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Joker Game Scenario Booklet EP 1 Translation

Hello, sorry for the long wait. I don’t have as much time as I used to. I’ll get onto the EXPERT WORKS as soon as possible. While there aren’t any huge differences from the episode and novel, but it’s still interesting how the episode one could have played out as there are a lot of cuts and edits. Although the storyboards are slightly different from the scenario booklet, I’ll also add in some pictures to the matching respective scenes. I hope you all enjoy this long read.

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Cute Demon Crashers 18+

So before I start posting I want to tell you guys about this really great NSFW game I found a few months ago. Its a nsfw dating sim in which you have the choice of 3 incubi and 1 succubus to lose your virginity to. The game is fully voiced and includes art for all the character. What makes the game really impressive though is that you can end what you can stop the sex at any time, you don’t even have to have sex if you don’t want to, the game is all about consent. 

I thought I would tell you guys because its just a really good game with some really good characters and some lovely art. If you guys want to play it than the link is right here X, if you do download it I hope you enjoy it as much as I do when I play it. 

Learning how to use my DSLR in full manual mode, I was told never to touch the preset settings so I won’t even bother starting on any of those. Learning about aperture and shutter speed and ISO and all that fun stuff is a bit overwhelming at the moment lol but I hope to get the hang of it and make my many photog friends proud. Q uQ

Good thing I have lightroom also cause taking the RAW photo files and throwing them in there just makes them look SO much better.

somewhere between victory and a white flag

@jeller-ouat and @sybbelle requested some fluff. But this was really hard. With everything we know about season 2 and all the angst we are anticipating, thinking of a fluffy scenario was pretty tough. I hope this doesn’t disappoint. This is set a few months after s2 picks up.

somewhere between victory and a white flag

It does not happen through any grand gestures, or through big dramatic moments or declaration. It happens slowly, gradually, awkwardly… it happens naturally and organically.

It happens when their good morning become accompanied by smiles instead of uncomfortable eye contact or rushed glances in the opposite direction. And then he brings her a cup of coffee from the break room when he goes to get himself one. And it’s just the way she likes it (and she’s pleasantly surprised that he remembers after all this time). He starts to plan his evening so that he’s leaving the office at the same exact moment she is so that they have to share an elevator ride. And he plans his mornings exactly for them to be the last two left alone in the locker room. After that, when they split up out in the field, it’s back to him calling out “Reade, Tasha you cover that way, Jane, you’re with me.” And even though he’s referring to work, there’s something about the phrase “Jane, you’re with me” that makes her smile for a moment.
It’s baby steps. It’s seemingly insignificant moments that give her hope and give him courage. It’s stolen glances and hidden smiles, it’s coffee and elevator rides and small talk in the locker room as they get ready.

And then it’s a late Friday afternoon, after a long exhausting case, and he meets her at the elevators, just as become his routine. He smiles, shoves his hands into his pockets and rocks back and forth for a moment as he watches the elevator ascend. “Do you… ummm… Do you wanna get a drink?” He finally asks and she looks up at him, with a mix of confusion and hope on her face.

“I still owe you one,” he explains, looking down at his feet, suddenly very very aware of what he just suggested, of what it really means.

And then she smiles, her eyes dropping as well, and then she suddenly feels more courageous than she thought she ever could be. “Actually, you owe me two,” she finds herself teasing and with that he’s smiling too.

That repaying a debt drink turns into a weekly thing. Every Friday, or whenever their workload allows it, they go out for drinks. Sometimes the team joins them, sometimes they leave them alone. And when one drink outings turn into drinks and a bite to eat, and when it drags longer into the night, he starts to send her detail away and drive her home himself.

It starts with him just driving her to her safe house, waiting in the car as she steps out, with a smile and a good night, watching her walk up to her front door then waving to her detail to confirm she’s home safe. He then somehow finds an excuse to start walking her up to her front door, waiting to the side while she pulls out her keys and slowly opening the door, then turning to him, smiling widely for a moment before ducking her head, wishing him a good night and reluctantly walking in. Every time, she fights the urge to invite him in, for coffee, or whatever, not wanting the evening to end, not wanting him to leave and not seeing him again till Monday. She just wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

But she never does. She just slowly unlocks her door, wishes him good night and walks in. And then, through her window she watches as he lingers at her front door for a moment and then walk back to his car and drive away.

And then one evening she finds the nerve to ask him. She pulls out her keys, reaches for the door, her hand suspended between her pocket and the front door for a moment before she says, “Would you like to come in? For… for some coffee?”

He forgets how to breathe for just one moment, everything in him begging to say yes.

“I’m sorry, Jane, I can’t,” he says, and the way her face drops, her mouth whispering a broken ‘Oh,’ just break his heart.

“I’ve got an early meeting with Pellington tomorrow morning,” he quickly explains, all of a sudden hating his job more than he ever thought he would.

“Yeah, of course,” she says, shaking her head and avoiding his gaze, looking. Every where except at him, “it’s too late anyway… I should…”

She turns round, scrambling to push the key into the lock. “Jane,” he says her name, hoping to get her to turn around, but she doesn’t, struggling to unlock her door. Her reaches for her then, taking her free hand in his and her gasp is unmistakable. Through all the development in their relationship, all the baby steps and drinks they’ve shared, the physical contact has not been something that has happened, not outside the field, not like this. She closes her eyes, urging her pulse to settle down as his thumb involuntarily starts to move gently against her skin.

“Jane,” he repeats, and tugs gently until she eventually turns around to face him. He’s smiling when she finally looks at him, her hand still held in his. “Maybe we can get some lunch after my meeting tomorrow? If you… if you don’t have any other plans?” He asks and the smile that slowly draws on her slips is the brightest thing he’s ever seen.

“I’d like that,” she says.

“Great,” he says, still not releasing her hand, “I’ll… I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Good night, Kurt,” she says, the smile still on her lips.

His smile matches here as he watches her for a moment, when she makes no attempt to pull her hand out of his or turn back towards the door. He tug her hand again, pulling her just a small step forward and he slowly leans in. She’s only away of how close he is then, of his breath warm and unsteady against her skin and of the thumping of her own pulse in her ears. She wonders if the warmth she feels in her cheeks is translating a blush across her skin but she has no time to think about it further when all she feels is the the soft gentle brush of his lips against hers. It’s feather like, and brief, too brief, way too brief, and his thumb never stops caressing her hand.

When he pulls back, her eyes are closed and lips are parted, and her cheeks are flushed.

“Good night, Jane,” he whispers, finally releasing her hand. And when she makes no attempt to move, he chuckles lightly, takes the keys from her hand and unlocks the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jane,” he promises and waits for her to walk in.

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can I just say how I'm so glad for your blog's existence! I can't find (m)any good pjo blogs OTL if you have any recommendations that'd be great, too! My dashboard is pretty dead

Awww, thank you my friend !! That’s so sweet ♥ ♥ ♥

Ok, put your hands in the air because I’ll tell you the best blogs you can find !! 98% are PJO and multifandom !!!





























































































































































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hey maybe a dumb question and i don't wanna take up too much of your time but do you have any fic recs for mcspirk where it's primarily focused on jim?? tbh any fic recs you have regarding jim at all (any pairing) would be a dream!!! tysm

oh anon, I hope you won’t be mad for my delay to answer. Cuz I really want to rec some good-quality fics for u.

Unfortunately, due to my… weird trigger point, I haven’t been able to read many long slash fics (I basically only read fics have >20k words and rarely bookmark one-shots); I’m a strictly bottom!Jim person; can’t even read switch! I know it sounds more authentic if the couple does switch, but… what can I say, I’m not reading LGBT literature here!! So I don’t even need their sex life to be realistic I just wanna some delicious bottom!Jim. And for me, to imagine either Bones or Spock to say something like “I want you to fuck me” or spread their legs wide… for anyone… is my personal apocalypse… So, umm, to avoid being triggered, I’d rather read gen fics. But, trust me, gen fics are gems! They often have beautiful character portrayal and amazing plots. There’re so many great gen fics focused on Jim and have a great triumvirate dynamic that centered around the captain. Phew! Why am I ranting here… just… ignore me.

anyhow, here are some fics I’d rec:

★McSpirk: (unfortunately to me McSpirk means Jim and his two husbands… namely one sweet ass and two generous cocks… so you can imagine, there aren’t many fics fit my category since I can’t handle one second of spones sex… so these are mostly one-shots)

Always Watching You by  heeroluva (I’d rec u check the author’s page, she has some other hot fics and she seems like bottom!kirk only)

Private Dancer by  PUTIGRESS2012 (a kink-meme fill; McCoy & Spock find out that Kirk used to be a stripper! And are jealous and demand a private show. )

Jim Kirk: Dropping Eaves and Eaves Get Dropped by  kyliselle (I’d rec this author, too; since she’s another wonderful person that does only bottom!kirk)

Could Only Handle So Much by  Maifai (this is a really new one and it’s currently WIP; the tag here is not actually mcspirk but rather James T. Kirk/Spock & James T. Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy (even better if u ask me), but I really love this fic so I have to rec it!)

★Spirk: (also featuring some fantastic protective grumpy bones) 

Atlas by  Angel Baby1 (you’ve probably already read this since it’s a classic)

You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)  by  seperis (and the whole reboot series)

Sotto Voce by  sinestrated 

You Don’t Have To (Say Yes)  by  luminousbeings ( I love this one so, so much, srsly. And even it’s a spirk, the mckirk friendship is just sooooo beautiful)


Any Road Will Take You There by shoreleave

Safeword by shoreleave (and any work by this author tbh)

Standby by d8rkmessngr

And All the King’s Men by Mijan (and the whole Academy Series )

No Man’s Land by  shoreleave &  Mijan (this one deals with mpreg if that’s an issue for u)

Turbo by yeaka (a hot pwp, one-shot)


the Genesis ‘Verse by Beamirang (Just go and read everything by this author!!!! She is my all time favorite, srsly. She’s just SO GOOD!! Her portrayal of Jim is like, omg, I don’t even know how to put it into words; the triumvirate dynamic is just AMAZING and her Jim and Bones OMG (இдஇ; ) )

What We Lose (is part of us) by  FyreFlyte

Twenty-Six and Legend by  llethe

Brothers in Arms by  mangochi

Perfect Strangers by  DeepBlueSomewhere (This is an academy fic, I rec it cuz it has so many little things are my headcanon! hooray for academy era!)


There’re more but these are some good ones that I can think of at the moment. Sorry if most of them are “old” fics and you may have already knew. I hope there’s at least one fic you haven’t came across before otherwise I’d be useless. : )

And if you have any wonderful Jim!centric fics in mind u can rec me some, too! I’m always hungry for hurt!Jim centric fics, yikes.

Anyhow, enjoy reading!

aside form the shitty graphic it , THIS IS SO ???? cool . i’m like . crying ? a little bit . anyway . below are some people who i admire a lot , and yeah . thanks for 100 followers in ?? 3 days . and i hope you all STAY .

@puppycrushing / @goodwithabat : i’ve said a lot about artie and i will keep saying good things about artie until my lips fall off . amazing writer . incredible . should be writing novels probably . and usually when there’s a quality blog , there’s a shitty mun . but artie is one of the nicest rp partners i’ve ever had . never clicked with someone’s writing as fast as theirs . i’m blown away every time i read any of their threads . never leave me .

@cggos : really open eleven , will basically rp with anyone , i’ve seen so many variations of threads within this blog , i really admire that , because that’s flexibility and creativity and all that good stuff . plus the blog is gorgeous are you kidding me .

@svdbcy : my favorite oc on every single one of my blogs . no , like . literally all of them . every . single . one . ivan is the best , written so well , very deep character . i love the mun & muse & blog more than my own life tbqh . #best

people who are literally / heart eyes emoji / :

@keeptheselightsup ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @upsidcdxwn ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @rightmoves ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @goodwithagun ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @compassmcster ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @likerambo ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @relativeterms ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @whatsthesiitch ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @radiasi ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @jim-hcpper ✦ ¨ ✧ ─ @upsidcdown 

stranger things au

“you look pretty,” naruto tells him. “good. pretty good.”

behind them, sasuke snorts, but naruto gives him a look to remind him of all the times he’s heard sasuke stumble over his words around sakura. 

“pretty,” gaara repeats to himself.

“i hope you don’t mind wearing that,” sakura says. she smiles at gaara but gaara doesn’t really smile back at any of them. “naruto and sasuke-kun forgot to bring any clothes for you.”

gaara nods. “it’s okay.” he looks at his reflection, still taken aback to see himself in something more than a hospital gown or the suit he wore in the water. “pretty.”

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"I got $100, what can I get?" (from Armin)

Eren smiled a bit and licked his lips sizing up his new client. College kid, most likely new and first year of college had asked for his services. “Well under normal circumstances not much, but seeing that you are the grandson of our state’s congress man, and that you are attractive, not to mention I trust you not to tell the cops, all night, bondage, and a lap dance if you so desire. You will provide the hotel room though, I will provide the condoms. And I promise you that you will enjoy my services.” Eren says looking the blond over. “The name is Eren by the way.” He then handed the blond a business card that simply said, “Eren’s room service”, and had his phone number on it. “And I will let you know, call me any time you want a good time.”

@curearmin (I got a little creative here. Hope the congressman idea is ok.)

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Sorry if this has been asked, but what is significant about Louis' shirts all having skulls on them? I know it's not a coincidence, I know there's a reason, but I'm failing to see the symbolism or metaphor or whatever? Hope you are well and had a good weekend so far! x

Well, there was this theory about it having to do with articles. And then there’s this: A skull is a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, rebelliousness, toughness, courage, bravery in the face of death and danger. I don’t think any of us know for sure, though. :) 

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i'm sorry to ask, but i'm trying to find good research on odin's priesthood. all i'm coming up with is crap neonazism and i know that can't be right! do you have any idea where to start??

Answering this before I pop off to nap.. buuut, are you talking about odin’s priesthood in that you want to be a follower of odin yourself, essentially?

I am going to assume that is what you mean but apologies if it isn’t!

Yeah soooo nazi fucks like to ruin things, don’t they? in particular they like this dumb ass idea that being a heathen or following odin means white supremacy and bullshit like that. weeeeeeelp, you are DEFINITELY right in saying “that can’t be right” because it isn’t.

Lmao not only is Odin himself like majorly queer and ergi, which those dumb nazi fucks hate, buuut heathenry as a whole is not a closed thing?? like there IS evidence that shows they allowed folks to join regardless of where they came from?? meaning there was def. mixing of nationalities and stuff. i mean shit, there is even some stuff about Attila the hun being possibly who folks built ideas of odin from if i recall correctly.

anyhow, your best bet is to avoid those blogs and sites that talk about being FOLKISH. that’s a big keyword, also look for their statements on who they want to reach audience wise? check out this bad boy because they make it clear they do not support racism and hatred and other bullshit nazi things.

someone i personally follow on my personal that is a bad ass and follower of the old man is coldalbion. you should also look into posts by gle, as i have said before i think, because they are also not racist or gross and can lead you to sources that are good.

if you search through those two blogs, esp coldalbion, i think you’ll find a lot worth reading that discusses the problematic shit that is nazism within the odin side of the heathenry and how to avoid it and what to avoid.

i not only write this old man but i’m kind of accidentally a follower myself so that is where i get a lot of my info.

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do people that support dd/lg lifestyle support pedophilia? i am not trying to hate that, it is actually just curiosity. sorry to bother, hope youre having a good day (also sorry for my english if i made any mistakes)

No. I’m actually really glad you asked this so I can clear this up for you. The people that support ddlg in no way support pedophilia. Ddlg or cgl as a broader spectrum, has absolutely nothing to do with children themselves. This is a form of bdsm in most cases (not in all, some littles just like to stay in little space and this is not usaully a sexual thing). Subs (Littles) just enjoy acting childlike, and doing childlike things. Doms (Daddy’s/Mommy’s in this case) like that they act this way and enjoy protecting and caring for their subs. This does not mean they are attracted to children. There are some underage littles, but there are also underage Daddy’s and Mommy’s. A lot people in the cgl community actually make it a point to avoid underage littles (I am not one of them because they deserve to feel vaild just like we do, but thats a whole different topic.) If you have anything that I wasn’t clear on please feel free to ask, because I want to get this cleared up. DDLG IS NOT NOR DOES IT SUPPORT PEDOPHILIA. Thank you.

@ jason im sorry ive been fighty all day i spent like an hour punching the ocean just because ? im just feelin a certain way rn but i promise its good natured im havin a good time and laughin..
@ all my mutuals actually if i sound mean pls let me know its rly not my intention but its hard to convey tone sometimes im havin a good time i hope yall are havin a good time ilysm im not Actually feeling hostile towards any of u

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I know this blris about ace but I want to ask what romantic attraction/ love really is?

This one is a bit tough, because it manifests differently in different people. What’s generally agreed upon as a good all-encompassing definition is that you desire to be a romantic relationship with a specific person. But again, romantic feelings don’t come up in the same ways for everyone, so it can be hard to spot if you’re not that sure. The most common physical indicators I’ve heard people say they experience for it are the whole “butterflies in the stomach, heart beating really fast when you think about them” sort of thing, if that helps any. But anything beyond that, it really, really varies. I hope I was able to help some, but if anyone who might be more well-versed in the romance wants to chime in, that might be better!

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Hi Jamie, I am a girl, and I am bisexual, I'm currently dating a girl and I want to come out to my parents as bi, because I am sure of that, but I don't know if it is too soon to tell them I have a girlfriend, we have been dating for 2 months, I was planing on telling them something like "...I have a girlfriend" and when they ask my sexuality, tell them I am bisexual, do you think is a good idea?

Hey, if you feel ready and that’s it’s the right thing for you to do, then go for it. Do you have any idea how you parents might react? If you’re worried about it, you could try and find out their general opinions on it. 

If you go for it, then I hope it goes well! All the best :) 

koukoi1412 said: And magi will never be the same again. I don’t know why or how, but ever since the first few chapters of this final arc, something felt off…and it only got worse/weirder/stranger as time went on. Seriously, does anyone know if there’s even any reason to await the next chapters? (Besides the possibility of Judal’s return, of course)

To be honest, I’ve felt the same way, thought it was going to be a temporary feeling, but yeah…I sometimes wondered if she’s been pressured to finish the series? I sure hope not because it’s very good…and it’d be a shame to ruin it, and even if she was being rushed, it would seem she was wasting too much time in this subarc given all the loose ends in the main storyline.

I’m happy to hear that the pipelines construction had been halted. I’ve been checking up on any news after the banishing spell on the last quarter moon and the only good news that came is that a BLM group joined forces with the natives bringing support and supplies to their resistance. The construction is halted until the court hearing. I hope with all my might that the forces are all on their side and the corruption of politicians with wealth from these industries will not be enough to decide the turn out. Even if the court is in favor of the pipeline I hope a ferocious earth quake opens a mouth into hell and swallows the whole thing but leaves the natives untouched.

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Could we have any pidge and hunk headcannons? I love all of your hcs btw especially the meme ones lmao

  • do really pointless shit For Science all the time
    • pidge: “you know, if we wanted, we could probably commandeer the castle comms to play screamo music” hunk: “well i mean yeah but literally why would we ever want to do that”
    • pidge: “…” hunk: “…”
    • they do it
    • they Gotta
  • hunk is the good cop, pidge is the bad cop
  • refer to delicate scientific instruments as “the thingy,” ask for the other to get the thingy, somehow the right thingy is always retrieved
  • *pidge builds anything* hunk: “I Must Touch It”
  • hunk legitimately can’t handle how small pidge is
    • “i could crush pidge with a hug, lance. a hug. that’s. that’s so messed up” “hunk are u ok”
  • hunk: “where’s lance” pidge: “…i thought it was your turn to watch him”
  • pidge stands on hunk’s shoulders to reach tall things
  • “guys maybe we should head back. pidge’s been dissolving social constructs for the last two hours and i think i’m actually starting to agree, which is definitely a bad sign”

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Hey Jen! Sorry to bother but I want to draw all body types but im not good at drawing skinnier bodies because i usually draw bigger bodies. Any tips?

BUT!!!! THATS NOT THE ONLY SHAPES YOU CAN USE FOR BODY TYPES!! You can basically use any and ALL shapes, try this our to create more diverse body types! Just make em’ bigger or smaller if you want the character t be bigger or smaller!

I hope this helps!