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  • Isak: Making my way downtown walking fast
  • Emma: Oh hey, Isak!
  • Isak: Fucking sprinting
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In the Twilight saga, immortal children are known to be a problem for concealing the vampire's secret. Because of that, any immortal child created is usually destroyed shortly after. However, exact ages for what constitutes as an immortal child is never explicitly stated. It is assumed that if the child in question is able to follow the laws set by Volturi, then they will be allowed to continue their existence. Two vampires that fall under that category are Jane and Alec. Both are cannonly around the ages of 12 or 13, and tend to be shown as sadistic and aggressive, especially Jane. They seem to have no problems harming others, and even enjoy it. Is this really their fault though? The two of them are expected to conduct themselves like fully grown adults, which they aren't and can never be. They are forever mentally 12/13, which is most likely extremely frustrating for them. They are both permanently hormonal preteens, who are stuck in the middle of puberty. The only acceptable way for them to take out their inner frustrations is through harming others. Perhaps that is why those two are so filled with anger, and why they enjoy hurting others. They were just turned too young.

@hpqueernet | introduction event - @ginnyweaslcy, gay albus potter

Albus Potter knew from the beginning his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond that he had been deemed “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” by the media. After growing up in a home where everyone had been filled with so much love and adoration for each other, Albus has never considered for one minute that his parents would have been disappointed in him for being different. But the media was a powerful tool that helped instill the “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” mantra into the heads of thousands, including Albus himself. 

So when the end of his third year rolled around, and Albus had finally admitted to himself that, yeah, he was pretty gay, his first thought was great, another adjective to add to my “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” list. Along with stupid, slytherin, and doesn’t like quidditch he could now add g a y

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Hi, I hope I'm not annoying you, I just wanted to ask from what point in time on you can take T, if you have supportive parents and all that. And also, do you have to have been on puberty blockers for an explicit anount of time when you're still relatively young? I'm sorry if I annoyed you, and by the way, the new spiderman hasn't even cone out where I live yet and I already headcannon Peter as trans because of yiur wonderful blog and yeah, I love your trans peter and supportive tony posts :)

Well, first of all, the exact timeline is different depending on the doctor and trans person in question. Location, individual biology, and medical leniency all play a role in when a trans person can start their “physical transition”. For simplicity’s sake, I’m only going to discuss my understanding of the process in the US. 

  • Natural puberty occurs in five (5) stages. The first stage of natal female puberty occurs between the ages of 8 and 11. In the first stage of puberty, ovaries enlarge and estrogen production increases, but no external signs are visible. The second stage of puberty (age 9-14, depending on the child) is when external changes begin to appear- starting with breast buds and pubic hair growth. 
  • Most doctors require that the child in question be at the second stage of puberty before they prescribe blockers so they can make sure there is even a puberty to be blocked. The age at which blockers are prescribed differs from child to child, but most children (given that they have been identifying as trans for years prior to puberty) are prescribed blockers between the ages of 10-13
  • Trans boys who have been on blockers for several years can usually start T around age 13-15. Trans boys who don’t go on blockers, or who come out to their parents later, usually have to wait until they are 15-17 to start T.
  • If the trans kid in question doesn’t have parental support, they can’t go on blockers or start HRT until they’re emancipated and/or 18 years old. (I didn’t have parental support so I couldn’t begin the process of acquiring a T prescription until I turned 18.)
  • My personal headcanon for Peter is that he came out as trans at 10, got on blockers at 11, and started T a few months prior to his 15th birthday.

Sorry for the long medical dump, but yeah! I’m glad you’re enjoying trans peter, and I hope this post was helpful!

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Can you do a thing where Batman hasn't been really spending time with/paying attention to batmom and the rest of the batfam gets tired of it and maybe threatens him/makes him take time off to spend with her? Please and thank you! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Been very busy today but I already finished some of the requests that has been sent in! It might take me a while to post all of them though so I hope you guys can be patient~ anyways, sorry this took a while to come up! Thank you for requesting!!

You are not going to pout but you did and unbeknownst to you, Alfred has seen it. You sigh as you held on to Bruce’s blazer. All you had wanted to do was to have dinner with your husband. But lately he has been so absorbed in wanting to keep the streets safer than he normally would be so the only times you see him are when he slides in the bed, wrapping an arm around you and giving you a kiss on your shoulder, when he wakes up to go to the company and lastly the times when he actually makes it back to the manor to change in to his handle.

Suffice to say, you just really miss your husband. You knew keeping the streets safe is really important to your husband but you also just miss having dinner with him.

He did not even attend your scheduled / weekly dates. Normally, Alfred would be the one to accompany you. Not that you did not appreciate it, you honestly do, but sometimes you just want to, at the least, have dinner with your husband. Maybe you should just change dinner to breakfast instead since you are always awake by then and Bruce, most of the time, is at home too, albeit briefly.

You had been planning on spending your night quietly in the library when you hear one of the doors to the library opening. You look away from the books you had been examining and a smile appears on your lips though that is quickly replaced with a confused expression.

You abandon the bookshelves and head towards Damian (who is adorn in his Robin costume). “Damian, why are you here? Is something the matter?” You ask as you begin to think of all the possibilities of things going wrong.

Damian grabs on to your hand and began pulling you out of the library. “Mother, I need you to not ask any questions. Just follow me.” In this family, you have come to learn to always act first and ask questions later so you simply let your youngest bird lead you away.

The nagging suspicion at the back of your mind becomes more prominent when you actually see Dick - in his Nightwing costume - standing in front of a room. You don’t think you have ever gone to that room, it was under construction when you first moved in and has since then been under constant construction.

“I have brought mother as per requested, Grayson.” Damian releases your hand and you just look at your boys in confusion when the door opens and Jason and Tim coming out.

“We can handle patrols for the night, ma.” Dick tells you but before you can retort any reply, Tim pushes you gently inside causing you to almost stumble but you didn’t because Bruce had been right in front of you.

So you had stumbled in to his arms instead.

You heard the door click and your eyes widen when you realize that your boys had just locked you in the room with your husband. You look up at him - he had discarded the cowl so you can see the half-amused look on his face.

You let your forehead touch his collarbone before groaning. “Can’t believe we are locked in. By our kids, nonetheless.” You mumble and as you made your move to pull away, Bruce places a hand on the back of your head to keep you pressed against him and an arm around your waist. “Bruce?”

Bruce presses a kiss to your temple before burying his nose in your hair. It has been a while and he misses this. Misses having you in his arms, misses having the feeling of you pressed against him and just misses you in general. He can’t even remember the last time he has hold you like this. (Slipping in the bed to hold you while you were asleep did not count).

You gradually wrap your arms around his waist. “How did we end up like this?”

Bruce mumbles his apology in to your hair before pulling away slightly. He made you face him and he is giving you a rather convincing down-trodden look. “I’m really sorry.” He presses a kiss on your forehead.

“It’s alright: I understand.” You really do, because you had been there for him from the very beginning and you understood just how much it meant to him. “I married you knowing of the consequences. I can handle missing a few date nights and dinners.”

Bruce shakes his head. “But it wasn’t just a few date nights and dinners.” He frowns. “I missed your birthday (“we planned a birthday dinner for the entire family that,”), I missed our anniversary (“it could not be helped: you were off fighting crimes and I was off trying to win my cases. We both forgot.”), I even missed your parents’ death anniversary, (“The boys accompanied me, it is fine.”) and love, I am trying to apologize here. Could you at least stop coming up with excuses? I have been absolutely terrible and,“ You immediately use your hand to cover Bruce’s mouth, muffling the rest of his sentence.

You give him a stern look. "Now listen here, Bruce Wayne, I am not giving excuses for your behaviors. Yes, I agree you missed everything that you have listed and will probably miss a whole lot more but I do not mind. When I married you, I also married Batman and I understand.” You explain, you really do. Marrying Bruce also meant you marrying everything he stands for. “All of those things do not matter as much to me because I know at the end of the day, you always come back to me and that matters the most.”

Bruce lightly grabs on to your wrist to pull your hand away from his mouth. He stares at you for the longest time before he leans forward, kissing your lips. You moan at the contact and close your eyes. Using your free hand, you bring it up to the back of his neck, lightly scratching it just how he likes it. Bruce groans in to your mouth and tilts his head to deepen the kiss.

The two of you only parted when the need for air rose. Bruce leads you away from the door and you realize that this room looks like an office or rather a home office. It also looks similar to Bruce’s office at the company, only smaller in size.

“So what did the boys do?” You ask him as the two of you sit down on the couch.

Bruce chuckles as he brings your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles. “It was Alfred’s doing actually.” He smile at you and you lean against him. “Had me going around chasing tails. He must have also tipped the boys off too - Damian had some really interesting choice of words.” He chuckles as he remembers how Damian had basically threatened to bring you as far away as he possible could if he had continued to treat you like how he had been treating you. “Jason and Tim too.  Both of them scolded me. Almost got punched in the face by Jason too.” If it wasn’t for his reflexes and training, he would have had to nurse a bruised cheek.

“And Dick?” You ask about your eldest son. It warms you to know that each of your boys really seem to care a lot about your happiness too. “Before I entered, he told me they were going to take care of patrols.”

Bruce shakes his head. “He practically laid out every single thing that I have missed and how you felt, etcetera.”

You chuckle. “So he pulled the guilt card on you!”

Bruce smiles and nods his head. “Basically.” He presses another kiss to your lips and you smile in to the kiss. When you pull away, Bruce has a very cheeky look on his face. “We have a perfectly good couch here.”

You laugh and nod your head before pushing Bruce with enough force to make him fall on his back. You got on top of him and lean down, causing Bruce to grip your thighs. “So we do, Mr. Wayne.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what does toei animation have against takeru takaishi? why do they hate takeru takaishi? hasn't he been through enough? when he was a little kid, his brother and him were separated after the divorce and truly all he wants is to have a nuclear family like did you watch adventure 02 season finale? moreover the boy lost his innocence when he was seven and he literally watched his digimon partner, patamon, die at the hands of devimon. and now he's going through it again? hASN'T HE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH? why does he have to suffer so much? i just want him to be happy. i swear if he didn't bear the crest of hope, he'd already be emo.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why do so many people hate kevin day?? he doesn't deserve hate. he literally grew up on exy in an abusive home where exy was probably the only way for him to express aggression without repercussions. he literally clung onto exy to survive mentally and people hate him for that?? people think he's an asshole just because he doesn't know how to express care for anything properly, other than said sport?? he trusted riko and when riko found out how good kevin was at exy he literally broke his hand in an attempt to take that from him?? I mean no wonder kevin is so reclusive. how do you trust someone after that?? kevin day just cares so much for the foxes but he doesn't even know how to express it. AND to top it all off he has to look his actual dad in the face every day and it probably tore him apart every single time?? like he was so abused he couldn't even open up to his own dad?? kevin day deserved so much better fight me

I’m finally allowed to share this with you guys so here’s part 1 out of 2 pieces that I did for @captiveprincezine! I can’t wait until I can hold it in my hands ahh it was a great experience and everyone did fantastic jobs!! :)

I posted the other piece on my twitter but I might add it on here as well soon :)

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I hope this hasn't been asked already... When you're drawing or thinking about Tsukishima x Yamaguchi are there any specific songs that get you into the mood for the pairing?

oh! no, this isn’t something i’ve been asked directly before, although i have mentioned certain songs in the author notes of my different fics. i’ll just reiterate them here, as well as some other stuff i’ve never shared before!

(this post got really long because of my unnecessary commentary, so i’m putting my answers under a cut!)

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