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advice for people who aspire to be artists?

(your question is quite vague so i’m not sure which kind of advice you’re looking for exactly, but i hope this will help you anyway!)

  • please accept this humble offering
  • okay kiddi—no, actually, i’m not kidding. don’t be afraid to start. pick up a pencil, pen, whatever, and scribble your heart out! of course you’ll suck in the beginning. we all do. just draw on the arms of whoever gives you crap for it 👍
  • don’t think too much
  • what i mean is: do think about anatomy. do think about composition. do think about colours. don’t think about wanting to make “good art”. focus on the task at hand and do your best. quality will come naturally with experience.
  • dive right in and draw until you hit a wall >> step back, evaluate your art, look for mistakes (get an outsider’s opinion) >> find references and tutorials that will help you fix those mistakes
  • try to get involved in a community that can give you feedback! don’t be afraid to ask friends to check your art for mistakes (even non-artist friends)
  • positivity! i’m a big advocate for training yourself to approach tasks with an optimistic mindset, and it’s taken me a long time to adopt that habit, but once i did it’s done wonders (you’ll start to see the works of people who are better than you as inspiration rather than competition, you’ll laugh at your own mistakes, others will enjoy giving you feedback etc!)  
  • don’t badmouth your own art or negate someone’s compliment. don’t do it. please. i know it will feel like you’re being narcissistic, but think about it from the pov of the one who compliments you: you’re basically telling them that they’re wrong and that they shouldn’t like this thing you made. and if even the creator can’t stand up for their work why should anyone else? believe in yourself! no one expects everything you make to be perfect
  • try to accept all constructive criticism
  • remember that you’re not your art; if someone doesn’t like your art that doesn’t mean they don’t like you 

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Please dont leave the ava's demon fandom your edits are the hilarious and so is your official-ad blog. Who cares about the anons just ignore them we NEED you

okay lemme tell you a lil something anon

  1. i left because i couldn’t take the shit in 4v4’s d3mon due to harassment towards me and MY MUTUALS. i can’t just “ignore them” if they come usually come by to get angry about what i ship and dont ship (you know what im talking about. and for my mutuals, you even put one of them in a panic attack. seriously? 
  2. not only because of anon shit its because the ava’s demon fandom isn’t really fun for me anymore. im tired of being asked “so can you do ____” or “how about an edit of this _____”. y'all know i dont take requests with these AD shitposts and I feel like there’s a limit to this “fun”.
  3. about my official-crow-arrow blog, like i said its not fun anymore. there’s serious roleplaying going on and plus crow hasn’t shown up in a while so there’s not much to say tbh..and if you REALLY want that blog to be active, I’ll be glad to give it to you anon if you can handle it.
  4. other ppl can make funny edits too. trust me ive seen em :3

like I said I don’t mind s a s u s a k u at all but sometimes when I see the two in the manga interacting the way they did it reminds me of my abusive ex boyfriend

the edits and fanart people make of them make it seem like none of the bad things ever happened

also I really hope that spelling their ship name like that keeps the post out of the tags I’m so sorry if it shows up there, it was not my intention at all

Fucking kudos to all you guys who kept GOT spoilers off my dash all this time because NOBODY gave away the big things