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Please dont leave the ava's demon fandom your edits are the hilarious and so is your official-ad blog. Who cares about the anons just ignore them we NEED you

okay lemme tell you a lil something anon

  1. i left because i couldn’t take the shit in 4v4’s d3mon due to harassment towards me and MY MUTUALS. i can’t just “ignore them” if they come usually come by to get angry about what i ship and dont ship (you know what im talking about. and for my mutuals, you even put one of them in a panic attack. seriously? 
  2. not only because of anon shit its because the ava’s demon fandom isn’t really fun for me anymore. im tired of being asked “so can you do ____” or “how about an edit of this _____”. y'all know i dont take requests with these AD shitposts and I feel like there’s a limit to this “fun”.
  3. about my official-crow-arrow blog, like i said its not fun anymore. there’s serious roleplaying going on and plus crow hasn’t shown up in a while so there’s not much to say tbh..and if you REALLY want that blog to be active, I’ll be glad to give it to you anon if you can handle it.
  4. other ppl can make funny edits too. trust me ive seen em :3

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this is an unpopular opinion but i suppose thank you? for that "anti stucky" post. i don't ship steve and bucky romantically and i feel like the minority in this fandom. /:

honestly same man, there’s not very many people who don’t ship st*cky romantically (doing it like that so it hopefully doesn’t end up in the tags). honestly i never saw them romantically, and i’ve pretty much always shipped stevesharon anway. but yeah, you’re not alone fam

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Bro I know I've asked this before but can we have oso rising from the dead during his own funeral? I'm talking Kara giving his eulogy and oso just rising up in his coffin being HELLO I'M NOT DEAD DON'T BE RUDE

These were far from the words Karamatsu expected to speak. He was a romantic, purple prose constantly bubbling within his being, flowers blooming with each sentence he spoke. He spoke of love, of hope, and of the light that comes after each night of darkness.

Today he spoke of his brother; no theatrical semantics, no flamboyant poses, and dramatic pauses. No, the words that he spoke today were tearful and stuttered, nostalgic and melancholic, so far from how he usually was but the most sincere he’s ever been.

He rubs at his tired eyes. Though Choromatsu was Osomatsu’s second hand man, Karamatsu was the second born and now, through circumstance, the new leader of the Matsuno sextuplets.

He gulped. Or should they be referred to as the Matsuno quintuplets now?

He wouldn’t be able to find peace with himself if he left this heavy responsibility to Choromatsu. No, the third brother deserved to bloom without the weight of leader on his shoulders.

There were not many people now, the third and final day before his cremation, was left to those closest to him. The immediate family; their mother, their father, the brothers.

“Karamatsu nii-san…” Todomatsu calls tearfully, going up to his brother at the podium to give him a well deserved hug. “You don’t have to force yourself, it’s–”

He takes a deep breath and tries to smile but it just doesn’t reach his eyes. “It’s okay, Totty. I’ll be fine.”

No one took the death well at all. Choromatsu and Todomatsu cried all night, Jyushimatsu didn’t say a word, still hasn’t said a thing at all, and Ichimatsu disappeared for a whole day and hasn’t said a word since either.

Their parents were trying to be strong for their boys, but it must have hurt more to lose a child. It must have felt lonely.

A sudden bang from behind him startled everyone, their eyes darting to Osomatsu’s coffin in disbelief. The thin plastic cover that protected him from various outside factors from ruining the great job the mortician had done flew up and halfway through the room, clattering noisily on the floor.

A small shriek from their mother and Todomatsu.

Adrenaline pumped through their veins, Karamatsu instinctively standing in front of his family with his arms raised and held wide in front of them as if he could be a human shield.

From behind him, clinging to his arm desperately, Choromatsu stutters “wh-what the hell? This can’t be real, right?”

“H-hallucination?” their father supplies, putting himself in front of his wife to protect her from whatever may come. “I’ve read somewhere about group hallucinations, maybe bad f-food,” he tries to reason. “Maybe we’re all just overcome with sadness that–”

“Don’t talk like I’m dead, sheesh,” Osomatsu says as he sits up, perfectly cheerful almost as if he was never dead to begin with, just sleeping. In fact, he still sported his usual bedhead, making the whole moment more surreal than it already was. He turns his attention to Karamatsu, grinning widely at his brother. “You were surprisingly not painful at all, actually. I was pretty impressed.”

“B-but you– You’re supposed to be–” the first words Ichimatsu has spoken in the last few days, only to be cut off by the brother they thought they’d lost.

“Dead? I mean, I guess but here I am?”

Karamatsu takes a step back with each step that Osomatsu takes forward, his family behind him warily stepping back with him. “You’re not my brother,” Karamatsu says surely, strongly. He saw his brother die with his own two eyes, whoever this was in front of him can’t possibly be who they all wished it was.

“Ouch, you’re gonna outcast me now?” Osomatsu says sadly, but not very sad at all. “Is this revenge for all the times I’ve ignored you? You hurt nii-san so much, Karamatsu! Well, come on,” he says as he raises his arms. “Let’s hug it out, I’ll say I’m sorry and everything can go back to normal, yeah?”

Karamatsu wavers.

He gulps.

He wants to, so dearly, to hug his brother once more. And his brother was in front of him right now, offering the touch he craved.

But no, it can’t be real. Because Osomatsu is dead, because they were all there when the heart monitor stopped.

“C’mon,” Osomatsu encourages and wiggles his fingers. “Nii-san’s waiting!”

“It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap,” Choromatsu is whispering behind him, clinging onto the back of Karamatsu’s clothes as if he were afraid that his older brother would fall into the temptation. “Don’t listen to him nii-san, that can’t be Osomatsu–”

“Shittymatsu..!” Ichimatsu agrees with Choromatsu, grabbing onto Karamatsu’s arm to hold him back. “You can’t. Please!”

“J-jyushimatsu nii-san! Do something!” Todomatsu screeches as Karamatsu finally takes a step forward towards their supposedly dead brother. He holds onto Karamatsu’s other arm as well, trying his best to keep his brother back.

Jyushimatsu ducks under Karamatsu’s arm and stands in front of his older brother, pushing him back by the shoulders. “Nii-san, don’t!” he tries to talk to him but Karamatsu’s deaf to their pleas. “Nii-san!!”

Karamatsu wakes up in a jolt, his heart beating too loudly in his chest. He looks around the room frantically, doing a headcount of his brothers.

Five. He counts five brothers.

What a horrible dream.

He tries to catch his breath, and tries to will the tears away.

He doesn’t sleep that night, and can’t bare to look at any of his brothers the next day. Though it was only in his dreams, he’d betrayed his younger brothers for the promise of affection from his older brother.

He’s not strong, he knows.

And he knows that he’ll never be suited to fit the role of leader.

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1. Go to this website.
2. Pick fifteen characters from any fandom.
3. Tag five or more people.

1. Your mum/dad: Q (James Bond)
Fuck yea! My dad’s awesome!

2. Your sibling: Hannibal Lecter (NBC Hannibal)
Uhm…he ATE his last sibling…uhm…let’s hope he doesn’t end up eating me. But other than that…I can count on him killing anyone who hurts me! But on the other hand again, I would become a cannibal…oh well.

3. Your grandma/grandpa: Victoria Winslow (RED)
FUCK YEA! *dances*

4. Haunts you: Hani (Body of Lies)
Uhm, please no? He scares me…

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Eggsy Unwin (Kingsman)

6. Your ex:  Will Graham (NBC Hannibal)
He’s my ex because my brother stole him for himself. I’m actually fine with that.

7. Your best friend: Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Officially the best friend everrrr. Well, unless he starts dragging me along to his adventures. I wouldn’t survive that.

8. Proposed to you: Napoleon Solo (The Man from UNCLE)
I’d say yes if Illya wasn’t behind him pointing a gun at me mouthing for me to say no.

9. Your boss: Illya (The Man from UNCLE)
That makes number 8 like a bazillion times scarier! And he’d probably work me to death. Literally.

10. The random person you met at the bar: Merlin (Kingsman)
He get’s out of Kingsman HQ long enough to go to a bar? Damn! Would be awesome, though he’d drink me under the table in no time at alllll.

11. Your rival: John Wick (John Wick)
Hahaha. I’m dead. Bury me. I’m literally dead. I didn’t even see him. I’m dead. Deader than dead. Deadest.

12. Gave you your first kiss: Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Well, as long as he doesn’t describe our kiss as ‘wet’ like the one he had with Cho Chang, all is fine. If he does, I’m killing him.

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Bedelia Du Maurier (NBC Hannibal)
(Is she ever NOT drunk? The answer is no). This would be so fucking ace though! She’s amazeballs and would also drink me under the table while holding her notes.

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: James Bond (James Bond)
After the 7 minutes are up we move to the bedroom and that’s the last you see of me for the rest of the week. Bye bye!

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
Of course she would, she’s such a sweetheart! I’ll share and give her many cuddles in return and play a good game of ‘just gals being pals!’ with her! *wink wink nudge nudge*

I tag whoever wants to do this!

To the worlds sweetest lemon 5/14/2016

Once again just like our monthly anniversaries, I tend to forget that this blog still exists and should observe it monthly if possible. For that I am sorry cause I really do love sending you these long walls of text expressing just how much you really mean to me. I guess this is a good of time as any to open up completely and give you a run down as to the things that I think about when considering our relationship together. I will begin by saying that without you, life would just not be nearly as amazing and for that I just wanted to say thank you <3 Thank you for tolerating me whenever I get a little over bearing and loving me none the less. It is because of you that I am inspired to become a better person each day (even if it’s just a litttttle bit better) because I want to be the person that you can see being together with for the rest of your life and be proud of that fact. I am glad that we seem to have gotten over that huge hump of a fuck up that happened months ago and seem to be even deeper in love than before. It troubled me at first but to see how much love and effort that we have shared after that makes me feel even deeper in love with you regardless of what happened. We moved on, and are happier because of it. Now that this chapter is closed I can’t wait to move forward with you and experience amazing things with you and make even better memories with you. The thought that you will be graduating soon and moving excites me and scares me a bit too cause if you were to move further away from me I would be very sad. I know if that would happen we would deal with it and make plans to make it work but still, just not seeing you for an extended period of time drives me up a wall internally and doesn’t usually spill over until I can’t take it anymore :p I really hope I can see you soon cause I really do miss just being around you. I know that you will be out of town for our next anniversary and that’s perfectly fine. I hope that we can figure something out to make up for your absence cause I can’t wait to say that we have been happily in love for two years! SOON! I know I am rambling on as usual but I hope you don’t mind that. Guess it’s probably just because I haven’t updated this blog in a while that causes me to want to type a novel of why you are important to me and how much I love you right now. But in an effort to not completely drag this out I just wanted to say that you are the bestest and I say that with full confidence that you are the thing that matters the most to me and I love you so very very much! I hope that if any other bad things comes down our paths (which chances are it will) that we are able to be as strong as we are now and work it out together! I love you with all my heart!

Dangerously Cheesy- Cheese :3

P.S. I reallllly hope that one day your mother not only respects you as a person who can do her own thing and doesn’t need to be coddled but also that one day that she might not hate me 120 percent. I really do wanna get on your families good side some how some day but know that if that never happens, I will still love you just as much and won’t back down from loving you! 

P.P.S. if there is ever a time that something is bothering you about our relationship and you don’t wanna talk to me personally but would like me to know about it, feel free to update this blog cause I feel like sometimes things bother you but because you don’t want to bother me with it, you don’t wanna tell me which of course is bad. I wanna be able to work out any problems that we may have, together! <33333333333