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I’m getting really fucking tired of seeing posts on my dash making fun of Gerard’s weight/clothes/hair. Like this dude is out here achieving his dreams, making amazing art, advocating for mental health, and just being a literal fucking angel as always and you guys are really gonna sit here and bully someone who has struggled with mental illness all his life? And make snarky comments about his weight even after he spoke up about past eating disorders? You guys are being seriously gross and I really hope he never sees any of the horrible things you’re all saying. Imagine if you saw things like that written about you.

Beautiful Creatures Sentence Meme
  • "I've been having the same dream for months now."
  • "I want him/her, no matter what happens."
  • "At first I thought I was losing my mind. Then I realized it would be no great loss."
  • "Insanity's inevitable."
  • "It was like love before first sight."
  • "Only two types of people here, the ones too stupid to leave and the ones too stuck to move."
  • "Anything is better than a life standing still."
  • "To be unstuck in time in a constant state of stage fright."
  • "If I dress like I care, I lose credibility."
  • "I envy people in comas."
  • "How does loving Jesus make that man/woman so crazy?"
  • "Why would anyone wanna move here?"
  • "How 'bout you and I go see a movie or something? Oh, that'd be just heaven!"
  • "I wish you would stop reading those types of books, they're bad for your mind."
  • "_____ looks like death eating a cracker."
  • "Are you nuts? You almost killed me!"
  • "You know I never understood why Leo had to die in the end! Why couldn't they take turns?"
  • "If I get in the car, will there be more of this interesting conversation? Because I'd rather drown."
  • "I can't believe you told me the ending to Titanic!"
  • "Well, that was a dead-end conversation on a road going nowhere."
  • "I don't feel like being a haunted house attraction today."
  • "Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must live."
  • "I think we need time apart."
  • "I pray every night you won't go straight to Hell."
  • "I won't go straight to Hell, I wanna stop off in New York first."
  • "This is one of those banned books."
  • "You can't pray in class."
  • "Never been on the outside looking in, have you?"
  • "I memorized this whole thing to impress you. Damn!"
  • "I never know whether you're insulting me or not."
  • "Again, wrong century."
  • "_____ loves Google."
  • "I hope this doesn't sound weird but I think I've been dreaming about you every night for months."
  • "That did not sound as creepy as it did in my head."
  • "So, like what, you're from Europe?"
  • "We prefer the term "Caster.""
  • "That is such a mortal thing to say."
  • "I hate hiding all the time."
  • "You're a miracle. Why would you ever want to be normal?"
  • "You wanna go out with me?"
  • "Wait, am I going out the window?"
  • "Promise me it'll be a really normal, awkward teenager date."
  • "I won't even call you after!"
  • "Let's get out of here."
  • "Most people spend their entire lives waiting for a moment that's going to change everything and it never comes."
  • "What could happen besides getting your first hangover?"
  • "They can choose, why can't you?"
  • "I don't know who I really am inside."
  • "I distinctly remember not inviting you."
  • "Boyfriend/girlfriend, huh?"
  • "Loving this boy/girl puts you in terrible danger!"
  • "You're not losing me!"
  • "No matter what you do, no matter they do to me, I'm still here! Now what does that tell you!"
  • "And I yelled at you because I care about you!"
  • "I don't want to be any further away from you than I am right now."
  • "I'm scared I'm gonna hurt you."
  • "Go ahead, kill me."
  • "The person I love has to die!"
  • "I just want to be with you."
  • "That's okay, I don't think you're cool now."
  • "How am I gonna survive a lifetime with you surprising me?"
  • "They took you from me."
  • "You can never be together."
  • "Define 'good.'"

“Like I said! The world is a horrible place filled with fear, suffering, and despair! And you didn’t believe me.”

I still don’t! Look at the sun. It’s still shining. Look at the kelp. It’s still kelping. Look at us. We still have each other...”

i love this actual ray of sunshine

  • Kondo: its time to forget the mistakes of the past and start making the mistakes of the future
  • Hijikata: the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead
  • Sannan: just because i caused the problems doesnt mean i have the solutions to them
  • Okita: have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • Saito: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Heisuke: I hope one day I will find love, or a cool looking leaf. either one
  • Shinpachi: i was tricked into believing dropping a candle in to a bath is what a 'bathbomb' is. so tired of being constantly betrayed
  • Harada: love is a battlefield. huh love is a emotion or feeling? then what the hell is a battlefield?? no no this doesn't make sense at all
  • Chizuru: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster
  • Ibuki: i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing
  • Kazama: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Yamazaki: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Serizawa: learning from mistakes is for people who recognise that they make mistakes. i dont give a shit
  • Shiranui: if we do this we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions, corpses & debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas
  • Sen: you know the old saying, boys will be trash
  • Kodo: there are few things in life that can't be achieved with occult dark magic
  • Kaoru: maybe i am the one to blame, on the other hand maybe every one else is the ones to blame
  • Inoue: i was deep in meditation when suddenly i stood up and gestured vaguely about something. that moment changed the course of my life forever
  • Ootori: the "drama" fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that
  • Itou: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • Amagiri: looks like things are always happening once again
  • Kimigiku: a lot of people say to me, things, but i am to busy brushing my hair and being a beautiful model. thats what life is all about
  • Matsumoto: hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • Hakuouki as a whole: its all fun and games until its not that anymore

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Realli like ur blog!! Could I get a bts reaction whe they overheard their gf tell someonr that she doesn't like him but is dating him for money? I m such a horrible person thank u

Thank you ^^ Of course and you’re not a horrible person xD
Sorry it’s late though ;-;

BTS Reactions To You Dating Them For Money

“What?” He asked shocked from what he heard, you turned around, hoping he didn’t hear what you just said.
“No, I must have heard wrong. Right? Please tell me I heard wrong!” You were startled by his sudden raise of tone.
“No Jin, everything you hear is true.” You confessed, you knew you couldn’t hide it any longer. He looked down shaking his head.
“Why would you do that? I loved you!” He yelled. “I-I had to! I need the money, it’s for my family.” You cried, “They’re depending on me to feed them and I can’t do that without money. During this time you just… you just happened to be there.”
“So you’re using me for money? How could you do that? Seriously?” Even knowing the reason on why you needed the money, he couldn’t believe his ears. He has done nothing but treat you like a princess, and you hurt him. He walked away just like that, and you let him because he had a right to.

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He knew everything he just heard was right and that he wasn’t imagining it. He knew everything was too good to be true, and that on the inside he somehow figured it out a long time ago but he ignored the feeling. He wanted to believe that what he felt was wrong and that you loved him. Hearing those words come out of your mouth smacked him back to reality, everything he suspected fit together like a puzzle. He left all his feelings behind and left while he had the chance before you could hurt him again.

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He would try to figure out why you would do that and would try to made up a reason for you. He doesn’t want to believe its true. He doesn’t want to think that the woman he loves so much has no feelings towards him and is only using him for money. You knew you couldn’t hide it anymore and confessed that it was true. He wasn’t very good at hiding his anger, but this time not only was he angry but he was upset, you could tell. He’d curse at you, everything coming out of his mouth is angry and insulting in every way but it doesn’t cover the pain in his eyes.

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He would act like he could care less but on the inside, he’s dying. He doesn’t understand why or how someone like you could do something like that. He loved you with all his heart and all you wanted from him was his money. Not only would he throw in a lot of swears but he would poke at every weak point you had. He would make you pay for what you did to him, not pay in money but mentally pay. “Here,” He said throwing cash at you. “That should be enough for you to go buy a life.”

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“You’re kidding right?” A voice behind you spoke out. You turned around shocked that he heard what you just said. You shake your head knowing there’s no point in lying anymore. At first he thought it was just a joke and tells you it wasn’t funny but you declined that it was a joke. You told him It was a true and that you couldn’t lie anymore because of guilt. His feelings would be all over the place, he would want to escape, not wanting to know anything else you might be hiding.

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The happy smile he always has on has disappeared and a much darker expression consumed his face. He blamed himself, he thought he was the problem. He didn’t accept the problem. He couldn’t accept that you didn’t even like him at all. All those happy times that you had with him ended up being lies. He knows if he continues this relationship it would pain him even more, the love he had for you was real. He can no longer smile.

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He wants to act like calm but he can’t, he can only think about how much of a horrible person you were. He wants to know how you can live with yourself with all these lies. Was money really that important to you that you can just play with someone’s feelings? He wants to hate you for what you did but he can’t, because he loves you. So much. The love pains him, and the fact that your own relationship was all just for money has broken his heart into pieces.

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I’m sorry it late and that it’s not very good ;-;
Hope you liked it though!
~Admin Ari

Hair by ninzied // “He’s staring at her again. She can feel it”

Happy birthday, Nina! I wish I could celebrate with you in person, but since I cannot, I hope this fanart will bring a smile to your face. You are a wonderful, amazing, talented writer - never stop. 

Been a while since I’ve done any digital painting…but here’s a try at it. Thought I’d post my own since we’ve reblogged other fan art before.

Just some Gabriel with his horn up in Heaven. I imagined it to be in the morning with him being like a rooster and waking everyone up or gathering everyone together.


  • Me: Wow the leaked footage is really good! Better than what I expected.
  • Fandom: Ew! I hate everything about it! Look at that horrible CGI transformation! I hope Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't become a successful anime series since the art looks like it just came out of a "how to draw manga" book!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now.

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Hello there. I wanted to ask if you could give me some tips on how to draw shadows (or more like where/how to put them) Cos I have no frikin idea how it should be done. So far I just put it randomly and hope it doesn't look horrible. (PS I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE. And I just adore your MSA art works)

Oh, bOY.  (First of all, thank you so much!)

I don’t really know how to help very much with this; a large part of what I do for shading (on the rare occasion that I do it) is just guesswork and intuition.  But the best reference you have for shadows is real life.  One set of tutorials that I’ve kept on my computer (by what-i-do-is-secret on DA, as the pics say) is this one:

These are just some examples of how lighting and shadows work to help define facial contours.

Basically, what you want to define before drawing your shadows includes:

  1. Where is the source of light in the image?
  2. How intense is the light (and what color is it, if you’re doing a full-color)?
  3. What are the contours of the object I am shading?

The source of light will determine on what general side of the object the shadows appear.  For example, in the middle bottom drawing of the lowest image above, the light is coming from behind the head.  As a result, the shadows are on the front of the face.

The intensity of the light will determine how stark and sharp the contrast is between the lit and dark sides of the object.  All of the above examples are pretty harsh lighting, so the lines between shadow and light are pretty stark.  I tend to default to this style because it’s easily readable; doing this in two-tone shading is normally called cel-shading and it’s used often because it gets the point across quickly and clearly.  Softer shading can be used for softer lights, and in general the values of the shadows and the highlights will not be as contrasty for lower lights.

When talking about the color of the light, keep in mind that if a light is red, the light coming from it will be red.  The glow it casts on objects will be slightly (or VERY) red, depending on how bright the light is.

Finally, the contours of the object define where the shadows start and stop around the object.  Look at the bottom right drawing on the lower image above: see how the shadows are following the contours of the person’s cheekbones, jawlines, and temples?  If the image were unshaded, we may not even notice those contours.  Shadows can help define contours that are there but are not stark enough to require their own outlines.

What I’d recommend, Anon, is to try a bunch of things out and see what styles of shading feel most comfortable to you!  Don’t give up hope if you don’t find it for a while: it took me YEARS to realize I felt most comfortable with cel and hatched shading.  You’ll get the hang of it, I promise!

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My mom doesn't quite get asexuality yet, though she's trying. Her way of being nice and supportive was "I hope that someday you find someone you can be happy and enjoy sex with." And she just didn't get how that was uncool. So I finally said "mom, would you tell a gay man that you hope someday he finds a wonderful woman and settles down with her?" "God no that would be horrible!" I just pointedly looked at her until it clicked. She hasn't said shit like that since!! All about the analogies. :)