i hope they will perform it this sunday



4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

A great weekend at the Syracuse Half Marathon, very happy with the race performance, was just right - not too slow and not too fast for this point in the prep for Boston.  Did not rest up for it, using it as a fast tempo run with a steady pace, simulating the middle to latter half of a marathon, and it went as I had hoped.  The results: 1:17:56, 5:57 mile pace, 17th overall, 1st Master finisher, 5k @ 18:50, 10k @ 36:54, 15k @ 54:46.  The pace was pretty even the entire way, around 6 minute/mile pace, passed a dozen runners along the way.  Didn’t feel sharp, some lack of leg turnover due to fatigue from past week, but made up for it with strength.  Finished strong and felt in control through the finish line.

The training’s progressing according to plan, and with additional taper and some more speed work, should put myself in good position at the start in Hopkington.

Must make a plug for my girlfriend, Kim, who, after a 5 year break from racing, killed it with a 1:57 at this her comeback debut!  I think was more nervous and excited about it than she was…

She showed us hers

Now let’s show her ours

I enjoyed speaking with several new and ol’ pals on Wednesday, and during every conversation someone said, “I hope Cait wins on Sunday,” or “Wouldn’t it be great if Cait won on Sunday,” or “I think Cait will win on Sunday.”

So, depending on what floats our boats, we’re wishing, hoping, praying, visualizing, story boarding — sending good vibes in her direction. Join us.

Let’s show her our faith

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
7 p.m. CST Sunday, January 8, 2017
on CTV (Canada) and NBC (USA) and…

Top Image: http://tvline.com/2016/05/28/caitriona-balfe-outlander-performers-season-2-faith/
Bottom Image: http://outlanderhomepage.tumblr.com/image/154244626563

“Gather Up the Killers” - 4x01 Episode Title Revealed!

Also Pedowitz, the head of the CW, has said the following about the show getting a 5th season

“Julie and I spoke ahead of time about this,” CW President Mark Pedowitz said at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday. “The Originals has not yet premiered for the season. It’ll probably be a discussion in May. I’m a big Julie Plec fan. I’m hoping The Originals will continue. A lot of it will depend on performance.”

How They React To Their GF Being a Theatrical Performer and a Big Broadway Fan (BTS)

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Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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NAMJOON:  Since Rap Monster is all about music and performing and the emotion behind it all, I think he would really respect your love for Broadway and your job as a theatrical performer. He would be incredibly impressed and supportive and would always attend as many of your performances as he could.

YOONGI: Even though Yoongi probably wouldn’t know much about Broadway or theatrical performing, I think he would be incredibly interested in whatever it is you were taking part in or wanted to attend. He would be really proud about the fact that you were so educated in the theatrical area and would love the fact that you guys could connect on a musical level. 

HOSEOK:  Hoseok would be incredibly supportive and would always try his best to make sure you knew that. Whether he was attending your performances or surprising you with front row tickets to the latest production, J-Hope would always make it clear that he loved that you and everything that you were passionate about.

SEOKJIN:  If you were to be a huge Broadway fan and theatrical performer, Jin would be incredibly supportive. Not only would he try his best to come to all of the productions you were involved in, but he would also try his best to to take you to as many Broadway productions as he could.

JIMIN:  Not only would Jimin be incredibly impressed by the fact that you were a performer, but he would be incredibly supportive. He would literally be the biggest cheerleader that you could ever have. He would constantly send you flowers and cards whenever there was a performance he would have to miss, and would sometimes even surprise you by randomly showing up to shows that was nearly impossible for him to make. He would love the fact that you were so passionate about something and would always try his best to make sure you knew he was always there for you and what you loved. 

TAEHYUNG: Not only would Tae be incredibly supportive of you being a theatrical performer, but he would also be incredibly interested and willing to learn anything he could about the topic. He would find the fact that you were so passionate about theater and Broadway amazing and would really want to learn everything he could about it so he could connect with you on a deeper level.

JUNGKOOK: Jungkook would be impressed. Like…super impressed. I feel like because he knows how hard creating music and putting on performances is, he would always be very taken aback by the constant love and passion you put into what you do. He would love the fact that you guys had similar taste when it came to hobbies and would always try his best to show you that he would always support you in anything you did.

Here it is, the big write up! This is from Sunday’s performance, 25th September 2016. I’ve focused on Scorpius and Albus again but this time I’ve just mentioned stuff that was different from the last show or if it was something I missed entirely. I’ve also ordered my ramblings this time so they should make more sense. I hope. I hit 3k words again so I had to do something :’)

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Seventeen are in vietnam for the MBC K-Plus concert. There are also other groups performing there too but I forgot exactly who. The concert is on the 26th

hey! as far as i know seventeen is in vietnam for a festival in hanoi

ooooh wait 26th that’s sunday omg I hope they have free time to explore hanoi a bit?? sometimes i think about how chan is doing hella cool stuff as a 99liner while me…struggling with a physio assignment r i p

I HOPE THEY HAVE A GOOD TIME and thanks for telling me :) I hope you guys had a good week!!

Discoveries in Nashville

When I think of music, my mind automatically goes to Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is where most aspiring country artists go to be discovered. Legendary country music venues in Nashville include the Grand Ole Opry House, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the historic Ryman Auditorium. One particular place most hopeful artists perform is a venue called the Bluebird Café. The café holds Open Mic and Sunday Songwriter’s Shows for up-and-coming artists to perform their own original music. Well known and significant songwriters and artists have performed on the Bluebird stage. Many famous country artists, like Garth Brooks, have been discovered in the infamous café, however my favorite discovery that took place in the Bluebird Café is that of Taylor Swift. 

At a young age, Swift moved to Tennessee to jumpstart her music career. Like most ambitious young artists who are trying to get noticed, she performed at the Bluebird Café, where she would eventually meet Scott Borchetta. Borchetta spotted Swift when she performed on stage at the age of 15. Just a few days later, the Big Machine Record Label was created, signing Swift as the first artist on the label. Swift and Borchetta each took a chance with one another, not expecting how successful they both would become in the future. According to this article, written by Sam Friedman, “The Bluebird Cafe is famous for “in-the-round” shows in which performers set up on the floor facing each other, and the stage is filled with tables where patrons sit. This intimate setup creates a unique experience…”

Aside from the Bluebird Café, another place that comes to mind when I think of Tennessee is the Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman is a very well-known and historic venue in Nashville, where some of the most legendary and famous people have performed. The Ryman is even the very place where Johnny Cash met June Carter. A recent Ryman performance includes a favorite Country duo group of mine, Dan + Shay, where they performed to a sold-out audience. Dan + Shay are best known for their most recent hit single, From the Ground Up. Shay Mooney, lead vocalist, is also known for writing the hit song I Like the Sound of That, which is performed by Rascal Flatts. The song reached #1 on the charts, which was a major accomplishment for Mooney. In a recent interview, Mooney says, “I can’t believe we get to do this for a living,” He gives advice to aspiring artists by stating, “Any singer or songwriter friends out there tonight, keep your dreams alive. We just sold out The Ryman.”

Nashville is the heart and soul of country music, and it is clear that most people who have caught their big break in the music industry happen to be artists who started in Tennessee. Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift were both discovered in the Bluebird Café, never expecting to become Grammy Award Winners and obtaining hit after hit. Swift was just a 15-year-old girl with a guitar and a dream who helped create one of the biggest record labels known today. Dan + Shay started out by playing small venues for empty audiences, to headlining their own tour and selling out at The Ryman. Nashville, Tennessee is the home to music lovers and musicians, making it my favorite music scene out there.

“I still can’t justify it,” says Kody Keplinger, 24, author of the young-adult novel “The Duff,” of the thought of shelling out that much for a ticket. “You have to pay rent.”

Keplinger has seen “Hamilton.” She and her mom won the ticket lottery on a Sunday — “the day Lin-Manuel Miranda is off.” So now she’s trying to see the show again. Two days in a row, she tried to get cancellation tickets, which are made available for purchase a half-hour before the 7 or 8 p.m. curtain.

“My best friend and I showed up at 1 p.m.,” she remembers, but they ended up being “the next people in line when they ran out of tickets.” It was the same exact story for the next evening’s performances.

She still hopes she can score a $10 #Ham4Ham ticket in the daily lottery, just like the more than 50,000 people who entered the online lottery Jan. 5 — and who crashed the show’s website. That was the only day of the winter online lottery.

Sarah Gaines, a 25-year-old restaurant cashier who is pursuing a career in theater, has seen “Hamilton” twice, mainly because she’s “a huge fan” of actor Andrew Rannells (of “Girls” and “Book of Mormon” fame) who played King George in the show for one month.

Gaines paid $800 for her first ticket, in the front mezzanine, during the premiere week of what she dubbed “Rannellton.” The second cost her $400 for a seat in very last row of the Richard Rodgers Theatre for Rannells’s last performance.

“I basically didn’t spend money on anything else. That includes hiding downstairs during my breaks at work instead of going to get food,” Gaines says. “This is first time I’ve spent this much on anything.”.

His 12 week run as Hedwig just flew by. I still can’t believe it’ll be over after this Sunday. And apart from his amazing performances every night and his general generosity to stage door every night as well, his time in New York has offered more. Much more than I could have imagined.

I mean he interviewed the stars on the red carpet of the Tonys (still not ever that and probably never will) and it seemed so effortless. I was so impressed (more than I thought I could be tbh) and the stars were gushing just as much about him as he was about them. I will never forget that night.

When marriage equality hit all 50 states of the US he did celebrate with everyone else and was just so over the moon, followed by a colourful NY pride parade that was so much fun to watch and he seemed to have a blast as well.

Apart from that he hosted and performed at several Broadway related events and while he was at it threw not 1 but 2 photoshoots our way.

I will never forget these past 12 weeks. I really hope that the role of Hedwig was everything Darren had hoped for and he’ll look back at this time as this unique, amazing and extraordinary happening that it was. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he took it and made the most of it.

my R5 experience!

so i recently became OBSESSED with R5. I consider them one of my favorite bands. and i was lucky enough to get to meet them all and talk to them multiple times this weekend!!! They did a performance on saturday and a hockey game on sunday for a charity called Echoes of Hope which helps foster kids. AND IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. LEGGO p.s. this is gonna be a really long post 

I got to the hotel where the performance was 3 hours early bc my sister is working at the sundance festival so she had to be there at 5. but lets be real i would have been early anyway. I made friends with like 4 employees at the hotel and with the charity just from sitting around while they set up hahaha! people with tickets started getting there before r5 and the other 4 acts and i waited in the hall and saw them walk in to the ballroom!! i saw ratliff first and then ross (who is my favorite btw) and ross saw me and i smiled and waved and he smiled and walked in. 

I went in and saw rocky, ratliff and ross by the side of the stage and ross was tuning his guitar. i was so nervous and scared that i was going to make a fool of myself bc i always get starstruck but somehow i was possessed by someone who can carry on a human conversation. i said “hey you guys!” and rocky and ratliff looked at me and said hey and i said “i’m so excited to see you i came here just for you guys!” and they said thanks for coming out and ratliff said “do you like my bongo drum this is what im using tonight” and i laughed and said “you are going to burn this place down with that!” idk if that even makes sense but he laughed anyway haha and i asked where rydel was and rocky said “i don’t know, i was just wondering that!” and then ross asked me “are you going to the game tomorrow?” and i said “yes! i’m so excited!” and he said “we’re gonna get our asses kicked!!” and i laughed and he said “you gotta look out for me, i’m gonna be the only one in a yellow helmet!” and i said “Ok! what number is on your jersey?” and he said 32. At this point i was dying inside from joy and i don’t know how i actually spoke to them especially ross bc i like him so much holy shit. then i said “i dont know who to root for now! you guys are split up on the teams!” and then ross said “you gotta root for me i need more support!” and i said ok! and then i asked if i could get a picture and this random guy said he would take it. and then riker walked up behind the guy taking the picture and was looking at the screen jokingly and me and ratliff told him to get in the picture! then we took pictures and i said thank you and i was about to walk away. I wrote a letter to ross that i wanted to give to him so before i left i said “hey ross, actually i wanted to give you this, so if you get a couple minutes you could read it.” and he said “yeah, for sure!” and i said “thank you! i’ll see you later!” and i went to find rydel. i saw her across the room with her mom and i walked over and said hi to their mom bc she saw me first and then i said “hi rydel!” and i said kinda the same thing as i said to the boys that i only came to the event bc they were there! and she hugged me without me asking and i asked for a picture and i said “you’re so pretty!!” and then she just kept talking to me and idk how i held a conversation that long bc im horrible at social interaction but it happened man!

I asked her how many songs they were doing and she said 3 and i asked what order the performers were in and she said they were going last and i said “oh good!” then ratliff came up to us. then i asked what songs and they said they wanted it to be a surprise! and then rydel said “would you be totally bummed if we didn’t do Smile?” and i said “well i kinda assumed you would bc its the new one but i won’t be disappointed bc i love all of your songs! it would be impossible to disappoint me hahaha” and then i said “but my very favorite song from you guys is easy love!” and her and ratliff looked at eachother and were like “OH REALLY!” and i laughed bc i could tell they would sing it haha and then i said “i thought it would be standing up thing so i could go crazy in the front but its just a bunch of chairs and tables!” and ratliff was like “true but you could still go crazy” and i said “yeah i definitely will i dont even care what people think i’m gonna be jamming out!” and i told them how i left to drive there 3 hours late bc of my dad and i was freaking out and i said “and i was like DAD YOU CANNOT RUIN ME MEETING R5 I WILL KILL YOU” and they laughed and ratliff asked where im from and i said idaho, 3 hours away and rydel said they had some family in idaho! and ratliff was like “i….don’t” hahaha and then ratliff tried to think of a pun for idaho and i same “people call it idahome sometimes but thats about it! idaho’s pun game isn’t too strong” and then rydel said my hair was pretty and i said “oh thanks, i grew it myself!” and flipped my hair and they both laughed!!!!!!! I MADE RYDELLINGTON LAUGH IM DEAD OK and i think that was about it with that conversation and i said “well i’ll let you guys go, thanks for everything!! i’ll see you later!” and i walked away.

then everyone was just eating and the whole band went into the photobooth and took pics and they were just talking to people and the other acts got ready and i was obviously staring at ross the whole time bc he looked damn good ok anyway the other acts went on and the 2nd act was this girl and the host guy started dancing and i was sitting directly in the front and middle of the room right by the stage so the host pointed at me and made me dance and i didn’t even hesitate haha and i knew ross would totally see me dancing so i was like boom thats happening and a bunch of other people joined AND THEN ROSS AND RATLIFF (and maybe rocky i cant remember exactly) JOINED IN THE DANCE AND I TOTALLY TOUCHED ROSS’S ARM AND DANCED RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and then when ross was dancing we made eye contact and i pointed at him and i was jokingly like “YESSS!” and he nodded and smiled and did the rock on thing with his hand and kept dancing and they left before that song ended and then the rest of the acts went and they were good but i was dying to see r5 like duh. BUT during one of the other acts I SAW RYDELLINGTON DANCING AND GOD IT WAS CUTE AND I GOT A PIC and my twitter was blowing up and it made it more fun that everyone was like cheering me on and was so happy for me it was amazing!! and then it was finally time for r5 and when they set up i walked up to the stage and asked riker for a video for a fan saying he loved them! and then i sat back down and was too damn ready to see them rock this shit ok!! they did easy love first aND I WAS JAMMING THE FUCK OUT LIKE FOR REAL AND I WAS ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNEW THE WORDS AND THEN OH MY GOD ROSS DIDNT SING THE END OF ONE OF THE CHORUSES AND HE HEARD ME FINISH THE LINE AND HE SAID “she sang it!” AND POINTED AT ME AND SO DID RATLIFF AND I GOT IT ON VINE *deep breathing* i’m ok i really am rEALLY. and then they did things are looking up and then when ross did his high note he did that shit flawlessly and i screamed “YES! GOOD JOB” AND I POINTED AT HIM AND HE LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED WHILE HE KEPT SINGING ALSDKGAL;KDG i fucking love him ok and rydel kept looking at me and smiling at me when i was jamming out bc i told her i was going to and then they sang smile! AND DURING SMILE RATLIFF POINTED AT ME AND I POINTED BACK AND HE WAS NODDING AND THEN HE FREAKING WINKED AT ME FAM ajlks;djflasdf ok and then they actually did 4 songs and they were all like “what should we sing next…” and someone yelled “turn down for what” and ratliff looked all serious and said “alright this is turn down for what by lil john” and he started drumming the beat it was so funny! but then they sang can’t forget about you and riker smiled at me when he saw me singing! i think rydel did in that song too :)

and then it finished and they got offstage and i walked over to the side of the room they were on and ross walked past me and i said “you guys did so good!” and he smiled and said “oh thank you!” and walked out of the ballroom and then i saw ratliff and he said “i saw you partying out there! i almost dedicated a song to you but i couldn’t fit it in” ALKSDGLAJGDSLKG and i said “oh no thats totally fine i felt the love!!” and he was like “oh good!” aND THEN RATLIFF HUGGED ME IT WAS GREAT and rydel came up to us and i hugged rydel a 2nd time but i cant remember exactly when haha but i know for sure it happened haha and then they walked out to do an interview. then i was in the hall where they did the interview and they were just standing so i got another video for 2 fans saying she loved them with ratliff drumming in the background hahaha! and then i said “you guys are sooo nice!” and ratliff was like “no we’re not its all an act!” and i laughed and then ratliff had his gum in a wrapper and he was like “idk where to put this” and i pointed at this empty beer bottle and said to put it in there and he said something about recycling idek and i was like “they probably wont recycle it so it will end up in the trash anyway!” and he said “true!” and he put it in there hahaha and then rydel was like “whats your twitter name?” and she was typing in her phone and i said my personal account not my fan account and then ratliff was like “oh we gotta take these pictures we’ll be right back!” but then they forgot and went back into the ballroom but its ok bc my sister had to pick me up right then anyway ha. so then i left that hotel and went back to my sisters apartment and i was just so freaking happy and THEN I LOOK ON MY TWITTER AND RYDEL FOLLOWED ME ON THE OFFICIALR5 ACCOUNT AND FUCKING THEN SHE RETWEETED THE PICTURE OF US ON HER OWN ACCOUNT AND FAVORITED MY OTHER TWEET WITH ALL THE PICTURES I LEGITIMATELY STARTED CRYING IN MY SISTERS ARMS IT ALL HIT ME AT THAT MOMENT ALDKFJAKDSLa;lskdjajsld;kg oh my god ok and then i ate some taco bell and went to bed at like 2 AM lol

on sunday i woke up at 8 to TONS of notifications from both of my twitter accounts and vine and i showered and got all ready and headed to the hockey game!! Right when i walked in i immediately saw ross on the ice in a grey beanie, jeans and his jersey and so i took a video of him skating bc he is hella good!!! and then i saw him go into the locker room so i went to the seats right next to the door and right when i walked to the seat ross walked out and saw me and recognized me and i said “hey ross whats up!” and he said “oh hey hows it going?” and went back onto the ice. then i just sat and watched him practice with ryland and i heard someone behind me say “who is number 32?” and i couldn’t help myself i turned and said “ross lynch!” and i explained who he was and that i saw them the night before and how happy i was and all that jazz. then after like maybe 10 minutes the best thing in the history of my life happened pEOPLE ROSS SKATED OVER TO ME AND LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AND REACHED OVER THE GLASS AND SAID “here you go!” AND GAVE ME A HOCKEY PUCK. WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS. HE SAW ME FROM ACROSS THE ICE RINK AND PICKED UP A HOCKEY PUCK AND THOUGHT “hey, i’m gonna give this to that girl who likes me!” THIS IS HOW I KNOW HE TOTALLY READ MY LETTER BC I WROTE TONS OF NICE SINCERE STUFF AND I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE PUT MY PHONE NUMBER IN IT AND SAID I HAD A CRUSH ON HIM BUT WHATEVERKJSDjklasdjg and i said thanks and i just sat there while he skated away totally frozen in time like what in all hell just happened i was shaking and probably looked like i just saw a ghost and i turned around and looked at the people i had been talking to and i was like “what just happened?” and i was just jaw dropped and OH MY GOD ALSKDGJ my heart is pounding just typing this god it was seriously the best moment of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then a little later i saw ratliff and i said hi and he walked over to me and i said “do you remember me?” i dont know why i fucking said that but im dumb anyway and i told him that ross gave me the puck and i was like “this is definitely going in my scrapbook ahahahaha” and he laughed and then he said “ok we’re gonna go get ice cream see you later!” and him and rydel got ice cream this was all before the game and then i got as many pictures and videos as i could but my phone was dying so fast bc i was getting so many notifications but i managed to get another video for some fans from rydel! and i got another adorable rydellington picture so yeah!! and i talked to their mom like an idiot and i was like “you made amazing kids, i love them a lot, so good job!” and she said thanks ahahaha

then i just watched the game and took videos and my phone died so i just watched and riker scored the 1st goal and 2 more after that and on the 3rd one after riker skated around in celebration ross turned to his mom and rydellington on the sidelines and said “FUCK RIKER” JOKINGLY AND I ALMOST SCREAMED AHAHHA IT WAS HILARIOUS and then during a break riker was standing in the little area where rydellington sat and that lead to the locker room and i said “riker, good job on that first goal!!” and he said thank you!!! and at some point i said hi to david henrie from wizards of waverly place hahaha and on the ice ross basically (accidentally) knocked david right into the net and he felt so bad omg hahaha and he helped him out aND DAVID TWEETED A VINE OF THAT EXACT MOMENT THE ONE I VIDEOTAPED BUT HE POSTED IT FROM SOMEONE ELSES VINE AND THEY HAD EDITED IT AND ROSS AND RIKER SAW IT SO LIKE THEY SAW SOMETHING I VIDEOTAPED IDK DGKLGLKDSGJSDLG



SCANDAL; Gifts from Sunday Folk Promotion

(In order of photographs)

HARUNA: “I cried😭 Thank you, Sunday Folk-san♥”

RINA: “Reached NAGOYA. The hotel’s arranged in a sophisticated manner. I’ll give it my all tomorrow too!”

TOMOMI: “Uuu…thank you very much! I’ll enter the bath slowly today.”

The gift from Sunday Folk Promotion were rose-scented bath salts. The message card, as translated, reads: “Thank you very much for the Shizuoka performance. We hope this will help with the exhaustion, even if little. Kindly take care of the Nagoya performance tomorrow.

Mami has also mentioned that she’s ‘happy, touched and has cried’ upon receiving the message from the event team.

I have no idea who most of the artists that are performing today are, though I heard Drake, Florence + The Machine and David Guetta will be here. That’s really all I need to know~ Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday so far. I’m about to get something nice to eat – hopefully with tons of bacon. That sounds pretty amazing right now.

When it looks like an ordinary sports bra…then you turn around and BOOM! In love with my new @lululemonausnz sports bra!! So comfy and pretty and ahhhhh!! I’m off to the gym to do a weight session and then a high performance RPM class!! Hope you all have a great Sunday ☺️❤️
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