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It’s been an okay-ish year and because of that I decided to make a follow forever for the end of the year! I want to say that I love and appreciate all of you that are on this list! I’ve also recently hit 1k+ followers which is another reason I decided to make this follow forever. It’s been one hell of a year and I hope next year is like a little bit better. I have very low standards at this point. 

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You’re Mine (M)


REQUEST: You’re mine (Jimin x Male Reader request) - Can you do a Scenario of Jimin seeing his boyfriend dancing sexy in the club and a random guys grinds on him making Jiminy jealous and take his boyfriend to bathroom and ‘claim ’ him?

WARNINGS: boyxboy, public sex, jealousy, orgasm denial, blowjob, (just one) toy(?), dom!Jimin, sub!Reader, singular mention (not encouraging) rape

AUTHOR’S NOTE: so this is the first scenario i’ve written, let alone a boyxboy one. this is also my third time writing it because my laptop crashed, and the second time I feel like I didn’t fully get into the public sex scene. also, my scenarios don’t usually make it to 1k, but i am working on making my scenarios longer. to the anon that requested this, and everyone else, i hope you guys like it! ~Admin Rhiann

Originally posted by webbugiman

Jimin walked through the doors to the nightclub, the smell of sweaty people and alcohol filled his nostrils. He looked around for you; you said you’d be home two hours ago, and you never did come home. He was worried sick! Jimin knew you were a submissive person who was far too kind, and that meant that anyone in this club could’ve easily taken you and raped you.

He walked through the crowd of people, the music getting louder and drowning his ears. Jimin soon found himself surrounded by people grinding on each other, but one figure in particular stood out; you. You were bent over, and another male figure was found grinding on you, his hands getting lower and lower. The closer Jimin got, the more sexual and intense the grinding got (if possible).

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The Songbird (Thorin x female reader)

Title: The Songbird
The Hobbit
Genre: Smut. Kinda PWP.
Rating: R
Summary:  Imagine Thorin tying a ponytail before going down on you, because his hair gets in the way. (Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit and Admin Kim’s request for a drabble.)
Warnings/Notes: Every time I write something based on imaginexhobbit, I try to keep it under 1k words so I can just submit it to the blog instead of sending in a link, but I never manage it. I’m just a wordy person, I guess. I hope y’all like this!

You thought you were alone. You were sitting at the table, working on a very important, very intricate little bead, and, because you thought you were alone, you had allowed yourself to sing. You’d started out humming to yourself: first a jaunty little nonsense melody that made you smile to yourself, which then transformed into a cheerful song you remembered from your childhood, which finally turned into full-on singing complete with lyrics made up as you went along. Of course, you were careful not to let yourself get too carried away–this was delicate work, after all, and much more important than amusing yourself in song.

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Thank you!!

Sometime this week I hit over 4k followers which is absolutely insane! Thank you so much for all of your support with this little blog. It started out so small and I have no clue how it’s come to grow into something so wonderful!

I’d also like to thank you for getting The Art of Remembering to over 1k notes!! I never thought it would reach so many but it warms my heart to see all the love you’ve given it! 

Thank you so much for following me! I know I don’t update as frequently as I’d like to but you all make writing so much more meaningful. I hope to continue to bring you some Spencer Reid fics to make you smile/cry/laugh and everything in between! You’ve all been so amazing and I cannot thank you enough. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day/night and I am always sending you my love. <3

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Reblogs dont mean shit in this art life lbs its kinds painful how much it dont mean shit.

I have drawings with links to purchase that got over 100k notes and at least 1k comments saying stuff like “take my money!” and “copping as soon as I get paid”, and still havent sold one single print of that drawing.

I hope I dont sound bitter lol, I just wanna be…. Honest. About why people’s comments and emails about POTENTIALLY supporting dont mean anything to me anymore.

Like… Email me when you ready to purchase lbs.

reblog if you post any of these

i made one of these for star wars and it ended up getting like 1k so i hope this gets a decent amount of notes as well 

pls reblog if you post any of this(it’s a small list):

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also if i follow u already pls reblog to spread the word! i will follow as many people as possible

Pins and Needles

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Requests: @11hipster - Can you do a dean imagine where he goes on a hunt and comes back tired so you suggest to go into the hot tub and you give him a massage? ☺️ (no smut, just fluff ❤️😌)

Anonymous -  Can you do an imagine were they don’t have a case so Dean and the reader stay in and have a very fluffy morning?

@ign-is - Hi! Can I request a dean x reader where the reader has alot of piercings and tattoos and the boys don’t usually see them but one day the walk in and see and Dean gets all curious and asks to touch them (not in like a sexy way) and it’s cute?? Ily

Notes: I hope you babes don’t mind I combined these requests!

My requests are OPEN, any day of the week :)

Word Count: 1k+

Warnings: Fluff, tired!Dean, mentions of and slight implications of sex

One mildly popular occurrence throughout the hunting community was tattoos and piercings. Some got them to look even tougher and scarier than they already do, meanwhile others like you simply enjoyed them. The only difference is, yours could all be easily hidden.

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(( Happy holidays guys! I hope you all have a great day today and are spending it with the people you love.

I must apologise, I had two other snowdown comics planned to be posted before Christmas but I’ve injured my drawing hand so there’ll be done a bit later. Rest assured, I have a lot planned for this blog so look forward to the upcoming comics!  Peace out. -Risu)) 

((On another note: I don’t believe Elise getting dunked has almost 1k notes lol ))

Favorites Page!!

hey lovelies!! so i just reached 1k and am very excited about it, i love all of u so much!! :)) in honor of this i wanted to make my first favs page :)) also a big thanks to @heuningby for making the great banner!!


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i’ll be choosing 30 of my favorite blogs once this has enough notes! love u all & hope all of ur days are going very well  💖


13. “Kiss Me.” // calum hood

anon request af && bangin these out for y'all - this is a teenage au b t dubbs hope you enjoy <3

Please don’t be off put by my horribly written author’s notes - I’m actually quite intellectual when it comes to actually writing!


word count :: 1k+


“I really hate this town,” Calum sighed through his nose. “I just want to get out of here. Make music. I don’t know, do something meaningful with my life?”

I rolled my eyes. For a fifteen-year-old boy, he was whiny and almost more moody than me. “Y’know, studies show that complaining so much can actually shorten your life span.” I half teased him. He glanced at me through messy fringe and rolled his eyes, pouting and puffing out his squishy cheeks. 

“Shut up, Y/N,” he laughed instead, dropping his sad demeanor and reaching over to turn up the music on the plug-in stereo. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t keep the grin off of my face as he hummed along to Blink-182, lazily flipping through the summer reading assignment we were annotating.

“Not too loud, my mom might know you’re here,” I warned, and he glanced back up at me with big, puppy-like eyes.

“What do you mean? Your mom loves me,” he paused, confused, and I shrugged and wrote out a few bullet points on a sticky note. 

“I dunno. She’s been more careful about us since we turned fifteen,” I shrugged again, pushing my hair behind my ear, highlighting half of a paragraph. “Besides, why’d you come here? Wouldn’t you rather be with Michael Clifford and that Luke kid that he hates?”

Calum shrugged, and rolled over so that he laid on his back and faced the ceiling. “Dunno. All they do is get at each other’s throats and I’m not in the mood to stop a fist fight right now.”

“Well, I guess, but why come here at nine p.m?” I was genuinely curious at this point. I never really did anything fun, in fear of my mother catching me - which seemed like a hilarious reason, but I lived in constant fear of her finding out that Calum dropped by some nights to listen to music and just talk with me.

“What else can I do?” He asked honestly, glancing at me again. I was a little offended at that, and gripped my pencil a bit harder.

“Get your dick sucked by some slut?” I suggested passive aggressively, making him scoff and set his book down with finality. I nervously lowered my eyes back to my book as he narrowed his eyes at me.

“So what if I did? Jealous, Y/N?” He asked, and my cheeks burned as I stuttered a ‘no’. But, being the cocky piece of shit he was, he said, “Oh, that’s right, because you’d probably spend your time without me riding Mikey’s dick.”

“Are you calling me a slut, Hood?”

“No, Y/L/N, I’ve just seen the way you look at him, and that’s more than friendly!”

“I haven’t even kissed anyone!” I threw my hands up expressively. “Why would I go anywhere near Michael’s dick if I haven’t even kissed someone!”

Calum’s eyes widened and I breathed hard, embarrassed, because what fifteen year old hasn’t had their first kiss? Losers, that was the kind of fifteen year old that hadn’t.

“Wait, seriously?” He questioned. I glanced away, my cheeks redder than before. “No way. You’re too pretty to still be a kissing virgin.”

“Shut up, Calum,” I muttered, “let’s just finish annotating…”

“No, really,” he cocked his head to the side. “You really haven’t kissed anyone? How? Everyone on the footy team practically drool over you whenever you walk in to bring me my bag, or something,” he frowned to himself. 

I shoved his shoulder, irritated. “I get it, okay! I’m a loser for not kissing anyone at this point because God knows how many people you’ve kissed,” I sighed and raked my fingers through my hair. 

Calum frowned, ignoring my comment completely. “Kiss me.”

I choked on nothing. “What the hell did you just say, Calum Thomas Hood?”

“Kiss me,” he offered again. “You’ve told me before you didn’t think first kisses were all that special, and you obviously don’t like not having being kissed. So, kiss me. It isn’t that hard,” he argued. 

“You don’t get it Calum, I just -” I stopped, biting my lower lip and glancing down. Would it  be that bad? It’s not like I cared much about how special my first kiss would be. So, having it with my not bad looking best friend wouldn’t be … bad?

Calum said, “Look, if it bothers you that much, I’ll put a bag over my face or something,” he rubbed his hands on his jeans nervously. I shrugged again. It wasn’t that I thought he was ugly, it was just … weird. Kissing my own best friend. Something wasn’t quite right about that.

“Sure,” I rushed out anyways, despite my better judgement. 

His head snapped up so fast I worried he’d get whiplash. “Wait, really?”

My hands were shaking so bad I had to fold them together in my lap. “Shut up and kiss me before I change my mind, Calum.”

Calum grinned, almost too big for someone who was going to kiss their best friend. He pushed himself onto his knees, making him significantly taller than me. The bed squeaked under his weight as he pushed my hair back from my face for the umpteenth time. I held my breath.

“Close your eyes,” he advised, before closing his own, and, oh God, this was it.

I closed my own and reached up to grip the front of his shirt, holding on tight as his mouth pressed against mine.

It wasn’t too bad. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. His lips were only a little chapped, and they were warm and pleasant against mine. I whined involuntarily, making him giggle a little, and I internally rolled my eyes.

“It’d be easier to kiss you if you opened your mouth a bit,” he mumbled against the corner of my mouth. I nodded helplessly, and he pressed his mouth to mine once more. He tilted his head to one side and I felt my hands starting to shake again, my cheeks hot and red under his palms, so I held onto his shirt tighter and he sighed into the kiss.

After what seemed like only seconds, he pulled away and smiled, touching his mouth with his fingers and meeting my eyes with careful brown ones. I shrugged it off, even though my stomach was doing flips and my heart was pacing double time. 

“Not too bad for your first time, Y/L/N,” he smirked. “Not too bad.”




look at that fucking squishy ass silly ass motherfucker not knowing he’s causing millions of fucking heart attacks i’m not okay guys fun fact about me the first time i heard skh and jbh i cried bc not ready this band hUrts me oh my fucking lord

joined this site 5 minutes ago.

already got, like, 1,000 followers.

minus couple zeroes.  same thing.

it’ll be 1k in no time.  it’s a “future superstar” thing.


i cannot BELIEVE y’all partied without me last night.  at a place that wasn’t my place.  with CATS.  

what the fuck you leave for manhattan for ONE WEEK and the whole solar system gets all out of alignment.  hope you had your fun, @brysonmccarthy​, but i’ll take the party train from here.

hi bubs! 💫💫
i decided to make a faves post since i reached 1k a while ago! ( woopwoop🎉) i’ll make a post with my fave blogs and i’ll also make a faves page on my blog with all my fave blogs i follow! so if you are an art/aesthetic/plant/indie blog, reblog this post and i’ll check out your blog!! 🍑🐝

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Hey guys! So since I’ve hit over 1k followers I decided to do a follow forever :)

 I can’t quite fit everyone but I’m going to try and mention as many as I can. I really want to thank you all for following me, sending me sweet messages, honestly just seeing the notes I get every day is awesome! I really have enjoyed this blog, and I’m glad you do too!  I hope you check these blogs out, they are some of my favorites!

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Look who hit 1k today! Thank you all so much ily! (I hope you like my awful banner I spent a whole two minutes on it) So to celebrate I’m gonna be doing a promo and a q&a video


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There will probably be categories but they’ll depend on how many entries I get and things

Send me questions! (you don’t have to send me a question to be in the promo but i’d really love it if you did) It would be really helpful if you mention somewhere in the question that it’s for my q&a

I will respond to the questions when I get asked them just to say thank you so that you know I’ve recieved it (I’ll tag them all with ‘q and a asks’ so feel free to check the tag to see if what you want to ask has already been asked or to get an idea of what to ask or w/e)

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Blogrates, Promos and Fancasts

because I am so close to 1k  (◕‿◕✿) and also my real life friend just joined Tumblr and she needs to get to know some amazing blogs and also motivation

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