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How are you? I hope well! Can you do a rfa+v and Saeran having to do seven minutes in heaven? Like honestly not even as drunk just sober. (Requests aren't open;-; but maybe later? Also I rlly love your blog like I'm most done with the masterlist^°^)

Author’s note: I hope you guys like this!!!! i’m still rusty ok it’s been awhile edit: I FORGOT V AGAIN someone please send in a request that says “add v” so I remember to edit him in here


  • “You wanna play cards? I brought them with me so we wouldn’t be bored!!”
  • Does he… Does he really not know what we’re supposed to be doing?
  • You looked down at Yoosung, who was already on sitting on the floor shuffling the deck
  • “Lemme guess… you’ve never played Seven minutes in Heaven.”
  • Yoosung paused for a second before shaking his head
  • You sat down next to him and smiled
  • He’s so cute…
  • “So what game do you wanna play, MC?”
  • But then again, this IS Seven minutes in heaven
  • “Strip Poker.”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “H-Huh? Strip?”
  • You smirked
  • “I’ll start.”
  • In one quick moment, your shirt was thrown across the room
  • “Okay, now you’re turn.”
  • Yoosung who had now achieved a new shade of red blatantly stared at your chest
  • “I-I… uhh, w-well-“
  • What the hell?
  • Yoosung looked behind you
  • “I think it came from the other side of the door.”
  • You stood up and opened the closet door, and in tumbled Zen and Jumin.
  • “So,” you crossed your arm and looked down at the two very guilty looking boys, “You wanna explain yourselves?”
  • The two of them began stuttering out excuses
  • “W-Well Yoosung’s never played before-“
  • “-I heard you were taking off your shirt-“
  • “-And I thought he might need guidance-“
  • “-So I wanted to hear the rest.”
  • You glared at them
  • “First, Jumin don’t be a perv, and second-“
  • “We were in the middle of something.”
  • You looked back at Yoosung, who had taken off his shirt
  • “And now that MC and I are even, I’d like to get back to the game.”
  • Despite the confidence behind Yoosung’s words, his face was as red as ever
  • You turned back around and smirked
  • “You heard the man!”
  • Jumin and Zen slowly got up, both mumbling curses under their breath.
  • You closed the door behind them
  • “Now, where were we?”
  • In the end the two of you ended up stripping to your underwear and then just playing go fish for the rest of the time


  • “W-What? I can’t be in a closet alone with MC!! How will I control myself?”
  • You walked over to the closet and gave Zen a smirk
  • “Who says you need to?”
  • 0.1 seconds later Zen was standing in the closet how the hell did he even get there so fast???
  • You closed the door and turned around
  • “So,” you clapped your hands together, “Show me what you got.”
  • Zen smirked
  • “You sure you can handle it?”
  • You raised an eyebrow, “I think you already know the answer to that.”
  • Zen smiled
  • “This is gonna be-“
  • Was all Zen could get out before hitting his head on the light
  • “Ohhh s-shittt…”
  • You rushed over to Zen, who was now bent over in pain
  • “Are you okay? Do you need ice? How bad does it hurt?”
  • Zen looked up at you with hazy eyes
  • “Slooowww down, youuu’reee talking wayyyy toooo fast!!!”
  • I’m not sure what’s more concerning… Zen’s slurred speech or the giant lump forming on his forehead.
  • “We need to get you out of here right-“
  • “NO! I want to give you… seven minutes…in…….”
  • THUD
  • “He did WHAT?”
  • Jaehee swung to door open, her eyes immediately traveling down to unconscious Zen
  • “What happened to his face? And why is the closet light busted??”
  • The rest of the RFA stood behind her, patiently awaiting your answer
  • “Well,” you looked down at Zen and smirked, “I guess he unleashed the beast a little too early.”


  • As soon as Jaehee closed the door she sunk down to the floor and sighed
  • “Finally… peace and quiet.”
  • You nodded, sitting down next to her
  • “Who the hell let Seven DJ anyways?”
  • Jaehee laughed, “I don’t know, but it was a horrible decision.”
  • It would’ve been fine if he just turned the damn the volume down…
  • You looked over at Jaehee, who was responding to an email on her phone
  • “Work’s got you pretty busy, huh?”
  • She gave you a sarcastic glare
  • “Doesn’t it always?”
  • The two of you began ranting about Jumin and the rest of the RFA
  • “I mean, does he think I’m just made out of cat toys? He can’t keep-“
  • “Wait… Jaehee?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I think our seven minutes are up… Did they forget about us?”
  • Jaehee checked her phone
  • “It’s been 12 minutes,” she looked back over at you and smiled, “so I think it’s safe to say they have.”
  • The two of you exchanged glances
  • It’s so nice in here…
  • “You wanna stay?”
  • Jaehee’s eyes lit up
  • “I thought you’d never ask!”
  • She set her phone down and yawned
  • “I think… I’ll take a nap.”
  • You reached up and turned the lights off
  • “Sounds good to me.”
  • You stared at the ceiling, waiting for the drowsiness to hit you
  • That was when you felt something warm slump on your shoulder
  • You looked over at Jaehee and she gave you a sleepy smile
  • “Do you mind if I use you as a pillow?”
  • Be still my heart.
  • “Y-Yeah!”
  • Jaehee closed her eyes, and within the next five minutes, she was asleep
  • The next morning Seven found both of you sleeping in his closet
  • And yes he was naked 
  • And yes he screamed
  • And yes you and Jaehee both screamed back
  • But it was still the best seven minutes in heaven you’ve ever played even if it wasn’t just seven minutes


  • As SOON as the door closed he had you pinned up against the wall
  • “W-Woah, slow down there bud.”
  • Jumin closed his eyes and sighed, letting go of the grip he had on your hips
  • “Sorry,” he backed up and ran his hands through his hair
  • You practically feel him holding himself back
  • “Why are you so worked up??”
  • Jumin leaned back on the wall opposite of you
  • “It’s just, while we were out there, Zen kept… flirting with you.”
  • His nose crinkled when he said the word flirting, as if it were a disgusting word
  • “I know secretly dating is hard, but I really think its best.”
  • You looked up at him, “Especially with everything happening with your company…”
  • Jumin nodded, taking a step toward you
  • “I suppose I can’t blame Zen. You do look ravishing tonight,” Jumin smirked
  • You smiled back at him, giving him a small twirl
  • “Thank you, my boyfriend helped me pick this out.”
  • “I must say, your boyfriend has great taste. I bet he’s handsome, too.”
  • “Oh yes, extremely.”
  • Seven’s yelling interrupted your conversation
  • “Hmm,” Jumin looked at you, “Do you think five minutes in enough?”
  • You pushed yourself off of the wall and grabbed Jumin by the tie
  • “Won’t know unless we try.”
  • And as it turns out, five minutes was more than enough time to… scroll through Jumin’s pictures of Elly


  • “So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “This is fun.”
  • “Really fun.”
  • For the first two minutes, those were the only words exchanged between you and Saeran
  • I have to do something to break this silence.
  • You cleared your throat
  • “Uhh… so how are you?”
  • SERIOUSLY??? Is that the best I could come up with?
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “…Cool.”
  • You looked down at your feet
  • I’m good too, thanks for asking.
  • this poor child doesn’t know how to socialize have mercy on him
  • When you looked back up at him, his eyes quickly darted away
  • Was he staring at me?
  • A light blush crossed his face
  • That’s… kinda cute.
  • You bit your lip
  • Well, this is seven minutes in heaven
  • Before your brain could tell you otherwise, you leaned forward and lightly pressed your lips against his
  • After getting over the initial shock that someone was actually kissing him Saeran grabbed your chin and deepened the kiss
  • When you pulled away, both of you were out of breath
  • You leaned back against the wall
  • “…So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “That was fun.”
  • Really fun.”
  • Seven swung the door open
  • “TIME’S UP!!!”
  • You looked at Saeran and smirked
  • “Let’s do this again sometime.”
  • Saeran followed you out the door and grabbed your wrist
  • He pulled you back and lowered his voice so the other’s couldn’t here
  • “Name the place and I’ll be there.”
  • Oh, this was going to be f u n.


  • You looked back the rest of the group
  • “Please help me.”
  • Jaehee gave you a pitying look and Zen saluted you “in honor of his fallen comrade”
  • Before you could anyone else’s reaction, Seven grabbed your hand and pulled you into the closet
  • “Your closet is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.”
  • Seven let go of your hand and laughed
  • “You do know I wear almost the same thing every day, right?”
  • You reached out to feel one of his shirts
  • “This one is my favorite.”
  • You pointed to the shirt Yoosung had gotten Seven for his birthday
  • It had a picture of the RFA on the front and the word “family” in Arabic on the back
  • “Mine too.”
  • Seven stepped closer to you
  • “You wanna see why I was so excited to get you in here?”
  • You felt your face heat up
  • “W-Well, I mean-“
  • “What?”
  • As soon as the lights went off, Seven turned you around so you were facing the door
  • He wrapped his arms around you, giving you a tight hug from behind
  • “Look up.”
  • You tilted your head to look up at the ceiling
  • “Oh my…”
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars were scattered all over the top of the closest, turning the dull ceiling into a tiny galaxy
  • “It’s beautiful.”
  • Seven buried his face in the crook of your neck
  • “So are you.”
  • And that’s when it hit you
  • You were literally in heaven in with Seven
  • “Thank you.”
Bangtan Fic Rec

All of these are on ao3, they’re all shipping fics. I’ll add more as I read, these are just the ones I’ve read so far. My opinion is in italics, I only added the pairing, summary and theme of the fics, not the warnings and ratings so check those out when you’re gonna read them because some of them contain either smut, death or violence. You’ve been warned.

Fics in this list: 43.

I dream in the shape of your mouth by jonghyun | Namjin, College!AU.

Summary: Seokjin spends a lot of time in the library. Now, Namjoon does too. Taemin tries to summon Satan, and Jimin is a fuckboy.

*Jackson voice* Cute

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj | Taekook, College!AU, Fantasy!AU

Summary: Taehyung has magic in his veins and Jungkook’s determined not to let it kill him.

Dude. This fic is so creative and well-written… I finished it and felt empty.

beat for me (live for me)  by bakkushan | Namjin, Mafia!AU part of the offer me your deathless death series.

Summary: Namjoon’s looking at himself and then at Seokjin and all he can see is Life and Death lying next to each other under a starless sky.

I cried like a bitch with this one, painful as fuck.

All you need is love (and pink) by vppa | NamJin, Angels and Demons!AU.

Summary: Most people only have one miniature angel or devil riding on their shoulders to serve as the physical manifestation of their conscience. Poor Namjoon has five, and they’re all telling him the same thing: “fucking talk to him god dammit what the fuck is wrong with you”

Funny and sweet. I like it.

Can I Get Your Dewey Decimal Number? by melecs| NamJin, Library!AU.

Summary: Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patrons got on his nerves. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. And Seokjin worked in the children’s department.

Ah, this is… something else, for sure. Cute as hell. Funny, too.

The less I know the better by mucha | Taegi, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: “Together with their families, Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin… Wow, this is formal… Wait,” Hoseok squints at the paper, before looking back at Yoongi with a quizzical look on his face. “They invited you with a guest? But… You’re single, right?”

“Min Yoongi,” Jimin glares at him over the bar, crossing his arms sternly over his chest. “If you’re seeing someone and you didn’t tell us I will kick your ass, so help me god.”

“I’m not dating anyone,” Yoongi sighs, grabbing the invitation and scanning it quickly. The words “with a guest” are underlined and Yoongi can almost see it: the smugness on his brother’s face as he nods with satisfaction, putting the pencil down.

“So what does it mean?”

Yoongi shifts uncomfortably in his seat, avoiding making eye contact.

“I might’ve… invented a boyfriend,” he finally mumbles to the glass in front of him.

This is so good, amazing, incredible. Brilliant. Entertaining as hell.

Star Light, Star Bright (The Last Star I’ll See Tonight) by DreamsOfAnotherReality | Taekook, Yoonseok, Teen!AU.

Summary: Jung Kook and Taehyung fall in love the summer Hoseok goes missing.  

Hoseok just wanted to see the stars and confess to Yoongi gdi bye I’m gonna fucking kill myself.

Creating a home series by CheekyBrunette | Namjin, Foster Parents!AU

Summary: A BTS Foster Care AU

This AU is so cute and fluffy I love Domestic!Namjin

The Professor’s Family series by EquinoxSolstice | Taekook, NamJin, Family!AU

Summary: Professor Kim Namjoon is married.

He doesn’t have a wife.

They have a sort-of son.

And Jeon Jungkook just crossed paths with them.

Read this. It’s great, I promise.

The Greatest by Little_Dimples | jikook, College!AU, Sports!AU.

Summary: Person A is a hockey player person B a figure skater. Person A is told he needs more grace on the ice so he is forced to get lessons by person B. Problem is they hate each other.

Or Person A is Jungkook and Person B is Jimin.

I had so much fun reading this you don’t get it. As I was reading in class i had to hide my face because I was smiling so much. Really good fic.

400 minutes | yoonmin, School!AU.

Summary: Min Yoongi expected a lot of weird experiences to happen when he went to college, but being the roommate of his high school love who apparently “moved away for good” was not one of them.

Angsty but in a good way.

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house.
At Beta Tau Sigma, there are only a few rules:

1) have a declared major in the College of Music;
2) keep your GPA above a 3.4;
3) don’t let Taehyung into the liquor cabinet;
4) don’t fuck up with Kim Seokjin. The rest is all fine print.

(Rating changed to M for sexual content in ch17.)

OKAY, THIS FIC IS THE END OF EVERYTHING FOR ME. My Favorite Fic Of All Time. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me, even House of Cards. This fic has it all, humor, angst, fluff, smut. Everything. Incredible fic. Golden fic.

cuz in a sky full of stars (I think I saw you) by wowoashley | Taekook, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

This is so cute and cliché but in a good way, I really love this fic.

ce monde est une têmpete by astringxnt | Taekook, Yoonmin, Namjin, College!AU

Summary: they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

AMAZING! I really like the plot of this one.

Safe and Sound by bazooka | Namjin, Royalty!AU.

Summary: From a tumblr prompt: Jin is a prince, and Namjoon is his bodyguard.

“You’re sort of bad at this.”
“Nah. You’re safe, aren’t you?”

Prince!Jin. That’s all I have to say about this fic. Amazing.

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo | Taekook, Yoonseok, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?”

Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.”

“Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?”

(So much for suit-and-wine.)

Nothing to say apart from it being amazing.

Common Thread by sugafree | Yoonmin, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Red String of Fate AU where Yoongi doesn’t believe in soulmates and spends a long time trying to avoid a certain someone on the other end of his red thread.

I’m a sucker for Soulmates, but this fic is good regardless, love the way it’s written.

for you, anything by kadotas | Vmin, Yoonkook, Namjin, Marriage!AU

Summary: “Talk dirty to me,” Taehyung says lowly into Jimin’s ear, breath ghosting Jimin’s earlobe, eliciting a slight shudder from the latter.

“I’m not wearing underwear,” Jimin whispers back, pulling back to look Taehyung in the eye.

Taehyung groans gruffly at this, breaking the eye contact to lean down and nip Jimin’s jawline gently. “God yes baby that’s just-“

“I’m not wearing any underwear because you never fucking put the laundry in the fucking dryer like I’ve asked you to 100 times,” Jimin hisses, voice strained with vehemence, glaring at him and Taehyung sighs defeatedly.

(in which Taehyung and Jimin navigate through married life together, realising belatedly that it’s not always smooth sailing.)

Domestic Vmin is the best Vmin.

Let me know by TheOrgasmicSeke | Yoonmin, Yoonkook, Jikook, Yoonminkook, Namjin, Vhope, I Need U!AU, Poly!AU

Summary: Talking about it, of course, became harder as the days passed by. Yoongi could never find the right time to bring it up. He was still wondering if he was just imaging things. If he was just thinking he was feeling the things he was feeling. But that was quickly disproved every single time Jimin curled up around him and Jungkook kissed him. He was a fucking idiot in love with two bigger idiots and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. Except probably ruin it by talking about it. Hell, maybe it was better to just never mention it and pretend it wasn’t happening.

So good. No other words.

Find the value of an elephant by tired angry egg (Mirabelle) | Namjin, Highschool!AU, Tutor!AU

Summary: When Kim Taehyung’s academic situation takes a turn for the worse, his mother is convinced to hire a highly recommended tutor in the hopes for a miracle that would turn her son into a conscientious student. Her eldest son, Seokjin, has a far more skeptical opinion on this entire thing, expecting it to be-lest he sugarcoat it-a complete failure. And Kim Namjoon is just really bad at making good first impressions (or second ones, or just impressions altogether).

Cute and funny.

A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by bazooka | Namjin, College!AU, Professor!AU

Summary: Epenthesis
A phonological phenomenon in which two disparate sounds meet, creating a third sound between them which wasn’t there before.

There were a lot of jobs worse than being partnered with world-renowned Absent-Minded Professor Kim Namjoon, but Professor Kim Seokjin couldn’t think of what any of them were at the moment.

THIS! IS! SO! GOOD! Honestly, I’m in love with this fic.

The Mark of an Educated Mind by bazooka | Namjin, Metafiction.

Summary: At three o'clock in the morning after he’d been working for ten hours straight and everything he touched came out wrong and all his words were stilted and clumsy and all his music was rough and tangled… for some ungodly reason Kim Namjoon opened up a new browser window, typed bangtan sonyeondan fan fiction into the search bar, and then (god) hit enter.

No comment.

A Wonderful Institution by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, Wedding Planner!AU.

Summary: Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner.

Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.

I love this fic because it’s so cute and funny to me.

Just Skin by syubology | Taegi, College!AU.

Summary: Yoongi is small and angry and 200% done with having feelings; Taehyung is Taehyung; Hoseok harasses Yoongi with petnames and Jimin ships Yoonseok. That’s basically it.

The fic that made me ship Taegi.

Pour up (Drank) by mindheist | Taekook, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: If you can read this, take another shot.

LISTEN. This fic is so good it’s almost Beta Tau Sigma and that’s saying a lot because I love that fic. Anyways, the story in this one is great and it has its funny moments as well as fluffy and frustrating ones. Great fic.

Sidereal by darling | Vmin, Childhood Friends!AU.

Summary: Here we observe the Earth and the Sun in their natural habitat: each other.

This is all cute and fluffy in some parts but deep in others. Beautiful fic, I like the concept.

half a soul divided by jynxu | Minjoon, Taekook, Yoonseok, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Park Jimin has never been on a date. Nor has he had his first kiss, flirted with anyone, or fallen in love. His classmates would ridicule him and base nicknames over his distaste toward anything romantic. (Look, here comes Saint Jiminie!) Even his younger brother would make fun of him while his parents watched with pitying looks on their faces.

Nobody understood.

or: soulmate au where your soulmate’s date of death is tattooed on your wrist.

This made me cry. At school. No joke my friends were worried. Great fic, read if you want to cry.

Out of My System by xxdevilishxx | Yoonmin, Vhope, Namjin, One Night Stand!AU.

Summary: Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

I read this instead of studying. Really good and interesting, I like the characters.

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks | Taekook, Gangster!AU, Mafia!AU.

Summary: Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?”

Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand.

Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Cute and a good read, the concept is awesome and I like the way it’s written.

House of Cards by sugamins | Taekook, Vmin, Jikook, Vminkook, Mafia!AU, Gangster!AU.

Summary: Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.

“You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated.”

Trailer. This fic. I have no words. It’s beautifully written and the plot is amazing, really interesting and just plain good. The fic to end all Mafia!AUs. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me. It’s also a long read.

Let Me In Or Let Me Down by noraebangbang | Yoonmin, A/B/O.

Summary: Yoongi hates dealing with heat cycles and suppressants and life in general. Everything is a terrible mess, and then there’s Jimin to make things a tiny bit brighter.

Now, listen, I don’t really like ABO, but this fic is so good that I wanna like it because if there are any other ABO fics like this gem then I’m in for a treat.

Kickstart series by Error401 | Yoonmin, Namjin, Vhope, Gangster!AU, Hitman!AU

Summary: Hitman!Yoongi AU.

The plot of this series is really interesting, I read it all in one sitting because I just needed more. It’s really good.

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes | Yoonseok, Reincarnation!AU, Soulmates!AU, Multiple lives!AU.

Summary: Because Yoongi doesn’t know how this started, or how this will end, but he knows this simple fact: he knows that there is a love between them that is much fiercer than the burning sun. There is that love then, and there is that love now, and surely there will be that same love the next time.

(Or: the one where they’re reincarnated over and over again and Yoongi meets a different version of Hoseok every time but Yoongi is the only one that remembers.)

Ok, this fic made me cry really hard and I’m still affected by it. It’s beautiful and sad and you should totally read it.

Something Else (NSFW)

#Challenge of Raven. @bloodstained-porcelain-doll

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: Alpha!Sam Winchester, Omega!Reader
Warnings: ABO dynamics, dirty talk, smut, shameless smut, knotting sex, breeding kink, straight PWP. I’m using @kittenofdoomage ABO rules here. @bloodstained-porcelain-doll beta’ed this.
Prompt: “I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

“Nasty, naughty boy” was playing so loud on your headphones that you wouldn’t be able to hear a shot if someone used a gun by your side, but who cared? You were alone in the bunker, Dean had left with Castiel when you reached pre-heat and Sam was on a supply run. So, you could dance and sing without anyone interrupting you. You danced slowly, singing loudly and not even caring if someone walked in on you.

You felt Sam’s scent seconds before he pressed himself against you. Your legs weakened instantly when you realised how hard he was and how strong he smelled. His rut had hit earlier than expected.

Your headphones were pulled out and tossed on the table a few inches from Sam’s hands, and he put his face in the crook of your neck.

“I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

Keep reading

Fic: Wait

Prompt: “When was the last time you slept?”

“When was the last time you slept?” Oliver asks, walking into the bunker after a long day at City Hall.

He hadn’t expected Felicity to be here, considering he’d told her to take the day off this morning after they pulled an all nighter following up on a lead that turned out to be another dead end. Since she is still wearing the outfit she had on when he left this morning, he knows she hasn’t left.

“What day is it?” Felicity asks, not looking up from her screen.

“Tuesday,” he says, looking around the room for any sign that she’s at least eaten, but all of the garbage cans are empty, so he knows she hasn’t. The only sign that she’s consumed anything is the coffee cup in front of her and the empty K-Cups on the counter near the kitchen.

“Tuesday, right,” she mutters, clearly distracted by whatever it is she’s doing. “And what day did we go after Valenzuela?”

Oliver looks at her in concern before saying, “Saturday.”

She’s got to be kidding. She can’t have been up that long. How is she even functioning right now?

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where harry is your husband and is oblivious to the fact that your "friends" Mistreat you and you just don't say anything because they're the only friends you have left And harry finds out one day and it's a lot of loving from him Pleaaaaase I'm dying to read something like this

I’m so sorry this took forever and I think it might be a piece of shit? I hope you like it though!


“True Friend”


You were sitting on the corner of the couch, surrounded by your friends who were supposed to be over for a movie night. After moving in with Harry and starting a new job, it had been pretty difficult to get to know new people. He had encouraged you to start hanging out with some girls from work so you weren’t so lonely when he was gone for the day, so you’d invited them out for dinner one night and things had progressed from there. But not necessarily in a good way.

You had always been paranoid that people didn’t like you. The slightest glare or sarcastic comment had you worrying that there was just something about you people had a problem with. However, this was different; these girls pretended they wanted to hang out when all they really cared about was belittling you. You weren’t sure if you really hadn’t caught on until recently, or if you were just in denial the whole time.

“Let’s just save the movie for another night and head to the bar!” One of them suggested, and the others cheered in agreement. Your heart sank, because you’d put a lot of planning into that movie night and hoped it would help change their minds and show them that you were just as ‘cool’ as they were.

You tried to protest, but it seemed that once the idea of getting drunk off their asses was in their minds, they weren’t going to be able to let it go.

“I mean, we can just go without you. It’s not like you’ll be much fun, since you’re in a ‘committed’ relationship and everything. I mean, you usually don’t get much attention from guys anyway.”

The way they all giggled after the last comment made you wonder what else had been said about you behind your back. As much as you didn’t want to let it affect you, their words stung. You were in an even worse mood now than you had been before, and you definitely didn’t want to spend any more time around them, so you halfheartedly told them to head out without you. They were out the door within minutes, leaving you alone to pick up the empty soda cans and rethink your idea of ordering pizza for dinner.

It wasn’t long before Harry came home, and he tentatively walked down the hallway expecting to see a big group of girls giggling on the couch. Instead, he found you curled up in a blanket alone while he tossed his keys onto the kitchen table.

“Where is everyone?”

You put on the most realistic smile you could manage, and turned around to meet his confused gaze.

“They decided to head to a bar.”

“You didn’t want to go?”

You shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to let on that anything was wrong.

“I’m just tired, that’s all. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking tonight.” You lied. You weren’t in the mood for drinking, that was true, but only because you got the feeling they didn’t want you to go anyway. Your time at the bar most likely would’ve been filled with their nasty comments, and you probably would’ve been forced to stand alone while they danced with anyone they could get their hands on.

Harry sat down next to you and cautiously placed his hand on your leg, studying the look on your face. He could tell you weren’t happy, but he didn’t really consider the fact that your 'friends’ were the reason you had seemed a little off lately. He’d believed you when you insisted that you were just stressed and overwhelmed after the move.

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” He asked.

You nodded convincingly and looked into his caring eyes. You knew you wouldn’t be able to resist breaking down if you stayed close to him much longer, so you quickly stood up off the couch before tears could well up and made your way to the kitchen before you spoke again.

“I was planning to get pizza for everyone, do you want me to order some for just us?”

He gave his approval and you were quick to dial the phone number before Harry could ask you what was wrong again. By the time you were off the phone, though, he was standing in front of you with his hands on his hips.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” He prodded. He had a serious expression on his face, but you knew by the look in his eyes that he was genuinely concerned.

“Baby, I’m fine. Just bummed I didn’t get to watch that movie.” You joked, managing a small laugh as you turned back to him and smiled.

You knew he wasn’t entirely convinced, but he could tell that you didn’t want him to press it any further. If something was really wrong, he was confident that you’d tell him whenever you were ready.

“We can still watch the movie.” He suggested quietly, not waiting for an answer before he went to spread some blankets and comfier pillows over the couch.

You managed to watch the entire movie without being distracted by the situation from earlier, but the ringtone of your phone made the bitter feeling come back again. You answered the phone as cheerfully as you could, not totally surprised when you recognized the slurred voices of the girls you were trying to forget about.

You managed to decipher their speech enough to know that they needed a ride home, and of course they hadn’t hesitated to call you and use you as their chauffer.

“I’ve gotta go pick them up, they’re wasted.” You sighed, pushing your blanket aside as you unhappily unraveled yourself from Harry’s arms.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

You quickly shook your head as you slipped on your jacket and shoes, assuring him you’d be fine and it shouldn’t take more than an hour. Truthfully, you were just afraid of what they’d say to you now that the last little sliver of good judgement had been taken away by alcohol, and you didn’t want Harry to know that the only friends you made since moving here weren’t friends at all. It was almost like you failed.

The drive to the bar wasn’t long, and as soon as it came into view you could see the familiar figures standing outside. They clumsily piled into your car, giggling while they all tried to speak at once.

“What are you wearing?” One of them asked from the back seat, and you sighed when you realized you hadn’t changed out of Harry’s shirt and sweatpants before you left. You certainly wouldn’t hear the end of it, but you hoped none of them would remember by the next morning.

“Hey, that’s Harry’s shirt! I’m surprised it fits you! He’s so thin and you’re… not.”
They all erupted in laughter and you tried to take a few deep breaths as you drove off. The entire car ride was filled with their snide comments and them constantly trying to talk over eachother’s slurs.

It seemed like it took hours to drop them all off, but you were on your way home in record time when you finally let some tears fall. You couldn’t believe these were the only people you could call friends. There was nobody else you’d met that seemed remotely interested in talking to you, and you were terrified you’d have to spend the rest of your life with no one else but those girls to spend time with.

You drove around the block a few times while you tried to calm down, but it finally become clear that you had no choice but to tell Harry. It would be much too painful to keep this inside forever, and knowing Harry, he’d probably know exactly what to do.

You unlocked the door, wiping a few tears from your cheeks but deciding you wouldn’t bother trying to hide the fact that you were upset. As you stepped inside, Harry rounded the corner.

“I made some ice cream sundaes if you want to- hey…” He immediately frowned when he saw your tear stained cheeks and sad eyes.

You sniffled as he walked over to you and tilted his head a bit while he waited for you to say something. What he didn’t expect was for you to fling yourself into him, but he was quick to wrap his strong arms around you and hold on tight.
Once your cries and sniffles had quieted down a little, he kept you tightly pressed to him while he looked down at you and spoke.

“What’s wrong?” He asked carefully, afraid to set you off into another round of crying if you tried to explain. By now, he was pretty sure he knew the source of your sadness lately but he didn’t want to push you any farther than you were ready for at the moment. You backed up to look up at him but quickly avoided his gaze.

“I think I need to talk to you about something.”

You could see him tense a little, because you knew it always scared him whenever you acted serious about things like this. You were generally a pretty laid back person, so if there was something you really needed to speak to him about, it usually meant it was a pretty big deal.

He slung his arm around you as he led you to the couch and invited you to sit on his lap. You cuddled into Harry’s chest and his arms held you close to his body, while he rested his cheek on top of your head.

“This is about the girls, isn’t it?” He finally prodded. All he got in response was a teary eyed look from you, and he knew he was right when the wetness threatened to spill down your cheeks again. He stared at you sadly, wiping a few tears that fell before you were ready to speak.

“They’re not my real friends, Harry.” You sniffled, leaning back against him as you watched for a reaction. He nodded slowly, rubbing his hand gently up and down your back.

“You could’ve told me.”

You frowned as you turned to look at him again and saw his eyes filled with complete concern and sadness.

“I know, but I just.. I have no friends, Harry!” You whined, hiding your face in his neck while the emotions seemed to hit you all over again.

If his heart wasn’t broken already, it definitely was now. Obviously he’d meant no harm when he encouraged you to make friends, and he never wanted you to feel down about yourself if things didn’t work out as expected.

“Baby, no, it’s okay. Don’t cry over them.”

He held you tight until you had calmed down again. He didn’t want to ask what was said during the car ride, and he didn’t want to know what else they’d put in your head over the past month. So you both sat in silence for a while until you finally looked up at him.

“I don’t want you hanging around them anymore, okay?”

You normally would’ve argued, but you knew you’d be much happier if you never had to see them outside of work again. Now that the barrier had been broken and Harry knew the truth about them, there was no sense in keeping up the charade that you actually enjoyed their company.

Your comment from a few minutes earlier hadn’t been forgotten; he kept hearing you say “I have no friends” over and over again in his head and it was making his heart hurt.

“And I don’t ever want to hear you say you have no friends, okay?” His voice had the sweetest, most gentle tone possible and when you opened your mouth to speak, he knew exactly what you were going to say. So when it slipped out that you really didn’t have any friends, he had the perfect response.

“You’ve got me.” He argued, pressing his lips to the top of your head.

“I know it’s not the same, but I love all the girly gossip and random stories you tell. And you know I’m always here for advice when you need it and I won’t mind those awful movies you girls watch, because I’ll always enjoy watching them with you. I know I’m your boyfriend and that’s not quite the same as being your friend, but I’m always going to be here for you, angel.”

The end of his rambling had you smiling up at him.

“You’ve always been my best friend, Harry. My true friend.”

anonymous asked:

My prompt: Neil and Andrew get lost in the woods and Neil twists his ankle, so Andrew has to carry him to safety (how and why this happens is the real challenge)

Here we go, anon. Also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Yes, Neil. Because I’m known for my practical jokes.”

Neil rolls his eyes as Andrew slams the hood of the Maserati back into place and crosses his arms, leaning against the front of the car. Andrew has deduced that the transmission is indeed shot to hell, and that this beautiful piece of Italian machinery will not be moving from its current location without the assistance of a tow truck.

He looks around at the deserted I-40, neither head nor taillight to be seen. It is nearly 3:00am, and they are somewhere between North Carolina and Tennessee. Neil had tried to convince Andrew to stop for the night a few hours ago, but Andrew will admit that he should have listened if hell happens to freeze over. He tilts his head back to stare at the dark sky above him. They’re far enough away from civilization that the stars are uninhibited by any city lights. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, it also means that he and Neil are, for lack of a better word, fucked.

Andrew turns his head to the right at the sound of Neil incessantly tapping his fingers on the hood of the car. Neil meets his gaze and then flits his eyes across the rest of Andrew’s face.

“Can you fix it?”


Neil watches him for a few more seconds before releasing a dejected sigh and pulling out his phone.

“No service. Of course. Because why would anything be working right now?”

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to roll his eyes. “Okay drama queen, take it down a notch. All we have to do is walk to the next town or until one of us gets service. It can’t be that hard.”

“The next town isn’t for like twenty miles! It’s already 3:00, and we have practice in the morning, Andrew.”

“Okay, well I guess we’ll just be late.”

Neil has no words. His mouth drops open in shock, absolutely aghast that Andrew thinks this is an acceptable solution.

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milleniumxhan  asked:

Okay so I think I'm in love with Gaston from beauty and the beast I mean Luke Evans 😍😍... but then there's Bucky as well. Could u do a Bucky x reader where beauty and the beast is coming out in theaters and the reader is in love with gaston and Bucky gets hella jealous. Really cute and fluffy tho. Thanks ❤❤❤

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: none (unless you’ve never seen beauty and the beast and don’t know what happens to gaston, because if that’s the case, then, spoilers lol)

A/N: OH MY GOD, BATB WAS SOOOO FANTASTIC!!! I agree with you, gaston was amazing and luke evans was perfeeeect! this is really just some fluffy and funny piece. I enjoyed writing it so much!! hope you like it love <3


“Pleeeease, Bucky!”


“Come on, just this one time. I promise I won’t ever ask for anything ever again.”


You dramatically fell from your sitting position next to him face down onto his lap, pretending to be devastated.

His fingers ran through your hair.

“I know you’re only pretending, (Y/N). We’ve been in this relationship long enough.”

You let out an annoyed ‘Ugh’ and got on your knees.

“I just want you to use your Avenger title this once, so we can go to the premiere of the movie! You know how much I loved ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when I was younger!”

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Lost Track of Time pt 3 (final)

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 ||

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Summary: Jungkook wanted to make it up to you. Hopefully, a little less-than-perfect date would do the trick.

[Updated] Word Count: 1322 

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Your hands fumbled against the keypad. Your fingers were trembling as you tried to aim for the buttons. 

What was up Taehyung? The tone of his voice had scared you. You never heard him this hushed, this sad, this worried before in all the time that you had known him. What had happened to Jungkook for him to sound this way?

Was he sick? Was he hurt? Was he okay? 

The electronic sound of the door opened chimed after you were finally able to input your passcode. You wanted to slam the door open and rush inside, but you were scared. You were terrified that something so bad had happened to Jungkook, that you weren’t sure if you were prepared to see the worst. 

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heyheyhey, i'm excited to see your writing style! could i request the rfa + v and saeran reacting to chubby!MC who is insecure about it? idc if it's sfw or nsfw, whatever is easier for you :)

ah, thank you! i hope you enjoy my writing style! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ it’s a shame that society is so picky about body types. each and every body is beautiful, and i tried to incorporate that message in these headcanons. these headcanons are sfw, but some mild nsfw themes are slightly implied! i hope these turned out alright, anon!  


  • cannot see how you could be any more perfect than you already are
  • gets concerned when you don’t eat as much during meals and start making more and more negative comments about your body
  • one night you break down and ask him why he’s dating someone like you
  • you express how much you don’t like your body
  • he apologizes for having not noticed these feelings before and kisses you a whole bunch
  • “i love all parts of you, MC. even the parts you don’t like. i guess i’ll just have to make them my favorite parts, then!”
  • you blush
  • it was at this moment he knew he h*cked up
  • or did he ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


  • zen works out a lot
  • that makes you pretty insecure so you start working out even more than he does
  • one day you overwork yourself and blackout
  • luckily zen is there and he helps you stabilize and take a breather but he does pose the question
  • “MC, why have you been working out so much more lately?”
  • you very vaguely explain to him your insecurity and
  • zen is hugging you before you can finish your sentence
  • you cry for a good while and he holds you the whole time
  • “you’re the most beautiful thing on this planet. and i want to prove it to you.”
  • zen loves you so much and he wants you to see yourself the same way he does


  • jaehee is so perceptive so she notices your insecurities riGHT away oops
  • she always has a good comeback to the bad comments you make about your body
  • but your remarks get worse and worse so one day jaehee just gets fed up
  • she sits you down and gives you this super motivating pep talk
  • where did this jaehee come from
  • “i know what you’re saying, but the reality is, there is so much more to yourself than your body!!”
  • “and you know what, MC? i just so happen to love your thighs”
  • “i’m not your girlfriend because i ‘feel bad for you.’ i’m your girlfriend because i love you and that means i love your body too”
  • jaehee lays down tHE LAW
  • she’s typically mild-mannered but you have finally found something that fires her up like nothing else will:
  • *beyoncé voice* BABY IT’S YOU (when you doubt, for even just a moment, that you are perfect and amazing just the way that you are)


  • he won’t admit it but jumin’s self-esteem is higher than the number in his bank account
  • but when he sees a bunch of weight loss magazines strewn about the house, he gets worried
  • “MC, are these yours?”
  • you shake your head at first but then your eyes meet his and you start crying out of nowhere
  • he drops the magazines and rushes over to you, hugging you immediately
  • you ask why he always calls you beautiful when you “““obviously aren’t”””
  • “i didn’t fall in love with you because you were so beautiful. though, i must admit, that came as quite the bonus.”
  • he and you take the rest of the day easy
  • but jumin goes off the next day and buys you some
  • well
  • let’s just say they’re some pretty “““flattering””” outfits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • you and seven are so close with each other that you’re basically the same person
  • you two share every secret, especially late at night when the both of you can’t sleep and decide to Consider Everything That Has Ever Happened To You
  • one night you just let everything about your insecurity slip
  • “people tell me ‘aww you’re not fat’ but i KNOW i am”
  • “there are so many other people out there who are thinner and prettier than i am”
  • “i don’t deserve you, saeyoung”
  • you talk for what feels like hours to you and seven doesn’t interrupt once
  • when you finish your ramble, you notice you’re in tears and seven’s arms are around you
  • “MC, you don’t have a thing to worry about, okay?”
  • you protest a bunch but he seems to have just the right thing to say that will make you think
  • “saeyoung, what if you can’t carry me on our wedding day?”
  • “we’ll be in space. zero gravity, remember?”
  • … u love him so much hhh h h h h


  • V isn’t the most talkative guy in the world but he is probably the biggest listener in the world
  • he is so in love with you and your voice
  • so when you talk to him about how much you dislike your body, he is immediately confused
  • he’s never really seen you before and what he has seen isn’t much whatsoever
  • but he KNOWS how simply flawless you must look every moment of every day
  • eventually you say something that hecks him up
  • “i’m almost glad you can’t see me, you know?”
  • he grabs your hand immediately and feels ? so disappointed?
  • V is typically optimistic about his vision or lack thereof but you are the only thing he regrets about not being able to see!!
  • “MC, the only time i don’t want to see you is when you’re sad. i don’t think i could take it. but i wish i could see your smile and this body you’re so insecure about because i bet they’re just as amazing as i imagine them.”
  • well daNG apparently he’s not just good with pictures he’s good with words too
  • he kisses u a lot after that


  • this dude is as unstable and as insecure as they come
  • you’re always the one hushing him, kissing him, hugging him, calming him, assuring him
  • so when you break down one day, he does the thing you’ve done for him so many times
  • he just holds you till your lil hiccuping cries cease
  • “i don’t really think i understand but i hope you know that i. um i really love you”
  • that just makes you cry more but in a better way this time
  • there was just something so pure, instinctive, and genuine about his response
  • “hEY LOOK i didn’t mean anything by that okay i was just trying to make you feel better—”
  • then you start laughing and you kiss him
  • he probably spends the next day googling stuff like
  • “how to cheer up someone who is sad”
  • “how to be a good boyfriend”
Odd liar.

A victuuri thingy based on @aina-p‘s AU post. Warning, this is awfully written but I was in a rush to finish this out of excitement. Does this story have a sequel? Maybe, maybe not.

Yuri was, to be fair, quite young when he started skating. And he did it mostly because he thought Yuko was cute, and she liked skating, so of course he had to find a way to impress her with that. He wasn’t exactly talented, but there was no denying that he had potential and talented or not, he was good at it; and he had fun doing it, which was important as well.

So years after his first time on ice, Yuri was now a skating teacher alongside Yuko and her husband Nishigori, and while teaching wasn’t as fun as skating on his own, he had no reason to complain. He was helping others and making some money in the process.

It was weird to have older students; Yuri was pretty used to deal with kids and on rare occasions, teenagers.

Not only the man that crossed the front door was older but he was also not Japanese. And he was undeniably attractive. With his silver hair, piercing blue eyes and cared figure he was drawing all the attention from people all around regardless of their gender. Yuko was obviously impressed when he approached her at the front table.

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Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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I'm Home - An Emison Fic

So I know nothing about the army or anything I went completely based off background knowledge, so if I get something wrong message me. This is a oneshot for now but I can write some new chapters, tell me if you’d like that. This takes place two years after whatever happens in the finale. Um they found AD, the bitch was a bad person, they died, everyone else was fine. Alison’s kid is Emily’s. So yeah, nothing too intense… Thanks guys! :)

Even before the ring of the doorbell for the second time, even before the notes stopped arriving, even before the promises were broken, even before Emily sat her down on the couch, Alison knew it was all over.

Because the news kept playing a familiar tune, and Uncle Sam kept singing ‘I need you’.

So when Emily sat Alison down and told her that she wanted to enlist Alison was far from surprised. But she was a born liar, and a born fighter so she acted that way.

“What. The. Hell.” She growled.

“I know it’s not… great, but I need to do this,” Emily tried, she moved the hair out of her face. “I need to help those people.”

“Help yourself Em!” Alison begged, “Help me! Help your daughter! We’re right here, not thousands of miles away!”

“It’s only for five years and then I’ll be home, for good,” Emily reasoned,

“You were already gone for five years, remember? How’d that turn out?!” Emily smiled sadly at her wife.

“My dad was a solider. I’ve been wondering a lot if he’d be proud of me. Who I am Alison? A dictator is killing and torturing his own people, and I’m teaching breath strokes to teenagers!”

“Of course your dad would be proud of you! You have a beautiful daughter, a loving wife, and you’re inspiring a new generation of athletes!” Alison argued, “you don’t have to join the army to prove yourself.” Alison was begging now and Emily took her hands.

“I have to do this Ali, for me, for you, for our daughter, and for those people. The pay will be better so we won’t be living paycheck to paycheck, I’ll still see you for a month every year, and it’s only for five years. Then I’ll be home, safe and sound.” Ali was crying now, soft cool tears slipped down her cheeks.

“If it’s what you want I’ll support you,” Alison muttered, “always. But please, please, please, please think about it.”

“I have, for weeks now. It’s the best thing for this family. I’ve even told my mom. I’m… enlisting tomorrow.” Alison’s eyes widened.

“That’s really soon,” the blonde muttered and the brunette pulled her in as they both began to cuddle.

“People are dying everyday Ali, I’ve got to do it now. Besides,” she now tried to put up an air of bravado, “I’m the perfect solider, I’m already traumatized.” They both chuckled a little.

“Have you told the others?” Ali asked and Emily sighed.

“You know I hate goodbyes…” The girl said. Alison glared at her, “alright geez I will!” The two wives shared a sad smile.

“Estella will miss you,” Alison said now, referring to their two year old daughter.

“I’ll miss her,” Emily said, her voice thick.

“She’ll have to grow up with one Mom.” The blonde said slowly, let the words roll of her tongue.

“Okay don’t get dramatic, I’ll be back for good by the time she’s seven.” The brunette glared. “I promise.”

She lied.

All things considered Alison did pretty well with Estella. The dark haired girl was bright, and kind, and good, she smiled with her whole face and loved everyone. All the things Alison was never able to be.

Emily wrote every day, just of what had happened, nothing interesting, and she called every chance she got. They had deployed her almost immediately as she surpassed a lot of the physical requirements and already knew how to shoot a gun and swim.

Turns out she was the perfect solider.

And the pay was really helping them, Alison wasn’t loosing sleep over money anymore, just Emily.

It was ironic that all throughout high school she’d thought she’d get a sugar daddy and be some gold digger, but now that she was married she couldn’t care less how much money she had, she just wanted her wife back.

The times when Emily had been home were glorious, it was soft and gentle touches, and squeezing out every second they could spend together. Often Ali would pull Estella out of school for a few days just so they could bond.

And by the time the five years were up it looked like the tide was turning. And even though the notes had been decreasing in frequency, and the calls as well, Alison still hoped. And even though Emily’s unit was deep into enemy territory, and she hadn’t heard anything in weeks, Alison still hoped.

Because Emily promised she be back in time for Christmas.

But Emily lied.

Christmas came and passed and they heard nothing, Estella cried, Alison just bit her lip and worried.

Valentine’s Day passed and Estella cried when she saw the roses on the kitchen table.

“Just to brighten up the room,” Alison explained, “she’ll be home soon.”

But when Easter came and passed, and there hadn’t been a letter, and call since before Christmas Alison felt a little part of her break.

When the first ring on her doorbell came sometime in the deep heat in august Alison wasn’t very surprised, just really sad. She didn’t even have the energy to act surprised when they told her that her wife was missing in action and handed her a flag.

So Alison was right when she said that her daughter would grow up without a parent. But she never wanted to be.

To great credit on the blondes part she never let it consume her. She never locked herself away in her room and cried, she never took it out on Estella, she just placed the flag gently in the attic and told her daughter to “buck up.”

“Mom,” the seven year old said, “what if she doesn’t come back.” Alison had smiled and wiped away the tears.

“My dear, your mother has let me down twice in her life, and both of those times she always came back. She’ll be fine.”

Two of the people in Emily’s squad had been killed in a bombing, the rest of them, including Emily were missing. They suspected capture, but the men and women of whom Ali were acquainted who were married to the soldiers in that squad suspected there was nothing left to find.

From what she had heard of the dollhouse, of torture, or of Radley, she hoped those women were right.

Emily’s mom moved in after two more years passed and both learned to support each other. Alison read Estella great expectations and told her love stories before she went to bed. She woke up with tears in her eyes, Pocahontas was always just inches away.

The war finally ended a year later but Alison couldn’t celebrate in the streets with everyone else. Her battles were daily, and had so many casualties. One day Pam Fields didn’t wake up even though she was only sixty. The stress had given her a heart attack.

Five years passed and the doorbell rang a second time, at around five-thirty.

Alison told all her friends, the ups man, the pizza deliverer, her brother, everyone, never to ring the doorbell. Because the doorbell was reserved for the army.

Who would want to open their door expecting take out and get heartbreak instead? Everyone complied and knocked.

So when the doorbell rang on a Tuesday, Alison squared her shoulders. Estella who was in the kitchen frozen. She was fifteen now, and more beautiful and good everyday. The door bell rang again and alison sighed.

“I’ll be back in a bit, stay here.” Estella continued to stir the soup, her feet frozen. She heard a cry and crash and she cringed. She read somewhere that the soldiers who delivered the flag often stayed with the widows for awhile and helped them. She hoped one was helping her mom up now. Then she heard something she never thought she’d hear.


No, not crying, sobbing. Her mom was sobbing. She had never seen her Mom cry at a movie much less heard her sob. So it wasn’t any of her fault if the raven haired girl just had to run in and save her Mom. No stranger could provide enough of the comfort she needed. She couldn’t either but she could try.

She ran in to see Alison sobbing into Emily’s chest the brunette stroking the blondes hair softly.

“I’m home,” she kept whispering, “I’m home and never leaving again.”

“Hey Mom,” Estella muttered. Emily looked up.

“Hey kiddo, did you get your homework done? We’re having company over.” Emily smiled and Estella smiled too, using her whole face.

“Just have to do a paper for English,” Estella responded and Alison growled.

“I’ll move the deadline back you brat,” the teacher muttered from inside Emily’s army jacket.

“C'mon now babe, that’s no way to talk to our daughter,” Emily giggled.

“Not your daughter anymore I remarried,” Alison muttered and Emily laughed now.

“Oh yeah who is he? I’ll kill him.”

“Didn’t work so well the first time,” Alison snarked, and Emily kissed the top of her head.

“If you want something done right, never let Hanna do it,” she muttered. She looked at Estella, “that’s a good lesson. If you want to kill someone don’t let Hanna do it for you.” Estella raised her eyebrow, having not been filled in on any of the 'family history’, except that her mom had a previous marriage with an abusive man.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” the fifteen year old said slowly. Alison finally began to extract herself from Emily and the brunette turned to her daughter.

“C'mere Stella.” And the Mom and daughter hugged. For the first time in six years they hugged. Maybe it was the fact that no one called her Stella except Emily, maybe it was that it had been so long, maybe it was a million things but they were all sobbing now, sobbing and hugging but very much a family.

Study Breaks

Author’s note: No prompt sorry!!
Because of the new announcement and the fact that I’ve been wanting to write MakoHaru again for a while uuuughhh pls forgive me

Summary: Haru wants Makoto’s attention.

Word count: 1k

Two weeks, eighteen hours and fifteen minutes.

That was how long it had been since their last kiss and Haru’s left eyebrow wouldn’t stop twitching.

Obviously his boyfriend had his reasons: exam week. He had four exams coming up starting next week and had already started reviewing three weeks ago like the good student he was. Haru had been watching him stress in those said weeks, offering massages, movie nights and of course, swim dates, but Makoto would decline every time with an apologizing smile, because, “I’m studying, Haru. Sorry.”

At some point Haru stopped asking him and decided to lay on his bed, texting Rin and the others, playing around with apps and —more often than not— watching Makoto write. This was the only way he’d get to hang out with him and since Makoto didn’t particularly mind, this became their routine.

Haru would enter Makoto’s dorm, completely wet from practice, take a shower, change (sometimes he’d borrow one of Makoto’s shirts but whatever) and join him in his room. It was nice to spend time together in silence, but Haru really started missing his daily dose of affection.

Why was this a thing?

Usually he wasn’t all about cuddling, hugging, smooching and all that mushy relationship stuff, but Makoto’s hugs were nice and warm, his kisses were soft and tender, his mumbled words were sweet and caring and god, this was killing him. He had grown used to it because Makoto had been doing these things every single day for the past three years, and here he was, longing for some attention like a drug addict.

It was one of those days again; Haru watching Makoto study from the corner of his eye and about to go grab a snack from the kitchen when an idea popped into his head. From his position he could see a patch of the skin of Makoto’s lower back as his shirt had ridden up just a tiny bit. It was enough to bare the dip and a glimpse of his boxers.

After blinking three times, Haru put his phone down on the pillow, slowly got up and walked over to the chair. As expected Makoto was so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t noticed a thing, which kind of made Haru doubt his future actions, especially since he knew how jumpy the other could be.

Oh, well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

He lifted one single finger and lightly ran it over the revealed skin.

The loudest shriek he had ever heard echoed through the small room and Makoto nearly leaped out of his chair if he hadn’t grabbed the edge of his desk. He looked up at Haru over his shoulder, glasses balancing on the edge of his nose, cheeks flushed and mouth open in shock.

“H-Haru! You know I’m ticklish!”

“I know,” Haru answered dully. “That’s why I did it.”

His response sounded like that of a sad puppy. “Is there something you want?”

“For you to take a break.”

“Ah… I can’t. I gotta finish this chapter. No, wait!”

Haru’s patience had officially left the building so he firmly grabbed Makoto’s waist with both hands and started squeezing. Since Makoto had pretty much grown immune to tickling due to his constant play fights with his brother and sister, Haru knew he had to catch him off guard if he wanted to get a reaction and go for his worst spots right away.

Poor Makoto was rocking back and forth in his chair, trying to grab Haru’s wrists while letting out one bark of laughter after another, accompanied with several snorts and yips. Most of the time their tickle fights were one-sided in which Makoto would have the upper hand, so Haru knew the tables could turn any minute and he had to be fast and thorough.

And so, Haru wormed his hands under the sweater Makoto was wearing and started fluttering his fingertips all over his back. This had Makoto literally screaming with laughter and his entire body jumping in synch with every little movement Haru’s fingers made, head thrown back against Haru’s chest and lips stretched into one of the silliest grins he had ever seen.

Haru was absolutely enthralled by the crinkles around Makoto’s eyes, the dimples in his cheeks and most of all his gorgeous laughter. The low and short chuckles he was used to were nothing compared to the cute high-pitched laughter Haru was hearing right now. Now that he thought about it, this was probably the first time Haru had ever gotten such a good look at his face during a tickle fight.

“Stohop! Haruuu!”

Poor Makoto was forever failing at getting a hold of Haru’s hands as they kept switching places, which was one of the techniques Makoto himself had used on him not too long ago. He pleadingly looked up at Haru with tearful eyes and Haru, wearing a somewhat smug expression, stared back down and stopped tickling for a few seconds.

“Take a break.” And give me attention.

“Ugh, can’t I at least finish my sen— Eeh! Okay, okay! Break, I’ll take a break!”

Unfortunately for him, Haru’s hands had still been near his ribs and threateningly curled their fingers, brushing lightly over the flesh.

Satisfied, Haru pulled back and sat back down on the bed, keeping a very casual posture. It was really hard to bite back his victorious grin that he was wearing on the inside so he hoped that Makoto would come kiss him soon. He sat there quietly as Makoto obediently took off his glasses, closed his notebook and went to join him.


Or not.

In less than two seconds he was struck down, fearfully watching as his merciless, thirsty for revenge ass of a boyfriend smiled down at him. His legs were trapped between the other’s, hands pinned on either side of his head and Haru knew that the next few minutes of his life were gonna be very long and very bad.

Makoto was the kindest person he knew, except when it came to tickle fights in which he was the most ruthless and experienced on top of that.

“If you wanted my attention that badly, you could’ve just said so.”

Shut up.”

In the end he did get his kisses and cuddles, though.

He wasn’t sure when, but at some point going to the Inquisitor’s room, to Elden’s room, at the end of the day had just become habit. Dorian didn’t even think about it, didn’t even realize, until he reached the top of the stairs and found himself standing in the dark room and staring at the empty bed. There wasn’t even a fire going but Dorian wasn’t certain the involuntary shiver that ran through him was from the chill alone. It was ridiculous. He knew the Inquisitor was only away on a mission, he would return by the end of the week, but having him gone like this for so long–

It was aggravating. Every time his thoughts strayed they always went back to Elden. He wasn’t alone, he would be safe, and yet Dorian couldn’t help but worry. If he let his thoughts wander long enough he always managed to come up with ever worse fates Elden could meet and there was nothing Dorian could do to help him.

He stared at the empty bed for a long time, unable to pull his gaze away. It just seemed so wrong. Usually Elden would still be up waiting for him, book in hand and candle lit on the bedside table. Now it was all dark and It was unsettling not even seeing a lump under the blankets where he usually slept. Truth be told Dorian had been avoiding this room since Elden had left. Sure, it was depressing returning to his tiny barely-used quarters near the library, but it was better than seeing this room so empty and without life.

He thought about leaving and returning to his own room as usual, but Dorian was gripped with such an overwhelming sense of longing that he couldn’t bring himself to go. He missed Elden so much it hurt more than Dorian thought possible. He sat on Elden’s side of the bed, lighting the fireplace with flick of his wrist. He touched the pillow, not really sure what he was doing. He shivered again and climbed under the blankets, pulling them tightly around himself.

It smelled like home and comfort and safety. It smelled like Elden. Dorian hurried and buried his face in the pillow, feeling so foolish and wondering how he had fallen so badly when he’d told himself time and time again how unwise this all was. And yet here he was, sleeping in another man’s empty bed and longing for him to return, counting down the days until he could finally touch Elden again, hold him tightly and feel his warmth, kiss him until they both ran out of air. He couldn’t help but wonder if Elden felt the same.

Doubtful. Dorian was never that lucky.

He hadn’t meant to fall asleep here. He’d intended to return to his own quarters but he just couldn’t bring himself to leave, not when he was engulfed here by the memories of Elden.

Dorian woke to the feel of someone running their fingers through his hair. His first thought was of Elden, but of course he was gone. Annoyed, he readied a spell just in case as he cracked open an eye to see who had disturbed him in such an intimate way, but froze. It really was Elden. He was sitting on the edge of the bed leaning over him, covered in dust, sweaty and with his hair sticking out at odd angles. Helmet hair, Dorian thought. He wondered if Elden had come looking for him straight away but of course he remembered he was in Elden’s room, not his own.

Well. This was awkward. Sure, he had spent more nights here than not as of late, but this still felt intrusive. A half-formed protest or an explanation, he wasn’t really sure which, was about to come tumbling out but Elden spoke before he could get his mouth working.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he said and Dorian felt light-headed and stunned in disbelief. “You weren’t in your room or the library; I was beginning to get worried.”

“You’ve– been looking?” Dorian repeated, his mind having trouble keeping up, sluggish from sleep as well as surprise. “What are you even doing here? I thought you weren’t due back ‘til the end of the week.”

“We may have rushed a bit,” Elden said sheepishly, an adorable blush creeping into his cheeks and Dorian berated himself for being distracted by it. “I missed you.”

And then Dorian was kissing him. He didn’t even think about it. He just pulled Elden close, overwhelmed with affection and relief and so much more that he’d rather not think about right at this moment. All that mattered was that Elden was here and that Dorian had been missed. Perhaps as much as Dorian had missed him. He feared it all might be a dream, too good to be true.

Suddenly Elden was pulling back and Dorian tried to mask his disappointment.

“Sorry,” Elden said, chuckling a bit. “I am covered in dirt. Probably some blood too. Not my own, don’t worry. Just give me a second to get cleaned up.”

“Ugh, yes, you really are a mess,” Dorian said although truth be told he didn’t particularly care at the moment.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Elden said as he quickly removed his armor and headed for the wash room. “I’ll be right back.”

Dorian watched him go, feeling a swell of affection as Elden tripped over himself slightly in his haste. This was really happening. This man was his and Dorian could hardly believe how happy he was. He reminded himself that there was still a war going on and no doubt this would all end in tragedy, but perhaps for the moment he could put that aside.

He just wanted to focus on this moment, on Elden and everything he had with this man. Dorian had been told his entire life that he would never have this, this closeness and affection, someone like Elden, and yet here he was. And Dorian still found himself constantly fearing for the worst. But then Elden would smile at him, like he was now as he returned from the other room, and his expression said more than words ever could and Dorian knew the depths of everything he felt for him. It was overwhelming and terrifying and perfect and all Dorian could do was pull him close and kiss him, hoping Elden knew that he felt the same.

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the reader and kara are bffs (but they're both super into each other) and the reader is stuck in an abusive relationship with this guy. kara finds bruises all over the readers body and she goes to beat the shit out of the readers bf. the reader stops kara from taking it too far (since she has super strength) "calm down kara! it's okay, I'm fine!" "no, it's not okay! look what he did to you! you...you deserve to much better" and then they kiss

Originally posted by kara-zorel

Alright. Not super comfortable writing abuse, I hinted towards it though so it still fits in the prompt. Trigger Warning: Abuse


“No, Y/N!” Kara interrupts you, on the verge of tears after she got a good look at your bruised abdomen. “This ends now!” She begins to storm off, but you caught her arm.

“Kara, don’t! Please, you’ll kill him.”

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“I’m serious, Kara.” You sighed. “Please, just don’t do anything, okay? Let me deal with him.”

“You said that last time-”

“I know I did, but you’re right. He went too far this time, and I’ll make sure he knows that.”

“Please do, Y/N. I hate seeing you like this, and you know how I feel about him.”

“Well, to be fair you’ve never liked any of my boyfriends. Or girlfriends.” You smirked, trying to lighten the mood a little, but Kara wasn’t having it.


“Okay, okay. I will talk to him. Trust me, Kara. I’m an adult and I can handle myself.”

“I know that, but it’s him I’m worried about.”

You sighed before making her an offer. “Tell you what, I will call you before I go talk to him tomorrow, and if you want you can scope out the place. You can come flying in if anything goes wrong. Okay?”

“Okay. I just hope it won’t came to that.”

It came to that. 

You tried to break it off with him, but he had other ideas. He couldn’t even finish raising his hand before the wall had a huge hole in it as Kara came flying in. In her Supergirl costume.

Before you knew it, your best friend, your alien best friend with super strength, wasn’t pulling any punches on your very human soon to be ex-boyfriend.

“Calm down, Kara! It’s Okay! I’m fine!” You shouted as you pulled Kara off.

“No, It’s not Okay! Look what he did to you! You… You deserve so much better Y/N.”

A moment of silence passed between you two before you decided to speak up. “Alright. I..I’ll call the cops and they can deal with him. Just fly me home please?”


It’s been a few weeks. The cops arrested your ex and Kara’s been nothing short of amazing as you were beginning to recover from what happened.

You really didn’t realize how bad it actually was. You looked up common signs of an abusive relationship and were shocked to learn that almost all of them applied to the relationship you just left.

“Hey.” Kara walked up to you, taking you out of you’re thoughts. “How are you doing?”

“Eh, same.” You shrugged. “Thank you, Kara.”

“For what?”

“Are you kidding? For everything. You were right, I do deserve better. And I hope that…”

You trailed off as you looked up and got lost in Kara’s face. Deciding actions speak louder than words, you leaned in and brought your lips against Kara’s. You felt Kara kiss you back before she pulled away.”

“I-I’m sorry, Kara. I just-”

“No, no don’t be sorry. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” She said and you both smiled before she continued. “But, you just got out of an abusive relationship, and I think you need time before jumping into something else.” You nodded in understanding. She was right, you needed time.

“Thanks, Kara. Just… wait for me?”

“Whenever you’re ready, Y/N. But, I’ll be here for you no matter what.”

Darry Imagine: I'm Going to Fix This.

request: Can you a Darry and Curtis sister imagine where Darry and her are really close but the state tries to take her away it would make my day!!

A/N: I hope that it’s okay that this isn’t reader inserts. I really liked writing this, I like writing sister things for some reason haha. Enjoy 💛

Babydoll Curtis ran from the house crying and sobbing as Darry stepped out of the car. He had just gotten home from work but she couldn’t wait and had to see him right away. When she ran up to him her arms wrapped in a tight grip around his waist. He didn’t notice her crying at first and he laughed a bit as he tried to nudge her off of him. “At least let me get in the house first, kiddo.”

When she didn’t say anything but rather held onto him tighter he looked down at her and finally he noticed that she were crying. Immediately he hugged her back as she spoke.

“Please don’t let them take me away, Darry, please!” she sobbed. “I know I ain’t so good sometimes but I promise to clean my room when you ask and I’ll try harder in school I really will. Please don’t let them take me!”

“What the hell are you talking about, girly?” Darry asked in concern as he rubbed her back gently. He was completely clueless until he glanced up to see the nice car parked in front of his house that definitely didn’t belong to anyone he knew. His heart sunk but he managed to pull her off of him enough to kneel down in front of her. He reached up to gently to wipe the tears from her cheeks and he patiently waited for her to calm down a bit. “Just breathe, Babydoll. I ain’t going to let them take you alright? What’s going on? Did they say why they came? You know they come just to check on us sometimes, right?”

“I know they come to check sometimes but it’s not like that this time. The state is here saying I can’t live with you anymore. They’re saying that I have to go live somewhere else because I’m a girl and they don’t think you can take care of me right.” she whimpered and tried to hold more tears back. “I tried to tell them how you’re the best at taking care of me but they told me to be quiet because it was grown up stuff. They came and made all the other guys leave and Sodapop was getting real angry at them. I’ve never seen him angry like that, Darry. I’m scared.”

Darry looked into his little sisters wide eyes. It always broke him that her childhood was stolen from her so quickly and just when things were starting to be normal again the state came to mess up all of the progress they had made since their parents died.

Darry had seen Babydoll crying before. When she was a baby he used to get up in the middle of the night to put her back to sleep so his parents could stay in bed. As she got older he always found the best ways to comfort her. When she scraped her knees riding bikes he told her that fairies came in the middle of the night to fix her and she immediately stopped crying and smiled. He found a way to turn thunder storms into a game so that they weren’t so scary anymore. He always knew just what to say to make a nightmare into something funny so she’d laugh and go back to sleep. He always knew what to say and how to fix it. But after their parents died he found it harder and harder to find the ways to fix his broken little sister who had seen to much of the adult world much to soon. He found his words failing him more often than not these days and this was no exception.

As he looked into her eyes that were staring at him and waiting expectantly for her big brother to save the day he was just at a loss for words. Instead he wiped her stray tears away one more time and took her hand to lead her inside.

There were two state workers there which Darry knew meant nothing good. Sodapop was clearly clenching his fists as he stood there and Ponyboy was just staring sadly at his siblings. Darry gave a gentle nudge to Babydoll’s back.

“Why don’t you go finish reorganizing your dolls like you started yesterday. Ponyboy will help you, girly.” Darry’s voice was strained and they stared at each other. Babydoll wouldn’t budge but Ponyboy came over to take her out of the room.

Ponyboy tried to get her to play a game or something with him to keep her busy but she kept getting distracted by the muffled voices that could be heard throughout the house. Eventually she just pushed her toys away and crawled into Ponyboy’s lap. He simply hugged her tightly and started telling her a story to help block out the voices.

After what seemed like ages Darry stepped into the room. His face was unreadable but Sodapop followed after him and he had clearly been crying. Darry silently leaned down to pick up Babydoll and he sat her in his lap while he sat on the bed. Both Sodapop and Ponyboy sat on either side of them as Darry finally spoke.

“Look.. they’ve got to take you away from me. Just for one week until I can talk to the judge okay? But I promise you.. You will be back in this house faster than you know it okay?”

Babydoll’s eyes filled with tears and she tried to push away from him. “You didn’t even try to keep me!”

Her hands were pushing on his chest but he wouldn’t let her go. “Hey..” he murmured softly. “Don’t I always fix things, Baby?”

She stopped trying to break free of his hold at these words but she wouldn’t look at him as tears streamed down her face.

“I promise you that I will never let them really take you from us okay? It’s just one week and I.. I wish it could be different I really do but I’m gonna fix this, kid. I always do.” Darry murmured trying to keep it together as she shifted to throw her arms around his neck in a tight hug. She was crying and so were the other two boys as they leaned over to hug her and their oldest brother. Darry finally let his tears fall as well.

“I’m gonna fix this..” he promised quietly one last time.

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If i'm not too late please can you do Spones 1? Thank you <3

Never too late, I’m sorry this took so long! I have a lot of post Beyond Spones feels so…

Spones - First Kiss

McCoy sipped his drink and looked around the room purposefully, thankful for all people who were still there. All the ones who made it. He wasn’t even sure how he’d pulled this off, considering he was in a less-than-celebratory mood after everything that happened. After everyone they lost. But he really wanted Jim to have something nice, because Jim deserved it, so he was going to have a good time and focus on the things they didn’t lose.

He kept glancing around though, less and less subtly as the evening went on, breath catching every time Spock caught his gaze. McCoy tried to tell himself it was because he was still worried, because they’d come too close to Spock not being okay.

It was dark by the time he said his goodbyes and headed for the exit.

“May I walk with you Leonard?”

“Sure Spock. I’ll uh… I wanted to check how you were healing up anyway.”

They walked out the building in silence, falling into step easily once they were outside in the simulated night of Yorktown. McCoy tried to look straight ahead, purposefully not lifting his gaze any higher than necessary.

“I see you are still uncomfortable at this Starbase.”

McCoy laughed, “That obvious?”

“Yes,” Spock replied with the faintest trace of a smile that most people would have missed. McCoy wondered when he started being able to read all of Spock’s subtleties.

The rest of their walk was quiet, comfortably so, and mostly uneventful. Except for the moments where their hands brushed together and McCoy’s heart pounded for a few minutes afterwards.

Spock had already changed by the time McCoy walked into his room with the scanner he’d retrieved from his own.

He walked up to Spock and lifted up his t-shirt, folding it over to keep it in place. He tried to not get distracted by the line of hair under Spock’s navel and tried really hard to not think about where it went. He pressed his fingers gently to Spock’s almost-healed skin before using his scanner,  rationalising it by telling himself that sometimes plain old-fashioned doctoring worked just as well as technology. In reality he just wanted to touch Spock. To reassure himself that Spock was fine, that they all were. And to see how Spock’s skin felt under his fingers.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, I have not experienced any pain since leaving the hospital.”

“Looks alright,” McCoy said softly, putting his scanner down on the counter and straightening Spock’s t-shirt.

Spock didn’t move however, and now they were standing much too close and McCoy didn’t know what to do with his hands.

“Leonard…” Spock’s voice trailed off as he looked away.

McCoy didn’t say anything, but softened his expression in the hope that Spock would proceed.

“I meant to thank you,” Spock said quietly, “for saving me.”

“Spock you… you don’t have to thank me. I hope you know I didn’t mean what I said back there. I—” It was McCoy’s turn to look away, suddenly feeling too vulnerable under Spock’s gaze “—Jesus Spock I don’t know what I’d do without you either.”

Spock didn’t respond, not in words anyway, but his hands found McCoy’s. He threaded their fingers together and the next few moments consisted of carefully controlled breaths. Spock inched forward just as McCoy’s gaze dropped, and pressed their lips together. It was light and questioning, and Spock pulled back like he wanted to see if maybe this wasn’t what he should be doing. He didn’t have much time to think about it because McCoy untangled their fingers and brought his hands up to Spock’s face, gently pulling him in again and kissing him back with much more intent. 

For all the build-up and the waiting, all the years of it, they kissed softly. Lips moving slowly and hands gently seeking out warmth and skin. Urgency abandoned for a reverence that came from knowing, despite themselves, that this was always the way it was going to be.

You’re the Celebration Tonight

Genre: Extreme fluff (as asked)

Pairing: JK x Reader

Words: 2068

A/N: This was funny because I couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I got the ask :D So here it is finally RIPIP. Requests are open!

“No, don’t go”

“But I have to, I must.”

“Does it have to be this way?”

“I’m afraid it must. This is my purpose in life and death.”

“Do you really have to go? I love you…” He said, his chin tucked into his neck so his voice came out deep, serious and sombre

“But I have to go. We knew we wouldn’t ever be able to be together… You must let me go.” He raised his neck and spoke in a comically high voice

Switching back to tucking his chin in, he speaks again, “It doesn’t have to be this way… Just run away with me and everything will be fine. Nobody will even realise we’re gone.” He spoke with a pleading voice, clearing his throat midway, before his head moved backwards to stretch his neck. His veins peeked out as his voice rose even higher as he mock-screamed, “But it is my duty, please understand! Let me go, this is impossible!”

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9 for whatever you first get inspiration for!

From this list of soulmate AUs. Have some queerplatonic HeiShin. Unrevised.

9 the one where your soulmate’s last words to you are written on your body.

“See ya, Kudou.”

Sometimes, when Shinichi is feeling especially morbid, he looks at those words carved on his chest. If he looks down, he can just see the characters raised above the skin of his heart like some kind of warning. “See ya, Kudou.” It’s an Osakan dialect contraction. Shinichi doesn’t even know anyone from Osaka. It doesn’t stop him from looking at it though, tracing the kana, hoping to find meaning in it.

He hasn’t yet, and it’s been years since it appeared. Hard to find meaning in a casual goodbye. Only they must be on good terms if his soulmate is so casual on his deathbed. That’s about the only thing he can take from it.

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ahgase challenge
    ↳ your bias

[ jb (im jaebum) x cafe!au ]

you can see the golden, pink sunrise peaking up from the city skyline from the view inside your grandmother’s cafe. a yawn escaped your lips without your permission and you lightly smacked your cheeks to get you to wake a bit more.

with all the chairs turned over and placed on the ground from their night’s rest on the tables, you dragged your feet behind the counter to start up the coffee makers and to check the timers on the pastries that were baking in the back. 

as you filled one of the machines with your favorite blends to make your own cup of coffee to fully wake you before the cafe actually opened, a light tap on the glass doors distracted you. your eyes quickly meet a pair of dark, chocolate brown orbs that were slightly hidden behind his messy fringe. even with more than half of his face being covered by a black mask and his dark hair, you felt yourself blush as he gave you a gentle wave to open the door.

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