i hope this is as good as the other one

Rogue is one of my favourite Assassin’s Creed games but I hate that a ton of the side characters were undeveloped and got so little screentime. Hope seemed like a good character, but we didn’t get to see enough of her; and the same goes for Liam, and Chevalier, and that other guy that taught Shay hunting at the beginning of the game but I forgot his name.

image from madeinmasyaf

Hello, we’re Hayden! The host just realized a few days ago that she was part of this system but she isn’t in control right now. 
Here with Hayden is me (Lisa), my brother Bart, and Connie (who has disappeared).
And no matter whose fronting we can still participate. I’m a demigirl and the other 3 are genderfluid. 

(Note: Please don’t send messages to Hayden saying that systems aren’t real. If they weren’t she would be the one submitting this, not me. She is a bit sensitive as it is and I don’t want her going into a stage of self-hate)
I hope the mods are okay with me submitting although I’m a headmate of Hayden’s and she isn’t fronting today.
Good day to you all, you’re adorable. 
-Lisa :)

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I need this in my life.

some of my favs from discussing this with huppupbup​ the other day

“she counts it as a personal win when she makes him choke on a sandwich during lunch because she said something to the effect of putting his mouth to work“

Nam: She makes a really good innuendo, like a REALLY good one she has been saving this for like a few days because it felt wrong to throw it at him too early
Nam: and he fires another right back
 Nam: and she sits there for a moment, squeals and kisses him
 ecto: thats what i was thinking
 Nam: because she takes it as HE GETS IT AND IS ON BOARD NICE
 Capitan Kitten: pff
 Nam: and Arthur’s just like wait no this is not how I thought this was going to go
 Capitan Kitten: and dude was just playing along with the joke
ecto: arthur is even more confused
ecto: cause uh oh what is lewis gonna think
 ecto: and lewis is laughing too
 Nam: Lewis catches on from the starstruck/terrified face Arthur is making after the kiss
Nam: and is just like omg arthur you poor soul you are lost at sea and vivi is a shark in the water

ecto: vivi likes to skip steps
Nam: Find out guy likes you
Hurl pick up lines
In Pants. Success.

I am a good person; I am a fantastic human being. I know I am patient, considerate and most of all, I am very kind. I am not the type to lash out on anyone because I am angry or upset. I have always treated people the way I hope to be treated by others. I am very quick to apologize and admit fault. I have spent a good deal of relationships and friendships always making excuses for selfish behavior and hoping for the best in people. I am done. I honestly cannot keep apologizing for other people’s selfish-ass behavior. How can you offend me and I will be the one feeling guilty and feeling bad that you misbehaved? Like what the actual fuck! Took my ass a long time to realize that friendship is not by force. I do not owe anyone anything; if you are in my life it is because I consider you worth my time and affection. If you do not value me as someone to be treated as a priority or as a human being with feelings then no problem. I do not need you causing unnecessary stress and headache in my life. 

Final Fantasy XIII… Avengers Style
  • Vanille… the eccentric, genius billionaire with an occasionally questionable moral compass and a love of making things that explode other things
  • Fang… the warrior who, when things gets bad, might sometimes turn into an almost invincible, world-crushing monster of ultimate doom
  • Sazh… the normal guy, well, not normal since he’s an expert marksman and firearm specialist who basically tries to keep the team’s craziness to a minimum
  • Snow… the soldier who represents all that is good and heroic about Cocoon after undergoing a procedure to push himself beyond human limits
  • Hope… the other mostly sane guy who is the team’s connection to the authorities as well as one of their tech specialists and all-rounder who can do a bit of everything
  • Lightning… the legendary goddess of lightning (from which she gets her name) is the team’s most ornery and grumpy member, who is also given the job of basically kicking the crap out Fang if she transforms into Ragnarok and gets out of control

Because I can seriously imagine Vanille creating Ultron by accident (and then trying to bribe him into being nice with candy).

whatugotjb asked:

hi i really love your scenarios!!!! can i request a scenario for jb love at first sight... please, thank you

Thank you so much♥ I hope you like this one, too  (´◠ω◠`)

This, is not going to be a good night. 

Letting out a sigh, you bring your legs up to cross against each other on the sofa at the cinema while waiting for your friend, who is supposed to be here half an hour ago. She is the one who bought the tickets in the first place, also the one being excited the most about this horror-movie night. Now, here you are, all alone, waiting for at least a message from her.

Speaking of the devil, she actually calls. “Where are you? And when are you going to come? The movie has already started for like five minutes!”, you groan to the receiver as your friend’s soothing voice mutters an apology.

“I’m so sorry sweetie! I was about to go but Jackson suddenly called me. He said he needed me. Y/N-ah, you will understand, right? You know how much I love to watch horror movie with you, right?”

“Always Jackson! Your lovey dovey makes me jealous to sick!”

“I’ll make up to you! I promise!”

“Oh, you’d better do!”, you warn her before hanging up, heaving, yet another sigh. Staring at the ticket in your hand, you shrug. Well, it would be a pity to waste it!

With a box of popcorn in your hand and coke in the other, you walk through the corridor to the movie theater. Your first impression of the place is that it isn’t crowded at all. You easily find your row where only one person sitting. From the dim light of the screen, he appears to be a young man with small eyes, high-bridged nose and sharp jawline and cheekbones, an overall nice side profile.

The movie has reached its first scary peak as the music brings terror to the audience. When you are about to pass Mr. Stranger, suddenly a ‘thing’ with its eyes drown in blood jumps to the big screen, causing you startle and immediately sit down on the floor while holding onto the guy’s hand. The warmth radiating from him, which contrasts to the cold of yours, makes you feel less scared a bit. Thanks God you didn’t scream.

“Uhm… Can I help you?”, Mr. Stranger asks in confusion as you retrieve your hand. Only now do you notice that your favorite cheese popcorn has landed all over the place, but mostly on his lap. How terrific!

“Oh my God, I’m so so sorry!”, you blurt out instantly. “The movie startled me so I freak out!”, you help him brush the popcorn off him as he holds your wrist and smiles. Wow, his smile shines like billions of sunrays emitting from it and his eyes forming crescents highlighting his already charming face.

“It’s okay, just go find your seat”.

“My seat…”, you look carefully one more time before plopping yourself down onto the empty seat right next to his. “It’s right here. Sorry for bothering you”, you whisper as the guy nods, tilting his head so that he can catch a first image of the girl with such a cute voice, the alluring affect of the dim light reveals you to him with bright eyes, straight nose and a pair of irresistible plump lips on a small v-line face. Your shoulders prop up as you hold the cup of cola with both hands, your legs automatically brought up to create some sort of shield for you from whatever might jump up again. Your lips shakily nibble the straw as your eyes only peep at the big screen with full alert. Your curiosity is trying to overcome your fear, but apparently not actually succeeds. You look so funny, yet so cute. The handsome young man quickly waves his hand at your face to attract your attention as soon as he notices the change in the background music indicating scary creature will pop up.

“Hey, if you are that scared, why choose this movie?”, he asks softly as you subconsciously loop your arms around his, burying your face into the juncture between his neck and his shoulder to let out a small squeal. You are too busy in your own world to notice his frozen form under your touch. Electricity sparks each place your skin brushing against each other, coursing through his whole body and rushing his heartbeats. He coughs lightly as a cue to slowly remove his arm as you hold tighter. Somehow, you feel protected around him even though you barely know him. As long as your hands are still on him, and his warmth still engulfs you, you feel at ease. Your heart, of course, beats insanely, but a different, not afraid kind of insanely. Okay, this is insane. How could you feel like that towards a total stranger? You don’t even know his name!

“My friend is supposed to be here with me, but again, her boyfriend needs her”, you explain, your grip on him loosens a bit. “Can you please talk to me, please? Normally she would do that. Please distract me or something”

“Oh okay then, I’m Jaebum. Im Jaebum”

“Hi Jaebum, I’m Y/N”, you sigh. “Sorry again Jaebum, I shouldn’t bother you like this. If your girlfriend finds out, I’m screw!”

“Haha, don’t worry. I don’t have a one”. Assuring you, Jaebum stares down at the vulnerable you curling yourself into a ball while snuggling into him as much as possible, like a little kitten, making him want to stroke your hair out of sudden. “Actually my friend ditched me for his girlfriend as well! I got so jealous of them sometimes!”

“Urgh tell me about it!”, you lift your head up to meet Jaebum’s eyes to express your sympathy with him. It’s good to find someone who can understand how you feel.

“Like it’s our usual video game night every Friday, just the two of us, now that girl is invited, too! Not that I hate her or anything but, you know, it’s best friends’ thing!”

“Exactly! Ooh I hate being the third wheel!”. Figuring your eye sight may catch the next terrifying scene, Jaebum’s hand gently finds its way to block it by placing on your temple, which escalates to comb a few strands of your hair. Now it’s your turn to feel the electric current running upside down in your body. You flinch.

“Are you cold?”. Being the gentleman as he is, Jaebum grabs his jacket from the armrest to put on you, pulling you closer to him while he scoots closer to you. Thanks to Jaebum, you manage to stay until the last minute when the lights are switched on. Looking up from his chest, you rapidly catch his eyes bore into yours. Another strangely tinkling feeling flushes down your spines, hitting your mind so hard that it carves Jaebum’s name and striking your heart with the power of a starstruck, causing it to stop momentarily. Almost every feature on Jaebum’s face is average, but when they come together, they portrait a perfect handsome man. He smiles, he is the cute boy next door that makes you want to drop by to give him a jar of cookies all the time. He smirks, he is the sexy CEO that every lady in the company desperately desires to have a taste.

At the moment, thanks Goodness, he’s smiling.

Jaebum clears his throat awkwardly before walking out of the cinema side by side with you. Each second having you close to him is each second he feels his breath is being taken away. Never in his life has he felt so right like this, that you belong to him and you two are meant to be. Is this the ‘famous’ love at first sight mentioned in every novel and fairy tales? He’s not sure, but one thing he guarantees that it’s time to say goodbye but he doesn’t want to let you go. And neither do you.

“Well, I should get going”, you say regretfully, digging your hands into your pocket to block the cold breeze as Jaebum abruptly pulls you back, then takes your hand into his and puts it in his pocket instead. He tries to act composed and casual but his twisted tongue can’t pull off the scene.

“I uhm do you waanna.. I mean”

You chuckle.

“At least let me take you home. It’s getting dark and a girl like you shouldn’t be alone”, he says in one breath as you hold back a happy grin.

“Sure, I’d love that”.

“Great so where do you live?”

The conversation keeps flowing as the two of you head out to the street, all smiling and giggling at each other’s story.

Love is in the air.

meansomething asked:

You'd mentioned prompts the other day. In case you're still in need of a random one. "I tried to sneak out using my window and now I’m hanging from it can you help me?"

Hey meansomething - sorry its been so long, I thought I’d published this and I’ve just found it sitting in my drafts! Hope you enjoy! (No beta, all mistakes are clearly and woefully mine) Good lord what’s happening to me…..It’s fluff.

Also: I’m still totally taking prompts.


All things considered, it probably wan’t Angie’s smartest idea.

Her Grandma had once called her ‘adventurous’ and in hindsight that was probably just a loving way to say that Angie was a troublemaker.

She’d also overheard her Ma saying she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and clinging onto the brickwork surrounding the window, Angie tried not to think that her final moments would be spent proving both of them right.

She hated when they were right, they got this look on their face which was a cross between a smirk and a disapproving glare, exactly the look she wanted to be on her face when she proved Peggy wrong.

Oh boy. Peggy was either going to be mad or insufferable for the rest of the week if she found Angie.

When. When she found Angie. 

But Peggy needed to hurry up if she wanted to find her hanging out of the window and not crumpled on the street below, because her fingers were starting to go numb.

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I hope you don't mind me asking.. But i'm curious and was wondering if you "shipped" any of the characters from Supernatural to any character from another t.v show perhaps? If so who is the ship? :P

Huh… I’ve never really thought about it… I’m sure I could come up with some good ones… Mostly I just think about the boys getting sent into my other fandoms and interacting with those characters…

Mostly I just ship me and Dean… ;)

And often me and Cas…. or me and Sammy. But mostly Dean. :P

anonymous asked:

So my catloaf recently passed away and now I will live precariously through your catloaf au until I decided to get the cat that has been at my nearest shelter for the longest time, ok?

;______; I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’re doing okay. ❤︎ And if my catloaf AU helps to cheer you up even a little bit, that’s good to hear. And to anyone else who has lost their cat, because I’ve received a couple similiar comments/messages from people ;3;

And yes!! Yay for adopting from shelters!! My two cats are both adopted. Well, one from the shelter, the other one was a stray that my mom picked up off the streets near her office. She ended up spending a lot of money at the vet for him, so we kept him.

Now they’re these big, spoiled catloaves.

Orange, the one on the right is the one that inspired Colossal in the catloaf au!

hi and welcome, new people! <3

Lots of new people have been appearing lately, so hello! 

  • I post lots of different fandoms/interests here. if there’s anything I’m not tagging for that would make your life more awesome if I did, please let me know!
  • I’m the same username everywhere - most actively on twitter, dreamwidth and the AO3 in addition to here.
  • I make vids. I sometimes footle about in Photoshop. I used to write fic, I hope I will again at some point.
  • I have one other active tumblr, marriedinspace, which is a DW tumblr about the Eleven & the Ponds era, because their stupid faces are very important to me.
  • The ‘hi phoebe’ tag is for purplefringe, my bff who’s too cool to have her own tumblr.
  • I’m marrying dearthoughthenightisgone later this year. She’s kind of too cool for tumblr as well but you should go follow her because she posts good stuff and also she’s asleep rn and will make a hilarious D: face at me tomorrow when she checks her email. (#jerkwife)

And now a couple of memes people have tagged me in. Please consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do either!

List 5 nice things about yourself, via carawj

  1. I work hard at trying to be kind.
  2. I make good vids and sometimes they make people feel things (and then I feast on their delicious tears– I mean, what.)
  3. Hufflepuff and proud \o/
  4. I’m good at hosting events and organising activities
  5. I’m very enthusiastic about the things I like, and have made a lot of progress in not being so embarrassed about that! 

10 Favourite Characters, via picturaculminis (not really in any order)

  1. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
  2. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  3. Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)
  4. Toph Bei Fong (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
  5. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  6. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)
  7. Tara Maclay (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  8. Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: DS9)
  9. Guinevere (BBC Merlin)
  10. Sarah Connor (Terminator: SCC)

Honourable mention: Steve Rogers, if I had to pick a dude.

anonymous asked:

do you know good namjoon scenarios or bts in general besides the one writingseoul has written cuzz i'm having some major feels rn :D

hmm unfortunately I dont know many and it’s kinda hard sometimes to find really good ones BUT
here are the ones I can think of so far :

Language of Love (smut)
When The Toddler Rebels (fluffy)
Let’s Play Ball (smut)
Endless Love (fluffy and smut)
The Bubbly Truth (fluffy)

some are better than others but they’re all nice and well-written :) I remember there were more but I cant remember where I found them…

my faves will always be the ones writingseoul writes tho ** you did well reading her stuff kk


Hello, simmers.
So, if any of you want another piercing set by me - get it right here c:
Seven new meshes, three recolours. Available for cf-ef, compatible with any clothing type and other accessories (each one, as always). I think it’s pretty good set, piercing looks very cute on sims’ faces as you can see on preview. Hope it will be useful for you and I want to see your sims screenshots with my set >:D

Polygon Counts:
Tears: 5377
Septum First: 329
Septum Second: 369
Eyebrow: 321
Bridge: 601
Angel Bites: 201
Labret: 101

Additional Credits:
Thank you to SimPE, 3Ds Max, Milkshape 3D and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

And no MTS anymore.


50 likes or reblogs - and I’ll convert this set to TS3. Why not.

twilightsunwolf’s 50 Follower Forever!

Hey, guys!

Guess who got 50 followers!?


Now, for this follower forever, I’m going to be dividing it up into four sections: My Senpais, my RP Buddies, my Tumblr friends, and the other followers I haven’t followed.


legitelizabethwwefan: OMG you are a writer of the greater minds!  I haven’t read one of your fics, though… But they look good!

0verthereoverhere: Yes, I consider you my senpai.  You’re a really amazing OVER-1, and I hope that we can interact more in the future!

roy-the-redheaded-swordsman: You are the perfect Roy.  Although I have not interacted with you, lol.  I want to, though.

angelicaesthetix: I have not interacted with you, but I have read your RPs.  You seem like a very interesting Copy X!


iris-the-reploid: You are probably the very first Iris I interacted with.  Hope that we can interact even more in the future!

elxctronic: Hello, there!  I haven’t interacted with you, but since I interact with your other side-blog, I hope we can be close RP buddies!

forteniium: You are probably the first Bass I actually interacted with.  I SHALL MAKE IT MY GOAL TO MAKE YOU A SHIPPER ON DECK OF LUBASS.

swagmasterlowell: You are the only freaking Tales of Vesperia RP account I have interacted with.  That, plus the interactions between Marth and Yuri are kind of hilarious, in my personal opinion.

the-broken-variable: My God, your Zero and your X are FREAKING ADORABLE.  Well, X is, though.  Let’s interact more!

mavrickhuntersandco: WHERE HAVE YOU GONE!?!?!  I want Snow and X to interact more!

magicians-and-machines: FRIEND.  YOU ARE MY FAVORITE RP BUDDY.

shulk-the-true-monado: Most likely the only Shulk RP blog I have been following ever since my first RP buddy deleted theirs.  Let’s interact.

worlds-collxde: The second Bass I ever interacted with.  You are probably my second-favorite RP buddy.


dlw000memewoman: The mun of worlds-collxde.  Although I recently followed you, I looked through your posts, and MY GOD YOU ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS.

zerolr: You are the mun of the very first Iris account I interacted with.  Ask me anything and everything about RPs!

suguelya: THE Fluri master.

sharky857: A Mega Man blog.  A Mega Man blog that I love to death.

ask-crashu-man: I have four words: YAY FOR CRASH MAN.

metagiratina: Let’s talk about Xenoblade!




onevilemaverick: Um… Hi Vile…







terraemoxus: Hey, Tempo!








anonymous asked:

hey, I'm a 16 year old gay dude and am in need of some help. I've been crushing on this boy for 4 years now and have no indication if he is straight or gay because he hasn't had a GF since I've been crushing on him or anything. what id really like to know is if there is a clear way of knowing that he likes me or is at least straight because i do get some hope from the way he acts different around me than his other friends and did say he loved me but I'm not sure if he was just kidding around...

Honestly, honey, this is a difficult situation because there really is no clear way to tell if someone likes you without having an open and honest conversation. Now I do realize this can be difficult, especially if you’re not out. If you’re already out, and he’s a good friend, you should be able to talk to him about your feelings, and one way or another, you’ll be able to know where the two of you stand. If he’s a good person and he’s straight, he’ll still be there to support you and love you as he always has. However, if you’re not out, I would say your safest bet is just to wait. Wait until you’re ready to come out, and see how he reacts. If he’s supportive, you may be able to broach the subject of your feelings for him. 

People are all very different and express their affection in different ways. I tell my friends I love them all the time, because I DO - but that doesn’t mean I’m IN love with them. It doesn’t mean I’m romantically attracted to them. That’s why I hesitate to give you “signs” to look for, because they can be massively misleading. Some people are openly affectionate in their friendships and some people have a more difficult time expressing their emotions. It all comes down to the individual. So my only advice would be to evaluate the situation, and if it’s SAFE and you trust this guy not to hurt you, I would try to talk to him. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure. Sending positive thoughts! xxx

anonymous asked:

about the permanent vacation lyrics you posted I hear something slightly different [-hey-(2:07), I'm doing fine // and I know I'm out of line] and [I know I'm an under achiever // and we're all so -fraught-(2:33)] I watched this youtube vid watch?v=PoR4x0A_Fqk I hope I'm not bothering you.

Not bothering me at all, it’s a good thing you messaged me about this. Teamwork! No one knows for sure yet what the lyrics are and we should figure it out together.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few other videos too and I heard ‘hey I’m doing fine’, and I’m still so ??? for the ‘we’re all so ______’ because it was like Calum and Michael were saying different things. But I heard something that sounded with an ‘aw’ and fraught is ‘froht’.

For others who wanna take a look at the lyrics it’s here

anonymous asked:

used to have a crush on this guy, we started talking, it didn't work out, he started talking to someone, I started talking to someone and we grew apart, then he stopped talking to her but I was still talking to this guy but we knew we had feelings for each other but never acted on them, then when things ended badly with the guy we started talking, it was good, he said he liked me and stuff, one day I texted him like we do and he ignored it and we havent spoken since :/ help I still like him alot

was it long time ago or just few days? Because if it was just few days, maybe he just forgot to reply. If it was a long time ago, just move on. He just left without telling what as happening and even gave you hopes. Start talking to other boys, meet new people.

shurimasprophet asked:

"May I have a kiss?"

Send ‘May I have a kiss?’ and my muse will kiss your muse no matter who they are.

There always was something of contrast behind those two being, one being consumed by darkness and the other being born under holy lights but the Ionian had felt attracted to the prophet darker aura and his demand was almost pleasing to him.”I guess…”He whispered and cupped the other’s chin, indeed he could not resist the urge any longer as light needed it’s shade of darkness.

// I hope it’s all good ;x 

But anyway as promise :3 this prompt is going to be drawn ~


I Wish 

by reddit user Tesnich

It’s a long story, but I hope you’ll take a moment to hear what I have to say.

I was never very good at making friends.

My parents died when I was young: a horrible car crash. My father was decapitated and my mother impaled by a set of 24 rebar poles after a construction truck hit the head on.

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An elf (from the Old English ælf, elf, ylve, etc.) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. Early elves, whose description depends almost entirely on Norse mythology texts, were a race of beings with magical skills, ambivalent towards humans and capable of either helping or hindering them. But Christianized societies were viewing elves in increasingly sinister light. In Anglo-Saxon England as early as the 10th century, Old English medical books attest to elves afflicting humans and livestock by “elf-shots”. The German elf or alp was seen as an “addler” of people in medical books, but already in the High Middle Ages there were prayers warding against it as the agent causing nightmares, and eventually for the alp its identity as nightmare spirits became predominant.

I get so emotional thinking about spirited away and howls moving castle because they were such monumentally important films for me to see as a kid and they taught me so much about growing up, girlhood, loving myself, loving others, being brave, and appreciating the magical like they are such beautiful stories told in such beautiful ways and I am truly so grateful for these movies and miyazaki in general and these films r the types of ones I hope to make one day ok this was mushy good night sweet dreams Internet