i hope this cheers you up a bit dear

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I'm really ill at the moment but seeing your amazing art is cheering me up a bit so thank you :) could you please draw some more nervous Albus about starting Hogwarts? Maybe making friends with a sweet loving blond? Oh and do you have deviantart?

ooooh dear! thank you so much!!! I’m so happy my art makes you feel better!!!!❤❤❤
 Anyway I like your request, so I made this… I hope it’s what you wanted! :) I Really love Scoprius and Albus, I want to do more illustrations on them! <3

And no, sorry, I don’t have deviantart! but you can find me on instagram, Facebook and behance! ;)

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This isn't a very specific prompt because I have flu brain fog but something involving lots of CS cuddles and blankets please :)

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, dear! I hope this cheers you up a little bit! ♥ Here’s CS cuddles and blankets. 

Killian thought one of the nicest thing about living along the ocean was being able to pad down the autumn chilled staircase and find the living room just as serene and peaceful as if it were the shoreline itself. Alone in these wee hours of the morning, he appeased the desire to feel the salty breeze and opened the bay windows that faced the harbor. Fall air seeped into the room, the smell of damp leaves and crisp chill. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t love sleeping beside his wife. In fact, if he could spend eternity in their bed wrapped in warmth, he rather doubted he’d mind. But there were some nights when even her gentle touch on his chest couldn’t chase away the nightmarish demons that bled into his dreams, and there was no point of tossing and turning to fall back asleep if it would wake her. 

But the dreams were over now, and he was okay. He just needed these few moments by the sea, alone with his thoughts. Time passed without gaining his notice, and for what was probably hours, Killian stood by the window. 

His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of arms wrapping around his shoulders, a cheek pressed up against his back. 

“You alright?” Emma asked, her sleepy voice the first sound he’d heard in awhile besides the usual sounds of the sea. As her grip tightened, he noticed it was not just her arms, but a large blanket wrapped around the two of them. It was silky against the corners of his chin, that fleece material that seemed to get softer as you burrow into it. He took hold of the corners with hand and hook, allowing Emma to slide her arms around his middle, palms smoothing over the skin of his chest. 

“Aye, love, I am now.”

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Hey Sevi, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm feeling really shitty right now and your content always cheers me up. I was wondering if you had any dad might or dadzawa stuff that you could post. Sorry if I'm bothering you during finals season. Thanks

So sadly, I didn’t have the time to come up with something entirely new - but luckily, I still had a unfinished mini-story in my files that I only needed to polish up a bit and change a few things.

I hope this helps a bit, dear anon! May things go better for you soon! =D


He’s late.

The thought came unbidden, and Aizawa could feel that single thought turning his disinterested expression into a frowning one.

“Mic,” he tried not to let his annoyance seep through, even though his friend would probably know anyway. “Which one is the next match?”

Mic whirled on his chair, legs stretched, not heading the fact that the moderator’s booth was open to almost every side and every spectator looking up could see him behave like a child.

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♡Its taken a bit of mental preping but you are so nice, I feel like it'd be fine to not hide on anonymous now- so I am revealing myself! I normally go by Bif on Anonymous. (The letters all of wich come from my url. [B]rinky[I]nky[F]ae) I hope everything is going wonderfully for you, and that a dream of yours soon comes true! Oh, and I brought cookies for Shortsen! Have a wonderful Day or night dear!♡

Hello! Aww thanks for introducing yourself Bif. Your messages always cheer me up, I cannot thank you enough for that. And also for giving Shortsen so many nice things, I can’t tire of drawing him :’) Have a wonderful day as well!

Just a bit brighter

Hi dear! May I request a Drabble where Newt and Jacob cheer up a sad no maj? Thanks! (If you’ve already done one lime can, maybe post the link to it in the reply? I need a little cheering up)

I loved writing this, I really hope it helps make you feel a bit better.

Let’s just pretend for the purpose of this imagine, that Jacob wasn’t obliviated and everything is lovely, because that’s what they deserve.
Jacob’s sister has had a rotten week, so Jacob and Newt take it upon themselves to cheer her up.


Originally posted by mybeautylittlethings

You trudged up the street, the once beautiful white snow now sat as dirty grey slush, clinging to the lower steps of the buildings towering above you. It seeped through your shoes and into your socks, the icy wind nipping at your ears and cheeks. Your face set into a frown, you pulled your coat tighter around your shivering from. All you could think of was one of your brothers warm bear hugs, they never failed to comfort you, no matter how horrid you were feeling, he always managed to make you feel a bit brighter.

You made your way to his bakery, a riot of colour in an otherwise dreary grey street. The sign on the door was flipped to read ‘sorry, we’re closed for now’ along with a list of opening times in handwriting that you recognised as Queenie’s. You wrapped your knuckles on the door, you waited for a few moments, hopping from foot to foot trying to keep warm, before a mop of curly auburn hair popped around the door frame that lead to the bake house. The tall gentleman smiled to you as he hurried to the door to let you in from the cold.

You had met newt a handful of times before, you had given him quite the talking to, when the bite marks on your brothers neck was explained to you. He was perfectly nice, but as childish as it sounded, all you wanted in that moment was your brother and his familiar cuddle.

Once inside the warm bakery, Jacob wandered through to the front of the shop, still wearing his flour covered apron. His brows furrowed with concern at your dejected expression, ‘oh sweets, what’s up?’ he asked as he opened his arms wide for you to fall into. He smelt like pastries and cakes, he radiated warmth and he held on to you so tight that you felt like nothing bad could ever penetrate his arms.

You buried your face into Jacob’s shoulder, so you didn’t see when he gestured to newt to go make a pot of tea.

You jumped slightly surprised when the kettle began squealing on the stove, ‘come on, I’ll get you a donut’ Jacob encouraged you to a seat at one of the little round tables. Newt placed a tray with the full tea pot, milk, sugar and three tea cups and spoons on the table and joined you, while Jacob grabbed a selection of your favourite treats.

“now, what’s up?’ Jacob asked as newt busied himself pouring the tea, looking concerned. You were sick of thinking about it, you just wanted a distraction, you wanted you brother and his friends stories and silly antics.

Sensing your reluctance, Jacob began chattering, sitting himself by your side. He told you about a few odd customers, a new idea that he wanted to try out, that sounded unbelievably delicious and a funny story that Queenie had told him the day before. You had begun to relax, to the familiar sound of his voice, the clouds in your mind beginning to lift.

“could you tell me about you two charging about new York looking for Newt’s creatures? I still haven’t heard the full story’ you asked curiosity clear in your voice. They began the anecdote gladly, explaining animatedly, using the tea and sugar pot along with the milk jug as markers and props, even the tea spoons were brought into tale. Newt would occasionally have to describe or explain a particular creature to you. Your mind clearer than it had been in days, along with a smile that you had missed being on your lips.

Jacob was trying, to no avail, to describe the mating dance that Newt had to do to encourage the erumpent back into the case, ‘you should just show her, it’ll definitely help cheer her up’ he suggested to his friend, a wide smile on his cheeks, as he chuckled at the memory. with a reluctant sigh Newt stood, but rather than beginning the dance he went into the back. “where are you going? I need to see this dance’ you called through to him, ‘I’m just getting my coat, it acts as a sort of tail, it’s very important, they like the swish.’ You were giggling before he had even started, his coat did indeed make it more of a spectacle, it rippled as he moved, finally ending the dance by rolling onto the floor, with both you and Jacob in peals of laughter.

The two men seemed pleased with their accomplishment, both taking a celebratory sweet treat. You chatted happily for at least another hour, about a great many things, but it was getting late and you yawned involuntarily. “do you want to spend the night here sweets?’ Jacob asked as he placed his hand over yours on the table, you smiled sleepily and gave him a small nod.

He began guiding you upstairs, not before you thanked Newt for showing you the dance and helping to cheer you up. You got a slightly embarrassed smile along with a “sleep well’ in return.

Jacob put you into his bed, before placing a kiss on your forehead,  with his soothing scent all around you and his warm blankets embracing you, you drifted off to sleep in no time.


Have a great day and be safe

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um hi! idk if your taking requests rn but could you possibly draw tsukkiyama cuddling with a star blanket to cheer me up from a bad week? It's ok if you don't. I love your art!!💖💖

Dear anon, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad week. I hope my doodle would cheer you up a bit.^^

(Also feel free to vent to me, I’ll listen)

Thank you so much for the request :)

I hope this will cheer you up a bit!!

“Hey, honey! I’m home-“ Tom burst through your door with a cheery aura around him, practically radiating energy.

He dropped his heavy backpack at the door and searched around the dim room, the light of the television illuminating the shape of you on the couch beneath a blanket.

“Oh, sorry, did I wake you, dear?” He questioned softly, toeing off his shoes and stepping closer. You shook your head, not really in the mood to talk. Tom sensed this and lightly felt an unoccupied end of the couch you sat on with his hand before sitting down, making sure he wouldn’t sit on one of your legs.

“Hey, is everything okay?” He questioned, a gentle hand coming up to rub at your legs. You shrugged. “Did something happen?” You shook your head slightly. “Alright, do you want to be alone? I don’t want to bother ya too much,” you shook your head again, hand reaching out to brush Tom’s, your fingers resting on the back of his hand, which ceased to move over your legs.

“Are you sick?” He asked again, he didn’t want to pester you, but he would hate for something to be wrong and for him to be oblivious to it. You thought for a moment. “I’m not sure,” you offered weakly, a small smile on your lips in an attempt to make Tom worry less. His expression softened, every muscle in his body relaxing visibly.

“There’s that pretty voice,” he teased. You smiled a bit more genuinely. “Can I get you anything? Here, I’ll get you something to drink, he dashed off of the couch and you heard the sounds of him opening and closing cupboards and the refrigerator. He returned moments later with a cup, handing it to you gently before sitting down beside you again.

“How does sitting here all night sound?” He questioned, eyebrows raised and a smile pulling on his lips. “We can talk all about our days and you can get some rest,” he elaborated and you couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll go get some pajamas and I’ll be right back,” he informed, again leaving and returning, this time wearing a pair of the sweats he knew you loved on him and a cozy sweatshirt.

You moved slightly to allow the two of you to cuddle comfortably in the space the couch allowed. “Maybe I could take off work and we could just sit again then too,” Tom mused lightly, a hand massaging at all of the points in your body that he knew held tension.

You leaned into him, enjoying the attention. “You know I love you right?” He questioned, you nodded without hesitation. “So much,” he added, with a kiss to your hair.

(THANK U SO MUCH TORI FOR THIS LOVELY PIECE!!! i cried a tiny bit when i saw it in my inbox!!! i love this so much!!!)

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Currently I'm going through a depressive phase, so I do look at your Kett and Turian art every fucking day to cheer me up a bit. Love your ME related art, it's fucking amazing and never ceases to impress me. Cheers, Arvynn Arterius

Aww jeez I hope you feel better soon dear, those hard slumps can be a hell and a half to get out of. Stay strong and clear and wishing you all the best from my corner of the world! And thank you as always so much for your kind and supportive words! 💚💚💚

Shinee Scenario - Cheer Up!

Some fluffy mode SHINee boys for my dear anon, I hope this lightens up your day! Enjoy~

SCENARIO: Shinee reaction when they notice that you are sad and they try to comfort you / cheer you up.


ON:  There’s no way I’ll let you stay inside here all day. Let’s go out for a bit and how about we go get some chicken hm?

when you still look kind of sad after his 100th attempt of making a bad pun
JH: LAUGH damn it!!!

KB:  Didn’t I tell you that I will be by your side whenever you might get sad again?

distraction is the best solution
MH:  Now isn’t the time to be sad, because I made plans for only the two of us! Kaja!  *pulls you up*

TM: plays a cheerful song on the piano while he signalizes you to backhug him.

none of the used gif are mine, cr. go to their rightful owners!!!

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the meaning behind the song is super cute too! I think it even suits you because it's cute and a bit sweet just like you! Of course you're very sweet but I mean the song name is a bit sweet and the lyrics are cute and aaaaaaaa /.\ I'm just happy to be able to help cheer you up! - ice cream anon

omgsh you’re adorable aaaaaa ;hugs; you always cheer me up my dear uwu i hope you’re doing well though!! if you ever need anything i’m always here for you <33

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Hello, Can I request a drawing of Bulgaria? You see my friend is upset and I hope they would cheer up a bit with a new picture of Bul! P.S. I love your Robul by the way and whole blog in general.

U wanna go, punk? Or u wanna lead the yoghurt thug life too?

(thank you my dear anon and i hope your friend will feel better~)

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Can I request a comforting headcanon with Ace and/or Law. My mom gave our dog away and I've just been crying and been a generally shitty/easily irritated mood and all she's giving me is tough love. lol

I’m soooooooo sorry to hear this, dear. Your mother shouldn’t have given your dog away. I hope this can cheer you up a bit, Blenmask will try their best!!!!! *puts on cape and mask*


  • oh yeah Ace could totally cheer you up
  • he will notice you feeling down and worry a lot
  • Ace would like take your hands into his and urge you to talk to him
  • He hates seeing you like that and would literally try everything to get you to laugh
  • Is gonna crack up some stupid jokes and smile at you
  • probably tickle and then cuddle with you too


  • he is not good at cheering people up
  • His way of comfort is pretty awkwardly standing beside you and pat your back
  • Yes Law is bad at this, but he’d try really really really hard because he doesn’t like seeing you like this at all
  • Is probably gonna then end up sitting beside you and listen to what you have to say

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I got fired....if you have time could you write me something sweet to make me feel better? Thank you, dear.

i’m so sorry to hear about that! /hugs/ i know you love stoyd so i hope this will cheer you up a bit. lots of love to you and hope things get better soon

It’s winter that has the crowds coming to the ice rink, what with giggling couples holding hands and people wanting to wear their new fluffy sweaters and warm mittens and the winter feel of being cozy.

Boyd loves the summer, though.

First, the rink is always the best temperature compared to the sweltering heat outside. The ice is kept perfectly cool, thanks to the sponsorship of that one Olympic figure skater who went on to college, but still gives plenty of money to the rink.

Boyd likes the quiet. He likes that he can count on about a dozen people to show up for his four hour shift, and that it’s predictable. 

Until one day it isn’t. 

“Ice sweet ice!” 

Boyd looks up from where he’s sitting in the bleachers and his mouth drops open in horror. “Don’t lick the–”

Too late.

Stiles Stilinski is pressed to the ice, tongue sticking out, eagerly licking the cool surface. 

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Of course! <3

Truth be told I’m pretty insecure and a bit chubby, so I can relate to this quite a bit.

I wrote this is a reader-insert style, if that’s alright with you ^^


“_____-chan? Are you done changing?”

Makoto knocked on the door of the changing cubicle lightly, calling out to you. You had been in there for at least 20 minutes, and he was starting to get worried. His ears strained to hear your quiet response.

“Uh, yeah… Makoto-kun I’m not feeling too good. M-maybe we could go swimming another day?”

You were staring at your reflection in the mirror, mortified. The only swimsuit you could find was a two piece bikini, revealing your curves and your stomach. You could hear Makoto’s worried voice through the door.

“Are you sure? You were feeling fine just half an hour ago?”

“Y-yeah I’m sure”

You began to snivel a little bit, feeling disgusted with yourself. You sunk to the floor, holding your mouth in an attempt to muffle your sobs

“Are you okay? _____-chan, I’m coming in.”

“No, Mako-”

You tried to cover yourself as he gently pried the door open, his emerald eyes widening in concern as he saw you on the ground, tears running down your cheeks. I didn’t help that he looked amazing in his swim trunks, his tan, toned torso exposed and it only make you feel even more terrible. How could he even like someone who looked like you? You felt a gentle hand on your shoulder and you flinched.

“______-chan, what’s going on?”

Makoto’s voice rang softly in your ears.

“D-don’t look at me”

You shuffled towards the corner, curling up to hide more of your figure from your boyfriend’s eyes. He frowned, sticking out a hand to stop you from moving any farther. You turned to stare at him with big, teary eyes.

“I’m so ugly.”

Makoto’s eyes flew open even further. 


He moved to sit in front of you, gently lifting you chin with one hand. The other hand encompassed yours. He smiled sadly, resting his forehead against yours.

“Do you really think that way about yourself?”

His hand moved to caress your cheek.

“I think you are beautiful. You are perfect to me in every single way. I don’t care about your weight _____-chan. You are so much more than that.”

He laughed softly.

“You… you’re my everything.”

He went to stand up, picking you up and carrying you with him. 

“C’mon. Let’s go.”

He pressed a loving kiss to her cheek and carried her out.


“Okay Rin, I’m ready to go!”

You quickly walked out of the bathroom to greet your waiting boyfriend. He was seated on the side of your couch, and he raised his head to look at you when you entered. His eyes flew open wide when he saw your overly-madeup face. 

Bold, obvious contour lines tried to mould your chubby cheeks into a slimmer shape, and the cute dimples you got when you smiled had been completely lost in the concealer you wore. Even your eyes were overdone. Long, fake lashes jutted out over your big eyes, trying to distract from the rest of your body.

You hugged your waist tightly, and Rin noticed how you were wearing baggy clothing to cover up your curves. 


You had seen him looking, and you were wondering what was wrong. Rin growled quietly to himself, standing up abruptly. He caught you by the wrist and dragged you back into your room where he sat you down, disappearing into your bathroom. He emerged a second later with a washcloth, sitting down next you you. 

“Rin what-”

He silenced you with a sharp look, and began to wipe the make up from your face. You yelped in embarrassment and protest, but he ignored you, grasping your wrists so you couldn’t interrupt him. With every wipe of the cloth, you felt worse and worse. Tears started to well up in the corners of your eyes, and you sniffled.

“Oi! Stop that”, Rin muttered, brushing his thumb on your cheek as he stared at you, gently pulling off the fake eyelashes. 

Once he was satisfied, he chucked the now dirty washcloth back into the bathroom, giving you a stern stare. You tried to say something but Rin shushed you, pressing a chat kiss to your forehead.

“I don’t care what you look like baka”, he muttered.

“You’re stupid if you think I give two shits about your appearance. You aren’t chubby, you hear me? And even if you were, it wouldn’t stop me from loving you anyways.”

He brought you closer to him, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“I love you.”


Sousuke smirked as you kissed him softly, returning the affection with much more passion. His arms snaked around your waist, holding you close as he took your lips. You in turn threw your arms around his neck, happily succumbing to the wonderful feeling. However, you started feeling nervous as Sousuke’s hands began to wander. They slowly unwound from your hips and his large hands smoothed up your shirt and over your stomach. You squealed, pushing him away. You hid your face in your hands, cheeks burning in horrified embarrassment. 

Sousuke grunted in annoyance. And things were getting good too. He looked over at you, noticing the state you were in. He rolled his eyes, towering over you and scooping you up into his arms.

“Sousuke!” you yelped, but he ignored you. 

He sat down with you in his lap, fixing you with a serious stare. 


You looked up at him with wide eyes.

“What the hell was that?”

You tried to shy away but he tightened his grip with a low growl.

“Sousuke”, you whimpered pathetically.

He placed his hand on your stomach again, watching as you squirmed uncomfortably under his touch.

“Sousuke not there. It’s gross”, you whined, trying in vain to push his hand away from your less-that-flat middle.

He flicked you on the forehead.

“It’s not gross. _____, do you really think I care? I really couldn’t be less concerned about your body type. Besides, you don’t even have anything to worry about. I love you, and that’s all that matters. You’re stupid if you don’t believe that you’re gorgeous.”

He finished with an irritated huff, resting his chin on your head.

“I love you, so stop being so damn self conscious alright?”

Little side note for the dear that requested this <3

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mythcraze776 submitted to hasanasofficeatfreddys:

For dear Hasana, hoping to make you feel better!

I hope you enjoy this piece I did for you! I really had fun drawing these guys thanks to the inspiration by your amazing human AU designs!!  (GOD I WANT TO HUG THEM ALL!)

You keep being an awesome and incredible person! (Gives big squishy hug) ^^

Short story behind this, my brother (who likes pokemon) has been going through a bit of a rough patch so I wanted to make him a pokemon themed pic to cheer him up….aaanndd somehow in the processes this idea popped up. I HAVE NO REGRETS!

To those who want to know who is what, I made a list for you: Freddy-teddiursa, Alfred- Pancham, Chica-torchic, Bonnie-bunnelby, Foxy-fennekin, Foxanne-sylveon, Bonbon-buneary, Chic-Fletchling

 (btw: I posted this on my DA page, complete credit to you of coarse.) 









THank you so much this is amazING I LOVE IT ;w; <3333 !


first proper drawing with my new tablet!!!! god it feels so good to have pen pressure back after like a year haha :“)

anywaysss this is for the lovely gooberjam who is a huge sweetie!!! they requested dave and john holding hands in school happily flauntin their love B) tbh its p vague and you cant really tell theyre in school but just. use your imagination. i know u can do it.

(im so sorry,, im just too lazy to draw proper backgrounds @__@)

i also drew it for myself though, to cheer myself up. im going through a bit of a hard time right now and this really helped me feel a bit better. its not the best and i ask you to not look at it too hard, because as per the norm with my drawings, theres like a bajilion mistakes, but i hope you guys, and especially dear gooberjam (i dont bELIEVE I KNOW YOUR NAME WHICH IS, TBH, REALLY BAD AND IM SO SORRY) like it anyways!!!! ^u^

My Soldier

It was a nice idea, all the schools were doing them and the charity had trickled up to the university levels.  Aria had seen the flyer in one of her classes and thought it might be fun, give a soldier a bit of cheer.  Smiling happily she put the last stamp on her letter and kissed the back of it before slipping it in the mailbox. 

Dear Soldier,

  I hope you are doing well and this letter brings a smile.  And if that doesn’t work there’s a picture of a bunch of kittens in an egg carton sleeping.  Seriously just look at it and try not to smile.  I know this letter may come off as random, but it is my hope that it gives you some hope, and a reminder of why you’ve gone to protect our country.

  Your Friend,


Fic: A Learned Man of Letters

I turned 34 today and, while that is a long way past the time where birthdays are exciting, I didn’t want my Thommy friends to be sad on my birthday! So hopefully this cheers you up a bit. Based on someone (flippy’s?) prompt about Jimmy’s letters to Thomas. Although I should warn you it gets worse before it gets better.

A Learned Man of Letters (almost certainly AU). Spoilers for season 5, episode 1 and THAT scene of episode 2.

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