and now i’m just sitting here like *anxiety* even though I know he is a good open minded guy.

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You are such a inspiration to me, your artwork breath taking, and I hope one day I make others feel the same. My question is, how to you get your motivation? I have trouble with it myself. And do you have any good tips for a beginner on portraits?

Hello there! I am TERRIBLY sorry for the late reply ;__;  There were days when I didn’t have time to answer, there were days when I forgot to do this and there were days I couldn’t get my thoughts together… Oh, I feel so bad :C I hope that my answer somehow make your waiting worth ^^’

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words! Random positive messages found in my inbox always make me happy ♥

I’ll start gloomy. When you wrote this message to me some time ago, I was having some kind of art block. It was different than the art blocks I had [just a couple] in my life. Usually it was a I wan’t to draw so bad, but I can’t, something restrains me feeling, this time it was I just don’t need to draw... I felt like my beloved hobby, my hobby that I practised for 14 years, meant nothing anymore to me. I felt helpless, ‘cause I wasn’t experienced to dealt with an art block like this one. Actually, I thought it isn’t an art block, but a definite end of my passion. Thankfully, I’m slowly getting over this awful feeling. I’ve started needing and enjoying drawing again. Now, let me explain you how I got the motivation, how to do it in general and some portrait tips for beginners.

Getting motivation

1. Try to feel good. When you’re irritated, stressed, it may have a bad affect on work. Of course some people find the source to create in their anger or sorrow, but negative feelings may as well make you unfocused or easily pissed off if your artwork won’t be coming along as you imagined, may make you feel in hurry, so sloppy, too. What to do to feel good? Get enough sleep, eat decent meal, perhaps a piece of chocolate [endorphins, u know], watch something positive on You Tube… Feeling good makes you more eager to do things and to deal with possible problems that may occur during drawing. Unless… you belong to this group of artists that are fuelled by negative emotions.

2. Find inspiration. Nothing makes more eager to paint or draw or sculpt than some decent inspiration! First of all, browse other people’s art! Viisit art pages, visit Pinterest [many people get pissed when they see their artworks posted there, me too, but still it’s a mine of inspiring ideas for, like, everything], check some videos at You Tube, read a book or some fan fic with your fav characters, go to art museum or art gallery, discuss some important topic with your friend, listen to the different type of music, visit a place you’ve never been to - not necessarily far away from your home. There is plenty of things, places and people that may inspire you. Inspiration for me is like an injection of motivation!

3. Go for a walk and take a sketchbook with you. This paragraph is kinda relatable to the previous one, but this one is more about practice. If the weather is nice, sit in a park and sketch passerby or the nature. If the weather is ugly, go to a cafe, order some tasty coffee or tea and sketch people that sit in the same cafe. Not only it’s a good practice to capture different poses, different faces, but these sketches might start as some base for some drawing or project of yours! Someone’s cool outfit may develop in new fashion designs or someone’s funny face can evolve in your new original character!

4. Use online generators. If you don’t have an inspiration, you lack ideas what to draw, use online generators. You may really sink into these pages if you like to draw OCs and your own places, worlds, universes! These generators were probably created mostly for writers, but it will definitely be profitable to take a look there. You can get a brief description of a character’s look,  personality or clothing, their background, abilities, as well as descriptions of locations, time, things and so on. Once you generate these, they might help you to construct your drawing!

5. In case of having some long-lasting art block and having unsuccessfully tried the tips above, force yourself to draw. But only a bit! Just take a piece of paper and a pencil one day and spend just a minute, no more, to draw the thing you notice: a plant, a cup, a mobile phone, a superhero figurine that stands on your desk… whatever. A messy, quick sketch, just to move your hand. Do it every few days. It may become a habit that encourages you to get back to art. That was the method I used to get back on track weeks ago.

Portrait drawing tips for beginners

Now, some general tips! Sorry for some randomness, you didn’t specify what technique you use…

1. Do not press a pencil hard. Shade with the pencil gently, except for drawing hair, but still, don’t press too much ‘cause the paper will get wavy.
2. Draw under decent light. Preferably in daylight, ‘cause when it’s dark and you use artificial light, graphite pencils or coloured pencils reflect light and the light changes colours.
3. When drawing from a reference picture, make sure it’s a big and sharp one. It allows to capture the proper resemblance of a person and copy all the details.
4. Make sure to clean hands before drawing and put some spare sheet of paper under your wrist to prevent the drawing from smudging.
5. Invest in some good art supplies. Remember good doesn’t have to mean expensive. It’s true the best art supplies usually aren’t affordable for beginners, but you can use cheaper pencils etc. Just google some art forums to get to know what people recommend.
6. When using graphite pencils, use different pencils [they should vary in softness/hardness] and draw a few layers to get smooth shading. Start with F or HB, then gradually use softer pencils with “B”.
7. When portraying, try to get the resemblance right. Here are some useful tips of mine, I hope.
8. Here are some tutorials I did, I also hope you find plenty of helpful tips: How to draw the mouth; How to draw noses; How to get the right proportions when drawing a portrait; how to draw hair
9. Eyes. They are the most important thing for me in a portrait as they determine the likeness. Apart from the things I mentioned in point 7, please remember to shade the eyeball. Eye is not a flat part of the body, it’s a ball. You can draw some small veins to make it more realistic and detailed. Also, don’t draw eyelashes straight from the eyeball, remember that there is a piece of skin between the eyeball and the line of eyelashes. What’s more, you shouldn’t draw eyes too close to one another or too far. Usually, the distance between eyes is a length of one eye [from a corner to another corner].
10. Draw the faces you like. It’s more likely you pay more attention to drawing your beloved family member or a friend or an actor you adore than some random unknown face. It will help you improve your skills faster. Once you improve, try to find some interesting and/or detailed photos and draw them as a challenge.

Okay, that’s all I guess. Your question was kinda general, so I responded with general advice - I hope that’s okay. If I wanted to write down all things I know, it’d be a book xD You see, actually, I run a blog with drawing tips in Polish, but there is so much info, that it’d take me one year to translate it all xD Hopefully, these tips above will suffice. However, if you have a particular problem, don’t hesitate to ask and tell in details, what you need to know.

One more time, thank you very much for your kind words and your patience. Good luck with drawing!

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How did Steven and the others get involved with the war/hunt?

I want to illustrate this with almost cool drawings, wait for it yall! But I might follow some canon Xros Wars stuff so, nothing that spoiler-y~ just have to adapt some things :3c

Christmas Wishlist? http://a.co/h64AUMY

Not that I would ever want to obligate anyone to anything but I’ve seen other people share some in case anyone wanted to get them a little something for the holidays. So I pulled all the cheapest items on my amazon wishlists onto one of their own.

BUT YEAH, I hope everyone is having a good December so far. I’m currently trying to recover from horrific food poisoning, or a stomach virus, or something I don’t even know man. When my head stops spinning this could be a good weekend to get some art done.

midnight-moonstars  asked:

hiya hello nice to meet ya~ some headcanons (doesn't matter to me what kind) for Ren, Tokiya, Syo, Reiji and Ranmaru please~~?

I decided to do relationship headcanons since I already did Van from HEAVENS 

Ren Jinguji

Ren, like Van from HEAVENS, is known for his womanizing ways. Before his relationship with s/o, he was known to be surrounded by large groups of women and would often flatter and woo them. However, unlike Van, he does not woo a woman out of sport. He does have good intentions of making a woman feel good about herself, but sometimes he loses himself and does it without even realizing he is giving false hope. When he entered a relationship with his s/o, he is very loyal and does not dare flirt with any other woman, for the only one who has his heart is his lady. He is known to be a romantic, so he will often surprise his s/o with bouquets of roses and sometimes speaks to his s/o in french on very special occasions.

Tokiya Ichinose

Tokiya is known to be laid back and have a cold personality. Before his relationship with his s/o, he did not even consider giving a woman the time of day simple because he wasn’t interested in having a relationship. But when he met his s/o, he had a change of heart. He isn’t particularly fond of public displays of affection, but once he sees how happy it makes his s/o, he will bear it. Sometimes he forgets to show his love for his s/o, assuming they already know, but once brought to his intention he will fix it immediately. He is also a secret romantic, he will take his s/o out to a nice dinner or maybe even cook for his s/o and stay at home to shower his s/o in with his love.

Syo Kurusu

Syo is known to be hot-headed and very energetic. He gets very flustered very easily, especially if his s/o kisses his cheek in public or simply holding his hand. But when him and his s/o are alone, he is very confident in his actions and will even suggest a quick make out session. On date night, he likes to cook with his s/o together and watch some action movies, especially ones starring him. He will act like the “protector” of the relationship. Though he may be short, don’t underestimate his abilities, because he will fight any man no matter what height. He will become jealous easily and will often lash out of any man who even talks to his s/o and flirts with her.

Reiji Kotobuki

Reiji is known to childish and very much was the class clown in school. His childish personality and jokes always bring a smile to his s/o. He loves the laughter and smiles he gets from his s/o and often makes it a goal to make her laugh at least once a day. Although he may be very fun and childish, he can be quite a pervert at times and will often go to his s/o to tease her. When he is out with his s/o, he will brag about her and put her on a pedestal for everyone to see she is his and his alone. He is not one to be cooking in the kitchen, so on dates he will take his s/o out to eat fast food and to go to an amusement park. He can be a secret romantic and will worship his s/o by showering her with compliments and kisses.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

Ranmaru is known to be very moody person and often lashes out on anyone who gets on his nerves. He doesn’t particularly take dating seriously, a couple one night stands and that was it for him. But when he met his s/o, he changed his mind. His s/o is patient with him and will often calm him down when he is worked up, but will also give him time to cool off after a heated argument. He is very possessive of his s/o and will not hesitate to fight a man who dares flirt with her or disrespect her. He isn’t your typical romantic, but his ideal dates will be taking his s/o to rock concerts. He find it cute when he sees that she is getting into the music. He will often cook for his s/o because he is surprisingly a good cook and will most likely serve his s/o meat then cuddle her on the couch with a movie on.

> Minghao always seems to notice the small details that nobody else remembers. (Ex. when S.Coups was wet, he asked him if he was cold and if he’d be okay. He waits for the other members to catch up. He offers them drinks, holds their backs, opens doors, etc.)

> Literally so supportive of the other members? He’ll give them high fives or big smiles when they do just about anything. Is very enthusiastic about letting the other members know they’re great

> Mentions he eats a lot and encourages fans to not skip meals and to remain healthy

> Seriously health just seems to be a very big thing to him. His health, his coworkers health, his fans health, your health, the dog next door’s health, etc. 

>  Even though he probably receives a harder time for being Chinese, he still holds so much pride. Praises China a lot  Like for example, his stage name. We all make small jokes about his name, but he’s the8 because the number 8 has a good meaning in China.

> Those flips you see him doing? He’s been doing stuff like that since he was a kid. He’s practiced Wushu since he was 5.

> He participated and won first place in a National Children’s Martial arts competition 

> Although he’s a bit more subtle with how he shows his love towards his family, I think it’s safe to say he loves + respects his mom a lot 

> The8 tries his absolute hardest when it comes to speaking Korean and even sometimes English. Tries his absolute hardest with everything tbh 

> Keeps his cool even when other people, including sometimes other members, are mocking his Korean 

> Probably receives hate when he’s a bit slow to do things during game shows, is still smiling like a literal sunflower though

> He has to be slightly more in tune with reading body language to be able to keep up during interviews.  

> Seriously. The reason why I keep emphasizing how hard he works to understand Korean is because not only does he have to translate from Chinese to Korean, he has to do so with a smile on his face. He has to come up with an idol-appropriate response in Korean and smoothly improvise if he doesn’t know what to say, all under a span of five seconds. 

>  Age is a pretty big thing. Although he is one of the younger members, he’s not the youngest. He’s always grouped with the two youngest members though, and while that can be seen as almost demeaning to anybody else, he doesn’t seem to mind.

> In fact it’s the opposite. He really enjoys spending time with Dino and Vernon and views them as equals

> Is always added as an after thought during shows. It takes either S.Coups (the leader), Seungkwan (the mood setter) or Jun/Jeonghan (the only other Chinese member/the member most helpful towards the Chinese members) to mention him and try and include him. 

> That must hurt at least every now and then but literal sunflower Minghao

> While other members are embarrassed when having to act cute, Minghao embraces it.

> He’s like ??? yeah lol I’m adorable and rly cool. Call me cool cutie and watch me go

> Has to deal with fans comparing him to Mingming, which must be uncomfortable, but he’s still chill  

> Only had like a year to try and get used to 12 other people, with 12 different personalities, who already had established friendships.

> had to do that while facing the company’s pressure to do and be better, the lack of company finance, the fact that some members must’ve been under stress and upset, home sickness and long hours.  

> Please support The8, our hardworking cool cutie b-boy