i hope this good streak continues

Castiel Imagine

Imagine: Castiel telling you that you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen (ft. the Winchesters).

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You watched Dean’s lower lip twitch in the faint light, envying his serene expression and easy slumber. It seemed he could turn the mess that was a bad hunt off like a light switch - the gore, the fear, the failure. You could hardly blink without picturing the bloody disaster.

Sam whistled under his breath, “Nice one!”

You rolled your head toward the younger Winchester. “Missed it.” Frowning, your gaze turned back to the sky. It was the peak of the annual Orionid meteor shower on a perfect fall night and you could hardly focus on an event that usually brought you joy.

Sam knowingly squeezed your knee. “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

You rested your hand on his arm in acknowledgment. Sam understood the blame game - he played it almost as frequently as you.

Dean mumbled something mostly incoherent about clown noses and began to snore lightly.

You stared at Sam, biting your lip, catching an amused twinkle in his eyes, unable to stifle your laugh.

“It’s the big red shoes, what?” Dean bolted awake, uncrossing his arms, warily blinking at you and Sam. “Did I miss it?”

“The circus?” You arched an eyebrow askance.

Sam sniggered.

“What? No!” Dean’s lip curled up in confusion. “The shooting stars. What circus?”

Your ears perked up at the familiar flutter of angel wings.

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queenoflightnings  asked:

"Okay, fine, maybe we are friends." Marichat or Chloe and Nath, pleaaase.

“Okay, fine, maybe we are friends,” Chloe admitted as Nathaniel slid another foil out of her hair. 

“I would hope so at this point.” He tossed another purple streaked foil in the trash can. “Although I’m still surprised I’m the one you called to help with this. Surely Sabrina would’ve been willing.”

“Of course she would have but Sabrina doesn’t know anything about hair color.”

“And I do?”

“Please, Kurtzberg, you may be a natural redhead but not that hue.”

He flushed as he continued to free her hair of the foils. “I may help it along a little.”

“And I didn’t want to go to a salon because what if it doesn’t look good? No one can see me with bad hair.”

“It doesn’t look all that great right now,” Nathaniel chuckled, wiping his gloved hands on a towel. “You’re kind of rocking a wet dog look right now.”

Chloe’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Nathaniel’s reflection. “Watch it, Red.”

“Ready to rinse?” he asked, trying not to laugh.

“I guess. If you make my hair fall out, I will kill you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He led her to the massive bathtub. “Here, I put the towel on the side so it doesn’t hurt your elbows too much when you’re leaning over.”

“Thanks.” Chloe got down on her knees and hung her head over the bathtub. She waited for the water to start but nothing happened. “What’s taking so long?”

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Some thoughts on j2′s appearance on Conan

  • It was longer that I thought it was gonna be
  • it wasn’t bad but
  • I am dying for the boys to get an interview [on tv] where they get asked good questions 
  • G was brought up but at least it was about her death on the show
  • I’m sure hets are still gagging over it anyways and finding it romantic
  • Cute story about JJ was cute
  • Jared casually bringing up that him and Jensen both live in Austin and their kids go to similar preschools. That’s my boy!
  • We learned that since s1 on Jared’s birthday Jensen gets him drunk and has his way with him 
  • I mean Jensen and Jared get drunk and end up streaking (is that what kids are calling it now a days?)
  • Jared doing the keg stand? Totally awesome
  • Jensen did a quick plug for his brewery which is good because
  • I’m not sure what the purpose of this appearance was
  • nothing really got plugged; the show wasn’t promoted, the boys business ventures outside of the show wasn’t promoted, the boys themselves weren’t promoted
  • Not even the beards were promoted 
  • Either way I enjoyed seeing the boys
  • And I hope Jared and Jensen take that keg back to their room and continue their birthday tradition ;) 

anonymous asked:

even despite P/C’s scores this weekend at CoC I still have such a weird sense of calm and hope for TS at the Olympics and I usually don’t get that for things that don’t go well so let’s hope my streak of good vibes continues!!!

Honestly so do I.

I just think VM got this. They’re all around the better, stronger technical team. I have faith that that will be rewarded

(I will still be a hot mess during every single competition but I believe they can do it)

let me tell you about my day!!!

nothing really happened until after class, so let’s skip to that!

i met my most lovely and wonderful girlfriend (and oh my god she looked so good today!!) and she bought me a smoothie!! and then! we went back to my apt and ate some amazing pumpkin bread!! then i sat in bed and did nothing for like an hour!! and then I finished the lab I had to do by thursday (a two days early!!)! and!! for the first time in forever i had indian curry!!!!!! it was so damn good!!!!!!!! with chai!!!!!! and the moon looks so pretty tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i bought new earrings!!!!!! dysphoria sucked all day today but these things made it better!!!!!!!!!

sam-a-holland  asked:

I just got home from spending the day with my friend and it was so great. She picked me up and I joined her while she ran errands because I didn't want to be home alone. then we went out to dinner and she got this guys snapchat and then we went and chilled at her house for a while and I had a really nice conversation about politics and racism with her dad then we dove around for a while before she dropped me off at my house. now i'm listening to Harry Styles' album on vinyl.

aw i’m glad that your day has been great :’) this makes me happy, i hope the happy/good streak continues <3

sleepover saturday!!

Good Boy / Bad Girl - Everlark Fanfiction

Hi All, here is a new multi-chapter story I just posted on AO3. I hope you enjoy it!

Katniss’ fresh start in a small town is over before it begins. As she struggles with the stigma of a bad reputation in her new high school, she fights her desire to get to know Mr. Perfect and Popular Peeta Mellark.

Nothing can break me from my troubled sleep. Not the car swaying on the slick road, the lightning streaking across the sky, or the wind howling through the old windows. My nightmares continue their hold on me. The smell, the weight keeping me down, the laughter in the background, it all trapped me in a dark place I don’t want to be. If only I could open my eyes.

“Katniss! Wake up!” Her sweet voice is like crumbs leading the way home and finally I pry my sticky eyes open and start focusing on the world around me. My head is in the lap of my little sister. Her face is filled with concern, making her look much older than her 14 years.

“Are you okay Katniss? You were whimpering in you sleep again,” she asks, stroking my hair out of my face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bad dream that’s all. It’s this weird rain in August. How the hell does that happen.” I sit up shakily, unsuccessfully try to give her a smile before sliding to the other side of the car. I tuck my legs underneath me and lean my head against the window, staring at the raindrops streak horizontally across the window.

“I guess because we are in Washington, not California anymore,” she says lightly. My sister’s hand hovers at the corner of my eye for a moment before she puts it in her lap. Ever defiant when it comes to my attempts to pull away, she mirrors my position and her legs jut out enough so her feet touch mine. I let our bare feet intertwine and relax a little. She is the only one who really knows how to handle me these days.

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