i hope they have a story everytime someone leaves the show

Why McMillan could be shady as hell

What I want to say as an introduction as that the Weston Arc was mainly about appearances. Masks people desperately tried to maintain in order to properly operate and ascend the social or hierachical ladder as well as how values can be twisted by greed and pride. The P4 were guilty of this, Derek Arden, who was an utter douchebag, was guilty of this, Maurice, Vincent, hell, the whole studentry did it. But what about McMillan? No such twist was reserved for this character. Was he genuinely such a good guy? Naturally, this theory focoses on the other possibility. That we just haven’t seen this twist of character yet. 

His very first appearance is kind of odd. The first time Ciel visits Weston College, he accidentally stepped on the lawn, without knowing what consequences it would serve him. This mishap gets noticed really quickly and we see various people’s, who also noticed that Ciel must be a duckling at this point, reactions to it. Some feel compassion for him, some a little bit of indifference and some experience Schadenfreude. But no McMillan in sight at this point. But why do I point this out at all and why is it “bad” that McMillan was introduced the way he was? Well, when Edmond and the others approached him, they reprimanded him lightheartedly and then leave just as quickly. 

This not only signals that this was a strange occurrance, but after that McMillan, who at this point is a stranger to Ciel, hugs him passionately. 

Note the panel here. People might consider me crazy for what I am going to say, but shady characters are never introduced with panels like these

McMillain practically creeped himself into these panels (no pun intended) and asserts himself slowly but surely on these pages without making himself too suspicious and too dominating, maintaing a position of insignificance while shifitng the focus on other (topics, people).

Not only artistically speaking is McMillan’s entrance to the story a little “odd” for a person that repeatedly follows and assists Ciel throughout this arc. McMillan knows a great deal and has a keen interest on royalty and important people and Edmond loudly and clearly mentioned Ciel’s family name, which is quite known throughout the country due to his Funtom companies. And well, some people know his name for entirely other reasons… And Ciel is new, fresh and inexperienced in “the game” all pupils participate. He would be actually the best candidate to be manipulated. Or to gain from him in any way. I mean, McMillan practically loudly and passionately proclaimed his interest in these four and continues to do so throughout the arc with other people, but to Ciel, who is cynical and sceptical towards every stranger he encounters doesn’t question McMillan’s sudden entrance and asserts himself in his life at all. Either McMilly is really good at manipulation or Ciel dismissed McMillan’s persistence because he has such a person at home as well (yes, I am referring to Soma).

More under the cut.

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The surrender

Title: The surrender

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word Count: 4.3K+  

Warnings: romantic, fluff, angst, OOC!Kai

Summary: The reader is gonna marry Kai, but someone from his past comes to make him pay his debts.  

Notes: This is the story I wrote for the Fandom Writing Challenge, my prompt was gym. This contest is such a great idea! Hope you like the fic :) This fic takes place after s6 of TVD, but some things are different.    

She had met Kai four years ago. It was like she had been known him since forever. They shared multiple passions together, they had the same interests and the same black humour. She loved the way he used to wake her up in the middle of the night to start deep conversations, kissing her on the cheek so slowly and in a very sweet way, she felt home with him; she loved how they made up after a fight, ending everytime with her unbottoning his shirt and him pushing her closer, so close it would feel like even their skin was too much to separate them; but most of all, she loved how he made the proposal special. He had prepared the house they bought together with roses all around the living room, candles, their song played by the vinyl (Sweater Weather, by the Neighbourhood) and he was wearing a smoking. He kneeled down and he showed her the little blue box in which there was the ring. She was in tears, with her hands on her lips, astonished. Then she smiled, murmuring softly Yes.

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I deserve better || Theo (xStiles) Imagine

Request:Could you write something where the reader is madly in love with stiles but he tells her he’s in love with lydia. So the reader is heartbroken and keeps her distance from the pack and goes kind of dark with theo? c:

word count:2298

A/N:I really liked the request and I hope you enjoy it!It took me like five hours to write this but I feel like the ending is not the best.. let me know what you think and if you want a second part!

part two part three


You loved him.You always loved Stiles. From the day that you started at Beacon Hills High until now. The first time you saw him, there was just something about him that was so attractive to you. Over the years you two got to know each other very well and became very close friends. The closer you two got the more you fell for him . Every cell of your body wanted this boy, there was nothing on your mind but him.

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anonymous asked:

Can't wait to read more of your amazing writing!!! Could I get junkrat, McCowboy, gramps Reinhardt, shimada bros, zenyatta and golf dad 76 falling in love and doing their bestest to woo a new agent who is slightly intimidated by them?( except zenyatta I bet he'd have the easiest time since he's a calming presence lmao) who'd be silly, cute, or awkward during their interactions? Love ya!

Thank you!
This turned out a lot sillier than I intended but it was a lot of fun to write

Requests are open!

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Broken [Part 15]

Prologue ( Optional ) || Part 1 || Part 2|| Part 3 || Part 4||Part 5|| Part 6||Part 7||Part 8|| Part 9|| Part 10|| Part 11 ||Part 12 ||Part 13 ||Part 14|| Part 15||Part 16|| Part 17 || Part 18 || Part 19 || Part 20 ||

Summary : Can a broken soul be put back together ? ( Mafia Au )

“ Y/N ”

The mirror shattered.

“ Y/N !”

You finally opened your eyes, disoriented for a moment, not knowing where you were or if you were still dreaming or not. Jungkook was hovering over you, his cold hands cupped your face in the attempt to wake you up.

“ Are you okay ? You were crying.” You sat up, his touch leaving you. Your entire body was covered in cold sweat making you shiver to the core. Taking a deep sigh, you blinked out the remaining tears out of your eyes before wiping them away with the back of your hand.

“ Did I wake you up ? What time is it ?”

“ It’s a little over midnight ” He breathed out, the worried look lingering until you smiled at him. “ Is it always this bad ?”

“  What is ?”

“ Your nightmares … ” You just nodded, your eyes feeling heavy again.

“ I got used to them, don’t worry ” His fingertips brushed against your flaming forehead moving the damped hair away from your face smiling dolefully. How could you get used to something like this ? Was on the tip of his tongue but he chose not to ask, his eyes did the job for him.

You brought your hand over his, cupping your cheek, and leaning into it as you closed your eyes, breathing in.

“ I’m better now ” You smiled, looking at him again.

“ I’ll let you go back to sleep ” Without realizing it, you didn’t let go of his hands. He furrowed his eyebrows at you. “ Do you need anything ?”

“ Don’t leave ” You whispered. It was hard making out his facial expression in the little light that penetrated the room but his eyes clearly widened at your request.

“ O-okay, scoot over ” He finally spoke after great uncertainty that made you almost embarrassed, maybe even regret that you asked for it. You moved away giving him enough space to lie down besides you. He pushed his arm underneath your head to pull you closer to his chest before wrapping it around you to play with your hair, which he seemed to love doing – not that you would complain- .

“ Jungkook … ” He hummed in response, closing his eyes.

“ Don’t you think you would be better off with someone a bit more” There was a pause as you sought the right word, that you just didn’t seem to find, “ normal ?”

He turned on his side enveloping you completely into his embrace, letting your warm breath tickle his neck as he rested his chin on top of your head.

“ Stop speaking nonsense and sleep ” He whispered, pulling away just enough to plant a feathery kiss on your forehead, his lips idling there shortly,  before going back to his original position.


“ The four of you need to disappear, you’re going to be their priority for now. ” Jin had his hands supporting him on the counter.

“ I’m not going anywhere ” Protested Hoseok, who couldn’t sit still for a single moment, moving around the entire space.

“ Me neither, I’m staying here ” Jimin added his eyes following the older man’s steps, tracing them on the ground, annoyed by his restlessness.

“ You …”

“ Don’t even try hyung, I don’t think they will change their minds ” Taehyung interrupted Jin who was about to oppose them. He just sighed nodding then turning to look at Jungkook. He usually didn’t leave your side ever since you were brought there, as if you would disappear if he did, but when the elder had proposed that you leave them behind and hide until things cool down he had stepped forwards and away from you mainly to protest as well. He didn’t wish to leave his hyungs to deal with what he created, what should be his responsibility. However, if he stays, if you stay, it would only mean you’re going to be put in danger and in a constant threat. Jungkook was conflicted and it showed in his brusque movements.

“ Hyung … ” He breathed out, apparently having made up his mind to stay and try his best to keep you safe while fighting along side them to achieve their original goal.

“ I’m not having it from you. You’re leaving and that’s not to be debated ” Jin pointed at him shutting him up, his eyes showing nothing but assertion.

Jungkook parted his lips, his eyes fluttered close and he sighed deeply, giving up. “ Where should we go ?”

There was a silence, everyone exchanged glances. You just sat there feeling like an extra, not knowing what was going on in their heads, but they seem to fully understand just by looking in each other’s eyes. Something that only comes with great time spent together and profound connections, which you didn’t have with them.

“ Go home ” Yoongi was the one to break the silence, speaking out what they were all thinking. “ It’s far away and probably safer than anywhere else.”

“ You know I haven’t been there for 4 years, hyung, why do you think they’ll just take me in ?” Jungkook scoffed, refusing.

“ They’re your family, and they probably want you back ” Jin added.

“ And you’ll get to show them your girlfriend ” Taehyung jumped in, excited as always. You unintentionally glared at him, having been caught up in the seriousness of what the others were talking about before his interruption. He held his hands up in feigned innocence with a smirk “ Fine, not girlfriend ” He chuckled and you shook your head in disbelief.

Namjoon, the only one who was gone ever since you woke up, walked through the door capturing the attention of everyone. He froze in his place under the seven set of eyes plastered on him “ Whatever it is, it was not me !”

“ Yeah, yeah. Did you get everything ?” Yoongi rolled his eyes, standing up to inspect the bags he carried with him.

Jungkook glanced at you, a look you didn’t understand, it was expressionless but in the same time examining. You smiled tearing him away from his thoughts, it took him a moment to smile back nodding, probably to what he was thinking. “ I’ll go” Jungkook turned back to Jin.

“ Good, here’s your tickets ” Namjoon shrugged, satisfied.

“ You had this planned, didn’t you ?” The other just nodded and Jungkook chuckled “ I’m not even surprised. Why do you even bother asking me ?”

“ Shut up, brat” Namjoon met your eyes and smiled, showing his dimples, “ Do you now know why they call me the brain ? You were wondering about it before ”

You snorted, your eyes staggered away from him then back, “ Still don’t see it ” you said.

“ I like her ” Yoongi walked towards you, handing you one of the bags. You tilted your head at him. “ I hope it fits, I just guessed it based on, well, looking at you ”. Inside the bag were different set of clothes but only black ones, considering you were supposed to stay away from attention.

“ Thank you, Yoongi” He smiled, scratching the back of his head.

“ About before, I think … I owe you an apology ” He whispered so only you would hear, but obviously, since the others were also at the same distance they probably heard him as well.

Your eyes widened, breath caught up in your throat almost making you choke, “ W-what ?” ‘please don’t do this’ You thought to yourself crossing your arms.

“ Don’t do that, hyung, it’s awkward ” Jungkook faked a shiver, saving you both the uncomfortableness of that moment. “ Let’s just get ready to leave ” He added almost in a sad tone.

Guys, I’m so sorry, so much has been going on and I’m not in a good shape either so I’m sorry this was kinda shitty. I dnt even have a proper excuse for being this late so don’t hate me too much. As always thank you for reading, I appreciate it sooo muuch. And I really hope you enjoyed it.  I keep fucking up and apologizing everytime, I don’t even know why I keep it up .

Open Voice Acting Auditions - Autumn Leaves

1.      What is Autumn Leaves? 

Autumn Leaves is a mod, an unofficial expansion of the game Fallout: New Vegas. It has been in development for the last 4 years and will be free for everyone already possessing any version of the game.

The project is now in Beta, is fully playable and will be released in September/October 2015.

It’s a fully-voiced adventure with a heavy focus on plot and investigation. In Autumn Leaves, the player will discover a derelict library inhabited by six sentient machines, each with their own back-story and agency. What happens from that point will depend on the player’s decisions.

2.      The Story so far :

“Some years before the nuclear catastrophe, a small number of men and women – wealthy and well-intentioned - were growing increasingly worried by the political unrest across their countries. Moral panic, witch hunts, and censorship spread like wildfire.

This congregation - often scientists, professors, artists - felt the need for a place where humanity’s history and culture could be preserved, safe from those who would destroy it for its “seditious” content. They pooled their resources in the hopes of creating such a place, free from the volatile swing of political agenda.

A Vault was to be built. Within it would be enclosed the most comprehensive collection of books and holotapes in history. The project owed much to the efforts of one Professor Cartwright, who at the time worked for a certain Robert Edwin House at the Robco Company and used this position to secure valuable contacts within Vault-Tec.

As the construction of this Library began, the intellectuals gathered their private collections, and hunted tirelessly for rare texts to complete them. They also agreed that Cartwright should oversee the process, and act as the Library’s caretaker; when it was time, all would gather for shelter, and seal the doors behind them.

None of them could predict, however, that the bombs would fall so early.

And when they did, Cartwright was alone in the Library.

The Professor knew that his days were numbered. To ensure that the Library would not die with him, he spent his time reprogramming his robots. The machines would ensure that the Library would persevere, until the world could once again take advantage of its wisdom.

He would endow them with the ability to think, the ability to choose, the ability to learn. Partly because he feared the dangers that might threaten the Library in years to come. Partly because, as the years grew long, he needed someone - something - to soothe his solitude.

Two hundred years have passed. Far enough time for something to go wrong.

Today, the Player awakens the Library from its long sleep.”

3. The Characters Needing a Voice

(For non-Voice Actors : SPOILERS!!!)

The machines programmed to be "alive” :

The robots created by the professor were given some basic personality traits, but as time passed, they learned more and more about the world and about themselves. Though they’re still only machines, they are now intelligent enough to display a full range of human emotions.

But along with human emotions, they also developed all kind of issues the player will soon discover.

James :

Psychological Traits : cheerful, overachiever, candid, curious

Lines : +/- 320

James was his master’s favourite robot and it shows. Acting as the main caretaker of the Library, he display a great sense of duty when it comes to its preservation. He has been programmed to be earnest and to be curious about everything. Every time a guest comes to the Library is the occasion for James to pester him or her with questions about pretty much everything. Despite his cheerful and candid exterior, he’s rather worried about the outcome of the library, especially in a world where the fires of war still rage on.

Sample Lines :

1) You seem bitter about that. Well, if the world is giving you a hard time, maybe you should consider staying here for a while. Some kind of vacations.

2) You already killed someone, didn’t you? How did it feel?

3) One night, he got so badly drunk, he began throwing insults at us, the books and their “mother.” 4) While the experience was very enriching on a vocabulary standpoint, we ultimately had to stop him before he blew up entire bibliographies with C4.

Helena :

Personality Traits : Kind, driven, open-minded, a tad melancholic

Lines : +/- 280

As a machine dedicated to the physical and psychological health of the library’s host, Helena strives to develop her skills in the best possible manner. Though her skills with a scalpel are faultless, she only has an abstract grasp of how human psychology works. She struggles with her own synthetic psyche to find new ways to close the gap between the human mind and hers. She would have lost hope a long time ago, if she wasn’t programmed to serve this pursuit until the end of her existence.

Samples Lines :

1) Even if you already dealt with Benny, something *happened* in that grave in Goodsprings. It’s not about what you’re doing, or what you’ve done, but about what you have become.

2) I am a machine. I will never understand symbols or interpret their meanings on my own. But I know humans can.

3) You are kind to me, but it is my responsibility. I have to learn from what happened today, never to let that happen again.

Rolland :

Personality Traits : clever, obnoxious,  and yet somewhat friendly, in a jackass sort of way

Lines : +/- 260

A pinch of salt upon the wounds of everyone passing by, Rolland is - simply put - an asshole. He acts like an asshole, he speaks like an asshole, and - well - it’s to be expected since he’s programmed to be an asshole. Rolland’s provocative and iconoclastic nature has driven mad many of the Library’s visitors, much to his enjoyment. For some reason he doesn’t bother to clarify, he has some high expectations for the player.

Sample Lines :

1) Do you need a hand with something? Can’t spare much, but hey, at least here’s a middle finger for you.

2) Cut the claptrap. We both know that each of the 37 eye movements you just made when entering this room were purely motivated by greed.

3) On average, a novel content is split as follow : 63% emotions, 35% sensory description, 2% actual logic.  4) Everytime a protagonist does something irrational it’s because he or she has something to prove, is bored, or has some kind of stomach trouble.

Arthur :

Personality Traits : Typical story-teller type, demeaning in some cases

Lines : +/- 160

For a monolithic database containing all human knowledge through the ages, Arthur’s silence is quite uncanny. Though he is more than capable of entertaining normal conversations, he only speaks in parables and riddles. He’s autistic, despondent and cryptic.

Sample Lines :

1) Piper. She survived the holocaust. Do you know what else survived the holocaust? Rats and cockroaches.

2) Twisted remnant of a bygone era, he looked all his life for a mirror where he could look at without seeing the scars left by a mankind gone mad.

3) I have no doubt our security system will be able to contain whatever “outbursts” you will fail to restrain.

Edgard :

Personality Traits : Enthousiast, Paranoïd, Attention-craving

Lines : +/- 90

Something went wrong with this one. Somehow, the professor managed to mess things up when he made Edgard. Corrupted computational matrix? Defective hardware in the personality module? It’s no matter now : Edgard is just one card short of a full deck. Initially overjoyed and playful, Edgard quickly became neurotic and self-obsessed. Though good-natured, he nurtures a constant feeling of paranoia. Deeply affected by how others may perceive him, he secretly fears that someone would one day put him out of commission for being defective.

Sample Lines :

1) Oh hey! There’s actually *somebody* down here ! Have you come to see me? Come on, sit anywhere you like. You and I are going to have *fun*.

2) Cecilia, of course! Good old Cecilia ! She and I go way back. Aaah. We had a thing, you know. She liked me. *Very* much.


The Maintenance Bot :

Personality Traits : Bitter, wise, rational, practical

Lines : +/- 150

A bitter philosopher, surly to have been denied a proper rebellion phase. Decades before the player’s arrival, Maintenance Bot’s personality module – the little gizmo that allows the robots to think – was ripped out of him by its maker, after one of their most violent argument. He will regain his sentience after the player will give back the module to him.

The fact that his master died more than a hundred years ago without acknowledging his wrongs is probably the thing Maintenance Bot has the most trouble accepting.

Sample Lines :

1) Bury him? Why? All of his life, he was buried in his books, buried in his vault, buried under a mountain buried in the desert. So now, as far as I’m concerned he is already buried.

2) Being limited has some dreadful shortcomings. Though you eventually realize that being confined to a small perimeter doesn’t prevent you from digging deeper and deeper within it.

3) Are you saying you did all this to get some machines’ gratitude? No, we both know you did this for a reason. So, let’s get to the point. What do you need of me?

The Guests :

These are people who visited the Vault before the player.

Piper (Age 45) :

Personality Traits : Blunt, Altruistic, Unsophisticated, Seen-it-all before

Lines +/- 10

The first guest to have stumbled upon the Library of Hypatia. Mercenary, survivor of the war, learned to live in the wastelands when she was fifteen. Got more than her share of shit and worked hard on herself to remain one decent human being. Has a personal vendetta against slavers which she ambush on every occasion, which countlessly compromised her teammates, companions and/or family.

Sample Lines :

1) I don’t bite sizes I can’t chew.

2)  Usually, I spot slavers groups from afar. I waylay traps when they’re asleep, a bit further on the path. When the first of them trigger a trap the day after, that’s my cue.

3) Ain’t that much of a pretty story, that’s for sure. It was quite a while ago, got my share of shit at that time.

Dexter Aldrige (Age 35) :

Personality Traits : Cranky, impatient, brainy, neurotic

Lines : +/- 20

A Brotherhood scribe seeking recognition for his “exceptional abilities”. Though capable, Dexter often lets his unbridled ego take the best of him, and fails miserably at his missions.

Sample Lines

1) How the hell am I supposed to get Senior Scribe if they keep tasking me with aimless investigations in the most remote corners of the Mojave?

2) How the Old World’s people managed to waste this much resources on vapid entreprises is beyond me.

3) And now, I’m wide awake and trying to *calm* the fuck *down* by recording these events on a holotape. As you can hear, IT’S WORKING LIKE A CHARM.

Cecilia Parsons (Age 25) :

Personality Traits : Cultured, Anti-social, Wily, Peppy

Lines +/- 20

A Vault-Dweller on a mission to save her Vault from bad architectural decisions. She discovers the Library and decides to study its underbelly. Rely on her own devices, and gently cheats her way to her own purposes. Considered as a pain in the ass by her people, she was happy to leave her Vault to discover the world.

Sample Lines

1) [Slightly Drunk] That motherfucking son of a bitch Rollo hit a soft spot today.

2) [Slightly Drunk] When I got out of that stupid Vault by forcefully ripping the shortest straw out of the Overseer’s hand, I was happy I could get outside.

3) [Slightly Drunk] But the fact that they were all even happier to play along and see me off…That…THAT pisses me off.

4) I was careless. This library has far more eyes and ears than I thought, and I fear of the implications.

Professor Cartwright (Age 70) :

Personality Traits : Cultured, repenting, wise

Lines +/- 20

Scientist obsessed with the preservation of human culture. One of the most apt scientist in I.A. matters. He put all the means he possessed to create a Vault where he could put all of the old world’s wisdom and knowledge. There, by annotating, compiling and writing some kind of “Rosetta’s Stone”, he would make sure that anybody stumbling on this vault would be able to understand its value. During his isolation in the Library, he had the time to rethink many of the things he thought for granted.

Sample Lines

1) Critical thinking is much alike the immune system, without aggression - contradiction - it atrophies, withers and die.

2) We lost the war before it began.

4. General Voice Acting Directions:

I will delve deeper into each character motivations and psyche with the chosen voice actors, but in general, the most important aspect of Autumn Leaves Voice Acting is for your voice to be as natural as possible. It’s important that you don’t strain yourself, especially since some characters have more than 250 lines to deliver. So, nothing over-the-top (except maybe for Edgard), nothing cartoonish.

The aspect we will favor the most - besides how in-character your are - is your ability to deliver understated emotions, the little nuances and depth you can convey to your lines. Of course, I will be there to answer questions you may have over some lines, over the characters, over certain type of deliveries. So, if there is any way I can help you deliver the best lines, don’t hesitate to sollicitate me.

(Ah, and no need to “robotize” your voices. ;))

Contact :

-By PM


If you got friends interested in voice acting, or simply want this project to have the best voice acting possible, please reblog!

My most heartfelt and pulsating gratitude.

anonymous asked:

so the 'maybe someday you and i' was a reference to king arthur? what's your opinion on that?

It is. Javier confirmed it on his blog when the question was asked.

(Side note: I am a non-shipper, but I still love to answer questions about the relationships in the show, because I honestly appreciate all of them)

I’ve never been a huge fan of King Arthur, the books, films etc. but I’ve seen many adaptations of the movie in film class (there are a lot let me tell you) and I think the homage is very fitting for Clarke and Lexa during the scene in 3x07. I find it so fascinating that Javier decided to create this reference to King Arthur’s speech to Guenivere, because the ‘Maybe someday you and I…’ line really captures the essence and true nature of Clarke’s and Lexa’s relationship.

I suggest you watch both scenes and see it for yourself [KING ARTHUR] [CLEXA].

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anonymous asked:

ok so i saw this text post and it was like *gives you noticeable hickey to create problems in your household* and i immediately thought of u momther and how great u could write it as a blurb or drabble or imagine or whatever and COULD U THROW IN THE SQUAD BC UR SO GOOD AT WRITING THEM ITS SO FUNNY and maybe selena too if u can?? something jealous but cute

“I fell asleep watching The Bodyguard and when I woke up I had spilled so much red wine on myself I thought I’d been shot trying to protect Whitney Houston.”

Justin laughs, the crinkles in the corners of his eyes visible from above his phone. He hasn’t put the damn thing down since you’ve arrived, capturing everything you did and said on his Snapchat. If he hadn’t showered you in ‘I miss you’s’ since picking you up from the airport you think you (and the hundreds of thousands people watching his story) would still be very well aware of the Y/N-shaped hole you leave in his life everytime you return home. “Do you guys hear this? Do you hear how sad this is? This is my best fr—aw, it cut me off.”

“Good. Maybe you can help me cook for your Friendsmas dinner.” Despite merely being a guest, you’ve been hunched over the stove for hours, cooking and cleaning long enough to rethink your stance on becoming some old man’s trophy wife in a mansion with a surplus of servants. “Aren’t you like rich and famous? Can’t you hire chefs? A caterer even?”

“Caterers don’t cook their sweet potato pies into hearts like you do.“ Justin reaches past you, his body nearly embracing yours, to grab a treat off one of the many serving plates that littered his kitchen. “And their snowmen cookies don’t taste like love.”

You raise your thumb to his heart-shaped lips, brushing away crumbs that have gathered at one corner of his mouth. “That’s ironic. ‘Cause I bake your cookies with hatred.”

He laughs again. “Well, hatred tastes better than sex.” He finishes off the remnant of the desert in his hand, licking his fingers for good measure (your nose automatically scrunches in distaste), before leaning down to press his lips to your cheek. Your eyelids flutter closed, mentally counting down the seconds until he retreats from your personal space, but he lingers. “What’s this?” Justin takes your chin into his hand, angling your head to gain a better vantage at the darkening mark on your neck. “Did you—did you burn yourself with a curling iron or something?”

“I guess so.“ You shrug. “How noticeable is it? I wanted to wear my hair up for tonight.”

“S'kinda big.“ He grazes the mark with his thumb, mistaking the goosebumps that he leaves in its wake as a sign of pain. "Does it hurt?”

“Not really. Do you think I can play it off as a hickey?“

The singer inspects it for seconds longer before answering. "Nah, it’s shaped too weird. Doesn’t look right. Want me to fix it for you?”

Lines of confusion mar the skin between your brows. And your eyes, always having been a dead giveaway to your emotions, flicker down toward the boy. He’s still too close. You hope he can’t hear the erratic beating of your heart. “What?” Your veins are pumping out questions, but ‘what’ is the only sound your mouth can form. Normal best friends—your friends back home for example—don’t offer to cover your burn mark with a hickey. And maybe that’s why you never know where you stand with Justin. Is he flirting or taking a page out of a friendship handbook you wouldn’t recommend to anyone?

Justin laughs in such a blasé way that you feel stupid for making it a bigger deal than it is. But it is a big deal. He’s blurring the lines between friendship and relationship again, something he can’t afford to do if Selena happens to take him up on his offer and show up to his dinner tonight. (Is he still trying to patch things up with her?) “It’s not weird, Y/N. Don’t think so much into it. Come sit on the counter.”

“Selena’s not gonna like this,” you promise as you follow his lead. A bad case of Déjà Vu ensues. Why is it you say those words everytime you come to visit?

You should stop visiting.

Not that you will.

“You care too much about what she thinks.” He says that a lot too. He moves the plates of food around before returning to you, large hands curling around your hips and lifting you onto the marble counter.

“Someone has to.“ You tilt your head to the left. "You don’t take her feelings into consideration.” You flip your hair behind your shoulder.

Justin snorts, an awkward sound that warms your stomach. “And you do?” He steps in between your legs.

“I do, yeah.”

You aren’t aware of how close he’s gotten until his lips are brushing against the shell of your ear. “Then why are you letting me do this?”


Recognizing that he’s got you beat, the only thing left to do is close your eyes. “Well, get to it then.”

His laugh vibrates against your skin. “I’ll make it quick.” He doesn’t.

The kitchen becomes home to obscene sucking sounds and guttural moans.

“Okay, Y/N, I’ve been a good girl all night, but I have to ask. Who attacked your neck?” Hailey asks from beside you at the dining room table. Several pairs of eyes fall on you, but more specifically, the dark marks that litter one side of your neck. You’ve ducked under your friends’ scrutinizing gazes for most of the night; however, you realize that you haven’t been very successful and that it only required a few glasses of liquor to get them talking.

You’re careful not to look over in Justin’s direction. Not even when he says, “Yeah, babe, I was wondering about that.” You can hear the smirk in his voice, you just hope he isn’t wearing one.

You raise your third glass of wine to your lips, expecting to take a few sips but downing the liquid instead. “Just some guy. No one important.”

“They’re really dark,“ Selena notes, and similar to Justin, you haven’t looked her in the eye all night. "Look recent.”

“Can’t be too recent,” Justin quips. “She’s been with me all day.”

 So, hmm, I was bored today and started discussing about BTS comeback and the thories about the story they’ve been telling since the I Need U MV and we got to some really weird conclusions that might complement some theory or not. Lets start with this picture.

1. All of them are barefoot except for Jin. Which might means that Jin is somehow alive. The reason I have is because, as a friend of mine said, reminded of this quote of the Bible:

Do not come any closer,“ God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.“ 

So it might means…Jin is somehow between it? Like he is almost closer to his friends but not really with them. Barefoot, as my friend said, can mean contact with nature, showing your true-self to God and being honest to Him. So Jin wearing shoes might mean that he didn’t totally give himself but is close to that.

2. I comented on how weird and was that Namjoon’s feet wasn’t in the picture in anyway. I saw somewhere a theory that he might be some kind of guide or something like ‘grim reaper’. Well, that I don’t know that but looking at this picture today we noticed that his legs form the number ‘4′ and might be intentional or not but in Japan and some other places the number 4 is taken as the number representing ‘death’.

3.The other boys all wear colorfull clothes minus Jin who dresses in all black. My friend added that his clothes resemble the clothes that people use to go to funerals.

Watching this because we were pretty damn bored in class one of my friends commented on these chains. There are symbolism behind it and it might come from The Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens but still valid here because in the story there is the ghost called Marley who carries a lot of chains right? Let’s quote him here a bit for making more sense:

"You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?”

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?” (1.98-132)

What’s the chain made out of? Not out of standard links at all, but instead out of the things that were most important to Marley before he died. And acording to this is all your own doing—"I made it link by link of my own free will,“ says Marley in the above quotation, pointing out that the choice to what to value in life has endless ramifications, even beyond the grave.

Now taking this to the BTS story line these chains might mean what is most valued even beyond the grave to them that it’s their friendship, which takes us to Jin plot again; the chains he made in life are the boys.

Now lets go to the instagram tags that are one of the most interesting parts in all of this. If you notice some of them have specific tags. Jin’s specific ones are #InDream, #WAYyoYou,#Psique,#togetherforever.

What got me was the tag ‘Psique’ because it’s a similar name of the greek goodess PSYKHE (or Psyche) who was the goddess of the soul, wife of Eros god of love. She is represented by a lady with butterfly wings. Also the expressions ‘psique’ was used as a synonim of life and soul, taken has the begining of life. 

And now we go to Jungkook who got the tag #Cupid.

Psyche, the goddess, had to go though missions to have her love back, since she betrayed Eros(the Cupid and in the story we assume its Kookie for some reason I haven’t found yet). So thinking about his we go to Jin and put him as Psyche like he regret not being able to save his friends and ending up alone(Prologue’s  ending) e wanted to have them back. But what was the only way to have them back? Sadly, it was death. So he tried to kill himself too but somehow failed like the goddess at her mission. And what happened to Psyche when she failed, was that she fell in a deep slumber. Now taking this to Jin side, he might have failed with his suicide attempt and ended up in a coma. So that’s the reason he can be with his friends but aparently is not totally with them - the shoes say it all, as it might show that somehow he is still linked to the living world.

Jin is showed with the butterfly, that also means big changes in life(Chaos Theory) so the butterfly showing herself to Jin might means that consequences will come for him everytime he tries to stay with his friends.

Hashtags like #ToLive and #NottoLeave might mean that Jin still pretty much alive but will not leave his friends. Also the tag #AWAKE, I almost forgot that one.

The tags #InDream and #DREAM point to Jin dreams, that it’s where they are locked because of his coma. 

Now there are this picture here. Nothing really seems out of place here, well…unless you look and Namjoon right arm. He has tattoos on the hands and arm, but what its the tattoo in his right arm?

This little shit here. It might be anything but this thing looks pretty familiar right?Well, for people who watched Inception it is because the tattoo looks like this:

Looks pretty much like Mr.Dom Cobb’s totem from Inception.And what is the use of a totem? A Totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in one’s own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person’s dream. By the tattoo on Namjoon arm, it seems to be spining. Well, I think the rule is clear here right guys?

If the totem still spining it means you are still in dream, which makes us believe that they still in Jin dream. Also the name of the photoshot is ‘Je Ne Regrett Rien’ a song that plays a lot in the movie, even in the modified versions.

Now let’s go  back to Prologue a little. Analising this we started talking about totems and dreams and all and one of my friends suggested that Jin might have one too. Which things he appears holding most of the time during the Prologue?Cameras and photos.

Explaining a little the reason of this weird theory we go back to the explanations of totems.

 A totem has a specially modified quality (such as a distinct weight, balance, or feel) in the real world, but in a dream of someone who does not know it well, the characteristics of the totem will very likely be off. Any ordinary object which has been in some way modified to affect its balance, weight, or feel will work as a totem.

My friend was going about the polaroids Jin took. At first he was in a picture with his friends and he assumed that was reality. But at the end of Prologue he takes the picture again and it’s empty. So if we take the dream logic here, his totem could be that polaroid picture and the ‘reality’ could be the memories of what really happened - the death of his friends - that is getting mixed with the dream in which he is deep in, kinda representing a Limbo and is making his totem being modified(either being the photos or the kind of camera he uses).

Remember Mal, Mr.Cobb wife from Inception?She began to believe that Limbo was her reality, that the dream was reality even with totems to prove it wrong. What if this happened to Jin? That the Prologue was a mix of his dream and memories of reality(I Need U enters here) like Mal thoughts before she died? Maybe.

Also let’s not forget Namjoon tattoos on his fingers that say the words ‘Save Hope’…but hope of saving what?Saving Jin from his slumber, hope of him not dying like them? Also the ‘Save Me’ writing on the wall…it might means someone wants to be saved so he can be free.

It’s something to think about.

Well guys, I end here for now, if another part of our theory shows up I might write another post,okay? And yes we watched all of the videos in order and started making our assumptions on symbolisms out of nowhere but i need to know the end of this story and I’m so excited for their comeback,omg!

Also forgive my english if there is something wrong, it’s not my first language.

greaser!cal pt2

thanks for requesting :-) hopefully i didn’t ruin it   part 1

“hey, y/n!” you heard someone call out to you from behind. you were walking your dog, alex, on the beach again to take a breaking from unpacking. you had a real thing for this beach for some reason.

you turn around to see cal running towards you frantically waving. “thank goodness i found you. i’ve been waiting at this beach for the past 3 days hoping you’d show up. i realised i forgot to ask for your number the last time we hung out so i couldn’t call you to hang out again.” he explained in between breaths when he caught up to you. 

you couldn’t help but smile at his eagerness. you had never seen someone so excited to hang out with you, and to be honest you have never wanted to hang out with someone so much as well. you exchanged numbers before he insisted he show you more of this town. 

you spent the rest of the day walking through the small town talking about everything and anything. midway through your ‘adventure’, after feeling cal’s hand brush against yours a couple times he finally found the courage and interlaced his fingers with yours. you didn’t say anything, you couldn’t. the only thing running through your mind when he held your hand was fuck, this feels so damn good. him subconsciously drawing small circles on the back of your hand did nothing to calm your beating heart. and you guys somehow ended up back on the beach, playing a lame game of 20 questions.

“wait, so you tried to pay your crush $20 to get her to accompany you to a school dance when you were 15.” you repeated in between fits of giggles. 

calum rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed, an apparent blush on his cheeks. “stop.” he whined, “you promised you wouldn’t laugh. fine my turn. what’s your most embarrassing boy story.”

“um, well. i got stood up last year at prom by my boyfriend. well my supposed boyfriend, it was a dare by his stupid jock friends.” you mumbled quietly not wanting to expand on the topic. 

“what an asshole. at least you’re away from jerks like that now.” he comforted. 

you hummed in agreement as he brought his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest both of you cuddling alex. you felt his thumb draw little circles on your arm, something you never though you liked until now. you couldn’t help but sigh in contentment. you didn’t really need any other boy, you had never felt so strongly about a boy so quick before. but this boy was definitely something special to you.


“hey, i figured i’d fine you here.” you turned your head at the voice calling out to you from your hidden spot on the beach. 

fuck him. so he decides that once he drops the leather jacket and washes out the hair wax, he is allowed to go back to being the stupid boy you low-key fell in love with over the summer. you refused to acknowledge him, continuing to read your book while petting alex who was asleep next to you. 

not getting the hint, cal sat down next to you in his oversized sweater with his curls all loose. fuck him.

“are you free today? i was thinking i’d bring you to my favourite burger joint today. i promise you’ll love it?” he asked, his smile slowly slipping off his face when he realises that you had no reaction to him.

“hey what did i do? are you mad at me?”

you weren’t giving in.

“will you at least tell me what i did wrong?”


“fine if you’re going to be a bitch then i’ll just go.”

that was it. “no. you don’t get to be mad at me when i have done nothing wrong. i’m sorry mr. leather jacket, i don’t pretend to be someone’s friend for like 2 months then write them off as some random hook up.” you snapped at him.

you started to pack your stuff, ready to leave when he reached out and gripped your wrist stopping you. “hey about that. i’m really sorry it’s just different when i’m with my other frie-”

“no i get it, it’s fine. you’re a douche bag who values popularity and ‘chicks’ and appearances. and i ruin your image for being a new little prude and it’s embarrassing to be associated with someone who prefers real relationships and real friendships instead of random hook ups. but it’s completely fine. because i’d rather be friends with someone who doesn’t become a total asshole when he puts on a leather jacket.” 

you shrug off his grip and turned to walk away but not before seeing his face fall at your words.


you spent the next week trying to stay lowkey in school. which included ignoring a certain someone and his little posy. he seemed to get over his whole apologetic thing real quick with a new girl on his arm. you kept your head down low everytime you walked down the hall in case you witness them sucking face again. him and his stupid smirk and lipstick all over his collar.

you hated it. you hated him. you hated yourself, for still being drawn into this asshole of a boy. everytime you saw him with her, you couldn’t help but think about how he would hold your hand when you were sitting together on the beach. how you would constantly ‘forget’ to bring a sweater whenever you guys spent late nights on the beach so that he would wrap you up in his hoodie. 

“hey sorry to interupt but is this seat taken?” a voice shook you out from your rather depressing daydream. 

“nope, the seat is free.” you replied slowly turning to face the source of the voice to be faced with a nervous looking boy. damn he was cute. 

he shot you a smile thanking you before dumping his stuff next to you. he quickly struck up a conversation with you, a smile involuntarily slipping on your face. 

“i’m trevor by the way. i’ve been wanting to introduce myself to you for a while.” he shyly rubbed the back of his neck as he gave you a coy smile.

you giggled softly at his nervousness, the last time a boy was able to capture your attention so quick was calum. but that’s not impoartant. 

“hey, i’m y/n nice to meet you.”

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I’m just gonna let it go…

-Kaori’s continuos character evolution, her patience towards her kouhai, her FIRM DETERMINATION TO RE-AUDITION FOR THE SOLO, her maturity to aknowledge defeat against Reina (EVEN WHEN THE REST WANTED TO RECOGNISE HER AS THE WINNER) and the fact that the black-haired girl is actually a better trumpeter… and finally accepting the fact that this is really her last year and that she’s doing exactly what her senpais didn’t before, which is encouraging younger students to work and practise and being better :’)

-Yuko’s incredible strenght to deal with the pain of knowing deeply inside that Reina deserve the solo because of her awesome skills and not actually any favoritism, her fight against her feelings during the WHOLE EPISODE and the truly sincere love for Kaori as a senpai and mostly as a person, the purity of her personality to leave behind her bitter behaviour of past chapters, allowing herself to find in Natsuki someone she can trust and not a rival

-The permanent MYSTERIOUS SENSATION around Asuka, who never literally demonstrates any particular feelings, and even trying to show disinterest towards her most important friends in the band (disinterest which I’m SURE she doesn’t feel) and at the same time managing to be as enthusiastic and laid back as always, the fact that she ALWAYS can say something the other characters need to hear in specific moments


-Natsuki assuming everytime more and more her role as a caring senpai even with Yuko, who seemed hostile with her in the beginning, and evidently feeling better and actually paying attention to her environment instead of being absent all the time


-*sighs* Reina… I swear sometimes I still don’t fucking know what is going through your trumpeter mind… but Kumiko’s unconditional support it’s OBVIOUSLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHATEVER HAPPENS AND WHATEVER PATH YOU TAKE, no one can deny it now… Undoubtedly, the “special” trait par excellence of your person is the music you can magically play… which has its own divine aura and emanates something unique nothing else can. It’s not only incredible talent, it seems like a bit of your soul escaping with every note and intertwined with passion.

Yes, we can say it’s music what keeps everything together and determine the course of this story. Every kind of feeling, every decision, every goal, every relationship. I’m still a little bit afraid of you KyoAni, but no matter how much I get to hate you… I have to say thanks for this. For what you have done with the novel in a realistic sense. I hope that, even though you seem to be playing with us, you will keep your promise ‘till the end. Because I enjoy basically every scene involving (ALMOST) any character. But when it comes to Reina and Kumiko my heartbeat is just uncontrollable. The ROMANTIC scene in this episode is the most MAGICAL and well constructed I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Every little detail you included, contributed and was absolutely necesary for the atmosphere you got at the end. From that moment and until the last minute, I was speechless. And I only remember that astonishing sensation from ONE other anime scene. 

*runs away from KyoAni*

*comes back to KyoAni’s arms*

Christmas gift


A/N: This was so damn cute. I think I changed the request, anon, sorry, but the escence is the same I thnk. I tried something new in this one, you’ll see it’s mostly Bucky’s POV, tell me what you think please! I hope you all enjoy it. 

Also, this is the song. :)

THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH MY INBOX! IF I DON’T REPLY TO YOU IS BECAUSE I CAN’T OR I DIDN’T GET YOUR MESSAGE. I’M SORRY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING. 😩 Request: Bucky meets reader while buying presents and it’s cute and fluffy and he invites her to the tower because she’s going to spend Christmas alone? 

He couldn’t remember when was the last time he celebrated something, it must have been back in the day when everything seemed to be easy and he was just a kid without worries, when his parents took care to put the presents under the tree for he and his sister to find the next day. When he was Steve’s Bucky.

But this time he’s the one buying the presents, buying them for the new people in his life.

Staring at the sideboards of the shops he finds overwhelming the amount of the people around him, the high prices and the bad covers of christmas songs playing through the speakers almost made him turn around and return to the safety of his room in the Tower. Almost.

Because when he is about to leave she arrives and flashes him a smile that makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve it.

“Can I help you, sir?” You ask, as the tune in the background changes to something he can recognize and that somehow, he thinks it fits you. “Looking for something in particular, sir?” You ask again when he doesn’t reply to your previous question.

He nods once “Just James, don’t call me sir”

Your smile grows wider and Bucky feels this weird thing inside him that he shouldn’t be feeling “Ok, Just James, what are you looking for? I’m (Y/N), by the way” you say, tapping the plate with your name on it.

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anonymous asked:

hey I love ur fic recs! what r some of the kaisoo fics that you like to re-read many times? Thx

Thank you! I’m very happy to hear you enjoy them!

I’m very sorry for replying to late but I had a busy week at school and I have a really bad wifi at dorms. But I certainly didn’t forget about this ask, I was actually looking forward to answering it the whole week.

Those are fics I re-read VERY often and I NEVER get tired of them. 

Stained Glass

college!AU, tattooed!jongin, singer!soo (not a famous one tho)

ongoing?; 17/? chapters

This fic is just so pure and precious and I love it so much. If you haven’t read this one, it is certainly a MUST-READ

Description: The tattoos that mark Jongin’s skin help him to keep the world at a distance and he’s perfectly fine with that until he hears Kyungsoo sing. Finally, Jongin has found someone he’s curious about - someone he doesn’t want to keep at a distance.

Summer Children 

mama!AU, fantasy!AU, Zodiac’s side story and you just have to read Zodiac. In Zodiac, there are many pairings beside kaisoo but all those kaisoo parts are amazing, especially when Kyungsoo gets hurt you see kaisoo’s bond and relationship in the fic and I love it very much.

Last updated in 2012 so probably discontinued; ~39k words

I tried to not read it since I knew there isn’t the last chapter for Zodiac but I still did and I REGRET NOTHING. It is totally worth it even tho it may never be finished. 

Description: Kyungsoo leaves the Earth Nation to fight in a war. He meets a really stupid boy with a dragon along the way.


college!AU, secretrelationship!AU, homophobia, bullying, 

side!pairing: baekyeol,  enemies!baekyeol

completed; 13/13 chapters

Infinite_x is just so talented. I rmember how excited I was when I found out she was starting Treacherous or when I found out that she’d participate on 10KFR Project. Her fics are just amazing. Looking forward to more of her works!

Description: Kyungsoo and Jongin know they are quickly journeying into dangerous territory, because Jongin’s best friend is Park Chanyeol, openly homophobic and sworn enemy of Kyungsoo’s best friend, Byun Baekhyun. They go there anyway.

Minus Twelve

sliceoflife!AU (Is it? Not sure if it belongs to this cathegory but it happens that you get stuck in elevators and… you… get to know people in it lol)

completed; one-shot with ~9k words

I’d recommend more of Zerrin’s fics in this ask (ALL OF THEM) but you’d say I’m biased which I am

Description: Kyungsoo and Jongin get stuck in an elevator and it’s really cold.

It’s Still A Feeling

sliceoflife!AU, angst

completed; 4/4 chapters with ~92k words

Totally recommend to read if you haven’t! It’s a very realistic story (their struggles and characters are just amazing) which I love and appreciate very much. 


“What would you call this then, if it’s not love?” – Kyungsoo/Jongin

I Don’t Do Boyfriends

friendstolovers!AU (they start off as friends so I’d say it’s this kind of AU)

last updated in 2013 so probably discontinued; 23/? chapters

Warning! fem!Tao (Kyungsoo’s girlfriend)

Kyungsoo is originally in relationship with a girl so I hope the readers won’t be uncomfortable with it. Kyungsoo falls in love while being in the relationship tho.

Such a shame that this one isn’t finished but I still enjoyed reading it everytime I read it.

Description: Kyungsoo is a heterosexual virgin with a girlfriend and sings for his church every Sunday. Kai finds a way to seduce any guy he sets his eyes on and thinks anyone into dating and “soul mates” is delusional and mentally ill. Neither of them ever wants a boyfriend, but when the two contrasting boys meet their friendship starts making them act and do things they would have never thought they’d do in a million years.

A Beast In Repose

Beautyandthebeast!AU; reserved!jongin

completed; two-shot with ~17k words

This is so beautiful, really. 

Description: Jongin thinks it’s his face what scares Kyungsoo but it’s his temper. 

A Little Faith

sliceoflife!AU, possessive!jongin (we all have a thing for possessive!jongin, don’t we?), married!kaisoo

completed; oneshot

I love all of FloweryMisha’s kaisoo fanfics very much tho! You should totally check them out if you haven’t!

Description: Jongin loved Kyungsoo more than his life that he couldn’t trust him. Kyungsoo loved Jongin so badly that he didn’t know how to show it.

In Bloom

sliceoflife!AU, flowerist!jongin, accountant!soo

completed; 29/29 chapters

side pairings: more than one lol. 

This is so pure. *sobs* 

Description: Shy florist Jongin meets pragmatic accountant Kyungsoo when Jongin is forced to deliver flowers to Kyungsoo’s office because of an emergency. Too shy to ask Kyungsoo out, Jongin pretends to be a delivery guy so he can continue to see him.

Posters for all those fics are SO BEAUTIFUL.

Fall Into Place

highschool!AU, secretrelationship!AU, footballplayer!jongin, soccerplayer!soo, homophobia

completed; one-shot with ~8k words

I’m greedy and I wish it was longer but it’s still perfect like this! 

Description:  And maybe Jongin doesn’t know what this is, but he likes where it’s going.


I hope you’ll be satisfied with this recommendation and you’ll enjoy the fics! Please let authors know you like their fics by liking, upvoting, subscribing their fics and also by leaving comments! They deserve to know after writing such amazing fics! 

5SOS Preference: He Sees You Bonding With His Kid


I knew as soon as I stepped through the door that it was going to be a busy night.

Recently, Ashton had decided to sell his apartment in exchange for a nice, big beachfront home. Boxes were piled up and miscellaneous household items were strewn throughout the small living area, adding to the cramped atmosphere as people darted around in an effort to organize things.

Tucking my bag under my arm, I ducked beneath a small table that was being moved out by a couple of men in navy jumpsuits. Even though there had to be at least nine people in the apartment, all of whom looked vaguely familiar, I easily spotted Ashton among them. He was standing off to the side in the kitchen, bouncing Riley on his hip as he spectated people moving about.

Gliding up to him from behind, I slipped my arm around his waist in a side hug and stood on my tip toes to kiss him on the cheek. “Hey, Ash.”

Immediatly after recognizing my presence, he wrapped his free arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him. “There’s my other baby.”

“There’s a lot going on, huh?” I noted, finally taking a moment to observe all of the cleaning and packing being done around us. “I wish I could’ve gotten off work early to come help.”

Ashton smiled, giving my shoulder a squeeze. “Don’t worry about it; we’ve had a lot of people coming to help today.”

“I can see that!” I nodded toward the business of the apartment. “Who are all of these people?”

Ashton readjusted Riley in his arms, the little eight month old becoming restless in her father’s arms. “Mostly family friends—there’s a few hired movers too, for the heavier stuff.”

“Oh, nice.” I leaned further into Ashton’s side, tightening my grip around his waist. We stayed like that for a few seconds until Riley began squealing as well as her squirming around.

“What are you doing, silly girl?” Ashton cooed at the infant, holding her out from his body and staring at her in the eyes. Riley scrunched up her nose. “I know you want to play, Riley, but I can’t watch you right now, sweetie.” He brought her close to him again, pressing gentle kisses to her cheeks.

I reached out and stroked Riley’s soft tuft of hair; it was blonde and wispy like her mother’s but was a mop of curls just like her father’s. Just looking at her made my heart melt. “I can watch her while your busy,” I offered, running the back of my finger down Riley’s smooth face.

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Second Anniversary Pt.1

Hey! I haven’t written a story or anything in years! But, I had this idea come into my head and had to write it down. I have read so many brilliant fan fictions on here for MMFD that I really wanted a go at writing my own too. There is a second part to this which I hope to have up next week.

Hope you like it :)


6:23pm, 04.12.1998

Two more hours. Just two more and I can go home, have a bath, put my pjs’ on and watch The 11 o'clock Show.

I need to find a new job and soon. This is just depressing. Mike has been here since we opened at midday. And Sally arrived not long after. Have they got nothing better to do with their lives than to just drink them away? I know they are paying my wages but still.

Guess I’ll just wipe the bar down .. again. Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED.

As I’m rinsing my cloth out I hear someone sit down at the bar. I know who it is before I even turn around. He has been here everyday at 6:30 for the last two weeks.

If he ain’t careful he will end up like the rest of this sorry lot.

I turn around and wait for him to finish taking his jacket off. He looks at me and gives me the same tight lipped smile he does everyday. His eyes are dark and guarded and his face looks a little blotchy like he has been crying. Though it could just be the cold has gotten to him. They were talking about snow on the news earlier.

“Usual Finny?”

“Yeah. Ta’ Cass.”

While I’m pouring I glance over at him chewing his fingernails. He is staring at the bar like it has all the answers written in it. There’s a slight wrinkle in his brow as he continues to chomp away at his hand. When I place his drink in front of him he starts and looks at me and gives me that same tight lipped smile.

He takes a sip of his drink and continues to stare down at the bar, that crinkle appearing again.

I should just leave it. He obviously doesn’t wanna talk about it.

He’ll talk to me when he’s ready. He hasn’t even noticed me staring at him.

I look around the rest of the pub at the sorry sods who have been wasting away here for years.

They must know each other. They spend everyday in the same pub but none of them talk to each other. They barely acknowledge one another. All just staring at their pints, or the clock, watching the days pass them by.

Finn doesn’t belong here. Not with these lot.

I pick my cloth back up and start cleaning the taps. He is now picking at the bar slowly with his change, making a dent in the old wooden surface.

Whatever is eating him up needs to come out. Usually it would be a few days and he would blab. But this was fucking ridiculous. Two weeks he’s been here. It must be bad.

Dad was talking about it on the phone last night with Gary. By the sounds of it he ain’t talked to no one. Just got up one day and decided he was coming here. He only ever comes here when things are shit in Stamford. The only time he didn’t was when Nan died and that’s only cause we all turned up there instead.

He also hasn’t mentioned Rae once since he got here. I know they broke up but Gary says they are still mates. She is usually all he talks about. It must be to do with Rae.

Gary says its not. Gary says he’s fine. Just having a hard time. My arse he’s fine.

I lean across the bar and pick the change out of his hands. That’ll stop him digging more holes.

When I turn back from the till he is now picking at the hole with his nails. Enough is enough.

"Come on then, out with it.”

He looks at me like a rabbit in headlights. Wide eyed and scared.

“Out with what?”

“Why are you here Finn?”

“I just wanted a dri-”

“Not in the pub, knobby, in Leeds. Why are you here? You only ever come here if things are shit at home. You can’t just sit in here drinking away the days. It’s been two weeks, Finn. Out with it.”

He looks back down at his drink, take another sip and swallows. He’s still looking at the bottom of his glass when he mumbles his reply.

“I don’t just come here when it’s shit.”

"On your own you do.”

He takes another sip and then downs the rest. He stares at the bottom of the glass for a minute. They all do that. He looks back up at me. His eyes stubborn but yielding.

“Fine. But I’ll have another one first.”

He starts picking at the bar again while I pour. That hole is only getting deeper.

“Finn stop-”

“We fucked it all up.” Sad eyes look up at me and then back down at his hands. I watch him as I place the drink down on the bar. He has another swig.

Then he starts speaking. And he doesn’t stop. “Both of us. Me and Rae. We both fucked it up. She started it but I made it so much worse. I don’t know why I believed her. She were going on about being Rae’s friend and how she was worried about her and how Bristol was Rae’s dream and how Rae deserved to get what she wanted. As if I didn’t know that! And then she turned up at mine going on about how Rae was dragging me down and I deserved better. As if! And then she threw herself at me and Rae turned up.”

He takes another swig and looks at me, defeated. “The look on her face Cass. Everytime I close my eyes thats the face I see. The amount of times I’ve seen her smile and laugh and its the look fo disgust that comes back to haunt me.  I should never of hidden her in my room. I thought Rae wouldn’t know she was there. Of course she knew. I should of told Rae, outright, why she was there and what had happened. Rae started it but if I wasn’t such a wanker we could of sorted it out. Moved past it you know.”

Finn has never said so many words in under 2 minutes. This must some sort of record. Whatever it was was really eating him up. I thought it would be like last time. This was much worse.

“We would of been together two years today. If I hadn’t fucked it all up.” He took another sip of his pint and stared back it hands.

I am so confused. “Okay so who’s this ‘her’ and what did Rae do that started all this? And where’s Rae now?”

“Katie. She was Rae’s … 'friend’. She’s a dick. Me and Rae were kinda on a break cause she lied to me. She told me she didn’t get into uni and agreed to move in with me. I turned up at the pub a few days later and everyone were going on about how I must be so proud of her cause she was off to Bristol. They were buying me and drinks and patting me on the back. So when I eventually found her she started coming out will all this bullshit, about how she didn’t wanna go cause I was the best thing that’s ever happened to her and all this crap. I didn’t wanna hold her back so I left and told her to decide. I thought that if I weren’t around she would make her decision on what she wanted not cause I asked her to move in with me. So all this crap happened and now she’s in Bristol.”

“Wait. So did anything happen between you and this … Katie?”

“No. She tried to kiss me and then Rae turned up. I pushed Katie in the bedroom cause I didn’t want Rae to know she was there cause she might get the wrong idea. It was stupid. She walked straight in and saw her.
I’m such a dick. I shouldn’t of hidden it. It made it look loads worse.”

“So, did you tell Rae? That nothing happened?”

“No.” He looked back down to the bottom of his glass. There’s never anything at the bottom of an empty glass. “I told her I did kiss her. Katie said Bristol is her dream and I didn’t want Rae to stay because of me. She needed to go off and have the life she deserves. I didn’t want to be her reason to stay and for her be unhappy. She always hated Stamford and she wasn’t gunna leave if she stuck with me. She deserves to be happy. Bristol will make her happy.”

And there it was. Why he was so miserable. It wasn’t because of what had happened. And it wasn’t because what had happened was unfixable. Telling the truth could fix it all. In Finn’s eyes Rae was happier without him.

It’s a Nelson trait. We all believe everyone is much better off without us. Like his Mum was happier without him and his Dad. Like my Mum was happier without me and my Dad. It happens often enough and you start to believe it.

Not them though. Finn needed Rae. They were always happier together than apart.

He was back to picking at the bar again.

“How do you know she’s happy?” He looks back up at me, that crinkle appearing again and then scoffs.

“Of course she is. It’s her dream.”

“Did Katie tell you that?”

“Well yeah-”

“And isn’t Katie the 'friend’ who tried to get off with her 'friends’ boyfriend?”

“Well yeah-”

“So, why the fuck are you taking what Katie say as gospel? Did you even ask Rae what she wanted?”

“I didn’t need to. She went to Bristol anyway so she obviously did want to go.”

God Finn could be tool sometimes. “Did she have any other options? She probably thought she had two until you lied and told her you snogged Katie. Why would she wanna stay to try and make things work with the knobhead who snogs her friends? She probably wanted to get out of town and as she already had a place at Bristol just went. It wasn’t really a decision by the sounds of it. Sounds more like she had no other options.

Have you spoken to Rae?”

“No. Not since she left.”

“So how do you know she’s happy?” I watch the realisation on Finn’s face appeared. He didn’t know. She could of been feeling just as shitty as him and he has no idea. Too busy wallowing in self pity.

“I don’t.”

“You should talk to her. At least then you’ll know. At least you’ll be miserable for a reason then.” He sticks his tongue out at me and I do the same. He smiles into his pint and goes to down the rest but places it back on the bar instead. He looks at me with a smirk and I can see the wheels turning.

“I’m gunna go see her.” He gets up and starts putting his jacket on.  

“What now? She lives 4 hours away!”

“Yeah. Look, if I ring her it makes me look like a coward. And you can lie on the phone too. She could pretend like its all hunky dory. No, I’m gunna go now and tell her what really happened. And that I’m sorry. For lying. For being a dick. Everything.” He fished his keys out of his pocket and then lent over the bar and kissed my cheek. When he stood back he had a proper, all teeth, grin on his face. God, I hope it goes well.

“Thanks Cass. I’ll call you when I get there okay. Tell Uncle Kev I’ll be back tomorrow. Or in a few days. You never know.” He winked and threw that big grin at me again. He was now at the door. “Laters.”

The door bangs shut behind him and Mike starts in the corner.

Sadie rushes through the door as the clock chimes, shouting apologies as she takes her coat off and hangs it out the back.

Half past eight. Home time.


11:57, 04.12.1998

Jeez! Who is this ringing at this time?

It could be Finn.

I pull the blanket off me and reach behind me for the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me. I’m here. Her light’s on.”

“Okay. Good luck! And don’t leave until you have told her everything. And just the truth this time. No bullshit”.

“I know. Thanks again Cass.” He sounds nervous. Pull it together Finn.

“It’s alright. Now go! This conversation has been delayed long enough.”

“Alright, alright. Night Cass.”

“Night Finn.”

The line goes dead. I really, really hope it goes well.

The CARYL "Freaky Friday” Episode (Strangers 502)

Die-hard Carylers will surely agree with me that despite the mesmerizing amount of CARYL goodness we were treated to in the “Strangers” episode, there was a taste of a strangely awkward déjà-vu theme woven throughout the whole thing, coming across strongest whenever Daryl opened his mouth or so much as glanced towards Carol. 

To me it felt like I had already seen the very same story already and it wasn’t until my mom quipped “Freaky Friday”,rather loudly, that the puzzle pieces finally started to come together. The not to subtle screaming in my head “Daryl is Carol AND Carol is Daryl” should have weirded me out BUT instead i was hit by a wave of excitement, gleeful giggling and then deep sadness everytime Carol came on screen. 

Daryl Dixon is not a man of many words, he is not someone who initiates emotional conversations, he doesn’t comfort or go out of his way to “cheer up” someone and he most certainly does not make repeated attempts to reach out and “fix people”.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t get awkwardly flirty, he doesn’t blow off“supply missions” to hang out and help carry water and he definitely doesn’t act “understanding” when he catches someone doing something they shouldn’t.


Carol Peletier is not a woman who refuses to communicate and talk things out when she is hurting or struggling - especially with HER Daryl and especially when she sees HIM trying so hard.

Carol Peletier is not someone who isolates away from the rest of her family, she doesn’t hover on the outskirts while others discuss decisions for the group and she is not one to be so emotionally overwhelmed that she’d rather secretly slip away on her own without a word than face a transition period of acclimatizing back into the fold.

Carol has never been the “lone wolf” or the outcast awkwardly standing by with suspicion and angry pain in her eyes - I mean she wasn’t this broken, this silent or this withdrawn even after Sophia’s death

On the other hand Daryl was all those things - he was the one that felt he didn’t “belong” with them, he glared at others with distrust and anger AND he too tried to leave Hershel’s farm and pull away from the group on his own. If Carol hadn’t repeatedly gone to him, if she didn’t take it upon herself to not just notice but to also stop him from pulling away and if she hadn’t made it her mission to get him to understand that he was “just as good as them” and that he indeed “earned his place” with the group, the great Daryl Dixon would not be who he is today and quite frankly he might not even be with them at all. 

The roles have now been reversed and I don’t mean that in any kind of subtle maybe-maybe not kind of way - Carol was the one feeling like she doesn’t belong with them anymore and it had nothing to do with how much she cares about them or how much she loves Daryl either. 

This is a woman who sacrificed everything to save them in more ways than simply blowing up Terminus and surrounding herself with walkers - there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for their family and especially Daryl himself. It’s got nothing to do with bravery, martyrdom or conditionality at all AND it certainly doesn’t speak to the level of her devotion to the group. 

You would be hard pressed to find anyone there that has done more or given up more for all of them BUT the fact of the matter remains that the deeds she had been forced to do to save them have become a burden on her heart and have made her feel different in ways that are hard to live with or forget. 

Rick left her behind with a few supplies and plenty of cruelty not that long ago AND while yes, Daryl showed genuine joy and relief to have her back he also didn’t search for her, not to mention the overwhelming uncertainty looming over her in terms of what the rest know or don’t know. 

Carol wants to belong with them because she loves them of course but the cost of the things she had done, the things she was prepared to do for them and the pain she is still reeling from has shattered the certainty and conviction she once had about it. 

She feels broken, less than, unworthy and no longer “as good as them” because while everyone had done bad things in that group she was the only one that was turned away because of her supposed “darkness”. 

She didn’t save them from Terminus as means of redemption, it wasn’t about atoning for what she had done and it had nothing to do with her hope to be “let back in”. Just like everything else Carol did, saving them however improbable or dangerous was something she had to do because they were “hers” and they, including Daryl, needed someone to help them and she happened to be the one who could help them. 

There was no underlying agenda or some seedy motivation - Carol was and is a valuable asset to the group but it took a series of tragedies and her return for everyone to recognize it. 

In Season 2 Daryl was very much a useful part of the group but his social skills and conscious personal withdrawal could have been a hindrance had it not been for Carols active encouragement and blatant refusal to let him get away, Daryl would not have been the man he is today. 

This episode is a testament to that because we see an emotional side to Daryl that seems to remember and recognize that side of himself but this time he’s seeing it in Carols apathy and her “fleeing mode”. 

He won’t let her go because she didn’t let him go AND if that means making sure to watch her closely, if it means sticking by her all the time and trying to find the right mix of gentle coaxing and wordy motivation then that’s what will have to happen. Daryl won’t push her to open up but he’ll be there when she does because he knows SHE needs it and so does HE. 

It’s “Freaky Friday” Zombie Apocalypse style and if Daryl has to be “Season 2 Carol” to get through to Carols version of “Season 2 HIM” then that’s what’s gonna have to happen. 

He needs Her and She needs Him. 

Back at Hershel’s Farm she said “I am keeping an eye on you!” so naturally he’ll now do the same thing for her…and you get the impression that Carol won’t be going anywhere unless Daryl does too!

My Heart Is Set On You [AU] (Part 3)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2271

Story line: Ten years had passed since the last time Ashton saw Y/N. He’s no longer on the T-Birds and he isn’t the same boy as before. But destiny has a funny way to work.

AN: Well, this is the last part I will do of this story because I like how I ended it. Hope you all like it and thank you for reading this mini-serie!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Ten years later…


“Hello, Mr. Irwin!” a group of children’s voices shouted. I smiled widely and I waved with excitement. It may sound stupid but I really enjoyed the couple of hours that I spent with those kids teaching them music. Looking back, I never imagined that I would ended up being a music teacher. Maybe it wasn’t the job that fed me (that’s why I had another job, I was a mechanic at Calum’s store) but it was the job I loved.

“Good morning, kids! How are you today?” I said while I leaned against the desk. I observed the class and I saw the familiar faces of the children who had accompanied me for the last two years. But then, I saw the face of a little girl that I never had seen in my whole life but, in a way, it looked familiar. I frowned a little bit while I dred a smile on my face. “And who is this beautiful little girl?” I asked while I approached to her. She blushed a little bit and I giggled. “You had never before been here, right?”, she shook her head. “Okay. So, I’m Ashton but everyone here calls me Mr. Irwin, I don’t know why” I said, shrugging. She laughed and the sound of her laugh reminded me of someone but I didn’t know who. “Now tell me, who are you?”.

“I’m Emma”.

“Hello, Emma. I like you name” I winked at her. “Welcome to my music class, my lady” I bowed to her and she laughed again. “You came in the best day of the week, you know? Because today it’s…”

“Drums’ day!” the kids yelled, excited.

“Yes, it is! Do you know how to play drums, Emma?”, she shook her head. “That’s okay. Do you want to know how to play drums?”, she nodded. “That’s even more okay!” I smiled. “Come here, I’m going to show to you how it works so that way you know the same that your classmates”, she got up from her seat and came where I was in a timid way. “Sit here”, she sat on behind the drumset and I laughed when I saw how small she was compared to the drums. I gave her the drumsticks and she looked at me with confusion. “You can hit the drums with your hands but I recommend you to do it with these sticks because you’re gonna hurt yourself if you don’t use them”.

I spent the following minutes showing Emma how the drums worked. She seemed amazed everytime she hit one of the cymbals and I was amazed by the way those kids adored music. Probably that was the reason why I became a music teacher. Music had helped me in my darkest moments and having the opportunity to teach music to someone gave me, in some way, happiness.

When the class ended, I had a hard time to take the kids outside. None of them wanted to leave the music class and although I wanted to keep showing them things about music, I had to go to my other work. So, after promising a bag of gummy bears for the next music class, they ran outside, ready to meet their parents. I greeted some of them on my way to the car. “Look, mommy, this is Mr. Irwin!” Emma yelled, appearing in front of me and dragging her mom with her. I stopped and I giggled when Emma looked at me with a big smile on her face. Although I was in a hurry, I decided to welcome Emma’s mom but when I looked at her, my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Was it even real? Was she even real? By the look of her face, I could say she was thinking the same. It had been so many years since the last time I saw her. I never imagined seeing her again, I was so convinced that I was never going to see her again that I wasn’t prepared for all the things I was feeling at that moment. “He taught me how to play drums, mommy”, Emma said, bringing us back to earth.

“Really, honey?” Y/N finally said, smiling. “That’s amazing. Did you like it?”, she nodded. Y/N looked at me again and she offered me her hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Irwin”.

I hesitated for a few seconds but I finally took her hand and shook it. “Yeah, no problem. See you in a few days, Emma”.

“Bye, Mr. Irwin!” she yelled, excited.

I tried to focus on driving because a lot of thoughts were running through my mind. When I arrived to the store, Calum was there, trying to fix a motorcycle. He was covered by grease and he was very concentrated on the vehicle. But I needed him. I needed to talk to him so I took his screwdriver. “What are you doing!” he half-yelled, looking at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I was because the only thing I had for sure that seeing Y/N was driving me crazy.

“I saw her, Calum. I saw her”.

“Who?” he asked, confused.

“Y/N! She is in town and she has a fu–” I bit my bottom lip. “She has a daughter, Calum”. Calum let himself fall into the ground and covered his face with his two hands. Then, he sighed.

“Man, what were you expecting?” he finally said, sitting up and looking at me with sorrow in his eyes. “I thought you had forgotten her”.

“I thought that too. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to see her again. She left ten years ago”.

“And she moved on, something that you clearly didn’t do”.

“I– You… What?!” I finally said. “Man, I just saw a person who I thought I would never see. I have the right to act like I’m acting”.

“Like a crazy?”.


“Look, Ashton” Calum said while he got up from the ground. “The relationship you had with that girl ruined your life, literally. You spent the following years after she left in a really dark place so please, please” he repeated, “don’t do anything stupid okay? You just saw her, it’s normal that you feel a lot of things but don’t mistake your feelings, okay? Let her life her life. You say it yourself, she has a kid. Who knows what else she has”.

Calum was right. Y/N not only had a kid, she also had a life and I was part of her past. And maybe I was acting a little bit crazy. I let my feelings took over my mind and body. I probably didn’t feel a thing for her, apart of the affection. She was a big part of my life, so it was normal that I felt like I was feeling.

I didn’t see Y/N in the following weeks. I didn’t know if it was because I took my time to get off the class or because she hid on her car. Whatever it was, it was good for me. I was more calm and more sure that all the things I felt when I saw her again was because of the past.

With just over a few weeks before the school year ended, the Principal told us that we had to held a special day for the kids. And that day was the “bring your parents to school”, which was amazing because kids loved it but I wasn’t so sure it was the best for me. I mean, I didn’t care seeing Y/N again but see her with her boyfriend, husband or whatever she had wasn’t what I wanted at that moment. I thought about the idea of saying I was sick but Calum told me that if I tried to do that, he was going to kick my ass. So… I had no choice.

The moment I saw her appearing in the class holding Emma’s hand my world stopped for a few seconds. She was beautiful, she hadn’t changed a bit and that was slowly killing me because it made me think that nothing had changed. She said something to Emma and she approached me. Covertly, I grabbed the desk to release some tension. “Hi, Ashton” she whispered and I found myself making an effort not to grab her face and kiss her like nothing had never happened. God, how could I still love her? How could that be possible? It had been teen years since she left and she still drove me crazy. Every time I was around her, since the very first day, I was a different guy. I wasn’t Ashton Irwin, the leader of the T-Birds (a band that no longer existed, just for the jokes); I only was Ashton Irwin, the guy that after that big argument with his girlfriend, went running to the airport to stop the love of his life. But I arrived too late, the plane had already left.

“Hi” I finally mumbled. We didn’t say anything in the next few seconds.

“Do you think that maybe we can talk? Tonight?” I looked at her surprised but I nodded. “Mary’s dinner, 9 pm?” I smiled slightly. For her, that was the place where she had seen me for the last time.  

“Yeah, sure” I said.

The hours passed painfully slow and because of my impatience, I arrived at Mary’s dinner half an hours earlier than expected. I took some time to calm myself down. I didn’t know why Y/N wanted us to meet and Calum had made me promise I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. He didn’t seem to happy about that encounter but he finally said to me it was my life. I knew he worried about me but he was right, it was my life to live.  “Hi, you’re early”, I turned my head and I saw Y/N approaching the table I was at on.

“Hey, yeah… Sorry?”, she laughed and smiled at me.

“No, it’s fine! I’m just surprised. You never arrived early when we were together. Who are you and what have you done with Ashton Irwin, the leader of the T-Birds?”.

I laughed a little bit and I rubbed the back of my neck while I said: “I’m just Ashton Irwin, music teacher in the mornings and mechanic in the afternoons. What about you?”.

“Oh, me, ha” she said, laughing softly. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, a single mom with a lot of work and a daughter who is madly in love with his music teacher. I wonder who she looks like” her words hurt me more than I expected. Thinking about the time she loved me was painful and he realized that. “Sorry, I just… I guess you’re wondering why I asked you to meet with me. I’ve talked to Calum”.

“What?” I asked, confused. “He didn’t tell me anything”.

“That’s because I asked him not to” I frowned. “My car broke a few weeks ago and I went to Calum’s store and it was a surprise for me seeing him there. And we talked about the past and about you. Well, we talked about you because I couldn’t close my mouth. Since I saw you that day at the school, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And after all that happened, I was really angry at myself for not being able to stop thinking about you. And imagine my surprise when he told me that ten years ago you had run to the airport to stop me and tell me that you wanted to try a distance relationship. Just when I thought you were a total douchebag”.

I couldn’t believe Calum had talked to her and I couldn’t believe he had told her that. “Yeah, well… I wasn’t as punctual as I am now” I tried to joke but even my tone didn’t seem funny.

“You could have called me. You had my number” she mumbled.

“It wouldn’t change a thing, Y/N. And you know that”.

“I loved you, Ashton”.

“You left”.

“I still love you, Ashton”. My eyes widened by the surprise. I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly. “I know that this comes out of the blue but all these years, all this time without you made me realize I should have never left. All I ever wanted was a future with you and I ruined that. Each path I took after that, it was the wrong one”.

“And Emma?”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me, but she’s the fruit of a one-night stand” she explained. “Then I found you. Well, she found you and… I couldn’t give up without trying. I love you, Ashton Irwin. I’ve always loved you and I’m pretty sure I would always love you”.  

I started to laugh because I couldn’t believe what was happening. I covered my mouth and I shook my head. Y/N was looking at me confused. “Jeez, you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?”, she bit his bottom lip. “God, I really want to kiss you right now”.

“Then kiss me, Irwin”.

I leaned over the table, I grabbed her face with my hands and I pressed my lips into her. I felt an explosion of feelings inside me and for the first time in a long time, I felt that I was in the right place. “I really think you’re the love of my life” I mumbled into his lips.

“Good, because I think you’re mine” she answered, kissing me again.