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“LAFF 2017 Women Directors Interview: Meet Jennifer Morrison — ‘Sun Dogs’”

Jennifer Morrison is an actress, producer, and director. Her acting credits include “Once Upon a Time,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “House.” She’s the founder of Apartment 3C Productions. Her short film, “Warning Labels,” premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. “Sun Dogs” is her feature directorial debut.

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Title: “Champ” 

Fandom: The Librarians (TNT Series)

Notes: It’s evelits week!! So, I don’t really ship Eve romantically with any of the lits, so I decided a fun, fluffy team-family type of fic was best suited for me. Hope you enjoy!!

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The tour concluded yesterday in Florence. Over 460,000 tickets were sold in total, a massive increase compared to the stadium tour two years ago. It’s good to know he is still as popular as ever!

Sadly I got sick and had to cancel my trip to Bologna, so my impressions of the show are limited to what I found on YouTube and social media, which isn’t enough to do a review of any kind. I hope everyone who did get to go had the experience of a lifetime. Fingers crossed that we’ll see more of it later on, perhaps a televised concert special or even a DVD.

Now we wait for the next single!

onliafaze  asked:

The GoM, Kagami, and Kasamatsu overhear their crush talking to her friend about how she plans to confess her feelings to them after the Winter Cup finishes (cuz she doesn't want to do anything that would make them lose focus)

Sorry this took so long hun! I hope you like it~ 

–Admin Glori

Akashi leaned back against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he listened to the conversation between his s/o and her friend. “I-I really want to tell him I like him, I do! But you know how Akashi-kun is. He’s so focused on basketball, and I don’t want to be the cause of him losing,” the girl said with a long sigh, twisting the ends of her hair. “Maybe after the Winter Cup games… But wait, what if he loses? Wouldn’t that just increase the chances of rejection!?”

Akashi chuckled softly to himself at the sound of her panicked voice. He could already picture her pacing back and forth, her face completely red and slightly sweaty, and she was probably picking on that hair of hers. However, Akashi wasn’t the kind of guy to just make a girl wait until after his games. He also wasn’t the kind of guy to just let a girl confess to him. No, he was a gentleman that wanted to be the first to confess to his crush so that she didn’t have to go through something so nerve wrecking.

Waiting for her at the end of the hallway, Akashi caught her eye, and she immediately jumped and was frantically picking at her ends. “___, come over here.” The girl only nodded her head, her face completely red and her hands trembling at the unexpected. “I like you, ___. Go out with me.” She was in complete awe, so unsure of what to say or if this was even real life. After a couple of blinks, she watched as Akashi chuckled at her reaction before taking a hold of her hand. “I sort of overheard you talking to your friend, and it made me want to confess to you. That’s okay, right?”

“T-that’s more than okay! That’s actually—wait. You were eavesdropping on me!?” Who knew that her face could get even redder than before? She quickly covered her cheeks, a pout on her lips and her eyes looking at anywhere else but his. “P-please take care of me…”

“Yes, my princess.”

Aomine, as usual, was late walking to practice, his hands under his cardigan as a loud yawn came from his mouth. Scratching his stomach, he grumbled about how he didn’t even want to attend practice, and how he just wanted to go home to Mai-chan. He stopped his tracks when he overheard a certain laugh, and he peaked through the corner to see his crush with some chick he always sees around her. “I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna confess to Aomine… right after the Winter Cup.”

“What!? But that’s like three months from now!? How are you so sure he still won’t be single by then!? I mean, have you seen the guy!?” Aomine smirked at the flattering words coming from that other girl, thinking that she must have a good taste in men.

“Yeah, but have you met him? I highly doubt any other girl would have a crush on him,” his crush grumbled, and Aomine’s eye twitched. That’s it, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Walking behind her, his arm wrapped around her shoulder and a menacing grin was plastered on his face.

“What was that you were saying about me?” The girl was completely shocked, unable to process any words out of her lips or even the situation at hand. “And what makes you think I’ll accept your confession?”

Crap, crap, crap… He heard me! Wait… “Y-you’re rejecting me…?” Her face instantly flushed at the sudden rejection, hating the way things were going at this point.

“You’re misunderstanding. Of course I’m not rejecting you…,” he grumbled, a little pink colored his cheeks as he watched the girl stare again. “Oh come on, do I have to spell it out for you!? I like you, ___. Let’s date.” The color that was once pink was now the darkest shade of red possible, and even his crush couldn’t imagine him making such an expression.

With a nod, she took his face in her hands and quickly said, “Yes!”

Kagami walked into Maji burger to order his usual tower of cheeseburgers. As he walked to the counter he passed by the table his crush and her best friend were sitting at; catching a few words as he passed by. “You’re really going to confess to him!?”

“Not so loud he’s right there!” His crush hissed before gently smacking her best friend’s arm. Her words caught his interest. After getting his tower of burgers he headed to the back, watching to make sure his crush’s attention wavered away from him before he slid into the booth behind them. Thank goodness the seat covered his head or else she would know he was eavesdropping.

“Why don’t you go tell him now? He just walked by.” Her friend giggled, making her roll her eyes. “Remember what I told you? I’m waiting till after the Winter Cup. He’s got enough to worry about I don’t want to put more pressure on him.”

Kagami choked on the burger he was eating, coughing loudly enough to get his crush’s attention.

Dammit! Oh man, I hope he didn’t hear me… She hid her face against her hands, wondering just how much Seirin’s ace had heard.

Crap she caught me spying! Kagami sighed, rubbing the back of his head before poking his head around the seat. He stared at his now blushing crush, trying his best not to mimic her expression. “If anything, going on dates with you would be a great stress reliever ___-chan.”

Did she hear him correctly or was she imagining things? “Wait, what?” Kagami blushed, looking away as she stared at him blankly. “W-What i’m trying to say is, um, will you date me ___-chan?” He stuttered out, practically yelling his request out to her. She gawked at his words before bobbing her head up and down. “Yes! Of course!”

Kise was running late to practice, which wasn’t all that surprising considering he had a photo shoot that evening. Kasamatsu-senpai told him that if he skipped another practice he’d be kicked off the team, so he had to leave the agency early. As he headed towards the gym he heard a familiar voice around the corner, causing him to stop.

“I can’t believe you’re going to wait that long to tell him. Do you know how many fangirls he has? I doubt he’ll stay single for three whole months.”

“True, but I know how much basketball means to him and I’d rather he spend all his attention on something he loves for the next few months instead of entertaining me, you know?” His crush’s voice seemed to falter, as if she truly thought she didn’t stand a chance.

“Besides, I don’t even know if I have the guts to confess. He’ll probably think i’m one of his crazy fans if I do that now.” That and she wasn’t prepared at all to pour her feelings out to the handsome model.

“I would never think that ___-cchi!” He blurted out before quickly covering his mouth. His crush turned, staring at him with large eyes. Crap, how long had he been standing there!?

“I, uh, I-,” Before she could explain he hugged her tightly, rubbing his cheek against hers in an affectionate manner. “Can I take you out to dinner after practice?” He tilted his head, staring at her with those puppy dog eyes. “Uh…Sure.” She blushed trying to get over how nervous she was.

“Awesome, than I’ll pick you up at seven!”

Kuroko was basically beside the girl when he heard her confession to her friend, and he was so thankful that he had a lack of presence; otherwise, they would have noticed him lingering. “I want to tell him that I like him, but he’s been so busy practicing for the games. I-I think I’ll tell him after the Winter Cup. It’ll be like a present to him or something if he wins! Or maybe a consolation if he loses? I don’t know, it’ll be something…”

Kuroko chuckled to himself just listening to her speak, and he couldn’t wait until after the games. Walking away, he felt even more motivated now to win than before. A part of him wanted to win this game for her, just so that she would confess to him.

At the sound of the referee announcing Seirin’s victory, Kuroko jogged over to the girl that was standing by the bench, her hands fidgeting with each other as she looked nervously at him. “T-Tetsuya-kun! Can I talk to you…?”

Before she could confess, Kuroko stepped forward and boldly pressed his lips to her forehead. “Hey, as a present for winning, will you go out with me?” Her cheeks turned into a bright shade of pink and her eyes widened at his confession.

“Y-You’re serious, right…?”

He nodded, wrapping his fingers around her hand and bringing it to his lips. “I’ve always liked you, ___-san.” She nodded her head, her smile stretching from ear to ear. “Also, I kind of overheard you talking earlier… I was actually right beside you…” The blush turned many shades darker, and she couldn’t even get any words out of her mouth. “It’s okay, though. I still think you’re cute.”

Midorima was waiting outside the gym for Takao who was currently getting his cart ready. His foot was tapping impatiently against the concrete floor; an eyebrow raising when he heard a familiar giggle from behind the gym. Grasping the wall he peeked over to see his crush talking with none other than Takao.

“So…You’re not going to tell him?” Takao asked in confusion.

“I will, eventually. I think I’ll confess to him after the Winter Cup.”

“Hm…Isn’t that a little long? I mean, that’s not for three months.” He pointed out. “Well, its up to you I guess. Though if I were in you’re position I wouldn’t confess to him. I don’t think Shin-kun is interested in anyone, at all.” As the words left his lips he made eye contact with the green haired shooter; a cheeky smile spreading on his lips.

Dammit, Takao said that on purpose.

“Oh…So you don’t think I’d have a chance with him?” His crush sounded so dejected it almost broke Midorima’s heart.

“No chance at all~” Takao’s annoying voice grated on his frayed nerves. He couldn’t take these lies any longer!

“That’s not true nanodayo!” Midorima stomped off, pushing Takao away as the raven haired idiot started to laugh. “Don’t listen to him ___!” He looked at his crush who was staring, wide eyed.

Taking a deep breath he looked away, his face erupting into different shades of red. “I um…I like you a lot, so please, go out with me.” He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, not daring to look his crush in the eyes.

“I would love to Shin-kun!”

Murasakibara was walking out of the nearest convenience store with two bags full of snacks. He was munching on maiubo when he heard of what sounded like his crush whining not to far off. The purple haired titan looked to the side to find his crush talking to her friend; back facing him.

“You’re waiting till the Winter Cup to confess? That’s way too long ___-chan! You should tell him now.”

“I don’t even know how to begin telling him! Besides, what if he rejects me because he’s too busy with basketball?”

Murasakibara’s eyebrows knitted together, wondering who she was talking. Obviously it was someone from the basketball team, but who? There weren’t many attractive guys as far as he was concerned, but there was always Muro-chin.

“Ne, ___-chin, who are you talking about?” The purple giant tilted his head, watching as his crush jumped at the sound of his lazy voice.

“N-N-No one!” She stuttered out before glowering at her friend who was snickering.

“Is it Muro-chin? I don’t think he likes you like that.” Though he wasn’t really sure. He just wanted to say that because as far as he was concerned, ___-chin was his. “I like you though, so how about you like me instead ___-chin?”

The girl gulped, blushing even brighter than before if that was even possible. “Will you date me ___-chin? Please say yes, I really don’t want to crush you.”

She couldn’t help but laugh at her childish crush. “Yes Atsu-kun, I’ll date you.”

Kasamatsu wanted to get away from his teammates right now as they were distracting him from focusing on the game. He scratched the back of his head, grumbling curse words about Kise and letting out a sigh. As he was about to turn a corner, he overheard a couple of girls talking which made him stop his tracks. One of the voice was very familiar to him though, and taking a peak he could see it was his crush.

“I like Yukio-kun, and I want to confess to him. I think I’ll wait for the Winter Cup finals! He’s just been so busy, and I know confessing to him now will completely ruin his focus…” Too late for that… Kasamatsu couldn’t even move from his spot. He was completely red from head to toe, and he was nervously shaking - also partly because he was excited to hear that his affections were being returned.

It was too late for him to move at this point since his crush ran into him, falling to her butt and staring up at him with a horrified expression. “I-I didn’t mean to listen to you!!” He yelled, bowing at a ninety-degree angle before helping her up. By the touch of his hand, she could feel him sweating a lot, not because of the games, but because of how nervous he was right now. “Y-You don’t have to wait for the Winter Cup to e-end… I l-like you!” He shut his eyes tightly, a part of him wanting to end this embarrassing moment.

She brightened up, jumping up and wrapping her arms around his neck, which only made the boy lose balance and fall to the ground with her on top. “I like you, a lot, Yukio-kun…” He couldn’t speak, not because of her confession, but because of the position they were in. Attempting to stay strong, he tried to say a couple of words but he felt his eyes roll back and everything just blacked out. “OH MY GOODNESS, YUKIO-KUN JUST FAINTED!!”

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twenty-One (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twenty-One

Kim Seokjin.

For some reason, there were just flashes that kept occurring in your head. His smile, his laugh, his look of absolute care, every glance your way, every time he pushed everything away just to be there for you.

The boy under the tree.

As you watched his knees give out and the way he fell to the ground almost like a perfect masterpiece, you couldn’t help but think of the first time you had met him.

“Kim Seokjin, Year 3. But you can call me Jin Oppa.”

Like to the boy before, you pushed his hand away and stood up. “Take your spot back I have no interest in sharing if you’re just going to try and talk to me.”

He acted like he had been shot. “So cold. What on earth happened to such a pretty girl like you for you to act this way?”

You stopped dead in your tracks at his words, daggers coming from your gaze. Usually you would just walk away, but something about this place, about the people here, felt different. For some reason, you felt like you could trust this guy. “The world happened.”

He squinted his eyes slightly, trying to understand. “So much on one girl’s shoulders. Even I can sympathize. The world sucks, carry on hating it.” And then he laid down without another word, accepting the fact that you were leaving, and you did.

This is time, you wanted nothing more than to close the distance between the two of you, to be by his side the same way he had always been by yours. The second your body moved in his direction, Rap Monster was pulling you back, holding you with a firm grip, but even he was shaking, staring at his best friend with unseeing eyes.

Suga clutched Jae, his eyes wild and unbelieving. He looked like he was going to reach out to Jin, but his hand hesitated and died in the air, shaking uncontrollably.

“Jin!” You screamed, thrashing against Rap Monster, who was now pulling you towards the door again. “We can’t just leave him!” You cried out, your chest feeling like it was caving in.

“Y/N, he was shot in the chest…he won’t…” Rap Monster looked at you with eyes that tried to convey what he wanted to say without having to actually say it. In that moment, he wasn’t Rap Monster anymore, just Namjoon. The guy who had a dream and a few wishes that he shared with his first friend. BTS or not, that was Jin. He didn’t quite know what to do, and you could see it on his face.

“Get him out of here, Namjoon, we can save him.” You begged, your voice on the verge of sobbing.

He looked unsure, his mind torn between what he knew was safe and what his heart wanted. “Goddammit, Y/N. Run! Go out that door, I’ll fucking get him!”

You didn’t hesitate any longer, knowing that he would get Jin out and Suga and Jae would be right behind him. They wanted you and Namjoon. Jin had been shot because of you, because he tried to protect Suga despite everything. With everything inside of you, you ran and ran until you felt like your feet were bleeding. Even so, you still felt like you weren’t getting anywhere, just running from an inescapable reality that you weren’t ready to face.

Somewhere through your mind’s haze, you noticed some of the others running for the cover of the forest just on the edge of wherever the hell you were. It looked like some clearing where you assumed Whalien or Cypher’s or both of their bases were. You didn’t slow down until you were deep in the heart, the others finally slowing down and coming to a stop.

“Y/N.” J-Hope breathed, pulling you into his protective embrace. Almost immediately, V came and circled you as well, until the four of them were all clutching onto you and each other for strength. You knew that Rap Monster and Suga would both be slower, having to carry other people, but you couldn’t help but feel this pit of despair in your stomach. The others didn’t know yet, you were sure of it. They were all out well before any of that happened.

“Where are the hyungs?” Jungkook looked like he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear the answer.

“T-They’re…they’re coming.” You didn’t look at any of them as you said the words, feeling like your knees were suddenly made of jello and physically unable to hold you up any longer.

Right when you were about to let the hope slip away, you saw a flash of green and then pink, and you were darting forward through the trees so fast that you nearly tripped on roots and sticks along the way. Your body hit Suga’s like a brick wall as you let out a huge sigh of relief. Jae was squished in between the two of you, and you squeezed him tighter, loving the feeling of knowing they were both safe and in your arms.

Suga let out a shaky breath, and then there were multiple sharp intakes of breath, and  that’s when you remembered.

You turned around almost robotically, your eyes afraid of the sight.

Jin’s eyes looked heavy, as if he was really struggling not to fall asleep after a day of exhaustion. His hair was matted to his forehead with sweat, his breathing uneven and ragged as he laid across Namjoon’s lap.

You could hear Jungkook crying silently, unable to look any longer.

Kneeling down, you inspect the dark spot right in the center of his chest. It stained his usually perfect white shirt and you couldn’t help but smile. “I’ve never seen you so disheveled Jin.”

He chuckled a little bit, but it was mostly just a mixture of a cough and choking. “Getting shot will do that to a person.”

Looking up at Namjoon you spoke softly. “We have to call an ambulance.”

He looked at you like you were crazy. “Y/N…”

“We can’t keep waiting, he needs help right now!” You insisted.

You felt a hand on your shoulder and when you looked up you saw that it was Suga, an unreadable expression on his face. “Y/N, the ambulance won’t be able to find us out here and he’s…”

“I don’t understand why you all won’t even try.” Your voice rose as you said the words, turning almost shrill. “He’s supposed to be your best friend and you won’t even call a goddamn ambulance to save him!”

“Y/N.” This time it was Jin who spoke.

You looked at him with eyes that were wide with the refusal to believe what anyone had to say, tears threatening to brim over and the feeling like you were falling occurring over and over again. You wanted to shut it all off, to wake up, to just wake up already. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t escape this.

Jin’s hand found yours as he intertwined them, giving you the sweet smile that had been the first knock at the wall around your heart. A small sob broke your throat as you attempted to smile back.

“Jin…” Suga’s deep voice suddenly broke everyone’s reverie. “Why…why would you…”

“Don’t worry about it, kid. I’d do it again in a heart beat. And not just because you were holding Jae in your arms.” He assured through labored breaths and you felt tears finally track down your hot cheeks.

“I can’t, I don’t deserve this, Jin—“

“Yes you do. You deserve so much more than you’ve been given. Consider it payback for when I fought you earlier.”

Suga just looked at him through his greenish bangs, leaning over him and taking his other hand. “Best friends—“

“Until we die.” Jin confirmed, this peaceful look crossing his face.

“No…forever. You’ll always be—“ Suga’s voice broke and you felt the tears increase twofold.

“Stay outta trouble while I’m gone kids.” Jin chuckled as his eyes traveled across the boys. None of them were able to look, afraid of the emotions that their faces would reveal. You watched Jungkook’s shoulders shake silently, and J-Hope hold his hand over his face to try and hide the tears that just kept coming.


You looked up at the sound of your name, your eyes still glassed over with all of the tears that fell freely. “Yes Jin Oppa?” You finally called him by the name he wanted, trying your best to smile despite the way your voice broke on the words.

His lips curled up, but the next words broke his heart. “It hurts a lot. Do you think you could kiss the pain away?”

And you crumbled, everything, all the walls, all of the hate and loneliness you had built up over your lifetime finally fell away. Your body coiled up, racked with sobs as you leaned over him, little tears dropping onto his skin that was even paler than usual.

You let your lips brush across his cheek and then the other and then you leaned in close so that only he could hear.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Jin. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you were meant to be loved.” You squeezed his hand and tried to give his unusually cold hand your warmth. “But I do love you, and I need you, please, please don’t leave me.” You said through hot tears. And then you let your lips brush softly against his. To you, it was just a peck, a way of saying goodbye. But to him, it meant the world.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He whispered and you closed your eyes and let your forehead rest against his for just a moment. When you finally opened them, he looked like he was sleeping peacefully, the pain finally subsided.

“Jin?” You whispered. “Jin Oppa?” Your voice rose an octave.

Warm hands pulled you back, grounded you, but you fought them. Your hand came up to cover your mouth, biting back a painful sob as your whole body shook. Everything felt broken and you fought with all of your might to stay right there next to Jin.

Jin. The boy under the tree who always tried to make you talk. The one who never gave up, even in the end.

Yoongi held your thrashing form in his warm embrace, refusing to let go, even when you finally just fell apart, your body going limp and the cries taking over violently. He wanted to cry right along with you, but he couldn’t feel anything at all, all of a sudden. You were the only reason he was still grounded, his arms acting like a lead weight for both of you. The same thing kept ringing through all of their heads, and in yours it felt like an alarm going off over and over again.

Jin was dead.

And then everything fell apart.

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While You Were “Sleeping” Pt. 2


Warnings: Mentions of smut but other than that really fluffy. 

Summary: You spend more time with Pietro and he learns more about you and starts to fall more in love with you and even though he’s in a coma and can’t talk to you, you start to fall for him too. 

A/N: Hey guys so I got dozens of requests to do a second part so I will definitely be turning this into a series. Pietro however will not be waking up in this part. I have a few more ideas in mind before he opens his eyes.

“Hey Pietro.” You tell the Sokovian as you walk into his room and see him lying on the bed, still asleep. It has been a week since he had gotten here and his condition had not improved or worsened in that time. He was still a gorgeous but unconscious man that your boss had you check up on every day. “How are you feeling today?” 

“So much better since you got here Y/N.” Pietro thinks in his mind. You coming to check up on him had become the best part of his day. And not only because he couldn’t do anything aside from listen to everyone around him. He thought you were sweet and he loved to hear the cute things you said. “You sound lovely today. Did anything good happen to you today?” He asks although he knows you can’t hear him and that he’s just asking these things in his head. 

“Still asleep I see. Well I’m not too sure how to fix that.” You say and place your hand over his and gently run your thumb over the back of his calloused hand. “But I hope you wake up soon.” You say and check the readings on the machines keeping him alive to make sure they were all functioning properly. 

“Me too draga mea. Me too.” He says and you come and sit down on the chair across from his bed.  You look at his stubble and smile. 

“That sexy stubble of yours is starting to grow out quite a bit. Looks like we’ll have to shave it soon.” You say and run your finger along his cheek.

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Chapters 1 - 13

+ + + + + + + + +

The sweet aroma of syrup wafts through the room, penetrating my heavy woven blanket, currently pulled over my head. If it were up to me, I would not be vacating my bed this morning. The stress of last night’s fallen barricade and my narrow escape to the car was still weighing heavily on my mind.  I snuggle further into the downy pillow, as the blanket rubs against my face, tickling my cheek.  The tent I’d created having sunk in, creating a waiting game to see how long before the oxygen ran out and I was forced to emerge from my warm cocoon.

I feel the mattress momentarily sink down, presumably from the weight of Josh, as he climbs back into bed.  He peeks underneath the blanket, only half his face visible to me.

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Welcome one and all to a 5 hour long lottery type deal where YOU can win up to 20,000,000 bells!

Originally these bells were meant to go to a friend but due to issue’s with her wifi they’re just laying around and it’s causing a bit of a litter issue amongst the town! But I decided if she’s not coming around for a while that’s just fine, I can get more to her later! So let’s commence the lottery!

So in order for this to be a thing, there will be a couple rules! Lets go over them!

  1. You do NOT have to be following me!
  2. You can either like or reblog but doing BOTH will increase your chances!
  3. No giveaway blogs!
  4. You will come to my town to pick them up and I WILL make sure you don’t pick up anything else I might have laying around, if you do I will ask you nicely, and upon refusal or ignoring I will flick the wifi switch and pick a new winner.
  5. If you don’t respond within 12 hours of the message I will pick a new winner
  6. Uhm… I really hope you have Animal Crossing: New leaf if you happen to win. :P

So right now it’s 6 PM where I am, which means this will end at 11 PM tonight on August 24th, 2014!

Enter quick and good luck!

I Hate U I Love U Series - Calum

Okay so lately i have been in love with the song ‘I Hate U I Love U’ by Gnash so i’ve decided that I might do a section of the song for each band member if I get a good response :)

You can listen to the song on spotify or youtube or wherever else you can find it

Also keep requesting because that’s the only thing that pushes me to write (and as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t written in forever)

I might make a part 2 if people request it but give me suggestions on how to continue the plot

anyway I hope you enjoy!


Y/N=Your Name

(I do not own any of the following gifs)

I sit with Calum on the couch at his apartment, my legs sprawled over his lap as I lay on my back. I play with the hem of my shirt as I listen to him softly hum a tune and mumble lyrics which he then scribbles down on the notebook in his hand. I feel a warm but small smile creep on my lips as I watch his head slightly nod to the beat causing the curls of his hair to fall in his face (I wrote this before he shaved his head btw).

Moments later Calum looks up from his notebook and towards me, giving me his cute but clueless smile and tilts his head slightly. “What’s up kiddo” he asks with a giggle “Nothing, just thinking” I reply softly, “ooh, who’s the guy?” he winks which causes my to close my eyes for a moment and let out a sigh like laugh, if only he knew. “There’s no guy Cal, I was really just thinking about everyday stuff” I say looking at my hands before I sit up, practically sitting in his lap. “Well that’s a relief, I can’t lose my number one girl” he says poking me in the arm, I blush and hide my face in his shoulder to hide my blush. Both of us gently laughing.

Calum makes me feel warm, when I’m around him I’m afraid that I’ll be so distracted by him that I’ll forget how to breath. Our relationship was pretty simple, we could be so close to each other, cuddle or even hold hands in public but he’ll still never see me in a romantic way. I’m sure his favourite part of our relationship is the fact that we can act like boyfriend and girlfriend but at the end of the day there are no strings attached and no feelings, on his side at least. Our relationship was torture to me, it was toxic, I know it’s not good for me and was killing me on the inside but being around him was addictive. Still, at the end of the night, I know I’ll never be the one he wants.

For the rest of the day, we just roll around his apartment. We watch movies and he writes songs and asks for my opinions. “Y/N you should help me write a song!” he says looking like an excited four year old as we sit in the floor of his lounge room, “No way, you don’t want me to help you. You’re way better” I say shaking my head and crossing my legs. “That’s not true! I remember those songs you wrote back in high school, they were amazing” he says with softened eyes, “Those songs were okay but they’re nothing like how good yours are Cal” I smile “Are you kidding me? I still sing them from time to time-” he pauses furrowing his eyebrows “You know, you never told me what guy you wrote them about” he finally says. I feel a blush creep on my cheeks and bite my lip, the songs were about him, “It doesn’t matter now” I smile cheekily.

As the day grew into night Calum and I order a pizza and sit on the couch cuddling while we watch the third movie of the night. “I think I’m finally ready to tell you something” he says out of the blue, I perk up and look over at him “what is it?” I ask “promise you won’t tell anyone?” “cross my heart and hope to die” I say dramatically while I feel my heart rate rapidly increase. “I’ve met this girl” he says. My heart sank.

I freeze for a moment, not sure how long for but I freeze. I finally manage to snap out of it and decide to act like I’m excited “oh my God, really?”, he nods furiously “Yeah I met her last month and… I don’t know, she’s just amazing and I love being around her, she makes me feel… Warm? Does that make sense?” he asks moving his face closer to mine, which is even more painful. “I know exactly what you mean Cal” I smile, trying to act supportive even though my stomach just feels like an anchor. “I knew you’d understand, you’re the best Y/N” he says and wraps his arms around me, both of us nuzzling our faces into each others necks. Two very different emotions present in the hug, Calum still blissfully unaware of one of them.

“Where is she now?” I ask him once we pull out of the hug, “Oh, she’s at home I think? She wanted to go out tonight but I knew that we already had plans” he says avoiding eye contact, I know what that means, he’s disappointed and that broke my heart even more. “Calum are you insane? What are you doing here because by the sounds of it your dream is waiting for you, don’t worry about little old me, go get her!” I say using my best fake smile. His face lights up and he wraps his arms around me tightly “This is why I love you Y/N” he says contently, I gulp “I love you too Cal” closing my eyes to hold back the tears. “Now go get her!” I say playfully shoving him off me, “Okay I’m going, I’m going” he says stumbling to his feet and shoving his phone in his pocket before he runs out the door and slamming it. Leaving me alone in the apartment.

I see the keyboard sitting on his coffee table, I walk over to it and play a little melody line. “You want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her” escapes my lips in a hushed singing voice and I finally set the tears free.

Maybe This Time - Part 2

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this! School/internship has been crazy and i really don’t know what i want to do with the ending to this so writing the middle parts is difficult. Anyway, I hope you like it! I hope you guys have a marvelous day!! Thanks for reading! 

Part 2:

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