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HC of the Holy Trinity Helping you Study

first one on the request list! hope you guys like it! (:

- okay okay, so I can totally see tom and jacob being super into helping you

- then harrison would kinda come in and see your books and tom and Jacob sitting with you and be like “okay I guess it’s homework time”

- since you’re in uni studying for your masters it would be a challenge for you

- they would kinda be like “pshh it’s easy”

- and when they see your books

- oMf

- harrison tho

- “yEET”

- he’d flip the book off the table and walk out the living room

- he’d come back like 5 minutes later and pick up your book then smile and leave again

- Jacob and tom would just roll their eyes and try and help you

- “what is this? this is bullshit!”

- “calm down, tom, it’s just spanish.”

- “just spanish? this is nuts! I only understand ‘me gusta hacer la tarea’ which is ‘I like to do my homework’ and ‘cómo está tu hija’ which is ‘how is your daughter’. this is too complicated for me.”

- “oh my god.”

- tom would think certain subjects were super easy just because of his roles in spiderman and playing super smart Peter Parker

- jacob would understand halfway and just be shaking his head after a while

- “why do you have to do this to yourself? I can barely read a book!”

- “because i actually want my masters, jacob.”

- “you’re an actress, for gods sake! you don’t need no masters!”

- harrison would stroll back to the living room after hearing a loud thud

- which was just tom throwing himself on the ground from the frustration

- i feel like Harrison would give it a try and help you

- but when you got to your chemistry class, and it was mostly cooking, he called sam

- oh and sam was pissed

- “bloody hell, Harrison! what the fUcK do you want?”

- “um, you know a lot about baking so get your ass to y/n’s house and help us.”

- “you’re such a div.”

- in the end I feel like they would try and help you

- but it would end in watching your favorite shows together and staying up until 5am

- seriously

- and waking up the next day knowing there are midterms and freaking out

- but the trinity reminding you that you’re so smart and you will ace your midterms

- so you come back with your tests 3 weeks later

- and they’re so proud of you because you passed

- dAmN I need this

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lol when the FUCK are we gonna see jake’s idol.. like im dying to see what will happen but i’m not mentally prepared to see how my man is gonna die

[BTS x Forest Fairy!AU] Jungkook

Keeper of Rabbits & Deer Jeon Jungkook

  • he lives in a cave that’s surrounded by weeping willows that provide shelter from rain and wind, soft moss is the padding of his home and you can see small flowers and vines growing on the walls
  • he’s keeper of deers and rabbits, but all wildlife flocks to him and you can catch him singing to birds or feeding hungry foxes from the palm of his hand
  • carries around an old lantern in the dark and heals what wounded animals he can find
  • this small white rabbit follows him around or rides on his shoulder, he named it cloud
  • the animals love him so much they bring him gifts from time to time like squirrels will bring different nuts and berries, deers will carry flowers in their mouth and lay them at the front of his cave
  • when he sleeps there are usually up to six or seven rabbits nuzzled up around him
  • butterflies tend to land on the top of his head or on the tip of his nose and he carries around a bag full of food in case he stumbles upon any animal in need of it 
  • you meet him when you’re out picking wild fruit to bring back home, you hear this sound like soft whining and you follow it thinking you might find a hurt animal and you do…..but you also find jungkook hunched down, tending to a cut on a small fawns hind leg
  • for a second you’re amazed that the fawn isn’t frightened of the human, but then you notice that there’s a bunch of other small animals surrounding him…..like birds and chipmunks and none of them are imposed by him at all
  • even the fawns mother is standing calmly beside him?? and when he gets up you’re like wait omg this mysterious forest animal healer boy is also super cute
  • because let’s face it, jungkook lives in a forest and probably has like leaves in his hair but also butterflies??? and like a soft rabbit on his shoulder twitching it’s nose
  • and jungkook finally notices you after the animals do too and start scurrying away
  • and he’s just frozen. you’re like also frozen. the basket in your hand full of berries is about to like fall but then all of a sudden jungkook’s lil bunny cloud like hops off his shoulder and scurries to your basket and you have like all sorts of stuff in their that you got from the market before walking thru the forest and like 
  • the bunny goes for like your lettuce and you’re like cute, but …. i needed that
  • jungkook snaps out of his daze (probably because you’re the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen pass through these woods) and he like runs over to try and pull his bunny out of your basket
  • and he’s apologizing because your lettuce is full of little bunny teeth marks
  • and you’re like shaking your head saying it’s fine and jungkooks like 
  • ‘as an apology, ill show you where to pick some more of these berries!!’ and you’re like wow you don’t have to but he’s already leading the way
  • and you don’t notice but his ears have gotten red and like some of the animals that you pass come up to follow you and like soon enough there’s this parade of wildlife around you two and you’re like
  • does this kid have like an animal magnetic force around him
  • you get to this patch that’s hidden behind some thick bushes and jungkook’s like “the best ones are high up” and uses his long ass arms to pick some berries for you and you’re like “thanks!!!” but when you try to reach up for one you can’t really get it and jungkook giggles and you’re like hEY and then he whistles and a bird comes swooping down, picks the berry, and drops it in your basket 
  • and you’re like 
  • is this magic
  • (tbh this is his way of flirting probably)
  • so after you get all your berries and jungkook leads you back to the path he’s kinda like ………. do you come here often?? and you’re like sorta but youre also like
  • “do you….live ……..here? like in the forest?”
  • and jungkook’s like ^^ yes,,,, um,,,, this is embarrassing but i protect like animals and stuff…..
  • and he’s getting red in the face now and like right in front of you too and you’re like omf is he shy how cute
  • and you’re like “no thats so cool!!! i wish animals loved me so much”
  • and idk like jungkook sees you off and u know after a couple days hes thinking about you and hes like ‘i hope they come back to pick more fruit….’ and his bunny like nuzzles his neck and jungkook is like nO I DO not LIKE THem or WHATEVer …. shush cloud
  • you do come back and jungkook is actually super excited to see you but plays it off
  • helps you pick more berries
  • you bring some bandages with you from home and give them to jungkook like ‘here, in case some of the animals need it’ and its so thoughtful jungkook almost melts but he hides it behind this kidlike grin thats cute
  • jungkook teaches you how to call birds,,,,, how to approach rabbits,,,,how to tame wolves idk even how to get a butterfly to land on your nose
  • you like pick the leaves from jungkook’s hair once and he almost dies straight up but again hides it by like laughing and you’re like
  • you laugh a lot
  • and he’s like
  • oh my god . they’re catching ON
  • he laughs even more rofl
  • at some point you’re just a cute couple sitting in a patch of grass with small cute woodland critters surrounding you like a chipmunk comes by and even offers you a nut and you’re like oh my
  • and jungkook’s like ‘ah see, the animals like you too……’
  • hes not jealous or anything (ok maybe because they’ve never taken to someone so well but like the animals arent the only ones who enjoy your company wink wonk)
  • one day you two are standing a little close and two deer appear out of no where and like they nudge him and they nudge you so you bump shoulders 
  • and like the whole forest is rooting for you two
  • and jungkook’s like !!! guys stop to the deer but you’re liek being pushed even closer
  • perhaps this would be a good time for the forest fairy to give u a lil kiss 
  • heheu
  • you and jungkook and cute animals helping you pick berries doesnt it sound like a fairytale ah…..

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Okay I don't know if you've done yeet yet, but all I can imagine is like Penny ripping off someone's arm while whispering yeet to himself

“Darling,you know those Vine videos you show me?”
“We only watch them everyday,Penny.” You giggle. He beams at your giggle and scoots closer to you like always,”Darling,there’s this word I’m curious about.People have been using it very excitedly on here.”
“Which one?”

“Ohh.That’s used when someone is really excited or like when they’re throwing something.”
“Ahh,I see now.”
You’re out running errands for the day and this is the time Penny likes to grab a bite to eat.He has his prey cornered in a secluded part of the woods and has stricken them with intense fear.

“Please d-don’t! Leave me alone!”

Penny smirks and picks them up before tossing them into the sewer entrance.



NATSU DEFEATED ZEREF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay first of all, y’all saying it’s impossible for Natsu to defeat him: Natsu is still his best demon, he is STILL E.N.D even if he doesn’t want to. And even tho he didn’t become END fully -again-, he still is END, the most powerful demon. 

Ichiya and Anna, my baby’s :’v but y’all have to remember, Acnologia is NOT dead, he just in the time-lapse so he can’t come back to the present. Just like Ichiya and Anna. 

537 is called “The Life Force”, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be about Mavis and Lucy y’all. Acnologia and Zeref are ‘defeated’ but what about Lucy’s curse? Is her heart going to become ‘dark’? (Like Zeref said) and what is Mavis going to do? btw: NATSU IS GOING TO SEE HAPPY, GRAY AND LUCY, BUT WHEN HE SEES LUCY’S MARKS OMF WW3 Y’ALL I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS NALU MOMENT, MY HEART IS RACING, I STILL HOPE MY GIRL LUCY IS GOING TO SOMETHING AMAZING WITH THAT MAGIC Y’AL IM SHOOKETH, REMEMBER THE ONE MAGIC. IT GOEST TO THE PUREST HEART (LUCY) OR THE DARKEST (LUCY WITH THE CURSE)

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Hello there! I would like to ask a scenario for ada dazai who meets the reader and he falls really hard for her but he gets this job to find out who was behind the prime minister's murder ( lmao had to be powerful ) and he discovers it's actually the mafia reader? A fluff ending would be amazing but i just don't see it whatsoever so you do you? Maybe she doesn't want to fight him and they just share a long talk? Okay i am done now i promise

i think i have just the idea i see it so clearly and its too beautiful omf thank you for requesting bby i hope you like this! 

rly tho damn someone should write a movie about this i’d def watch it

also we are gonna assume that he already knew she was in the mafia, he just didn’t know what she was capable of bc lets be honest that man is smarter than that

Dazai was not the type of person to fall in love with someone so easily, so when he finally fell for you, he fell hard.

Loving someone meant trusting them, and trusting them meant not doubting them. Which is what he always have done with you, love you and trust you.

Except right now, all of that is being put to hold. 

Not knowing what to think or feel he just held the piece of paper in his hand, which had your name on it. All he knew at this moment is that the one responsible for killing the prime minister is none other than you.

He stood there for a full 5 minutes just staring at the piece of paper until the first and only thing to cross his mind was that he needed to see you.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the two of you have actually seen each other, but that wasn’t so odd with the two of you. You both understood that no matter what, you still loved and cared about each other endlessly. You also understood that this was just the nature of your daily jobs.

Sometimes you would go two weeks without even calling each other, but that was still fine. You both knew that time never actually showed how much you truly loved someone or cared about them.

Dazai’s reasons to wanna see you all the time were everything but this. He hurriedly called your phone, but there was no answer. Not wanting to waltz in the Port Mafia unannounced he hoped you were at home.

Shoving the paper into his coat, he quickly started making his way to your apartment. It really did not help that the roads were crowded and the rain did not stop for anyone.

After half an hour of driving between the busy roads and the showers of rain with completely nothing but you on his mind, he was finally at the door of your apartment. 

He knocked on your door five times, no answer. He called your name, and still no answer. 

Were you sleeping? he wondered. 

Still, it’s like 8:30 pm and he never knew you for an early sleeper. Going for his last resort he tried opening your door and to his surprise it was unlocked.

Another thing he knew for sure right now is that he was worried. 

Why’d you keep your door unlocked? Did you flee? Is that what you’ve been doing for the past two weeks? Did your really leave him without even so much as an explanation, is this how much he mattered to you?

He walked in and found the lights off. In fact, all the lights were off. Except he noticed that your jacket was on the couch. If you really had fled, then you would have took all your clothes with you, right?

He walked more to observe what else is different, he walked in the bathroom and found that your toothbrush was still there, all of your things were still there in fact. 

He checked almost everywhere and it seemed like everything was still the same, nothing missing, nothing new. The only place he was yet to check was your bedroom.

He got closer to the door and put his ear to it. He could hear something, but he wasn’t sure what exactly. 

Slowly, he pushed the doorknob and opened it. He finally found you.

Your bedroom was also really dark with no lights turned on, he could barely make out your silhouette. 

You were curled up in bed, facing the wall and quietly crying. You didn’t even seem to notice someone just walked in on you, let alone your apartment door was unlocked.

Forgetting everything he knew right now, he ran by your side and put his hand in your hair, softly playing with it and putting it away from your face. 

“Shhh, I’m here now love, I got you.” he whispered, his hand still playing with your hair.

Your cries only grew stronger after hearing him say that, and your body only curled tighter. You were trembling and not wanting him to see your face, you kept it down. 

I’m sorry.” you mumbled.

“What do you mean?” he asked. 

You grabbed his hand that was in your hair, and squeezed it gently before putting it away and sitting up to readjust yourself.

You wiped your tears away and looked him in the eyes. 

“If anyone saw me like this right now, they’d never think I’m capable of taking someone’s life, even though I have.” you chuckled.

You chuckled after saying that but he saw it. He saw it hurt you a lot more to actually say that than make you laugh. 

He didn’t say anything but remained on the floor watching you and waiting to hear you out.

“You know, even with me working in the Port Mafia, this is actually the first time I’ve ever killed someone. I always just hurt people but never actually took their own life.” you spoke with tears still pouring down your face.

You wiped them again and continued. “I’m not trying to justify what I did or say it wasn’t wrong, because it was. Although, even though I know it’s wrong and even though I regret it, I can’t say he didn’t deserve it. He wasn’t really the best person.”

“I just wish I wasn’t the one to do it.” you finished.

In fact you’ve spent those two weeks wallowing in regret and self hatred. You haven’t even been to work ever since then. You barely slept, you barely ate, just breathing seemed exhausting.

You hated yourself after doing this.

How can anyone even love me after doing that? you thought. 

You really cherished those times before you did what you did. Those times where you thought you weren’t such a horrible person, those times you could go on with your day without remembering that someone’s blood was on your hands.

Those times where Dazai loved you so much.

How can he love you now? After knowing what you did? You can’t even forgive yourself, how can anyone forgive you?

You’re glad you at least got to have someone love you for once.

You made a mistake, people make mistakes. You did something and you regret it, but you learn from it.” he finally interrupted your thoughts and spoke out loud.

“But I killed a person! I made the selfish decision of deciding wether he gets to live or not.” you cried.

He smiled at you.

Even though Dazai was disappointed, he knew the regret of making huge mistakes. He knew what it felt to do something and feel like utter crap after it. He knew how it really felt to take away someone’s life and regret it.

He knew how you felt, which is why he can empathize and help you get through it. He was the last person to ever have the right to judge you, not when he too had made many mistakes in his life.

He too have done what you did before and even worse. He too have been where you are right now, he too thought he should give up on himself, on everything and think it’s too late to fix anything.

But that was until someone came along and told him to do the right thing. Someone still saw the good in him even when he couldn’t see it himself. Someone taught him that mistakes are made to be learnt from and not took as an example for who you truly are. 

Mistakes never defined a person and no one better than him knew that.

How can he let the person he loved the most go through what he’s gone through without trying to understand? Without trying to help?

He wasn’t ready to give up on you just yet, but he was ready to be your someone.

If someone took the time to actually see the good in him, then he sure as hell can see the good in you. He wasn’t any better than you, and he won’t forgive himself if he let you go this easily.

He stood up and brought his body closer to yours. He held you tight to his chest and let you cry on it. He noticed your body was still trembling from crying so much so he started caressing your back gently.

“I know it’s hard, but I promise, we’ll get through this together.” he whispered closely to your ears and then kissed the top of your head.

He held you in his arms the entire night, his hands roaming in your hair until you finally fell asleep. 

omf i wanted you to see this first thing but I’m such a slow artist



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look what you’ve done to me


how to win carats’ hearts: a three-step guide by joshua hong

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" He's my universe. What I thought I've lost I found it in him again. When did I fall in love is uncertain, but i can say with no doubt he's the one i want to spend my life with. He's my hope, It's what I see when I open my eyes for the first time in the day and the last I see when I close them to fall asleep. Sometimes I wonder if he knows how much my heart is on his hands and how much of it is left in me... I'm madly, deeply in love with him. And I wouldn't change that feeling for anything. "


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🎃 🎃 🎃 !!! :D

❤; happy halloween / @ghostlyanon

“Annie-chwan~! My darling little ghost. I wasn’t sure if you liked chocolate-covered strawberries, so I hope you don’t mind. Could always give you something else if you don’t.” A small plate of strawberries coated in white chocolate was placed in her hands. Tiny chocolate chips had been pressed to the white chocolate, giving it the impression of a mildly surprised ghost.

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Hif reaction to you picking them up at the airport when they come visit you?

hope this was okay ahhh, idk jimins gif always kills me omf bye

Jin: *spastic child* My lovely jagi’s finally arrived~!

Rap Monster: *cannot stop smiling* Baby, did you miss me a lot?

J-Hope: *whines* Jagiyaaa. I wanted to drive you, no fair.

Suga: *tries to calm himself when he sees you* Ahh, we haven’t even left the airport yet, and I’m already excited for this week~

Jimin: Yah I didn’t know my beautiful jagi was picking me up today~~~!

V: [you are jhope] *clings to you for the rest of the day*

Jungkook: *nae naes his little heart out*

|Admin Raine|

Boy, the last time I made one of these fuckers was back when I hit 1k, which was a long time ago– and since I’m a ways away from another milestone, and with Christmas literally right around the corner; why not make one for the holidays! 

Now, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, but let’s see if that really happens. Anywho, this year’s been a great year all around. Sure, it’s had it’s ups and downs, but all around it was great. I’ve meet some really great people on here, gotten closer with some, but unfortunately lost contact with a few as well. But, literally every single one of you left, granted if you’re on the list or not, are such talented writers, and just great people all around! To be able to put your writing out for the public to read, and/or write with people you’ve maybe just met, is just really inspiring to be able to do. And I really hope to be writing, or just talking, with you all in this coming year, as well! Because y’all are rad as fuck ok? ??? 

For the list— these are all the blogs I really enjoy seeing on my dash and really aspire to write with in the future. They all are very big inspirations for me and I look up to each and every one of them for either following me, or following me back like omf g? ?? They’re all so fucking great and wonderful and jUS T? ? ALL AROUND A FUCKING PLEASURE TO JUST INTERACT WITH. Hell, I’ve even gotten to become good friends with some of them, which is fuckin neato. 

oKAY but really, thank you everyone. Thank you for putting up with me, Grimmjow, and all of our stupid shit for so long. I appreciate EVERY ONE of you, whether you be on the list or not, and just thank you for absolutely everything. And here’s to having a great year and hoping for a great one next year!! ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) < 333

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Hi there!! I've been a huge fan of your writing so far and I'm not quite sure if you're taking anonymous requests at the moment since I am on mobile but, since it's such an interesting topic, I was wondering if you could possibly write a scenario about when MC realizes that huedhaut is the one she loved, and still loves? I just think that it's a beautiful story!!

Firstly, I am terribly sorry for the delay! Writers block has been hitting me like a pile of bricks lately and I was quite busy with RL stuff too but ahhh I wonder whether you’ll still be a fan of my writing since I literally just turned your sweet fanfic request into something angsty. ;n;

When I was trying to think up of fluffy plot ideas, nothing came to me and I ended up losing the motivation to write but when this particular angst idea popped into my head.. I knew I had to do it and I’m really sorry if this wasn’t what you expected or wanted but I truly hope you’ll like it one way or another. (But if you don’t, i totally understand ksnckwndlla)

“Aren’t you glad you came?” Teorus grinned, eyes fixated on the beautiful flowers that surrounded the area.

“Yeah, it is indeed lovely out here.” You nodded, smiling warmly.

Teorus had asked you to join him on an evening stroll and though you were indeed enjoying yourself, you couldn’t help but feel distracted by the thoughts that were running through your mind.

You had come to notice how odd and uncomfortable Huedhaut would act whenever you were in the presence of another god(today was no exception either)and how he would ask you strange questions like whether you had any memory of certain events or other things which you literally didn’t have an answer to. It bothered you that you couldn’t give him the response that he wanted but more than that, you couldn’t understand as to why it troubled you so much.

Why was Huedhaut the only one you paid most attention to? Why did every little thing he did or say affect you personally and why was it that whenever he looked sad, your heart would automatically hurt? As if you felt a connection towards him? It was truly something that you couldn’t wrap your head around.

A defeated sigh escaped your lips as you absentmindedly looked around, only to have a particular flower catch your eyes; It was one that you hadn’t seen before but something about it seemed oddly familiar.

“Hey, what is that?” You asked, pointing at the lilac colored blossom which had tiny cute flowers growing amongst it’s petals.

“That’s a Globe Amaranth. Quite an unusual yet pretty flower, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure is..” You muttered whilst reaching towards it, the tip of your fingertips brushing against its petals.

“Do you know the meaning of it?” He smiled, plucking one and twirling it in his hand. “This flower symbolizes immortality and—”

“Unfading love..”

“Oh? You know what it meant?” Teorus asked, clearly surprised but you weren’t paying any attention now because an overwhelming amount of emotions and memories had hit you.

This flower, the strange feelings you couldn’t quite put your finger on, Huedhaut.. Everything made perfect sense now.

“I remember.. I remember everything.” Gasping in surprise, you turned up to look at him. “Sorry Teo but I gotta go!”

“H-huh? _______?! Where are you going?!” You heard him shout as you ran and though you felt extremely bad for leaving him clueless, you needed to see Huedhaut.

Your heart raced as you swiftly jogged down the hallway, your eyes scanning for the man with dark blue hair; The reason as to why he acted so oddly when you were with other gods, why you constantly felt this attachment to him and why that flower seemed like it meant something to you.. It was all because you once loved him in another life.

You remembered the times where the both of you swore your love to each other, when he gave you a bouquet of Globe Amaranth to vow that both your loves would never fade for eternity, when you promised him that you would never leave his side even if the world were to crumble to ashes.

How could you forget such precious memories? How could you not remember the face of the man your previous self had loved so dearly? And how, after all this time, could he still love you even when you had broken such a promise?

‘Huedhaut.. Where are you..?!’ You silently cried out, wondering where in the world was he when you then heard a familiar voice coming from the common area.

“There you are..!” You beamed, ready to charge into the room but just as you were about to enter, you heard someone else speaking.

“I like you, Huedhaut. I truly do.” The soft, feminine voice said.

‘W-Who is that? Is this person.. Confessing her feelings?’ You wondered, your chest tightening by the minute. You honestly wanted to walk away, to stop listening and simply wait till they were done but no matter how you tried to move, your legs were simply rooted to the spot.

“Achelois.. I just– I don’t know what to say.”

‘Achelois.. Wasn’t that the sweet goddess that would visit Huedhaut from time to time?’ Not being able to resist your curiosity, you got a bit closer, taking a peek through the tiny gap.

“I know you loved her, Hue. And I am not asking you to forget or to love me like you did with her but just– Let me heal that wound in your heart.”

“Why..?” He asked, his voice slightly shaky.

“It’s because I care for you and we have practically known each other for ages. To see the person I have grown to love for be in so much pain.. It hurts, you know? I just want you to be happy again, I want you to move on from the past that has scarred you so badly.” She uttered, her tone laced with sadness. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I felt that the both of you would get back together or if I knew she’ll fall in love with you again but.. It seems like she’s moved on. And maybe, you should too.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Achelois. I.. I might not be able to provide the love you are looking for.”

“I am fully aware of that.”

“And you still want me?”

“Like I said before, I dont expect you to forget her or love me just as much but what I do want is for you to try and let yourself be healed. I want you to be able to love and accept love again.” She stepped a little closer towards him, her eyes staring into his sapphire ones. “Even if in the future, the person you end up being with is not me.. That’s fine. As long as I know you’re happy, free and that we did enjoy some quality time together in the past.. That’s more than enough.”

“You…” Sighing, he shook his head in defeat before breaking into a small smile. “I can never understand how selfless you can be sometimes.”

“I am not the goddess of healing for nothing.” She laughed, a shy look on her face.

“But… Thank you.” He slowly took her hand in his. “Maybe you are right. Maybe it really is time to move on and instead of always feeling depressed whenever I see her with someone else, I want to be happy for her and I.. I want to be happy too. Will you.. Help me?”


Not being able to see or listen anymore, you finally found the strength to leave the area, your feet moving faster by the second.

You could feel your head spinning, your heart throbbing in pain and tears welling up your eyes.

What a cruel, cruel fate.

How BTS would react to walking in on another member’s gf changing

Thank you, anon! I love you, too ^^


*embarrassed laughter* *thinks about how he’s probably seeing this before Jungkook has*

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*oh goddam…wait I’m not supposed to stare…well now I know one reason why namjoon likes you*

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*flustered* “I’m really sorry. Please don’t tell yoongi hyung. Oh my god”

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*flustered* “Sorry, sorry, sorry. I swear this wont happen again.” namjoon just get out

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“nope, nope, nope”

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 *innocence shattered* *runs away screaming*

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*so this is what a girl’s body looks like* -_-

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