i hope they see this omf


okay @stealthnerd, i came across your gaster’s valentines day drawings the other night, and honestly it made that day a bit bearable for me.

so tonight i managed to come across your askblog and i’ve been laughing so hard omf, i had to draw out your sass machine. i love him. <333

[BTS x Forest Fairy!AU] Jungkook

Keeper of Rabbits & Deer Jeon Jungkook

  • he lives in a cave that’s surrounded by weeping willows that provide shelter from rain and wind, soft moss is the padding of his home and you can see small flowers and vines growing on the walls
  • he’s keeper of deers and rabbits, but all wildlife flocks to him and you can catch him singing to birds or feeding hungry foxes from the palm of his hand
  • carries around an old lantern in the dark and heals what wounded animals he can find
  • this small white rabbit follows him around or rides on his shoulder, he named it cloud
  • the animals love him so much they bring him gifts from time to time like squirrels will bring different nuts and berries, deers will carry flowers in their mouth and lay them at the front of his cave
  • when he sleeps there are usually up to six or seven rabbits nuzzled up around him
  • butterflies tend to land on the top of his head or on the tip of his nose and he carries around a bag full of food in case he stumbles upon any animal in need of it 
  • you meet him when you’re out picking wild fruit to bring back home, you hear this sound like soft whining and you follow it thinking you might find a hurt animal and you do…..but you also find jungkook hunched down, tending to a cut on a small fawns hind leg
  • for a second you’re amazed that the fawn isn’t frightened of the human, but then you notice that there’s a bunch of other small animals surrounding him…..like birds and chipmunks and none of them are imposed by him at all
  • even the fawns mother is standing calmly beside him?? and when he gets up you’re like wait omg this mysterious forest animal healer boy is also super cute
  • because let’s face it, jungkook lives in a forest and probably has like leaves in his hair but also butterflies??? and like a soft rabbit on his shoulder twitching it’s nose
  • and jungkook finally notices you after the animals do too and start scurrying away
  • and he’s just frozen. you’re like also frozen. the basket in your hand full of berries is about to like fall but then all of a sudden jungkook’s lil bunny cloud like hops off his shoulder and scurries to your basket and you have like all sorts of stuff in their that you got from the market before walking thru the forest and like 
  • the bunny goes for like your lettuce and you’re like cute, but …. i needed that
  • jungkook snaps out of his daze (probably because you’re the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen pass through these woods) and he like runs over to try and pull his bunny out of your basket
  • and he’s apologizing because your lettuce is full of little bunny teeth marks
  • and you’re like shaking your head saying it’s fine and jungkooks like 
  • ‘as an apology, ill show you where to pick some more of these berries!!’ and you’re like wow you don’t have to but he’s already leading the way
  • and you don’t notice but his ears have gotten red and like some of the animals that you pass come up to follow you and like soon enough there’s this parade of wildlife around you two and you’re like
  • does this kid have like an animal magnetic force around him
  • you get to this patch that’s hidden behind some thick bushes and jungkook’s like “the best ones are high up” and uses his long ass arms to pick some berries for you and you’re like “thanks!!!” but when you try to reach up for one you can’t really get it and jungkook giggles and you’re like hEY and then he whistles and a bird comes swooping down, picks the berry, and drops it in your basket 
  • and you’re like 
  • is this magic
  • (tbh this is his way of flirting probably)
  • so after you get all your berries and jungkook leads you back to the path he’s kinda like ………. do you come here often?? and you’re like sorta but youre also like
  • “do you….live ……..here? like in the forest?”
  • and jungkook’s like ^^ yes,,,, um,,,, this is embarrassing but i protect like animals and stuff…..
  • and he’s getting red in the face now and like right in front of you too and you’re like omf is he shy how cute
  • and you’re like “no thats so cool!!! i wish animals loved me so much”
  • and idk like jungkook sees you off and u know after a couple days hes thinking about you and hes like ‘i hope they come back to pick more fruit….’ and his bunny like nuzzles his neck and jungkook is like nO I DO not LIKE THem or WHATEVer …. shush cloud
  • you do come back and jungkook is actually super excited to see you but plays it off
  • helps you pick more berries
  • you bring some bandages with you from home and give them to jungkook like ‘here, in case some of the animals need it’ and its so thoughtful jungkook almost melts but he hides it behind this kidlike grin thats cute
  • jungkook teaches you how to call birds,,,,, how to approach rabbits,,,,how to tame wolves idk even how to get a butterfly to land on your nose
  • you like pick the leaves from jungkook’s hair once and he almost dies straight up but again hides it by like laughing and you’re like
  • you laugh a lot
  • and he’s like
  • oh my god . they’re catching ON
  • he laughs even more rofl
  • at some point you’re just a cute couple sitting in a patch of grass with small cute woodland critters surrounding you like a chipmunk comes by and even offers you a nut and you’re like oh my
  • and jungkook’s like ‘ah see, the animals like you too……’
  • hes not jealous or anything (ok maybe because they’ve never taken to someone so well but like the animals arent the only ones who enjoy your company wink wonk)
  • one day you two are standing a little close and two deer appear out of no where and like they nudge him and they nudge you so you bump shoulders 
  • and like the whole forest is rooting for you two
  • and jungkook’s like !!! guys stop to the deer but you’re liek being pushed even closer
  • perhaps this would be a good time for the forest fairy to give u a lil kiss 
  • heheu
  • you and jungkook and cute animals helping you pick berries doesnt it sound like a fairytale ah…..

NATSU DEFEATED ZEREF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay first of all, y’all saying it’s impossible for Natsu to defeat him: Natsu is still his best demon, he is STILL E.N.D even if he doesn’t want to. And even tho he didn’t become END fully -again-, he still is END, the most powerful demon. 

Ichiya and Anna, my baby’s :’v but y’all have to remember, Acnologia is NOT dead, he just in the time-lapse so he can’t come back to the present. Just like Ichiya and Anna. 

537 is called “The Life Force”, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be about Mavis and Lucy y’all. Acnologia and Zeref are ‘defeated’ but what about Lucy’s curse? Is her heart going to become ‘dark’? (Like Zeref said) and what is Mavis going to do? btw: NATSU IS GOING TO SEE HAPPY, GRAY AND LUCY, BUT WHEN HE SEES LUCY’S MARKS OMF WW3 Y’ALL I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS NALU MOMENT, MY HEART IS RACING, I STILL HOPE MY GIRL LUCY IS GOING TO SOMETHING AMAZING WITH THAT MAGIC Y’AL IM SHOOKETH, REMEMBER THE ONE MAGIC. IT GOEST TO THE PUREST HEART (LUCY) OR THE DARKEST (LUCY WITH THE CURSE)

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look what you’ve done to me

spacemaverick  asked:

i just wanted to say that youve so quickly become a huge inspiration to me and im so proud of you just.. in general? i first subscribed when your hot milk video came out and its been amazing to see you gain subs and draw more and im rambling but my point is that i think youre fantastic and i hope you live a great life

omf g

this means a lot thank you so much for staying since my hot milk vid ;;;

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ur so nice and funny.... i got over my jihoon themed saltyness thanks to u and now love the kid thank u omg

anon!! thank you dsakdskj 😳😳😳😳😳

i’m glad you like jihoon! he suffers from not getting enough screen time but being popular from his wink so people don’t see that he is alright in the skills department :(

but that boy’s got hustle, this article mentioned how he was tryin to get screentime in the first Naya Na perf. and was winking all the time in hopes to get edited in. If you look at the times he appears on screen, he was winking all the goddamn time

Also in the Pick Me cover, he kept the confetti from the Naya Na stage and threw it all over himself and that got edited in omf i love him ;; 

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I really hope that Ed and Oswald stop trying to kill each other and have an actual chance to talk. Maybe if they did (and they *listened*), they'd be able to get together, and then we'd see Gotham Murder Husbands being adorable and doing lots of bad, illegal things. :D

so much miscommunication between these two omf – I hope they get a chance to talk, probs in s4 since the 2 hour special seems to be heavily packed with a Lot but here’s hoping!

okay so here goes a Hopefully successful intro which lbr will probs end up being trash lmfao but hey loves !! i’m shan, literal loser livin in the gmt timezone bc the world sucks & decided to put me in the land where nobody is happy no matter the weather :^) ( like rn it’s Muggy as hell i’m meltin ) but i’m so excited to be a part of this group omf & i hope that u will love my trashy butt & most importantly, beau’s !! he’s a new muse so Hopefully this will go down well ! if u wanna plot just make sure to hit that li'l heart button & i’ll throw my son @ u 💖 also pls be aware that there’s a DRUG & OVERDOSE TW included in this intro which i will point out at the beginning & end !!

oh, did i just see NEELS VISSER walk by ?  maybe not, it has been said that BEAU RUTHERFORD, the TWENTY-ONE year old CISMALE student that studies SPORTS ADMINISTRATION looks a bit like them. i’ve heard they’re DAUNTLESS AND ADAPTIVE but maybe a little RUTHLESS AND DEMANDING too. it’s probably best to ask their roommate in apartment D21 because they’ll probably know what HE is like best !

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Harry and David Beckham publicly seen in the same room together omf I'll be living 😂🤗😂🤗

DO YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!! I WAS SO FOCUSED ON KINGS OF LEON THAT I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE HIS NAME ajdajdjsj what a fail!!! Hopefully they’ll be on in the same night omg Would live to see them together again!!! It’s been way too long! Hope you’re having a lovely day, anon pie 😘😘😘😘

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hey!! i just wanted to say that you're one of my favorite people on this site and seeing your posts always brightens my day -- knowing you exist makes me feel very happy!! i hope your day/week turns around and that you start to feel better. if you're still interested in making a name playlist, my name is miles and i'd love to see what music you have to fit those letters!! only if you're still in the mood, of course. sending warmth <3

this is so sweet omf thank you!!!

here’s a nice indie folksy playlist i hope that’s ok 💞

middle-distance runner / sea wolf
in the aeroplane over the sea / neutral milk hotel
labour of love / frente
eyes / rogue wave
sons and daughters / the decemberists

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Your art is just so cute omf. It's giving me life whenever I see the Freed and Laxus ones on my dash. Do you think you could please maybe do Bix and Evergreen too? (Only if you have time/want to, ofc.) I'd love to see all of my children together maybe! Have a nice day! 😘

Ahh that’s so nice to hear :D thank you!! Of course I can! The Raijinshou has to be complete because squad goals tbh :) it’s probably going to take a long time for me to be able to upload them though, sorry! 

I hope you are having a wonderful day <3


how to win carats’ hearts: a three-step guide by joshua hong

a-yo-river replied to your post: oke i need to get back into drawing an…

aw ye??? omf I’d love to see more of your ss and knockout, can’t get enough. Maybe them preening/grooming either themselves or each other? just hangin out chatting, sorting out wings/waxing finish

bath time

i hope the shit theyre sitting in is green enough to not be confused with primeverse energon. if not then it looks like theyre bathing in the blood of the innocents to keep themselves pretty

also it looks like knock out is……………. knocked out badumTISS

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Hif reaction to you picking them up at the airport when they come visit you?

hope this was okay ahhh, idk jimins gif always kills me omf bye

Jin: *spastic child* My lovely jagi’s finally arrived~!

Rap Monster: *cannot stop smiling* Baby, did you miss me a lot?

J-Hope: *whines* Jagiyaaa. I wanted to drive you, no fair.

Suga: *tries to calm himself when he sees you* Ahh, we haven’t even left the airport yet, and I’m already excited for this week~

Jimin: Yah I didn’t know my beautiful jagi was picking me up today~~~!

V: [you are jhope] *clings to you for the rest of the day*

Jungkook: *nae naes his little heart out*

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How BTS would react to walking in on another member’s gf changing

Thank you, anon! I love you, too ^^


*embarrassed laughter* *thinks about how he’s probably seeing this before Jungkook has*

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*oh goddam…wait I’m not supposed to stare…well now I know one reason why namjoon likes you*

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*flustered* “I’m really sorry. Please don’t tell yoongi hyung. Oh my god”

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*flustered* “Sorry, sorry, sorry. I swear this wont happen again.” namjoon just get out

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“nope, nope, nope”

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 *innocence shattered* *runs away screaming*

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*so this is what a girl’s body looks like* -_-

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BTS at the Mall
  • V: omf is that an alien pLUSHiE LOOK IT meeEEEEEeeEEEEE
  • Suga: *makes Suga done face* can we not for once just
  • Namjoon: *knocks over display* shitshitshitshit
  • Jin: *pretending he doesn't know them*
  • Jungkook: *picks up snake plushie* *shoves it in Hoseok's face*
  • J-Hope: *scared face*
  • J-Hope: *back away quickly* *whispers* I hate snakeu
  • Jin: lets leave before Namjoon breaks something else please
  • Jin: Jungkook stop antagonizing Hobi Jungkook I swear
  • Jimin: *sees Namjoon near something breakable* Ho dont do it
  • Namjoon: *breaks a toy* fuck not again fuck
  • Jimin: oh my god
  • Suga: *makes done face* I'm leaving im out