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Happy Birthday Haruka-sensei! ^^  @skillshotlabs

Acacia flower: confined love
Azalea flower: “please take care of yourself for me”
Gardenias: sweetness, purity

I had this idea in mind before I greeted him and it was a happy surprise to see him say the exact words I found in the flower language meaning of Azalea flowers.

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

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I'm suffering. Yoosung,Zen and Seven reacting to an MC that sweats and like sWEATS. (It's not even hot. It's cool rn but for me in living in my own desert. Well u don't have to do this it your uncomfortable with that and I uunderstand ^^)

I don´t really sweat (mainly because I´m a potato and don´t do anything) but my brother he is literally like a water fountain, He sweats 24/7.

Like this:

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Whatever, I hope you like it.


  • He notices that you sweat A LOT when you two were cooking (maybe a cake for his birthday)
  • Your metabolism + The heat of the kitchen (it wasn´t that hot), made you really hot and sweaty.
  • Yoosung thought that you were sick or something

-“MC! Are you ok?” he freak out

-“Of course, why are you aski- …Ahh” You realize why

-“Stop cooking if you feel sick.I will go for medicine” Yoosung takes your hand and drags you into his room to his bed ” take a Nap, Don´t worry I will take care of you.”

-Aww He is so cute “Don´t worry yoosung” you careless his cheek and then you say “I just that I sweat a lot”

-“Ohh” He feels stupid and embarrassed “Sorry~” he looks down and his cheeks go red.

Why are you so freaking cute?!!!?

-You lift gently his face and say “But thank you for all that, If I ever feel sick I will tell you, ok?”

-”Ok~” He stills feels stupid

-You kiss him out of the blue “This part is part of your treat for being so cute and carrying about me” 

-”Pa-part?” Ohh boi this is getting hot.

-”Yes…Do you want the full treat?” Wait this is getting really hot “wait…” ok FOR REAL this place is getting hotter 

-”bip-bip-bip” the fire alarm goes on

Because you left the kitchen unsupervised the food was burning and it started a fire. You two freak out but you solved the problem and yoosung look at you as his savior.It didn´t pass from a little accident.

After that, you gave yoosung his full treat.


  • One day you came home and you were all sweaty.Zen thought that you were at the gym; He didn´t put thought into that.
  • But then at night, you were sweating a lot too. 
  • and then he saw that you always had your fan with you.
  •  He knew that you sweat a lot but he never made a comment.
  • But he had to do something when you said.

“Why?!” you yell

-”Bae, are you ok?” zen run to you.

-”look!” you show him a photo of Zen and you that was in a magazine.

-”Aww…we look very cute”

-”What ?! NO you are missing the point, look Zen!” you point yourself in the picture

-”You think you look cuter than me?” How he came to that conclusion?

-”Look I all sweaty and gross” you give him the Magazine.

- He sits next to you and says “You are not gross” he hugs you and continue saying “You are the most beautiful women that I have ever meet and You look cute when you are all sweaty”

-”You are lying”

-”Well if we are talking about the most beautiful person, In that case, I win…You have to admit” Zen smirk.

-”Haha…I´m not talking about that” he made you laugh but you still feel bad.

-”You are gorgeous…and when you sweat you look hot, not a lot of people can do that.” He kisses you on the nose “Do you want the photo to be taking down?”

-”Nah…” Now you didn´t care.

-Zen sigh “thank god, Because I look very good in that pic …I mean we look very good in that pic *nervously laugh*  “


- “You sweat a lot”

- “I know”

- “Is because I´m really hot and you can´t handle that?”

- “ah hah…funny”

Next day

-”you are sweaty”


-”don´t be nervous, I don´t bite”

- *heavy sigh*

Next day

-”Honey~ , We haven´t started and You are already sweating”

-”Saeran hold me or I will kill your brother.”

Saeran didn´t hold you and Seven ran from you all day.

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Surprise (Heechul)

Originally posted by thesuperjunior

Type: Slight Angst Fluff

Request: Hi there. Can I request a heechul scenario where you’ve been dating him for quite a long time and suddenly he becomes distance from you and you suspect him cheating on you but he’s actually planning a surprise birthday party for you. Thankssss

You began to worry honestly, having been with Heechul for almost 6 years you worried he would grow bored of you. And your fears grew more this morning. “Why are you smiling at your phone?” you asked as he looked up and turned the screen off. “Nothing babe” he says as your face drops.He took a bite from his cereal as you two made eye contact, he gave you a cute wink and you gave a small smile. He still had the power to make your heart race after all these years.


You wiped your eyes, you weren’t one to ask for much for your birthday. You only asked for a happy birthday at some point from Heechul but that even didn’t seem to happen because he rushed out this morning. By 7:30 PM you were a sobbing messing. The front door opened and Heechul made his way into the apartment. You wiped your eyes and tried to compose yourself the most you could as Heechul walked in with a big smile that soon dropped when he saw how you were. “Babe what’s wrong?” he asked as he rushed over to you. You shook your head as he rubbed your eyes. “Did something happen?” he asked as he brought you close.

“Am I too boring for you now? Is that why you’ve been away?” you ask as Heechul soon felt guilty. “Baby I would never do that to you. I’ve been with yiu too long to do something so stupid” he whispered as he stood up pulling something from his pocket. “I’ve spent a few years planning this moment actually” he said as he let out a soft chuckle. “I know you like simple things so I’ll make it really simple” he said opening the small black box and pulling out a ring. It was a large rock he knew you’d lecture him about but the rest of the ring seemed simple. A silver band keeping it in place. He held it in front of him between his pointer and thumb of both hands. “So Y/N will you marry me?” he asked as you two stared at the ring for a moment. “Really?” you ask “of course. Its about time I completely get to call you mine” he says giving you a smile. “You know I will” you say as his smile grew taking your left hand and sliding it onto your ring finger. You brought him in for a passionate kiss. Your mind slipped from the fact it was your birthday. You pulled back and smiled looking at the ring “why did you get one so big?” you say as he rolls his eyes. “I so called this moment” he teased “I wanted something flashy so it didn’t look like I cheaped out on you” he says as you roll your eyes. “I want a fancy wedding. Fair warning” he spoke as you rolled your eyes again.


It was around 9:00 PM when he recommended you guys would go out. You held Heechul’s hand as he brought you out to your favorite restaurant as a celebration for your engagement. He opened the door for you as you two walked in. The place was dark “its not closing time” you say Heechul shrugs “I hope Mr. and Mrs. Lee are alright” you say as he smiles at you as the lights flicker on and “surprise filled your ears. Heechul leaned over to whisper into your ear “oh yeah. Happy Birthday baby.”

Pretty much the whole night Heechul and you clung to one another. “I want to say something” you whisper to him as you gone the past 2 hours without someone noticing the ring on your finger. “Announcement” Heechul yells as raised his hands. “As of tonight. This is my fiance, Y/N. Not my girlfriend, I finally did it” he said as he lifted your hand up showing the ring off. Cheers and congratulations filled the room as your mother and his mother and even some of the boys had made their way over to look at it. “This rock is huge Heechul” Eunhyuk states as he held your hand up “you could blind someone if it gleams in the light too long” he continues as you giggle. Heechul gives a proud smile “yeah I know worth every penny” he says as your mothers share an aw.

I’ve had one song stuck in my head all day which resulted in these creepy, defensive darlings. :3 It’s been on a loop, playing over and over and over again. I can’t tell whether that’s a good or bad thing.
I love them. They’re absolutely adorable.
It’s Bendy and the Ink Machine Song by DAGames, btw.

The Wallet

content: Dean finds a wallet. But when he arrives at the guy’s house there is a surprise waiting for him.
word count: 1812

It’s almost the end of his shift when Dean finds the lost wallet on the ground right next to a grocery store.

He almost missed it, being all plain and simple, but instinct (or fate) made him look twice. He immediately checks the content and obviously everything seems to be in order. Cash money, credit cards – it’s all there. And according to the driver’s license the wallet belongs to a guy named Castiel Novak, living at an address just around the corner.

Dean rubs his eyes and sighs. Actually he was about to return to the station, change into some normal comfy civil clothes instead of his officer’s uniform and drive right back home. It’s been a long day with a lot of annoying people ruining his mood and he’s so fucking exhausted he probably could sleep standing. He just wants to bury himself in his memory foam.

But on the other hand the guy’s address isn’t really that far and Dean knows how much it sucks to think you’d lost your wallet. It’s a bitch to replace all the cards and licenses and it would be cruel to leave the man in the dark for the rest of the night. So Dean takes his car and drives.

The place is easy to find, a nice small house with a green front door. Dean hears muffled voices from the inside and considering the bunch of cars which are parked in the driveway he assumes there is some kind of gathering on the inside. So he decides to make this really quick and rings the bell.

Almost immediately a short guy with brownish hair and a mischievous smile opens the door. “Hello, hello,” he greets the officer. “You’re early.”

Dean frowns, puzzled. “What?”

But the man just grabs his wrist and pulls him inside. “It’s better that way, actually. Cassie’s already very suspicious and we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, right?”


“But I’ve gotta warn you, he’s very shy,” the man explains. “He’s probably not going to be thrilled you being here. Don’t take it personally and just make him change his mind, okay? I’m positive you’ll handle that. You’re exactly his type. Sexy with green eyes.”

And then the guy winks and leads him into a room before Dean has got a chance to argue. About fifteen pairs of eyes land on him instantly.

Curiously. Expectantly.

Only the man in the middle looks outright horrified. He stares at Dean with big, really beautiful blue eyes, a blush on his cheeks, and Dean recognizes him immediately by the picture on the driver’s license. Castiel Novak.

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Title: I’ve got My Eyes on You

Relationship: Kaneki/Touka

Word Count: 2137

Warnings: Some swearing 

Summary: ‘i fucking hate the beach but you’re a hot lifeguard and dammit why won’t you notice me’ au

Notes: So, today is kanyekiwest’s birthday and well, here’s my present. This is the first time I write touken and I’m not really sure if it’s as good as my wonderful husband deserves, but I hope she likes it anyways.

Happy birthday bae, I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for everything you’ve done for me until now <3.

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wolfstar + stargazing

@city-of-dead-fictional-charactrs asked for wolfstar + anything, so here you go:

  • Sirius is in love with the moon
  • that’s what he always says
  • one day, he takes remus see the moon, 
  • on the day before full moon
  • so that remus can see it almost full
  • “why are you in love with the moon?” remus asks, really not seeing what is so special about it
  • “i love the moon because it’s bright.
  • i love the moon because it’s always there, even if i can’t see it. it’s a loyal companion.
  • i love the moon because it has a dark side, and that doesn’t make it less beautiful.
  • i love the moon because it can shine like an angel and it can also be bloody
  • i love the moon because it’s imperfectly perfect.
  • i love the moon because it’s special, and he doesn’t even know it.”
  • “he?” asks remus, just now noticing that sirius hasn’t been looking at the moon at all.
  • he has been looking at him
  • oh
  • and remus’ heart skips a beat
  • because oh merlin, he’s always been so stupidly jealous of the moon
  • “i love the brightest star in the sky,” says remus, meeting sirius’ eyes
  • “oh, and which one is it?”
  • “Sirius.”
  • they kiss under the light of the moon and the stars, who watch them jealous from the sky
  • “i love you moony,” says sirius.
  • “i love you, padfoot.”

Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like it

yayy birthday prompts :)

Happy 30th Birthday, @amazingphil I hope all those wonderful predictions from your latest video come true this year!! :D apart from the really horrible ones the magic 8 ball predicted yikes

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Hoping this doesn't get lost in your asks!! Anyway, sorry to be a bother but I watched your speed paint of Dan which you made for his 25th birthday and I notice your notepad looked like a canvas material. I'm not sure if that was just my eyes and if you were even using a paper notepad but it seemed like a canvas. Do you know where one can get such a notepad from? Thank you!! I love your art so much, it inspires me everyday. That isn't an exaggeration

It is actually an Oil painting base canvas
But I guess its thick enough to let me explore watercolours on it
I was recommended by my watercolour senpais @szluu and @literallysarcasm to use “BEST” series from Strathmore.
I can’t tell you where specifically where to buy it cause every country will be different but just try to look for it in your local stores :)


Oh my god, can this be true? Am i posting a thematic illustration on time?

Some saint must be destined to fall from its pedestal tonight.

Also, i noticed that it was sandwichesandsideburns’s birthday today so…i altered the picture to look even sweeter! Hope you like it, darling ;>

Stay Basted!

Hi Taylor!! 

This is me when I got back from the Melbourne show on December 11. I actually cannot believe its been over two months now. Like what?? Time flies… So my birthday is coming up soon on the 26th of February and I’ll be turning 14 :) It would be the best birthday present ever if I was noticed by you! I’ve been a swiftie since 2010, when I first heard YBWM. (I wasn’t very up to date with music then haha, I started listening to the radio in 2010) I’m going to keep this short, but I really hope you see this (: @taylorswift ♡

My birthday wish

Hey its caitlin. Its my birthday on October 27 and its in my wildest dreams for taylor to follow or notice me. I have been trying for so many months now im starting to lose hope. So taylor if your reading this it would mean the world if you followed me. Im sending my love from new Zealand! - caitlin @taylorswift


sjdbaskfhsfkhs i know is pretty ugly and late but still:


gosh so sorry i totally messed it up, like also im in my exam-week so its a little bit stressful and i actually wanted to draw a proper taka for u bc sjdsahdsdhdisdb ; u ; <3 SO IM SO SORRY ITS ONLY A CRAPPY SCRIBLLE ;A;

BUT ANYWAY i hope you had an awesome day and enjoyed it a lot? C: dshfbsdjfbhsdf KEEP ON ROCKIN, you go girl ; 7 ; (so sorry again /slapsherself/)

[[and as u also might have noticed i didnt posted the link anymore..thats why im gonna stop the project at the end of july, i think till then everyone got at least one drawing?…well anyway, so sorry, but i realized its too much i cant handle it sometimes…and im always stressing myself and thats taking me down..gosh i sound so stupid now..sdbasdshbdabj BUT DONT WORRY like im still gonna draw and make gifts and stuff, but mainly ill go for art trade and commissions ; u ; but yo kuroshi42 is still doing the bday project as well so you can just ask her if you want to ~]]

okay thats it /fades out/