i hope this doesnt offend people

anonymous asked:

as a jewish person, what do you think about all this pewdiepie drama? Also I love your blog mr cockatoo!

I hope we’re thinking about the same drama

Lets start this of with: as someone over the age of 10 I don’t enjoy his videos

Now the whole drama thing? Honestly it was just a joke?? and people (as usual) are losing their shit over nothing????? honestly me being jewish doesnt rlly effect my view on this lol i’m not gonna go and get all personally offended.

But tbh I haven’t watched one of his videos in years and I don’t plan on watching one anytime soon.

Curves - c.h

request: “Could you write an imagine about Calum with a curvy girl? Like, not skinny but kinda like plus sized?” (x)

words: 1.4k

warningsmay be trigger warning as it mentions a little bit from insecurities some people might have (also, a bit angsty at the beginning + fluff at the end). love you all & if you ever need to vent, i’m here. :-)

rated: PG-13

n/a: i hope you all like it. i tried my best to write this one & (after a long long long time from the request - and i’m totally sorry about that!!) i hope it’s good (i’m not entirely sure and i hope it doesnt offend anybody). you’re all lovely humans & don’t worry about what society says & considers as “beautiful”. you should be proud of yourself & your body. i’d like to add that you don’t need a guy to make you feel beautiful when you already are nothing but stunning. love you all.

also, broken bass part 3 is coming in a few minutes (REALLY!), once im done re-typing it :-) i’m so excited! it took long (and costed me a lot of tears for reason i explained here) but it’s finally on its way, yawhooo.


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She didn’t know how long she was in that position, curled up in herself, her head heavy on her pillow. That wasn’t usual for her – to feel like this. She was usually confident, happy and bubbly even. Always smiling, throwing jokes and generally being carefree. But after a huge fight over something stupid with her boyfriend, she felt herself crumbling down. He hadn’t said anything specific about her appearance – he knew that was a line to never be crossed (how she was happy with herself and had finally accepted that, even though she wasn’t society’s vision of beauty, she was beautiful – stunning even) but the things he said implied part of his fans were right, the ones who threw mean comments at her for being plus sized.

And that’s how she found herself not only annoyed but deeply hurt, laying in their shared bed, letting her feelings out with tears. Slowly, she got up, going straight to the bathroom. Maybe taking a shower would make her forget what went down between her and her boyfriend.

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