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Romanized Korean in Kpop Fanfics

I get it. Sometimes when you’re writing a Kpop fanfic, you want to make the experience as authentic for the reader as possible. And what better way to do that than to throw the occasional Korean in here and there?

Romanized Korean is great; there are certain colloquial things in Korean that you just can’t translate into English. So yes, all the power to you writers out there using romanized Korean - kudos to you for trying to incorporate another language into your writing in a way that makes your story flow more naturally in a certain cultural setting. But are you doing it correctly?

I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I find a well-written fic and am enjoying it… when the author drops some misused romanized Korean smack in the middle. For those of you scrunching their noses at this post and thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a fic. Just ignore it.” I’d like to point out that yes it is slightly insulting when someone misuses your language, acts like it’s not a big deal, and continues to misuse your language even if they may or may not know that they are misusing it.

So to spread awareness on using proper romanized Korean, I am uploading this post to share several common mistakes that fanfic writers tend to make.

Hope you find this helpful!


- “Jongin-yah”x “Hwasa-ah”×
- Can you tell me why these are wrong?
- If these sound right to you, you are probably not using these suffixes correctly.
- RULE: -ah is used with names that end in a consonant sound while -yah is used with names that end in a vowel sound.
- RULE: you should only use -ah/-yah when directly addressing someone.
- “Jungkook-ah, we really need to hang out sometime!“
- “Hani-yah, let’s go study at the library later today.” 
- NEVER use these suffixes in the object form/to refer to someone.
- “Did our Sungmin-ah sleep well last night?”x 
- "I was with Sunny-yah at the club yesterday.“x


- Personally, I dislike seeing ‘jagi’ in fanfics because it does translate into ‘Honey’ or ‘Sweetheart’ and other similar terms of endearment. But if you must use it for whatever reason, make sure you’re using it correctly!
- “Our jagi-yah looks so cute today!”x
- “Is our jagi-yah sick?”x
- This is such a common mistake.
- As in the previous lesson, ‘jagi’ ends with a vowel sound, therefore the appropriate ending is? Yup. -Yah.
- So why is the above example wrong?
- As in the previous lesson, you should ONLY use -yah after ‘jagi’ when you are directly addressing someone and not commenting on their appearance/condition/etc.
- “Jagi-yah, let’s go eat something yummy today~”
- “I bought a pretty necklace for our jagi.”


- “I went on a date with Suhoie-ah yesterday.”x
- That actually killed me to type.
- RULE: Unlike -ah/-yah, you can use -ie in the object form/to refer to someone and to comment on someone’s appearance/condition/etc.
- RULE: Only use -ie if the name ends with a consonant sound.
- “Have I ever introduced you to Sebomie?”
- “Jiminie performed so well on stage today.”
- “Did you get Youngjaeie’s number?”x
- NEVER use -ie and -ah/-yah together
- “Kim Soohyunie-yah is my kdrama crush!”x
- Just. No.
- NEVER use the suffixes -ah/-yah outside of Kpop fanfics.  -ie is okay.
- For example, when commenting on a music video:
- “Sehunie is so good looking” is perfectly fine.
- “Kihyun-ah sings so well!” is not since you’re commenting on a quality of his and not directly addressing him.


- “Annyeong! Jeoneun Irene ibnida!”x
- Lit. Translated: “Hello! I am Irene!”
- Bottom line is, if you can translate directly into English, I implore you to stay away from romanized Korean.
- You might as well just type your whole story in Korean if you’re going to use romanized Korean so heavily.
- “Umma, how have you been?“x
- Lit. Translated: “Mom, how have you been?”
- ahem
- Sorry.  It needed to be said.
- Honestly speaking, using romanized Korean in your fics isn’t completely necessary.  If your story setting is in Korea and the majority of your characters are Korean, then it’s assumed that they are speaking Korean even though you’re writing in English.  You don’t see professional Dramafever subtitles using -ah/-yah or oppa in their subs do you?

Anywaaaaaays happy fanfic writing and I hope this wasn’t too confusing :)

Note: I am Korean

PSA about PMDD

I just had to post this. I had to get the word out about something that needs to be more widely known and understood.

First of all,

PMS is not a joke. It is horrible and shitty to have to go through.

Second of all,

PMDD is different and is also not a joke.

Now let me explain for those who don’t know. PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Let’s look at those words more closely. 

Premenstrual: Roughly speaking the two-week period leading up to a woman’s menstruation every month.

Dysphoric: Dysphoria is described as being “a profound state of unease or dissatisfaction. In a psychiatric context, dysphoria may accompany depression, anxiety, or agitation.” And can often indicate an increased risk for suicide.

Disorder:  many clinicians will describe psychiatric disorders as deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors

NOW, lets break down disorder into those 3 parts

        Deviant: thoughts or behaviors that are different from most of the rest of a given cultural context

        Distress: a subjective feeling that something is really very wrong

        Dysfunction: when a person’s ability to work, and live is clearly and often measurably impaired.

These 3 things are what the field of psychology would like to call the criteria for diagnosing someone with a mental or behavioral illness. That last one in particular. Now that was a lot of info so how about I make this all a little bit more visual…

So now that you understand what PMDD means and that it is a real diagnosable illness, lets take a look at what it means to live with it.

PMDD was added to the DSM in its most recent addition in 2013, the DSM5 lists the following 11 symptoms as characteristic of PMDD

·      Marked lability (e.g., mood swings)

·      Marked irritability or anger

·      Markedly depressed mood

·      Marked anxiety and tension

·      Decreased interest in usual activities

·      Difficulty in concentration

·      Lethargy and marked lack of energy

·      Marked change in appetite (e.g., overeating or specific food cravings)

·      Hypersomnia or insomnia

·      Feeling overwhelmed or out of control

·       Physical symptoms (e.g., breast tenderness or swelling, joint or muscle pain, a sensation of ‘bloating’ and weight gain)

Speaking as someone who has been diagnosed with this by an actual doctor, I can say that PMDD is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, when I am not in the premenstrual period I am constantly thinking about how far away from it I am. I plan things around it because I can, because it comes every month like clockwork. All I can do is try and enjoy my self for the two weeks every month when I am not in absolute hell. And when it comes, everything is a struggle. I have to force myself to go to class, force myself to talk to people, force myself to shower, brush my teeth and do anything other than pull myself out of crying fits and into numbness, out of anxiety attacks and into the temptation to self harm. 

After it is all over I try and move on and recover and live my life to the fullest until it comes back but that is all I can hope for. A half life.

So let me reiterate, PMDD is not ajoke. If those symptoms or my testament hit a little too close to home, please share your concerns with a doctor and get a formal diagnosis and treatment. And for everyone else, all I ask is that you spread awareness and try to think twice the next time you think about accusing a girl of PMSing because ever since 2013 this has been a bona fide mental illness. We as a society can not claim that we are working towards reducing the stigma on mental illnesses if we are only doing so for a select few on a list of many.

Please reblog and spread awareness.

My Traumatic Hospital Experience

It’s taken me a while to write about this. 

However, I feel it’s necessary as a person with a disability to share this story in hopes of spreading awareness about the challenges anybody can face when headed to the emergency room.

I suffer from seizures. These started as absence seizures, but over time I began to have convulsive seizures that occurred while I was conscious. The problem here is that doctors expect to see a “certain kind” of seizure, and when your seizures don’t meet these expectations…

Well. They don’t necessarily believe you when you tell them you’re having seizures. So they look to other explanations first.

They tell you you’re having anxiety if your hands are shaking and convulsing. Even if you tell them you’re not anxious at all.

They run drug tests on you without your consent, or without telling you that they’re running drug tests. 

They jump to every possible conclusion OTHER than “this may be a seizure” - even if I have a strong, verifiable history of seizures which I have told them about and which has been confirmed via EEG.

Here’s the thing. There are many, many types of seizures other than the typical “grand mal’ seizure that most people think about. Sometimes you fall down. Sometimes you’re conscious. Sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you do strange things. Sometimes you’re very confused. Sometimes you lose time. Sometimes you experience strange smells.

In MY case, I was having a series of episodes that began with convulsions while I was conscious, and that over time moved to me being frozen in place, also while conscious. 

While “frozen in place” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t do anything.

When the paramedics found me after I called because I knew an episode was coming on, I had fallen to the ground in front of my house because I couldn’t stand any longer. I remember listening to the 911 operator calling for me and me being unable to respond. I remember waiting, and waiting, until I finally heard the ambulance coming for me.

I came out of the episode long enough to tell them I was having seizures. Then I went right back into seizure. 

The paramedics got me onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. Then they began asking me questions. Of course I couldn’t respond. They asked me again and again. I couldn’t respond.

Then the paramedic threatened physical force - pushing on my chest - if I didn’t respond. 

Fortunately I came out of seizure long enough to finally speak back. Then I got to the hospital

Then I got to my room, where I encountered my nurse. Again, my nurse began asking me questions. I began seizing. 

I couldn’t respond.

She questioned me further.

I couldn’t respond. 

“Megan, you have to cooperate,” she told me angrily. 

I couldn’t respond. 

“You have to cooperate!” she told me. This continued as I lay there in my bed, frozen in place, unable to respond, unable to move, unable to do anything as my nurse shouted at me that I needed to cooperate. 

She continued to berate me and tell me to cooperate even after I told her that I was trying - that it was the seizures preventing me from “cooperating.”

Even though I had told the paramedics that I was coming into the hospital for seizures. Even though the nurse should have known that I was coming into the hospital for seizures.

There is an endemic problem in the way that people with invisible disabilities are treated in emergency rooms and doctors offices and in the medical community in general. 

I was traumatized by this experience to the point that I am scared to ever call emergency services or ever go to the hospital for my seizures ever again. I needed to share this to let you people know that this is not okay. 

If any of you ever plan to go into nursing, to become doctors, or simply want anything to do with medicine, do not ignore anybody when they communicate with you - when they say what is happening with their bodies. 


hello pals!! I created a network to spread positivity, self-care, and give advice!! I always wanted to start a community of bloggers that could help work for the better so here is that opportunity. So I am proud to announce cafegogh but it will be reference it as cafegogh’s network!!! The owner is @stargogh and message questions!!


  • this blog is made to spread positivity, self-care, and give advice
  • I will pick 3-6 admins including me and 2-8 casuals
  • I will choose from now to March 10th, winners announced in comments (look there for updates) and will be messaged
  • cafegogh is a secondary blog!! everything takes place there
  • Please note you can get any position!! Admins are my most trusted n mostly mutuals will get it but don’t let that stop you!!


  • admin: running the blog, giving advice, coding the webpage, and help managing (I will update you as an admin when I feel like you are a good fit)
  • casual: a blogger who makes posts and promotes (does not give advice however)



  • to follow everyone
  • to be active
  • post/reblog content
  • follow the hashtag #cafegogh

*this is for my followers n mutuals only*

sOOO I am really excited for this and I hope you all join!!! If you don’t want to join can you still reblog to spread awareness? Thank you and as always if it flops, it never happened! So thank you again, applicants and people who reblog this and good luck xx

I Want It That Way

Marty Scurll/Reader
940 words; Smut/Explicit

This is vaguely based on Marty’s instagram stories from a few days ago, where he was indeed doing some fairly obscene things with his tongue and also singing along to the song from the title.


The bar is noisy around you, the music blaring, and you’re just drunk enough to be feeling it, nice and loose, but Marty, of course, has to get his fucking phone out. “No pictures,” you say, covering your face, shifting aside so you’re out of view.

“No pictures?” he says, laughing. “I’m not the paparazzi, it’s fine.”

“Good,” you reply, because though Marty seems happy to live his life reasonably publicly, as his girlfriend, you’re still not sure if that’s for you. But you watch him as he films himself, banging his head in time with the beat, curly hair flying. You roll your eyes as he flicks his tongue lasciviously, and he laughs, stopping the video.

“You don’t like that?” he asks, his arm around you, pulling you in close, tongue snaking wet over your ear, making you shiver.

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Supporting people is what I do, I want nothing more than to help.
If I can make a positive impact on someone’s life (no matter how small) I’m happy for them and pleased with myself - it’s a two way thing. 

I decided to go into mental health as a career after experiencing my own MH issues and being grateful to those who helped and supported me through that difficult time. When I became well enough and was on the road to recovery I did a counselling course at night school, which is where it all began. I applied the skills I learnt on that course to situations in my personal life; being there for family and friends, even just to talk things through. I believe it made me a better listener, which a lot of the time is all someone needs - to be heard. I noticed my self esteem improve and linked it to feeling like I had more of a purpose and could make a difference/help people. I felt that I could show those going through tough times that recovery and learning to live with your mental health IS possible - because I know all too well how at the worst points it can seem like things will never get better. I want to inspire hope in individuals who are struggling!

So I started this mental health recovery and support blog, which I run in my free time, and got a job as a support worker (specifically for people with mental health issues) at a non for profit organisation.
I’m here to help!

In an ideal world I would have written this post yesterday, but I’m afraid my schedule just didn’t allow it.

I’ve continued to receive a lot of asks about the drama from the other day, so I’ve complied a bit of a FAQ under the cut.

The blogger you were attacking never said any of what you’re claiming she said!

Hello friends, I would invite you to improve your reading comprehension, because I literally never made ANY claim about any blog saying anything at all.

I responded to an anon I got, asking my opinion about a terrible TERRIBLE idea and went on a rant about it. I said phrase that went on to cause a tremendous shitstorm (though frankly I still don’t know why), “don’t be a cunt”.  I made a few other posts, because I was ANGRY at the fucking entitlement and stupidity of an idea like that, and answered another ask, making it clear I was talking about the anons doing the rounds, and that I had no idea which blog was supposedly saying what. Then I went and had a highly ineffective rage-shower.

During my rage-shower, I was inundated with messages claiming that a particular blog, the one you’re referring to, was the source of the boycott, and was encouraging other people not to buy Harry’s album. I went to her blog and found absolutely nothing of the sort. What I saw was her answering a series of anons saying about people saying they weren’t going to buy the album, and her answering that people should do what they’re comfortable with.

What I ALSO saw was saw her flipping her shit at me in response to my posts, about my anger, my choice of word, and the way I was apparently telling people how to spend their money, and ~enforcing consumerism~. What I don’t particularly understand is why, knowing that she wasn’t encouraging a boycott, she thought my posts about people who were planning a boycott were about her, when obviously they weren’t. She was particularly upset that I was apparently personally calling her a cunt. Which again, I wasn’t. I was raging at a terrible idea, not at an individual, and anyone who actually read my blog as this was happening would have seen that.

I continued to get anons saying that I was targetting her, and telling me to apologise, because she hadn’t said what I said they were saying - I even replied to another ask saying again that it wasn’t about her, and that I had been responding to the barrage of anons that I was seeing across multiple blogs, but that having seen her response to me, now I was pretty annoyed at her.

My inbox continued to explode, it was 3:30am, I went to bed. Things continued to get messy.

It’s a real pity she now has me blocked, because I went to write her a chat message yesterday clarifying that that I absolutely was not calling her a cunt in those posts, and to say that I could see that she was dealing with as many idiots with failing reading comprehension as I was, and to apologise that some arseholes had been taking on themselves to send her anon hate on my behalf. It’s a shame I can’t do that now, especially because we used to be mutuals. 

There wasn’t even a boycott planned, it was just anons running from blog to blog, causing chaos. You overreacted to something that doesn’t exist!

Firstly a reminder that I was very clear that I was specifically replying about the anons that were going around. Secondly, we’ve all seen the way that ideas, both good and bad, spread very VERY quickly through this fandom. In a very sad way, it doesn’t actually matter what the original message was, or was intended to be, because it’s the way it’s interpreted and the way that interpretation echoes through the fandom that really makes an impact. 

No, it wasn’t a formal boycott with an official blog and a twitter hashtag… because it was still only a new idea. If left unaddressed, I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t have taken long for the “Support Louis and End Babygate by Boycotting Harry Styles’ Album" bullshit to snowball into actual fandom chaos. (Granted, I didn’t think opposing it would have caused the fucking meltdown that followed, but still.)

I think it’s important to take a loud stance against an outrageously terrible formative idea, the second it rears its ugly head, because prevention is better than cure, and I’m going to keep doing that. If you don’t like that about me, or have a completely different view of what is or isn’t a bad idea that deserves shouting down, then you’re more than welcome to unfollow, I’m not holding anyone here against their will. 

You shouldn’t have used a misogynistic slur!

Some of you are spectacularly upset by my use of the word “cunt.”  To you, I say “whatever man, it’s just a word.” It’s a swear word NOT a slur. It’s a fucking BODY PART, it can’t be a slur. I have one, some of you have one, whatever. I could have used literally any other swear word and it would have had the same meaning and purpose. I might have said “fucking idiot”, or “ridiculous twat”, or “tremendous dickhead”, or “unstoppable moron”, or “sad waste of carbon”, or literally any other word or phrase designed to make the point of “terrible idea is terrible and anyone who encourages this terrible idea is also terrible.”

If you’re fixated on the word “cunt” more than you are upset at the idea that some people (and again, by that I mean some anons) were trying to peddle around the idea that we should punish Harry for a situation that he’s already suffering through, then quite frankly, you’re just cherry-picking shit to be offended about and WILDLY missing the point, and I don’t have any wish to associate with you.

You can’t tell people what do to with their money!

You’re right. You’re welcome to do whatever you want with your own money, I can’t spend it for you. But here’s the thing:

If you weren’t ever planning on buying Harry’s album because his music isn’t to your taste, or he’s never been one of your favourites, that’s completely fine. You do you, I probs won’t buy Niall or Liam’s albums and I definitely didn’t buy Zayn’s. You are not obligated to support all of the members of One Direction equally, that’s not what being a fan is about.

If you weren’t planning on buying Harry’s album because you’ve been disengaged with the fandom and it doesn’t bring you any joy any more, that’s completely fine. You don’t have to stay at the party if you’re not having fun, and no one is asking you to.

If you weren’t planning on buying Harry’s album because your financial situation doesn’t allow it, that’s completely fine. Obviously real world stuff like food and rent are more important that paying for music that you can’t afford right now, and if you want to support the album, there are still ways you can be involved that don’t cost money, like streaming, tweeting radio stations, and spreading awareness on your blog.

If you weren’t planning on buying Harry’s album because you want to boycott Sony because of the historically shit things that they’ve done then that’s fine… as long as you’re legitimately boycotting EVERY SINGLE Sony artist (and there are a lot of them), and not just Harry. I also hope you then start doing your research, because all music labels have been and will continue to be, terrible to their artists in favour of profit margins. There’s no such thing as a Fairtrade music record label, so if this is your stance, then I hope you’re prepared to almost exclusively listen to unsigned artists for the duration of your niche stubborness.

If you like Harry and his music, but you’re not going to buy his album in order to somehow ~force~ the people running babygate to end it, then I’m sorry, but you’re a fucking idiot. Harry is more affected by babygate than you, as a fan and an outsider, ever will be. Louis is his partner of nearly 7 years, and they go through everything together. Babygate might have targetted Louis, but because they are support system, they’re BOTH suffering through it.

To shun Harry’s creative imput, the album he’s said he’s worked really hard on, that he’s immensely proud of, that he feels represents himself and the things he’s never said before, because babygate hasn’t ended yet is to punish Harry for the specifics of his and his partner’s forcible closeting. Boycotting Harry to end babygate is like fucking to support abstinence and if this is your plan then you’re an dipshit. Don’t be a fucking dipshit.

You’re right, I sent that blogger an ask telling them they’re being a cunt.

Don’t. Fucking. Do that.

Aside from the topics covered in “The blogger you were attacking never said any of what you’re claiming she said!”, never EVER send bullying messages to someone on my behalf. NEVER use my words to attack someone and actually read what someone has actually said before you accuse them of a thing.

If you don’t like what someone is saying on their blog, unfollow. If you don’t follow someone, then why are you bothered by what they’re saying?  Don’t @ people, and don’t send poisonous anon messages to people. Literally what the fuck is wrong with you?

You’re not a nice person

Things I claim to be: outspoken, passionate, sometimes generous, loud, intelligent, obnoxious, witty (but significantly too pleased with myself about it), unbearable

Things I have never once in my life claimed to be: nice

You’re a cunt

You’re welcome to dislike me, but again, you’re not going to offend me by your use of that word, because it’s just a word. I mean, I’m still going to block you, for being the sort of person who sends anon hate, but please be aware that you don’t have the capacity to hurt my feelings.

okay, so my heart has quite literally broken, and I know that sounds dramatic, but fuck. it’s been no secret that robin has got some awful comments in the past, and not even just about gotham/nygmobblepot but just aimed at the fact that he’s a gay man (married to another man) and it seems, from what he’s said here, that he receives hate of various kinds and it’s awful. thankfully he has the option to turn off comments on instagram because it means he can still continue to enjoy the platform and continue spreading love and positivity, and bringing awareness to important issues.

I will never, ever understand the kind of hate levelled at robin (or anyone else). they don’t deserve it in any capacity. robin has been nothing but nice and kind, and it’s crazy to me to think that people genuinely send him hate of any kind. 

we need to remember as well that robin doesn’t have the luxury of turning off twitter (yes he can block people, but that’s a one to one thing with no mass result) and I hope this shit stops, and most definitely doesn’t get worse on there. I don’t even know if robin bothers reading through tweets he’s been @ in anymore, perhaps it’s too much. I just don’t know.

either way he’s handled this really maturely, but also he’s clearly angry or upset even if he doesn’t say so (and he’s absolutely right to feel that way) and it breaks my heart because robin is nothing but inspiring and a wonderful person to look up to.

and if you’re someone who has ever sent robin any kind of hate, I don’t care how you justify it, quite frankly, fuck you.

edit/update: something which I wish I put before is that robin’s instagram post was made because of his political posts, however, the fact that he’s now also getting hate for those prompted me to make this post about him getting hate in general and how it’s wrong for him to get the kind of hate he does, at the level he does.

this post isn’t about one specific source of hate, but just the unnecessary hate/negativity being sent his way in general.

You're Gonna Want to Start Doing Demi Lovato's Morning Routine STAT

Demi Lovato is a beast, and I mean that in the most envious way possible.

The singer spoke with The Cut about her typical morning routine, and I got winded just reading it. Behold the power:

I normally wake up around 8 a.m. I have a cup of coffee, and then I go to the gym. I like to do two workouts. The first one will be boxing for an hour or maybe kickboxing or jiu jitsu, and then I’ll strengthen and condition by lifting weights for an hour. I just started boxing like a year ago, and I feel stronger and a bit leaner. Because I work out first thing in the morning, I’ll have a post-workout meal, and that is a bowl of berries, some nuts, bananas, and kefir.

I am both inspired, and terrified. I think I’ll sit here with my donut, for now, but I might go on a walk later. Progress! Thank you, Demi!

In addition to sharing her intense morning routine, Demi is bravely speaking out about the importance of mental health, and her struggles with it. Six years ago she found out she is bipolar, and she’s on a mission to let others living with it know that they’re not alone.

Mental health is something that people don’t talk about. I think there is a lot of stigma around it because of the unknown. People don’t know about it, so they are afraid to talk about it. Something that I’m hoping to change by making this documentary is creating conversation and hopefully spreading the awareness of mental health, and that it is just as important as physical health.

To that end, Demi is the Executive Producer of Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health — a documentary you can watch for free online, and I highly recommend it.

Watch it, and then do 10 jumping jacks, and then take a nap. You deserve it! (Hey, becoming Demi didn’t happen in a day, so let’s be easy on ourselves!)

Source: Cosmopolitan.

- ̗̀cafegogh ̖́-

Hello!! This is a community of bloggers that hope to spread positivity, self-care, and as many of the followers ask for advice, here is a blog dedicated to people’s wellbeing!! This was created by @stargogh and I am very happy to announce cafegogh !!

What we hope to do:

  • give advice
  • make posts to share our experiences, and how we learned from them
  • reblog posts that support what we believe in
  • tips for you!!
  • n more to come:)

How you can help:

((Any questions?? send them to @stargogh )) Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you can join us in our journey:)

gabyrippling  asked:

I do hope you're aware that Mesperyian is not a real goddess from greco-roman myth. I also hope you haven't been bombarded with too many persnickety classicists and enthusiasts. We can take jokes! We just don't like the spread of misinformation as though it were authentic.

I do know, I assumed other people knew, I thought it was funny mostly for the comment about Persephone, and I didn’t feel like digging back twelve layers to find a clean version of the post.  (I knew because Persephone was the focus of my thesis, so I’m pretty up on the myths.)

Amusingly, yeah, I have been bombarded at this point.  My folklore degree and I are retreating to a corner to glower and eat chips until people stop telling me about it.

anonymous asked:

'...but there’s nothing wrong with having a lower libido or not feeling sexual attraction' - saw your answer on one of the asks and it just hit me: then why do people think it's not normal? I mean...why can't they understand that everyone is different - one can feel sexual attraction and the other can not. I don't see anything wrong with this too but the society thinks we're aliens, we're broken and so on. Even my parents keep saying that if I won't give a guy what he wants, he'll leave me

People are not, I think, actually very good at understanding and accepting people’s differences. That’s a skill that has to be consciously nurtured and trained up for most people, and one which we must make a conscious effort to practice all the time without getting complacent. There’s also the fact that, from what I’ve been told by people who experience, sexual attraction and desire tend to be things that people feel very strongly and very inuitively–it’s not something they tend to interrogate or examine in themselves, it just feels like a natural expression, a way of being that’s taken for granted, which I think makes it very difficult to understand when other people don’t have that experience. If you never try to understand why you are a certain way you have no context for imagining how other people might not be that way, if that makes sense.

That makes it very difficult for those of us that are misunderstood. I hope that by continuing to spread awareness, information, urges for compassion, and support within the community we can make steps toward changing it.


minty-bee  asked:

Thank you, SO MUCH, for this blog. It helps me in so many ways I can't even explain. I wish I had your blog to read when I was younger there's so many things that I would have loved to hear. But having it now still makes a big difference in not feeling bad about my weight, so just,thank you so much! I'm literally in tears over reading your posts, hearing that I'm not broken and I shouldn't be ashamed of my size is an amazing feeling that I don't get as often as I feel like I should,so thank you!

Originally posted by xeptum

I’m sure we could all agree that we wish we knew more when we were younger what we know now, and that we could have had more validation and reassurance. But we hope to continue to bring and spread awareness while busting fatphobia myths and stigmas so that fat people can have more visibility, positivity, and support/help in the now.

Thank YOU for existing!

-Mod Ade

amymontico  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

1. Monetary things do not mean much to me! I like to give things away when I have the feeling that they make someone else happie.

2. I have a relaxed attitude to death and can therefore see the beauty in him! I hope I can keep this attitude until my time has come.

3. I always try to remain neutral and only interfere in the life and affairs of others, when I have the feeling they lose themselves, or if they ask me to.

4. I am aware of my weaknesses!

5.I quickly recognize people who are not good for me and others in my environment.

this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


babybunnprincess  asked:

hi! i used to be babyprincessinc. my tumblr was deactivared by a fake daddy dom that goes by the name of the-loneliest-number. do you think you could help me spread awarness of this guy? i lost contact of all my little and dom friends :'C and now im pretty lost

That’s so horrible 😩😩 I hope you manage to find all your little friends again, you can always message me 😊x

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i just saw a vine of a parrot owner playing letting their parrot pick at the insides of their mouth and teeth.. i know that human saliva is dangerous to birds but i don't know how to tell them and i don't want to be impolite ( they're not native english speakers, they're japanese ) what do i do?

Birds everywhere appreciate your concern. Not much you can do, just hope that they’ll eventually learn from someone they know as awareness spreads. But any loving owner should never be offended by well-meaning advice. As tempting as it may be, people should avoid kissing birds, especially on or near their beaks for this very reason. Birds are much more sensitive than the average pet and precautions should always be taken. 🐦

Hello everyone! As more and more content is getting posted, a lot of it isn’t showing up in the designated tags. It’s sad to admit but the tags aren’t working all too well due to Tumblr’s filtering system; I can’t find half of the posts I’ve seen on my dashboard despite any combination of tags that I search on mobile

For this reason, if your post hasn’t been reblogged in a couple of hours after posting, it may have been lost in the interwebs. We can combat this issue by sending your post to this blog in a pm, mentioning this blog in the captions, or by ensuring that your first five tags include either “soma week 2017” or “soulxmaka week 2017”

Reblogs of this post to spread awareness is very appreciated, we hope to see more contributions to soma week!

rachaellikespink  asked:

I feel like one of the problems with the way pop culture portrays OCD is that obsessions and compulsions are all treated like they're these concrete things, and only have to do with objects. That's not true. My most devastating obsessions and compulsions are related to releationships: obsessing that people hate me, or that a character I like is "evil" and people think I'm stupid for thinking he's "good," or that my friends, family members, and even future partners are doing horrible things.

**Posted off anon with permission 

I agree! that this is definitely a problem! OCD presents differently in everyone, and MH professionals and people in the MH community are more aware of that, but unfortunately mainstream media does not portray mental illnesses accurately- which just adds to the stigma. I get frustrated when seeing people with depression being described as curled up in bed all day, crying or sleeping our days away. Depression doesn’t look like that. For me, I am not sad or blue all the time, my most defeating depression symptom is that I don’t enjoy anything at all. Another one that frustrates me is that PTSD most of the time is shown only happening to veterans or assault victims, when in reality this can happen to anyone who experiences trauma- and what is considered a trauma is subjective. 
It can really get frustrating seeing mental illnesses portrayed in these stereotypical ways, many of which are inaccurate or are only just scratching the surface of what it is like to live with these illnesses. 

It is important to remember that our mental illnesses are valid, even though what we experience does not meet the stereotyped experiences of mental illness portrayed in the media. Your OCD is definitely valid even if it is focused around more of the abstract concept of relationships. 

In order to help fight the stigma and spread awareness of the complexities and realities of mental illness, we can share our stories if/when we are able. The more people hear about what it is really like to be suffering from mental illness, the more understanding there will be. I mean, I hope so anyway! Thanks for being open to sharing a bit about your experience off anon. Im sure others can relate. 

Take care,