i hope this comes out okay omg

I Was Wrong - Jughead Jones

Requests: Omg thank you so much for open book it is so so GOOD! I was wondering if maybe you could do one where jughead and the reader are dating and they get into a fight and the reader tells jughead “if you walk out that dint ever come back” and the next day jughead is in the hospital because he attempted suicide and they get back together and it’s just really fluffy

Hi there! So I really hope this was okay :/ I tried my best but obviously it’s a very sensitive topic <3

Warnings: angst, suicide attempt, swearing, sad cinnamon roll :C

Words: 3,812

This was too much for you. You knew that your boyfriend Jughead was getting in deep when he started his novel on the murder of Jason Blossom. You didn’t think much of it back then though. When he joined the Blue & Gold, you didn’t think much of it. When he started cancelling on you to go on sleuthing missions with Betty, is when you started to notice that it wasn’t all quite right.

It wasn’t that you were jealous, because you weren’t. Jughead and Betty had known each other for a long time, practically since childhood and you respected that. Nothing romantic had ever seemed to come from it though. You also trusted Betty not to hurt you like that, she was one of your best friends and was opting to stay out of relationships ever since her heartbreak with Archie, she wouldn’t risk it. 

No, you were worried that he was going to get himself in trouble with the law, or that the murderer who was running around town was going to catch onto the fact that he was on their trail and would off him before he had the chance to speak out. You were scared for Jughead in every living moment and he treated it so casually, was he not even concerned for his own safety?!

He’d also been spending less time with you. You didn’t want to be clingy but with the sleuthing for the writing and the writing for now both his novel and the newspaper, he just didn’t have enough hours in the day. The two of you had a special bridge, south of Sweetwater River where he’d asked you to be his girlfriend a year ago. It was your special bridge, and you would always meet there to just sit in comfortable silence, or talk and reflect about what was going on in your lives, think about the future and try and laugh through your existential crisis. You treasured those hours. They made you feel human, normal and alive in this crazy small town, which was being torn apart by this murder… piece by piece.

You hadn’t met there in weeks. You hadn’t kissed or embraced the boy you loved in weeks. Heck, you hadn’t had a proper, deep conversation with the boy you loved in weeks. That stung deep.

The car broke you. The car took it too far.

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Drown Me In Your Love (Grayson Smut)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Gorgeous human, could you write a storyline where Grayson (please with G) and his girlfriend have an argument, not an angry one but a teary filled one and Grayson approaches her as she’s crying and there’s heavy SMUT involved as they make up, it’s not aggressive but very passionate and intense? I just heard the song ‘Too Deep’ by Ritual and Delilah and its got me feeling all kind of things and just need to read something you write based on this song, maybe along the lines of my suggestion? xx”
Word Count: 4,008 (longest imagine I’ve written omg)
Warnings: Cunnilingus, daddy kink.
A/N: So, this is the work that I had gotten halfway through when tumblr crashed. I had to rewrite it so it didn’t come out as good as I expected it to. But I hope I did this justice and I hope you like it. Also, I’m still not very good at smut but I’m gonna practice and get better hopefully. Listen to Too Deep for the full effect!

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” Your friend’s voice sounded through the phone and you stopped yourself from scowling.

How were you supposed to answer that after the large bomb she had dropped on you?

“Yeah.” You answered, voice coming out breathy and quiet. You knew that you weren’t gonna be okay, though, and judging by the small indignant noise that your friend let out on the other end of the receiver, she didn’t buy it either.

“Look, maybe it isn’t what it looks like,” Your friend brought you back from your dark thoughts. “Just don’t do anything stupid.”

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where the sun and stars meet


Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader (oh my word, she’s done it, she’s written a non-Lin fic, holy moly, we never thought this day would come)

Summary: He knew you well enough to know when you were forgetting to breathe.

Note: i fell straight into rafa hell and apparently this is how i decided to handle it lmao. @fragmentofmymind and @alexanderhamllton had to deal with my yelling about this so go give them extra love THEY DESERVE ALL OF IT I LOVE THEM A LOT. 

okay omg i love you guys and i hope you enjoy the garbage, feel free to come yell at me about it <3

Word Count: approx. 4500? (guys it’s a ONE-SHOT ARE YOU PROUD)

Being a twenty-eight year old woman living in Los Angeles could be tough.

In six years of residence in the city of stars, you had realized that sometimes the lights weren’t so much sparkling as they were blinding. Blinding of the goals you’d set out to achieve, the paths to get there, the hope and promise of a state drowning in sunshine and smog. Although you had never expected it to be, the journey wasn’t easy.

Sure, you’d had plenty of dancing gigs during your time there so far, but your heart was in choreography and you were determined to keep working until you made that goal happen. You knew that you were talented, that when you were in your flow you could tell stories and string together phrases and characters with even the most subtle pieces of movement. Every once in awhile, though, you lost your flow.

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toshiirou  asked:

Okay but a role reversal where Mari and Adrien are bffs and Mari has a huge crush on Alya, which makes funnier scenes because Mari and Adrien equally have awkward social skills and Alya's sorta like fml and gives up and goes to ask mari out herself

aaaaah omg I’m in love with this idea I hope you don’t mind I kind of ran with it

Mme. Mendeleiev paired up Alya and Marinette for a science project, and for the first time, Marinette loved her teacher for assigning work over break. This was perfect. Alya would come over to work on the project, Marinette would charm her socks off, and she’d fall madly in love.

She had a little bit of trouble when that part actually came, though.

The day Alya had planned to come over, Marinette was up at dawn. She cleaned her room, then messed it up again–just a little, so the neatness didn’t look forced. She made muffins, then realized she could have just asked her parents to bring something up, because they didn’t rise as much as they should have and surely Alya would expect better from a bakers’ house. She brushed her teeth at least three times, got dressed twice, and spent the next few hours sitting nervously at her desk.

She’d texted her best friend when she got up, desperate for any kind of advice, but he didn’t get back to her until she’d already been sitting and working herself into a worry for hours. 

okay, so I did some research

what do you mean “research”

basically I rewatched a lot of anime last night

oh my god adrien no

listen you are going to be so smooth you both just gotta stick to this script

hold on I’ll email it to you

Marinette pulled up her email on her computer and clicked the newest message from Adrien. The attachment automatically opened when she clicked it, but she only had a few seconds to skim it before–

omg alya’s here what do I do

be cool. stick to the plan. you got this.

sounds fake and I think I’m about to die but okay thank you ily and if you never hear from me again I want pink carnations at my funeral

Marinette’s father called down for her to receive her guest, and she scrambled to look composed as she rushed down the stairs.

“Hey, Alya. Come on upstairs.”

Upstairs, where the results of Adrien’s “research” was still displayed on her computer screen. This was something she didn’t realize until Alya sat down at her computer and asked, “Oh, are you writing a movie?”

Marinette blushed so hard she thought her ears would fall off. “Uh, n-no! That’s just something I’m, uh, working on with my friend. Um, Adrien, of course you know Adrien. Yeah. We’re just friends. N-not dating or anything. Ha ha. I don’t know, a lot of people seem to think that, sorry. But, yeah, just, um–friends.”

“Oh. Cool!” 

Alya didn’t give the computer screen a second glance and unpacked her bookbag, and Marinette cursed her paranoia. She quickly clicked out of the document and pulled up a new one. She turned back to Alya, knocking several neatly-arranged pencils off her desk in the process.

“So, where did you want to–oh, shoot.” She slithered out of her chair and fumbled on the floor, trying to quickly scoop them up and save some semblance of grace. Marinette hopped back up onto her chair and smiled. “Sorry. Where did you want to start?”

Alya tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “Actually, I already have all the data typed up. Do you mind if I log into my email so I can get it?”

Marinette scooted out of the way. “Yeah, no! Go ahead!”

While Alya was typing away on her computer, Marinette fished for her phone.

Yeah it’s true I’m dying

I just knocked over like my entire desk

This is not smooth Adrien what do I do

Okay wait I have a solution for that

Next time you drop something, just leave it

Establish dominance

Girls find it attractive when you don’t care about the consequences of your mess

Did plagg tell you to write that

That’s ridiculous

My room is spotless

Plus what if I hit her in the face or something

I think she saw your email btw

She’s onto me

Time 2 die

Adrien why aren’t you answering me I’m going to die do you not understand that

Alya turned back to Marinette, who quickly turned her phone screen off. “Done! Did you want to look it over?”

“Um, sure!” Marinette put her phone down on the desk and pulled her chair closer, trying to focus on the numbers and tables with Alya right next to her.

“Um, didn’t you want your–?”

“Notes! Yep, those would help,” Marinette laughed awkwardly. She bent down to dig her science folder out, wincing all the while, and popped back up brightly. “Okay, let’s see…”

She saw something flash out of the corner of her eye, and realized that she’d forgotten to place her phone facedown, and Adrien was finally texting her back. Alya noticed it, too.

Okay, here’s what you do

Next time you mess something up, just say something like, “sorry I can’t think straight” and wink

Or even better, something like “wow looks like I’m not the only thing falling for you”

Alya will be so seduced

Marinette snatched her phone away and shoved it in her pocket, praying that Alya hadn’t read any of the texts. She turned back to the homework, trying to act as if nothing was amiss. 

Alya laid a hand on Marinette’s forearm. Her hands were really soft. And warm. And not sweaty at all. Marinette couldn’t relate.

Marinette turned her head–almost directly into Alya’s face. “Oh, God. S-sorry.”

Alya smiled in exasperation. “Don’t be.” She leaned in further, closing the gap between them and pressing a short, soft kiss to Marinette’s lips. Marinette was frozen, but on the inside she had melted a thousand times. She was faintly aware that she might have squeaked, or apologized, or murmured a thank you, and really hoped that Alya didn’t notice.

Alya pulled away and gave Marinette another lazy smile. “Tell Adrien you appreciate his advice, but it’s really much too slow to get a girl like me.”

Condescending Manager

I’ve worked at my current hotel more than long enough that at any other business I would be treated as if I was just as competent as any other employee. But unfortunately I have the weirdest most baby talky mother fucker of a manager.

But I was warned when I first started working here by the previous new person that this behavior will continue until their is another new person. She apparently had dealt with this for 3 years…..

On to the story.

My Manager starts hovering as he usually does cause I’m “new” and starts saying things like “you could do this to make it faster” or “I usually click these buttons” but the one thing he says that pisses me off more than anything is when he says “f1 THEN f5, to save and checkout the folio” like bitch I can remember two things damn! All of these little suggestions are always unprompted.

But I have one thing up my sleeves. I’m younger and better then him at anything technology related. So obviously I decided to switch that little shortcut to f5 first then f1.

The next day he starts his usual suggestions all the while I’m waiting for “f1 then f5”. He finally says it and the following interaction occurred.

me: Hah so you’re trying to mess me up now? That’s new.

him: What?

me: Its always been f5 then f1.

Approaches computer after letting out the most fucking sarcastic sigh I’ve ever heard.

him: No no no seee…

He stands their confused as nothing happens when he hits f1 and im just sitting their watching him but I decide to mess with him more.

me:Is this some sort of weird test? Why are you doing it wrong?

him:No its always been this way….. (he really trailed off like mindfuck trailed off)

me:Well here comes some customers let me take over again.

He walks away looking extremely confused, as hes walking away

him:Okay…. Okay… Right

I really hope that ends his hovering.

kuno-chan  asked:

It gives me great joy to know that Feyre not only never sleeps with Tamlin, but to be honest it's clear she's completely shown him that her loyalty is to Rhys. I just really hope people start realizing that he's not her master and they love each other. I mean, that could be good or bad considering his position. Also, I really hope after these books we get some domestic feysand. I really, REALLY want some feysand parenting. Smol feysand bat babies trying to use their wings okay ;A;

OMG YES YES YES TO ALL OF THIS don’t worry all feysand feels will be given and there will be domestic/family feels when the truth comes out of who feyre really loves

No reblogs/screenshots

A night out (💜DONATELLO X READER💜)

Donatello focused on his computer, trying to decode this programming just to recode it. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together again. Although he loved his work, he rubbed his face, desperately in need of a break. Suddenly (Y/N) walked into the room, tipsy. She leaned against the doorway,
“Hey don come drink with us.” She slurred, twirling into the room, her dress spinning around her carelessly. Don looked at the time, 11 pm on a Saturday night. He set all his equipment to sleep mode and walked out, leaving his lab behind him in search of relaxation at the bottom of a bottle.
It was his tenth beer and Donatello was feeling good. The world was a little wobbly, but for someone who was so meticulous and stable, it felt good to be loose. (Y/N) smiled at him from across the kitchen island.
“So Donatello,” she garbled, inching closer to him, as his brothers stared in shock. “Do you think you could help me set up a VPN,” she paused. “at my place?” His brothers hooted and hollered as she traced his knuckles with her slender fingers. He stuttered, was she hitting on him? He didn’t really know what to do, but he smiled and slapped his arm around her.
“Of course!” He said raising his beer bottle,
“To (Y/N)!” His brothers cheered along as donnies heart sped up at the sobering thought of her taking him home. She grabbed his hand, dragging him out of the lair towards her apartment. Neither of them could really figure out how to get there, but after a couple of confusing turns they did. He fell onto the door laughing about nothing and everything. (Y/N) jiggled her key into the lock opening the door, slamming it shut behind them.
“I’m going to go change!” She yelled, unraveling her hair behind her, Donnie watching her hair fall down to her back. He looked around her apartment like he had never been there before, he hadn’t, not like this. She came back in pajama shorts and a bra, walking into the kitchen to make a mimosa.
“You want some?” She asked.
“Sure.” He replied, pulling a glass down from the cabinets. He turned around, as she sauntered up to him. Don backed up instinctually, she leaned on him, running her hands up and down his chest.
“Maybe we can do more then just have drinks?” She said in a haze, turning around to press her ass against his groin. Donatello felt his shell tightening, gripping him with excitement, sweat beading down his forehead as he gulped.
“Only if you want to.” He leaned against the kitchen counter for support before she looked at him with sexual determination. She drew her fingers to his face, dragging them along his jawline while he stood still, allowing her to feel him. Finally she pulled his purple tails towards her and kissed him, her lips pressed against his, panting with lust as he slithered his tongue into her mouth. She returned the favor, struggling against his tongue to quench her thirst for him, only intensifying her needs, feeling a pulse knocking at her pussy as she kissed him. Donatello felt his groin throbbing, slowly becoming fully erect as she undid his pants.
Heat plagued her body, begging for some sort of release. She felt pressure climb up, hardening her nipples.
“Oh Don.” Slipped through her lips like faint music on a warm night. He bent over, grabbing her thighs and lifting her up, driving her crazy over his display of strength. “Don I-” he cut her off, kissing away at her neck all the way to the bedroom and abandoning his gear and clothes behind them. He laid her gently on her bed, towering over her before diving to her neck again, sucking on her tender, warm skin. “Oh god don.” She whimpered. Donnies hand found its way to her nipple, tugging and rubbing at it, sending chills down her back, making her pussy quake with anticipation. His cock rubbed against her, her tongue hanging near her chin, drool slipping from her mouth. Donatello held his moans back, trying to focus on (Y/N), failing to ignore how great his dick felt against her soft skin. He continued to praise her body with kisses, so grateful to be there with her, he had an uncontrollable urge to please her. The tip of his cock seemed to have a mind of its own though, finding its way into her moist lips. He thrust into her slowly, watching her bite her lip to keep control of her screams all the while thrusting him deeper into her. Her pussy wrapped around his dick like a velvet glove, wet silk on all sides of him. She clawed at whatever she could touch, her head spinning as she tightened herself around him. He threw his head back, arching his body, straining to not release himself right away. Her fingers fled to his biceps, gripping firmly as her body convulsed uncontrollably.
“Oh yes Donnie don’t stop.” She moaned. Donatello’s body betrayed him as he tried to control himself, rhythmically pumping faster into her, his world becoming a blurry mess of euphoria. She wrapped herself around him, bringing his body closer to her. Donnie could feel the sweat beading on her body, meshing them together into a hot mess. He continued to slide his cock in and out of her, ignoring his readiness to cum.
“Fuck!” She yelled into the emptiness of her apartment. He nibbled on her ear, sending chills down her shoulder, coercing another moan from her lips.
“Oh fuck.” He whispered.
“Donnie baby,” she whined. “I’m so close.” Her face flush with desire. He thrust into her one more time before cumming with her, fireworks going off in every part of their bodies. He panted, flopping next to her, trying to catch his breath. She looked over at him, smiling.
“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk ever again.”
He laughed, breathlessly, his head still spinning from the events that had just transpired. He brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her one last time before saying goodnight.
“Goodnight,” he whispered, even though her eyes were already closed. He fell asleep with, tightly intertwined with her body.

Mehhhhhhhhh I tried more things to make this better I hope it’s not too much. I like it but I know that doesn’t mean you guys will like it. Also idk I think I wrote Donnie a little out of character but idk 😳😳😳 let me know if you have suggestions to make this better. Requests asks and messages are ALWAYS open to you. Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

*cough cough* Here goes nothin'- Imagine the Chocobros (esp. Noct) finding out their S/O is deathly terrified of the dark and very insecure about their body after they were viciously attacked and nearly killed by daemons as a child. (Drabbles or headcanons work, whichever you think would work best! ^^) -Have a Lil choco baby for your time <(^v^)>

Heya ‘Nonners! Thank you for the prompt. This isn’t the best stuff I’ve done, not by a long shot, but I hope it’s okay ^^ *SNUGGLES THE CHOCO BABY THO OMG*

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I told myself I would stop drawing for today but after hearing @inquirestrider got to 500 followers I just had to do something for her whoops

1. Sorry for slight trashiness I’m not used to this program lmao (although it did come out pretty nice tbh)
2. Also sorry for not talking during the stream ; v ; I was listening while working on this so I couldn’t really chat (I’m also super shy so ahhhh) I’ll try talking if you stream again tho !!
3. You’re a pretty good ow player like omg??? And your voice is so cute??????

So yeah, hope you like it! 

We Don’t Talk Anymore

sequel to “breaking point”

Genre: I’m not sure what this is lol

Featuring: Jiwon x Reader

A/N: Indented parts are like stuff happening to Jiwon but the reader isn’t present, but like if I say you, I’m referring to you the reader. Sorry I just wasn’t sure how to write those parts exactly so it might seem confusing? Hopefully not…

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posted this to Ro’s userpage, wasn’t trying to be rude, or mean, just trying to help Ro understand that Dream (the gen1 posted for 100mil treasure) wouldn’t go for that price, and would probably be worth 50-100kt. I probably shouldn’t have randomly posted it looking back on it- but I just was trying to be nice and/or helpful- so that they could sell Dream!

They Pm'ed me this a day or so later.

(Sorry used an Arcanist image to block out their Username)

Okay Ro- I hope I don’t come off as nasty with this, but I didn’t want Dream at all. Just wanted to help you understand it’s impossible to sell a dragon that expensive. So, I pm'ed them this back.

Also “i don’t need the Nativity” omg

(Another attempt to block the Username off) 

This is the best response I could think of, simply explaining I didn’t want im, just wanted to help them understand that the price was wayyy too expensive. Tried explaining best I could 

before I posted just looked at their userpage and this was at the top;

 ??? uhh

Will update if they PM me again, but just thought this was interesting to post idk. This was probably not significant enough to make a whole post about, but it’s whatever. I just though the PM was kinda interesting.


in this issue: muji mechanical drafting pencil 05, pilot frixion slim 038, pigma micron fineliners

hey fam so like idk i’ve recieved a lot of chill stationery lately so i thought i’d start a series of stationery reviews where in each post i’ll share my opinion on different stationery items [runon sentence? ya.]. and i’ll tell u some of the worst stationery i’ve gotten so you guys don’t waste the $$. letz go! 

muji low center of gravity mechanical pencil [0.5mm]

ok so i’ve had this pencil for around a month now and gosh i really like it! it’s a drafting pencil but i just use it for writing & stuff at school. it feels super high quality and has a super fine needle point. the lead that comes with it is hb and super smooth. but i think i’m going to switch it out for #2 lead since i prefer darker lines. before i got this pencil i was worried about the grip and i thought i would hurt my fingers, but!!! it’s actually great and i can write with this pencil for dayz. a con for this pencil is the eraser. the cap on the end can be taken off to reveal the eraser. the eraser is sooooooo small and lasts about an hour which is probably just because it’s a drafting pencil so thats okay, i just always have an eraser with me so it doesn’t matter that much to me : )

4.5 omgs out of 5!

pilot frixion ball slim [0.38mm]

i’ve heard alot about this pen and i was so excited for it to arrive in the mail. i don’t usually use erasable pens so i was a bit skeptical. if you were thinking about buying this pen, i advise you not to. it was such a big let down! the pen feels cheap and it skips a lot! the ink is also not close to black and is more of a medium-dark gray. also the pen feels as if it is scratching the paper you’re writing on and it isn’t a pleasant experience. i tried writing with these but after a little while i got fed up with the light ink and skipping i buried it at the bottom of my pencil case lol. now, all of the ink and other problems aside, the eraser actually works pretty well. it completely clears away the ink and that’s pretty much the only great feature on this pen. it smudges a little and doesn’t bleed too much but this pen was a lil sad.

1 omg out of 5!

pigma micron fineliner [01, 03, 05]

i bought this set of pens from michaels for like a fortune bc yes stationery but you can get them for much less on amazon + other places! so i know these pens are generally used for art and i line some of my sketches with them from time to time but usually i use them at school. the ‘archival ink’ is so so so high quality like you can actually tell. the nibs are smooth and glide along paper well. i’m really scared of flattening the nibs so i press lightly but the only nib that has started to flatten a bit is the 01 size [which may i add, is incredibly thin!]. i’m more of a fan of the 01 and 03 sizes but for headers/titles the 05 size comes in handy! they are comfortable to hold and a good writing experience! they’re about a step up from my staedtler fineliners but don’t come in the pretty staedtler colours. the 03 and 05 sizes do bleed but i’m okay with that. if you let them dry they don’t smudge under most highlighters.

4 omgs out of 5!

conclusion -

i would definitely rebuy the muji pencil and the pigma micron fineliners! i hope you guys enjoyed this and want to see more? i’ve got a ton of stationery in the mail and some cool stuff has arrived already so yea! i hope i didn’t ramble too much lol xx hope u have a chill day!

anonymous asked:

NASCAR with another promptttttt. seriously I've been into Hamilton so i was thinking of an angsty prompt based on Burn. the lyrics are hella full of angst, so like cat cheats on kara and they send letters over the course of their relationship, and yeah, basicaly supercat angst full of hamilton and the lyrics of Burn and like alex was always saying "be careful with her kara please" and omg just angst that shit up please you queen

Okay so this is very short and I’m not entirely pleased with this. Know that Cat Grant cheating on Kara is absolutely out of character so, while I tried to stick as close as possible to them, it’s not accurate at all. Angst, no happy ending. I hope you’ll like it.

August 8th, 2019


It suddenly comes to my attention that I probably shouldn’t use that term of endearment, not after everything I’ve done to you. Yet, for the weight of the guilt that it puts on my heart, it comes so easily at the tip of my pen. A force of a habit  that I suspect will never fade away.

You don’t answer my texts, nor my calls, and even though I did consider ambushing you, at your old apartment, at your sister’s place, or even at the L-Corp building where you work nowadays, I thought better of it. Plus, I realize those abilities of yours would make it very hard for me to try to surprise you.

It’s been six months.

I saw every minute, of every hour, of everyday tick past, one by one.

It’s almost hilarious. I was never one to notice time. My days were always so full of things to do, places to be, people to see. My evenings were for Carter only. Of course you know how little time I had for myself, you arranged my schedule flawlessly for so many years.

Since you and I parted ways, I often find myself staring at a clock, a watch, anything that signify the passage of time. Seconds, minutes, hours. Days. Weeks and months. I can’t bear the thought of it turning into a whole year.

That is why I am reaching out to you, through this letter. You probably won’t read it, you’ll tear it apart and never read these words, but I had to try, one more time. At the very least, I need to make sure that I did everything in my power to apologize. I won’t try to explain, nor will I try to justify myself. It’s impossible and it would be an insult to your intelligence.

I’m not asking to have you back, I know that isn’t something even remotely plausible. Not given… what I’ve done to you. To us.

I understand if you can never forgive me.

I know I never will.

Carter asked about you. He wanted to know if it was alright to write an email to you. I do hope you’ll grant him his wish.

He doesn’t deserve to suffer for my mistakes.

Yours, always.

Cat Grant.

September 25th, 2019


I received your letter.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, I knew you might try something like that when everything else didn’t work. I had made a promise to myself to just ignore the missive and throw it away, without even opening it.

However, Alex and some of my friends suggested I should, maybe, answer it. If only to try and get some closure.

They are the only reason I am writing back to you, Cat, and don’t get me wrong, this is the only letter you will ever get from me. Ever again.

You know what I find funny? You can’t even put words on what you did. You’re Cat Grant, queen of all media, CEO of CatCo worldwide media, and an award winning journalist. You’re known for having a sharp tongue and even sharper prose and yet, yet you can’t even name what you’ve done to me. To us, like you put it so nicely in your letter.

I’m going to write it down here for you, spell it out so you can’t avoid it any longer.

You cheated on me.

There you go. Do you feel that pang of guilt and disgust, pulling at your guts? It’s awful, isn’t it?

I am laughing at you and oh, it’s bitter and cruel. Alex was shocked when she heard that sound, while I was reading your letter for the first time. She said I didn’t sound like myself.

Little did she know that I didn’t feel like myself either.

She was there all along and she helped me, Rao knows she helped me and I will forever be grateful for her very existence but she doesn’t realize how broken I am now. She can’t see the extent of the damages you caused.

Sure, she noticed that my sunny disposition is gone, she pointed out that I don’t smile as much anymore, and she was seriously worried when I started rejecting potstickers. I didn’t have the heart to explain to her you used to make them so perfectly that I grew to dislike the takeout ones.

She thinks, like everyone else, that time will help me heal and maybe it will, I certainly hope so. Then again, my definition of time is different than hers, than yours.

You waxed false poetry about time, seconds, minutes, hours, days … Whatever. I spent an entire eternity stuck in a place called the phantom zone and let me tell you, you can’t measure time in minutes, days, seasons, years or century.

Time is made of memories and losses.

We had something beautiful, something lasting and solid and you just … twisted it into a joke. Beyond any repair, you stained all the memories I have of you, of us, of the family we were, for a woman you can’t even remember the name of.

You did to me what Carter’s father did to you, and in doing so, you betrayed so much more than just my trust and love. That, maybe I could have worked on, tried to find it in myself what it would have taken to grant you another chance. Maybe.

No, Cat. You betrayed the very essence of yourself and of all the consequences of your affair, this is the one I can’t get over. You were the one to brandish honesty, truth, and so many other values as a glorious banner of your personality. For Rao’s sake, Cat, you are known across the whole globe for being the one journalist that always seeks out the truth no matter what.

Would you look at that.

I don’t know who you are anymore, and I don’t want to have anything to do with the person you’ve become. That woman, the one you can’t remember the name of? She can have you, all of you.

Keep your apologies, Cat, for they are meaningless and vain.

I’ll contact Carter directly, regarding our email exchange.

K. Danvers.

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Hey! So I want to make a transparent photo of Mark, though I don't know how :/ I was hoping you could help me out on this one! Also I wanted to know if its okay for me to come to you for help with stuff? Like edits or somethin? -💖

Hiya friendo!

Sure thing! Although it might be hard for me to properly explain how when it’s an ask. y’know? I’m more than okay with you coming to me for help omg I’m honored

Shoot me a message and we’ll talk about it ;)

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Today someone started a sick rumor on instagram that my friend died of heart failure. I don't have an instagram so it got to me through other people and I started sobbing right in the middle of lunch. I eventually found out he didn't but I still cried even more when someone said the words "heart attack" during class. It's cruel that was chosen for his "way of death" when I have a previous friend who also died of heart failure.

omg that’s so awful who would come up with something like that? im really sorry you have to deal w that wow. i hope you’re okay. im also very sorry about your other friend :-(

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Hi my heart has broken and ran away after reading that last chapter and I hope it's okay to ask when the next part will be out so that I can let the poor thing know when it's safe to come home again.

lmaooooo omg I’m sorry but this did make me laugh a lot. gsvasbdbk I don’t know when part 2 will be out just yet, its a very big task for me to tackle, so I’m going to take my time. I’ll warn everything next time so they can be ready for it :P

  • <b> Yoosung: </b> I hit a bunny Seven ;;;;;
  • <b> Seven:</b> Oh no! Easter is cancelled . . . Thanks a lot! ; ;
  • <b> Yoosung:</b> Seven!!
  • <b> Seven:</b> omg ^^;;
  • <b> Yoosung:</b> He ran out in front of me, what was I supposed to do :'(
  • <b> Seven:</b> Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoping down the bunny trail . . . OH NO!!! Here comes Yoosung . . . *SPLAT*
  • <b> Yoosung: <i> SEVEN!!!!! </i> </b>

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Heyyyyyy. Sorry this took so long, but I really like how it came out! Hope you do too


You should come by the studio. I want to show you something.

The text came buzzing onto your phone after midnight, when you’d just started to fall into a sound sleep. Junhong was working hard, practicing and practicing at the dance studio, and he’d told you not to wait up for him.

You sighed, blinking at the words on the screen. Weighing your options. You could ignore the text, because what he wanted to show you was probably something dumb, like look, jagiya, I can stand on my head for five minutes straight while holding my breath and walking on my hands across the floor! You could answer it, and say you were sleeping. But then Junhong was liable to keep bugging you. Or, you could just go.

As you sat there considering, another text came through.


Throwing off the covers, you blinked rapidly as you glanced around the bedroom, looking for clothes and shoes. You found something decent quickly enough, and headed down to the street below your apartment, walking the few blocks to the studio with your coat wrapped around you to shield you from the chilly night air.

You let yourself into the empty building quietly. Everyone had gone home for the night, even security. Junhong was probably the last person left in the entire place, and he was prone to staying here very late whenever he could, always needing to practice and train and better himself. Always competitive, even if the only person who wanted to compete was him.

When you finally reached the small practice studio, tiptoeing up to the door in the darkened hallway, you saw with one glance that Junhong was there. The room was soundproof, so you didn’t know what song he was dancing to, but you knew that the moves were beyond sensual. Designed to seduce, and appeal, and titillate, and even though you had only been watching for a few seconds, it was working.

You stayed there for a while longer, watching. Trying to ignore the familiar feeling of wetness starting to tingle between your legs. You stayed there for so long that Junhong, ever the observant one, looked up after he was done running the choreography again and saw your face in the small window of the door.

Immediately, he broke out into a wide grin, your favorite lopsided one. As he jogged over to the door, you could see that his eyes held something more than just happiness, too. You weren’t sure what it was yet.

Junhong opened the door enough for you to fit through it, pulling you into the room by your coat with one hand. When you ended up on the studio side of the door, you barely had time to think before he leaned down and kissed you, hard. He was sweaty and warm, but you didn’t care, because he was sliding his lips against yours with a desperation that you did recognize, now. He had done well. He had pleased himself with whatever he’d accomplished tonight, and you were always the first person he wanted to show. He always made sure you felt special.

Sure enough, when Junhong stepped away from you, still holding your hands in his and using them to pull you across the floor to the wall of mirrors, he said, “I fixed the choreography for my solo. I want to show you.”

You smiled, shrugging out of your coat with a nod and sliding down to sit on the floor so you could watch. You didn’t know much about Junhong’s solo yet, he’d only been working on it for a week or so and he usually didn’t talk about it until it was done. Like now. You had no idea what to expect when he fiddled with the stereo system until the song was queued up, and walked across the room to the middle of the floor.

The song that came out of the speakers hit you in all the right places the minute it started. It was slow, sexy, and hard, every note in the intro a plea to a lover. Junhong’s eyes were on you, and you knew they wouldn’t leave the whole time he danced. He watched you as he pulled his sweat-soaked shirt over his head, revealing the abs that your tongue had skipped and tripped over just the night before on your way down to suck him.

You were fairly sure shirtlessness wasn’t going to be part of the final routine, but you never knew, with Junhong.

When Junhong began to dance a few beats later, you couldn’t help the way your jaw dropped immediately. Every move he made was so fluid, blending seamlessly into the one before it and introducing the one after perfectly. It was built to look like a freestyle routine, but you knew that he had spent hours perfectly every single step until it looked effortless, the way his dancing always did. It took your breath away every time, and this was no exception.

You were so focused on your thoughts that your attention started to fade a little from the sight of him twisting and turning his body in front of you. That all changed halfway through the song when suddenly, you found yourself with two big hands on either side of your waist, pulling you up and pushing you against the mirrors that lined the wall you’d been leaning against.

Junhong’s eyes blazed into yours. “You’re not watching anymore, jagiya…” he murmured, his voice a low growl that you could barely hear over the music. You didn’t really need to hear the words. The intent was clear. There was no mistaking the way he was bunching the fabric of your dress into his fists, pulling it up your thighs slowly until you felt the cool air slipping against your panties, and you shivered.

“I was…” you started, but you knew he didn’t really care. You knew now why he’d called you here.

Junhong was nuzzling your neck, licking long, slow stripes down it until goosebumps formed in his wake, and when he spoke again, his voice buzzed against your skin in a way that left you dizzy, almost panting for more.

“When I’m onstage, all those people watching me…” Junhong whispered, nibbling on your collarbones, “All I see is you. You, writhing underneath me and begging. You’re all I ever think about.”

You tried to concentrate on what he was saying, because it sounded so damn good, but then Junhong was unbuttoning your shirt and discovering that you hadn’t bothered to put on a bra and it was hard to focus when his lips wrapped around one of your nipples, licking and biting, and you felt him smile when you arched your back, moaning helplessly.

Junhong lifted his head, gripping your hips again and pulling you to him, until your bodies were pressed against each other’s and you could feel that he was hard for you, harder than you thought he could get.

“Every time I do this…” Junhong rumbled into your ear, licking the shell to punctuate his words, just before he rolled his hips and snapped them against yours, eliciting a shameless whimper from your lips, “I imagine I’m doing it to you. I imagine I’m inside you and you’re so fucking wet and you’re mine.”

The song ended, then started over while Junhong gazed into your eyes, a trace of insecurity showing through the facade, just for a moment. “You’re mine, right, jagiya?” he asked, and you couldn’t help reaching a hand up to cup his face in your palm as you looked at him.

“Yours.” was all you said. It was enough.

Junhong’s head fell into the crook of your neck as one of his hands slid into your panties. He entered you with two fingers, not gently, curving them immediately to hit the spot you loved the most and stroking it until you were in danger of falling over, because your knees were shaking.

He saw it. Instinctively, Junhong pressed you against the mirrors with one arm, steadying you, ensuring that you weren’t going anywhere he didn’t want you to. You relaxed, tilting your face up to kiss him as your hand pushed under his sweatpants. It was brazen. Not something you would ever do under normal circumstances. But right then, he was all you wanted, and you didn’t give a fuck what you would normally do.

Junhong moaned when he felt you cup his length, felt you caressing his heavy balls, and he pushed his hips into your hand over and over, fucking himself into your palm mindlessly as he fingered you, bringing you to orgasm a few more times than you had brain cells left to count with just his fingers. You could feel him pulsing in your hand, but you knew he wouldn’t let himself go this soon. You knew he had other ideas.

A few minutes later, when you were absolutely dripping wet and he was leaking pre-cum from his swollen head, those other ideas became very clear.

Junhong had you pushed against the mirror, your face resting against the cool glass, when he fucked into you, hard.

“Watch,” he growled.

You did.

You watched as he dismantled you, slow and steady. You watched as he unraveled behind you, hunger in his eyes and cheeks flushed red.

You screamed his name when he fucked into you so hard you saw stars, and you weren’t sure you stopped saying it after that, whispering it soft when he ran his hands down your spine, and choking it out between gasps when he twisted his hand in your hair and slammed into you over and over, relentless, barely giving you time to breathe. Junhong knew you liked it like this, liked the dizzy, delirious feeling that came with being his plaything, with trusting him to please you until you were shaking and wordless. He never failed to deliver.


The sound shocked you back to reality before the feeling of Junhong’s hand connecting with your ass did. Your mouth dropped open into a small O as your head jerked up to stare at him in the mirror. Junhong was smirking, shaking his hand out even as he kept fucking you at the same maddening pace he’d been going this entire time.

“Fuck. I’m out of practice with that, jagiya,” Junhong said, and his voice was hoarse, laced with lust and arousal, but you didn’t have time to think about that before he spanked you again.

Junhong spanked you until you were yelping, your backside twitching in the air every time his palm thudded against your cheeks, and in between spanks he yanked your hair harder until you were sure you physically couldn’t arch your back any further, that if you tried you would probably break something, but magically, somehow, you found that you could.

You found that you could, because without warning, Junhong leaned over and sank his teeth into your shoulder, still entirely unconcerned with being gentle, and it surprised you so much that you gave him a river of cream in return, gushing over his swollen cock and breathing his name against the mirror and you figured now was as good a time as any to beg for what you wanted.

“Please,” you started, forcing the words out between sharp inhales and ragged exhales. “Please, Junhong, I need your cum, I fucking need it, I can’t, I don’t want anything else in the world I just need you please please fucking please oh my god–”

You were cut off, emphatically, by one final smack of Junhong’s palm against your ass, this one harder than any of the spanks before it, and it completely took your breath away, not that you could have remembered how to breathe at all, because the next thing you knew, Junhong was spilling into you.

He gave you several more thrusts as he came, shooting bursts deep into your pussy with each snap of his hips against yours, until you were sagging against the mirror and he was in no condition to hold you up anymore, so eventually, you both sagged down to the ground together.

Junhong rolled off of you, sprawled out on his back on the wood floor, shirtless and with his pants pushed halfway down his thighs. You were similarly disheveled, your shirt unbuttoned and panties shoved to the side under your skirt. You had no idea where your shoes were. Honestly, you weren’t exactly sure you’d worn them in the first place, but that was ridiculous. You’d have to wait until your brain worked again to figure that out.

For a while, your breaths were so loud that they could be heard over the crash of the music that still pounded around you, that same song, the one you’d liked before today, but you’d never be able to listen to it the same way again. It was burned into your mind now, the image of Junhong pushing you against the mirror and taking you the way he wanted to while lyrics about love and war washed over both of you, hypnotic and spellbinding.

Finally, Junhong managed to literally crawl over to the stereo and pause the music, rolling back over to you when he was done. You didn’t say anything for another minute, but then you chuckled, almost to yourself, and he turned to face you, his eyebrows raised in a silent question.

You giggled more. “So. Uh. You’re not gonna do all that onstage, right?” you asked, amusement in your voice and on your face.

Junhong snorted. “No, I don’t think that would be very…appropriate.” he answered, flipping over onto his stomach next to you. He kissed you quietly, just once, before he went on.

“Besides, you’re the only one who gets any of that. Any of me, besides what I leave on the stage.” Junhong said, brushing your hair out of your face tenderly. You smiled, biting your lip. He always knew exactly what to say.

You gazed up at him, and he kept his eyes on you. You let loose one final chuckle, sitting up slowly.

“You should definitely think about doing it shirtless, though. Wouldn’t be a dry seat in the house.”