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I really want Darren to succeed in this venture. He deserves it. So far, 2017 has been good for him career-wise, but not so great in other areas, shall we say? I hope this new music gives him the chance to find peace and happiness in ALL aspects of his life. Also... I wanna see him smash it so it's one in the eye for the haters.

I could NOT agree more. I am so happy for him lately in terms of career progression and I only hope that the more successful he becomes the more freedom he has to truly just be Darren and live his life as he chooses and not how he is forced. Away from the games and the charades.

Darren FINALLY has new music out. And he did it in a way that is honest and genuine. He didn’t give in to the masses and the labels that wanted nothing more than a Pop Prince Charming appealing to the masses of young female fans. He did it as authentically as he could. I cannot stop beaming.  I think the music is fantastic and selfishly cannot wait to hear more of what these two insanely talented musicians can create.  Bill and Cerena must be bursting with pride today.

And Lost Boys Life- if that is not a song that is a providing a peak into the window of Darren’s life, I don’t know what else is. No one can convince me that this is not a song that is about his very real, private relationship.

And we have the guest appearance on Supergirl/The Flash to look forward to in two weeks, which is pure fun. 

And last, but the biggest leap forward, his role as Andrew Cunanan which will be the most challenging role he has every played and has the potential to set the direction of his career as a well respected and sought after actor, for many, many years to come. 

I became a Darren fan the day he graced by TV screen as Blaine. I became a card carrying member of his “fan club” the day I saw him in How to Succeed in Business. I could not be prouder of him.  Especially as he has achieved all of this DESPITE the evil forces in his life, of which there are many.  I can only imagine the places he will continue to go as he shakes the ties that bind him.

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Hi there! I'm very much looking forward for this page to becoming a successful Mysmes Imagine Blog! My request is having the RFA invited for a short vacation to MC's large family home, located in the outskirts of the city or countryside. MC's parents and relatives would be very welcoming and outgoing towards the RFA. Bonus, if you can add in MC's parents/relatives putting MC in an embarrassing position like pulling out the baby pictures or asking them about grandkids. Haha~!

OMG that is so cute!!! I’ve never even read an imagine like this and wowww. I’m excited. This is so adorable. I hope you don’t mind  that I modeled it a bit after my family vacation place.

And I’m very flattered that you think that my blog will become successful, thank you! ^^

I hope you enjoy it~!


  • he’s so excited to meet your family
  • he’s never nervous when visiting them because he knows that he is perfect
  • the plan was to stay there for a week on a little vacation
  • once you get there it’s almost a celebration 
  • zen helps move all of your things to the guest room
  • your mom loves him 
  • honestly they would be best friends
  • your dad was a little wary of him until they talked it out over some beers
  • now they are like bros
  • they make jokes and talk about his acting all day
  • will sing for everyone
  • if you have younger siblings you can bet that zen can and will sing them to sleep
  • which earns him extra points with your mom
  • he’s honestly terrified of the chickens that you have to feed
  • the nights get really cold where you guys are 
  • zen goes out to get firewood because you have an actual fireplace
  • the whole family sits by the fire and tells stories
  • him and your mom will sit in the kitchen and talk about things that you do 
  • “You know that thing she does when she’s angry?” and they would gasp and laugh
  • “Or that one noise she makes when she laughs!”
  • MC can HEAR YOU
  • he probably teams up with your parents to try and persuade you into having kids


  • my gOD he is so nervous
  • overthinking everything
  • “What if they don’t like me and they tell you that you can’t see me anymore?!” 
  • baby is almost cryin
  • you assure him that they will like him and even if they don’t, you will not leave him
  • once he figures out that you will be sharing a bed in the guest room he is convinced that your dad is going to hate him for sure
  • your mom thinks he’s adorable 
  • she applauds you for finding a man who isn’t a emotionally-stupid
  • he helps cook dinner
  • also does the dishes 
  • mom loves him
  • your dad will tease him with fake angry glares
  • poor boy shakes whenever your dad does anything like that
  • calls him ‘sir’
  • you tell him that he doesn’t have to do that
  • he does it anyway
  • will go outside into the orchard and pick pomegranates for everyone to share
  • learns that your family loves when he tells them stories about you
  • one time he tells them about how loud you sing in the shower
  • your family assures him that you have always done that 
  • after dinner he apologizes for telling them that even if you aren’t mad
  • other times he will tell them about how you met 
  • will talk about how much he loves you in the middle of dinner
  • your siblings gag
  • “Do you think I did good today? Did I do good?” questions every night before bed
  • tells your parents that he would love to have kids, but wants to wait until you are ready. (he’s surprisingly calm in this situation)


  • not very nervous
  • her job requires her to talk to people with a high authority 
  • she’s kinda used to it
  • never really one for the countryside or somewhere in the outskirts but she will go because you want to
  • she’ll help clean the house 
  • will make your parents coffee in the morning 
  • your dad really likes her after that coffee
  • everyone think she’s super responsible
  • cuz she is
  • likes to sit on the porch and look at the sky
  • it’s never this clear in the city
  • whole family agrees that she is wife material 


  • really makes an impression when you show up in his limousine 
  • has bought everyone in your family a gift because he wants to impress them with his money
  • parents are worried that you are just with him for his money and pull you to the side to ask if you are financially okay
  • after you assure them that you are fine and that you love him, they are 100% supportive 
  • brought really expensive fancy wine for all of them to enjoy
  • your parents think his seriousness is a little funny
  • they make a lot of dumb jokes around him
  • it’s almost a challenge to get him to laugh
  • you’re the master at it
  • jumin loves the cherry orchard
  • he will try to teach younger siblings about the economy 


  • everyone in your family probably loves him
  • family thinks he’s hilarious 
  • hangs out more with the kids than the adults
  • he’s basically their leader now
  • they worship him
  • will catch as many frogs as he can 
  • probably has pushed you into the frog pond once
  • comes back from being outside all day and his face is streaked in mud
  • you have to get a washcloth and clean him up while he smiles at you like an idiot
  • showers your parents in compliments
  • is that one person that points out similarities between you and your parents
  • absolutely loves your mom’s cooking
  • will stand up at dinner and salute his meal 
  • is also the one who asks for the family picture-book 
  • the one with the embarrassing pictures with you
  • you know
  • that one
  • you don’t even have time to protest before the whole family is squeezed together on the couch laughing at baby pictures of you
  • he laughs so loud
  • “MC! You are so cute~!”
  • and omg
  • he has embarrassing pictures of you on his phone
  • he has pictures of you from the cameras in your own home wHAT
  • you threaten to show everyone pictures of him in a dress
  • 100% just starts screaming whenever anyone of your parents mention grandkids


  • is there anyone that V can’t get along with
  • except yoosung 
  • takes pretty pictures of you and your family
  • loves taking pictures of just nature
  • everything is so open and free, it’s perfect
  • laughs at photo albums of you in the past and thinks it’s adorable when you get embarrassed 
  • adds his photographs to the album 
  • likes to lay down in the plush grass, close his eyes, and just feel the breeze and the sunshine 
  • you will join him
  • family thinks you two are so cute
  • when the idea of grandkids comes up, he is all for it
  • it’s a little embarrassing
  • tells your parents about how happy he would be to start a family 


  • probably tries to stay by your side the whole time
  • even though your family is happy to have him here, he feels like he is intruding 
  • wants to stay inside
  • you drag him out
  • the goat tried to eat his sweater sleeve and now he swears revenge
  • he likes the dog
  • if you aren’t with him, he’s now with the dog
  • thinks it’s kinda funny to open a photo album and watch you freak out 
  • likes it when you drag him out to the orchard and walk through the trees holding hands
  • would never admit it tho
  • one day your parents bring up the topic of grandkids over dinner
  • this boy turns bright red, stands up, and just leaves the fucking room
  • youcantdothatsaeranplz
Dear Ex-Best Friend,

It’s been awhile; too long actually. I’d like to say that I miss you, but most of me knows that you probably don’t care one bit. Another portion of me still hopes that you do, though. 

I’d also like to say that I’m so sorry. I wish things didn’t end the way that they did between us. With everything going on in our lives; the change, the drama, the struggles, and even with the joyous times we were experiencing; there wasn’t nearly enough room in either of our hearts for us to forgive each other at that particular point in time, no matter how hard we tried to make amends and repair our damaged relationship. But now, too much time has passed. It’s too late because we’ve grown apart to the point of no return.

I’d like to apologize for a number of things. I’m sorry that we both have to answer questions about how we’re doing to each other’s families and to our old friends that we met through one another. I’m sorry that I now call someone else my best friend. I’m sorry that I held you responsible for a lot of my secrets. I’m sorry that I didn’t act like I cared more, even though I loved you with every ounce of my being. I’m sorry that we aren’t still making all of the memories we thought we would up until the day we hit the nursing homes. I’m sorry for always annoying you and being weird. And I’m sorry that seeing each other is now awkward and weird. In fact, us not being friends is weird; as is the whole situation that brought us to this supposed destiny.

Now that I’m done with some of the apologies that I owe you, (because apologizing for everything would probably result in a novel; and who has time for that?), I also want to thank you. I want to thank you for letting me grow so incredibly close to your family and for you guys being my second family when mine forgot about me. I want to thank you for letting me call you my best friend for years. I want to thank you for making me laugh until I cried nearly every day since the first time we met when we were just little kids. I want to thank you for finally being open and honest with me this past summer and for trying to make our friendship work again. I want to thank you for encouraging me to be more open and honest about myself throughout the last couple of years of our tattered sisterhood. And I want to thank you for all of the memories we share and all of the embarrassing pictures that now pop up on our Timehops. Thank you for being such a fun and adventurous friend for a very long time, even though that time wasn’t quite long enough for me.

When we were just young kids, we thought the whole world wasn’t that large. We were naive and ready to take on the universe. When we were teenagers, we got our drivers licenses back to back, and we traveled places just because we wanted to and because we could. We never thought that the rest of the world was capable of tearing us apart the way it did. Or maybe you knew, but I had no idea. I wish I would have known, though. Because maybe I could have saved us; or at least prevented my own heartbreak. Years ago we could never imagine a time in our lives when a boy would be more important to us than each other. Nor could we imagine a summer vacation without spending time in your backyard making s’mores, swimming, doing crafts, jumping on the trampoline, or laying under the stars while telling stories during meteor showers. We grew up much too fast and lost each other in the mix of all the new and exciting people and opportunities that came forth so abruptly.

I hope that you find a man who is even better than the one that ruined us; the one that I held a relationship with for over a year in which Karma eventually showed up and tore us apart. I hope that he is the one and I hope that he doesn’t break your heart. I hope that you graduate college and find your dream job somewhere on the west coast creating the beautiful art that you do and that you become successful. I hope that you don’t get stuck living somewhere you dislike. I hope that you have children who hold the same beauty, talent, and sense of humor that you do. And I hope that your family is doing well too. I still hope you’re doing okay because despite the betrayal that we were both guilty of, despite the tears I shed because of you, and despite the filthy words that we used towards each other; you deserve it. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, and to be healthy.

I will always read your Twitter updates. I will always stalk your Instagram photos. I will always watch your Snapchat stories. And I will always look at your parents’ social media pages just to see how proud of you they are. Because for me, the friendship we had is a fond childhood memory and the fact that you’re still the same goofy person I was friends with through my awkward middle school and high school years makes me happy. I will always hope for the best for you today, on your last final of college, on your wedding day, and before all important life events. And when my kids and yours become the age that we were when we became friends, I will look back at all of the years we spent eating too many GCB’s from Marvin’s, Watching Elf, going on vacations, taking funny pictures, and encouraging each other to be the women we are today.

Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. Read that again. Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. It actually means just the opposite. Rather, because we were best friends, I will always love you more than the majority of people in my life. I know this is true because in five or ten years when I run into you at the grocery store or at the mall because we’re back in Indiana for whatever strange reason, maybe we will be happy to see each other. Maybe we’ll hug and exchange awkward conversations about how neither of us knew the other was in town, and small talk about how our lives are going.

I look forward to this day because I will get to see your smile that brightens up every room you walk into. I might get a small scent of the house that I practically grew up in. And I will get to hear about all of the things you’ve done since we stopped communicating. For a brief moment, neither of us will remember why our foolish eighteen-year-old selves stopped being friends and we will be cordial with each other. I look forward to bumping into you and hearing about your husband and your kids, and to see the sparkle in your eyes that you always get when you are truly happy. I look forward to hearing of your good fortune.

So please just know that although we both have every right in the world to be angry at one another, I’m not mad you at you at all. I wish you the best and all of the happiness in the world. And I also hope you know, I’ll always love to see your updates (even if they make me upset knowing that our friendship is gone). I’ll always be rooting for your wellbeing.

I love you to the moon and back.


Your Ex-Best Friend

I really hope K.A.R.D’s debut becomes successful, but because DSP is their company, I’m afraid of them flopping. I also hope they’re not gonna end up as a one time thing, like Y Teen (Monsta X + Cosmic Girls), just fade away like F1RST, or worse, end up disbanding just because of a scandal, like COED and B2Y (which were both my favorite groups)

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SIN PARENT HAS ARRIVED WITH A NOT SO SINFUL ASK! How would everyone react to S/O saying they want to marry them? Individually, of course! (I hope you guys become successful! I'm rooting for you!)

( Thank you, sin parent! <3 )


✱ “You want to what?”

✱ No doubt he’d be surprised at first, you want to marry HIM?

✱ Probably ask you a billion more times just make sure you’re serious.

✱If you’ve been dating for a while, he’d most likely say yes.

✱ If you’ve just started, he might ask to hold it for another time.


✱”Haha, oh wait, you’re serious aren’t you?” 

✱She’d be really excited!

✱Obviously she’d say yes, if you’ve been dating for a pretty good amount of time.

✱She’d start making plans slowly though, just testing to see if you were serious.

✱Expect a ton more cuddles.


✱ “Do ya really mean that, love?”

✱ Happy 2D is very happy, he’d start planning the wedding almost instantly.

✱”Can I sing for you during the wedding?” 

✱ Be prepared for a lot of questions.

✱ 2D being nervous about not being able to kiss you because he’s a tall boy.

✱ "You’ll be fine, Stu.”

✱ “Ya say that now until I end up fallin’ over on ya.”


✱ “I suppose it’s about that time, ain’t it?”

✱ Planning on having Del being the best man.

✱ You’d most likely figure out the decorations, while Russell figures out guests and such.

✱ Having a tank full of eels at the wedding.

✱ Planning on asking the other band members to preform during the wedding.

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Justin Drew.
What can I say? Okay so I know it’s not your birthday yet but I wanted to be the first to say it because I’m the love of your life and that’s just how I roll.

On March the 1st 1994 a beautiful angel was born to Patricia Mallette and just like everyone else in this world we had high hopes for him and aspirations that he would grow and make a difference in this world; his family hoped that somehow he would make a change by his existence and beautiful smile. As you grew older your family and friends started to recognise your talent in music and how you had the capacity to turn frowns into smiles and not everyone is able to that, you were a gift to this world and a blessing.

I’m not going to tell your whole story because I’m sure you know that and the person reading this knows it. You were this boy from a small town in Canada and somehow you had found your way onto the radio and onto my TV screen, singing one less lonely girl and one time, from then I swear I fell in love with you. The way you carried yourself, the way you smiled and the way you walked into glass doors because you were kidrauhl/ purple ninja and you really didn’t care if doors were in the way. I remember walking to school humming the melody to baby because I wasn’t really sure what the words were but the hook was something I could never forget and is still engraved in my heart now.

As you grew, you were faced with challenges just like the many people around your age at that time, but you were this pop sensation and everyone assumed you were perfect and didn’t make mistakes, they had forgotten you were human too & you were learning and they tore you apart. They broke you from the inside and kidrauhl (and your other alter egos slowly faded) and the boy with the smile and hazel brown eyes wasn’t there anymore. At this time we were greeted with bizzle the bad boy Justin who was sick of trying so hard because he just couldn’t win everyone’s approval, you lost your way & you lost some fans with it too; but they didn’t matter they weren’t important the important thing was there was this boy on the verge of greatness or the verge of self destruction and it broke me to see you like this.

Eventually you found your way and you came back better and stronger, you loved & you lost, you hurt & you smiled. You came back step by step and with each step you were slowly becoming the man you wanted to be, the man you are today. To say I’m proud of you Justin would be an understatement. To say I love you would be understatement, it’s crazy how someone I’ve never met has the ability to make me feel empowered, strong and capable of succeeding. You opened my eyes to the potential I could have and when I was down your songs helped me find my way. You saved my life at one point baby boy and I don’t have the words to tell you how greatful I am for having the radio on that day.

You’re 22 now, and I hope this becomes a journey of success for you, I hope that you live to the fullest of your capability. I hope you know that someone out there loves you and is rooting for you. You’re my inspiration & so much more. You aspire me to be better and that’s all because of who you are. Thank you so much for being you and I hope that march 1st is filled with love, laughter and joy which is everything that you are. I love you so much j, have a great day baby❤️


[INFO] Fans notice Block B’s #Zico supporting his brother #Taewoon

Fans are touched by Zico’s unwavering support for his older brother Taewoon!

During his 1 vs. 1 battle on ‘Show Me The Money 5’, Taewoon’s shirt caught the judges attention after which Taewoon explained that the shirt had been made by fans after his overdone expressions from his previous appearance on season 4.

Then on the June 8 airing of 'Welcome Show’, fans spotted Zico wearing a matching shirt! When asked about the shirt during 'Welcome Show’, Zico stated, “I think there are really good vibes around hyung right now. I want to absorb some of that from him, some of that positive energy, so I wore this shirt.”

Previously, Zico also showed support after the former SPEED member was eliminated on 'SMTM5’ after being forced to participate in 4 rematches. Fans admired the brothers’ close relationship, commenting, “They grew up so well,” “They seem like such close brothers kekeke. Woo brother be more successful,” “Taewoon could be really stressed out and even develop an inferiority complex because his younger brother has the same career path as him and is doing better, but he tries not to be phased by it and always just does what he wants to do positively, which is very admirable. I hope Woo Taewoon becomes successful too.”

Credits: Allkpop

So AI EXPO has officially ended! I was so worried about being unable to come to the 2nd day of the event because there was an emergency but phew, luck was on my side!

AHHHH AI EXPO seriously felt like a Meet & Greet with me for the past 2 days. At first it was just a running joke after my friend put my cosplay picture in the event’s poster lol Then I ended up being a judge for the Karaoke contest and performed (unprepared) on stage, became a guest speaker for the workshop as well as got my art auctioned and all. This is the first time I participated in an event so much (usually I just cosplay with friends) uhuhu So many people even took pictures with me and had me sign their loot again. What surprised me most was the auction. Four of my works were auctioned and one of them got the highest bid for the night. I am so overwhelmed! 😭😭😭 If you were there, you would see me going like thisヽ(゚〇゚)ノ earlier. 707 your power is srsly so amazing! To the people who bought my original comic, thank you so much!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!! It was a very old piece but I’m so glad that there is still a huge demand for it. Sadly, I could only print a few copies. And everyone who bought my prints…. may God bless your beautiful souls ;;;;;; AHHH I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS UGUHUU 😭😭😭This is all JayCee & @aegisdea’s fault uwaaa//// all those sleepless nights and working myself to the bone despite being sick is SO SO SOOOOOO WORTH IT!

I also saw my old students from Joy Fernando’s Summer Art Workshop!! One of them gave me a drawing! (You cutie I WILL FRAME THIS) QwQ I also met new people~ fellow artists, new Manga students, the ICC students (who helped organize the event)~ they were all so awesome and nice! Special thanks to my friends @blindwithoutglasses, @amei-arts, @noridiculous & Jana (idk your tumblr /sobs) for manning my side of the table while I was gone. I wasn’t able to man it because I was at the Manga Workshop until 5pm. So for those who wanted to meet me or sign the prints, I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully we could meet again next time!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made the event become a success! I hope everyone had a great time! <3 AI EXPO SRSLY MADE ALL MY WISHES COME TRUE I KEN DIE HAPPEH NOW

Another special thanks to @alcestisam for being my sponsor lmao jk jk but for supporting me when I was about to give up on selling the prints last Friday because of technical and financial difficulties… thanks sugar momma (also get well soon too) 😘😘😘

I’m still sick so I think I’m gonna rest for a few days. I’ll get back to you guys about the Nationwide and International Shipping details once I’m all rested up! But one thing I’m gonna add is that A3 size prints and 2x3 ft tarps “might” get added to the list if there’s a demand for those sizes~ we just need to know how we could ship them safely. Thank you so much for your patience!

P.S. I hope those who purchased the whole set and got the secret print could keep the secret unknown to the public hahaha get it? XD I’ve seen some people who have posted the secret print online but it’s always fun to keep people guessing~ I mean, the faces of the people who saw the secret print was priceless!! <3 (I hope it was worth it for the buyers~ ;w;)

MY cheat code to dieting, exercise, sugaring, school,work and life.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion views and ideas on how to make exercise,work,school and sugaring easier for me. I just thought I’d share. It’s not 100% effective,but it’s hopefully helpful. Also this is pretty long. So if you’ve got time and interest sit and have a read!

I’m extremely excited to be going into the  New Year as a new SB and hope this year will be filled with love, success and joy. :) So as a means to not only help this along I’ve decided to start eating better,working out and I know you all think “Oh no here we go a girl who plans her diet for the new year” But, I’m here to tell you lovelies that I’ve been able to do diets and be healthier before. I also don’t plan on slacking. Once I set my mind to something I’m good for it. So I’ll be keeping a log of things i do every day to help me be healthier,snack smarter and feel better in general.

So, I’m a college student and snacking smart,eating healthy and exercising in general just seems like way too much to keep up with along with working and since I’ve added sugaring to my list. I figured I’d give some things I think would be helpful for to make these things easier.

If you’re a student going to school right now and want to add exercise to your list. The simplest thing to do is add a physical education course to your schedule. It’s only twice a week, it’s mandatory and an easy A. So, not only are you getting a grade. You’re getting healthier and earning a grade. I personally prefer early morning workout classes. Reasons why? It’s early so it’ll wake you up and pump you up for your day. You’ll feel amazing once you get back from your class and take a shower and your mind will be clear! How great is that?!

Snacking and eating right:

Now, on to food. I know eating healthy is hard at school. The cafeteria is disgusting and trust fast food is so tempting, but never fear healthy snacks cheap are here! (These things you do not have to buy all at once. Slowly add them to your room and restock as needed.) Hopefully you have a fridge in your room because not only is that essential but it’ll keep your food fresh.

Berries: keep you mentally sharp, sweet and can help fight late night sugar cravings.

nuts: Protein, fiber, Omega-3 and fatty acids. Vitamin E (can help stop plaque in your arteries)

water: Necessity to live, obvi. You’re mostly made of water so you need it to live. Great for skin and complexion. Stay hydrated kids. just understand water is good for you.

peanut butter: Super filling and tasty. Has the same properties as nuts just in a creamy tasty buttery? form :)

celery: only 10 calories,reduces inflammation, great for acne, Magnesium (which is also a stress reliever. I recommend this for hardcore study sessions), regulates alkaline balance which is a great way to protect yourself from acid reflux, you can sleep better,has “good” salt (yes there is bad salt. Hypertension is not your friend ladies!)  Amp up your sex life! and at last but definitely not least. Vitamin A.

Carrots: Eyesight is key, Beta-carotene (helps slow aging) protects teeth and gums,  Can help assist the liver in flushing out toxins!
Dried cranberries: Fiber, lower heart problems, antioxidants. Sweet and delicious and taste great!

granola: Helps prevent constipation and digestion ( a little gross,but no one likes to be backed up), grat for fiber and  helps you feel full.

Honey:  A wonderful substitute for sugar

Cheese: Cheese contains a host of nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B1. Also,calcium is a great for your hair! (

If you do a search on the web about the importance of calcium for healthy hair, you will find enough contradictions to make you want to pull your hair out.  Of course I’m joking, but in reality there’s a lot of misinformation about the importance of calcium for healthy hair and the avoidance of hair loss.

What’s the real answer?  Calcium plays a part in the growth of healthy hair because its part of the big picture of incorporating a well-balanced nutritional plan into any hair growth or hair loss prevention program.

Calcium alone is not the secret hair bullet which will instantly stop hair loss or grow six inches of hair overnight.  However, if there is a calcium imbalance it can definitely have an impact on the growth of healthy hair.

Should you talk calcium pills?  If your physician or nutritional consultant recommends it, by all means you should. Will get into pills in a bit.)

Yogurt: “live and active cultures” on the container mean that your yogurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. (Only a very small number of companies put yogurt through a post-pasteurization process that kills off all bacteria. so it should be pretty easy to find some healthy for you yogurt.) loaded with vitamins and help you.

Bananas:Potassium ,potassium,potassium! I’m extremely allergic to banas and cannot eat them. So i’m stuck taking potassium vitamins, but let me tell you. Even though you won’t find ALL the potassium you need in the magical fruits. You’ll definitely get plenty. It’s relieves heart problems such as stroke. It can help with anxiety and stress levels and even with your metabolism.

Citrus: Vitamin-C! Great for your immune system, They’re tasty and refreshing! And you can eat them on the go!

K, so you don’t have to have all these things in your dorm room at once and obviously you won’t always be eating in your room,but if you’re a girl(or guy) on the go the things I’ve listed above are great! If you do decide to eat in the cafeteria I suggest heading for the salad bar and save splurging on unhealthy stuff on a night out on the town. Like if you have a POT date. Eat some steak ,get dessert and totally have that drink! But, remember Moderation si always key. just like eating healthy is good for you. Eating too healthy can be your worst enemy. I know I said earlier that things like berries are great for late night sweet cravings, but you don’t always have to ignore them. If you completely ignore your cravings it can be your enemy. If you want  a candy bar take it! It’ll save you from gorging yourself later because you denied yourself now! :)

We all know studying can be a pain for us sometime and woah is it even worse when it’s a subject you hate (*cough* math *cough*). No worries my beautiful,brilliant babies! (try saying that five times fast!) I have some study tips that are sure to help!

Friends: We all love our friends,but not all friends are good for you!( pay attention this info will come in handy for you later) If you have a friend who loves to be around you ALL the time and you want to study; that’s totally fine,but do not and I mean DO NOT let them be a distraction to you. The main goal you’re trying to reach is getting good grades and no one wants to fail because they’re bestie decided to play Beyoncé and have a YASSSSS fest in the study lounge. I mean who can honestly resist Queen Yoncé?! (trust me it happens.) If your friend is a distraction you can’t beat around the bush. Be firm but gentle in a way that gets your point across,but also won’t hurt their feelings in the end. Say something along the lines of “ I’m glad you wanted to hang out,but I really need to study and you’re kind of being a distraction right now. How about we hang out later?” It’s gets your point across,but still firm and you leave open the option for you and your friend to hang out later.

Noise and music: If you’re a person who can study with music and noise going on! More power to you honey! But, personally myself it honestly depends on what subject I’m studying. English ,literature and history! No problem! But, math. Negative. I enjoy quiet when looking at things like math so I can truly focus on it. So, get out of your room and away from your computer! I repeat step away from Facebook and SA! Put down the phone ,put away the headphones and truly focus. Noise and distractions are not your friend. Find a place that’s quiet and you feel safe and give yourself the silence you need! ( this does not include your room, sadly. Way too many distractions and you can suddenly decide to “clean” your room instead of studying.)

Repetition and Recording: Ask your professor if it’s okay to record their class. (most are actually okay with this,but asking first is always best)  The main reason i say to record: if you’re in a lecture hall and there’s no notes. There is absolutely no way you can catch every single thing your professor says and if you can teach me your magic! So, take down notes and record. Study what notes you could get about four times. Not back to back, but between subjects so that way you won’t burn yourself out and you can retain info! In your free time listen to what you did record from the class. Like on your way somewhere. (not the most fun method,but it works and is pretty effective.) If flash cards are your thing; totally go for it. (they’re not really mine) While you’re in the shower say things like definitions or facts to yourself and then check them once you get out.

I hope these study methods will help you become successful and get good grades in the new year!

LIFE: Okay kids! Time for a little fun thing called life!

Drama: I know every year we all say we’re not going to feed into drama and people’s bullshit (excuse the french) ,but let’s be honest. if you maintain any kind of relationship with anyone drama is sure to come! So here’s helpful ways to deal with the stress that comes with it!

People: So many people say if there’s someone toxic in your life then cut them off immediately. Fall back game needs to be strong! They’re right! If there’s someone in your life who brings absolutely nothing to the table then you need to cut them off with the force of a coursing river and  the strength of a great typhoon! That’s easy if this is a person you’ve known only a few days or weeks. But, it’s not so easy if this is someone you’ve known for a long time or is a family member. These people are much more hard to leave behind,so my best advice is to keep them at arms length. Do not use them, do nut cut them off completely, but invite them into no parts of your personal problems of your own. Be there for them,love them dearly, but DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT allow them to destroy your peace of mind with negativity,putting you down and hassling you. Look out for red flags. Does this person only talk to you when they need money? (do not give them money. No matter how bad the sob story. Tell them you have none.) Does this person tell you everyone’s business when these people confided in them and only them? Does this information sound like something that a person does not want everyone to know?! You know what kind of information I’m talking about. If this person does this. Tell them nothing. Tell them your life is going fine (even if it’s not. Tell them it is. it protects you and keeps you from being weaker and letting people, use you blackmail you and guilt trip you. ) If you need someone to confide in. Go on tumblr hit anon and let it all out. It doesn’t have to be to me, but if you feel you just need to let someone know your situation there’s plenty of nice people with nice blogs willing to listen and give you advice. But, do not let people be a source of sadness in your life. You are far too beautiful and gorgeous for that!

School: Hopefully my study tips helped,but if you still aren’t getting the results you want, go to the student tutoring center for help. It sounds embarrassing, but what’s more embarrassing? Flunking out of school because you were too prideful for help? or sitting in the student Help center for 30 minutes- an hour to get the extra help you need. You can also make an appointment with your professor for extra help. It’ll show you care about your grades and will give you an extra edge in your teacher’s eyes. I know this sounds crazy,but it works. They’ll be more willing to help you toward the end of the semester with things like extra credit or curving your grade up a bit if you’re sincere,sweet and are truly trying.

Relationships: See people. ^^^

Stress Relievers:

Hot showers

Facial masks

playing in makeup

Doing your hair

Dancing in your underwear to some energetic great music

Treat yourself to frozen yogurt

Go on a walk

Sugaring: I have NOT been sugaring for long, but I can tell you now. This is definitely not something you go blabbing about to everyone and telling people! Keep your business your business. Meaning: keep it to yourself. Everyone is not your friend,honey. Someone in the regular world or sugaring world could get jealous and try to expose you! Keep your identity safe, stay smart and always stay ahead. Sugaring is a hustle and to hustle you have to be smart and always have a safety net. I suggest finding a friend in the sugaring world and in the regular world you trust to help keep you safe for things like POT dates. Let your friend in the sugaring world know you have a POT date,let them know where you’ll be and create a safety word for you to text them with to let them know things have gone sour. Try peaches! (your sugaring friend does not have to be local) Tell your regular friend that you have a date with someone you met online. ( This is all they need to know. They don’t need to know they’re a POT or anymore information like that.) What they do need to know is. Where you’ll be how long you’ll be there and what you’ll be wearing so if things go sour they can help you. Also, find a safety word for them. i suggest this word should also be the same that you texted your sugaring friend so you won’t become forgetful in the case that things get stressful! Excuse yourself to bathroom to “powder your nose” Show no signs you’re stressed. Let the hostess know you do not feel safe and while you’re in the restroom text your friends and tell them whether or not they need to send help! Make up an excuse to leave! Any reason in the world. Say someone died for all you care, just do whatever you have to to leave safely without this person following you. Be safe my dears!

Now, in the case you’ve created a safe word to let your friends know your not feeling safe. You should let them know you are fine as well. Just excuse yourself to the restroom and let them know you are doing fine. Don’t take too long though. No one likes to be kept waiting :) I hope this helps! Sugar safe babies!

Excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes. This was a long post and I honestly don’t feel like rereading it right now to make what’s wrong grammatically right. I hope this information is helpful,useful and most of all interesting.I will edit as need be. Be safe and enjoy the new year!

XoXo, Chanel and Sugaring!

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OMG 😖❣ TYSM FOR THIS ??? it means a lot !! nd i’ve been feeling rlly sorry because i haven’t put up texts for like 170372 years nd everyone’s waiting and its just ,, 😣 if you guys could wait for a few more weeks, i would be really thankful ! thank u for this again anon!!

Ok so

this is kind of a vent post and and an appreciation post for the Fanfiction “I got a boy” by @flyingcrowbar (I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t let me sign up so I’m just putting it on tumblr)
I read it on fanfiction.net here;


and it honestly brought me to tears. I read the Percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus series a while ago, but this brought back so many memories of the characters, it was nostalgic. I’m still so amazed at how well you captured and expanded on all of their personalities so perfectly and tHIS IS 100% SOMETHING ANNABETH WOULD DO. It was probably the most close to canon fan fiction I have ever read it was SO GOOD and it made me laugh and cry and it was a rollercoaster of emotions and really helped me to think more about transgender people and the LGBTQ+ community in general. I would reccomend it to ANYONE who has read the pjo series, and I hope that you will become a successful author and in 10 years I’ll see your name in a bookshop as a bestseller and I’ll remember back to this. :)

Heyo everybody!! I am here to talk about my idea of the Kiliel/Figrid/Barduil appreciation week!! These three ships complete my life!! I am also a major Bagginshield fan as a lot of you know, but that ship doesn’t get as much hate as these three. So!! Here I am with this great idea!!!

I posted earlier today about this and I got a lot of support which I am really excited about! Thank you all so much!! I gave it a lot of though, and I have some things sorted out, but I will be posting more information soon of course!!

All participants should track the tag #KiFiBarAW because I will be posting more information under that tag, and of course people may post their own things under that tag, especially during the weeks, I would love to see all of the work that was created for this project, and so would others!! I am hoping this becomes a big success and we could do more of these in the future!!

As for dates, I have decided it will begin in two weeks from tomorrow and it will move on from there.

Kiliel Week begins at 12 am est on Monday, February 23 and will end at 11:59 pm est on Sunday, March 1st.

Figrid Week begins at 12 am est on Monday, March 2nd and will end at 11:59 pm est on Sunday, March 8th.

Barduil Week begins at 12 am est on Monday, March 9th and will end at 11:59 pm est on Sunday, March 15.

Each day of the week, there will be a different theme and that may give you inspiration to write, draw, etc. The themes will be posted at some point this week for all weeks.

Of course, you do not have to sign up to participate but spread the word and tag anything about this event #KiFiBarAW

Message me heirofthorin for more questions and I will post all answers directly under the tag!!

Remember!!! This is supposed to be fun!! Do not stress yourself out too much over this!!!!

Good Luck!

I really think KNK should’ve won MAMA’s Male Rookie of the Year. At first, I really didn’t like them. For me, they looked really arrogant and snob, specially Jihun in their “Knock” debut picture. But one day I decided to give them a chance, since “Knock” MV kept appearing as recommended for me. Their songs are so well arranged, and all of their voices work really well together! Their dance, too, is really good; it’s weird, but is so unique and awesome. I seriously hope they become successful - they don’t look like rookies at all!

[TRANS] The Musical 'Magazine PS: The 2nd Puberty That Passed Safely, Sunggyu [No.153]

Sunggyu, who is the leader of the group INFINITE that’s famous as the ‘group dance idol’ and who also released solo albums, came back to musicals with <All Shook Up>. Sunggyu, who was being a crybaby throughout the interview and saying ‘It’s so hard. So hard!’, talked not only about being a singer and a musical actor, but also deep thoughts about himself.

-I heard that your leg was injured until very recently. Is it okay now?
It has been around two months since my injury. My ankle ligament got torn. It’s still undergoing rehab. I actually couldn’t practice the dance for <All Shook Up> a lot of the times because of my leg. I think I need to recover fast and practice. It’s gotten a lot better so I think I can start dancing in 1-2 weeks.

-You used the expression ‘The 2nd Puberty’ when you were promoting your solo album last year. Did it pass okay?
Ah, I’m cringing. Why did I say that? (Laughter) I think so. I’ve gotten a lot more mature. I think I said that because I’m constantly going through puberty. I feel like I’ve gotten a little more mature than before. Actually, I’m not so sure. (So there might be a 3rd puberty?) I think it can definitely come. (Will it be around the time that your next solo album gets released?) When that time comes, maybe I’ll become very sensitive again and another period of turbulence will hit.

-I think you’re the type of person whose normal daily life differs a lot from what the public sees. I feel like that gap would be hard to get adjusted to. How is it?
So, I think a lot of people think that I’m a fun and a funny person. In real life, I do like to joke around and stuff, but I’m not as funny as you’d think that I am. I was sad when I would go on a lot of variety shows after releasing solo albums and performing on stage, and there were people who said that they couldn’t get used to [that gap]. To be honest, I was sad when I heard that. My real life, I still don’t really know what it is. I’m still confused as to who is the real me. But one thing for certain is that the person you’ll see on TV variety shows is probably me, and the person performing on stage is also me. I think that all the things that the public sees has a part of ‘human’ Kim Sunggyu.

-<All Shook Up>’s Elvis and Sunggyu are both singers. To put it nicely, how does it feel to be crazy about music? To write music and be inspired all day?
I think Elvis is cooler than me. Elvis in <All Shook Up> is a free spirit. I’m a person who wants to be free, but in actuality not free. When you go into that, Elvis is a character who is a lot cooler than I am, who makes me think, ‘I want to live like this.’ That’s why it’s so fun during <All Shook Up>. I think we actually do have similarities. When I’m working on a song, I’m completely absorbed in it, but he’s a person who is still a lot cooler than I am. Very free and crazy in love.

-It’s already your fourth musical. You’re no longer a newbie in musicals. Compared to when you first started out, your thoughts about musicals must have changed a lot. How have they?
I’m still very shy. I was 23 when I started out and now I’m already 28. So compared to then, I’ve definitely gotten more used to it, but for the first musical, I was worried and thought ‘How am I gonna do this?’ It was more nerve-wracking than a concert. I have more ambitions now. I think about what I can do to do well and to plunge myself into it.

-Your goals as INFINITE’s leader, a solo artist, and a musical actor must be all different. Between all these different activities, have you ever gone through an identity crisis?
Right. I can’t do anything about what my job is. It’s always confusing, but even in real life I’m a bit confused. When promoting as INFINITE, I have my members. In the early days of INFINITE, I thought, ‘I hope we become successful soon.’ But when I was promoting as a solo artist, I thought, ‘I need to show people what my music is like.’ At first I thought of musicals as a big challenge but now I’m very attracted to it. There are different goals, but the one common thing about them is that they’re all a part of me, so I think more about how I can show [those different parts] better.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

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Hello Viria! I would just like to compliment you on how amazing are you as an artist and the fact you weren't one of those artist who started drawing at the age of 2. You discovered you passion for drawing when you were older. You are absolutely my favourite artist I have seen so far on Tumblr. I truly hope you become successful in the Art World.