i hope they're okay


He woke tho

The thing that still fucks me up is the way Even holds Isak’s chin with his fingers. So gently and so lovingly. Probably, when Isak had taken this photo, Even just tilted his head and tugged Isak’s chin so he could properly kiss Isak.

Guys, I know this has been an emotional few days for us all, and I know everyone will be sending their love to Billie Lourd, but Carrie had a brother too.

His name is Todd Fisher and he’s just lost his sister and his mother in such a short amount of time. All of my love to you and your niece Todd- I hope that you have people you love around you during this awful time


Poly relationship with Namjoon, Jin and J-hope.

they cut down the tree outside that all the birds used to perch themselves on and I’m actually crying they used to chirp all day and now there’s just silence


I am bisexual! I’m going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on! 


Blind Date

AU Prompt: I walked into this restaurant and you thought I was your blind date and I just kind of went with it because I don’t want to eat alone.

Dan sat at the table checking his phone. Thirty-one minutes late now. Maybe he wouldn’t be coming after all. That’s what he gets for letting his best friend, Dennis, set him up on a blind date with his cousin’s friend’s brother’s neighbor, or whatever their relationship was. Thinking about it now, Dan figures he should have asked for a picture or phone number because all he knew about his date was that he was tall and had blue eyes. They were supposed to meet for lunch though now it was more mid-afternoon and all Dan had was a glass of water and a feeling of pathetic loneliness in his stomach. He stopped picking his head up every time the café shop door opened figuring it wasn’t worth his time. Taking out his phone, Dan stood up to leave and texted Dennis telling him that the date is off and that he would owe Dan lunch.

“Oh, sorry,” a voice said interrupted Dan’s thoughts.

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