i hope they win omg!!

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Peter Parker tourist/travelling au please and thank you! Btw I'm new to your blog and loving it so far!

Omg thank you!! I hope you enjoy 💘💘

1. Winning an all-expense paid trip throughout Europe and deciding that who better to take than your best friend Peter Parker?

2. Going to London and going on the Eye together. He stares at you in fascination and adoration while you stare at the Thames

3. Drinking tea in London that’s all I gotta say

4. Rain pouring on your last day in London so the two of you stay in doors and cuddle up together with blankets and watch Disney movies together

5. Going to Paris and totally unknowingly falling in love

6. Kissing for the first time at the top of the Eiffel Tower bc that is so romantic

7. H a n d h o l d i n g as you walk down the streets together

8. Eating baguettes at a boulangerie!!

9. Peter trying to speak French but failing so miserably omg he’s a dork but you love him anyway

10. Gondolas in Italy. Peter gets carried away and has it done up all nice

11. More kisses on said gondola

12. Authentic pizza in Italy. It’s like a once in a lifetime experience that you would kill to have

13. Going to Transylvania and Peter pretending he’s a vampire and you’re the Girl of his Dreams™

14. Stupidly making out at random intervals

15. Going to the colosseum in Greece and pretending to fight each other (you win, hands down)

16. Spending a night to sleep out under the stars in Bulgaria. You both point out and try to name as many constellations as you can find, making up a few of your own on the way


18. “Hey, Y/N, we’re in Hamburg. Ya know what that means?” “If you say–” “We gotta eat hamburgers!”

19. Sharing a bed when you have nightmares abt something silly, or if you get homesick

20. Reassuring words and light touches when you’re cold or if you’re feeling lonely

21. Going home and feeling like you wanna go back and relive it all over again