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After many requests, here is Jaehee. I hope you like it! By this I got through the whole maincast of Mystic Messenger ┗|・o・|┛Her colorscheme reminds me of autumn, so I thought a withered rose fits her. While playing her route, I pitied her situation. Take chances and enjoy the life before it withers.

The pose I drew her in looks as if she throws Jumin and Elizabeth 3rd away lol.

***Note*** Do not repost on social media where you can simply reblog the original (facebook, tumblr). Please don’t forget the right credits! I noticed some reposted art get more feedback than my original post (T⌓T)
Of course I can’t get ahold of everything, but every little help and consideration is appreciated!

Previous Mystic Messenger character art:


muji notebooks

frankly speaking, I have a love-hate relationship with these notebooks, but I guess love does trump hate bc I ordered them and am pretty excited to test them out! okay, so I love these notebooks because of their simple design and freedom of which you can design it yourself, but these notebooks only have 30 sheets! so, probably not ideal for school, hence why I had to buy so many of them, and let’s say it did not come cheap lol (at least for me). I bought it for $9 (per a pack of 5 notebooks) off amazon, but had to purchase multiple packs, so the price was bit steep. I would recommend it to those who plan to use it for recreational purposes! for students who just love the aesthetic and build of the notebook, go ahead and buy it, but make sure the price is worth it. these notebooks come in multiple sizes/types. I bought the B5 muji notebooks, however, they also come in A5, A4, B6, B4, etc.

pilot juice pens

I just ordered a 36 pack, but I’m splitting it with my sister since I wanted to save money. I’ve used these pens before and love the free flow of the ink and how it works with various handwriting styles! they come in so many different colors and shades making it fun to experiment with! I bought them off of amazon for $30 I believe (but technically payed $15).

staedtler fineliners

I remember being obsessed with using these when my friend had bought a pack and honestly I still am. these fineliners are so beautiful and really thin in terms of the tip (.3mm). they come in various shades depending on what pack you get. there’s the pastel set, 10 pack, 20 pack, 36 pack, etc. all coming at various prices, however, they are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I may buy some eventually, and they sell on amazon for $7-$35 depending on which pack you purchase.

kokuyo campus notebooks

okay if i being honest here I used to abhor the design of these notebooks but after checking them out and doing my research I found myself falling in love with them. they are a bit more expensive than muji, nonetheless they’re still worth it. I plan on buying them when I have money (rip wallet) or maybe just solely sticking to muji notebooks. you can find them on amazon for about $10-$11 per pack of 10 notebooks.I know that @studyquill uses these notebooks, so go ahead and check out her posts and videos if you’d like a better insight on them!

kanken backpacks

*starts drooling* these backpacks are just so…so…aesthetic. for lack of a better word. however, aesthetic shouldn’t be the only role that plays into it, and it sure isn’t. these backpacks have amazing quality in terms of build and can last for years. they come in various colors giving you many options to fit your style. however, and you may want to prepare your wallet for this, its cost ranges from $80-$150 (or even more from what I’ve seen). amazon sells these for pretty good prices, most of the classic ones costing $80, so save up your money if you’re looking to buy one ;)

washi tape

washi tape has so many different uses! use it as you would any tape, or for decorating your bullet journal, notes, etc. they’re really pretty and come in various designs. in terms of pricing, the more “flashy” the design is, the more expensive they get, but they range from $2-$15 dollars (also depends on how many rolls per pack). I’m thinking about buying these, but I don’t have a real purpose for it yet, besides maybe decorating my binders with it.

lihit lab pencil case

i just purchased this online at amazon for about $10, but it takes such a long time to come!!! i won’t be getting it until school starts, so rip (lol). i love how efficient it is, in terms of space for so many items, and the design is really nice too. the price is really good for me and…yeah! haha. oh! they also come in multiple versions/colors, fitting various styles.

zebra mildliners

I actually just ordered these and plan to do a swatch/review on them, but what convinced me to buy these were the wide range of colors and the fact that they’re double sided (highlighters and markers), so I was like a 2 in 1? yes! (I need to save all the money I can get lol) I bought 3 packs (yellow, blue, and pink) for $14.88 on amazon. the prices are pretty good, but try not to buy all 4 at the same time because some sellers charge $40-$50 for it (helll naaaaw, too broke for that). make sure to scope out good deals!

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hope you guys liked this post! s/o to anybody who saw me accidently post an unfinished version of it on my main blog lol. inbox/hit me up with an ask on what you’d like me to make next. also, some original content comin’ up with my notes, and study space, and other stuff (haha)

The New Kid: Tom Holland

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning(s): I mean, I don’t think there is anything to warn you of so

Request: Can you write an image(or series)of Tom Holland? Cuz before they shot anything for the movie, Tom went to a high school in New York undercover. Everyone believed he was a new student and stuff. So the idea is that the reader is a socially awkward ball of anxiety(like myself) that’s crushing on the ‘new kid’, admiring him from afar, and trying to talk to him. requested by @nerkybowtie

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

A/N: I loved writing this and there will absolutely be a part two, maybe even a part three. I read so many articles about how this whole ordeal went down and everything that happened just so I could get the detail right lol. Enjoy!

Note: While Tom was undercover at the school, he went by Ben, so his name in this part will be Ben he was also 19 when he went to the school for three days so, he’s 19 here too.

Edit: Part II

Y/N was never a very social butterfly. She really liked to stick more to herself and that made it hard for her to make friends, or to trust people. At her school, Bronx School of Science, she didn’t have any close friends, and it had always been like that, even now as she was only a few months away from graduating and moving on to begin her life independently.

It was a particularly cold February day in New York as Y/N walked to school. With every inhale, the cold air refreshed her lungs and with every exhale, the air lingered visibly in the air before disappearing. Y/N’s days were fairly routine, flowing the same way every day, until he came and changed everything.

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BTS Reaction to You Waking Up From a Coma

Request: can you pretty please do a second part of the gf in a coma reaction, like she actually wakes up (can’t see my boys sad) even if you don’t all I want to say is thanks for all the amazing post you make 😍

Note: Thanks so much! (ಥ﹏ಥ) Plus, I didn’t get home since recently so I’ve been having real bad jet lag lol, sorry for being mia for longer than necessary! *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ You had been under for so long that Jin was starting to lose hope, but that didn’t stop him from being at your side at all times. It was one day when he had opened the curtains to bring some light into the dimly lit room when hope had slapped him in the face in a matter of seconds. “Seokjin?” Your voice was scratchy, and when he turned to find you squinting at him, his heart was drowning in joy. He was speechless, but it was when you gave him a tired smile that had tears instantly running down his cheeks.

You were finally awake.

Originally posted by niehauscosima

Suga ➳ He was slowly forced awake once he felt a nudge on his cheek, softly getting up from your legs from where he had fallen asleep on before yawning. “That was some hibernation, do you know how many weeks have passed?” His eyes shot open, boring into your innocent ones as you stared at him lovingly. He quickly grabbed your hand to make sure you were real and hoped he wasn’t in some fucked up dream; tears prickling in the back of his eyes as he held it in, forcing a sad laugh. If only you would have known, that you were the one hibernating for so long.

Originally posted by yoonmin

J-Hope ➳ He had food with him, walking to your hospital room with his throat swelling throughout the way. He had prayed that you wouldn’t be suddenly gone while he went out to find himself something to eat after so long, but little did he know that he was receiving something more. When he walked inside your room, closing the door behind him and plastering himself onto the seat beside your bed while releasing a sigh, he glanced towards you to find you staring at him curiously, waiting for him to say something.

But instead, he screamed in terror.

Originally posted by hoebwi

RapMonster ➳ He was already staring at you the moment you woke up, but he was also sleep deprived. You were looking around frightened, wondering where the heck you were but when your eyes rested on him, a small smile crept on your lips. “Hey cutie.” Your voice was hoarse, and Namjoon had to slap his cheeks to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep and hoping to anything that it wasn’t some sick joke. When he realized that it was in fact not a dream, he felt a surge of emotions overtake him; looking to the ground in sadness. Finally.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jimin ➳ He froze once he heard you moan softly, his eyes widening as yours began to open slightly. He didn’t know how to react, he just..stood there with his eyebrows nearly rising to his hairline. He didn’t know what to do, and once your gaze landed on him while you blinked to see clearer — he smiled. “How was it at the other side?” He asked, trying to make a small joke out of it. When you replied with a ‘huh?’, a huge smile crawled onto his lips as he let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding. Your voice was enough to restore his heart, and he felt like he was falling in love all over again.

Originally posted by yoonmin

V ➳ The moment Taehyung heard you call for him while he was about to doze off, his eyes blasted open in disbelief. “Oh my..” he muttered, and when your eyebrows furrowed cutely in confusion, he flew to your bed and embraced you into a tight hug, forgetting how fragile you were as you let out a pained yelp. “She’s awake!” He screamed in glee, pressing the nurse button as he began to squeeze you tighter to make sure you wouldn’t slip from his grasp once again. He nuzzled his face into your neck, feeling the once frigid skin feel warm and surging with life, tears clouding his vision. He was beyond happy.

Originally posted by jjibooty

Jungkook ➳ He began to tear up once he saw you stir in your deep slumber, and when your eyes fluttered open he suddenly latched himself onto you; giving you many kisses onto your face before his hands rested on your cheeks - cupping them. “Oh god,” his voice was soft, and you were surprised to see the man in such a state. If only you knew what he had been through while you were gone, but, now none of that mattered, you were finally in his arms. “I love you so much, you know that right?” He told you, placing a peck onto your chapped lips. “So much.”

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Dopamine Rush

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: [requested by @sillylittlemary]: #4 from my most recent prompt list “for some weird reason i’m attracted to you.”

Word Count: 867

Warnings: lol it gets like super close to smut at the end

Other Notes: i did like actual research for this ha you really do learn something new everyday! hope you like :)

You knocked on the door of apartment number 312, just as the text from Penelope had instructed you. Instantly, the giddy blonde opened it, and squealed when she saw you.

“Y/N! You came!” she wrapped you in a hug.

You laughed, “Of course I did. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

“Get yourself a drink,” she pointed to the kitchen bar as you walked in. The apartment was nothing less than what you expected. It was colorful and unique, just like Garcia. The walls were painted a pretty shade of lavender, and the décor consisted of hand-decorated frames and bedazzled toys and other various trinkets. The team stood in the middle of the living room.

“Hey,” you called to them, and JJ heard you first.

“Ah, so nice to finally see you out of work,” she smiled. You chuckled and beamed at her, and then continued to greet everyone else.

As you grabbed yourself a drink from the kitchen after saying hey to everyone, you couldn’t help but feel happy. At just being here with the team, which had grown to be sort of your family in the few months that you had been here. You had developed a connection with everyone in one way or another.

But the one you had most connected with was Spencer Reid: the tall, awkward, and very handsome doctor whose desk was just across from yours. You had the same interests, the same taste in literature and culture. You laughed at the same jokes together that the others didn’t find at all amusing. You just simply felt great when you were around him.

But you just weren’t sure if he felt the same way, and so you stayed silent, determined to be satisfied with what the two of you had right now.

Speak of the devil. There, in the kitchen doorway, stood Spencer in all his sweater-vested glory. It was as if thinking about him brought him here. Not that you were complaining at all.

“Hey, Y/N, how’re you liking your first Garcia party?” he grinned.

“It’s what I expected,” you joked, and the two of you laughed together, “But seriously, she knows how to plan a fun party.”

“That she does. She likes extravagance. You should have seen her Day of the Dead party.”

“Alright, then, I’m looking forward to this year’s.”

The two of you continued to chat about anything you could think of, only stopping when someone interrupted you. Spencer suggested that the two of you move out of the kitchen, and you agreed, following him back to the living room.

“Uh, Y/N, could I kinda confess something to you?”

“Of course, Spence,” you told him.

“Um, well, this is difficult for me to say, but-”

“You know you can tell me anything, Spencer.”

He nodded and cleared his throat before starting over, “Ok, well, for some weird reason, I’m attracted to you.” He had mumbled the last part quickly, but you heard it anyway.

“For some weird reason?” your brow furrowed, as it always did when you were confused.

“Well, it’s not really a weird reason. The dopamine that my hypothalamus is producing is currently being released, as it always is when we do things that feel good to us. So that must mean that being around you feels good to me, which it does. And nor-epinephrine, a related hormone is making me feel extremely euphoric and-“

You stopped listening to what he was saying, even though you usually paid close attention to his ramblings. Spencer had just admitted he liked you, and here he was breaking it down to a science. What a very Spencer thing to do.

But you weren’t like him in his way. You didn’t want your love of him to be defined by a bunch of chemicals in your brain making you feel a certain way. You wanted it to be because your heart rate spiked because he was nearby, or the hairs on his arms began to tingle when you walked in the room, or that the both of your hearts surged when the other was smiling.

You cut him off mid-sentence by pressing your lips gently but assertively on his. He froze for a moment, and you suddenly thought about pulling away and facing the awkwardness you had just caused, until he kissed you back. And your lips seemed to move together.

Spencer was surprised to say the least when you kissed him. He didn’t know how to describe what was happening. He wanted to touch your cheek as you continued to kiss, but his hands were sweating in nervousness. His heart was beating rapidly, so much that he was sure you could feel it as you pressed your body closer to his.

You pulled from the kiss, just barely so that your noses brushed across each other. His breath was hot on your neck.

“What would you call that, Dr.?”

“I believe what I just experienced would be called a dopamine rush,” he said quietly, almost whispering it just to you.

“Did you it make you feel…euphoric, as you put it,” you said slowly and sensually by his ear, making him gulp.

“Oh yes. Very much so.”

How I feel about VLD ships: in 10 words or less!

(please note that I fully support you shipping your pairing, warning: you are about to witness some opinions that you may or may not agree with)

In honor of the up coming season three, I decided to do this! Enjoy! (you guys can do this too if ya want!) (p.s. sorry if I didn’t get them all)


Sheith: “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me.”

Shklance: It’s okay? Bottom Shiro is cool. WRECK LANCE MY BOYS!

Hance: See as BROTP but it’s sweet. Kind of nice!

Hidge/Punk lol: They are cuties as whether as OTP or BROTP!

Lidge: I actually like this one! Needs more fanart! Much fluff!


Shunk??: Lowkey like it? Black n’ yellow, black n’ yellow!

Shidge: My guilty pleasure, really really adorable. 

Heith: Not sure if I like it or not. FLUFF ALERT!!

Klunk: The only OT3 I’ve ever liked. Lance is #blessed.

Shance: It’s weird but alright. Not recommend. 


Kallura: What ship? I don’t know what you’re talking about?

Allura/AnyGirlInVoltron: My first reaction- This is a thing? Okay?? XD?

Shay/AnyGirlInVoltron: O…Okay?????

Nyma/AnyGirlInVoltron: ???????????????

All Three Of The Above: I’M SO CONFUSED HOW??

Nyma/Lance: lol what

Lance/Plaxum: Adorable as heck! MOREEEEEEEE!

 Lallura: Princess, just kiss him to shut him up (on cheek).


Lotor/Anyone: I hate it, I hate him, this needs to die.

Alfor/Coran: HAHAHAH– oh wait this is nice.

Zarkon/Anyone: 0.o wot

Lions/Paladins: I’m leaving the fandom.

Lions/Lions: Depends on the lion but Red/Blue is cool.

Matt/Anyone: Cute but how do you even?

Ulaz/Thance: Dead space dads fall in love an it’s great!

Nyma/Rolo: Ehh…I wouldn’t mind.


Peith: They’re probably both gay so…


“Eternity, I have waited” (Prologue)

Summary: A presence of an unwanted soul in his new house disrupts Bucky’s life, bringing so many terrifying old memories. But it’s not there to haunt or hurt him, there’s a different reason - it needs his help, desperately so.

Word Count: 300-ish

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: y’all have no idea how nervous i am bc this prologue had been sitting in my drafts for almost a year lol 

s/o to @mellifluous-melodramas for beta-ing this for me, ur a tru fren 

“Eternity, I have waited” MasterlistMain Masterlist

(gif is not mine)

The afterlife is a painful journey for those who don’t get closure. Some get past that barrier too soon, some take a while and for some it might even take forever.

Everybody hopes it doesn’t take long, though.

What’s the difference between life and death, if you never had a peaceful life that you wanted when you were alive and never got a chance to live death in tranquility - even after you were gone?

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Here are more of my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that were actually asked for this time

Quick note: The first two headcanons will probably be familiar, since I already leaked them (and also, my recent fic is based off the second headcanon lol). Enjoy the Sin™

• Some nights they take baths together, both of them seated in a tub of lukewarm water, rose petals floating on the water’s surface, dim candles flickering soft light onto the dark walls, and Belle between Adam’s legs with her back rested against his firm chest. The atmosphere of the candle-lit room always starts out serene, usually filled with quiet conversations, Adam’s fingers skimming through Belle’s damp hair and grazing his manicured nails along her scalp, as she talks enthusiastically about whatever book she is reading at the moment. She will have the book with her, of course, and Adam will happily hook his chin over her shoulder and let her read to him. Eventually, to no one’s surprise, the once tranquil room comes to life with the sounds of sloshing water, desperate sighs, and smacking lips when Adam can no longer contain the desire pooling low in his belly at the gentle, clearly articulated sound of Belle’s voice. Her intellect—for some ungodly reason—is outrageously alluring. A deft hand between her legs, a teasing mouth at her ear, and suddenly water is spilling over the tub walls and splattering onto the floor, Belle writhing as she comes undone in Adam’s arms with his name on her lips.

• He doesn’t know why it takes him so long to notice, but when she is perched upon his bare chest and tracing a gentle finger over his parted lips, it dawns over Adam that Belle is quite fixated on his mouth. And oh, the fun he has with that. It starts out subtle; him quickly licking the pad of his index finger before turning the page of his book when he knows she’s watching, and “accidentally” missing her lips when he goes in for a quick peck, instead pressing a chaste (but is it chaste?) kiss to the corner of her mouth. It is only when Belle notices a sudden new habit of his, one of which involves dragging his finger across his bottom lip while in thought (and one that has been occurring quite too often), that she starts to become suspicious. Realization strikes when she scolds Adam for saying something crude, and he smugly calls her out.

  • “That filthy mouth of yours!”
  • “You mean the one that you revere so much? Amoureux, your eyes haven’t left my lips since I entered the room. If you’re going to kiss me, please, don’t abstain any longer. I’m sure you’re starving for it.”
  • And she had never kissed him like that before. All tongue and teeth and shoulders slamming into bookshelves. And when she begs him to fuck her, he chuckles and breathes into her ear, “That filthy mouth of yours.”

• Another thing Belle is rather taken with; Adam finishing inside of her. There is something so satisfying in the way the muscles in his back tense beneath her fingers as he comes, the way he settles his hot, heavy weight on top of her after one last, deep thrust. His face always hovers briefly, mouth open soundlessly, until he buries his head against her shoulder and lets out a beautiful noise that is somehow a mixture of a moan, a growl, and a cry. She finds so much comfort in his body trembling in her arms as he tries to catch his breath, her cheek resting against his hair. She would stay there forever if she could.

• The first time they fight—and not just one of their short-lived, trifling quarrels, but a real fight that results in slamming doors and raw throats—Belle and Adam don’t speak for days. Every time they pass each other in the castle, Belle’s shoulders stiffen and Adam sticks out his chin and clenches his jaw. And it is Belle, of course, who makes a snide remark and gets the whole ball rolling once more. The servants make away with themselves when the screaming starts, and Adam is damn near ready to leave himself when Belle gets in his face, the two of them nose to nose and breathing heavily. But there is this superior twinkle in her eyes, and something in Adam snaps. The force of his lips on hers leaves them bruised in the aftermath, and their chests audibly collide when he pulls her flush against his body. They don’t make it to a bed, a piece of furniture, or even a wall, he just takes her in the middle of the floor. And at some point words of anger melt into coos of affection, rough touches turn tender, and the hard snap of his hips slows to a languid grind. That prideful twinkle in Belle’s eyes is replaced by a warm, doting glow, and the two lovers fall into a fit of giggles once they’re through; sweaty, sated, and laughing on the floor in their torn and ruffled clothes.

• Jealous!Adam :-)

• Adam takes Belle in the garden because he knows that the new gardener who has been eyeing his wife is currently trimming the hedges nearby. Belle doesn’t protest at all—she does quite the opposite, actually. If there was any doubt that the gardener didn’t hear her obscene and unabashedly loud cries of pleasure, that doubt was obliterated immediately when the gardener spotted the pair a few hours later and hastily averted his gaze.

• I have mentioned this concept a few times before, but let us just consider it again; Adam getting so overwhelmed while he is dancing with Belle, that he drags her away in the midst of a ball to an alcove just off the ballroom so he can have his way with her. He cramps her into the corner of the already confined space, pressing hot, sloppy kisses to her lips and husking out words of molten desire into her open mouth. Having her husband’s tongue inside of her is oddly much more exhilarating when the chatter of their party guests can be heard from only 15 feet away, and Belle’s orgasm takes her by surprise when she hears her father’s curious voice creeping closer to the alcove, the possibility of being caught distending between her legs and washing through her whole body in a new and alarming form of euphoria.

• Having sex in places where they can easily get caught becomes a thing for them, because hey, we all know they be kinky as hell.

• Also, um… balcony sex… (o˘◡˘o)


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My eyes are stapled open wide,
As I lay down on my side
I am bouncing off these walls
As I focus on the clock,
Time stands still, but I cannot
I should strap myself in bed
I guess I’ll sleep when I am dead.

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Love Means Having To Sacrifice.

Request from @isabellsantiagoI don’t know if you are still taking requests but i’ll try. My request is a Peter Pan x reader when she is the daughter of Hades bu she is good, very powerful, and she lives in Storybrooke and when the group (including her) needs Pan because of a new threat they hate each other at first but she starts falling in love with him and Pan act like he doesn’t like her back until she gets really injured to protect him and he saves her life with the true love kiss. Please consider my request :)

Note: I had so much fun with this one so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 2247

Warnings: Violence, blood, angst (but then some fluff so don’t worry lol!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine.All credit goes to their creators <3

“Whether we like it or not we need his help.”

You weren’t saying anything as you stood inside Granny’s Diner with the heroes of Storybrooke; you despised the fact that you were even having this conversation. Although you had never met the person they were speaking about you knew all too well how devious and manipulative he was…..hardly sounded like someone you wanted to ask to help.

He had already managed to get out of your father’s grips….out of the hands of Death himself.

You may not have followed in the footsteps of Hades, having chosen to go down the good path, but that didn’t mean that you didn’t care for him. He was still your father and the fact that someone had managed to get the better of him infuriated you.

“[y/n] are you okay with the plan?”

Regina’s voice pulled you out of the daze you had unknowingly gone into but the frown upon your face didn’t change as you responded.

“I guess I’m gonna have to be. It’s either that or I lose my magic.”

This was all down to Rumpelstiltskin, your father should have destroyed him when he’d had the chance, at least then you wouldn’t have to be turning to a demon of a boy. The former Dark One was determined to rid this realm of magic entirely, aside from his own, meaning that he would be unstoppable and would have control over everyone here.

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Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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2017 is right around the corner, cheers to another year! Thank-you everyone who have been following me since the beginning when I made this blog 3 years ago to just draw and post a bunch of sasusaku. And to those who are new thank-you for following and continue to like my art! 

I feel like I’ve grown but also became rusty in some areas when it comes to drawing but I hope to improve. 2016 was a slow drawing year for me because university just kept getting busier lol. But that’s ok, I hope to continue to draw more sasusaku art in the near future! :) Thanks for all the support! 

Some translation notes: 

〝ただいま” -I’m home

”パパ、お帰り” -Papa, Welcome home

Ride (Pt. 4)

Pairing: Pre-Apocalypse!Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 2794

Genres: smut, fluff, angst

Warnings: smut, NSFW

Summary: Daryl remembers. 

Notes: first off, thank you so much for being patient! these past few weeks have been so busy for me and i have not had time to get this fourth part up (and finish it!), until now. i really hope it’s worth the wait. also im not really sure that Ride needed smut but whatever i wanted to put it in LOL well enjoy. please leave me some feedback and tell me what you think!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

credit to the owner of the gif above

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Shockingly Simple Pt. 2 (Peter x Reader)

Request: anonymous asked:
Hi can you please do a peter parker x reader where they are best friends, but she is tony Starks daughter. And after a mission goes wrong she gets powers and freaks out, she starts sneaking out and making wrong choices but peter helps her get through the tough time. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense 😊

Word Count: 2,381 

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: Here’s part 2! (And it’s my 100th post apparently… whaaatttt??!!) Anyway sorry it’s long I got a bit carried away but i’m really happy with how this turned out! also part one has like over 90 notes, holy crap guys! unfortunately this isn’t proofread much so if you find grammar and spelling errors then wups :/

Once again thank you to the anon who requested this I had a lot of fun writing it (as you can see lol)  anyway hope you guys like it ❤️

Tag(s): @davros2004

Part 1

Four months.

Four months since you didn’t listen to your better judgement. Four months since you felt yourself ripped apart. Four months since you felt like your life was ripped apart as well.

You leaned against the subway pole as it lurched to a stop. Careful to keep your head down, you stepped onto the empty platform and headed for the stairs leading to the buzzing city above. Walking into the cool evening air, the buzzing got louder and louder. You could practically feel the electricity around you screaming, pushing towards you. You tried your best to calm down, to repel that energy away. You hoped no one else could notice the lights you approached grow just a few shades brighter, then dim back down as you passed.

Trying to appear casual, you shoved your hands into your pockets. You normally hated doing this, as it felt like you were an easier target with your hands trapped. As you approached the crosswalk, you noticed Delmar’s was still open. You saw the owner counting the day’s earnings on the counter. The ‘Open’ sign felt warm, even from this far, and you were oh so tempted. Was it worth the risk? A fresh corned beef on rye with crisp pickles in exchange for your exposure? You knew your dad wasn’t surveilling this place; it was too obvious a place for you to go. But another red-clad hero… your name was sure to come across his ears sooner or later if you went in.

Ah fuck it, you thought. You hadn’t had a decent meal in ages. As you walked through the door, you sensed the sign’s hum slightly quicken, and like your mood, lit up just a little brighter.

“Miss (Y/N)!” Mr. Delmar greeted.

“Hey Mr. Delmar,” you responded timidly, forcing your smile to shorten into a grimace. Keep it quick, (Y/N). Keep it quick. “Can I just get a number seven, please?”

“Coming right up!” Mr. Delmar turned to the deli slicer. “Haven’t seen you ‘round here much lately,” he called back to you.

You tilted your head up just a little. “Yeah, been kinda running around a lot, busy,” you shrugged.

Mr. Delmar reached into the cabinet for the pickles. “Well you gotta come ‘round more often. Miss seeing you and Parker. I mean I know you’re busy but you gotta make time for your friends, too, you know.”

“Does he not come here as often?” you asked, confused.

“Nah, started coming less and less a little after you stopped showing up. Same excuse as you, busy.”

You felt a pang of guilt. You knew his ‘busy’ was him busy searching for you. You wanted to reach out to him, you really did. To tell him that you were okay, that you could do so many cool things, but also how lost you’d been feeling, how lonely it was.

Mr. Delmar appeared at the counter, holding the long-awaited plastic bag. “One corned-beef on rye, extra pickles,” he smiled.

Reaching over, you grinned, a whiff of the amazing decadence catching your nose, “Thanks, Mr. Delmar.” You pulled a bill out of your pocket, careful to not let the others spill out.

He leaned on the counter. “Hope to see you soon, (Y/N),” he called to your back.

You turned your head back, replying, “Me, too!” You felt the door swing closed behind you. “More than you know,” you muttered.

As you rounded the corner, you felt a small surge of intense energy rushing down behind you. Before you could turn to confirm what it was, the ground left your feet, and your breath was lost in the wind. You felt the excited energy around you yearning to leave the shiny red metal and enter you. So you let it. Slowly. Just slow enough to cause your rise to turn into a descent. You could vaguely hear the warning alarms in the helmet advising low energy. Your captor glided to a nearby rooftop, and you shoved his hold on you off.

“Should’ve known,” the face of the helmet disappeared, revealing the baggy-eyed, worried-eyed, clearly-not-getting-enough-sleep-and-is-worried-grimace of your dad. “You were always a sucker for Delmar’s.” Okay, so maybe he was surveilling the shop. “Is that your usual?”

You clutched the bag in your hand tighter. “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” he blinked. “I need you to stop running around like some vigilante—”

“It’s no different that what we did before!”

“It is when you’re an unsupervised kid, running around with some freaky electricity powers, playing judge, jury, and executioner!”

“I haven’t executed anybody! And don’t call me ‘kid’ when you let me go on Avenger’s missions—”

“You wanna tell that to the two robbers in the ICU?”

“They shot innocent people!”

“So what, an eye for an eye? That’s not how the system works, (Y/N)!”

“Since when did we care about the damn system?!”

“Since we signed those accords!”

“I didn’t sign them!” you retorted. “And I sure as hell won’t be now, because they’re a stupid and a waste of time! I’m not letting some politicians with an agenda to make themselves look good use me, and compromise what should be done for the good of others!”

“That’s not the point of bringing you in!”

You blinked and took a staggered step back. “So you were gonna turn me in,” you murmured. You would’ve never thought your own dad, even out of fear, would’ve turned you in to be imprisoned and tested like some lab rat.

“No, (Y/N), I was going to relocate you so we could figure out—”

Relocate me?!” you screeched. You could feel your fingertips tingling with a thousand molecular needles.

“So we could help you!” Tony howled in desperation.

“So locking me in a rubber room, that was supposed to somehow help me?” you squinted at him, not believing the shit coming out of his mouth. You clenched your fists. Nearby the street lamps flickered oh so slightly. “You’re supposed to care and nurture me, and tell me everything’s okay and help me deal with what’s happened! Not banish me to solitary confinement as if I’m some disease! Not have me poked and prodded and isolated from my life!”

Your dad stepped towards you, but you kept the distance between you the same. “I didn’t want anyone getting hurt,” he solemnly explained. “I didn’t know what would hurt you or what would happen if certain things got too close to you—”

“What like, like, a fucking lightbulb? You thought I couldn’t at least have some control?! I know I wasn’t supposed to have this shit done to me, but you could—”

“Damn right it wasn’t supposed to happen, (Y/N)! You weren’t supposed to directly touch that thing!”

“It was supposed to be simple; I didn’t think it’d turn me into a lightning bolt!”

“I thought I raised you to have better judgement than to—”

“Better judgement?!” you cried. “Is that what you were using when you pretty much imprisoned me?”

“I didn’t know what would happen! How you would handle it!”

You scoffed. “Well then you obviously don’t know me,” you seethed through clenched teeth. You turned away from your dad and stepped onto the ledge, holding out a hand behind you to stop him from advancing any further. “Thanks, dad. Really. I thought this conversation was going to go horrible but it wasn’t all that bad. At least now I know it’s not worth it to consider going back,” your placid voice dripped with sarcasm, betrayal, and anguish.

“(Y/N),” Tony warned. You replied by drawing in all the energy from his suit. You felt every last spark fly from him to you. Mustering this new energy, you surged it within you. You tensed, feeling the pulsing become more frenzied, more excited, and that familiar heat spread through you. You concentrated a little harder, and heard a softer hum that sounded much farther away.

You turned your head back to look at your dad one last time. “Bye, dad,” you sighed. You released the pent up stress, fear, and resentment in the form of white-hot electricity. Your body dissipated into a million tiny currents, rushing to that far away, soft hum as if it were a magnet.

Once you had re-formed into a (somewhat) normal human being next to a dim street lamp, you were grateful to find that you had managed to reform with your clothes and your precious sandwich. The first few times you had used your new powers to ‘teleport’, it didn’t go as smoothly. You also noticed that transporting via — electricity? — was less painful this time. Maybe it was because the pain of the past four months overshadowed it.

You walked over to a bus stop a few yards away and immediately crumpled onto it, plopping the bag next to you. Knowing you hadn’t traveled far, it wouldn’t take your dad long to find you. You were debating whether to rest up for a long jump, or just jump a few more short distances, when, for the second time that night, you were whisked off your feet.

“Oh for FUCKS SAKE!” you yelled into the night.

You relaxed, ready to let in the electricity again, but felt nothing. It was then you realized the familiarity of the comfy cotton hugging your cheek, the sturdy arms clutching your waist, and the soft scent of cookies and faint cologne. Your heart rate picked up again, and your stomach dropped even further.

Once your feet felt a sturdy ground beneath them, the arm around you loosened, but didn’t drop.

“Peter?” you breathed, barely audible.


You flung your arms around his torso, squeezing as hard as you could, and nestled your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his other arm around you, pulling you close, resting his head in the crook of your neck. As you took in his scent, you squeezed your hands into fists, to stop the tingling that was growing in your fingers. You concentrated on the even breaths you could feel warming your neck.  

Warnings nagged at the back of your mind. Dad could’ve sent him. How’d he know where I was? Dad probably did send him.

“Why are you here?” you mumbled into his shirt.

“To make sure you’re ok,” he replied.

“How’d you find me?”

Peter didn’t answer right away. He knew where this would lead once he revealed it. After hearing what happened between you and Tony, he was afraid of what might happen between you two. But he couldn’t avoid the question.

“Your dad—”

Your arms went limp, and you stepped back from the embrace. You glanced up at his dark eyes that were full of relief and worry.  

“Look,” he pleaded. “All he did was say that he found you at Delmar’s. I just went there then followed you.”

You crossed your arms, frowning, “So you heard all of that?”

“Only a little,” his head drooped.

“Are they hearing this now?”

“No,” he muttered. “This old thing doesn’t have coms,” he gestured to his old ensemble.

You took a deep breath, “Look, I know you’re probably gonna try to convince me to come back and all that, so let me save you the effort.” It was your turn to lower your head, avoiding eye contact. “I’m not going back. Okay? I just… I just can’t. Especially after what I’ve done. I mean, I hate to admit it, but my dad had a point. I’ve taken it too far; not like I can’t control… this—” you gestured to yourself, “—but…” You walked over to an air condition unit and plopped down. Suddenly you remembered, “Shit, where’s my sandwich?!”

Peter shuffled over and sat next to you. He fumbled with his mask. “So, what’re you gonna do then?” he whispered. “I mean, what about school? You know? What about Ned and Michelle? What about the team? What about m—” he suddenly halted his panicked ramble.

“I dunno,” you furrowed your brows, shrugging. “I’ve lasted this long…” But you were wondering what would you do? You remembered how lonely you’d felt, how scared you’d been. You’d constantly have to hide and be on the run, and you weren’t sure if you wanted to live like that for the rest of your life.

Peter took a deep breath and swiveled to face you. “Well, um, I know you’re really serious about not going back to the team and your dad and all that, and pretty much cutting yourself off, but… well… I’d hate for you to just be constantly running and hiding, you know? Not knowing whether you’ve been caught or not.”

You cocked your head at him, “So?”

“What if…” he began, “you maybe… I dunno. What if you just, kinda, lay low at my place for a while?” His voice rose a few octaves at that last word, his question full of sincerity but unsure. “I-I mean, May wouldn’t mind, like at all, I know that. And no one would know! I wouldn’t tell anyone, and neither would May…”

You considered it for a moment. It all sounded so promising, but part of you was doubtful. That nagging voice in the back of your head, that voice you should’ve listened to four months ago. But it was quieter now. Maybe you should ignore it again. After all, what stakes were you facing now? Nothing but a friend to lose. Nothing much more to gain, either, but still…

“Come on,” Peter begged. “At least until we figure something out, like what to do, who to talk to…?”

Your eyebrows raised just a little, a little hopeful, “No one else would know?”

“No one else,” Peter shook his head. “Simple.”

You let go a breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding and gave in. You shifted your body completely to face Peter and pulled him into another tight embrace. His arms once again enveloped your torso, and you both nuzzled your heads on each other’s shoulders. “Alright,” you sighed. He pulled you closer and you did the same. You turned your head, your nose touching his neck. You whispered, smug, “But first, you owe me a sandwich.”

Hello! New studyblr here! I made an introduction post yesterday but it was v late and I looked at it again today and wanted to re-do it lol! I thought it would be nice to introduce myself because I’d love to get to know some people within this community. So here we go!!

Basic Info:

  • Name: Sophie
  • Age: 18
  • Location: Ireland
  • Studying: Liberal Arts degree - hoping to major in philosophy & psychology!
  • Year of Study: heading into 2nd year

Blog Goals:

I hope to get my study schedule in order and post all my progress on here! I will also reblog other people’s cute posts to help encourage me! Hopefully I can improve my note taking and make them look super pretty! I can’t wait to be fully active and studying regularly. I got my exam results the other day and while I was happy with them, I know I can do way better!

Some Studyblr Inspos:

@studyquill @studyblr @gradespiration @studyskylar @emmastudies @jennystudy @meg-is-studying @ib-dead 

as you can see, I’m not too familiar with many studyblr blogs, so any suggestions of who to follow would be great! and please feel free to message me if you wanna say hey! and if you follow me and your blog is a studyblr blog, I’ll be sure to follow you right back!

nyc baby // (j.c imagine)

Request// can you make a Jc caylen imagine where you guys are in a Long distance relationship he lives in cali and you live in NY and paparazzi and fans took pictures of him with lia & u gets super jealous and he flys all the way to New York to apologize and make it up to you // can you make it supppeerrrrr cute lol add some fluff

(author’s note lol I noticed you used your first name as a part of the request and I hope it’s alright with you but I don’t usually do personal imagines so I made it pretty generic with the classic [Y/n] situation haha, hope it’s alright, gonna start personal imagines at some point but for right now I wanna build my writing up to be a lil better :) )

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YES!! But before you start, you gotta keep some things in your mind ;) 

Before I start I  wanna point out that you don’t have to wait for the new year and the new month to start. You truly can start whenever you want. (I started in March 9) so yeah! :D

1. First of all, to start a bullet journal you only need to get ANY NOTEBOOK and ANY PEN! (I got my notebook from a random shop and I only paid $2)  I believe that this $2 bullet journal’s gonna help me get the 1917 fancy one. 

2. Now, get ANY PEN that is around you and write an index and a key.Try to keep it simple. I mean, you still can be creative but just don’t worry about how your handwriting is kinda not good ,or idk. (Here’s mine vs. some other creative ones)  

 I wrote down my page numbers on my own (for the index)

My handwriting is (LOL) still I did an INDEX (You put there your page number and a title for it (What you’ve done on that certain page). And the KEY for your tasks, events etc…

3. Write down your FUTURE LOG or a year at a glance idk how to call it but you got the idea.(simply a calendar) you can either spread it into 2 or 3 pages, or just write it down on 1 page. I was overwhelmed with making it COOL but I ended up messing things up, still I did get what I wanted! My whole year is organized with the important days in each month. (Here’s how I did it vs. how others did)

4. Now you just write your goals down for the year. I actually did it kinda uncomfortable (again wanted to make it look cool). I now prefer to write it as a simple list. however, you gotta see how it ended up haha. (and of course how others prefer to do it). You can see that the header is SUPER SIMPLE.

5. Now you can create your own random ideas and pages. You can add a Gratitude page/ books to read/ dramas/ songs/ language learning activity/ doodling/ quotes/ ideas etc…

6. The actual monthly and daily planning starts! :D!!! What you do is write down your monthly log HOWEVER you want! Mark the important dates, add your monthly goal list, notes, monthly tracker, to do list for the whole month, things you have to get done etc… Some of the bullet journal community spread out the tracker on one page. It’s totally up you. I tried to do a monthly tracker for my work but ended up not using it lol. Currently I have a mood tracker (I will create one for my sleep later) 



Thanks for wasting your time and reading this. I hope that it helped and inspired you to start!