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After many requests, here is Jaehee. I hope you like it! By this I got through the whole maincast of Mystic Messenger ┗|・o・|┛Her colorscheme reminds me of autumn, so I thought a withered rose fits her. While playing her route, I pitied her situation. Take chances and enjoy the life before it withers.

The pose I drew her in looks as if she throws Jumin and Elizabeth 3rd away lol.

***Note*** Do not repost on social media where you can simply reblog the original (facebook, tumblr). Please don’t forget the right credits! I noticed some reposted art get more feedback than my original post (T⌓T)
Of course I can’t get ahold of everything, but every little help and consideration is appreciated!

Previous Mystic Messenger character art:


Till Sunbeams Find You [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Author’s Note: This took me a really long time to write. I got really distracted lol. Anyway, I watched Doctor Strange yesterday and I loved it. I would’ve written for it when I got home last night but I was out super late and got too tired and then I was in the library all day today doing homework (*cries*). Nonetheless, I hope ya like this. ^^

Word Count: 1,521

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Requested Negan x Reader Smut

Title: Don’t Tease
Author: @wickednerdery
Fandom: AMC’s The Walking Dead
Pairing/character: Negan/Reader (with Lucille on the side, haha)
Rating: FRM/FRAO
Summary: Everyone kneels for Negan and Lucille eventually.
Notes: Rating for smut smut smuttiness, a barbed wire bat, bit of blood, and enjoyment of bodily fluids (of the male variety, heh), haha!  Because of all this, there’s also a “read more” lol!!  This was requested by @harlystar, like, forever ago and I finally got the chance to do it…I can only hope it was worth the wait, lol!

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Why is Gray in the next room?

So in the latest chapter which is 520, where we all hoped to see Gray and Juvia (which we didn’t) we got this instead. Happy mentions that Gray is in the next room. Why? Perhaps it’s telling us that Gray is awake and did something – take note that I’m just speculating. I’m saying this is because in the previous chapters they were all in the same room.

Chapter 510 we see all of them together, both Gray and Juvia are beside each other unconscious:

Then two chapters later (Chapter 512), they are shown still in the same situation:

And we also know that in this same chapter was when Happy revealed to everyone that if Zeref dies, so does Natsu while ending the panel with Gray who is now awake and probably heard everything:

It safe to say he is now conscious… but let me ask you all this again: Why in the world is he suddenly in the next room? I don’t think Mashima made an error on this because if he did, Gray would be missing with no reason but he specifically made Happy say that. I may be speculating too much but maybe he’s with Juvia? I’m not too sure.

But then again the effect of Universe One is gone and yeah we’ll never know lol sorry for reading this unnecessarily long post ^.^;;

You Leave Me With My Jaw on the Floor [Steve Harrington x Reader]

Author’s Note: I know I keep apologizing for my absence but I can’t help but feel obligated to! This week if I wasn’t in class, I was in the library working. And I have midterms coming up next week and a paper due so my brain is kind of frazzled. But I wanted to write something small that I hope you like. AHS: Hotel finally got added to Netflix so I was able to squeeze in watching that after doing homework these past few days. So you’ll probably be seeing a lot of AHS in the coming days lol.

Word Count: 805

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5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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Yaaaay everyone finally got their 2016 Xmas cards so now i can post this without spoilers :D

I was really slack last year and when December came i realised i hadnt planned anything for end of year card trades (the digital ones were easy enough). These handmade A5 A6 sketchbooks/notebooks where the result of needing something that was simultaneously kind of cool but could also fit in an envelope |D I took my cue for the inside message from Field Note notebooks lol.

Made from: Kraft cardstock and sketchbook paper (luckily, i had some old sketchbooks which i…divested of most of the pages lol). Printed design with gel pen embellishments 👌🏼

What Have I Done, Part II

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 2,120

Summary: (Y/N) finally made a life for herself in New York, months after her separation from Newt. Unfortunately, she seems that no matter what she does she always find her life connected to the magizoologist. (I really am terrible at these summaries.)

Warning: angst? brief mentioning of alcohol 

Note: I genuinely intended this to be a two-part story after publishing the first, but seems I got ahead of myself. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I need to finish it because I am stubborn lol hope it’s enjoyable anyway! xx

Part One: X    Part III: X

“No, Tina. He hasn’t been cleared of the charges. President Picquery said to handle this case with care. He’s a very important wizard and I-“ 

“This isn’t about you, (Y/N). I know what I seen him do, and he needs to be convicted. He’s been using his magic to violate and steal from No-majs. He needs to be held accountable.” Her voice was stern and her tone unwavering.

You sighed and looked up at the brunette, her hands set firmly in front of her on your desk. If you didn’t consider her one of your closest friends, you might’ve found her intimidating. “You know I won’t let him get anything less than what he deserves. Now, just let me do my job and make sure we have all the credible evidence to lock him up, alright?”

Tina let out a sigh and gave you an apologetic smile, she knew that you were more than capable of handling your job and that you wouldn’t rest until a proper punishment or clearing of criminal charges had been made. She was just passionate about her job and wanted to see it through to the very end. 

You shot her a smile, and closed the file in front of you. “I’ll let you know if I get any good leads, alright?”

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Loads of Love Around [Cassian Andor x Reader]

Author’s Note: I bought a Cassian Andor Funko Pop today which made me want to write for him lol. And then I got this idea in particular because I saw someone had made a typo that read “rouge one” instead of “rogue one.” I have another idea for Cassian that’s a bit more fleshed out and whatever, which I think I’ll write next. Just didn’t really have the capacity to focus on it today as I’ve been itching to draw. Hope you enjoyyy.

Word Count: 1,594

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Thought You Forgot About Me

Title:  Thought You Forgot About Me

Author:  Emily

Pairing:  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Dates Written:  Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Friday, July 15, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, July 15, 2016

Word Count:  2,067

Request:  Yes!  “Hiiiii I would like to request a Tommy Shelby (loooovvvee him soo much,so fucking fine lol) reader known the shelbys since she was a little girl,but got sent away,years later she’s back to visit them,reader capture Tommy attention cause how beautiful she grew up to be causing the Shelby boys to flirt with her,Tommy gets possessive and protective over her”

Author’s Note:  This is my first request and I have never been so excited and nervous!  I really hope that you guys and the anon who requested this enjoy!  I do feel though that this one is kind of a let down but hopefully not!  Feel free to request what you guys want to read!  And if there are any Supernatural fans, we have a SPN imagine coming soon from our amazing writer, Jordan!

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anonymous asked:

i am a fan of the "chocobros rescuing s/o" scenario and lots of angst. ;) could you please write short scenarios for the bros saving their severely injured gf during a battle and maybe the aftercare they'd give? thank you!

Hello Anon! Thank you for sending such an angsty request! This was originally supposed to be posted last night (according to Aussie Eastern Standard time) and it is now Saturday night xD I got a little carried away with the angst part! I didn’t quite go too much into detail in regards to aftercare, but I tried to add in fluff and cuddles so that ya’ll don’t hurt too badly! I think Ignis’ is the only one that explicitly mentions aftercare LOL! Hope I did your request justice though, lovely!

**NOTE: Can you tell? Ignis is my fave… LOL- I feel slightly guilty about how long his scenario turned out, but I also don’t want to cut anything out xD**

Noctis: It’s strange how life works. One minute, you’re implicated in a routine battle with a nest of hundlegs, and then the next your whole world turns is knocked off kilter. A heavy weight is pressed up against your back and a low growl hits the ear that’s not currently pressed into the long, green grass beneath your pinned body. You try to squirm away from the creature- you’re pretty sure it’s a full-grown coeurl- but your upper back is burning where the coeurl’s claws have punctured long, deep gashes into your skin.

You let out a weak cry for help, and try to reach out towards Noctis- but he’s too far away and too focused on warp-striking the creepy crawlies around him. He has no idea you’re in trouble. You begin to lose focus as the heavy weight on your back, and your quick blood loss, render it hard for you to breathe. The last thing you remember hearing before your whole world turned blank was Prompto’s panicked scream, followed by the tell-tale blue light that usually followed Noct’s warp-strikes.

When you come to, you find that your right hand is encased in a strong, sweaty grip. Whoever was holding your hand, they’d been holding on for quite some time. You try to flex your fingers in the person’s grasp, and whoever had been holding your hand immediately lets go. You slowly open your eyes and turn your head to your right, your tired eyes meeting with your boyfriend’s midnight blue orbs. The skin around his eyes are tinged pink, like he’d been rubbing tears from his eyes continuously.

You attempt to sit up, only to let out a pained cry when the movement stretches the wounds on your back. Noctis’ face falls and you swear you hear him whimper. His shoulders are hunched and his eyes are now averted from your pained stare. You frown at his behaviour.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I was careless…” you begin, only to have Noctis shake his head almost violently. You stop speaking and regard him, a concerned expression fixed onto your face. After a few moments of stillness, Noctis turns his face back to you and stares deeply into your eyes- resolve evident on his handsome, yet youthful features.

“I promised I would take care of you, and you almost bled to death. If Prompto hadn’t noticed, you could have died… I failed.”

You shake your head. “No, Noct…”

“Don’t try to make it better- I screwed up.” Noctis states firmly before hesitantly leaning forward and planting a soft peck on your cheek. Bewildered, you keep your eyes wide open and watch Noctis’ movements carefully. He reaches for your hand again and squeezes it firmly in his grasp. His palms are still sweaty- he must have been really shaken by your attack and resultant injuries. “I’ll do better… so that there won’t be a next time.”

All you can do is nod, because you don’t know what to say to make it better. You know it’s not his fault- that it’s not his responsibility to look after you. As a matter of fact, you were part of his Crownsguard- his tactical intelligence advisor. You were supposed to be protecting and guiding him…

It was your turn to look away, as the consequences of your incompetence in battle- and your rather unsavoury relationship with your prince- hit you hard. It was you who failed today- not Noctis.

Prompto: You’re not sure what’s going on. There’s a flurry of movement above you, next to you… all around you! You’re getting dizzy and you feel some wet stuff pouring out of your shoulder from what you think is a small bullet hole. You try your best to keep your eyes open, but you’re losing blood quick and no one can hear your small voice calling out for help. A few minutes later, after fighting the urge to shut your eyes for what seemed like the longest time, you succumbed to the heavy downward tugs of your eyelids.

The next time you pry your eyes open, you’re surprised you’re actually alive. You had lost a LOT of blood and everyone was too confused to have come to your aid on time. Your eyes shoot straight to your injured shoulder, and you can’t help but roll your eyes at the thick gauze dressing surrounding the bullet wound. Disbelief slowly turned into annoyance, and then annoyance very quickly turned into red hot anger. Your boyfriend, Prompto Argentum, sharpshooter extraordinaire… had shot you. He freaking shot you! You almost died! You swing your legs over the side of your cot, fighting the dizzy spell that tried to pull you back down onto your sick bed, only to be met with the concerned face of your boyfriend.

“No, y/n, you need to lie down.” Prompto’s voice sounded kind of strange- like he’d been screaming or crying for a prolonged period of time. His voice was raspy and pitchy, and nothing like the cheery tone you were used to. You tried to cross your arms in front of you, but the position pulled at your wound uncomfortably, so you settled for placing your uninjured hand on Prompto’s chest to shove him out of the way. You were still mad that he’d shot you.

“Where was that concern when you pierced a bullet through my shoulder?” You grit out, your notoriously fiery temper showing itself. Prompto’s bottom lip immediately trembled as he shook his head, denying your words.

“That’s not how it happened. I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry- I know I messed up. I almost killed you… I don’t even know what… I can’t even…” Prompto hiccupped between words, each of his heaving breaths causing your heart to clamp painfully in your chest. You did this. You hurt your sunshine.  

“It was an accident and I’m sorry for getting mad at you for something that wasn’t even your fault. I’m such an ass hole- look at you taking such good care of me, my baby chocobo,” you cooed, fighting hard against your own guilty tears as you leaned against the warm body of your boyfriend.

Without letting go of the supplies he brought for you, he brought his warm and gentle arms around you, sobbing his guilt out quietly onto your shoulder. You rubbed the nape of Prompto’s neck and pressed a kiss to his shoulder in turn.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad I can call you mine. I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, I promise.” Despite your desperate words of reassurance, Prompto’s sobs hadn’t subsided for another few minutes. You shut your eyes tight and tried to control your own breathing- you could be terribly cruel at the worst of times…

Gladiolus: You’re fighting side-by-side with Gladio, stabbing at the Ronin whenever you found an opening with your lance. Gladio’s hacking and slashing at the tall daemon, a satisfied smirk on his face as he notices that the daemon doesn’t have too much life left in it. Noctis, Prompto and Ignis are all pre-occupied with a Lich that has just joined the fray in an ambush. They’re a good ways away from you and Gladio, so you focus all your attention on the Ronin’s seemingly sluggish movements, and your boyfriends beautiful yet rough battle form.

Suddenly, while you’re checking to see if Gladio needs a potion or remedy, you feel an unbearable burning sensation rip right through your abdomen. You gasp in immense pain as you’re lifted off your feet, impaled by the Ronin’s long katana. Just before it is able to throw you off its blade in a cruel display of battle prowess, Gladio slices clean through the daemon’s middle with an enraged roar.

You feel the blade inside you dissipate, and a chill races up your spine at the unnaturally cool sensation that emanates from the stab site. You hardly feel yourself fall with a thud onto the cold dirt below. You barely register your boyfriend’s shaky voice speaking in low, gravelly tones right into your ear. You don’t know what he’s saying- all you know is pain.

You shut your eyes, and the pain takes over completely.

When you awake, you’re wrapped up comfortably in blankets. You don’t dare try to sit up, because you remember what happened with the Ronin and you can feel the sharp throbs of pain shooting fire throughout your body from where you’d been stabbed.

“Babe?” Gladio’s voice suddenly calls out from beside you. You turn your head, finally noticing his presence, and you can’t help but break into an amused smile at the look of sheer relief on his rugged face.

“You look like you’ve been to hell and back, sweetie…”

Gladio runs a hand through his hair and nods in agreement. “It sure felt that way. I almost lost you back there.” Gladio’s usually strong voice grows shaky with every word he utters. Your heart breaks a little at the sight and sounds of his apparent worry for you. “Iggy was almost sure you’d be dead before we got to civilisation.” Your eyes widen at Gladio’s words and he barks out a weak laugh. “Yeah, you were THAT bad, babe.”

You’re both silent for a few moments before you register Gladio’s uneven breathing. You place your hand on his knee, and look up at his face, only to see silent tears streaming down his scarred cheeks.

“Gladdy… I’m still here. You saved me, I’m safe now.” You say, trying to calm your boyfriend down. Your heart is breaking, and the pain you experience from seeing your boyfriend in such a state dampens the physical pain that had been plaguing you since you woke.

Gladio suddenly leans in and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, his hand barely resting atop your bandaged abdomen as he silently cries out of relief, shock, pain and guilt. You let a few of your own tears slip from your watery eyes- you’ve never seen Gladio cry, and you are touched by how much he actually cherishes you.

“And I’ll make sure you’re always safe. This will never happen again.”

You press a soft kiss to Gladio’s temple and sigh, reaching up to bury your fingers into his hair.

“Thank you, my hero.”

Ignis: You’re an academic- not a fighter. Ignis knows this very well, and continuously insists that you stay back at camp while he and the rest of the chocobros take down a nearby hunt. But you won’t have any of it, and forcibly come along- armed only with a notebook, a pen and a magic flask containing a simple healcast spell. Noctis had handed it to you quietly, a small apologetic smile on his face, after Ignis had thrown his hands up in the air in clear frustration and walked away to get ready to take down the bounty.

You and Ignis don’t usually argue, but this situation is slightly different. Your life is potentially on the line, and Ignis absolutely loathes not being in control of any given situation that he may have the power to control. Daemons are unpredictable, and while he didn’t have to worry about his other travel companions not being able to hold their own in the midst of a raging battle, you are inexperienced and quite quick to lose your cool. You are his exact opposite in most aspects, and he fell in love with all your quirks. But your stubbornness… that is always a challenge.

When you and the boys finally arrive at the hunt site, Noctis warps straight into battle, followed by Prompto’s quick volley of bullets at long-range. Gladio leaps into the fray with a loud war cry and quite literally smashes one of the baby garulas out with a single swipe of his blade. Your eyes land on Ignis and his previous frustration at you is obviously being channelled into his powerful jump-strikes- his lance stabbing viciously into the screaming Garulessa he is targeting. You observe the battle, the magic flask tight in your grasp, with awe. The boys fought with artistic precision, twisting and turning amongst each other and working collaboratively to take the pack of Garulas and Garulessas down.

You’re so enthralled with the beauty of the fight, you don’t notice the enraged Garulessa charging at you from your left. By the time you realise you’re about to be trampled to death, your body freezes and then… excruciating pain fills your senses. You feel your ribs crack under the immense weight of the Garulessa’s hefty hoof as it runs over you and towards the boys in a rage. You’re on the ground, unable to even breathe without your agonistic pain increasing two-fold. You crush the flask in your grasp, desperate for relief. Electricity surrounds the atmosphere around you and you slowly find that it’s a little easier to breathe.

“Y/n! Shit- Iggy! She’s down!” You hear Gladio’s voice cry out in a panic. You loll you head to the side, still on the ground, and you notice Prompto, Gladio and Noctis fighting their hardest against the last Garulessa in the fray- the one that had trampled you over. You shut your eyes, just as the familiar accented lilt of your boyfriend’s voice enters your ears.

“No… this is not happening. This is not what is happening right now…” This is the last thing you hear Ignis say as he gathers your head into his lap. The slight jostling shoots pain into every region of your body and you succumb to the darkness.

You don’t know it, but Ignis has not left your side since you fell unconscious. He does not let anyone near you after the doctor has dressed and bandaged the most severe of the injuries you sustained. Due to the shock and trauma your body experiences from the Garulessa ambush, you do not awaken for three days.

When you do eventually open your eyes up, Ignis is by your side, glasses off and looking strangely unkempt. He heaves a sigh of relief when you slowly turn your face towards him, and leans forward to brush his lips across your brow. He leans back, and his moss green eyes are filled with affection.

“There you are- I’ve been worried. You caused quite the stir, young lady.” You groan weakly and shut your eyes momentarily before re-opening them. Your mind is filled with flashbacks from the argument you and Ignis had before the whole ‘trampling’ incident. Your eyes fill up with tears, and Ignis immediately knows what’s on your mind.

He presses a long finger to your lips and shakes his head, his brows furrowed in compassion as he carefully gathers you into his arms. He rocks you gently as you sob, the entirety of the situation crashing down on you.

“Hush, sweetheart. We all make mistakes- I’m just glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would do if I’d lost you.”

“I’m sorry Iggy,” you whisper through your sobs. The small movements hurt your ribs, and Ignis notices you tense. As if by magic, he brings out a Hi-Elixir and holds the medicine to your lips with a small, sad smile.

“I forgive you. Here, drink.” You smile back, and let Ignis take care of you.

Picture Series: Quidditch Pitch

Marauders x Reader Imagine 

Authors Note: 

Second part of the polaroid picture series! I had a completely different idea for this one, but this turned out to be much better. I was surprised that the first part got so many notes compared to what I was expecting which was none or very little, so thanks for that. I do these mostly to try and improve my writing and I’m glad people like it. Hope you enjoy!


While James is at Quidditch practice, Y/N walked around the field with the camera she had forcibly gotten back form the boys. There were plenty of pictures but a certain one was her favorite. 

Since last time in the coomon romm the boys hadn’t given Y/N her camera back. James and Sirius would play pranks on other students and teachers and would photograph the results. Already they had gone through one packet of film and were bugging Y/N for some more. “Oh c'mon Y/N just a few more, please? We have this brilliant idea for a prank and we need your camera!” Sirius begged Y/N. Ever since the night before, he hadn’t stopped and when he wasn’t on her neck, James was.

“Just this once. We’ll give it back when we finish I pro…” James started again but Y/N cut him off. “Don’t you dare to even finish that sentence James. That’s what you said last time. So unless you’re going to use the film for something better I will not give you anymore!” she had had it already and yelled causing everyone in the hall to turn their heads to where she sat. 

Next time she talked it was soft and more patient, she didn’t like yelling at her friends but they where getting on her nerves. “Honestly James, I don’t mind that you borrow my camera, but really? Photographing the results of your pranks? That’s bloody stupid. What happens if someone finds them, eh? What are you going to do?" 

"No ones gonna find them Y/N, who do you think we are?” Sirius added, butting into the conversation. “I think… no, I know you’re the boys who land themselves in the detention two times a week! And I am not risking that you get expelled just for a silly photo. I’m sorry but I’m not lending you anything for that sort of purposes.” Said Y/N standing up from the table. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off too the library. Remus should be there” and with that, she walked out of the Great Hall.

 "I’m not risking that you get expelled" Sirius mocked Y/N, making his voice higher to sound like hers once she was out of earshot. “She fancies Remus so much, she’s even started to sound like him!”

A week had passed and the boys hadn’t asked Y/N for some film. She had found it a little strange, but nonetheless was grateful for that. “Hello Remus, Y/N. Care to join us to the pitch? James is going to practice for the match against Ravenclaw this week.” Sirius asked the pair, sitting in between them. Y/N gave him a look that read "are you being serious?” But decided against it for obvious reasons. They agreed and were on the way.

While the group got to the pitch, Sirius and Remus where mocking James about his ability as a player. “I hear Ravenclaw’s new seeker is really good James” started Remus, he enjoyed annoying James the most. “They say his parents are friends with the seeker from the English National Quidditch team” continued Sirius. “They’ve trained together and everything!" 

The boys and Y/N would always do this before practice. It motivated James to do even better than he already was. "Oh c'mon guys, quit it. I mean it’s alright if James looses a match. Right James? You’ve won so many already!” Y/N added to their taunts. James was trying to ignore them, so he ran towards the field, Sirius and Remus following suit. Y/N stayed behind, taking the camera from her bag and snapping pictures. 

She got a few of the boys running around but her favorite was one of the rings from the Quidditch pitch behind three of the houses towers. When James had enough of flying around catching the snitch, which was more than few hours later, Y/N gave him the picture. “See James, that-” she pointed the photo with her finger “-is putting film to good use” she said smiling at him. He asked to keep it and she obliged. “I’ve thought about it, and I decided to let you guys use my camera again” Y/N added sitting next to him on the floor. “Only and only if, you don’t use if for your pranks, alright?”

“Yes, mum” said James pretending to act like a child who had just been scolded, causing Y/N to laugh. “Good boy” she patted him in the head and ran up the stairs of the girl dormitory to get her camera.

softie // tom riddle

part ii

pairing ➵ tom riddle x reader
genre ➵ angst
note ➵ this was requested and oH WOW did I get eMO writing this, anyway lol I hope you like this ♡

you and tom had grown up together as you were both orphaned and left at wool’s orphanage.

from the day he met you he felt a connection with you and therefore he didn’t want this to ever be lost. he felt that you were like him, different. he made you his best friend and he meant the world to you.

as the years went on, the differences you and tom shared got stronger and stronger.
you both could put those who were mean to you in harms way, you both could make animals do what you wanted without training them.


you’d both finally gotten a visitor and it was non other than albus dumbledore.

he proceeded to tell you both that you weren’t mad and that you were actually totally different.

a witch and a wizard.

you were both ecstatic to hear of this, now knowing that there was even more people like the 2 of you.


when it came to you both being sorted into your houses, tom got sorted into slytherin straight away.
however, when it came
to you…

truthfully, you had all the traits of a true hufflepuff: loyal, just, kind, hard working
but you didn’t want to be away from your tom so you begged the sorting hat to put you into slytherin, and so it did.


you and tom were more than happy at hogwarts, considering it your true home.

now well into your 6th year, you’d both become very experienced in magic.

even you had to admit that you totally weren’t the type for slytherin but, it wasn’t too much of a bother.

you’d be teased about being too much of a softie for slytherin and how the sorting hat eventually lost it by the time it got to you and put you in the wrong house but tom would always come to your saving grace and shut all of them up.

it never bothered you too much as nothing else mattered as long as you had your tom, you were happy.

you didn’t have many friends in slytherin and often felt very lonely but you never let tom feel your loneliness and it also didn’t mean anything to you, you had your tom.

however, it even started getting to cold, bold tom riddle.

why the hell were you in slytherin when you’re such a softie.

after having it grilled into his head by people left right and centre he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

it was just another average day, you were going about your life and so was everyone else.

you’d gotten out of lesson and were walking back into the slytherin common room to only have collided with some boy.

“I-I’m so sorry.” you stuttered, as you quickly bent down to pick up his books.

“you better be. god, a pathetic little softie like you in our great house, it’s despicable.” he spat at you before walking out of the common room, leaving you stunned.

you’d finally walked further into the room and saw tom, he was sat there the whole time.

you didn’t want to make any assumptions, maybe he’d just gotten there or maybe he was feeling unwell, there’s no way your tom would let someone clearly bully you and not do anything, right?

“hello tom, when did you get here?” you asked, begging to salazar slytherin that he’d just apparated in.
“10 minutes before you, I reckon.” he said, refusing to make eye contact.

“oh, I see.” you said, barely in a whisper.

you took a seat next to him but instead of being totally next to him you were gripping the arm of the sofa.

you couldn’t help but think why didn’t he help you? why didn’t he stand up for you if he was right there?

“(y/n), you know I can’t always stand up for you. you need to toughen up a little and stop being such a push over.” he said monotoned.

“I-I know tom, I’m sorry I just can’t help it-it’s just the way I-” you stuttered out, feeling horrible as you were being made to feel bad for just being yourself.

“christ, how did you even get sorted into slytherin.” he muttered.

“because I wanted to be with you, you prick!” you screamed finally, your tears not being able to stay in your eyes anymore.

“I wanted to be with my best friend.”

“what?” he asked with shock.

“you think I don’t know that I’m not meant for stupid fucking slytherin? clearly, I’m not! god, have you even noticed how I feel alone all the time because all the insufferable slytherin pricks make me feel awful! but no, I never say anything! because all I fucking want is for my best friend tom to be happy so I just go on and make do with what I have.” you exclaimed with tears falling down your face ferociously.

“the problem with slytherin house is the fact non of you know what loyalty is even if it smacked you over the head.” you carried on, giving tom a piece of your mind.
“like how some people even forget to look out for the person that they once called their best friend.”

“(y/n)-” he tried to talk.

“call me all you want tom riddle, a softie, a push over, but there’s not anything that would have made me leave you in the dark. I looked out for you to the best of my ability, always.” you finally finished.

tom had just gotten his reality check.

Uh hi! I’m Erin…

I was inspired by @http-jack to post this and since my post got 100 notes I decided, “meh, why not?” So here I am! I’m pretty nervous actually haha and yeah, I’m in my school uniform. Please don’t give me hate… also I know my hair is a mess - it’s been a long day.

Hope none of you are disappointed. Much love 😙 and here are some facts about me!

5 Facts about me:

👻I’m Scottish
👻I play Field Hockey
👻I play an instrument and sing!
👻I have hazel eyes (sometimes green)
👻I draw Manga

Be Careful With Her *Loki x Reader*

Originally posted by love-is-in-the-air-baby-love

Requested by Anon: Just to add to the list: a Loki oneshot where the reader is dating him but she’s also good friends with Thor. She loves getting piggyback rides from Thor and he’s always tossing her around but Loki freaks out because he thinks one of these days he’s is going to hurt her? Just fluff and cute stuff please? lol :’) 
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff & Loki being cute
Admins Note: Sorry, we’ve got so much in our inbox of prompt & ships that sometimes requests gets lost in the sea. I hope this is okay. I actually like writing Loki stuff, I am planning on do a second part to ‘Too Good To Be True’ but that won’t be for a while, maybe end of this month, before doing Christmas requests.

      No one really understood how you could date Loki. You were probably the nicest person any of the Avengers had ever met, sweet and caring, almost motherly over them all. Yet, you are dating Loki. It baffled them all, he was the exact opposite, he wanted all humans to either kneel for him or die… but yet you were the exception for him. He really did care for you, not that he showed it in front of anyone but when it was just you both, he was actually really sweet and nice; a side you were very grateful to see. 

      You got along with all the Avengers, you did sort of work for them, help them with injuries but it’s very rare they get really injured; something you are also grateful for. For a while everyone was slightly on edge with the fact you are dating Loki but eventually they all got over it, well some more than others but still they respected your decision, plus you told them that Loki is a sweetheart to you- he wasn’t amused that you told them that but it made them let off. 
You especially get along with Thor, since you are so much smaller than both him and Loki it amused him- you reminded Thor of a doll because of how petite you are. Thor treats you like a rag-doll, he picks you up, throws you in the air, he makes you laugh: Loki treats you like a porcelain doll, gentle touches and light hugs. 

      “You are so light, its like there is nothing on my back,” Thor muses loudly, making Natasha, Steve, Jane and Bruce laugh. You were gripped tightly to Thor’s back as he strides around the living area. He was now moving quickly, it was difficult to hold on, it made you laugh as he jumped so you would move upward and be more comfortable. 
      “Well not everyone is a massive God,” you teased back, he chuckled loudly with everyone. “I mean you fly around and fight people, I’m a fragile human,” you confirmed and he carried on laughing, running around the sofas with you on his back.
      Thor grabbed you and held you under your arm pits, you already knew where this was going, he then threw you in the air and everyone laughed loudly as you screamed; of course he caught you every time but he would throw and let you fall on the sofas with a bounce sometimes. 

      “OH MY WORD!” someone shouted. Thor jumped and turned around as you fall onto the sofas with a smack, you peaked over and see Loki glaring at Thor and everyone else. “What did I say about doing this?” he asked, his voice sharp and stern, looking right at his brother who stood sheepish but a small hint of amusement still; Jane and Natasha stood snickering, Steve was trying to hide his smile also.
       “Not to because (Y/N) is not a God and can be hurt,” Thor muttered childishly, you giggled looking between Thor and Loki. “She likes it,” he defended and you nodded, only to have the same glare cast at you, you shut your mouth closed and remained behind the sofa.
       “Be careful with her, please” Thor nodded and you stood up on the sofa, jumping slightly as you waited for their small dispute to be over.

      “Can I have another piggyback ride now?” You asked, Loki started to shake his head, saying he doesn’t want Thor to anymore and you pouted. “Steve, please?” you begged both and Loki rolled his eyes and nodded, making everyone chuckled as you leaped onto the surprised Steve’s back he stumbled and laughed before running off, Thor chasing after you both.
      “Let’s play catch the (Y/N)” he yelled, Steve then stopped and tossed you to Thor who ran with you, all the while you were laughing with Natasha and Jane, and Loki was running and yelling after you three.

(Sorry its slightly short, I didn’t really know what to do with this, I had fun writing it but I honestly lost it like half-way through. Hope this is actually okay. You can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself or Angie - Rosalee)

The Steiner Brothers (The Schuyler Sisters Parody)

Hi, MidCin fam! I’m finally back from the dead finals week! ^-^

I actually wrote this parody quite a while ago (Like, in November or December.) and I hadn’t had time to record it until now (Conveniently after finals. Yay! :D).

For those of you who don’t already know this about me: I love Hamilton (it has become an unhealthy obsession, LOL :b). So, I decided to write yet another Hamilton parody based on MidCin’s OG Stein trio. This song is basically my headcanon of what the brothers’ epic entrance would be like. xD

While writing and recording this song, I couldn’t help but imagine Byron, Albert, and Nico doing the Schuyler Sisters’ “WORK” pose:

Originally posted by god-i-hope-you-are-satisfied

Note: I apologize if the audio gets wonky/loud sometimes. Also, I got too excited when singing “Work” in the chorus, so I went a little too fast/off-best there. :P

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy my tribute to the Stein Bros. Happy listening! :) <3

Here’s the original song if you don’t know it. “The Schuyler Sisters” - Hamilton: An American Musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZdrzOdd8Kw

Also, here’s my very first MidCin/Hamilton parody if you haven’t heard that yet: “Princess of Wysteria” (“Alexander Hamilton” Parody): http://rimalupin.tumblr.com/post/150760060791/i-honestly-dont-know-where-this-came-from-or-how



There’s nothing rich nobles love more

Than sending off their sons to the castle’s front door

They pull up in their carriages and gawk at the princess in her study

Oh just hear them talk

I told her, “Give Louis a chance: he’s a keeper.”

Uh oh, someone else is tryna seek her

Check out Nico, Albert, and good King Byron

Travel to our country just to visit the princess at


Work, work


King Byron!


Work, work


Sir Albert!


And Nico!


Work, work

The Steiner Brothers


King Byron!








It’s great to see that you’re both in town


It’s good to see you too, Nico


C’mon Al, turn that frown upside down


Would you just shut up, Nico?


Men: look around, look around

We’ve made it to the palace’s front door


Front door


King Byron




Allow me to escort you through the door


Don’t trip me; don’t you dare!


The party starts in an hour or more


I assure you we’ll be there


Look around, look around-


Your Majesty, remind me what we are here for


Wait, is that the king?!


Sir Albert, we’re here to take care of work (COMPANY: work, work)

We’ve got some business here, some work (COMPANY: work, work)

We’re in Wysteria for work (COMPANY: work, work)







Ooh, there’s nothing like a ball in the city

Men looking fine and the ladies looking pretty

Excuse me, sir, I know it’s not funny

But your garb tells me that your daddy’s got money

What brought you to the city with your cape and eyepatch

You hunting for a princess or a possible match?


Byron, get behind me


Leo, quit your yapping

I’m Her Majesty’s tutor, you can trust me


I haven’t introduced myself properly

So, in short, I’m from Stein and I’m the king

I wanna talk to the princess on this occasion

So listen to my declaration:


We ain’t here to play: we need to take care

Of matters that are mostly legal


And when I meet with the princess here (COMPANY: Unh!)

I’mma compel her to include Stein in the sequel




Look around, look around: we’re about to change things for the better now


Look around, look around: we’re about to change things for the better now


History is happening: if we unite our powers together we’ll be the greatest countries in the world


The greatest countries in the world!


I haven’t introduced myself properly (look around, look around) ((hey, hey, hey, hey))

So, in short, I’m from Stein and I’m the king (we’ve made it through the palace’s) ((hey, hey, hey, hey))


(Front door) I wanna talk to the princess ((look around, look around)) on this occasion

So listen to my declaration: ((we’ve made it to the palace’s))


We ain’t here to play: we need to take care (look around, look around)

Of matters that are mostly legal (we’re about to change things for the better now)


Look around, look around

We’re about to change things for the better now

History is happening: if we unite our powers together we’ll be


The greatest countries in the world (the greatest countries)


The greatest countries in the world!


Work, work


King Byron!


Work, work


Sir Albert!


And Nico!


Work, work


The Steiner Brothers


Work, work


We’re in Wysteria for work (work, work)

Hey (work, work)


Woah-ah! (work, work)


Hey (work, work)

We’ll be the greatest countries


The greatest countries

In the world!


The greatest countries in the world!