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Hello Faeb, my dearest. I have a little question and I hope you wouldn't mind answering me. In your art most of your outlines are kind of sketchy, which I love. I have recently started experimenting around with that style as well but now a question appeared. How do you colour this? With it being sketchy, the selection tool doesn't work well for me because the lines often have holes. Do you carefully stay in the lines, retracing them with the colour or is there a trick I have not yet discovered?


So, I have two methods for this, and the first one makes people cringe when they watch me on stream, haha. I know this isn’t the most efficient way to do it, but I enjoy doing it coloring-book style where I take a hard round brush under the lines and color it in manually, cleaning up the edges as I go: 

The second method is selecting the outside and then inverting the selection and using the bucket tool. You mentioned having a lot of holes in your line art. For me, I try to keep that in mind as I’m sketching to close off problem areas but sometimes it just looks good to keep something open (like ends of hair, in my case). So I’ll go back and manually color in and/or erase those areas:

Lastly, if you end up wanting clean line art for something, you can use Lazy Nezumi for Photoshop or I recommend getting Paint Tool SAI. It’s a relatively cheap program with built in line stabilization and is also great to make art in on its own. (In some areas it is better than PS, but that’s another topic haha.) 

Here is an example of the line work you can get from SAI:

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S-Senpai, am I your first...? >~< Jesus fuckin Christ, I'm too cringey lmao. Hey hi hello, could I request a headcanon for RFA to MC who doesn't take care of herself? Like she forgets to eat, ignores hunger, doesn't realise when she's dehydrated, doesn't get enough sleep, etc. Thank you, and I hope you have a splendid day :D --Yuu

Hello there little kohai! Not cringe! Its 100% fun! :D Yes you are my first. Thank you so much! I hope you like it!


upon noticing the food in the fridge is never really touched begins to question you.

Jumin: “MC…? You’ve been eating regularly right…?”

After hearing you haven’t he takes a week off at the office hiring a dietician and takes the classes all over again with you to teach you how to take care of yourself. Afterwards he makes a makes it a point to never leave for work until you have eaten breakfast and downed at least one bottle of water. As well making sure his chef pops in at lunchtime to prepare you food. He has you go to the finest neurologist to help you with your sleep problems and makes a huge effort to come home early to make sure you get proper rest by tucking you in himself.  


Whenever he takes breaks from LOLOL he gets up to eat, noticing that you’ve frequently turned down his offers of food whenever he makes it begins to make him worry.

Yoosung: “Do I not cook very well? If that’s the case I can take you out to any restaurant you wish…”

Finding out you’ve just been skipping meals and not taking care of yourself he begins to cry. He makes sure that before he leaves for his Veterinarian Clinic that he makes you breakfast and lunch clearly labeled in the fridge and made it very clear that if you didn’t eat them he would be very upset.  He promises to no longer game past a certain time to make sure you can get plenty of rest.


Comes home after rehearsal to find you passed out.

Zen: “Mc?? Are you not well?”

Upon asking questions if you ate something to make you sick discovers you are severely dehydrated.  He gets angry and rushes you to the hospital.  He apologizes for being so neglectful of you by going to rehearsal all the time. He promises to watch you more carefully and remind you of your meals. He takes you with him to rehearsal where he has stage hands that will constantly approach you and hand you a bottle of water and snacks. He teaches you his workout routine to help you sleep better.


She comes in after a long day at work sighing

Jaehee: “Mr. Han has swamped me yet again… MC…? You look like you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Upon finding out you haven’t been taking care of yourself, she is scared. She pulls up numerous websites with tips and tricks on how to stay healthy. She writes up a carefully documented eating and hydration schedule and recommended sleeping times. She scolds you and tells you that you should really be taking better care of your body because she loves you so much and would hate to see you be sick or hurt over something she could have helped prevented. She makes a point of taking her lunch breaks at home and making sure you’re following the schedule. 


 He would be very panicked. He was so busy hacking and defending justice he neglected to make sure you were takin care of yourself. During his breaks he would absolutely make sure to have Vanderwood bring him actual food just for you. He apologizes about his own bad habits being passed to you and vows to help you and himself be healthier. 


 Would be very concerned, upon finding you haven’t been eating he postpones all his planned trips to make sure you develop great eating habits. He makes you a variety of foods. And has all the members message you daily to remind you to eat. He grows very upset and hopes that you’ll do this for him so that he will never lose you.

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Yay let the torture begin >:3 because of you I got into Mtmte megatron and cyclonus and i am going to look for the comics tonight! Can you do a scenario when cyclonus' human s/o makes him energon treats but it takes them too long to make and for days he notices he doesn't see them and went to go look to find them holding a energon treat saying "happy Valentine's Day"? It makes him smile and whirl ruins the moment

This is laaaaaate but I hope you like it anyway ♥

Cyclonus looked exhausted. More exhausted than usual, in fact. His dull optics sunk into his face, which seemed flushed, if robots could get flushed. The hum of his engine slowed, sputtered, then regained its rickety rhythm when he knocked his chassis with a fist. He groaned.

“Want me to call Ratchet?” you asked. He jolted, making his body creak. You cringed.

“I’m fine,” he grumbled, settling down on his berth. “Where have you been? I’ve not seen you about lately.”

There was a tarp covering the surprise you’d been working on for Cyclonus. Why hadn’t he noticed it yet? He must’ve been really tired!

“I’ve been making something with Drift,” you said. He raised a brow, and you stifled a giggle at the obvious jealousy in his expression. “Do you know what day it is?”

“Solar Cyc-“

“CYCLONUS,” Whirl skidded in, collided with the wall, and landed upside down. “IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY! YOU GETTIN’ ANY?”

“Whirl, you’re overcharged.” Cyclonus rubbed his temples. “And loud.”

“What’s that?” asked Whirl. At least, you thought, he stopped shouting. He’d started being considerate as of late, however slightly. He eyed your surprise for Cyclonus mischievously and, before you could protest, yanked the cover away.

It was supposed to be energon gummy treats- Cyclonus’ favorite- but something went wrong during the cooking process. Now it was more-so a jam. There was a whole big jar of it, glistening and bluish-purple, with a ribbon around the top with “Happy Valentine’s Day” written across it in glitter. You’d spent days preparing it, waiting for the big reveal, the moment you could finally see the joy on Cyclonu’s face when you presented to him.

Damn it, Whirl.  

“For me?!” he gasped. “Aw, you shouldn’t have, Cy!” His optic shone with happiness and- gratitude? As he gazed over his shoulder at Cyclonus. “You even got the consistency right and everything!”

You huffed. “Actually, I made it for-“

“For the both of us,” Cyclonus cut in. You huffed, but he just smiled at you. “Thank you dear, it’s a lovely gift.” He scooped two cubes full of the jam and gave one to Whirl. You were plucked up and set on his knee as he returned to his berth, helping himself to a mouthful of the sweets with a hum. Well, at least you knew he liked it.

“Now,” said Cyclonus. “It is Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t mind…”

“Oh-ohhhhh.” Even without a face Whirl could look so smug. “I gotcha! Have fuuuun you love birds!” He tripped over himself as he sauntered off. He even had the courtesy to close the door on the way out.

That took care of that.

“You’re way too nice,” you sighed with a roll of your eyes. Your only reply was a purr as Cyclonus stretched out, setting aside the now-empty cube before he tucked you against his neck. Someone was a happy bot!

“Valentine’s Day nap?” you giggled.

Cyclonus snored, way ahead of you.

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hello I hope it's okay to message you. I just saw your comment on that headcannon post in freed's tag and I agree whole-heartedly. such kinda stuff makes me cringe a lot too b/c it doesn't feel fitting for who freed is. :v

It’s totally okay! My askbox is always open ;3 Sorry for only replying now though, I didn’t get to come online on my laptop since then till now!

But basically, yea. It makes me cringe suuuuper bad when I see/read such stuff. I didn’t really have the nerve to write something else on it because I already did something like that, so Imma just lazily tell you what I told somebody else, too:

Like, I get people want characters they can relate to (or it’s just… fetishizing again because unfortunately this… happens a lot, too, esp if it’s gals/yaoi fans making such headcanons) but with Freed it’s so cringy to me because it just feels like these people go ‘hey look a man with long straight hair. Cool. This is our cinnamon boy to make feminine and give skirts and make innocent and people mistake them for a female (which can quickly be kinda insulting either way)’ and just?? Have people with such ‘headcanons’ LOOKED at Freed? Have they PAID ATTENTION to his behavior, his attitude, to how he acts, how he is, his character? At all? Because wow those things don’t… apply to/suit him at all oh god it’s just soooo out of character and it makes me cringe and low key mad because really now…

Basically. It’s just… eh. Really? I had to read this right now, these things that just seem so… unfitting for how and who Freed is? Gosh. If there’s something Freed is NOT then it’s innocent, helpless and acting/looking feminine. With his looks alone he BUSTS stereotypes many may have (or well, apparently do have seeing such headcanons) about men with long hair (and I love Mashima for it) and his character? AMAZING.