i hope they see this omf


That one time Jhope was mean to Jimin so he gets yellow carded and Rapmon can’t handle how cute Jimin is~


how to win carats’ hearts: a three-step guide by joshua hong

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this isnt meant to be creepy & i hope im not overstepping but i'd love to see a picture of you and your gf!!

omf don’t worry you aren’t! my radfem cisters hbshsk know what my precious gf looks like and @vulvacrat said she sounds like… a gay angela merkel but i am really unsure because genderists love to harass people for their looks and i love my girlfriend way too much to let this happen to her. :(

How BTS would react to walking in on another member’s gf changing

Thank you, anon! I love you, too ^^


*embarrassed laughter* *thinks about how he’s probably seeing this before Jungkook has*

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*oh goddam…wait I’m not supposed to stare…well now I know one reason why namjoon likes you*

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*flustered* “I’m really sorry. Please don’t tell yoongi hyung. Oh my god”

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*flustered* “Sorry, sorry, sorry. I swear this wont happen again.” namjoon just get out

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“nope, nope, nope”

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 *innocence shattered* *runs away screaming*

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*so this is what a girl’s body looks like* -_-

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Hif reaction to you picking them up at the airport when they come visit you?

hope this was okay ahhh, idk jimins gif always kills me omf bye

Jin: *spastic child* My lovely jagi’s finally arrived~!

Rap Monster: *cannot stop smiling* Baby, did you miss me a lot?

J-Hope: *whines* Jagiyaaa. I wanted to drive you, no fair.

Suga: *tries to calm himself when he sees you* Ahh, we haven’t even left the airport yet, and I’m already excited for this week~

Jimin: Yah I didn’t know my beautiful jagi was picking me up today~~~!

V: [you are jhope] *clings to you for the rest of the day*

Jungkook: *nae naes his little heart out*

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