i hope this helps your headache raven

anonymous asked:

um hi i know this isnt your blogs thing or anything but i saw a hashtag that said youre gay? how do i come out to my parents? i live in a super catholic home and i feel like theyll hate me and i dont know what to do.

i’m technically bisexual (but i’m mostly into girls) and i’m the worst person ever to ask about this because i also grew up in an italian catholic family and i’m fucking 23 and i STILL haven’t come out to my parents because it’s a headache i just don’t want to deal with

if you still live with your parents and are dependent on them and you’re sure they’d take it badly my advice would be to just keep it to yourself until you move out and are financially independent - your wellbeing and safety has to come before anything else

i hope this has helped, feel free to ask me anything else about this xx