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Reaction to s/o being able to easily tell the brothers apart from each other?

Osomatsu was definitely surprised when you told him to get Karamatsu’s ridiculous clothes off. You had walked in on him wearing his brothers clothing, and he was hoping he could trick you. Instead, he was just left dumbfounded.
(EDIT: I wrote this before the episode came out omfg)

You were handing out everyone’s preferred drinks, Karamatsu offering to help, since he thought you couldn’t tell the difference. You denied the offer, giving everyone the correct drinks and leaving Karamatsu with a face mixed with surprise and pride.

Choromatsu naturally assumed that you couldn’t tell the difference between the brothers, but he was certainly shocked when you named them all correctly, especially since they weren’t color coded that day.

Ichimatsu would comment that your talent was pretty amazing. When you told him that the six brothers were actually very distinct to you, he would disagree, saying that every sextuplet looked like the same loser virgin.

As soon as Jyushimatsu found out you could easily tell the difference between the six, he would give a surprised, “Ooh!!” Afterwards, he would bring up your talent every now and again, for seemingly no reason other than showing off.

Todomatsu would be impressed, to say the least. He knew that he stood out - an effort he constantly made - but wasn’t so sure about his brothers. When you told him is was extremely easy, he couldn’t believe you.